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(generated from captions) Goodbye, Eric. Be happy. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. sheds tears of joy - Tonight - Leisel Jones

breaks an Olympic record the Aussie star to take her first individual gold. Fortress Beijing - have scared off crowds claims the fun police and killed the Olympic spirit.

They clearly don't want us here. And the deadly crash - at a notorious black spot. three trucks collide Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. can make you feel years younger. Also, confirmation running

the secrets of global warming. And adventurous seals help unlock But heading Ten News tonight, Leisel Jones has lived up to the hype at the Beijing Games. and seized Australia's third gold Ten's Max Futcher is in Beijing. Max, this one was long overdue. Yes, Deb, long overdue. It's hard to believe

individual Olympic gold medal. that this Leisel Jones's first She's still got the 200m breaststroke to go,

a really emotional victory. but for her, this one was They're tears of a champion - painstaking years for Leisel Jones. the culmination of four is now just a distant memory. The disappointment of Athens

to finish a body length in front The 23-year-old obliterated the field

in Olympic record time. and claim the 100m breaststroke crown the greatest breaststroker ever COMMENTATOR: And maybe wins the Olympic gold medal. gold in Beijing. Silver in Sydney, bronze in Athens, It's been a long time coming

I should know what I'm doing by now. so I think by my third Olympics

with my time, Not at all disappointed and be an Olympic gold medallist, but just so happy to be done so it's good. this morning I got a text message from Leisel saying she was very nervous, that makes me even more nervous! and I thought, that you can't control. It's one of those things that she was going to do well I felt confident that she has actually won it, but it's still a big relief so it was good. schools were brought to a standstill Across Australia lethal Leisel take the gold medal. as some aspiring Olympians watched at Sydney's Maroubra Junction Primary These students as part of their curriculum. are watching the Olympics for the children to learn The school sees it as a better way

and cultures. about different nationalities The kids are loving it as well - and it gives them a goal to aim for can do this, If, like, a typical Australian then maybe I can too. the Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, The occasion was enough for and watch Leisel's triumph. to pause from her official duties

South Australian Hayden Stoeckel for the 100m backstroke qualified fastest music to his ears. and hoped the final would be fans packed pubs, Back home in Adelaide,

of their local hero's chances. clearly optimistic Let's go, Stoeckel, let's go! (ALL CHANT) in the gold medal hunt. But he was never

an American one-two. Aaron Peirsol led

Stoeckel tied for bronze.

send the home-town supporters wild. The finish was more than enough to (ALL CHEER)

on the podium. I'm just happy I got a medal he has decided to keep swimming Hayden's elated parents say until London. after this He was going to give it away but he has decided to keep going.

The Americans dominated the pool.

in the 200m freestyle. They finished one and three smashed the world record Michael Phelps of his target for eight in Beijing. to claim gold number four There are not many left. He climbs yet another mountain. tomorrow Australia's best hope for gold is glamour girl Stephanie Rice. for the 200m individual medley. She's qualified second fastest

James Boyce, Ten News.

Max, tickets are very hard to come by in Beijing. and security is extremely tight the atmosphere there? How is that affecting the buzz, I've got to say it is suffering. Yeah, it is suffering. also Aussie supporters over here. We've spoken to both the AOC and the performances have been great, They both say

but the vibe is lacking. Getting a ticket is difficult, if you do make it here? but what will you find This was the scene in Sydne This was the scene in Sydney,

as party central. where visitors saw the city between stadiums is bland and quiet. Here, the village green the crowd is loud, Inside the famed Water Cube, for the Aussie supporters, but there's something missing as islands of green and gol whose seating allocation leaves them as islands of green and gold

in a sea of red. Family, friends, can't get tickets.

and there are empty seats. You go into the stadium you could sit anywhere. If you could get through the door, It's sad, because, you know, we're a family, really,

the Australian team. once your kid makes something wrong with the vibe. Even ministers abroad have noticed Not what we're used to, with the Sydney Olympics and I remember it in the audience. that there was much more oomph But we're in there cheering,

spread around the place today. but I think the Aussies were sort of to the opening ceremony Locals trying to get close were met by this phalanx of the Liberation Army. laden with guns And today, an armoured vehicle sat outside the main press centre.

once the athletics start, There are hopes things improve of sold-out events, because for all the talk many sections are noticeably empty. in some stadiums something's missing. The AOC aknowledges They haven't been able to manage the balance that atmosphere, I suppose. between security and creating from the cycling on the weekend. Supporters were turned away and angered the Americans. That disappointed Australians

we're guests of this country. We're over here, They clearly don't want us here viewing this event. and they don't want us cheerleading volunteers And BOCOG is now going to bus in to fill up some of those empty seats. At least it will look better on the TV, I suppose. On the tally front: Doing pretty well. Thanks, Max.

