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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Burying the hatchet -

that reconciled premiership rivals. the conversation with anti-African opinions. Classes cancelled for the professor And world champion again, has a scary prediction. but Grant Hackett and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight -

at the Australian Government. Schapelle Corby's lawyer lets fly And home sweet home. to Sydney's soaring house prices. Orders stack up for a solution But first this evening, lobbying there's desperate last-minute first front bench team. for places on Morris Iemma's are expected to be kept to a minimum, New faces but Carl Scully will be back with his new boss today. after burying the hatchet A public reconciliation. just days ago, Bitter leadership rivals and Carl Scully, Police Minister, Morris Iemma, premier-in-waiting, declare their ongoing friendship. for 20 years. Morris Iemma's been a friend of mine

and we're mates. We've had a really good chat It was a normal ALP ballot. but it was always civilised It was willing and our friendship is undiminished. One result of the reconciliation -

as Police Minister. Carl Scully will be staying on to defend his sick leave record Morris Iemma was also quick from newspaper criticism. has been when my wife was sick The longest period of leave of our twins. just prior to the birth Premier in 24 hours, Soon after, the man who'll become citing a meeting with senior police. cut short his news conference, I'm going to be doing. And that's what

unopposed tomorrow. Morris Iemma will be elected Premier no spill of Cabinet positions, I'm told there'll be with new faces kept to a minimum. a major Cabinet reshuffle But most MPs are expecting further down the track. as this historic footage emerges Today's events come decided to quit politics. of the real time Bob Carr on June 23 after Question Time It's the last day of parliament

and waves to MPs before leaving. where the Premier turns You won't be back?

The end of an era. Paul Mullins. Ten News. will be to approve a radical plan One of the new Premier's first tasks in the event of a terrorist attack. to evacuate Sydney's CBD increased stop and search powers. The proposal also gives police It's a major terrorism response plan

on London's recent experience. that tries to build outlined until later this week, While the exact measures won't be is a mass evacuation strategy. the key point An ambitious bid to clear the CBD or chemical attack. in the event of a bomb that is considered Certainly, that's something that's about to happen this week. in the announcement In the wake of the London bombings crammed that city's streets. hundreds of thousands of people in the line of fire, potential victims, follow-up attack. had there been an immediate,

would use a series of rally points It's believed police here from city skyscrapers. to evacuate workers text messages and rooftop sirens. There's also talk of mass SMS told the new Premier The Commissioner's in such chaos, to find potential terrorists increased special powers. police would need to stop, search In terms of the power of the police

and randomly search bags amongst other things, in order to check for, explosive devices. To manage such an evacuation, would have to hit the streets. thousands more police state of alertness We would go on a fairly different to get out of buildings, where we do expect police officers

to be out there in the community, out of cars, doing what they do best. to be out there The Premier's acceptance of the plan and perhaps tougher protocols would require new laws and amendments

don't overstep their authority. to ensure officers Shaun Fewings, Ten News. personally financed Worrying claims that Osama bin Laden in Jakarta last year. the bombing on the Australian Embassy

has told Indonesian authorities, One of the key conspirator by courier. bin Laden paid for the attack they targeted Australia The bombers also claim in the Iraq war. because of our involvement insists we were a target The Federal Government

went to war with Saddam Hussein. well before Australia Sydney terror suspect Bilal Khazal on a fresh terrorism charge. has been committed to stand trial will front court in September The former Qantas baggage handler person to commit a terrorist act. on a charge of inciting another The fresh charge surfaced in June was ordered to stand trial when the 35-year-old documents connected with terrorism. for knowingly collecting or making

The university professor about immigration under fire over his extreme views and turning up for class. is defying his bosses by closing his courses The university responding how to get rid of the accused racist. as it works out

whose opinions on immigration Drew Fraser is a professor his employer, Macquarie University, have been judged so repugnant by

