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(generated from captions) It's bad. You didn't find the accomplice. No, Brooke, um... ..I'm afraid I did. Ridge...the way you say that... Who is it? My mother. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Sydney's ferocious hailstorm - Tonight, on property and people. the wild weather takes its toll with a cricket bat. It was like being hit How the lies were exposed - allegations against Marcus Einfeld. a court hears explosive new And moving out - at Kirribilli House. the Howards' removalist arrives Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Good evening. privatisation means for consumers. Also tonight, what the State's power of a Sydney dog in distress. And human helpers come to the rescue But heading the News at 5:00 -

the heartbreaking clean-up that battered Sydney's west. after the freak hailstorm It lasted just 10 minutes, and cars will take months. but repairs to hundreds of homes was as fast as it was ferocious. The super storm cell

Within minutes, Blacktown and surrounding suburbs grew larger As stones the size of golf balls his company car under cover. one resident tried to bring Ambulance crews took him to hospital the size of a cricket ball hit him. after a hailstone with one of these big things. On the back of the head It could have killed you. yesterday afternoon It brought only 10mm of rain but winds of up to 90km/h. the main thing is everyone's safe. But, ah, you know, The cars are a write-off. pick up the multimillion-dollar tab. Insurance companies will be left to seeing windows getting smashed, on all the cars. pulverising all the panels We were just all in shock. I've never see anything like it before.

hailstones the size of tennis balls. And here are two of the culprits - They say the storm that hit was only brief

a massive trail of destruction but it's left right across this community. It sounded like great rocks, great big rocks onto the roof like somebody's throwing and you could hear it smashing. it was so, so scary. Bouncing off an smashing - It broke up a tea party. treating 30 people. Ambulance officers Four were taken to hospital. I got hit in the head. with their frames and things. Tried to save the elderly Just couldn't move. Not only did they break roof tiles as it pounded the earth. but the hail left its mark was closed for the day, At least one primary school while repairs were carried out. students spending the day at home

Evan Batten, Ten News. received more than 9,000 claims Insurance companies have already damaged in the storm. for homes and cars going into the millions. The damage bill the damage was well beyond repair. For some,

As the clean-up begins,

with evidence Sydney's north-west was strewn yesterday's wild winds were. of how strong streets and gardens. smashing down on cars, homes, and all the water, We opened our cupboard, there was tiles, plaster, timber, you've got branches and hail. and then on top of all that, 20,000 homes lost power everything in its path. as the wind blew over It has been leaking inside, all in the family room, there's water so we had to mop all that up. and rested on the house The tree sort of come down sort of gone through the back roof and the hail and everything and knocked down the back fence. Cranes had to be brought in with their massive task. to help emergency crews actually feel lucky, Believe it or not, the residents here and not at night-time. because the storm hit during the day, Their daughter has spina bifida when the tree came crashing down, and if she'd been in bed with tiles and debris. she would have been covered

insurance claims have been lodged, So far more than 9,000 mostly for vehicles - millions of dollars. the damage bill reaching We are insured, with the NRMA, been unable who we have obviously voice-to-voice at this stage. to contact for patience. Insurance companies pleading coming in. We do have a lot of claims We have extra staff on the ground is taking calls. and our call centres And residents are being warned I mean, high winds, wet roofs - the rest of the week. The clean-up is expected to take Daniel Sutton, Ten News.

In daily use out in what was a

battle zone last night. Glenn haven battle zone last night. Glenn

damage. is right in the heart of the worst

is right in the heart of the worst damage. is right in the heart of the worst damage. is right in the heart of the worst

damage. You can see that some of

these trees which were a 100 years

old did not stand a chance - they

were blown over like toothpicks.

That is because we had a lot of

rain ended with system did not

stand a chance. Have a look at this

very like the house. Metal fencing

has been bent and for that like

origami. Cement and brick has just

gone over. The State Emergency

services working hard. It is

tarpaulin city year. Whenever you

put a tarpaulin up you know it will

rain. That is hampering efforts.

This man has the luckiest house in

got the street. What happened when you

got here 5 minutes after the storm?

