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(generated from captions) fever, time for some schmoozing, Today on State Focus, Spring Racing This program is captioned live.

day. champagne and glamming up for race this summer, and more from Floriade Plus, the first-aid you need to know welcome to State Focus. 2009. Hello I'm Peta Burton and occasion for us all here on State First, today is a rather momentous our next guest for quite some time. Focus, because we've been chasing postpone appointments, important make it on the set, it's great to meetings and perhaps a facial to aka Anthony Ackroyd, with us and have the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, of meeting with Mr Rudd before he earlier Tony Nicholls had the honour largest comedy event in Canberra. headlines the tilt festival, the (WOOSH) Prime Minister, Welcome to the show. State Focus, I've I can use the 'F' Tony it's wonderful to be here on word as in focus. (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) about that at the moment. Been in a little bit of trouble standing by your use of that word. You certainly are, yes, and you're use of robust language, I think Well, I do not shy away from the and to mean what you say Tony. it's important to say what you mean philosophy. I'm sure you have the same popular Ok. Now you're one of our most Prime Ministers since Hawk actually, no opposition at the moment, it surely you put that down to having Hawk charisma? couldn't be down to any sort of used in relationship to myself, as Well, charisma is a word that is well as I guess - Genius. Brilliant. opposition that really is like a But I guess it helps having an know, bring it on I say. revolving door of wimps. And you a wimp category? Ok. You wouldn't put yourself into you're just being ironic there. Definitely not Tony, and I'm sure who's not afraid to take names and I'm known around Canberra as a guy expression. kick butt, if I may use that iron fist, but perhaps one that is And you know, I rule, with not an glove of velvet. made in titanium, wrapped in a complaints about you is they Ok. Now one of the opposition's driven. suggest you're completely new cycle sporting events waving a scarf You show up at all these prime time around of some sort, or another. was a media tart, are you happy to Now Peter Beatey, admitted that he do the same? as polymerase. Tart? I prefer to describe myself want to be there to love the people I love many aspects of life, and I at major sporting events. disappointed if I'm not there it And really Tony, people are special, just adds a little bit of something to an otherwise perhaps drab event. fever right now, Ok. Of course it's spring racing it the show, we're talking about that later on got a suit picked out? but as far as glamour goes have you Melbourne cup day, the whole lot? Surely we'll see you at derby day, I will be there of course. or wherever I am, I travel all over I'll be coming back from New York, the world, Copenhagen. be back at that event. Doesn't matter where I am, I will Sectorial elegance. And I'll be dressed up in my usual bit special for you, Tony. In fact, I wore something a little The Australian flag socks. changed for the interview. Ok. Now I didn't see you get Really? underwear But I'm just guessing But I'm just guessing matching I hope not Tony. (LAUGHS) Matching G String possibly? all co-ordinated under here, and I Matching G String, underwear, it's people will be privy to that sort think one day, the Australian is not yet. of underwear apparel, but that time run at the MCG, Ok then. So are you open to a nudie is that what you're suggesting @ when I Well, people are always impressed, suddenly unveil my stimulus package (LAUGHS) may be perhaps gasps of excitement. And that may be taking place, there inspire me to do a complete run of Perhaps the roar of the crowd, will event in mind, the ground. But yes, I have such an than later, Tony. and it may happen sooner rather think that's a scoop, We'll hold out for that. Well I assume that that's a state focus that's a state focus scoop, we can Yes. Absolutely. of course, Anna Bligh, what do you Looking to state Labor politics now gamble at the moment, do you think make of her celebrity chef, little she's doing the right thing? of forte @ Would you be open to a Would you be open to a similar sort wonderful cook? Yes I am. Well, Tony, let me say this. Am I a with Do I delight Therese and the kids my culinary efforts? Absolutely. advantaged to go on such a show. So I would be probably unfairly cooking up the recipe for the And Tony, quite frankly, I am busy, think you'd have to say greatest nation on Earth. And I at the moment that's one meal we that's one meal we're all enjoying bench of course you've got some Ok then, Now looking to your front at the moment, dominating strong figures on the front bench Peter Australian politics. Looking at legend, Garrett specifically, Midnight Oil you a midnight oil fan at all? are you open to a singalong? Are course write my own songs. I do enjoy Peter's Music. I of latest album, would you like to I don't know if you've heard my hear a little bit of it right now? Please, a few bars would be lovely. Ok. (CLEARS THROAT) THE AIR) Rudd is in the air. (SINGING TO THE TUNE OF LOVE IS IN Like emissions in the breeze. overseas. Rudd is