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(generated from captions) scoop up a few pieces of eight. Let's at least get that $750, you've got it, don't you, Frank? Unfortunately, you think the $200,000 but... Well, I wish it was It's $150! $150. So there you go. $750 in here. Oh, I tell you what, Anthony. You, sir... that you are not a man with guts. ..let it never be said on such a courageous effort. Congratulations Magnificent work. Let's see the money.

Bill and Christina Not that that's gonna stop and hauling you off to the brig. clapping you in irons

while you're at it? Why don't you keelhaul him

I better. You better get out of here quickly. Thanks, Bill. Thanks, Christina. The crew's after you. Goodnight, Australia. if we can launch a rescue mission. See you tomorrow and we'll see This program is captioned live. Tonight - being arrested dramatic video of four bikies to stop the violence. as police create Strike Force Raptor want to act like terrorists, If these people like they're terrorists. we'll deal with them The fear spreads the victim of a drive-by shooting. with another family at a major international airport. A plane's fiery crash-landing off Sydney's roads, And the plan to get old cars to have them crushed. giving owners cash with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. A raptor is a bird of prey the name of a police strike force, and from today, established with 75 officers criminal bikie gangs. to prey on Sydney's sequel to yesterday's deadly brawl, Tonight, Seven News has the court in the spotlight plus Sydney Airport security after another drive-by shooting. and residents living in fear

at Sydney Police Centre. First, to Robert Ovadia a wake-up call for police? And Rob, is this violence Ian, it is for the whole community. he's sickened and appalled The Premier says the bikie gangs as wild animals while police describe for the safety of the public. who have no regard officers to take on the gangs That's why they've added 75 more and why they want tougher laws. arrested at gunpoint late yesterday. Four men in a taxi the wild airport brawl Police say they were fleeing was savagely beaten and killed. where 29-year-old Anthony Zervas And another man came up with a pole into his head. and just started smashing it

of a Hells Angels bikie. Zervas was the brother from Melbourne Police allege they shared the plane with rival bikies, Comancheros in Sydney, and when they touched down were waiting at the gate. more Comancheros in the deadly brawl that followed. A pram was knocked over that's been sort of emerging It's been an escalation particularly. over the last three or four months, There is no single cause. Bitter, long-standing feuds

in front of children, that saw a man's head bashed in between the Bandidos and Notorious, a wild shoot-out in Auburn were ripped up by bullets. where cars, fences and seven houses and this is a new low. Sickened and appalled So, police are acting. want to act like terrorists, If these people like they're terrorists. we'll deal with them will be expanded by 75 officers. The Gangs Squad will confront bikies head-on Strike Force Raptor legal muscle from the government. but New South Wales police want more It's been going for months. bashings, beatings, bombings, It's involved drive-by shootings,

adopting South Australian laws, The Government is considering and murders.

from associating with each other, prohibiting gang members breaking down clubhouses, illegal. declaring their very existence been crossed in recent times There are certain lines that have

and it's up to us to push them back.

that bikies lived by - There was a code once target each other, family members or the public. but never involve It seems there are no rules now

the most. and that's what scares police Thanks, Rob. at Sydney Police Centre. Robert Ovadia at Sydney Airport Now to Chris Reason is security there adequate? and Chris, were on duty at the airport Ian, 14 Federal Police officers at the time of the attack. says the AFP Commissioner. The right number, will examine But now several inquiries what those officers were doing when they were needed most. An hour after yesterday's brutal murder at Sydney Airport you couldn't move for police... (SHOUTS) where they were ..but today everyone is asking when the punches were swinging. What were the circumstances to Sydney Airport domestic terminal, in which someone can go bash someone to death The Federal Police are on the defensive, claiming it was a textbook response. could've expected to be any better It's a response no-one else on the day. Commissioner Keelty says were on duty, the required 14 officers but he wouldn't deny reports

that just one was actually in Terminal 3 at the time.