The as soon as I came in the

The as soon as I came in the street

I saw the neighbours on the roof

and I thought I was in trouble. I

saw some countries over the boat

but it has all been cleaned out

today and is looking good. Other

neighbours are much worse off. Next

door to trees 100 years old have

gone straight through the roof of

the house and into the walls of the

house. And a bland new players the television as water running down

there. You say you'll are lucky -

that is the spirit of fair. Steve's

said he was more worried about the

boat than anything. The Bode

survived and so did the street.

This is a children's approach play

ground - we were lucky no 1 was

injured. 22 degrees tonight.

Showers tonight. The State

Emergency Service is trying to

repair the damage tonight. Week

police in brilliant style

photographs. We will put the best

storm watch as photographs on the

television in a row about 15 minutes. Federal Court Judge Marcus Einfeld has been accused of telling lies to avoid paying a speeding fine. A court hearing he changed his story

and even enlisted friends to confirm his new alibi. Marcus Einfeld wasn't talking outside court today as he began defending himself over what's been described as a litany of lies. It's claimed he invented stories to get out of paying a speeding fine and got his friends, both dead and alive, involved. Do you think you're above the law, sir? That will be tested this week when the former judge becomes a defendant on perjury charges. Today, his co-accused, Angela Liati, took her turn fronting the bench. She told investigators she'd been with another woman in Einfeld's car on Sydney's North Shore the day it attracted the fine. But her claims contradict evidence from her credit card charges, mobile phone records, CCTV and even the accounts of eyewitnesses at various businesses that day. Prosecutors say she told lies to try and help Einfeld when his first alibi appeared to fall through. Outside Ms Liati admitted the case was taking its toll. How are you feeling today, ma'am? OK. Not nervous at all? Of course I'm nervous. But it seems Ms Liata was not the first friend Einfeld relied on

He blames several others including

a woman he knew was dead. As Einfeld's story grew and grew, so too has his bill. What started off as a simply $77 traffic fine has so far blown out to a legal bill in the tens of thousands and his committal hearing hasn't even started yet. Don't speed. Put your belt on! Amber Muir, Ten News. A major shake-up tonight of the State's electricity industry as the Government gives privatisation the go-ahead. There'll be protection for consumers and workers, but the Government faces a showdown with angry unions. Even before Government MPs began arriving for the all-important caucus meeting had been struck. a behind-the-scenes factional deal A spring in the step of the Premier and his deputy. It's much more than just keeping the lights on. It's about our future prosperity. The plan includes the Government selling off its State-owned electricity retailer and leasing out its generators to private operators while keeping control of poles and wires. There'll be job guarantees and cash incentives for workers while consumers will be protected from price hikes,

at least until 2013. The prime motivation here is about economic prosperity. There isn't support from business. We think the announcement is good. It's good for the State. The $15 billion in private investment protects the State budget. But there are warnings from the unions. The unions remain opposed to the Government's proposals for privatisation, firstly because it's not good for the workers in the industry, and secondly because it's not good for working families in NSW. The unions haven't ruled out a special ALP conference to fight the moves. Morris Iemma has achieved something Bob Carr and Michael Egan couldn't do 10 years ago. The sell-off gives the Premier a massive war chest, kick-starting and guaranteeing his leadership, while issuing a warning to the unions. Do I believe this package is the right one? Yes. And I'm going to be around to implement it. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Another sign of the end of the Howard era in politics - after 11 years at Kirribilli House, the removalists have rolled in and former prime minister John Howard has started moving out.

Ten reporter Gabrielle Boyle joins us official Sydney residence. from outside the PM's and ready to go? Are the boxes packed up That's right. and his wife, Janette, former prime minister John Howard packed their bags. just after 1pm, lowering the ramp The removalists turned up and loading up boxes and personal possessions, filled with clothes with the house. remembering all furniture stays many important meetings here, Over the years Mr Howard hosted American President George W. Bush most recently dinner with

during the APEC summit. Mr Howard, his wife and three children moved into Kirribilli in 1996. The then prime minister attracted for basing himself in Sydney rather than the official Prime Minister's residence, the Lodge, in Canberra.