Ten's Olympic reporter Max Futcher there in Beijing. One of our most esteemed Olympians has called it quits in order to care full-time for her critically ill son. Maria Pekli missed out on a medal in the judo, but will no longer miss out on spending time with her family.

2-year-old Erik Kelly combats a far greater challenge on a daily basis than any of the formidable foes faced by his mother during her distinguished Olympic career. He's one of just 2,000 people in the world diagnosed with cystinosis -

a condition which attacks the brain, liver, kidney, thyroids and muscles. After missing out on a medal at Beijing, Maria Pekli has announced her retirement to devote herself to her son. But now he is very good. He's stabilised now. The doctor's got him on his medication very well. It's just been a tough ride for us. Her coach, Australian judo stalwart Arthur Moorshead, regards the 36-year-old

as our greatest-ever judo representative. right way through. I would say she would be number one She trains well, she trains hard, she listens and she helps. Originally from Hungary Maria Pekli won bronze at the Sydney Games. in the middleweight class at Beijing. Her partner, Daniel, will compete The demands of their training regimes compete with the high needs of their son,

who relies on seven forms of medication and a feeding tube, every three months. as well as blood tests In 10 years, when he needs to fight his own battles with getting his kidney transplant and all of that stuff, then he will draw strength from us, hopefully. That's what we're hoping. Cameron Baud, Ten News. And we'll have more reaction from the Aussie competitors in Beijing with Tim Webster in sport.

Yes, plus the rest of the day's Olympic highlights. And more green and gold as we hear from our Paralympians

as they get fitted out for their upcoming bid for gold in Beijing. And so close to a try. We'll also hear from the 16-year-old schoolboy who just missed out on scoring in his NRL debut last night for the Gold Coast Titans. Mourners pay tribute to the young Sydney man killed in Greece.

That story after the break. Plus, a deadly truck pile-up at a notorious highway black spot. And the abandoned pets that have become casualties of tough economic times.

This program is captioned live. One man is dead and another two are in hospital after the second floor of a house under construction collapsed in Sydney's south this afternoon.

It's believed the men were pouring concrete at the time of the accident. A rescue helicopter was called in to transport one of the injured men to hospital. He's suffering serious head and leg injuries. A third man suffered minor injuries. A deadly crash today at a notorious black spot. Three semitrailers collided on the Pacific Highway near Ballina, killing two of the drivers. The twisted wreck of three semitrailers

was spread over 750m. It blocked the Pacific Highway outside Broadwater's primary school, where it slows to 50km/h. Police believe one of the trucks was going much faster than that. Speed is certainly something that we'll be looking at. We've got the local crash investigation unit on scene at the moment just conducting their investigations and that's certainly one of the issues

that they'll be looking into. Just after 7am locals heard a deafening crash followed by the screech of twisting metal as a southbound semi crossed double lines, going north. clipping the side of a B-double

It was like an earthquake - it was unbelievable. Never heard anything like it before. What happened next was like an action scene from a movie but with tragic consequences. It's travelled on and rolled over

and collided head-on with a second northbound B-double. The second B-double driver never stood a chance. His cab was crushed instantly. Remarkably the driver of the third truck walked away, shaken but unhurt. He called home to let loved ones know he was OK and then stayed long enough to clear out his cab. Emergency crews were left to deal with a feared chemical spill.

There is one of the trucks that's causing us some concern. It has a mixed load and certainly our efforts right now are identifying what's on board and rendering that safe. It took all day to clear the highway. Students were given the day off but are expected to return to classes tomorrow. Christen Hill, Ten News. Mourners have stood and applauded the life of Doujon Zammit

who died after being attacked on the Greek island of Mykonos. Close to 1,000 people packed the funeral service for the 20-year-old in Sydney's west. He was described as the life of the party and in inspiration to his family and friends.