they've shut down his classes. sparked the controversy The law professor after telling the local paper: Based on experience elsewhere, in the future here. this may be what we can expect had a lower IQ He claimed black Africans for fighting and criticised Serbs and Croats at soccer games. when their teams clashed I think he's an absolute racist I think it's an absolute disgrace. and as a fellow Australian for political office He's not planning to run was attacking the Howard Government but today the professor over immigration levels. They've expanded the refugee program which is bringing in people unassimilable in Australian society. who I think are going to be is becoming a Third World colony He said that Australia ruling class of Asians. whereby there is a growing numbers of full-fee paying students Macquarie University takes large from overseas. believe Professor Fraser's views Some people here the university's reputation could damage in the eyes of prospective students. Unable to convince him to take early retirement, the university now wants to sack him. Thanks, guys. Security guards manhandling the media in a bid to limit the bad publicity the professor's attracting. John Hill, Ten News. The relationship between Schapelle Corby's legal team and the Australian Government has hit an all-time low. the Justice Minister flying to Indonesia

to visit Corby's flamboyant lawyer before Wednesdays appeal. but they're in different cities. She may be staying in the same prison as Schapelle Corby but Renae Lawrence is dealing with it in a very different way. Today she was taken to hospital

after apparently breaking her arm in a fit of rage.

Better news for five of the Bali Nine who were today moved from police cells to Kerobokan prison. Conditions there are much better. Their lawyer says the youngest, Mathew Norman, is slowly getting accustomed to life behind bars. His condition is good this time. He's more stable, doesn't have any problems. All of the Bali Nine are now at the same prison as Schapelle Corby who today received a visit from her father. She's alright. She's strong, she's confident. She's just in church now.

While Schapelle prays for a way out, relations between her lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, and the Federal Government are in tatters. Your government make me sick, make me crazy, and I don't understand how a government like that exists, you know? Justice Minister Chris Ellison flies to Jakarta tomorrow just as the gun-toting lawyer flies to Bali. Now, I understand he wants me to travel to Bali to meet with him.

I've indicated I'll be there tomorrow night in Jakarta and I'm certainly willing to meet with him. While the stand-off continues the Corby family remains in the dark. No, I don't know. I don't know anything about what they're doing. I don't think anybody does. Corby's appeal begins on Wednesday. Dan Nolan, Ten News.

Tim Webster has a look ahead to sport and a golden finish for Australia at the world swimming championships. Yes, Jess. Three gold medals on the final day, including Grant Hackett's victory in the 1,500m. No world record this time but Hackett's swim was still the fourth-fastest in history, taking his domination of the 1,500m to an even higher level.

Also in sport - our women once again boost Australia's overall medal tally. And a spectacular spill

for American MotoGP rider John Hopkins in Germany. And trouble at the Sharks between the players and the coach?

Well, not according to the boss. That later too, Ron. Still to come - the latest legal blow for the body-in-the-boot husband. Also tonight - it's every driver's greatest irritation - the police plan to stop right lane roadhogs. And home sweet...shipping container?

A three-bedroom Sydney house could be cheaper than you think.

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The husband accused of trying to murder his wife has been struck out of the dying woman's will. Maria Korp's daughter, Laura de Gois, successfully applied to have a new will approved. Mrs Korp has been brain dead in hospital since being found in the boot of a car in February. She is expected to die within days after her feeding tube was removed last week.

In the first day of Mr Korp's committal hearing, his step-daughter was forced to testify, despite arguing to have her appearance delayed. She told the court she noticed nothing unusual at the family home on the day her mother disappeared. A Sydney man, who stabbed an to death an Internet lover, claims he feared for his life. That's despite evidence the victim was tied up at the time of the fatal attack. It was a shocking attack in the early hours of New Year's Eve 2003.

Giuseppe Vitale had no chance to defend himself, his hands and ankles were bound when 20-year-old Trent Jennnings repeatedly stabbed him. The pair met on an Internet chat room before having a sexual encounter at a Narwee Park. The 32-year-old victim left a trail of blood of more than 70m as he staggered to a nearby street.

The 20-year-old accused had packed a kitchen knife, rope, drugs and condoms for his encounter with the man he killed. Justice Kirby will have to decide if Jenning's state of mind was impaired and as a result he will be convicted of manslaughter or if his actions equate to murder. The hearing is expected to take three or four days.

He had offered to plead guilty to manslaughter because he said he was suffering from a mental illness at the time,

but the prosecution wouldn't agree. Vitale's family sat in court today hearing the awful details of the killing. On the other side of court relatives for his killer. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. One of Sydney's most baffling murder mysteries was reopened today with the man accused of killing Kerry Whelan fronting court.