The Howards will move back into their family home just five minutes away. New Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has indicated he will not live in Kirribilli, opting instead to be based in Canberra, freeing up Kirribilli for its original purpose - a guest house for visiting VIPs.

stay at Kirribilli Mr Rudd will, however,

during official visits to Sydney. A firm signal today from Kevin Rudd that Australia will not be railroaded into mandatory before it is ready.

for the Bali conference, On the eve of his departure he has time to get it right. the Prime Minister says Kevin Rudd is under pressure in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. to sign up to huge cuts

reduction target between 25% and 40%. Scientists are urging a will lead the Australian delegation The Prime Minister at the Bali conference tomorrow on the dotted line just yet. but he won't be signing The challenge for Bali is to make sure that everyone enters on the same page for negotiations While accepting the Bali road map, he is waiting on Professor Ross Garnaut's climate change review before committing to targets. That advice will be ready next June. We want something that sticks,

something that will guide policy for 50 years, not five months or five years. Global warming isn't Kevin Rudd's sole preoccupation. He has put fixing the hospitals top of the agenda of Australian Governments meeting for a Council

five days before Christmas. to be held to end It's time for the buck-passing with sleeves rolled up to begin. and it's time for real work leaves Australia tomorrow, When Kevin Rudd history will be created the first woman since federation as Julia Gillard becomes to act in the top job. seemed impressed. Onlookers at her news conference girls, it's further evidence For Australian women, particularly can aspire to be anything. that women in our society look more like a florist shop. Admirers have made her office Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A RailCorp supervisor accused of illegally living the high life - the fraud allegations after the break. Also, police seize hoon vehicles across Sydney - the surprising reaction from some revheads next. And human helpers to the aid of a pooch jammed between two walls. This program is captioned live. Police believe a fiery crash that killed four Melbourne teenagers was the result of a high-speed drag race. Engulfed in a fireball, the four young lives were lost in an instant. Family and friends left to grieve.

The I am going to miss him. was travelling at up to 160km/h It's believe the Commodore of a freeway and slammed into a tree. when it cut across four lanes have been left shattered, Four families to what went wrong. as investigations turn Police have impounded eight cars under new anti-hoon laws. after busting the owners for burn-outs, While most of the drivers were done others face charges of street-racing. 1am today on the M5 at Riverwood - two vehicles racing side by side police allegedly detected and clocked them at 180km/h before pulling the vehicles over. The 28-year-old female driver of a silver BMW sports was charged with street racing. Also charged, a 26-year-old man who was driving a Mitsubishi Lancer. Both drivers allegedly going flat out when officers from the car hoon task force closed in. Some people just don't get it. We're out there, we're out there in force, we're reinforcing, "Do not street race," and yet people still do it. Police say drivers exceeding the speed limit by 70km/h pose a serious threat to public safety. that people drive that fast. It's outrageous giving the police more power. That's why the Government is street racing are yet to face court The drivers charged with their vehicles for three months but they've already lost suspended for six months. and had their licences automatically had his Subaru Impreza impounded Another driver racing at 144km/h in a 70 zone. after being caught allegedly last night at Brighton - Police moving on hoons

cruising the streets, hundreds of cars of the behaviour of young drivers. older enthusiasts critical I agree with the car-crushing law that are being stupid in the cars, and I think the idiots while the car's getting crushed, and crush them with it. they should put them in the car too John Hill, Ten News. Forensic investigators are trying to work out if a weekend fireworks factory explosion was set off on purpose. Police have entered the remains of the factory near Lithgow for the first time since the blast. It's not known how it was triggered, but the force was strong enough to bend steel and left a crater 3m deep where a shipping container used to be. there's no indication Investigators say at the time of the explosion. anyone was on the site all 50 buildings on the site, The blast destroyed or damaged also damaged by debris. with homes up to 1km away and rorts at RailCorp. More embarrassing evidence of bribes in scams worth $7 million. Four staff members are now implicated Reporter Kevin Wilde has the latest Against Corruption. from the Independent Commission corruption hearing into RailCorp Well, for the first time at this wasn't a gambler. one of the alleged rorters to be caught out The three previous people were, in fact, gamblers. Ivan Stanic was a scuba diver instead, and the corruption commission's lawyer believes that he was able to funnel a series of bribes into some wonderful holidays.