the other airports across Australia, Sydney Airport, like a number of are understaffed. That's not correct, not correct. the full compliment of numbers Sydney Airport has under the Wheeler Report. as required that arrivals sign at Gate 5, The fight started way beyond and rolled some 200m -

at the check-in counters. ending here here at the airport picked them up. And not one of the security systems to ring Triple 0. It was left to a terrified passenger That was at 1:43pm. Federal officers were alerted at 1:46, a minute later. and claim they responded comprehensive video system, As for the terminal's anyone was even watching it. questions on whether was available, What video surveillance

who was monitoring it, in response to the monitoring. what they did More than 24 hours later,

police are yet to view any security pictures from the airport. As we speak,

30 officers are still trying to access the tapes. Ian. Thanks, Chris. Chris Reason at Sydney Airport. Now to Chris Maher, and there's been another drive-by shooting. Ian, like the rest of Sydney, residents in Bossley Park have been watching with alarm the recent shootings, only to be confronted by the same crime in their own front yard. A mother and her son were inside when their house was sprayed with bullets. In leafy suburbia last night, bullets flew again. The attack on a Bossley Park home came about 10 o'clock. Its occupants are now too afraid to be identified. That's a bullet hole and that's one you can see clearly. REPORTER: Through there at the top? You can see that one. So there's two? Two bullet holes actually went into the house - five shots were fired. A woman and her adult son were inside. She woke up to the sound of gunfire. I said, "That's my house." First I said, "Was firecracker?" and after, my son, he said, "No, shot, shot - put yourself down" I put myself down and find the bullet on the floor. The front bedroom is normally occupied by one of the woman's daughters. She was out. Just luck - just luck that they didn't kill my sister. The family's lived in Sydney for over 30 years. They are obviously stupid and cowards because no-one shoots at a house for no particular reason. If they have a problem with someone, there's a front door - they can come and knock on it. Police shut down this street last night - they responded quickly and in big numbers. The incident has shocked residents here, who say this is normally a peaceful neighbourhood. After a weekend of violence, they, like many Sydneysiders, are not taking the safety of the streets for granted. Not now. I think everybody's going to be on edge. You don't know what's happening. Ian, police have taken statements after the shooting - it's understood there is no link to bikie gang violence. Thanks, Chris. Chris Maher at Bossley Park. Now to other news and security cameras have captured pictures of a plane crash

which closed part of a busy Tokyo airport. Two people died when their cargo plane burst into flames while trying to land. A traffic camera captured the cargo plane's attempt to land at Tokyo's Narita airport. It hit the runway hard, bounced metres into the air and then flipped over sliding into a fireball. The plane may have been struck by strong gusts just moments before it touched down. Fire crews were unable to save the American pilot and co-pilot. The wreckage of FedEx Flight 80, which had taken off from China, was left smouldering on the runway for most of the day, forcing incoming planes to be diverted. In America, a small plane crashed in Butte, Montana killing all 17 people on board.

in Butte, Montana killing all 17 people on board. We confirmed that we do not have any survivors. This photo was taken just seconds after the impact. VOICE OF STEVE GUIDONI: I got there, and everything was on fire. There wasn't much left of the plane, actually it was embedded in the ground. The single-engine plane ended up in a cemetery 300m short of the local runway. It's believed the passengers included children

on their way to a ski trip.

They are young, 6-10 years old.

One of Sydney's biggest apartment complexes has been labelled a death trap by the local mayor. Seven News has found Auburn Central is riddled with faults and safety breaches

but the council is powerless to demand improvements because it approved the complex. It was built to be its own mini-city. Now the mayor fears it's a major death trap. I don't want to wake up and read there has been a major fire at Auburn Central and 50 lives have been lost. I don't want that on my conscience. Its approval was a miracle - it exceeds height restrictions, floor-plan rules and fire-codes.

