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(generated from captions) Australians has a whole since HIH share holders and I suppose, long day coming for rodly Adler and Good morning. This has been a very so far this morning? Marguerite, what's happened there from outside Sydney's Supreme Court. joins us now Seven reporter Marguerite McKinnon of failed insurance giant HIH. while a director

last one is the corporations act in pillion of HIH over to Rodney. The Williams in the end to give $2 money for HIH and convinced Ray Thinking Solutions was putting up saying his own company, Business conversation with Ray Williams crime act in which he had a money. Another one is under the NSW when in fact it was actually HIH his own money to buy HIH shares, review journalist about putting up conversations he had with the final corporations act, in relations with jail. The first two under the maximums sentence of five years penalties and each carries a penalties and each carries facing today? He's facing four the DPP so what penalties is he He has done some sort of deal with Adler is expecting to go to jail. It certainly sounds like rodly will miss you and I will see you. know how long I will be away. I I will be going to my room. I don't receiving a custodial sentence and receiving a custodial sentence punishing me today, I will be The government of Australia is punishment but then you come out. may agree or disagree with that room, for a couple of hours, you of you and I punish you to your said to them that when I punish one explained to my kids this way, I and this is what he had to say. I and this is what he had to about what's going to happen today what is he telling his children questions was asked to him about for what he has done and one of the to clarify that he indeed is sorry before he went into the courtroom some of the interviews as he gave actually speak in the opening - in been convicted of today. He did sentence of the four charges he's ever been as everyone waits for the throng of media. The largest it's throng of media. entrance, surrounded by a massive Phillip Street towards the court lonely figure as he walked from Supreme Court by himself. He cut a Adler turned up at court today, the clansed in March of 2001. Rodly

at the court? Tony, what is going on there now is Seven News reporter Tony Monaghan. Joining us now from Denpasar by sending this letter. has done Schapelle Corby no favours There is no doubt that this person wasn't released immediately. threatening death if Corby after a letter was received, in Perth up around the Indonesian Consulate Meantime, security has been stepped There's a girl's life at stake. someone's gotta come forward. and that person hasn't come forward, Someone's gotta know something for anybody who comes forward. of $1 million We are going to have a reward people to donate $1,000 each. and he wants 900 other business from his own pocket He's offering $100,000 Schapelle Corby is innocent. for anyone who can prove for a million-dollar reward He's campaigning beauty student. to help the former Gold Coast on the Australian business community financial backer Ron Bakir has called With time running out, for life or sentenced to death. Corby either be kept behind bars to demand Today, prosecutors are expected she really isn't. too good at all, because she's not doing to be able to sit through today We're just hoping that she's going brought about by stress. from vomiting and diarrhoea, the 27-year-old is still suffering Schapelle Corby's supporters say reward for information. now hoping to raise a million-dollar trying to save her, And they aren't giving up to the Bali courtroom today. she will return despite continued ill-health, Supporters say the death penalty, if found guilty. whether prosecutors want her to face is expected to find out this morning Schapelle Corby Accused drug-smuggler there's any more news. but will come back to you if years jail. We'll leave it there decision. That could be up to 20 will be asked to appeal that understand the commonwealth DPP receive a custodial sentence we see what happens. If he doesn't not good enough and we'll wait and than a full custodial sentence is prosecution is saying anything less was in dire financial trouble. The actually the HIH board that's BTS financial trouble, in fact it was Board that BTS was in dire which he failed to tell the BTS