At his local dive shop he was the most well-travelled scuba diver four years in a row. Overall it's alleged that he took more than $100,000 in cash and he also received a set of new car tyres and an $11,000 camera. Mr Stanic has denied any wrongdoing.

have admitted But two business contractors they gave bribes to Mr Stanic. In fact, they were able to pass on those bribes

of their bill to RailCorp, by inflating the overall cost as a tax deduction. and even used those payments

that money So, overall, we as taxpayers paid

themselves. rather than those business operators

Let's hear now from Mr Stanic. Nice day, yep. It's all good. have dealings with Mr Stanic A third contractor said that he did a personal loan between the two men. but instead it was just a very murky picture Overall we are receiving of dealings within RailCorp - make contracts happen sooner secret cash payments to help or for businesses to be told about contracts that were coming up. This hearing will continue this week and will also continue into next year, with the potential that more rail workers will be caught. Back to you in the studio. A security dog has sparked a major rescue operation after getting into a tight squeeze. No-one's quite sure how Oscar sandwiched himself in the wall cavity

at the plastics factory, but the German shepherd had and ambulance services members of the fire brigade, police triple-brick wall for three hours. drilling and hammering the Then he was out. a little dirty He made it out unharmed, those legs, and pretty keen to stretch he was, no doubt, dog tired. and after the 7-hour ordeal in the United States. Two deadly shootings a possible link - next. Police investigate And she's under arrest - in a canoe accused of fraud. the wife of the man who vanished is finishing fast. FOXTEL's festive season frenzy FOXTEL fitted free, of our fabbest package free, For the finest offer for ages, phone FOXTEL in a flash on:

Let's check on the traffic. Lots of

rain this time of night. Once again

rain activity in the north-western

part of Sydney. We are at home bush

where it is starting to rain. The

delays after a smash near the

Olympic tennis centre at and

towards Stratfield and home push by

a drive. You can see it bunched up

heading southbound pass the markets.

They could be an extra delay of 15

to 20 minutes. The roads are dangerous up towards the into. Angry scenes this afternoon outside the Chinese Embassy in Canberra - with human rights protesters police clashing turned sour. when a peaceful demonstration Australian Tibetan community rallied, Around 200 people from the and singing songs. chanting "free Tibet" One man broke away from the group hoping to hand a petition to the embassy.

Others quickly followed, There were no arrests. their organised march into the city. The demonstrators allowed to continue There are calls to sack a Queensland judge

the pack-rape of a 10-year-old girl. over a decision involving It happened in a remote Aboriginal community.

None of the nine attackers was jailed and Judge Sarah Bradley said the girl had probably agreed to have sex with all of them. Reaction was immediate and furious. What sort of message does this give to the paedophiles out there? A 10-year-old girl, pack-raped by nine men -

all pleaded guilty, not one will spend a day in jail. Cairns judge Sarah Bradley ruled:

Her sentence - no jail time.

Six of the men won't even have a conviction recorded. There is no way a girl aged 10 can consent in law to this. in white surburban Brisbane If this was a white girl

would've just walked out of the courtroom. I'm disgusted and appalled by the reports that I've seen in today's newspapers on this case. Because of this judge's decision, this child has been violated a second time and that is unacceptable. The Attorney-General waiting on advice to appeal, as Premier Bligh ordered

that all Cape York sentences over the past two years be reviewed. I have to say I'm alarmed, and I'm not prepared to just write this off as an unusual one-off case. There are calls for Judge Bradley to be stood down. Trying to understand why Sarah Bradley could ever justify this being a woman, let alone a judicial officer. The Government says her sentence only reflected what the prosecution asked for. are still living in Aurukun, but their child victim has been forced out of town, removed and placed with a foster family somewhere else. A child safety officer was sacked last year,

more disciplined, after the department put the girl back into a unsafe environment.