Bruce Allan Burrell is charged with the murder of Mrs Whelan,

but is denying any involvement in her disappearance from outside a Paramatta hotel in 1997. The following day, her millionaire husband, Bernie Whelan,

received a ransom note demanding over $1,3 million. Mrs Whelan's body has never been found. Legal argument is expected to last a week, with jurors beginning to hear evidence on Monday.

A man who nearly choked to death a Sydney police dog has been given a 15-month suspended jail sentence. After being forced to pay out over $1,000, Robert Calisti wasn't keen on fronting the cameras. Last year, police investigating a break-in found him inside this Cremorne store. The father of two resisted arrest and then attacked veteran police dog Kaiser. After six years on the beat, injuries he suffered eventually forced the canine hero into an early, but well-earned, retirement. Drivers dawdling in the right-hand lane are on the hit-list for police patrols.

Officers will pull over anyone going too slow in the fast lane. Just about the most frustrating sight on the road for the average motorist. The vehicle travelling below the speed limit, not returning to the left lane, not going anywhere, a nightmare for other drivers. It's annoying, it's frustrating and it slows down traffic and can cause accidents. It drives me crazy and I think it shows pure ignorance and that people can't drive. But now the pinch of getting caught by the police will sting a little more. Over 700 roadhogs are booked every year sitting in the right-hand lane and now they'll lose three demerit points and be hit with a $225 fine.

We consider it a serious offence, a dangerous offence

and also an unnecessary offence. We'll be targeting drivers who keep in that right-hand lane when they shouldn't be. It's not as simple as slowing down another driver in a hurry. Roadhogging creates serious problems for other drivers and emergency vehicles. The people who do sit in the right-hand lane when there's a left-hand lane available slow the traffic down, cause impatience and make other drivers take risks which can be dangerous to us all. But while the crackdown will focus on motorists deliberately refusing to stay to the left, the police warn it's not an excuse for drivers in the right-hand lane to ignore the speed limit. Make sure you do the right thing, they're there for a reason. They're there for the safety of all drivers on the road. Don't go flying down that right-hand lane or else you'll get yourself caught. Tim Potter, Ten News.

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What have we got in Sydney today?

Another four degrees above average.

The best news is some rain coming

across NSW on Wednesday and some

rain too for Sydney. The last 14

days in a row above rain too for Sydney. The last 14 days in a row above average. Let's

look at sky watch. That was a

beautiful Sydney blue sky that

stretched from Bossley Park to your

place. The pollution levels no

problem at all. Back here at the

Marconi club, reasonably excited

children waving. We're doing it

live all week from the Marconi Club,

if you live in the Bossley Park

area, come on down and I'll if you live in the Bossley Park area, come on down and I'll see you

again in around about ten. Next in the 5:00 news -

Australians were broadcast in space. why the names of seven young Australia's $10 million pokie king. And the threat hanging over

This program is captioned live.

You're watching the 5:00 news.

we'll Saudi Arabia's King Farid has died,

we'll bring you more information Saudi Arabia's King Farid has died,

later. To the traffic now and Vic

Lorusso in the Traffic Helicpoter

all the way out at the new M7

construction. What's going on? Here

we are at Hoxton Park and there was

an accident right near where the M7

bridge is being built. Now the

accident has cleared but

unfortunately only the one lane

available for the traffic and the

delays extended for delays extended for motorists. It available for the traffic and the

goes pretty much back into

Liverpool. We've also seen bad

delays on the M4 after a serious

accident at Marylands and I'll give

you an update on that late other on has opened in Sydney's west A state of the art detention centre to cater for young female offenders. juvenile facility The $30 million Juniperina aged between 10 and 18. will house up to 46 female detainees, The centre has been purpose-built of education and training facilities, to include a number and hairdressing courses. including food services, barista

It's a centre designed to

rehabilitate, give an emphasis on

vocational training so young women

who enter the centre can best adapt

to going back to the community. the US has rigged the trial Startling accusations tonight

David Hicks. of Australian terror suspect by two former military prosecutors Leaked communications think it's a sham. show even the Americans a US military commission within weeks David Hicks is due to face murder and aiding Taliban forces. charged with conspiracy, attempted he won't get a fair trial Now concern Military Commission Office itself. from within the US dropping a bombshell. Leaked emails from two prosecutors

not surprised. David Hicks's supporters We've always said, and we'll take 'em on." "Give him a fair trial you give Mr Hicks a fair trial But the government knows that they won't get a conviction.