in the air. When I'm flying I'm no stranger to music. You see what I'm getting at there? show just recently. We just had John Paul Young on the Really? I think. I think he'd be intimidated by that I think he would. with him and perhaps come up with But I'm willing to to negotiate it's a win-win @ some dual releas some dual release single, I think mean we love the guy. Ok, then. Now, Peter Garrett, I mate of yours, Music Icon, the whole lot, great environment? what's he doing for the like going ahead in Queensland. We've got the Travenston Dam, looks destroyed right up and down We've got Koala habitats being Northern New South Wales. things, but what's he doing He t He talks alot about fixing these Well, Tony. Let me put it this way. conditions, that you as a member of Sometimes politicians suffer from the rest of the public aswell, are the public, and not just you, but Fielding came not aware of. For example Steve his dyslexia. out and talked quite openly about I was coming on the show, and he In fact, he sent me a note, he knew travelling down to the CTA. said all the best, I hear you're And I thought that was a wonderful gesture. Signed Field Steving. (LAUGHS) But Peter, actually suffers from a condition, and this is another scoop for you. He has what is called a hyper flexive spine. So, Peter will suddenly find himself doing backflips, into previously held positions, he cannot help it. It is just a condition he's dealing with and I really salute him for that @ wi A necessary medical condition for politics surely? Yes, absolutely, and no one does it better than Peter. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd pleasure to have your company and we look forward to that G String nudie run. There's no more time for me to talk No, not at all, we're wrapping up. Ok. Well thank you Tony. Likewise, take care. Would you like some of these socks? (LAUGHS) I sell them off the internet. Is that right? It's an internet thing. I like my socks quite short as well, maybe that's an idea. (SINGING) Rudd is in the air. Come on Tony (BOTH SINGING) Everywhere I look around @ (BOTH SINGING) Everywher Nice. That's good. He's a character, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, AKA Anthony Aykroyd chatting with Tony Nicholls there. And don't miss Anthony live on stage as part of the tilt comedy festival in Canberra. Which begins on Tuesday, all the details are on the website just go to in the city Canberra dot com dot au. Ok, Coming up, we're going spring racing next on State Focus.

Welcome back to State Focus. Well, time now to kick up your heels, dress to impress and have a flutter on the field. Spring Racing fever is here. And, whether you're dressing to impress for the upcoming Snake Gully Cup in Gundagai, there's just no way you'd head out the door without fashion guru, Katie Flockhart. Good morning, have a look at you! You look sensational!

Oh, good morning Peta, yes all juzed up, all very excited about racing season. I want one of those! Where can you get one of those from? Oh, this is by a milliner called Kim Fletcher, she's a fabulous international scene as well. It's a cabbage flower headpiece! Very easy to wear. It is! I'd love to wear one each week actually on the show, but let's start with whats in? I guess, there's so much happening, some big race day's coming up, if you're heading out for a day at the races. of course first off is your outfit. So what's in for the ladies this season? Lots of colour. Really bright colours. The turn to the rainbow hues they're saying. But also you can still wear the softer more natural colours, in any shade of pink. Spring always brings about alot of pink. As you can see! (LAUGHS) Ok now but - Dress. Oh sorry. No, no you go. Dress wise there's always the Grecian style dress. and off the shoulder dress is going to be seen alot this spring, in either full length or the shorter styles as well @ either full leng Ok, something a little more sexy perhaps? Yeah, a little bit, but it's all about being classy and stylish when you go for your racewear. Absolutely, we're gonna get to that in just a moment. What about in terms of hats and accesorizing, you know, I always think of that guy from my best friend's wedding who says love the hat, love the dress, love the whole outfit, love everything, you know. Yes, well we always say to alot of our Myer fashions on the field contestants, it's all about the The attention to detail with accessories. Shoes, handbags, and most definitely, headwear is essential. It's the only time of the year we really get to get excited about wearing a hat or a headpiece, so I think everyone should race out there and indulge in that. Now, what about for the guys? Cos they always want to stop traffic, and horses as well, you know. They wanna turn heads, so what's in for the guys? Well, do you know what? There's been a real growth in men's racing fashion in the last sort of five or so years, the guys really get excited about it, doing the matching shirt and tie, some of them go all out and pop the hanky in the pocket. And in the last year or so, they have been wearing hats. They look fantastic, many of the guys that sort of go out of their comfort zone and do it, love it. And have a better day for it I think And have a better day for Ok, so remember the hat for the guys. Listen, what