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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. of Ten's morning news. Welcome to a shortened edition TTN is next. But leading this bulletin - a major leadership test tonight Kim Beazley is facing to the Federal Budget. when he delivers his reply is accusing the Government The Opposition Leader

chronic skills shortage. of ignoring the nation's Budget reply speech Kim Beazley will use tonight's to put forward Labor's vision. for the Leader of the Opposition. Tonight's a terrific opportunity It's the one chance in the year a plan for the future. in which we get to lay out

to prove his mettle as Labor leader, A good opportunity too

a point not lost on his colleagues. Budget replies are always a test has to perform well. and the Opposition Leader address the nation's skills shortage. Labor says the Budget fails to Opposition of clutching at straws. The Prime Minister accusing the by other elements of the Budget Just because Labor has been stumped they're trying to suggest ignoring skills. that the Government is completely

this is very good Budget. The truth is it had gazumped Labor. The Coalition crowing

give up on questions on the Budget I have never seen an Opposition after just six questions. Opposition comeback in Question Time. But promises today of an on the Budget. There will be about 3,000 questions Murray McCloskey, Ten News. The family of a Bosnian contractor with that of an Australian soldier whose body was mixed up

the Howard Government. is planning to sue Reports today indicate at the three-week delay the Sinanovic family is furious and father's body from Iraq. in the return of their husband last month His corpse was sent to Australia of Australian Private Jake Kovco. instead of that his body to be repatriated last week. The Bosnian's family was expecting

is back in court today A Brisbane high school teacher explosives. charged with illegally obtaining

of using a fake ID John Amundsen is accused to buy the explosive Powergel. that he was a risk to public safety. on the grounds as a motive. Police haven't ruled out terrorism More charges are expected to be laid. 48 hours after their rescue, are emerging amazing tales of survival from the mining town of Beaconsfield. first few hours after the collapse Brant Webb reportedly spent the his trapped workmate Todd Russell. digging through the rubble to save

Mr Russell was pinned under rocks It's believed

and was making chocking sounds. and was having trouble breathing multimillion-dollar payouts The pair are set to receive from the media for their story. to sell uranium to India. Australia is reportedly set Canberra is considering negotiations It's believed despite the fact that India the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. has refused to sign to make a sale Australia is allegedly prepared international inspectors if New Delhi allows into its nuclear facilities. The report follows a meeting in India from both countries. between officials

in Melbourne A two month Aboriginal protest extinguishing a sacred fire. has ended with police

they'll continue their fight, But demonstrators say already seeking another protest site. police approached. As the midnight deadline loomed

the fire themselves. Protesters asking to extinguish and we should have it done. Maybe another half an hour That was denied and police moved in.

as soil and water doused the fire, The crowd jeered heritage officer just last month. declared sacred by a cultural

give him a hand? Why doesn't the big hero policeman

by police. Many appalled at the tactics employed Speechless, speechless. The devil. How do you deal with these maggots? as part of a demonstration The fire was lit during the Commonwealth Games.

alight thereafter Protest leaders say it was kept Aboriginal culture. in an attempt to promote sites where we can light fires. We're already looking for other In an act of defiance, after police left the parklands. the fire was briefly re-lit Luke Waters, Ten News. has weighed into the dispute Foreign Minister Alexander Downer

controversial nuclear program. over Iran's Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad

during a three day tour of Indonesia. is in mediation talks The argument with is Iran obligations it should have fulfilled is it hasn't fulfilled all the to the International Atomic Agency. and accountability. Obligations of transparency program is for fuel technology Tehran has vowed that its nuclear and not for weapons. flattened by a violent tornado. A small American town has been whipped through the north Texas town Three people died when the wild winds

in the middle of the night. trees uprooted Homes were reduced to rubble, out of the ground. and power poles ripped to still have a home Those lucky enough are without fresh water and power. a spectacular scene in China. A surveillance camera has recorded

The vision captured the exact moment

in the Shandong Province. a bus crashed on a busy road It's believed the driver lost control

smashing into the truck while trying to avoid which had pulled out in front of it. were seriously injured Many passengers on board but no-one was killed. In finance news - is stronger this morning. the Australian share market

may not be playing for Collingwood AFL, Nathan Buckley against the West Coast. in Saturday's league-leading battle Buckley through a long season. It was always the plan to nurse to push him beyond breaking point. His coach doesn't want There's no doubt in my mind games of football this year. that Nathan will miss that it's on our terms We want to make sure

and not on injury terms.

will be looked at. Now that means this week Meanwhile, Eagles ruckman Dean Cox

of arch-rivals Fremantle was forced to don the colours after losing a bet on the result of last week's local derby. has left the door ajar The Australian Rugby Union for Mark Gasnier to switch codes, for the rugby league centre. despite withdrawing its offer Parramatta Eels have denied Meantime the struggling

that a spat between team-mates behind the goal-line is a sign of infighting at the club. It's rugby league.