From the air, you can see it's a monstrous development - it overshadows everything else in the town centre. Auburn Central houses a shopping mall and more than 1,200 residents but it's riddled with faults - some aesthetic, some dangerous. When a fire alarm activates,

it doesn't tell firefighters where in the complex to go. An audit claims apartments aren't properly separated, and fire escapes aren't adequately sealed - a building code breach. We're concerned that no-one gets killed in this development. Irene Simms was a councillor when it was approved and voted against it. Now, as mayor, she wants developer Sarkis Nassif to make the building safe. But, because council signed off on it, legally, he doesn't have to. REPORTER: Do you think you have an obligation, beyond the legal obligation, to make these flats safe? I can't comment on that. We have been in business for 25 years, thank you very much. He knows quality housing - this is where his family calls home. In a written statement, he said:

His statement said

his company will work with council to resolve problems. Mr Nassif's companies have donated more than $120,000 to the Labor Party,

which controlled the council when it approved his plans. All we're after is for however many thousand people live in this building, to be safe. Sydney drivers getting around in old cars could be paid thousands of dollars to trade up

under a plan from car dealers. It's based on schemes in America and Europe that would be environmentally friendly and save jobs. Have they got a deal for you. Hand over your car that's 10 years old or more and send it to the crusher. We will get those highly pollutant vehicles off the road. In return, you get $3,000 off a new car that will be greener and safer, and, they hope, reverse slumping sales. The 80,000 jobs in dealerships across Australia will be more secure. In Germany new car sales are up 20% after they started a similar scheme, the idea's also being pushed in Britain and the US

where it's been dubbed 'cash in a clunker'. According to the Motor Traders' Association Australia has plenty of clunkers to cash in. Around half of all our vehicles are more than 10 years old already.

It reckons this scheme could see more than a million old cars replaced by new ones, which would cost the Federal Government more than $4 billion. Retrofitting houses, bicycles, cycle paths, buses, there are so many other things we could be doing with this money. Consumer watchdog 'Choice' says make the pay-off $3,000 cash. We should be looking at taking cars off the road altogether

rather than just replacing them with more efficient cars. Even with a $3,000 boost, trading up could still be out of reach. These are the sorts of people who don't have spare savings to be able to afford a new car. Up next, the death of a reality TV star. Also, how much unions are demanding in a new national wage claim. And the race to rescue whales and dolphins washed up on a WA beach. That's next.

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And kids can travel and stay for just $2. Plus, the first 200 bookings get a free Family Pass to the Show. Hey, how'd you blokes finish up the other night? Pretty rough. It was huge. Michael, go and get your old man a beer, would you? Michael, are those snags ready yet? Pretty Rough. It was huge. Jake, go and get your old man another beer, would you? long before they ever have a drink themselves, from their most important role model... Former judge Marcus Einfeld has denied being dishonest in an interview he recorded before going to jail. He's apologised for lying about a $77 speeding fine, telling his family and the public he's desperately sorry. I just made a mistake and it was a fatal mistake, it was a very serious mistake. The 70-year-old believes

he'll spend the rest of his life paying for his error. Australia's lowest-paid workers are demanding a $21-a-week rise in the minimum wage. Kevin Rudd escaped the pay debate, flying to Washington for talks on the global recession

with US President Barack Obama. As waves of recession sweep the world, the Prime Minister leaves Australia behind. Kevin Rudd will share his ideas for global recovery during his first meeting with the new US President.

Well, we're already starting to see flickers of hope out there. Hopes fed by a fresh $500 billion plan to rescue troubled US banks of their bad decisions. It is very important that the world deals with this problem of toxic assets

in the banking system.