about when it comes to the do's and don'ts, you know, for race day fashion. Because you have... You must've seen it all because you have been judging the fashions on the fields for seven years! What have you seen, and what are the rules to remember? Yes, been around it for quite a while, I guess the main do's are, headwears essential, as I've said. You can't go to the races without putting something on your head. And the overall look. Make sure you dress for your body shape, and your personality. You've gotta feel good, it's a chance to really dress up and feel stylish and have alot of fun. The don't - Don't do denim! Don't do midriffs! (LAUGHS) Save that for the beach! Just take the opportunity to get a dress, get a skirt, and just enjoy dressing up, and being a lady for the day. Ok, note to self: No denim (LAUGHS). Ok. Also, you mentioned the word classy before. Classy, even after a few glasses of champagne. Yes, that's the one that alot of people have trouble with towards the end of the day. Especially when the high heels start to dig in and bear some pain, but fashion is pain, so just endure it. Keep it all together @ it. I like that, and also you drink, and bet with your head of course, folks. And make sure you don't go too orange with your spray tan, and remember, not to leave any on your hands. (LAUGHS) Exactly right. Thanks so much Katie, look after yourself, take care. Thanks, Peta. (WHOOSH) Well, there's been 302 drownings in the last year, according to latest report from Royal Life Saving Australia, prompting an urgent call for greater parental awareness AND water safety. So, whether you're at the beach on the South Coast or in your own backyard pool in Bathurst, could YOU come to the rescue? Christine Barber from St.. John Ambulance joins us now. Thankyou so much, you're looking very glamorous today. Thankyou, Peta. Look, what is the first step to saving a young life? The first step I suppose, we would need to prevent these incidents happening, so we need to supervise the child at all times, we need to put in fences, barriers to these water situations, and we also need to learn resuscitation, we need to learn CPR skills. Ok, which I've remembered as DRABCD. Yes DRABCD, that is our action plan within St. John Ambulance so, Danger, Response, Airways, Breathing, Compressions, and Defibrillation. And that is the action plan, that's how we start to resuscitate a person. Look, as a parent though, how do you remain calm, and in control and think, you know, when this might be your only child? Mmm. And that is difficult. you need to take a deep breath, take a step back, and assess the situation, whilst that's easy for studio, it's really you know, the adrenaline is pumping, and you don't have... you know your adrenaline is high, your heart rate is increased, you just need to step back and assess the situation, and have that deep breath back and a What is the biggest mistake that people make in a situation like this? There really isn't any mistakes anyone can make in a resuscitation attempt, because any attempt is better than nothing at all. Better than leaving the person. One of the most important components is to ensure that triple 0 is being called, so you get that response. You get the health professionals there as quick as possible. I guess what I've learnt is you actually can do something while you're waiting for an ambo, or the paramedics. Absolutely. By doing CPR, commencing CPR, you're getting the oxygen to your vital organs, so to your brain, to your heart, to your lungs, so you're still maintaining the oxygen flow around your body, you're the health professionals arrive How important is it to have one of these, a first aid kit, at home or in the boat, or in your caravan? And perhaps even to do a course with St. John. Absolutely, it's very important. It's vital to have these devices there, that they are on hand, we have ten thousand trained people across Australia, and our courses are tried and true, tested. And you know, we do have the right things in them. Ok, if you want to find out more we've got some information there on the screen. If you want to find out more about where to do a course, just call your state or territory St. Johns, or go to the website. Can I just ask you though, from your experience, what sort of reactions, have you had from people who have done a course, who perhaps have been in an emergency, needed someone who... assisted someone who needed triple 0, or perhaps even saved a life? What sort of reaction's have you had from people who have done a course with you guys? They've said that it does give them the confidence to deliver the first aid, they remember the course, it does come back to them. I have a friend who has learnt first aid as part of her, she works in a school, her school environment. She's never used first aid in the school but she lives on a busy intersection. In the last two years she's delivered first aid to car accidents out the front. back to you. electrician was electrocuted on a work site. His colleagues commenced CPR, defibrillated him. He was alive and well, when the ambulance arrived to him, eleven minutes later. Can't thank you enough for joining us this morning, here's to a safer summer. Yes, thankyou. Thanks Christine. Ok folks, Coming up, the best prep for exams and tempting your taste BUDS, that's all up next on State Focus. when it comes to projects around the home. 1.8m step ladder, $44.90. Solar path lights, $9.97. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning. Welcome back to State Focus. Well, it's only a few weeks until exams for school and uni students in Canberra, Dubbo, Orange, Wagga and right along the coast. And that four-letter word, "exam", generally means overloading on caffeine, cramming and trying not to go crazy remembering curriculum. And, on the line with us now for some tips on surviving exam time is Helen Stevens from Hubbard Tutoring. Thankyou so much for your time this morning. First of all, let's take a look at the before, during, and after exams, Helen. Let's take a look at preparing, what's your adive to making it a successful, rather than a stressful time? Ok, It's really important that people plan their revisions. They plan to be healthy, get enough sleep, don't overload on the caffeine. Be very businesslike and organised. you do, how much focus you put on different topics, just be very organised. Is it possible to be such at sixteen or seventeen years of age? (LAUGHS) I know I wasn't! Well, yes, because sixteen and seventeen year olds manage their time brilliantly. they get there on time for the most more organised than you think, with their own time, they just need to apply those skills to their exam revisions. Ok, let's look at during the exam time... during the exam rather, how do you get the most out of your mind, and deal with the big ones, like anxiety, or your mind going blank, even time constraints? Mind going blank, you just start writing. Just do it. Brainstorming, anything at all to do with the topic, just brainstorm on paper, and eventually the oil will start going through your brain and the ideas will come, so you just brainstorm. You need to breath deeply, and well, and again you need to plan and if you're running out of time you think Ok, which questions do I have to do? done, or if it's multiple choice, Ok I'm going to write down C for the next rest of the answers, or something like that. Have a decision, have a plan in place before going into the paper Ok, now the exam is all over, you've breathed for the first time in three hours, how do you deal? How do you switch off and forget about how you went, and perhaps even what other's are talking about and how they went? to have a de-stress time and have a quick chat and just kind of get that done. And then, if it's in between exams, you've got another one in the afternoon, you just need to take five minutes and be quiet, even if you've got to go sit on a toilet and be quiet, just have some space for yourself, preferably sit under a tree and in the shade and try to switch off, and just say "look, it's done! Can't fix up those things that I got wrong. But I can do something about the next one." And focus on the next one, because you can do something about that @ one, because you can giving yourself a bit of a pat on and dad. Thankyou so much for joining us this morning. Ok. Thankyou. Here's to a de-stressful time! (LAUGHS) Ok, Thankyou Peta. into the nation's capital for the largest flower show in the southern hemisphere, Canberra's famous Floriade Festival. And, this week Joel Crean made his way down to stop and smell the roses. (WHOOSH) There's alot more to Floriade this year than just flowers. On top of the hill and on what's probably the best seat in the house, you'll find the linderman's early harvest marquee. Here you can try some of the latest varieties from one of Australia's most well known wine makers, and even make your own floral arrangement as part of the garden challenge. I made my way to the marquee to give it a go. With a bit of help from gardening guru, Meredith Kerten. Ok, it's actually easiest if you put the greenery in first, and you walk around it. Ok. So this is said greenery. Yep. There we go. Just on the outside? Well, no anywhere really. (MUSIC)

Alright. Ok. Next, well tulips, coz it's Floriade. I think you've got to go with some tulips, some beautiful red ones. Not quite blooming yet but- Now where's your front? You gonna have a front or? All the way around Yep, that's the front. Ok. And we'll put tulips at the front? Yep. I think so. And you can either choose to do like a grouping, like this, or you can scatter them all the way round, whatever you like. Let's put them in a group. Yeah I like the grouping thing. But don't be swayed by me just cos I'm the judge. (LAUGHS) I'm hoping for some winning tips here! (LAUGHS) Ok. Ok, tulips done. Tulips done! Now, we've also got some fabulous gerberah's, which are these very large flowers, and- Bit of colour, to match the red box. Exactly. Do you want to put this. I would just suggest at this time, actually putting this in the box, so you know what height to put your gerberah's @ so you know what hei Alright. So, this is your front here, so you can sort of imagine how long you need to cut them. If that makes sense need to cut them. If that Ok. That's just- Yep. We did decide that this is the front, didn't we? terrible! (LAUGHS) (LAUGHS) There we go! Meredith Kerten, thankyou very much. It's been a pleasure. My pleasure. There you have it. I may not be a winner, but you can. Come up to the Linderman's marquee, here at Floriade 2009, and you can