I'm telling you, we're gonna be playing in dresses soon, the way things are going. We had lot of people out there who care about the club. They care about their own performance and they expressed themselves. The Eels coach says he'd be more concerned if his players were not fired up when they concede points. Socceroos Mark Viduka and Mark Schwarzer

were unable to lift Middlesbrough to victory in this morning's UEFA Cup final against Sevilla. Schwarzer was armed with a face guard to protect his recent cheekbone injury. The Socceroos keeper couldn't stop the Spanish team taking a 1-0 lead in the first half through Luis Fabiano. Viduka failed to capitalise on a chance to equalise early in the second half. Sevilla dominated, going on to win 4-0. Enzo Maresca grabbed a second half double.

They had plenty to celebrate as this was their first major trophy win in 58 years. Now national weather for the rest of the day.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. TTN is next. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning.

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This program is captioned live. This week on TTN - great escapes. What helps people survive despite the odds.

This is Bart Simpson. "What do you mean what am I doing on the radio?" Meet the woman of many voices. Hello. I'm Scott Beveridge. And later - why you think your mum is special. Work has halted at the mine at the centre of Tasmania's rescue drama Gerda Jezuchowski is in Beaconsfield for the latest, Gerda.

While the rest of Australia is celebrating, is trying to rest now after the 2-week long dramatic rescue on Anzac Day. Todd and Brant are recovering well and have been spending a lot of time with family and friends.

But the whole community spares a thought who was killed when the mine collapsed. His death will now be the subject of an inquiry to work out who or what was to blame for the disaster. Now TTN's Ryan Holding takes a look

As they promised, Todd Russell and Brant Webb walked to freedom. Now this skip is about the same size that the cage the miners were trapped in for two weeks. Also you have to remember it was completely dark and there were two of them in here. just how how difficult this ordeal must have been.

Equally amazing - the rescue operation. Crews had to travel down almost 1km below the surface. across to just metres under where the miners were trapped. That guided a giant drill called a raise borer which ground a 1m-wide hole along the same path. The final, and most dangerous stage for rescuers, tunnelling up using hand tools and low-charge explosives

Never, ever have I ever done anything like this where I'm around two lives. It was the scariest thing I've ever done in my life. From the high of the early morning release, to the low of farewelling the man who didn't come home, Larry Knight. Hundreds of mourners, including Todd Russell, packed Launceston's St John's Anglican Church to say their goodbyes. Experts say the next few weeks will test the two rescued miners.

They may experience feelings of shock, depression, anger and possibly guilt at having survived while their mate died. and they came prepared on Tuesday and "to all who have helped and supported us, thanks is not enough." Well, those two miners had no access to food or clean water

for almost half that time It makes you wonder Brant Webb and Todd Russell became trapped when an earth tremor triggered a rock collapse. For the first five days of their ordeal they survived on dirty water dripping from the mine's walls. We never gave up hope. The whole way through in our minds he was alive. There've been other amazing survival stories. Stuart Diver survived for 2.5 days after a landslide at Thredbo. In 2004, three kids were found alive on a Torres Straight island six days after their boat capsized.

was one in a million, that was the odds I calculated. But it takes more than just luck. There's shelter - protection from unpredictable weather conditions. humans can live only about three days without it. Around 60% of our body mass is made up of water

Now dehydration makes you unable to think straight It not only boils water to purify it, it cooks food, scares off animals, can be used to signal for help and provides heat. The fourth key is food to give you energy,

though people can live for several weeks without it. The isolation of the ocean. Or the scorching heat of the desert, where you have to come prepared. A very old vehicle, 31 years old. It's not roadworthy, not enough water, not enough fuel and they haven't told anyone.

It's just a disaster waiting to happen and it did. Regulating your body temperature is important. The human body is normally around 37 degrees. If it drops below 32 or rises above 40 it becomes life-threatening. Survival also takes physical and mental strength and that indefinable element - the will to live. It is unbelievable they have survived this long.

They are tough men from a tough town. God knows how any of us would have survived down there If you know any amazing survival stories, we'd love to hear them.

This week, Treasurer Peter Costello announced Australia's Budget for 2006. So how do you make a budget and, more importantly, stick to it? That's a list of all planned earnings, or income, and your costs, or spending. and if I bank it I get double the amount. My parents give me $20 a month and I put $10 into savings and spend 10 on other stuff. You have to be honest about how much you're gonna be spending OK, time to do the sums on a weekly income. Let's say you get a total of $20 for pocket money

Add to that another $10 your parents give you for lunch money and you've got a total of $30. Now work out your costs. You're saving for something expensive That leaves you with 20. and 10 for catching transport home from school. and spent or saved $30. That means I'm sticking to my budget. and you'll have $10 left over at the end of the week. Earning more than you spend leaves you with a surplus. That means I've got $10 left to spend on clothes. Like if you decided to spend the $30 all at once

on a new CD you'd have no money for lunches or savings. When your budget shows you spend more than you earn it's called deficit. At some stage everyone has to have a budget or they'll end up in debt. but they cost almost as much as what I pay in rent each week

So I could buy them and get behind in my rent Or, I could walk away and stick to my budget. Governments make the same budgeting decisions as you and I. to discuss financial priorities. In other words, how they want to share out their total income.