Government should bite the bullet I still believe that the Australian to face anything. and bring David back here complained: Another US military prosecutor prove the trial will be unfair. The Pentagon denies the emails have since been transferred. Both officers

that I have dealt with. They're certainly not people the major players They're certainly not in relation to the prosecution. should absolutely insist The Federal Government that our Australian citizens judicial processes in the US, should be tried by proper simple as that. Mr Ruddock insists when in Washington last month, he wasn't briefed on the emails but admits maybe he should have been. perhaps, but... Well, if other people knew of it,

Greg Turnbull, Ten News. repairs on the shuttle 'Discovery'. NASA may have to conduct unexpected large strips of filler Engineers have identified which could overheat on re-entry. hanging from the shuttle's belly to fix the problem The astronauts are expected during tomorrow's spacewalk. From space today of seven young Aussies Andy Thomas announced the names on the importance of science. who won an essay contest he sponsored

I think many of them understand

and literate population that only a scientific can function in the modern world from people who understand science. and that economic success comes the winners with special medallions Andy Thomas will present each of he took with him to space.

has arrived home from Las Vegas Australia's $10 million poker king to cheering friends and relatives. Father of four Joe Hachem winnings the tax man plans to take. is yet to learn how much of his (Women chanting) Hachem! Hachem! at Melbourne Airport this morning, Arriving to a celebrity's welcome the king of cards is back home, but has he landed yet? It's been crazy. I'm just a boy from the suburbs flashes and cameras in my face. and suddenly I've got all these

the 39-year-old former chiropractor Just two weeks ago,

became an overnight multimillionaire, World Series Poker Championships beating 5,618 players in the in Las Vegas. thanks to his entourage. Already the victory has become legend

oi, oi" We led the "Aussie, Aussie every time Joe won a hand,

of the Americans and that really got under the skin

and other world champions. because he don't play all the time, A real surprise for us,

he's not professional. Aussie Joe home, While a limo escorted those closest to him say fairytale come true won't change him. this rags-to-riches back to Melbourne. Indeed, he opted to fly economy at the moment I may have a lot of money for the sake of throwing it away. but I'm not going to throw it away and friends I'd rather stay with my family and be first class. than be a hot shot We're humble about it. and family values and that We've been rich on personality but the money's going to be great. I mean, it's good for his kids. now wants a piece of Aussie Joe - Of course, everybody apart from endorsements around the world, and job offers from casinos also wants its slab of pie the Australian Taxation Office with just half his actual winnings. and, as a result, Joe could end up has already shaved off 30% The American tax man but, unless this is his poker face, he's still been dealt a winning hand. it seems Joe Hachem believes Kellie Morgan, Ten News. is his...shipping container? Also tonight, a Sydneysider's home to rising house prices? Could this be the answer And the words of advice from 'Home and Away' to Hollywood. that sent Isla Fisher

This program is captioned live.

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What have we got in NSW. A

marvellous Monday. Let's look at

that quickly for you.

This is where you say happy

birthday Marconi Club. ALL Happy

birthday Marconi Club We'll see you again at 5:55. The top stories we're following this news hour - there's desperate last-minute lobbying for places on Morris Iemma's first front bench team.

New faces are expected to be kept to a minimum, but Carl Scully will be back after burying the hatchet with his new boss today. The Macquarie University professor under fire for his extreme views on immigration is defying his bosses and turning up for class. The university responding by closing Andrew Fraser's courses as it works out how to get rid of the accused racist.

Bali Nine prisoner Renae Lawrence taken to hospital after breaking her arm in a fit of rage.

It comes as relations between Schapelle Corby's legal team and the Australian Government reach an all-time low. Orders are stacking up for Australia's first instant house.

Built from steel shipping containers, the ready-made homes come with all the mod cons, including a low price tag. For years they've been used to store and transport goods. But who would have thought something like this

could transform into this? It's called Contain-Accom, a shipping container that doubles as a cheap and comfortable living space

you could quite easily call home. It's great. You wouldn't know that you're living in something people deem as a container. The first of its kind in Australia, this luxury 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit has all the mod cons, including air-conditioning. Made from four shipping containers,

it can be transported by road, rail, or sea. And at $140,000

it could soon replace the traditional Aussie holiday home. If you had some property and you weren't yet ready to build your own home on that property, these are a wonderful solution. Cheaper options like this $40,000 2-bedroom unit are already a hit with families.