the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Damage to both houses will run into as much as possible. and tried to put out and we just grabbed the hoses and bits of burning debris and the wind was pushing it across towards our house just scooting out flames Just like a big ball of fire and was also taken to hospital. and smoke inhalation A man suffered minor burns this time in neighbouring Upway. crews were called to another fire, An hour later, with breathing difficulties. was taken to hospital The sole occupant, a 45-year-old man, at about midnight at Tecoma. The first blaze broke out east of Melbourne. in the Dandenong Ranges, Fire has destroyed two houses developments. Thanks for that. We'll leave you to cover today's be happy for the case to be over. has lasted a long time and they'll to be done one way or another. It to be done one way or another. she was unwell. They want justice There was an adjournment because health. They want this to go ahead. not well at all. She's in poor want things to be over with. She's camp. Are they optimistic? They news have you had from the Corby still find her not guilty. What element of doubt and they could up a good case and there's an defence is confident they have put or 15-year sentences and her or 15-year sentences and her or a life sentence and there's a 10 they could impose a death penalty drug smug letter of Schapelle and about making an example of the their discretion. There's talk options open to them. It is at ask for? There are a number of sort of sentence prosecutors may feeling you're getting about the will be or could. What's the discover what her possible fate Schapelle Corby as you heard, will Schapelle Corby as you heard, will interesting day in court and consulate in Perth. It will be an bullets delivered to the Indonesian about the revelations of the progressed and the developments interest in the case and how it has called up. There's a deal of sit for a time before the case is to the holding cell where she'll holding van and will make her way and will then - she's in the She will be arriving fairly soon She will be arriving fairly soon hasn't arrived at the court yet. Good morning. Schapelle Corby

during a ram raid in Sydney's south-west. They smashed their car through the front doors of a service station in Revesby, early this morning. Witnesses say six men ripped the ATM from its mounts, before loading it onto the back of a van. Police are examining footage from the station's security cameras. Asbestos victims have been dealt another blow with news a vital treatment won't be listed under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. The drug Alimta, used to treat mesothelioma, has been ruled ineligible for the subsidy. That means it will cost individual sufferers as much as $24,000 a year. It is the only approved treatment for the disease in Australia, and considerably prolongs life. Sufferers are demanding Federal Government intervention. Health authorities are scrambling to prevent a deadly strain of influenza after vials of the virus were accidentally sent to medical labs with an automatic teller machine Thieves have made off in 18 countries. World Health officials are trying to account for the samples that could spark a global flu outbreak. It's a flu virus so deadly it killed more than a million people in 1957 and now scientists around the world are scrambling to destroy more than 3,700 samples accidentally shipped to labs in 18 countries, fearing they could cause a global outbreak. This virus is fully transmissible from humans to humans and everybody born after 1968 would have no immunity. The World Health Organisation says the risk this deadly Asian flu strain might escape one of the laboratories is small but frightening. Doctors say the virus known as H2M2 is twice as deadly as the normal flu. They estimate if this got out it could kill one to four million people around the world and 70,000 people here in the US. The college of American pathologists in this Cincinatti, Ohio bioscience company mistakenly shipped the virus as part of the labs routinely used to test their proficiency. The samples are supposed to be benign. In this case, they didn't know the strain that was being sent out and nor did the company. and nor did the company. This was not a benign strain. This was a very deadly strain. Now, world health officials are tracking down the samples to ensure they're destroyed, even as they investigate how they got out in the first place. The Howard Government is pushing ahead with plans to encourage parents to move from the welfare system into the work force. Thousands of extra child-care places outside school hours will be offered to families. Treasurer Peter Costello is set to announce the scheme in the May 10 Budget. It's designed to lure up to 23,000 single mums with school-aged children back to work. HMAS Kanimbla has received her orders and is homeward bound after the Government declared an end to her mission to earthquake-ravaged Indonesia. The news came as they built a memorial to nine shipmates killed in the Sea King helicopter crash on Indonesia's Nias island. Funerals have also been held for three of the victims at Nowra, Broken Hill and Canberra. MAN: Fire! GUN SALUTE Those killed are expected to receive new Humanitarian Overseas Service medals. The rest of the Kanimbla crew also qualify. The Kanimbla was returning home from tsunami relief work when it was diverted to the earthquake zone. Next in Seven's Morning News - our business and finance report and the mother of Michael Jackson's alleged victim takes the stand.