Emma Dallimore, Ten News. Four people are dead following two church shootings in Colorado. The first attack happened at a missionary training centre in Denver. The gunman pulled out an automatic rifle and started shooting after being told he couldn't stay the night.

12 hours later, a gunman walked into a huge church complex 100km away and opened fire. 7,000 people were on site at the time. One person was killed before a security guard shot the man dead. who probably saved many lives today. A courageous security staff member Police still won't say whether the same gunman was responsible for both attacks. The twisted tale of Britain's "back from the dead" canoeist takes another dramatic turn. John Darwin's wife, who claimed to be his widow, has now been arrested. Anne Darwin knew the mess she was flying home to - the 55-year-old met by police as soon as she landed at Manchester Airport. Her arrest is the latest twist in the sensational story of John Darwin, accused of faking his own death to clear mounting debts. Five years ago he was presumed drowned at sea. Last week he reappeared, claiming to have amnesia. He was arrested, questioned and charged with fraud, and soon enough the spotlight shifted to his wife, who had cashed in his life insurance and moved overseas. Police are particularly intrigued by a photograph apparently showing John and Anne side by side in Panama last year. Police are particularly intrigued by a photograph apparently showing John and Anne side by side in Panama last year. Now they're in the same place once again - in custody at Hartlepool. Inquiries are still ongoing we cannot give any further information. she has spoken at length to newspaper reporters, giving detailed interviews about what she did and didn't know. She reportedly admitted John turned up a year after he went missing and she helped him hide in a bedsit joined to their family home via a secret passageway, without telling the couple's adult sons. While his wife is questioned, John Darwin will appear in court in a few hours time, where police will argue he should remain in custody, unwilling to risk another disappearance. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. An inquest has been held into the death of Australian adventurer Andrew McAuley, who disappeared off New Zealand in February. The 39-year-old was just one day away from becoming the first person to kayak solo across the Tasman Sea when he sent out a garbled distress call. the next day, His empty kayak was found but his body was never recovered. His wife told the inquest how she heard the news. They told me they had found the boat and Andrew was not in it.

I was very upset. Andrew McAuley's family has criticised

how the search operation was handled. The Coroner has reserved his decision. Peter Garrett's strong performance at the Bali climate conference - details next. Also, straight from the warehouse to you - how canny consumers are avoiding the Christmas crowds. And the occasion when just one Santa is nowhere near enough. Five minutes after your first drink, alcohol starts affecting your brain. you can't handle complex problems. but what's missing are those higher skills that handle things like emergencies. But if something goes wrong... With dam levels still critical, we must remain on Stage 3 Water Restrictions. This means you can only water your garden at specific times. And activities like filling swimming pools and ponds and washing cars are restricted. To avoid even tougher measures, we all need to follow the restrictions and be aware of how much water we're using outside and inside the home. For full details, visit the website or call the Water Conservation Office and save water for life. This program is captioned live.

Tonight's major stories - the removalists have turned up at Kirribilli House, as the Howards prepare to return to their family home. Personal effects were loaded onto a truck today, although most of the contents of the harbourside mansion will be staying put, ready for the Rudds.

Damning new allegations against former Judge Marcus Einfeld. A Sydney court's been told he lied on oath trying to beat a speeding fine. Mr Einfeld swore he was out of town when the offence occurred, mobile phone records and CCTV telling a different story. And Sydney counts the cost of those ferocious hailstorms. Emergency crews spent most of today working through a backlog of calls, while insurance assessors have been flat out checking the damage. Repairs to hundreds of damaged homes and cars are expected to take several months. a strong performance Peter Garrett has put on during his first appearance at the Bali climate conference. He was unfazed by an aggressive international media pack keen to hear from the newest Kyoto country. Environment reporter Emily Rice is there. It's exactly a week since Australia ratified the Kyoto agreement and Australia's new environmental position is generating plenty of interest here in Bali. Far

The conference will not only

provide a historic fatter or bridge

duty but a chance to be seen by the

manic media of developing countries. Oil company bosses and petrol retails found guilty of price-fixing could go to prison under planned reforms by the Rudd Government. Amendments to the Trade Practices Act will allow for up to 5-year jail terms at the petrol pump. in a bid to keep prices down I hope nobody goes to prison. I hope nobody does this but it's about sending that message. Most countries have jail penalties for cartel operations, we don't. We need to fix that. The new laws will also apply to food, clothing and other consumer items.