We've got a rural property down the South Coast so we were looking for something that was affordable. And if a steel box exterior isn't your thing, then you can always add some architectural flair. Before too long we could start to see container cities popping up. They've already taken off in Europe as a solution to overcrowded housing and affordable student accommodation. But would-be buyers are warned council approval is still needed before turning Container-Accom into your new home. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. market has followed Wall Street. To finance and the Australian share

Reporting season kicking into full

steam this week? That's right, it's

that time of year again and this

time around, investors are

expecting big things. But it's not

just company profits that the

investors are waiting, it is also

prospects for the coming 12 months.

August 24 is shaping up to be a prospects for the coming 12 months.

date for the diary that's when BHP

Billton is set to smash Australian

corporate history by posting corporate history by posting an Billton is set to smash Australian

annual net profit in excess of $ US

$6 billion. has landed a big role Tiny actress Isla Fisher in Hollywood. that's getting even bigger praise

There's nothing like coming home box office flick under your belt - with America's number one your Collette Dinnigan frock. or in this case for Australian actress Isla Fisher. But that's the reality

'Home and Away's Summer Bay, Since leaving in London and Hollywood the petite star has been hard at it looking for her big break. she's found it. And with 'Wedding Crashers' by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, The movie is about two guys, played who crash weddings to pick up chicks, Vince landing a doozy. I love you. We're going to be so happy together.

I'm sorry. I'm not really playing a character Some people say which has really upset me. LAUGHTER Don't ever leave me. I'll find you. it's like De Niro in 'Raging Bull'. She just inhabits that role - She WAS that girl. Sacha Baron Cohen, It was real-life fiance better known as Ali G,

she could tackle the role. who told Isla

he thought I was funny He just said that that gave me confidence. and because he's funny for her efforts. Her co-star full of praise where you had to be careful, It was one of those roles sort of walk a fine line. 'Wedding Crashers' opens next week. Angela Bishop, Ten News. and claims of trouble at the Sharks. More sport with Tim Webster The Wallabies fielding more flak controversial tour to South Africa. on theirr eturn from the Also more milestones - revises the record books again. Grant Hackett

day in two and four-wheel motorsport. And up and over, we'll wrap up a wild

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This program is captioned live. Grant Hackett has been named swimmer of the meet after finishing the world championships with three individual gold medals.

The first man to win the 400, 800 and 1,500m freestyle in one week,

helping Australia to a record-equalling 13 gold medals. The scary thing about Grant Hackett's 9-year undefeated run in the 1,500m is the fact the world and Olympic champion says he can get quicker. A huge program of 10 races in a week kept Hackett outside his own world record. But there's no stopping the world's greatest distance swimmer. COMMENTATOR: First man in history

to win the same event four times in a row at World Championships. The Australian captain with just enough energy to salute his team. 14min 42.58sec - the fourth fastest ever. It's been a long week and it's a long race to finish on and I certainly felt a bit tired tonight. The last few hundred, I just wanted to get to the end. Mum, dad and girlfriend Candice sharing their spoils. Grant and his girls stealing the show in Canada.

Hackett the only man with gold, the other 10 to Australia's women. Jade Edmistone, the third Aussie to smash a world record at the meet. COMMENTATOR: The world record is there to be taken. It's Edmistone going in - got it. Brooke Hanson snaring bronze in the 50m breaststroke. Joy for a 22-year-old who had previously quit the sport. I knew I was going to be fast. I felt good yesterday, I felt great today. Libby Lenton's first individual gold medal making it a clean sweep for the girls over 50m. I basically came in here aiming to get better than a bronze, because that's what I got the last two years, so I'm just really happy with that swim. Australia's 13 gold equalling the haul from Japan four years ago when Ian Thorpe was in the team. Matt Welsh just 0.04 seconds from gold number 14 in the 50m backstroke. Tania Armstrong, Ten News.