(Whispers seductively) Streets Magnum. HEART PULSES MAN: If you're still not sure about the right broadband for you, allow us to make things clear. Right now, when you combine your broadband, home phone and mobile plan with Optus, you'll receive four months free broadband access every year. That's on any plan, starting from just $29.95 a month. The choice is clear. Call Optus now on: Or visit a participating Optus dealer. An American hostage is pleading for his life after being kidnapped in Iraq on Monday. A video shown on al-Jazeera television shows the man holding up his passport and calling for the American government to pull troops out of Iraq in order to save his life. He'd been working as a contractor in Baghdad. The White House insists it will not negotiate with terrorists. To the US now, where a man has pleaded guilty to a string of bombings, including the blast at the Atlanta Olympics that killed a woman and injured 100 people. Mike Amor joins us now with the details. Mike, what can you tell us about this case? Well hello. The Well hello. The man's name is Eric Rudolph and has spent five years on the run living in rugged bushland and the 38-year-old pleaded guilty to bombing the abortion clinics and the bombing in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and it killed a person and injured 100. When the judge injured 100. When the judge asked him whether he detonated the bombs he replied "I certainly did". He also revealed he planned to debt onyait five more bombs as punishment for his deal against abortions. The government did an agreement with him to and a deal that upset the victims and their families. families. His demeanour was arrogant and in some spots he looked like he didn't care what was going on. He rolled his eyes at some of the comments and what he was doing or what video and that kind of thing. He rolled his eyes and then he was nodding and contemplating. That sounds like what I did that day. He showed no remorse but he'll spend four consecutive life consecutive life sentences in jail. Mike, a sensational day, or if you could call it that, at Michael Jackson's trial? I think they're all sensational and today, no different. We finally got to hear from the mother of the victim, a woman and witness who's considered a lightening rod in this case. She claims Jackson attempted to kidnap the family to the family to stop them from talking to the authorities and in turn Jackson's lawyers claim she

add's a greedy manipulator who tried to ex-tort money and she's already refusing to answer questions over claims she's guilty of welfare fraud. The fact she claimed welfare after receiving a $100,000 pay-out from a department store and for those in court store and for those in court today, apparently her evidence didn't get off a good start . Today we went from Neverland to fantastic land. The jurors saw a woman who may believe what she's saying but I don't think the jurors believed what she as saying. They weren't paying attention to this woman by the end of the day. Problems for the prosecution and expect fireworks tomorrow when Jackson's lawyers lawyers begin to cross examine her. Thousands of mourners have filed past the Pope's grave. The Vatican has reopened its grottos for public viewing, almost a week after John Paul II was laid to rest. The tomb sits alone in an arched alcove beneath St Peter's Basilica. Meantime, cardinals have again met in secret, to discuss the state of the Catholic Church, and prepare for Monday's conclave that will elect a papal successor. Environmentalists have come up with a novel way to encourage people to recycle old mobile phones. They're calling for the introduction of deposits of up to $10 at the point of purchase. The money would be refunded when the phone is handed back. About 12 million Australians own mobiles and replace them, on average, every two years. State and Federal environment ministers will discuss the proposal at a meeting today in Darwin. Proof this morning of what many in the property market already know. A housing report ranks Australian homes among the most unaffordable in the developed world. Sydney is our worst offender, coming in just behind Los Angeles. Melbourne's not much better, although slightly more affordable than New York. But our other capitals are also some of the most expensive - Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane and Canberra all in the 20 least affordable cities. To business and finance news now, and joining us is Kylie MacDonald from ABN AMRO Morgans. Good morning, Kylie. Oil's at a seven week low and gold and silver are stronger. Any impact on the market yet? Indeed krifplts crude oil ended a seven-week low and rising US stock piles reinforced the trading supply fears and since hitting a record high on April record high on April 4, the crude has lost 4% and it may slow from here. Gold is expected to continue and ahead of the report on Friday. Weakness in the US will help gold and the strength