20 white doves and balloons were released at the end of the 2-hour service. It's claimed almost 900 Sydney police have left the force

in the last five years. The Opposition says a review of the force's own figures confirms the dramatic drop. The only time numbers rose temporarily was just before the last two State elections. Really, what the Government needs to do is stop spinning, stop tumbling, and actually start telling the truth in terms of police numbers. No, it doesn't tally with the 750 that are being recruited as part of our election commitment.

The Opposition says new police recruits can't be expected to properly fill gaps

left by departing senior police. Parramatta City Council has declared its CBD an alcohol-free zone. Walking with an open bottle of alcohol will be banned

and police have the option of imposing a $20 fine. The aim is to encourage a more family-friendly atmosphere. We saw a need to send that message that Parramatta is a great place to come and visit,

dine at and recreate, but not walk downt the street but not walk down the street from venue to venue, if you so choose, with alcohol. Parramatta's 100 al fresco restaurants won't be affected by the changes. BYO alcohol will be exempt. The family pet is fast becoming a luxury many families cannot afford with thousands being dumped at animal shelters across the country. Financial strain from interest rates and rising food and petrol prices a third of surrendered pets. are being blamed for more than How could anyone give up a pet like this? He's clearly been well looked after for his first eight years, but now he's one of more than 2,000 animals surrendered to this shelter alone due to money problems. Just in the last month 15 people have surrendered animals to the RSPCA citing finances.

The trend has been noticed at RSPCA shelters throughout the country this year

as more and more households feel the financial squeeze. Rising interest rates, petrol and grocery bills are proving more than enough for most to handle without an extra mouth to feed. We have seen that in our stats. It's a reflection of the times. And then there's the rental crisis which leaves many pet-owners with no choice but to give up their furry friend.

That those with pets are finding themselves on the bottom of the list of people for rental properties so they're actually coming in and saying, "Look, I can no longer keep this animal. "I can't find a property to rent." I've noticed there's been a marked change and as a matter of fact at the moment we don't have a rental property available. Dozza was clearly a much-loved pet and came to the shelter with a list of the commands he knows.

But sadly, even a few tricks weren't enough to keep him at home.

Dozza - shake, shake. Yeah! Well done. So he's now looking for another one for a more secure future. Amber Muir, Ten News.

Time to check the weather with Tim

Bailey. Is there any sign of warm

weather? The westerly is brittle tonight.

tonight. Enjoy your warm studio.

Sydney will be stuck on 16 degrees

for the next five or six days. It

is not so much the afternoons, it

is the morning. Minus two degrees

at Richmond and Penrith. Tomorrow -

snowfall southern areas of New

South Wales. A real Bight in the

air. Down to

air. Down to about five or six

degrees overnight and then 710

degrees, mainly fine and sunny. The

wind will be a feature for the next 48 hours. Next, the surprising benefits of jogging when we reach our senior years. And a crash diet helps one of the world's biggest men finally leave his home.

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This program is captioned live.

Time to check the traffic.

Time to check the traffic. Some

trouble in the north-west are? It

is at Bella Vista. It is the Old is at Bella Vista. It is the Old

Windsor Road leaving in from up

James Ruse Drive. These are the

pictures over Bella Vista. There pictures over Bella Vista. There

was a broken-down car at me the M2.

The delays are all the way back to

the M2. Traffic is trying to avoid

the motorway. It is being delayed

the motorway. It is being delayed

by the breakdown. Significant

traffic delays into the North West.

Issues on the north side of town. Accused paedophile Dennis Ferguson has been granted bail

and the right to fight his child sex charge in the High Court. The 60-year-old handed himself in today after Queensland's Court of Appeal ruled he should face trial on a charge of indecently dealing with a child under 12. Ferguson's lawyers successfully argued for special leave to appeal to the High Court to overturn that decision. It's incomprehensible

that they would just release this man into the community. He's going to have to live somewhere so another community is going to have to deal with him. Ferguson is accused of molesting a 5-year-old girl three years ago.

