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(generated from captions) nature's future in their hands and

will decide whether we have

Government led by Julia Gillard or

Tony Abbott. Joining us live on the

phone from his NSW electorate is

Independents MP Tony Windsor. Good

morning, Mr Windsor, thanks for

your time. My pleasure. You have

been quoted as saying you got rid

of two cancers when you gave up

smoking and left the National Party

in the 1980s, can I - I guess - say

from that quote that you are not

keen to work with the Coalition. No,

you can't. The comment was made in

the context that because I was a

card-carrying member of the

National Party in the 1980s, never

in the parliament, that by

inference that I would be more

inclined to support the National

Party 20 years on. Well, the answer

is no to that. I'm 20 years older,

I don't smoke any more, and people

can make their own conclusions as

to what that means. I'll make an Independents decision based on

today's parliament and people, and

today's electorate. Rather than

what happened 20 years ago. Have

you made a decision. We know

furious negotiations are under way

by Mr Abbott and Ms Gillard, have

you made a decision with whelm you

will negotiate with. I'm -- with

whom you would negotiate W I'm

happy to talk to anyone, including

members of the crossbench. I

wouldn't say there's scurious

negotiations going on, I spoke to

Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard. They

didn't sound too serious, they were

reasoned and said "Let's see how

the numbers crunch, we may need to

talk", I have the same view as they

do, let's see how big this piece of

plasticine is that we are working

with. I'm sure cool heads will

prevail and sanity come out and

Government formed and Australia

will remain the best country to

live in of anywhere in the world.

Many people are saying one good

thing to come out of this is often

many voices in the regional areas

of Australia have been forgotten,

especially by the major parties. Do

you think this will give voice to

regional Australia that is needed.

It's not just broadband in Reganal

Australia that people suffer,

desperate situations with hospitals

and education. What are your

thought about that. You are right.

There'll be a focus. Close parplts

are good for country areas --

parplts are good for country areas

in a sense, hung parliament we

haven't seen. There'll be a

concentration of effort. We saw

some farcical stuff where the whole

population debate about how big

Australia could be was based on the

western suburbs of Sydney and

Melbourne as if because that

feedlot was fallen, there was infrastructure structures and

social issues that the rest of

Australia didn't exist. In a sense

it didn't, because that's where the

marginal seat strast gifts targeted,

and the western nations determined

who governed in the past. They are

unanimous that came down, creating

uncertainty. The numbers that came

down may suggest that country

people will determine who governs,

and the other farcical thing in

relation to this is since

federation there hasn't been a

Federal parliament that's been

formed without a country member of

parliament having the balance of

power, it's just they've been

married into the city-based

majority parties and assumed in

terms of their votes. There's real

messages there as well. Quickly,

finally, what are the key issues

that will get you over the line, is

it broadband in regional areas or

health issues. What are the key

issues. There's only one, stability,

no good putting a Government into

power if it's unstable and we end

up back at the polls, there's a

number of other issues on the

sideline, broadband is one, health,

education, all the normal issues,

some renewable energy. Stability

has to be the focus. Irrespective

of whoever the parties are, the

nation needs stability, financial

markets, and if I have any say I'll

opt for stability over dog me and

some other issues that have been

pedalled about. Thanks for your

time, good luck. Thank you.

Independents Tony Windsor joining

us there. Just a quick clarification earlier this morning