(Both grunt and laugh) Ahh! Essendon's James Hird is in doubt for Saturday night's match against Geelong. The skipper is struggling to overcome the knee injury he picked up last weekend. Bombers coach Kevin Sheedy will name James Hird in his side tonight, but he admits his skipper has only an outside chance of taking the field on Saturday. Hird is suffering from arthritis in his knee joint but club doctors insist the injury he picked up during the match against Hawthorn is what's causing him pain. And in more bad news for the side - the AFL has banned runner John Barnes for two matches and fined the club $5,000. The league found Barnes stayed on the field too long when he was delivering messages from coach Kevin Sheedy in the match against Hawthorn at the weekend. He's a bit of an enthusiast, let's be honest, and all the others are about my size and look like wombats - we wouldn't know who they are - so he stands out like anyone. To Rugby League, and the Bulldogs plan to appeal a $72,000 fine for breaking the salary cap. The Dogs became ineligible for exemptions when they lost $1.3 million in sponsorship following last year's allegations over events in Coffs Harbour. The club says the issue has already been dealt with and this fine is an extra penalty they shouldn't have to pay, but the NRL disagrees. They've been fully up front about that. It's still important that it leads to a penalty. Utility back Cameron Shepherd may be struggling to get his contract renewed at the Waratahs but he's got plenty of other offers on the table. The Brumbies, Reds and Perth are all fighting for his signature next season. The emergence of Peter Hewat as a Super 12 star this season has put Shepherd's spot in the Waratahs in jeopardy. And Liverpool will play Chelsea in the Champions League semifinals after they drew 0-0 in their second-leg match against Juventus in Turin. The draw gives the Reds a 2-1 win on aggregate. Before the match, Juventus supporters clashed with police outside the Stadio Delle Alpi. Tensions still run high between the two sides after 39 Juventus supporters died when Liverpool fans rioted at the 1985 European Cup final. The violence was so bad Reds fans had to brought inside the stadium by bus. Earlier in the night, Juve fans wielding baseball bats attacked a Liverpool fan who was drinking at a bar in Turin. The man who scored the first goal at the inaugural World Cup soccer finals Returning to the Supreme Court where rodly Adler was to be sentenced this sentenced this morning relating to the collapse of HIH. What's happened in court. Rodly Adler will be going to jail is the latest news. The sentence is a minimum 2 years and 6 months and maximum 4 years and 6 months. The earliest he can be expected to be released from

jail is 13 October, 2007. Rodney Adler said earlier he told his children he was expecting to children he was expecting to go to jail. We're correct that he is definitely going to jail. What did the justice have to say when he imposed the sentence and what was the reaction? The reaction was as expected to be honest. A lot of the people who lost money in the shares are here today and we'll speak with them shortly. Basically it was to be expected and we knew that ASIC be expected and we knew that ASIC would appeal in a jail term wasn't going to be carried out. We didn't know whether Lindy was in court, she wasn't in her usual saer area. The justice made comments that he shouldn't be punished for the collapse of HIH? Justin Dunford said he hasn't been found guilty of said he hasn't been found guilty of the collapse of the $5.3 billion company. He's been convicted for four cases as I outlined earlier, three under the corporations act and one under the NSW Crimes Act and justice Dunford's hands were in some ways tied on those four counts. That's what he was sentenced four. 2, 6 minimum and out by the 2, 6 minimum and out by the 13 October 2007. Marguerite joining us with breaking news on rodly Adler's sentence. Stay with us here on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather details after this break.

VOICEOVER: McCain Wood Fire Style Pizza, an authentic wood-fire taste straight from your oven. (Both grunt and laugh) Taking a look at the weather. A band of cloud is stretching across the interior, bringing patchy rain ahead of a cold front sweeping through the Bight. Southerly winds will bring cooler weather to the south-east of the continent, while a high moving into the Bight will direct warmer winds onto the west coast.

Nicole Kidman was back on the red carpet overnight. This time, the Oscar winner hit Berlin for the European premiere of her new film The Interpreter. But while she was there to promote the movie, she couldn't help but promote her male co-star, Sean Penn. And I think he's very, um, sexy in this movie. (laughs) If I say so. I do...I think that sort of quiet, protectiveness is... (laughs) Anyway, shut up, Nicole. The film opens in cinemas across Australia today. Finally, the official word from our programmers on the repeat of shows disrupted by last night's blackouts on Seven. And that's Seven's Morning News. We'll bring you updates throughout the day and more bulletins at 4.30 and 6.00. I'm Chris Bath. Hope to have your company again tomorrow. Have a great day. Captioned by Seven Network Email -