A quiet day on the Australian stock market - investors sitting tight later this week. ahead of a US Federal Reserve meeting The average price of unleaded petrol around Sydney is $1.37 tonight, but we've seen it as cheap as $1.26 in Liverpool. Christmas shopping will be at its peak over the next two weeks, but more of us are staying home to do it. Online shopping sites are reporting a surge this year as increasing numbers avoid the queues and head online instead. Sheree Pearce could easily be Australia's ultimate online shopper, and that means buying virtually everything online - gifts, clothes, even a sofa. I don't have a lot of time. I don't really enjoy shopping, or my office and conveniently have it delivered to me, as opposed to having to go out and get it. She's not alone. Six million Australians spent $6 billion online last year, up as much as 50% a year. Internet researchers say that will only increase. We're definitely seeing a trend towards more of a comfort level, definitely. The number of online stores is also growing

and many report surging sales. GraysOnline used to be a traditional auction house. Now 90% of its business is online. Our business is up 50% on last year and we've seen that growth over the last six years ourselves. But half of all Australian shopping still goes offshore, to behemoths like Amazon. Online consumers are also becoming more adventurous. They do get it now. I think they've been online now for 10 years in Australia. They've been doing their banking and buying a lot of their air tickets, and now they're looking to purchase a lot of their product online as well. Part of this push online can be put down to our growing frustration with the regular shopping experience. New research shows that more of us each year are losing patience with the crowds, the queues, the traffic and parking hassles. But there are warnings - make sure to use trusted and secure online retailers, still compare prices and factor in the extras. Online shopping does offer enormous convenience for a lot of people. But we've looked at the sums - it's actually not always cheaper. Some things definitely are. Some actually cost a bit more. The savvy shoppers keep going back, though. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. And there was plenty of Christmas cheer at Homebush this afternoon - hundreds of volunteers helping to pack food hampers for financially disadvantaged families. More than 5,000 hampers and toy packs will be delivered across the State this Christmas, bringing some much-needed cheer for those most in need. The Smith Family is hoping to raise over $5 million this Christmas.

And some Christmas cheer it will be

needed in Sydney's north-west which

bore the brunt of those bore the brunt of those storms

yesterday. This gives you for a

start and idea of just how fierce

the wind was. Look at the size of

the tree root. This was 50 ft high

end ended up on this house here. A

fence had no chance, nor did cars

or Roos. This is the House of Sandy em

em 2 daughter Alex. The wind end

always scared ute. Absolutely - it

roared up through the trees CNN the

rain started and all hell broke

loose. The 2 trees went through the

roof and landed up against the

glass and then the hail just

started pelting down so we raced

out the front, my daughter went out

first to try to cover the cards and

it was just too hard. The hail was

huge. You are had slight concussion

as well. It is Christmas time and

you are still grinning - the

Australian sense of humour showing

through again. You said you no

longer have to worry about making

the garden pretty for Christmas. We

are in the castle hill district and

these people are waiting for a

tarpaulin from the State Emergency

Service. Showers tonight em 3

Sydney tomorrow, 24 to 26 degrees,

but beat Hearts on the television. Sport now with Tim Webster, and rower Sally Robins is back into Olympic contention. Yes, Sally is fighting her way back from the drama and trauma of the 2004 Olympics more shortly. Also - out - an Aussie umpire gives a disputed Test catch And it's caused plenty of controversy. Why didn't they use it? And a splish-splash event today for Libby Lenton but you'll hear how deadly serious she is in the countdown to the Olympic swimming trials. Um, I think I'll try a Whopper, thanks. When you order a Whopper at Hungry Jack's, you don't just get a burger. People who appreciate the flame-grilled flavour and unique combination of fresh ingredients It takes two hands to understand why the burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. Sydney - not just a city, it's a celebration.