Unions say Australians worst hit by the global recession need a $21 boost to take the minimum wage to just under $565 a week. We need that extra money just to put food on the table, which is getting harder and harder. Employers claim it'll be harder to keep workers putting food on tables. is playing with fire, and the fire it's playing with are people's jobs. We employ people

and we can't employ them if the pay rates keep going up. The Government agrees

an excessive increase in the minimum wage would hurt jobs, so it has asked the Fair Pay Commission for a considered rise. But it won't say whether the ACTU's $21 claim is too much. British reality TV star Jade Goody has died following her very public battle with cervical cancer. She came to prominence on 'Big Brother', being condemned as a racist after abusing a Bollywood actress. But she gained support when diagnosed with cancer on the show. She died of cervical cancer but because of Jade Goody, won't die of cervical cancer. Goody died on Mother's Day in the UK, leaving behind two young sons. Family and close friends have attended the funeral service for award-winning actress Natasha Richardson.

She was buried at a cemetery north of New York City near her family's farm. The 45-year-old died from a brain injury last week after hitting her head in a seemingly minor fall while having skiing lessons. Rescuers are trying to save 25 false killer whales which have beached on Western Australia's south coast. Up to five pods of whales and dolphins were discovered this morning. Most had already died. Tourists staying at a nearby caravan park pushed one whale back into the water, but it beached again. We were swimming with her, you know - we thought that was alright but big frustration. Conservation officers will try to return the surviving whales

to the sea together. Time for sport with Alex Cullen and a Rabbitohs star is facing suspension.

Ian, their try-scoring machine Nathan Merritt's been charged for kicking but the news is much worse for their arch-rivals. Anthony Minichiello's injury verdict next. And Mitchell Johnson goes down swinging in South Africa. Hello, yes - you little beauty. The Roosters title hopes have been dealt a massive blow with fullback Anthony Minichiello out for at least three months. Minichiello is off contract at the end of the season. He'll undergo ankle surgery on Thursday. He overcame the back injury which threatened his career, now Anthony Minichiello won't even be able to walk for six weeks. Yeah, I was pretty pissed off actually. Yeah, awful luck, isn't it?

I actually thought I broke it actually. Couple of guys fell on it and I heard a big crack. He refused to go off and scored the first try against the Raiders. After I scored that try I knew it wasn't good. The two main bones of the ankle have separated completely that was so severe there was no question he needed an operation.

Warriors veteran Stacey Jones showed what a good rest can do as he guided the club to an upset win against Manly in his return from retirement. He showed that he's definitely still got it and he can come up with the big plays at the right time. I didn't want to look back on it in six months there and go "I wish I had given it a chance." Broncos centre Michael De Vere may get his first shot in three years too

with club mate Justin Hodges charged with a grapple tackle. Souths winger Nathan Merritt is looking at a one-game ban for using the feet on Joel Reddy. As for the battle of the bantamweights blame cheeky little halfback Chris Sandow for calling Brett Finch a has-been. mate. Yeah, I've been around for a while,

That was an oldie but a goodie. He tossed that one out.

maiden Test century Mitchell Johnson's spectacular first-innings defeat for 11 years couldn't save Australia from their in South Africa last night. from 103 balls, Johnson blasted 123 not out the Aussies, but Paul Harris spun out handing Ricky Ponting's men before this year's Ashes series. a harsh reality check

Confronting a 340-run deficit, rather than counter-attack. Australia were content with survival his only run Paul Harris gave Simon Katich in the first 70 minutes. wickets inevitably do. When the runs aren't flowing, And that does do the trick. COMMENTATOR: painstaking 153-ball knock Mike Hussey's

was ended by Dale Steyn. Michael Clarke and Harris clashed. With tension rising, for the second time in the Test, When Steyn bowled Clarke the Proteas expected a quick kill Andrew McDonald and Mitchell Johnson but tailenders put their top order mates to shame. featured spectacular strokeplay, Their 163-run stand mainly from Johnson's blade. that's a fantastic stroke. Oh, strewth, He raced towards a maiden ton, started running out of partners. but, like the first Test, fell in consecutive balls. McDonald and Siddle And that one is out too, yes! a little bit nervous. Yeah, It did pop into my mind,

