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This program is captioned live. Sydney's soaking - Tonight - and gale force winds lashing rains wreak havoc across the city. Sex scandal - of a West Tigers player. police search the home

carry on his legacy. And Steve's crocodile hunters and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening, also tonight - their own huge superannuation hike. federal politicians voting in And choking back tears - as a crazed man's captive. a teenager talks about her years

First this evening, has claimed the life of one man Sydney's big wet

working around the clock. and has the State Emergency Service And it's not over, of a chaotic night of wind and rain, as we count the cost get set for a wet and wild weekend. It swept into Sydney with rare force. packing thunder, lightning, A low-pressure system

heavy rain and gale force winds. Tragedy struck early this morning. A waterfront worker at Mosman from his dinghy tipping into the water being damaged by the wild weather. as he tried to stop a yacht

the 38-year-old at the wharf Efforts were made to resuscitate in hospital. but he died a short time later

all day. It's been a transport nightmare when an overturned semitrailer, The chaos beginning thousands of chickens, which had been carrying

shut down the M7 Motorway. played havoc with trains. Torrential rain A mudslide cut the Waterfall line a million litres of rain water as the fire brigade pumped almost stations. out of Eastwood and Carramar For commuters, confusion reigned. better prepared But I thought they should be

for the conditions like this. It didn't rain for the first time. I'm gonna catch a bus I'll be late for work today. but probably

to the State Emergency Service There've been up to 600 calls and flash-flooding trapped motorists. as trees came down

The bottlenecks began early, to most road trips. adding more than an hour this morning. There's been a lot of traffic

in their stride. Others took the delays We need the rain. so this is easy, really. I come from London, slowed flights into Mascot, Strong headwinds leading to delays of up to an hour. was a challenge. Just trying to walk through the city

Some more prepared than others. Rising water levels flooded homes. without power all morning. Residents in Belrose It wasn't all bad news though - soaking we've all been waiting for. Warragamba finally getting the much-needed powder in the snowfields. The cold snap also bringing and even as far in as Oberon. It fell across the Blue Mountains

but the bureau says Winds will ease tomorrow and cold conditions for the weekend. be prepared for a return to wet

Frank Coletta, Ten News.

Tim Bailey is earning his money

tonight. What a wild 24 hours, as

Frank's report showed, there's more

tumbling . to come. The records are already

Yes, put down your wettest day in

Sydney for four years. If you want

to talk September, it's our wettest

day since 1833. You have

day since 1833. You have to go back

123 years, quite incredible.

Talking Warragamba, as we all do,

the dams have done OK, 20-40mm

lobbing into the dams in a 24 hour

period. That's the best in around

about seven months, the run-off, we

won't know about that until about

gusting seven days time. As you see the seven days time. As you see the

gusting south-sou-wester, getting up

to 1 km/h, that is the biggest blast gusting south-sou-wester, getting up

of wind we've had this year, so a

day of records. Is it going to

clear? The answer is absolutely no,

although the sun is making a liar

of me now, blue sky across Manly.

That is normally calm as the

southerly comes in, one of the rear

Manly ferries coming in as well.

We've seen them do almost 360, popping like corks

popping like corks on the harbour,

it will not clear, this weather, it

looks like the weekend will be wet

on it. Showers in the forecast

right through until Wednesday, and

the gusting southerly winds with us

for at least another 48 hours.