And sad news in league tonight, former Dragons captain Robert Stone has lost his battle with cancer. An Origin original, Stone won a premiership with St George in 1977. He was just 49. And the Rabbitohs are mourning the passing of Albert Clift, a former player, their oldest member, and long-time servant of the Bunnies. He was 101. Sharks boss Steve Rogers has slammed reports in-fighting between senior players and coach Stuart Raper is de-stabilising the club. is de-stabilising the club. The Sharks copped their biggest ever home defeat

in yesterday's 40-point loss to the Wests Tigers. Sharks coach Stuart Raper wouldn't comment today amid rumblings of a player revolt. Cronulla management are angry internal unrest has reached the public arena and have issued a warning. We'll speak to the players over the next couple of days. If there is a player who has a genuine issue and is not happy here,

then he can put his hand up and we'll discuss his future after that. The Sharks have lost four of their last five matches slipping to 8th on the ladder yesterday as Wests Tigers posted a record fifth win in a row. But Rogers says a so-called secret meeting last week where senior players questioned Raper's coaching is way off the mark. They're as surprised as I am that that report has come as a result of that meeting. As I said, it's a regular meeting.

NRL referees boss Robert Finch has today defended referee Steve Clark's decision to start play with Manly kicker, Chris Hicks, still off side. The Cowboys winning the match after gaining possession from the controversial kick-off. I think it was something like 13 seconds from the time the goal was kicked until the restart was taken, which I think is adequate time for anyone to get back. The Bulldogs had a case of Monday-itis

after going down 37 to 24 against second last placed Souths. The loss coming just a week after beating the league leading Broncos and leaving Canterbury in 9th spot.

They ran with more aggression and defended well as well.

So pretty much they were a step ahead of us in everything. Rob Canning, Ten News. The Wallabies have denied claims by South African coach Jake White that rugby league converts are to blame for ongoing discipline problems. Touch down from a controversial tour with Sailor and Tuqiri targeted because of claims their league culture is ruining the team's discipline after a late night out turned sour. Some of the comments that have come out have probably been a little bit hysterical. Jake White's comments - I mean, he's a fair coach and he's a nice guy - but, look, I'm pretty sure they're all grown men and we'll make our decisions, whether you're playing league, union, AFL. Tuqiri and Sailor were both out late just two days before the Wallabies' Mandella Cup loss. The pair fined, while disgraced halfback Matty Henjak was sent home. But the 'leaguies' aren't making excuses and deny any rift within the team. It's just an argument that blokes have every day.

We live out of each others' pockets for the last three weeks and I've spoken to him several times since, so everything's cooled off.

It was just stupid. It was probably a very immature decision on all our behalfs, but I certainly take responsibility because if I had said, "Let's go home after dinner," I'm sure the other guys would have followed me home. Adding to Sailor's woes is a knee injury which will likely see him miss the remainder of the Tri-Nations series. The Wallabies hope to put their off-field dramas behind them in the 2-week build-up to the showdown with NZ. Swans stars Adam Goodes and Michael O'Loughlin have been included in the AFL Indigenous Team of the Century. At a function in Melbourne attended by PM John Howard at centre halfback Goodes was named and O'Loughlin at full forward.

The Swans pair were among eight current day players honoured.

I've got no doubt it will give the I've got no doubt it will give the

rest of the players a boost, it

gufbs the whole club a boost and

gives the club a higher profile

sofplt it is a fantastic day for

them and the club no doubt. Kimi Raikkonen has closed the gap on F1 world championship leader Fernando Alonso

with victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Alonso failing to score points after trouble at the start.

Australia's Mark Webber finishing seventh. A warning we'll also give the result of the Champs cars which can be seen on Ten later tonight.

Fernando Alonso's race was run at the first corner.

His front wing clipped by Ralf Schumacher, and not far behind him - this. COMMENTATOR: Oh, we've got a roller. Christian Klein, I believe, has rolled.

Jacques Villeneuve taking Klein's Red Bull by the horns, while Klein's team-mate, David Coulthard, was another victim of the first-lap skirmish - unable to avoid debris from Alonso's car. McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen staying on the straight and narrow. Kimi Raikkonen takes victory. His fourth of the season. Michael Schumacher second, his brother Ralf joining the party on the podium. Whoops, that was almost an unscheduled drop. An unscheduled stop for Australia's Troy Bayliss at the German MotoGP,

but that was nothing on John Hopkins's early exit. Oh, huge highside. Hopkins not seriously hurt, Valentino Rossi winning the restarted race after a last-lap mistake by Sete Gibernau. In the 250cc, Daniel Pedrosa the winner. Oh, Lorenzo tried to sneak down the inside. Trouble, too, in the 125cc - three riders down at the start,

others going solo. Oh, big highside. Gadea, is it? In the United States, Frenchman Sebastian Bourdais continued his dominance of the Champ Car World Series with a win at the San Jose Grand Prix, while in the Indy Racing League, things went pear-shaped on the oval - four drivers treated for minor injuries.