And right now: To book your Sydney escape, call 13 RAIL now. UPBEAT SONG PLAYS (Man giggles) VOICEOVER: With Dynamic Stability Control and seven airbags as standard, the new Ford Mondeo, from $29,990, has more than just good looks. This program is captioned live. Stand-in captain Michael Clarke has denied suggestions he is next in line to replace Ricky Ponting as Australia's Test skipper. In Perth preparing for tomorrow's Twenty20 clash with New Zealand, Clarke is honoured by the compliments but reminds us things are going pretty well with Ponting at the helm. The fact of the matter is Ricky is only 32. Like I say I hope he will be around a lot longer yet. When Ricky decides to hang his boots up, who knows what can happen, who knows who will be in the team. Hopefully I'll still be playing. Ricky could play til he's 50. WA's Adam Voges will find out tomorrow morning if he is to make his Twenty20 international debut. Meantime, controversy has marred day one of the second Test between Sri Lanka and England. Australian umpire Daryl Harper sent Kevin Pietersen back to the pavilion without consulting the third umpire. COMMENTATOR: Has he got hold of it? I don't think he has. And I have to say that I think the umpires have the technology - why didn't they use it? The replay didn't look good and Pietersen didn't want to go. There was more controversy involving Harper soon after - he marched young opener Alistair Cook for 81. England have taken their score past 300 early on day two. Former rugby league powerbroker Ken Arthurson has defended besieged Broncos coach Wayne Bennett against claims of under-the-table payments. Arthurson was in Sydney today to cast his vote for Australia's Team of the Century. He can't understand the fuss surrounding Bennett's $1 million deal with mining magnate Ken Talbot. The secret payment thing, I really don't think it's a big issue.

I mean, it's not a salary cap problem and I don't think there's anything wrong with it, to be honest. So far the NRL says it has no issue with Bennett's private payments. A third PGA championship hasn't reduced Peter Lonard's appetite for titles - fresh from victory at Coolum he's ready to shoot for a third Australian Open when he comes home to Sydney this week. on the golf course I had a couple of waters at about 4:30 this morning as I was walking home from the bar and I went straight to the plane and I feel like a million bucks right now. winning his third PGA title, He earned $250,000

with form suggesting he'll be in the mix for a third Australian Open this week at Sydney's Australian Golf Club. I like playing there, it's a good course, close to home, nice to be home, and fingers crossed we play like we did last week and we'll go alright. At the Australian, plenty of talk about the par 3 11th hole set up to imitate the raucous 17th in Scotsdale Arizona.

after former champion Robert Allenby was heckled at last month's Masters, and openly questioned the move. We've got extra security on the hole because that only makes sense to do that and we may have to have a quiet word to a spectator or two if we think it's getting out of control. Yeah, it'll be fun. We'll put some earmuffs on Rob, wind the crowd up and see how we go. Yeah, look, as long as there's no carrying on before you hit a shot I think it's fair game. Ogilvy is grouped with Allenby for the first two days. He also compared the stadium hole's atmosphere to the famous island hole at Sawgrass, the home of the US Tours Players Championships, the so-called fifth major.

If the US tour's crown jewel event is resorting to having that thing then I think it's perfectly fair that we do too. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. she famously stopped rowing Three years after of the women's eights in Athens, during the final in Olympic contention. Sally Robbins is back 'Lay Down Sally' The woman once dubbed has been selected in the national train-on squad,

chosen from that squad. and the team for Beijing will be the trust of her fellow rowers. Robbins is confident she has we focus on Beijing - We don't really focus on the past, we're going for at the moment, that's our goal and that's all and every step is a step forward. finalised in April next year. The team for Beijing will be

Australia has lost to Germany Just over 100 days out swimming trials in Sydney, from the Beijing Olympic and World Championships star Libby Lenton says she's taking nothing for granted. I'm gonna work tooth and nail to make that team because I really want to be there at the Olympics, obviously, but there are gonna be people and there are gonna be well-known people who miss out. Lenton is hoping for a better performance in the trials in a novelty race. than today's effort

her inflatable dolphin was dodgy. She says Layne Beachley Outgoing world champion

Champions Trophy hockey, in the final of the men's in the last round of pool matches. which saw them beat Germany 5-0 the form Australia just couldn't recapture

The captain scores. COMMENTATOR: Wess!

