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(generated from captions) the rest of your life with me... I'd like to ask you to spend loneliness with joy... fill each other's bring a smile share memories that...

along with a tear. I'm asking you to be my wife. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by Tonight - dam levels soar of Sydney's harsh water restrictions. but there'll be no easing Out in the cold - the contentious remark kicked out of Parliament. that got the State Treasurer

for standing up for NSW taxpayers. But I make no apologies And under guard in hospital - Christopher Hudson. surgery for murder suspect and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. in Aboriginal communities Also tonight, alcohol banned to combat child abuse. as the Federal Government moves

And "I do, I do" - exchange vows, twice. James Packer and Erica Baxter But first this evening, severely depleted water supplies. some good news at last for Sydney's has sent storage levels surging - Our recent drenching up 10% in just a week. yet. But don't reach for the garden hoses The Government says the city's tough water restrictions. there will be no change to

we've seen in years. It's the most dramatic turnaround by more than 13% - lifting total dam levels most of that in the last seven days. it's no time to become complacent, But the Government warns will stay in place. meaning current water restrictions

than we did three years ago. We're now using less water we want to dismiss That's not something

of decent rain in years. on the basis of our first two weeks

across the catchment 320 millimetres of rain has fallen in the past fortnight. To lift dam levels to 100%, to fall each day for five days. at least another 50mm would need As heartening as today's news is, it's worth noting that the last time this dam was full,

was almost a decade ago.

supplies have fallen steadily - Since then hitting a low of 33.8% in February. at that level in three years. Today's jump to 50% is the first time

the Government won't budge Despite that, $2 billion desalination plant. on its unpopular but it wasn't the right idea. OK, it was an idea,

the Government to accept that fact. And the time has come for less of the State in drought - The other good news today -

to 80.3% today. from 96.3% in February more rain will be critical. But for many winter crops to the weather pattern. We are hopeful there's a change

a more normal winter phase. We seem to be heading into This could bring further rainfall through to harvest. to assist those crops But the rain has had a downside - has now topped $350 million. the bill from recent storm damage

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. An explosive day in State Parliament, for offensive remarks - with the Treasurer kicked out to withdraw the comments, Michael Costa refusing sparked by a bitter row over tax. Drama and political history his marching orders from Parliament. as Treasurer Michael Costa is given And order the Usher of the Black Rod from the house remove the honourable member

of question time. until the conclusion please escort the member Will the Usher of the Black Rod out of the chamber? (Opposition members jeer) Order! The dramatic exit Costa handed down his second Budget. coming just 48 hours after Michael when he refused to withdraw a comment His problems began Pearce of supporting a tax dodger - accusing Opposition frontbencher Greg

Federal Treasurer Peter Costello a reference to in property tax. refusing to pay NSW $400 million Michael Costa was feeling the cold. Outside Parliament, Anybody got a beanie? But he wasn't backing down. the consequences of my actions. I knew That's why I'm standing out here. for standing up for NSW taxpayers. Still in the upper house,

Nicholas Cowdery, QC. renewed pressure today on the DPP, The Attorney-General, tabled a series of documents - Michael McHugh, one from former High Court judge

relation to the Patrick Power case. critical of the DPP's office in is appealing a 15-month jail sentence Power, a former senior prosecutor, on his computer. for having child pornography

tipping him off about the discovery The DPP coming under fire for before contacting police. And he has acknowledged that, to arise in his office again, were similar circumstances he would handle them differently. Paul Mullins, Ten News. declared in Aboriginal communities A national emergency has been in the Top End. after revelations of shocking abuse

Acting on a landmark report,

widespread reforms the Prime Minister has unveiled a generation of Indigenous children. to protect of rampant sexual and alcohol abuse Confronted with the full horror in Indigenous communities, the Prime Minister moved swiftly. the report Anyone who's read or examined by the level of abuse. will be sickened and horrified They will be deeply disturbed

of the abuse. at the widespread nature from the Territory Government, Fed up with inaction the Commonwealth is taking over. of alcohol in most areas It will ban the sale and consumption for at least six months, take control of towns

to improve public housing, through a 5-year lease for all children under 16 to identify abuse, and ban X-rated pornography. to have their children examined They will have the protection

to have any repercussions knowing that they're not going the evidence protected. from someone who wants will be quarantined, 50% of all government welfare and other essentials. to be spent only on food Children who dodge school welfare payments withdrawn. will see their parents' And there will be more police. as akin to a national emergency. We regard this all the new measures. The Commonwealth will fund

in the Territory because it can. It's using the strong-arm tactics State premiers, But Mr Howard has urged Queensland and WA, especially those in NSW,

to follow his lead. The Australian Crime Commission will be asked to hunt down sexual predators of Aboriginal children nationwide. We're dealing with children of the tenderest age who have been subject to the most terrible abuse

from the time of their birth, virtually.