Bryan Herta going on for the win. Leanne West, Ten News. Later in Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan, we'll ask a swimming legend where Grant Hackett stands in relation to Ian Thorpe?

Thank you for that warning on the

champ cars. Show us how you avoid

hearing it! Back

champ cars. Show us how you avoid hearing it! Back now to Vic Lorusso

in the Traffic Helicpoter. And

where are the problems? It will be

a slow run into Sydney's north-west

this evening into CarlingFord.

We're over it now approaching the

train station. We've got heavy duty

cranes in place, the witch's hats

ath RTA are out. But the delays

extending for a good kilometre. And

a heavy night into the western

suburbs after a big accident on the

M4. All traffic lanes are open but

expect a slower than usual trip And

how long will the warm weather

last? Tim Bailey will tell us next. And miracle or myth? The Jesus statue's bizarre behaviour. It's a real eye-opener!


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You're watching the 5:00 news. Time

for the weather details or I'm sure

he'll eventually get to them. We're

in Marconi Club with Tim Bailey.

Jessica said she saw you in a pink

feather bikini before, I wonder why.

I haven't done this before. CHEERING.

CHEERING. Ssh. Happy birth day Marconi Club, 4

years old.

# Happy birthday to you.

# Happy birthday to you.

# Happy birthday Marconi

# Happy birthday tou. Quiet please.

Hip, hip, hur a. Ladies and

gentlemen, you may have noticed

him popping up on the television all

night long. I call him Big Al. A

big round of applause for him

please. APPLAUSE

Just some second in a series of

music that Ron Wilson could make

love to. Just ten seconds.


Thank you Al, you can't have a

birthday without a birthday cake. A

round of applause for the cake

makers, they will win a present

with the best cake. The good news

is folks if I could have the camera

here for a second. What have we got

for the weather. A fine and sunny

day again today. Four degrees above

average, that was around about the

14th day in a row above average.

The good news is that we have rain

coming later in the week.

Wednesday looks like a wet one in

Sydney and more importantly, good

inland rainfall across NSW. It has

been a dry old arguement. If you

don't mind, I'll pop into the back yard.

To the satellite. Widespread cloud

over Queensland is generating rain

mainly over the northern interior.

Mostly clear across NSW, SA and

Victoria. Tomorrow's map, a trof

over Queensland will weaken

causing rain to the interior. And

the predicted precipitation, drips

and drops across roof tops. Only a

slight chance of rain over NSW

tomorrow. By Wednesday, a cold

front will cause strong winds and

showers to develop across SA,

Tassie and Victoria and inland NSW.

We have rainfall coming. We have

good cakes coming too. Marconi Club

's 47th birthday. We will be

broadcasting from out at Bossley

Park all week. Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday f you want to say

hello, please do. By the way,

here's something I baked a little

bit earlier. Look at that. Ron on a

cake, beautiful stuff. And Jessica,

the first time I've ever kissed a

cake. That didn't quite work did it.

We'll go interstate now. Let's look

at Brisbane and tomorrow I can tell

you, around about 20 degrees and

cloudy. Canberra, a frost and then

sunny. Ho Bart, Adelaide, showers

in Perth and a mostly sunny day in

the Alice.

The temperatures pretty warm for

winter. 22 degrees at Bossley Park.

The forecast for Sydney, we like to

sneak it in.

Thank you very much to everybody

here at the Marconi Club. It's on

again tomorrow night. Thank you to

the cake decorators and we'll see

you tomorrow night from the Marconi

Club. You are such a sweety. Claims of a miracle that are proving a real eye opener. Worshippers at this makeshift shrine in New Jersey in the US claim the Jesus statue suddenly opened one eye and turned its head last Thursday. Julio Dones, who set up the shrine, swears the statue's eyes had previously been closed. I had a friend of mine, so he's seen the event

and when he told me, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. Hundreds of believers are now flocking to the famous statue

in the hope that he may wink at them. That's the 5:00 news.

I'm Ron Wilson, goodnight. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Late News at 10:30, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.