That's what I've got for you today,

what a wild one, I've earnt my

the bulletin. money for once, see you later in

DNA on bed linen Forensic police are hoping a woman was sexually assaulted will reveal clues to whether at the home of a Wests Tigers player.

were at a boozy end-of-season party Up to 20 people she may have been raped. where the victim claims attacked at this apartment block The 26-year-old victim was allegedly in Five Dock on Monday morning. some time after 5:30am were on the balcony until midmorning Up to seven Wests Tigers players

that included several women. drinking in a group partying, They were just on the balcony

everybody saw them from the gym. That was it. Just a normal party, mate. every now and again. Boys get a bit rowdy with them usually. We don't have any problem from the apartment Police have seized linen she passed out after the woman complained her clothing disturbed. and woke to find

it's unclear at this point Police says she was sexually assaulted. whether or not or something like that, I heard a sheila's voice but nothing out of the usual.

following their loss to South Sydney, Earlier,

were drinking in King's Cross, West players and the group of women ending up at the Sapphire Suite, by a former Wests player. a club owned that it is a serious matter I've explained to the players and we need to understand and the parties have certain rights police will go through the process. that it is out of our hands and the lives at the apartment Wests player Ryan O'Hara

but has told friends he wasn't there he was involved and there is no suggestion in the alleged assault. the bed linen and DNA samples It's understood taken from Ryan O'Hara's apartment forensic analysis. are currently undergoing Police are expected to begin interviewing Wests Tigers players once the results of those tests are known. The investigation is being handled by the police Sex Crimes Unit.

John Hill, Ten News. Everyone will get the chance to farewell Steve Irwin at a public memorial service at a time and place yet to be decided. The family is looking for a suitable venue

while plans proceed for a private funeral.

They were hand-picked and trained by Steve Irwin and today they were back on the job.

This country probably wouldn't be the same without saltwater crocodiles here. This afternoon's croc-feeding performance

was the hardest they have ever done. Today was the first show I've done since... we all know what happened - and it was very, very difficult. The Croc Boys were the Crocodile Hunter's proteges and each is shattered by Monday's tragedy. Steve pretty much taught myself and all the boys here

everything we know. There's no-one as good as Steve. The team is amazed at the growing tributes outside the zoo. Flowers and potted gum trees continue to stream in. I'm just absolutely devastated. He was just such an icon to Australia.

This here just explains what people feel in general. But the zoo has had to warn those donating to the conservation effort of three fake overseas websites. It just disgusts you, you know. Out of this you see both sides of humanity. On one side we've been totally overwhelmed by the nature of most people on the planet - to get behind Steve Irwin and support his legacy, but there's always a select few who are parasites.

The secure website is or donations can be made at ANZ Banks. Sales of Crocodile Hunter merchandise have skyrocketed across the globe and management believes that this weekend's zoo attendances will be among the biggest ever. All proof, they say, the show must go on. Everyone has to keep living Steve's dream

and keep going with what Steve would have wanted. The zoo will not stop and none of us will ever let it stop. The family has confirmed Steve will be laid to rest in private. We have decided today that a private service will be held within the next seven days for family members and closest friends only. The public will be able to say farewell in a memorial service some time in the next fortnight

at a venue to be announced. Max Futcher, Ten News. Indonesia has been accused of using four young Australian drug traffickers as pawns in a political game. As four of the Bali Nine come to terms with being given the death penalty,

critics are accusing Jakarta of double standards. Judgment day for two more Bali bombers.

Bomb-maker Muhammad Cholily sentenced to 18 years for last October's attacks, accomplice Dwi Widiyarto to just eight. Nearby, four young Australian drug traffickers consider their fate.

They killed no-one but now face death themselves. It's very frustrating. There is a double standard. Greens leader Bob Brown says the four are caught up in a political game. I do suspect there has been a political reason,

and I think the Australian Government has been far too slow in tackling the governments to our north. While there is little sympathy for their crime...

If you traffic drugs in a foreign country you get the penalty that they apply. ..the Government is under growing pressure to save their lives. We have no experience of President Yudhoyono's approach to these issues.

We do know that he is very tough on drugs. Time is now critical - legal experts say any delay in diplomacy could prove fatal.

Part of the problem, they say, is Australia's changing attitude towards the death penalty.

When the Bali bombing masterminds were sentenced to death Australia didn't argue. Legal expert Don Rothwell says that could weaken our case this time around. The fact that we're inconsistent undermines the legitimacy of our position

and presents an image that Australia is only concerned about the human rights of Australians. All four of the newly-condemned Australians are said to be in deep shock, their lawyers scrambling to launch fresh appeals. Fenn Kemp, Ten News. Christmas has come early for some federal politicians who are about to vote themselves a big boost in their taxpayer-funded superannuation. The bonanza comes on top of a hefty pay rise.

The Prime Minister knows well how sensitive voters are to politicians giving themselves pay rises.

When Independent MP Peter Andren challenged the latest super boost, the PM stopped his troops from reacting. Keep quiet. Keep quiet. The changes will affect new members of parliament, including those elected in 2004. Their taxpayer-funded superannuation contributions will rise

from the community standard 9% to 15%. Plus, they'll now be eligible for three months redundancy pay. Back in 2004 John Howard bowed to what he now calls the mindless populism of Mark Latham's attack on the generosity of the superannuation scheme, cutting benefits for new members. That backflip then, this backtrack now. If we continue to take the populist route on this issue

we will trash the gene pool of potential entrants to this parliament. Mr Howard rightly confident of support from Opposition MPs. You have to have bipartisanship on these issues otherwise the other mob just picks you off. The changes that have been put in place are in line with community standards. The Government claims the new 15% super contribution is in line with senior public servants. Parliamentarians elected before 2004 remain a very protected species. Still under the old scheme, they're one of the few groups in the country who can get their hands on their superannuation long before they reach normal retirement age. And as for the latest 7% pay rise... If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys? Well, you can argue if you pay more peanuts you get gorillas. Greg Turnbull, Ten News.

Tim Webster now with a look at what's ahead in sport, and a league player sacked for drugs gets a second chance. Yes, the Knights will give sacked Cowboy Mitchell Sargent a career lifeline, that shortly. Also, Lleyton Hewitt knocked out of the US Open quarters by Andy Roddick just as the semis draw opened up for him. And how George Gregan measures up with one of the tallest NBA players ever.

Also later, the Socceroos beaten by a bunch of part-timers in Kuwait. Claims of corruption over the timing of roadworks around the Lane Cove Tunnel, that's next. Also tonight, the wheelchair-bound man forced to crawl up and down stairs to his home. And reaching new heights - 20 young tsunami orphans say thank you to Sydney.

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This program is captioned live. The son of former prime minister Paul Keating

has admitted assaulting a man

who refused to return personal business documents. 30-year-old Patrick Keating has pleaded guilty to one count of common assault. The court heard he'd momentarily lost his temper in April last year after a deal soured with a family business associate. The magistrate described the scuffle as minor and put Keating on a 12-month good behaviour bond without recording a conviction.

A breakthrough tonight for a wheelchair-bound man forced to crawl up and down several flights of stairs just to get to his home. After public pressure, the Department of Housing has finally agreed to give him a ground floor unit. It's a humiliating way to get around. For five years, 28-year-old Harry McIntosh has been stuck on his third floor Housing Commission unit, only able to make it in or out with the help of his mother.

Well, it's like I feel trapped in my own home because I can't go out whenever I want to. I found it really stressful and it's not doing me any good because I'm not young any more. He says he asked to be moved three years ago. In three years, they've only made one offer to him, it was an inappropriate property and then they've forgot about it. They're simply saying to Harry, "Keep dragging yourself up the stairs." That unit was in the inner city, nowhere near the support of his family who live in Fairfield in Sydney's south-west. A year ago, he wrote to then Housing Minister and Member for Fairfield, Joe Tripodi, but despite a warm response at the time, nothing happened. The Department has been looking for properties in the very specific location this family asked for. Now we don't have properties available in that specific location. But it took us no time at all to find this place - it's got three bedrooms, it's on the ground floor

and it's just perfect for Mr McIntosh, and real estate agents tell us there's been no shortage of them in the Fairfield area. And late today, only after all the pressure from the Opposition and media, the Housing Department did finally manage to find a suitable house for Harry McIntosh. He's expected to move in within weeks. Evan Batten, Ten News. A fresh charge has been laid against the man accused of a vicious attack on Sydney teenager Lauren Huxley. The 19-year-old is still recovering from critical injuries suffered when she was beaten, doused in petrol and left to die in November. Robert Farmer faces numerous charges over the attack, police today adding one of detaining with intent to obtain sexual gratification.

He'll appear in court again next month.

Calls tonight for the anti-corruption watchdog, the ICAC,

to investigate the State Government's plan to delay road surface changes on the Lane Cove Tunnel until after next year's March election.

from Parliament House. Paul Mullins joins us now live is talking tough on this one ? Paul, the Opposition

That's right, Ron. There's been an

angry reaction in the Premier in

the parment a short while ago now

the opposition referred this matter

to the ICAC. Andrew Stoner, the

National Party leader said it was a

whiff of corruption. The Premier

countered by saying the government

were trying to avoid a Cross City

Tunnel-type problem. If there is a

delay in opening some surface roads,

particularly Epping Road the

Government could find itself

feeling compensation payout from

the tunnel operators. The

Government denies it's about their

own political survival. This means

a decision to buy a delay in those

surface road changes is all about

the good of the Labor Party in the

lead-up to the election and not for

the good of the public. So what do

you want, one maximum inconvenience

or imperil the taxpayers to a

massive payout. That's your proposition.

The Government says the road change

arrangements were part of a

parliamentary inquiry that the

coalition had the numbers on. Back

to you, Ron. Thanks Paul, Paul

Mullins at State personality. Some relief for Sydney drivers Cross City Tunnel road change. with the reversal of another Palmer Street, Woolloomooloo, and Sir John Young Crescent, between Cathedral Street

has reverted to two northbound lanes. have been installed New traffic lights and a traffic island removed

to the Cahill Expressway. to restore northbound access for 20 young Indonesians Tears and triumph

orphaned by the 2004 tsunami. for the very first time, They've left Banda Aceh them rebuild their lives. to visit the Australians who helped by the Boxing Day tsunami - Aceh was devastated two-thirds of its people killed. many children left orphaned And in its wake

with no family and no future. 20 of those orphans are in Sydney. A year and a half later by generous Australians. Their futures were saved Now they want to say thanks. they flew on the aeroplane This is the first time to Sydney - the first time they flew to Jakarta, it's blowing their mind. couldn't chill their enthusiasm But even raging wind to climb the Harbour Bridge. they've never even dreamed of It's an experience

but can now enjoy Youth Off The Streets charity. thanks to Australia's This is unique in history. A bond between a Muslim group and a Christian group. It's a real eye-opener and a way forward. The charity's tsunami appeal funded a new orphanage in Banda Aceh. Some of them lost their parents, their houses, their brother and sister so we live together. At home the kids spend most of their day studying and praying.

Three of the girls have finished high school and been accepted into university. Their teachers amazed at how far they've come. After conquering the climb the group is heading to Canberra to meet with PM John Howard and give him a very special message. Terimah kasih - thank you very much. Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

Breaking her silence - the teenager locked in a basement tells of her horrific ordeal.

The US President has admitted for the first time that terror suspects have been interrogated in CIA-run prisons in secret locations around the world. George W. Bush revealed 14 accused al-Qa'ida bosses linked to September 11 and the Bali bombings

have been transferred to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba where Australian David Hicks is being held. President Bush is planning to introduce a new law to try all of them at special military commissions which the US Supreme Court ruled unlawful two months ago.