The move welcomed by Aboriginal groups. Where children's lives are at risk,

everything must be done to protect those children. Northern Territory Chief Minister Clare Martin says she'll work with the Commonwealth but denies her government has been sitting on its hands. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Another controversial unionist is set to be thrown out of the Labor Party after being caught on camera abusing the boss. Joe McDonald has just been suspended from the Labor Party

but Kevin Rudd's tough stand has sent him hurtling towards a showdown with the union movement. Building union leader Joe McDonald is no stranger to workplace confrontation - he was convicted of assault back in 2005 after this altercation taped by Ten News. But it was a shouting match earlier this year taped by the industry watchdog and leading to another conviction for trespass

that has embarrassed Kevin Rudd into action. This ------- parasite dog's days are numbered. He'll be working at Hungry Jack's if I have my way. Mr Rudd today moved to have the union heavyweight kicked out of the Labor Party. I have a policy of zero tolerance when it comes to violence, threats of violence and unlawful behaviour. Joe McDonald is refusing to go quietly.

of blocking him site access when he's only looking after his members' safety concerns. you ------- murdering bastards.

I hope that when Kevin Rudd speaks of zero tolerance and lawlessness he means the bosses who kill workers with unsafe work practices will be jailed. The Government accuses Kevin Rudd of a meaningless stunt

and says his plans to get rid of the building watchdog in two years time will allow Joe McDonald and his mates free rein once again on building sites. If the Leader of the Opposition wanted to demonstrate how tough he is with the unions he would dump the legislation that would bring back the thugs. We would only move to institute a replacement body once we are absolutely confident that the replacement body is robust.

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The man charged over the bloody shooting spree didn't appear in court today. Christopher Hudson is instead under guard in hospital after undergoing surgery. Captured - Victoria's most wanted man, Christopher Wayne Hudson. Relief for all, including his father. Poor Chris's future is going to be in jail for a while.

He's got to deal with that, and then we've got to get on with it. We're just relieved.

Sporting an injured arm when arrested, the 29-year-old failed to appear at Melbourne Magistrate's Court this morning. Instead he remained under guard in hospital awaiting surgery,

his lawyer fronting a brief hearing in his absence. How is your client? I don't wish to comment. After a day of intense negotiations Hudson handed himself in at the Wallan police station, just north of Melbourne. Prior to handing himself in he was on the steps of the police station and just said, "Dad, I'm here to hand myself in and I love you." The officer involved in the negotiations claiming there were concerns for the safety of the Hells Angel.

He was concerned that if an agreement was reached and he handed himself in

that he may be intercepted in between when he was and the police station and what might ensue there. A funeral service will be held tomorrow lawyer Brendan Keilar, for father of three,

who died in Monday's shooting trying to help model Kaera Douglas who was also shot.

She's now in a stable condition in hospital, as is the Dutch backpacker who came to her aid, Paul de Waard. Allan Raskall, Ten News. Fears tonight peak-hour traffic clogging the Harbour Bridge is about to get worse. In two weeks the Harbour Tunnel forcing coin tossers up top, choking tollbooths. In just over two weeks coins and cash won't be accepted for the Sydney Harbour tunnel.

The four tollbooths of today will become two. Having an electronic tag will be the easiest way to zoom through the lanes. There will be a casual user option to go through the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, so it will still be possible to use the Sydney Harbour Tunnel without an electronic tag. We don't recommend that. if you get an electronic tag.

We have some concerns that motorists are still going to find themselves in those lanes. We've certainly got some concerns about what it will do to the Harbour Bridge. Of course, if people actually read the signs and find their way on the Harbour Bridge, on the bridge itself. The motoring group also wants clear signs directing people who want to use coins or notes onto the bridge.

The RTA believes the lanes will look like this from July 9.

You'll have three lanes approaching the tunnel, and then two lanes will go directly through the tollbooths and into the tunnel. The great advantage of electronic tolling

is the massive increase in the number of cars that can use the road. So, here at the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, 2,000 cars per lane, per hour. But only 400 is the maximum for those lanes

have to scramble for cash. where people is the M2 by the end of the year. The next motorway to go cash-free eventually The bridge will go cashless to rip out the coin and cash booths. but there are no firm plans yet Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Sydney taxi driver - that's next. Murder charges laid over a missing blame for the fatal Sea King crash. Also tonight, the navy takes the

down-under - And 'The Bold and Beautiful' of the Aussie episodes. a sneak preview It turned out to be a very good day. It's g'day.

OK. I'm back in a couple of hours. and I'm done. I'll finish up out the back You be good, Bonnie. (Yelps) CRASH! ELECTRICAL BUZZ have to be replaced. The whole thing's gonna

What's that? BUZZING Just wasps. Get inside! There you go. WASPS BUZZ WASPS BUZZ LOUDLY

(Barks) There. Robbins Veterinary Clinic. Hello. Robbins Veterinary Clinic.

That was quick. Look for the walking fingers.

This program is captioned live. the murder of a taxi driver A man has been charged with whose body is still missing. of 67-year-old driver Robert Woodger The bloodstained cab in Sydney's north-west was discovered

yesterday morning. Chinese national, Shunfee Gu, Today, police arrested a 22-year-old

at Macquarie University. on a separate matter on Mr Woodger's disappearance The economics student was questioned? He has been refused bail. for Mr Woodger's body Police are searching who might have seen the cab and have asked anyone yesterday morning between 3:00 and 5:30 to come forward. of the taxi driver And the first court appearance today of Sydney woman Jenny Franco charged over the hit-and-run

in February. what happened to Ms Franco? Are you sorry

charged with four driving offences 55-year-old Stuart Russell Graham was He entered no plea today. Ms Franco was dragged 150 metres under a taxi just outside her Miranda home. She was critically injured and lost an eye. released from hospital. The 23-year-old has since been in August. Graham will appear in court again In a black day for the navy,

and safety shortcuts have been blamed its own personnel in a Sea King helicopter crash. for killing nine Australians making 259 recommendations A military inquiry on the island of Nias two years ago. over the disaster A tiny piece of metal - but this split pin is the vital reason

crashed and exploded. Sea King 'Shark 02' to unwind in the drive crank, The pin was missing, allowing a nut

and explode forcing the chopper to crash on the island of Nias two years ago. of short-cut maintenance. A damning report blaming a culture and very sad I found it absolutely regrettable that were missed the number of opportunities that caused the accident. to pick up on the problems in the disaster. Nine crew were killed them from the burning wreckage. Two men survived after locals pulled The inquiry also found

to the number of deaths, poor cabin design contributed making escape almost impossible. Despite the scathing assessment, will lose their jobs. no defence chiefs I won't be resigning over this. recommendations from this board. My job is to implement the 256 That's what I'll do. ranging from junior to senior rank Up to 10 defence personnel may face disciplinary action. a demotion or a pay cut While this include

because of privacy laws. their names may never be made public We believe in accountability. We'd like to be able to tell you. But we can't tell you. informing victims' families. Defence chiefs spent the morning

Many believe the crash was caused an under-resourced Sea King squadron. by overworking

Enough is enough. We can't do more. anyone would make a mistake. Because when they're under pressure

James Boyce, Ten News. have spent a freezing night Four bushwalkers stranded in the Blue Mountains after being cut off by floodwaters. aged in their 20s, Rescuers airlifted the men, from the Glenbrook Gorge early this morning. They raised the alarm last night after being trapped by a swollen creek.

and supplies to the group Police were able to get food the hazardous weather, but, because of until today. the chopper rescue was put off

It's a shame what happened. and what have you, We weren't too prepared so I feel bad for them coming out but, yeah, that's just what happened.

authorities warned bushwalkers Their ordeal comes after not to venture out in poor weather of a school group in the area after the dangerous rescue at the weekend.

That fit is the winter solstice and

yes, it will be on your television

at 530. I don't mind if you take a

second just to whip into your

bedroom to put the electric blanket

on the war put a hot-water bottle

on. It will be zero at Richmond and

Campbeltown. It is a knee knocker.

13 degrees will be the maximum

impact in the West and about 15 in

the city. It wasn't a bad day. At

last it settled down a little bit

and we got some blue sky he. We

appreciation that. Currently at

four train degrees and that is as

warm as it will be in the next 24

hours. Your weather photographs

have become part and parcel of the news.

A speaking of the snow, of course

will have the snow report at

lowering the show. Burrowing burglars - And French union - his sweetheart on the Riviera. Australia's richest man marries

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The let's check the traffic can now.

We're getting a good view of their

Rowena that's starting to come in.

Up it really is starting to build

down here in the north-west. I

would just pan the camera a little

to the left. There is a head wind at the we are experiencing and it at

looks like where it well and truly

back. The motorists are struggling

their. It's as a result of the wind

In the Rain starting to cause a

traffic delays. We have problems on the Harbour Bridge. A gang of thieves has escaped with $80,000 of jewels after tunnelling their way inside a Gold Coast diamond exchange. The bandits broke into a plaza and tunnelled through a stairwell before smashing their way through a kitchen wall.

They would have had to use a lot of force, a lot of force. The thieves broke into a safe, escaping with expensive watches, rings, opals and diamonds. A brave young road accident victim has spoken of the ordeal that cost her the loss of a foot. The 11-year-old was listening to music when she was hit by a school bus. Shanae Rossiter may have lost her left foot, but the determination and bravery that so impressed her rescuers remains. I was shocked that I didn't have my ankle and foot left,

but I understood why it had to be cut off. the 11-year-old was struck by a school bus

while walking to class. I was listening to my iPod at the time. I heard it start, yeah, and then it just happened.

Shanae spent half an hour trapped under the bus, and never cried. Her friends have shed tears, contributing to a scrapbook already thick with get-well greetings. They can't work at school and have been crying a lot. So has Shanae's mum, who's kept a bedside vigil.

She's my life, she's my world, and that bit comes home when you nearly lose her. Shanae's already planning her return to the netball court. Her mother's set up a trust fund to support her courageous daughter and is asking for donations. The most important thing at the moment is that I can be at home with Shanae and just help her.

Christopher Still, Ten News. A vicious mob has turned on a man in Texas, beating him to death. David Morales was attacked after his friend hit a young girl with his car in a crowded carpark. Mr Morales went to help the youngster but his friend got into a fight with about 20 people. The 40-year-old went to the driver's aid but the gang then attacked him. I don't know what made them do it - take my brother's life away.

The man's friend escaped unharmed while the girl was taken to hospital with minor injuries. An amazing escape for a family in the United States as their home exploded and then collapsed. through what's left of the house, Firefighters are still combing looking for clues to explain what caused the explosion and fire. Three people were taken to hospital with burns and other injuries. Meanwhile, a survivor of the South Carolina fire that claimed the lives of nine firefighters has told how he feared he too would perish. The first thing that popped into my head is I wouldn't be able to see my wife and little girl again. The worker was pulled from the burning building just minutes before the roof collapse. James Packer and Erica Baxter are husband and wife after tying the knot, not just once, but twice, on the French Riviera. The couple slipped away with immediate family for a civil ceremony and then the bride frocked up for a second service

in front of all their friends.

This morning, 39-year-old Packer and his 29-year-old model bride were secretly wed in a civil ceremony at the local town hall.

Then this afternoon, the Hotel du Cap, one of the most exclusive hotels on French Riviera, threw up a security screen to keep the media out. As helicopters hovered overhead trying to get a shot, a flotilla of speedboats attempted to unbalance cameramen who had taken to the waters. Still more cameras and reporters perched on nearby rocks

as a second wedding ceremony took place inside the plush hotel. Finally the media was rewarded of some of the star guests with glimpses who gathered on the hotel's balcony to admire the Cote d'Azur sunset. Mr Packer is reportedly spending $6 million for the lavish celebrations in the south of France for a 3-day party that has just begun.

On the French Riviera, Peter Nugent, Ten News, next, how the recent storms have taken their toll. Also, the 'Pasha Bulker's saviour arrives in Newcastle. And the do-it-yourself fertility test for men.

This program is captioned live.

the Prime Minister has declared a national emergency in Aboriginal communities. There will be alcohol bans, more police and compulsory health and school checks for children. A dramatic day in State Parliament - Treasurer Michael Costa kicked out for calling the Federal Treasurer a tax dodger for refusing to pay $400 million in property tax.

And good news from the recent wild weather - the record rainfalls have reached the catchment, boosting dam storage levels to just on 50%, a figure not seen for three years. But the 10% surge doesn't mean an easing of water restrictions. Another tug has arrived off Newcastle to help salvage the 'Pasha Bulker'. The 'Pacific Responder' has the mammoth task of laying sea anchors and chains

to free the 40,000-ton container ship. Two other tugboats will help pull the bulk carrier off the sandbank. As if it wasn't hard enough driving on our roads during the recent deluge, now the damage done by all that heavy rain is making it doubly difficult.

After the downpour comes this. The sun is out and so too are work crews, patching up endless potholes dotting our city streets. Motoring groups say it's another source of frustration for drivers on the State's roads. Dodging them is one thing, damage caused to cars another. Some of these potholes can be quite large

That's why councils try to move quickly after a soaking - insurance claims soar. There's also a worse scenario - a car goes into a pothole and collides into another car. The days after a deluge are what local councils fear most. Take Hornsby Shire, for instance. In the past few days they've already received several damages claims, including one from a Mercedes driver for more than $1,000.

And it's a battle knowing just who to complain to. In some areas, there are roads owned by every tier of government. Well, you can understand ratepayers of a council don't realise that some of the roads are owned by the RTA and looked after by Transfield. Damage caused by the elements a council's roadwork bill each year. can add up to $5 million to Frank Coletta, Ten News. The Australian share market finished the day lower following a very poor lead from Wall Street. Coles shares were down 35 cents after rumours a major bidder had pulled out of the ownership battle. Multiplex lost a cent - the property developer considering St George Bank climbed 21 cents - on track to meet its earnings targets for 2007.

Unleaded petrol is selling tonight for an average of $1.31 a litre. That's up 7 cents since yesterday. We found it as low as $1.22 at Lansvale. A new, slightly less embarrassing fertility test for men. The kit now lets them assess the chance of fathering children

in the privacy of their own home. For most men, making babies should be fun. But when conception doesn't come easily, many couples opt for clinical investigation. Many men find going to have semen analysis done is quite embarrassing and uncomfortable. fertility test kit allows men Now a new do-it-yourself to find out how well they're firing in the privacy of their own home. Available online, Fertility Score works A man provides his sample and a special dye is added to the sample and that is compared against a colour chart. Pink indicates he's packing plenty of punch. Purple means his sperm count is down and further medical advice is urged. The kit's had an 83% success rate in home trials

and is already on sale in Europe. But doctors urge couples to be aware of the test's limits. Fertility depends on many other factors other than the number of sperm - of the sperm - are important. New research shows in males as it is in females. infertility is almost as prevalent Around 1 in 20 Australian men suffer fertility problems,

and age is one of the big factors. Many couples are waiting longer to have babies and that's why it important that couples find out sooner rather than later. For more information, go to Emily Rice, Ten News.

The good thing about the cold

weather is the snow and there is

plenty of it around. It in pretty

good nick too.-5 degrees was the

top of temperature across the Alps

today. I'm going for the world

famous and it all matter. A lack of

terrain keeps me from going higher

and if you can beg borrow or steal

a ride you'll be rewarded. Sunny

conditions over the weekend and

then snowfall more on that Monday

it. Let's get into the resort

Report. A fresh dry cover on an

early-season base. Get a round 50

centimetres. Somewhat lifts

operating. 45 centimetres since Monday

Monday and they like that sort of

talk. 11 lifts for the weekend.

Blue cow opens for the first time

this season on the weekend. A there

was a light rain falling

Tomorrow at your place at - 13

degrees in the greater west and 15 in the city.

Sport is next with Tim Webster, and Roosters players clear the air Deb, skipper Craig Fitzgibbon says he's sure his mate will give it his all for the side before he switches clubs at the end of the season. Also, Mick Fanning eases through, but the Rip Curl Pro event in Chile proves too tough for many of the world's best surfers. And a sneak peak at 'The Bold and the Beautiful' down-under.

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This program is captioned live. Craig Wing has apologised to Roosters fans for the manner of his defection to South Sydney. Fitzgibbon, has defended his mate of the former Kangaroos utility. after heavy criticism Promoting his side's clash with Parramatta and former team-mate, now Eel, Brett Finch, Craig Fitzgibbon wanted to clear the air on how the Roosters feel about Craig Wing after his public defection to the Rabbitohs. A bit disappointing to see it happen and see him leaving but that's the current climate, and I've got an 8-year friendship there with Wingy so it's not worth putting it on the line over seeing him do a press conference with someone else.

But, by the same token, he was put in that situation so he just had to do it. about his move. I didn't expect it to blow up in such a negative way today and tot eh Roosters fans I'm really sorry about how it appeared, if they're genuinely offended, but at the end of the day, all I've done is sign for another team. The constant signings and sackings in the NRL

relegating the actual game to token status. Fitzgibbon saying it could be time for radical change. and people weren't happy with that We had the other system last year and now we've got this one and they're not happy with that. I suppose the only other option is maybe a draft which could be looked at. Finch preparing for his first game at Aussie Stadium since leaving the Roosters last year and relishing his role at the Eels. Stepping out of the spotlight a bit has probably helped me

and taken a bit of pressure off me and lightened the load a bit and I think it's showing in how I'm playing. Meanwhile Manly have re-signed NSW prop Brent Kite

and backrower Anthony Watmough to long-term deals. Chris Hicks, though, is leaving. He's signed with English club Warrington. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Graham Arnold believes the Socceroos' Asian Cup campaign will be a failure if Australia doesn't make it to the final. The bulk of a 23-man squad left Sydney this afternoon for a 10-day training camp in Singapore. With high standards and even higher hopes, the Socceroos are off to Asia for their first tournament since joining the federation. And despite slipping to number three in the Asian rankings, a top-two finish is underachieving. their coach says anything less than Anything less is a failure. A pass is probably semifinals.

by saying I'll put pressure on myself not making the final. a failure is also Australian fans united in support of the Socceroos

at last year's World Cup. during their success on the international stage. to impress

are expected to tune in More than 500 million people to the final in Asia alone. to keep this momentum flowing It's an opportunity for us

of getting some silverware. And as speculation continues Lucas Neill will captain the side, over whether Mark Viduka or there may be room for both. it appears Providing we make the final, more than one captain we're going to need six people to do work off the field and a leadership group of five or to keep the team together. in a friendly on June 30, The Socceroos play Singapore before their Cup opener against Oman on July 8.

Andrew Brown, Ten News.

to move into the top four The Sydney Swans have the chance with a win over Collingwood at Telstra Stadium. in Saturday night's blockbuster Neil Cordy is there with the latest. Thanks, Tim. As you say, for the Swans to win there's plenty of incentive against the Magpies. on Saturday night up the ladder to fourth spot. They can move six places

All eyes are on Luke Ablett in training tonight. as the Swans get under way from a hamstring injury. He's recovering

had to say This is what Paul Roos about his inclusion in the team. Lukey, Yeah, he's an important player, because in terms of our midfield, and a different mix, you like different players so I think with Lukey back in, it gives us a different look then when he's not there. Both teams benefit

which I know Barry Hall was very pleased to have. of niggling injuries this season He's battled a number against the Magpies. But he's fit and raring to go A crowd in excess of 60,000 is expected for Saturday night's match. It should be a beauty.

Thanks, Neil. this Saturday night from 7:30pm. That Swans-Collingwood game is on Ten

has continued his world title tilt, Aussie surfer Mick Fanning with a stunning come-from-behind win in Chile. in round 1 of the Rip Curl event trailing countryman Dean Morrison The current ratings leader was as the clock ticked away, with just 12 seconds remaining. before snatching victory

securing his place in round 3. This high-scoring barrel I was lucky I snuck into it. it was going to be all that great. I didn't think

Just sort of sectioned off than what I thought for a little bit longer and I just got lucky.

another big gun cruising through, 8-time world champion Kelly Slater for a number of the world best. but it was a day of pain Adriano De Sousa the worst-hit, with a cut and bloodied face. emerging from the shallow reef both fight for survival in round 2 Andy Irons and Taj Burrow will after shock defeats. first ride in Sydney Apprentice Mitchell Beadman's The 17-year-old came off at Randwick today. Beadman jnr took a tumble under the running rail

He was assessed by paramedics but escaped with only minor injuries. Darren, Son of Australia's leading jockey, the provincial and country circuits. Mitchell has ridden 39 winners on as early as next week could return to international cricket

as coach of Pakistan. Lawson was back in Sydney today by the Pakistan Cricket Board after being interviewed vacated by the late Bob Woolmer, to fill the role concluded he wasn't murdered, just a week after Jamaican police but died of natural causes. of been as originally advertised, I think if the Woolmer situation had

struggling for an overseas coach. I think Pakistan may have been Lawson is one of several Australians being courted by the Test playing nations. Seven of them have been chasing a new coach since the World Cup. More on that cricket coaching issue later in 'Sports Tonight'. Some late news and some good news for both the Waratahs and the Wallabies - prop Matt Dunning has re-signed for a further two years.

A than the rain is not making the

drive home much fun. Here but we

still over the north-west. We go

zooming in and to show you the

traffic along at Epping a road out.

traffic along at Epping a road out.

There is hardly a gap in between

that the traffic. The traffic is

moving very slowly. The traffic

delays go all way back to the into

toll plaza. There's an accident

near neutral by a turn-off.

Stay with us. Tim Bailey's weather is next. And a super price for a super suit - Christopher Reeves's original blue tights go under the hammer.

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This program is captioned live. The wait is nearly over for fans of soapie 'The Bold and Beautiful', with episodes shot in Sydney earlier this year about to hit our screens. And tonight a sneak preview of what Brooke, Ridge and the gang got up to down-under. They're the episodes fans have been waiting for -

the 'Bold and the Beautiful' down-under. Brooke, Ridge, Rick and Phoebe flew to Sydney in March to open a new Forester Originals boutique and, finally, we get to find out what else happened. How is it you're even more beautiful in the Southern Hemisphere? We know from our on-set spying that Rick and Phoebe were mucking around in the Botanic Gardens while not wearing much, and that Brooke and Ridge share a kiss on the world's most beautiful harbour. But what we didn't know is that Brooke picked up the lingo. Figures since it's such a beaut arvo, with no anklebiters in sight, that you and I could grab a sanger and a stubbie and just chill. No reason to spit the dummy, eh, mate? What?! (Laughs) There's some suggestion the cast might have picked up this strange way of speaking when they hung out with a bunch of Network Ten types

at a flashy cocktail party during filming. It's been amazing.

I'm so happy to be here and the Australians are amazing people. Very friendly, it's been a great experience. The episodes begin screening tomorrow with a special 20th anniversary episode on Monday. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Checking the weather. I love Thursdays you start talking Thursdays you start talking about

the weekend. It's the shortest day

of the year today and I know on

short. It's the long this night and

it's going to be a very cold wind at

at Penrith. It will be down around zero.

zero. It will be minus one in the

Blue Mountains. Tomorrow a coastal

shower and it's not going to be

tropical, folks. 15 in the city.

The weekend - did Ronnie mention

it? It's going to be good. Onto your deal. I'll

your deal. I'll give you a sunny

Friday and Saturday if you can Friday and Saturday if you can put

up with showers after that.

There is widespread cloud across

the Northern territory and

Queensland due to a tropical

moisture feet and that's generating

patchy but unseasonal rain. Strong

southerly so bringing a bursts of

showers and Highland snow. A high will clear most of the will clear most of the south-east,

leading to a cold and frosty

morning. Fresh winds will bring

rain to the coastline. An

approaching front will bring strong

Cherie a wind so to the west coast. Predicted precipitation - showers

on the New South Wales coast

Clearing from the south. Clearing from the south. Showers

for Tasmania and western parts of Western

Western Australia. Patchy rain across the Northern territory and

Queensland. Damn levels are up to

50% for the first time in three

years, an increase of 10%. A

coastal shower tomorrow morning for

a mainly sunny day. Some showers for the

for the start of the working week.

The shortest day of the year from The shortest day of the year from a

man who played nine holes today and

fell down seven of by Christopher Reeves in the original Superman film, has sold for nearly $20,000 at a London auction. Reeve's outfit, the iconic pale blue leotard with 'S' logo, yellow belt, matching tights and red leather boots were first worn by the late actor almost 30 years ago. The 52-year-old actor died in New York, nine years after being paralysed in a riding accident.

I'm Ron Wilson. Goodnight. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow night. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.