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(generated from captions) what it stands for ideologically. but perceptions of the opposition always needs enemies. And that's, I think, this is not an hour on Sunday You know, the rest of the week. and forget about it are going to be in Opus Dei, I mean, if you spiritual commitment. this is a very serious a fairly demanding set of standards And it has that it asks its members to meet. is simply not the kind of commitment And therefore are gonna be willing to make. that most Catholics most of the time there's a simple Opus Dei vision - At its purest, The Founder, to worship and to God. a lifelong daily commitment to (Family recites grace) the family stay together. Our faith is what makes throughout our day. We try to live the presence of God is in a sense, a day of prayer. We try to ensure that our whole day

of loving God, It's one of the paradoxes He fills you with love in return. is that there are...somehow, that lots of people be converted, I pray every day meet Opus Dei and that lots of people and they give their lives to Christ.

of Opus Dei? So, what do I really make the depiction of the organisation I don't recognise from 'The Da Vinci Code', is a group of people but what I have encountered life and intense personal piety whose conservative views on family to a modern mindset run completely counter out of government, that we try and keep God

schools and public life. Their numbers are growing. is a big personal admirer. The new Pope Opus Dei are here to stay. Like it or not, THEME MUSIC of questions still to be asked, Well, Mark Dowd leaving lots some perspective on Opus Dei, but I suppose offering compared with the film and the book. Next Sunday on Compass, workplace changes in Australia, we're going to look behind the recent that drive our work culture. to the values and beliefs become more dominant in our lives. Over the past 20 years, work has of Australians And today, a significant proportion work in excess of 50 hours a week. two days off. Sometimes it's six days on, as a weekend. To me, there's no such thing that the balance will tip too far, We're very concerned about that, and end-all of our lives. where we see work as the be-all we may as well all be robots. Without shared time, 'When Life Is Work'. and I do hope you can join me It's next Sunday on Compass, and compelling program. for this timely So, till then, goodnight. Captioning and Subtitling Closed Captions by

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Welcome to Order in the House, in Federal Parliament. a review of the week's business It is not an excuse to rape a child. We will continue to say that, to support these communities. and we will continue No Member of the Opposition has ever say something like that. or would ever to be withdrawn, it's a disgrace. That implication ought believe it is appropriate Does the Acting Prime Minister enables penalty rates and overtime that the Government's legislation princely sum of two cents an hour? to be sold down the river for the and a dangerous situation. This is a dangerous mission from the possibility And we must not walk away that casualties could be suffered. THEME MUSIC With John Howard absent overseas, armed off a favourable poll, the Opposition, was keen to test the mettle Peter Costello, of Acting Prime Minister of skilled migration. first on the issue and Acting Prime Minister. My question is to the Treasurer

that the trade skills training visa Isn't it the case is unable to be filled has a requirement that a position but that not one of the 50 questions by local recruitment, visa application form on the employer's if they have advertised the job? actually requires them to say Will the government now fix this? the Acting Prime Minister. The Honourable has the call. Order! The Acting Prime Minister Any apprentice who was seeking a visa to undertake training in Australia if a regional certifying body could only get one was available. certified that no suitable Australian That is...ah... How do they know, Mr Speaker? How do they know? are set up and authorised These regional certifying bodies by state Labor governments. and supervised (Opposition Members interjecting) Oh, doesn't that come as a surprise!

set up regional certifying bodies. So the state Labor governments by the state Labor governments. They have to be endorsed that the state Labor governments For present purposes we believe are not failing in their duties. have to give that certification. The regional certifying bodies no Australian would be displaced That being the case, by this visa. from a training opportunity Minister is aware of statements I ask whether the Acting Prime company Hanssen Industries by officials of Perth construction in relation to Australian workers, the less they work." "The more you pay them, And in relation to foreign workers, by using migrant labour... "We found that and do it the way we wanted. "..they'd just follow it a lower level of intelligence... "I am not saying they are at that they can do one task " just seemed to do anything different "and not want to do something different." "until they're told endorse this conduct Does the Acting Prime Minister the Government's so-called available under 'Skilled' Migration Program? If not, will he now fix it? the Acting Prime Minister. The Honourable work very hard, I think that Australian workers

wages under this Government, and they work very hard for increased unlike its predecessor. under this Government. Real wages have increased by 16.7% in restricting wage increases, If there was ever an experiment Labor Party between 1983 and 1996. it occurred under the Australian

operate a skilled immigration program Having said that, our country does and it always has. the '50s and the '60s. It did through There are a lot of people who are in this Parliament today because their parents came out here in the '50s and the '60s as skilled immigrants. Skilled immigrants were welcome in Australia in the '50s and the '60s, and they will be welcome now. They will be welcome if they can come to this country and bring their skills with them and contribute to the development of the Australian nation. I do not want anybody to run around here and try to impute, as the Shadow Minister did, that somehow skilled migrants are not welcome in Australia. The Honourable the Leader of the Opposition.

Mr Speaker, I rise on a point of order on the question of relevance.

This is about temporary work visas. That is what we are talking about here ? temporary work visas. What have you got to say about that? The Acting Prime Minister is answering the question. I call the Acting Prime Minister. I am giving my views on skilled migrants and skilled labour. I am asked my views about Australian workers and Australian wages, and I will give my views. My views are that what Australians want more than anything else is a job, which they are getting a lot more of today than they were under the Labor Party.

What they want is a decent wage, which they are getting. In addition to that, they also welcome the fact that people with skills can come to this country and contribute. Our Government has a skilled migration program, which will continue. It has been vastly improved in recent years, ever since the last Government was thrown out of office. My question is to the Treasurer and Acting Prime Minister.

Pleased no doubt, as we all are, with the Prime Minister's decision to drop in, when did the Prime Minister advise the Acting Prime Minister

that he would be returning to Australia a day early to be here on Thursday for question time, and did the Acting Prime Minister try to talk him out of it? LAUGHTER The Honourable the Acting Prime Minister. The Prime Minister will get a very warm reception back here on Thursday. We look forward to seeing him just as much as the Member for the Northern Territory does. But every now and then you come across a political party that is demoralised. Here we are in Australia with all sorts of economic issues, where people are interested in petrol prices, interest rates and jobs for their kids, and you have some dropkick asking a question like that. If that is the level of the attack that is coming out of the Labor Party, I have but one piece of advice for you - bring on Bill Shorten. From the day this visa was put into regulations, Labor went out and said that you should have to advertise the position locally and that, if you cannot fill it locally, you should have to advertise the position in neighbouring regions. Not once has the Government had the guts to stand up and defend what the circumstances would be

in which it would be fair to not advertise a position locally. They will not defend it, and yet they will not change it either. They will not change it for the simple reason that,

if it is driving wages down, it is doing the job they asked it to do.

If it is denying opportunities to young Australians, then it is doing the job they wanted it to do. And if they don't want it to drive wages down, if it does not want young Australians to miss out on TAFE opportunities and apprenticeship opportunities because of this visa, then it should change the criteria. Don't blame state-registered bodies for not applying criteria that do not exist.

If you want them to apply the criteria, put it in the regulations. That is all the Government has to do, and it will not. And they won't do it because we can see throughout this exactly how effectively it works to drive wages down. The Treasurer has stood up a couple of times in the last couple of days wanting to defend it, and he has claimed that any apprentice who is seeking a visa to undertake training in Australia could only get one if a regional certifying body certified

that no suitable Australian was available. That is not one of the criteria - that no Australian was available. That's not one of the criteria. That you even have to advertise and check whether an Australian is available is not on the form. Nowhere on the form is there an instruction to the regional certifying bodies. The bottom line in all this, despite all the huff and puff we have heard on the other side ? for the third time, I might add ? is that the introduction of the trade skills training visa is demonstrably good for young Australians. For young Australians, right? If you had listened the last two or three times we had this discussion, you might have some sense of it. The Parliamentary Secretary will address the Chair. It is not a matter of neglect, as has been brazenly asserted by opponents who would rather play politics than do the hard yards on policy. We are still not seeing policy from the Opposition. This is just politics, plain and simple. And it is very base politics. We are seeing xenophobia being used, xenophobia being used - no, they might laugh - xenophobia being used as an attempt... xenophobia is being used as a crass attempt to appeal to a base that they betrayed long ago. Australia does face It does face a skills challenge. It is estimated that within five years there will be 200,000 more jobs than people to fill them. That is with our current very high levels of skilled immigration. 200,000 more jobs than there are people to fill them. Have we heard any recognition of this on the other side in any of the policy pronouncements ? not just in the area of immigration but in so many other areas of policy? Not one word. Not a word. They are just playing politics. As the immigration minister in the Queensland Government, I advocated at the ministerial conference that we move to 350,000 migrants a year. That was a position on which I got full agreement from the Queensland Bjelke-Petersen cabinet, and I had a dreadful fight with Senator Robert Ray at the time. There is one hell of a difference between the situation now and the situation then. We had an award system. Bringing in those people was not going to crush the incomes of Australians. Now we have no award system, and the bringing of those people into Australia on an unlimited basis will crush the award system and the standard of living of the employee class ? the workers, if you like ? in this country. If you are short of labourers out in the bush or any other part of Australia, Ever since the Phoenicians invented money there has been one sure way to get more workers ? and that is to increase wages. When I was a young man, thanks to the enlightened governments of the day ? of John McEwen and Joh Bjelke-Petersen ? we had huge mining booms and beef roads being built, and we were paid colossal money. As an unskilled labourer, within two or three months I had saved enough money to go out and pay cash for a brand new small car ? in today's money, nearly $20,000. I played up a bit, Mr Deputy Speaker, so I was not saving all of it. There is another way to supply those workers ? to bring people in from countries where people are used to working for absolutely nothing, under no pay and conditions whatsoever. That is the other method of doing it. There is no doubt which pathway the Member for Goldstein wishes to take us down. Labor also used the nuclear power issue to keep the heat on Peter Costello. My question is to the Treasurer and Acting Prime Minister. As part of the Government's intention to consider nuclear power in Australia, will it nominate the proposed sites of its nuclear reactors and their associated high-level nuclear waste dumps? UPROAR Order! Order! Order! UPROAR The Honourable the Acting Prime Minister. On this side of the House, we welcome a debate about the nuclear industry. On this side of the House,