I was going to get my next shot. I was starting to think where

..yes, you little beauty! Hello... Man of the Series honours - His century sealed and third-highest run scorer. Australia's leading wicket taker not being happy with what he's done Now it's a matter of him that really good all rounder and make himself into that, that he hopes he can become. a crushing innings defeat, It didn't prevent

after six enthralling Test matches. fittingly 3-3 a second chance Libby Trickett could knock back to swim the 100m butterfly at the Rome World Championships. 400m medley title last night, Stephanie Rice won the national at the Worlds. qualifying for six events the 100m butterfly from her program. But she's expected to drop Australian team, Trickett's in the 41-person but not for her pet event. I know that's a hard one third position, because I didn't rightfully get deserve that spot. so I don't think I necessarily was beaten in the 50m freestyle World-record holder Eamon Sullivan by training partner Matthew Abood.

To hear the NRL is still investigating

investigating the Bulldogs took over investigating the Bulldogs took over

that 14th man on the field. To the

market - plans for a bailout of US

banks has injected new confidence

into the US economy. They urgently

gained 13% after signing a

code-share deal with Delta Airlines. Sara's next with the weather and what a warm start to autumn we're having, Sara. Ian, Sydney turned on the sunshine, with some areas topping 30 degrees. I'll have all the details, after the break. Industry SuperFunds have low fees, and are run only to benefit members. Media Super is the Industry SuperFund Call or visit the website.

Some very light showers moved over Sydney last night. We even had the odd flash of lightning, but there was no sign of that this morning. northerly winds Beautiful blue skies and dry, to a top of 26 degrees. steered the city Right now it's partly cloudy and 24. along the beaches Overnight temperatures stayed up around 19 degrees, to a cooler 14. but western areas dropped during the day though, The tables were turned and Campbelltown with Richmond, Penrith, Liverpool, racing up into the low 30s, to the mid 20s. while our beaches stayed closer On the charts - churning up some unsettled weather a trough stretching through WA is near the border. with showers and storms developing

will drift east Tomorrow that trough over parts of South Australia. bringing some much-needed rain tonight For NSW, isolated showers and storms and central ranges, about the southern and on the south coast. Fine elsewhere, in northerly winds. staying warm tomorrow Interstate:

On Sydney's waterways: western parts tonight, We could see a shower drift over but don't let that fool you - and sunny one tomorrow. we're in for another warm As those northerlies freshen, into the low 30s in the west, driving tops and up in the mountains. 27 along the beaches Penrith is heading for 32, this month. which will make it their hottest day But it's set to get even warmer, reaching 33 in the west on Thursday. Cloud increasing ahead of change that's expected a shower or two dropping tops into the mid-20s. And that's Seven News to now during the evening. but we'll have updates Thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross. Goodnight.

Chinese clothes factories. Have a look inside 69 cents an hour. Here, workers are paid See why they're taking away our jobs very, very rich. and making the bosses Mad Madonna - the Aussie nanny sacked. So, what did she do? for the rich and famous? And what is it like to be a nanny with Matt White. VOICEOVER: Now, Today Tonight First tonight - financial stress. the formula for dealing with cutting back on the little things We're about to show you how can lead to big savings. we found an entire suburban street Just before Christmas, with debt. where households were riddled of savings queen Fiona Lippey, Now, with the help on easy street. these families are back Here's Gavin Alder. that's brilliant! You're saving $36,000 a year - We're happy with that, but... Yeah! To be honest, I wasn't... I wasn't aware of it - that's great. ..even the figures, (ALL LAUGH) In debt street, life-changing U-turns to make... there are people performing Massive savings. quite dramatically. It's changed our lives their own personal credit crunches. They've put the brakes on and the change in your groceries, So with that property 12.5 grand a year. you're going to be saving yourself Yes, we would do that. Wow, that's a 12... It's a big turnaround. steered there by this woman. They're on the road to recovery, in control of your life The goal is to be and to save money and so money does not control you. Forget financial stimulus. Fiona Lippey preaches saving and we sent her back to a street