We're being warned up to 100,000 jobs will be lost because of the slowing economy. And, in another blow for families, banks won't guarantee a cut in mortgage rates, despite saying they're expecting to make profits in the billions. How would you like to see your home loan rate cut by almost 1%? That's the bonanza the banks are enjoying in their own fundraising in recent weeks. The cost of money has been falling,

which means they have the capacity, now, to reduce their mortgage rates. They are doing good business, St George today revealing it's on track to lift earnings by 8% to 10% this year, despite the worldwide credit crunch. but they're still reluctant to assure customers

that mortgage rate cuts are on the way. No guarantees. I'm not in the business of giving guarantees.

The Commonwealth Bank is expected to post a profit in excess of $4 billion tomorrow,

but like all the banks contacted by Ten News today is singing a familiar song. We would like to cut interest rates but we would have to assess what is happening to our funding costs at that time. The uncertain times are seen as for the Federal Opposition, but many Liberals are in despair at the failure of Brendan Nelson to capitalise on them.

This latest Newspoll graphic tracks the plummeting dissatisfaction with the Liberal leader. His approval is now a -17 and heading further south. One Liberal has set up a Facebook site calling for Peter Costello to be drafted because of has because of his economic management skills. The site has attracted support from former Howard and Costello staffers

and two party office holder. and two party office holders. Any parliamentary party would want to have

someone of Peter Costello's talent in their ranks. This constant Costello praise from senior Liberals is just adding to Dr Nelson's poll woes. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

To the BankWest finance report, and another positive day on the Australian share market.

And the average price of petrol around Sydney is $1.44 a litre,

but we've seen it for $1.39 in Kirawee, Sylvania Heights, Smithfield and Lane Cove. A warm welcome for the Prime Minister in Singapore as he outlined his vision most Asian literate nation. for Australia to be the world's most Asian-literate nation. Kevin Rudd visited the Australian International School which has grown in 15 years from just 32 students to more than 2,000 today.

What's the mission of the new Australian Government? To make it the most Asia-literate country in the Western world.

Earlier, Mr Rudd laid a wreath at the Kranji war cemetery where more than 1,000 Australians

who died fighting the Japanese in World War II are now buried. international condemnation Russia is dismissing its military onslaught and stepping up throughout Georgia. of a full-scale invasion. Fears are now growing

Georgian army couldn't win, It became a battle the overwhelmed

under fire. its troops fast retreating South Ossetia, Not only has Russia captured back to take over Georgia too. it's now in prime position of the Georgian President, That's the fear forced to run for cover. who found himself on the front line, for international assistance. He later pleaded We are dealing with all-out invasion something about it. and somebody should do beyond the breakway province, Russian forces have advanced has been bombed, Now the Black Sea port town of Poti as well as airports near the capital, of fighting in Senaki, and there are reports 40km within the Georgian border, of Abkhazia. near the second disputed province have substantially damaged These actions

Russia's standing in the world, Russia's relations and these actions jeopardise with the United States and Europe. for an immediate cease-fire, The UN has again called throughout the region but shoot-outs continue roll on into towns and Russian troops flee their homes. as thousands of refugees

It's very dangerous. Many have fled. TRANSLATION: We are very afraid, The planes are bombing and doing it again. then coming around may be difficult to gauge The death toll paid by both sides is undeniable. but the grave price Danielle Isdale, Ten News. that exercise is good for us, It's no secret

can slow down the ageing process. but a new study has revealed running people over 50 who run regularly Researchers have found and live longer. have fewer disabilities Keeping a spring in your step as hitting the running track. could be as simple

it's worked for him. 69-year-old Alan Lubell believes for 40 years. He's been jogging 3-4 times a week When I get my check-ups every year

and my health is very good. usually my blood pressure is low Researchers at Stanford University over 20 years tracked more than 500 runners to a group of non-runners. and compared them declined, Even as the time spent exercising fewer disabilities. the runners suffered aerobic exercise such as running The reason - the heart, muscles and bones. strengthens all wrapped up into one, I think that,

your life expectancy. will definitely increase in the 1980s As running gained popularity scientists feared than good among the elderly. it could actually do more harm

In particular, they expected to see an rise in osteoarthritis

and a jump in the number of knee replacements. It seems the reverse is true.

Maintaining that active lifestyle helps to protect the joints. I see no reason why I should stop. I can still run, I feel good.