That plan of what the government intends to earn and spend in the coming year is Australia's Budget. The Federal Budget covers some of the big portfolio areas of the nation. You've got education, you've got welfare, you've got health and then of course you've got defence. You've got all the money that we need to allocate towards our immigration situation. with a cash surplus of $10.8 billion. That's right, $10.8 billion left over! and allocates money for health, business or welfare. Pretty good when you compare it to other countries. Britain's 2007 Budget estimates the government will go into deficit

of US$354 billion. This Sunday is Mother's Day. I think my mum's special because she loves me and when I ask for her to do a job she does it

and I do jobs for her. for me, looks after me, loves me and cooks for me. My mum is special because she helps me with my homework and if she doesn't know the answer she finds the answer for me. I can tell her about anything and she always puts a smile on my face. My mum's special because she cooks lasagne for me which I really like. My mum's special because she's always there for me when I'm sick and she's there for me when I need her. Next, the woman who brings Bart Simpson to life. And the result of your vote on Aussie troops in the Solomons.

WOMAN: You'd be surprised how many adults aren't able to write a letter, or read a website, or a tax form. # 1300 6555 06

This program is captioned live. and we cross to in the Ten news centre. Em, you've had the pleasure of meeting most famous voices? Yes I did, Scott. Nancy Cartwright is the very talented voice actor who brings Bart Simpson to life.

And she does more than one voice I believe? characters and other voices like Chuckie from 'Rugrats'. Nancy's currently touring around Australia with her new show . How, I guess, did you start with Bart? How did all that sort of come about, just went to an audition or...? I'd been doing, geez,

'cause there wasn't prime time. and I didn't, to be honest with you, I didn't think much of it 'cause it was these little vignettes, It was no big deal, but about 1.5 years later, when they started to develop it into its own half hour, 'cause there was nothing like it on prime time television.

This is over 10 years being Bart. Oh yeah, I do. It's a production that's taken years to perfect and now it's kind of a well-oiled machine. And people wouldn't realise you do the voice of Nelson as well.

Bart talks to Nelson so do you have to record him and then record Nelson's voice and they do something? In the show I do a little scene with, you know, when Bart is down in the well he's like, "What are you doing, what are you doing on our radio?" "What do you mean what am I doing on your radio? "I created the universe, stupid kid." So it's like we can talk to ourselves.

So what do you want to do - what's life after Bart, I guess? it could be another, you know, 30 years of 'The Simpsons'. Oh, absolutely. who want to follow in your footsteps perhaps? So alright, you guys, here's the deal. If you want to be a voice actor, here's the real thing -

you got to be a good reader, this is coming from me, OK, you got to be a good reader, you got to look up the words and know exactly what you're saying I can't be fumbling around with "What's that mean?" You got to be a great reader, so keep on doing that. All the best for the show and the tour. Cool, thanks. Nice.

She is so lovely and really, really down to earth. And some good advice, too. In Sports Goss - the Kangaroos thrashed New Zealand in their trans-Tasman rugby league test match. The Aussies were seeking revenge after a 24-nil white-wash in the Tri-Nations final. Andrew Johns and Ben Kennedy led the way in their final game of rep football.

Captain Darren Lockyer had a great night as the Australians raced ahead in the second half. They scored eight tries in the 50-12 demolition. Time for the results of our online poll about Australian troops in the Solomon Islands. First here's a quick recap of last week's story. Because our two countries are so close, it's in Australia's interests for the Solomon Islands

to have a stable government and society. which is good for trade and for our own security. In 2003, after another period of unrest, Australia led RAMSI - designed to give security and stability to their government. A number which dropped to about 160 just before the riots. Now it's back up to 380, plus more than 70 Australian Federal Police officers. Four new babies have made their public debut at a New York zoo.

The three male and one female western lowland gorillas At about four to six months, they'll start to move around on their own. Zoo keepers say gorillas are extremely human-like especially when it comes to children and can be just as cheeky!

OK, here's a test of your word knowledge with our latest segment of who's telling the truth. A hypochondriac is someone who is often over-excited, has unusually high energy levels and talks very fast. A hypochondriac is an underwater temperature gauge, often used by deep sea divers studying certain species of fish. A hypochondriac is someone about having an illness and always worries even when they're perfectly well. Which one's right? We'll tell you that in a minute. and others resources Remember, all our story transcripts are on our website.

there's a feature on musicals. how they developed in Australia, Their history back to Ancient Greece, a musical. and details on how you stage who was truthful Finally, time to find out about the meaning of hypochondriac.

who is obsessed with their health A hypochondriac is a person even when they're not. and always thinks they're sick 'hypo', meaning below, The term comes from the Greek words cartilage of the breast bone and 'chondros', unidentifiable stomach pains. and was originally used to describe Did you get it right? Well, that's TTN for this week. We're back next Tuesday. Until then, bye for now. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions