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(generated from captions) Back to the election campaign now,

and both parties are certainly

today pushing their credentials on

who has the best policies for

families. Yesterday the Coalition

announced an $89 million plan it

says will make childcare more

affordable. To explain the policy

further I'm joined by Shadow Minister for childcare Sharman

Stone. Thank you for joining us.

You said you are taking the

pressure off families by restoring

indexation to the childcare rebate. 80% 80% of parents, I understand will

not receive more through the change,

is that correct. It's hard to know

what that will be, the fees are

going up literally weekly at the

moment as Labor stripped away

whether it's a childcare rebate cap,

so when you have a baby, a 0-2 in

full time care, Monday to Friday,

some are in care from 6 in the

morning to six at night. morning to six at night. You

quickly hit the cap. It's not

wealthy families only that need the

full-time care, it's the second

income in the household desperately

in need of the professional care.

It's nonsense to make it more

costly for any family to access

childcare. That's why we restored

the indexing. It's about $300 a

year in terms of the difference it

will make. To how many families,

20%? It depends where your kids are

and the fees you pay. It could be

20%, but that doesn't matter. We

don't think that anywhere a child

in care should be in a position

where the parents can't afford to

pay, so the parent either has to

leave their work, and put their

whole family's finances in jeopardy,

or their career in jeopardy or

contract their hours of work. Nah

is happening across the country, I

have been talking to childcare

agencies, parents across Australia,

and they are desperate and

childcare is in chaos from the way

that Labor has basically walked

away from it. Under your scheme,

you are concentrating on

oencouraging mums to stay at home,

saying if dads want to stay at home,

you'll only pay a female wage. Is

that really fair. Then dads don't

get the opportunity, it's not

really a parental leave scheme,

it's a maternity leave scheme;

correct. You are talking about the

paid parental leave scheme. No.

When Labor introduced theirs, we

were disappointed. Women, mothers,

families were disappointed. They

offered a minimum wage for only 4.5

months, no superannuation, all of

the burden of the administration

back on the businesses who were to

be the pay masters for the

Government. Not good enough. Labor

acknowledged that, and said "Think

of it as a first step", we know it

will be terrible for business,

we'll give them a six month

moratorium before they become our

pay masters. Our leave, we said "No,

not good enough, six months of not good enough, six months of

leave for the superannuation to be

paid also, because women in

particular, when they have a break

in their super end up in older age

not financially independent on the

pension. We said super, we said six

months, we said two weeks for the

non-primary carer who typically is

the dad to add to the Lee, and we

said paid at the e-- leave, and we

said paid at the replacement wage said paid at the replacement wage

of the mum or the minimum wage,

whichever is greater. We think it's

generous, affordable, and for Labor

to still stick with their paid

parental leave scheme and say it's

enough. No, it's not. It was always

shambolic and miserable. Today

there's been criticism saying your

proposal is a costly corporate tax

with 3,000 businesses to pay a

temporary levy of 1.3%, saying

parents will be forced to pay

increased prices. What is your

response to that. That is Julia

Gillard and the Labour Partyy's

attempt to try to cover the tact

that they have put the country into

-- fact that they have put the

county into massive debt and

pink deficit. They wasted billions on

pink bats, school buildings, not

value for money, tragically. What

we said in the range of all of that

is we'll have a temporary levy to

pay for the paid parental leave

scheme, 1.7%, on on the biggest

3,200 cunt companies in Australia.

Theremore than 70,000, it's

temporary until Labor's debt is

paid back. We have a paid back. We have a lot of

temporary levy history, like the

Gunn bye back, Ansett temporary

levy, the public should believe

it's temporary until we've dealt

with Labor's debt and deficit. Why

don't you make child care tax

deductible. By encourage, women in

the work force you'll receive more

tax. There's great skilled women, tax. There's great skilled women,

encouraging them back to the work

force, make it 100% tax deductible.

It's a policy issue examined all

the time, working out what is best.

Australia's work force

participation of women in Australia

compares poorly with New Zealand,

US, UK, and so on. Part of that

problem is not just the

affordability of childcare which is

running out of control under Labor,

but the fact that you have rah 2-

year wait for Child -- have a 2-

year wait for childcare, in Rosell

and Balmain around here. Not good

enough. It's not just the issue of

taxing, it's looked at what is the

possibilities of relieving the

situation through the tax system,

it's how do we get more place ns

the the right parts of Australia where

the -- places, in the right parts

of Australia. In other parts of

Australia we have five or six

centres competing with vacancies,

they are beginning to be non-viable.

It's shamble, chaos, our policy

will sort it out quickly, with full

support of the childcare sector.

Sorry, we have run out of time. We