The study also found runners were less likely to die early from cancer or develop neurological diseases and infections. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

A man who was once the fattest in the world has left home for the first time in five months. Manuel Uribe, who once weighed in at 560kg, was hauled from his Mexican home on a forklift

and loaded onto a platform truck for a trip to a local lake. Manuel, who now weighs just over 300kg, bed throughout the outing

stayed on his specially designed bed throughout the outing and snacked on fish and vegetables. The trip was a success compared with his last planned outing,

which was cancelled after the the truck carrying his bed got stuck under an overpass. A major Australian email database accidentally made public -

that's next. Also, a juvenile defends killing a man at a Northern Beaches toilet block. And adventurous seals helping unlock the secrets of global warming.

(KIDS CHATTER EXCITEDLY) MAN: Maxie. One for you. Harry. MAN: Through the Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Community Grants,

we received $4,000 for new jumpers. We stick as a team, don't we? We play as a team. Go get 'em, boys! Come on! (CHEERING) Yep, we're really looking good this season. To help kids be active and healthy, Woolworths awards funding to local community groups across Australia.

GENERAL CHATTER VOICEOVER: Say hello to mornings at McDonald's.

This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - one man is dead and another two are in hospital after a building collapse at Bundeena, south of Sydney. The second floor of a house under construction gave way late this afternoon.

It's believed the men were pouring concrete at the time.

Overzealous Chinese officials are being accused of killing off the Olympic spirit. Security and barricades are keeping the crowds away across the Olympic Village, a far cry from the vibrant scenes during the Games in Sydney. And Leisel Jones celebrates her first individual Olympic gold after setting a Games record in the 100m breaststroke. A Sydney schoolboy is on trial for the murder of an autistic man at a public toilet block.

The teenager has told police he stabbed Graham Flemming after a series of sexual advances.

Gerard Flemming was a well-loved Northern Beaches local. The 34-year-old had Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. In June last year he was fatally stabbed in a public toilet block in Narrabeen. Today a teenage boy, who was just 16 at the time,

faced trial for his murder. Prosecutors say on the night of the killing Gerard ate dinner with friends and planned to watch a children's movie. Somehow, he ended up at a public toilet known as a gay hot spot. There he met his attacker. The pair drank beer together and talked at length. The accused told police the autistic man then pulled down his trousers and tried to give him a bear hug and a wedgie. In a statement the schoolboy said

in self defence. he stabbed the man twice in self-defence. He told friends he was drunk at the time. The jury was told its ultimate decision rests on whether the killing was provoked and whether the attacker used excessive force. Witnesses told the court Gerard was like an explosion of joy, a child trapped in an adult's body

who couldn't speak in whole sentences and was obviously disabled. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. A major gaffe by Ticketek

The sky might be showing signs of

The sky might be showing signs of

colour, but it is not providing any

warmth. It was-two in some suburbs this morning.

Another night

Another night when the mercury goes down. A major gaffe by Ticketek has exposed the private details of tens of thousands of its customers. The Federal Privacy Commissioner is investigating the blunder, which saw more than 100 pages-worth of email addresses released accidentally. Privacy advocates say the information provides rick pickings for spammers. A lot of what those bad software try to do

is to send your information, your email address, off to organised crime, to the mafia. Ticketek has apologised and reassured customers it won't happen again. Scientists are using animal instincts

to research climate change in the Antarctic. It's a wild new way to collect climate data from the depths of the Southern Ocean. Seals are being fitted with sensors to monitor areas once inaccessible to scientists and technology. It's a breakthrough in the sense that we're measuring a part of the ocean we've never been able to measure before. including Australian scientists, An international research team, have glued high-tech satellite headgear to dozens of Antarctic seals, including the large elephant and Weddell species.

When the animals swim through the chilly waters, oceans and climate patterns. they collect data on marine life,

They also have very clever software onboard which processes the data, summarises it and then it's sent from the seal, via a satellite, back to my lab. While they loaf about on the ice, the project has found the mammals are very active, swimming up to 60km a day

and diving more than 2km under the sea ice for food. And their vast range has provided scientists with a 30-fold increase in deep sea data. These results, and observing this part of the ocean that we've missed in the past, will ultimately allow us to make better climate predictions of future climate change. The sensors cause no discomfort and fall off after about a year. Emily Rice, Ten News.