Germany go a goal up. In the fifth minute of the game,

The Kookaburras tried to fight back. for lashing out at a competitor, Nathan Eglinton sent to the sin bin winning the Champions Trophy

behind Stephanie Gilmore's bid has thrown her support the world title in her rookie year. to become the first surfer to win The Gold Coast girl made a promising start to the Billabong Pro, the contest that will decide the world championship. Beachley is impressed with the array of new talent fighting for her crown. I'm just proud to still be a part of that. But I'll be more proud to an Aussie girl. Brazilian Silvana Lima was also in great touch,

with the day's highest score. She's in contention for the world title, number one Sofia Mulanovich. along with Gilmore and former And in Sports Tonight, set to quit the world tour, the Australian surfing prodigy world title fight. and Anthony Mundine's

Let's look at the traffic again.

There is plenty of shower activity

out in the north-west. Pictures of

traffic. the M 2 revealed bumper-to-bumper

on the summer storms next. Tim Bailey's back with the latest Stay with us -

EXOTIC EASTERN MUSIC try Red Rooster's new Satay Strip Sub or Flayva. Sheer paradise. it's gotta be red. For the taste of summer, on the Ring Road. It is bumper-to-bumper See you after work, hon. The Arterial inbound is also chaotic. Harry. In a hurry, mate? How are ya? Yeah, good. Yeah. ENGINE STARTS So, if you're over 50 and not working full-time, SONG: # Wise move Apia. # It's not going to be over 50 we're your insurance specialist. Call 13 50 50.

Teamed Davey is at in the damaged

areas of north-west in Sydney. areas of north-west in Sydney. A

team, last night I was driving

through that area at everyone was

out on their front lawns taking

pictures. It looked like snow. out on their front lawns taking pictures. It looked like snow. out on their front lawns taking

pictures. It looked like snow. And

our audience are our best reporters. our audience are our best reporters. pictures. It looked like snow. And

But put a few of the Storm Shot

That. Thank you for your work.

These show a lot of hail because it

bucketed down. The wings bucketed down. The wings were

around about 100 kilometres an hour.

If you have a storm photograph or a

them to us. weather vane photograph please send

weather vane photograph please send

them to us. This really illustrates

the strength of the wind that

whipped through Castle Hill whipped through Castle Hill last

night. It is catch 22 because all the

the good rain we had in November

and December made the ground really

soft so out came the roots of these

giant trees and bang over they went

on to houses and roads. We on to houses and roads. We are

still waiting for a tarpaulin he

that behind me. There were people in

that building when to 50 ft trees

crashed on to wear. How no 1 was

hurt that is beyond belief. This is

an area where lots of kids play -

there are swings up that way. 12

trees around 60 ft high and 90

years old just went over life 2

picks. For those to have holes in

their rooms there are showers

tonight, maybe heavy rain, tomorrow,

heavy rain. Showers are for cost

right through till Friday.

The satellite shares cloud across

the north and east generating

thunderstorms potentially so V8 in

Queensland and New South Wales. The

map tomorrow shows showers and

afternoon storms are cross Western Australia, Northern territory,

Queensland and north-eastern South

Wales. Torrential rain, hail,

showers and storms over north-

eastern New South Wales. Light showers for south-east New South

Wales, a sudden Victoria and is in Tasmania.

Tasmania. Afternoon storms across

the Northern territory, Western

Australia and Queensland. It was a weather vane yesterday and

congratulations to the local

council in Castle Hill who have

done a tremendous clean-up job and

the State Emergency Service who are working overtime.

If any money out there fine summer

across tonight or tomorrow give me a ring. only one real Father Christmas, Finally tonight, we all know there's but in Northern Ireland red suits and white beards more than 13,000 people have donned for charity. to try to break a world record in the event. Santas of all ages took part I will be very, very surprised of Santa City. if we don't take the title organisers ran out of costumes. So many people turned up I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight. throughout the evening. Stay with us for updates The Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10:30. Goodnight.