One of the world's biggest whale nurseries has been discovered off Western Australia. Researchers have found female humpbacks heading up from Antarctic waters to go give birth in the tropical haven of Camden Sound, north of Broome. The whales then use the massive tidal currents to teach the youngsters to swim. It's almost like the females want a bit of quiet time before they give birth and when they've given birth spend some quality time

training the young whale. In just one week scientists have counted more than 300 pods of whales

in the sheltered Kimberley Bay. Sport now with Tim, and Leisel Jones has well and truly earned her golden smile. Yes, a lot of pain for the gain today - a long-awaited gold medal, more shortly.

And out comes the green and gold And out comes the green and g as our Paralympic team gears up for their medal quest in Beijing. Plus, what a night. We'll hear from the Gold Coast schoolboy who's made his NRL debut at just 16.


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This program is captioned live. Leisel Jones claimed her first individual Olympic gold medal in emphatic fashion,

setting a new Olympic record in the 100m breaststroke final. Ian Cohen is in Beijing. Thanks very much and good evening from a very hot Beijing. The Chinese summer is certainly back in big style. And you are right about redemption because with Leisel the Athens experience, the agony of Athens, even though she managed to secure a bronze,

that's all been washed away

and she has that final piece of silverware, or maybe it should be called goldenware, in the cupboard at least. So a terrific effort in the pool and this is how the pool action unfolded. Silver in Sydney, bronze in Athens, now Leisel Jones has joined the golden club. The breaststroke benchmark proved her class, finishing just shy of her own world record, the sacrifice and emotion all worth it. I've really enjoyed throwing up in my front garden -

that's the sort of training I've had to do. Just really discovered myself - I'm just so happy with that. America's Aaron Peirsol bettered his world mark in the 100m backstroke. Aussie bolter Hayden Stoeckel's late underwater lunge

was enough to secure equal third. and thought, "Jeez. that's not it," Saw my name at number four and thought, "Jeez, that's not it," it was just lane four, and then I saw the '3rd' next to it,

and I'm just happy I got a medal. The Hockeyroos again came from behind to overhaul Spain, 6-1. Nikki Hudson was in magic touch. COMMENTATOR: 1-2, beats 3. Beautiful finish - wonderful individual goal. Good news for the Kookaburras, too - Good news for the Kookaburras too - gun Jamie Dwyer has been cleared of serious injury after hurting his hip in last night's rout of Canada. And stunning news from the diving - Melissa Wu and Briony Cole have just clinched Australia's first silver

of the Games in the synchronised 10m platform. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. So some great work there. What a swim and what a win. Earlier this morning she texted her fiance, Marty Pask, to say she was nervous. That made him, of course, feel very nervous as well.

You can see he has a nice big smile

as well. and Mum has plenty of flowers He has played AFL football but his wife to be the one certainly with bragging rights tonight after her first individual gold. Her training in the last 12 months - you couldn't fault her. She's come home and thrown up before she's even in the door.

She swam an Olympic record to win the race - a 1.05.17. And her coaching staff super impressed, super happy that she has finally got the monkey off the back. Probably a weight off Leisel's shoulders, a weight of expectation from a lot of people, including herself. She's done a great job

to just focus on what she needed to do and the job she needed to do. There was no-one who was going to get near her this morning. It was exciting but nerve-racking. Obviosuly she weas looking really good going into the finals so I was looking forward to her executing her race. And, yeah, relief at the end. Hayden Stoeckel has continued his meteoric rise by winning the bronze in the men's 100m backstroke. He even led for a while came home in world record time. before the American Aaron Peirsol came home in world record ti

the green and gold as well, overjoyed.

When he got to the Olympics we

thought it a third would be

unbelievable. It is fantastic. I

gave him a big kiss and a few tears. He was really happy. As our Olympic athletes strive for gold, our Paralympians are just weeks away from their moment in the sun.

Today the 44 members of the Australian team were issued with their uniform for the Beijing Games. is the current Paralympic champion Kurt Fearnley over the 5,000m and the marathon. You know, now, literally, when you're seeing the green and gold

you're going to be pulling on in four weeks time, you know it's here. The opening ceremony for the Paralympic Games is just 25 days away. With the finals on the line,

the Wests Tigers and Eels will cross paths to decide their end-of-season hopes. But just don't mention out Concord way that the blue and gold have the wood over the black and gold. The Wests Tigers are willing to try anything to break a 6-match losing streak against the Eels.

All the boys are aware of our

record against Parramatta and it is record against Parramatta and it is

not good. I did think I have beaten

them since I have been at the club.

It does not mean anything. You are

as good as your next game. But the coach has had enough of talks of hoodoos and bogey teams. We're not afraid to play this side next Monday night and I'm certainly not going to add to any fear

by telling them we've lost six in a row. Sheens gave the Eels a bit of a backhander

despite their win over the Roosters last weekend.

He was short and sweet on whether Parramatta have turned the corner. No. The Tigers are boosted by captain Brett Hodgson's return from injury. But they've lost prop Todd Payten to a 3-match suspension. Last night Newcastle kept their finals hopes alive

and all but ended those of the Gold Coast. The match, though, will be best remembered for the debut of Jordan Rankin, the 16-year-old schoolboy becoming the youngest first-grader since 1936. With Mum in the grandstand, the junior Titan showed confidence with his first touch and set up the final try with a deft grubber. But things were put back in perspective at full-time. School tomorrow?

End-of-term tests, so yeah. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Craig Bolton believes the Swans can do what only Collingwood have been able to this season -

beat Geelong. The Swans pushed the Cats for three-quarters during their Round 5 match earlier this year before falling away to lose by 42 points. We're looking forward to it. I think we can beat them. We've got full confidence that we can do that, but at the same time we know it's going to be a really tough ask. Fullback Leo Barry remains in doubt for Saturday night's match at ANZ Stadium

with a hamstring injury. Finally some relief for England's cricketers. They've won the last Test against South Africa at the Oval. In doing so, Kevin Pietersen becomes just the fourth English captain to steer the side to victory on debut. An impressive opening partnership by Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook helped his cause - they piled on 123 runs. England cruised to the 197 target with six wickets to spare, the win sealed by an Andrew Flintoff boundary.

COMMENTATOR: There he goes. The Proteas go home with the series, though, their first on English soil in more than 40 years.

Later in Sports Tonight - a contract extension in Queensland for former Socceroos coach Frank Farina and the very latest from Beijing.

How about the silver medal for the

synchronised divers? Doing very

well. Time for a Chekhov the

traffic. A problem on the M5. Just over D'Souza Elliott.

There are huge delays through to

Brighton after a very bad accident.

The accident has cleared, but now

there is an aftermath. We have gone

further west and this is the M5. It

is clearing up. It is better for traffic heading towards

Campbelltown. It is going very well.

The Spit Bridge is offering a nice

journey. The M4 after a break down

at Homebush has traffic all the way back to

back to Homebush and Parramatta Road.

Stay with us - the weather with Tim Bailey is next. Your mouth is amazing.

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Time to check the weather. I'm

going to bring you some of my

cardigans. You will be warm. Aren't

we inspired by the Olympics? You s!

Aren't we inspired by giving money

to charity? Yes! A inspired by

community spirit? Yes, we are.

community spirit? Yes, we are. We

have another one for you - it is

Corby pub to pub but race. It is Corby pub to pub but race. It Corby pub to pub but race. It is

famous in the northern district of

Sydney. It is raising about

$100,000 for charity. I am joined by these guests.

by these guests. Steve, this is a

great community caused and the

money will go to some very good

friends. The Newport Arms Hotel and

the Rotary Club are raising money

to distribute to local

organisations and also to begin

groups like local hospitals. It is

about a wind-chill factor of about

seven degrees. They are due for

coming. Give him a round of

applause. They are trying to raise

$100,000. You are a lifeguard and

an ambulance officer and know how

important it used to make the

community safe and a better place

to be. That is exactly right. Get

involved in a leisurely stroll up

to the pub in a couple of weeks! Do

your best for the community. It is

a bit cold. Be grateful - it was

not to degrees here, but it was at

Penrith. Tomorrow a fine and sunny day,

day, but the westerly wind is day, but the westerly wind is wicked.

Cloud is building over Victoria,

southern New South Wales and

Tasmania. A cold front tomorrow

will move over the Tasman Sea

through strong, cold south-westerly

winds and will maintain showers and winds and will maintain showers and

light snowfall for New South Wales,

Victoria and Tasmania. Showers and

snow fought over southern New South snow fought over southern New South

Wales, Victoria and Tasmania snow fought over southern New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania will

gradually easing. Get off the couch

and come and raise some money for a great community cause.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us. I'll have updates throughout the evening and be back with the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.