A teenager held captive for eight years in a basement has spoken publicly for the first time about her ordeal. She says she dreamed of cutting her kidnapper's head off with an axe. Locked away for eight long years, Natascha Kampusch spoke for the first time in an interview with Austrian television

watched by millions. The 18-year-old reliving her life of loneliness, hunger and desperation. This is where her kidnapper forced her to spend most of her teenage years - in a cramped cell beneath his home. She said, "I threw water bottles against the walls "or banged against them with my fists so that maybe someone could hear me." Natascha was just 10 years old when she was abducted on her way to school. "He grabbed me." "I tried to scream but no sound came out." Her eyes still sensitive to light after so many years in the dark, she says her captor threatened to kill her and anyone she spoke to if she ran away on the rare occasions she was let out. In recent months she told her kidnapper she could no longer live this way and two weeks ago she took off while the 44-year-old was on his mobile phone. He jumped in front of a train when he heard she'd got away. She said he had always threatened to commit suicide. Police suspect sexual relations with Natascha the telecommunications technician had but she refused to answer any intimate questions in the interview. There are a lot of things she has not learnt or could not learn

because she didn't have contact with the outer world. Natascha's now dreaming of seeing the world

on a cruise ship with her parents and perhaps one day becoming an actress. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. An American photographer has been accused of child abuse for stealing candy from babies in the name of art.

Photographer Jill Greenberg gave toddlers lollipops in her L.A. studio, then snatched them away so she could take pictures of them crying. Her critics claim she could be doing permanent damage. This discussion is minimising real child abuse. These children having their lollipops taken away for five minutes and calling it child abuse is absurd. The children were paid and the artist had their parents' approval. She also took a photo of her own daughter crying to prove she wasn't being cruel. Australian Fashion Week is embroiled in a weighty issue. A designer who used ordinary women to model her swimwear was urged by organisers to use professionals instead. The MaraJoara models - not the usual runway waifs, but everyday women celebrating their bodies. It was the show stopper for Australian Fashion Week. But behind the scenes, a war was brewing, organisers contacting the designers, questioning the professionalism of the normal-sized mannequins. He recommended we use professional models on the runway

and they'd be more appropriate for the branding of Australian Fashion Week. One of the models can't see what all the fuss was about,

saying the fashion industry too often sends the wrong message to young women. With the modelling business normally, it's very strict. The girls don't eat, so how can they be fun? Chosen at open casting calls, the young women had just two training sessions before last night's show. In fact, I think some of those models who were on stage last night

were probably more professional than most normal models are. With the event already suffering an earlier embarrassment, director Simon Locke has defended his offer of help. We want them to do the best they can in terms of showing their clothes, so we were just offering her some assistance. And while there was plenty of glamour at today's launch of the Spring Racing Carnival's fashion juggernaut, MaraJoara says it intends on using more everyday women in its parades, even planning a mastectomy range.

Absolutely. Allan Raskall, Ten News. Scores more Aussie troops bound for East Timor - that's next. Also, turning the tables on truckies - why many of them are refusing to wear seatbelts. And tempers flare - what happens when a TV reporter's questions get too close to the bone.

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Only Fox Sports gives you more live cricket drama, including the domestic one-dayers and Aussie tours. This program is captioned live.

The top stories this news hour - everyone will get the chance to farewell Steve Irwin at a public memorial service. The time and place have yet to be decided. His family is searching for a suitable venue, as plans proceed for a private funeral. Forensic police are hoping DNA on bed linen will reveal clues to whether a woman was sexually assaulted at the home of a Wests Tigers player.

Up to 20 people were at an end-of-season party where the victim claims she may have been raped.

Sydney's big wet has claimed a life of a man in a boating accident. The lashing rains and gale force winds wreaking havoc across the city. And it's not over yet - the wet and wild weather is set to continue throughout the weekend. Australia will send more troops to East Timor to help keep the peace. 120 extra soldiers from Darwin will head there in coming weeks. There are currently about 930 Australian Defence Force personnel and about 180 members of the Australian Federal Police in East Timor. Buckling up is second nature to most drivers, but the message doesn't seem to be getting through to truckies.

New figures showing nearly every one of those killed in a crash wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Six years since seatbelts became compulsory for truckies, but some still refuse to buckle up, and it's having deadly consequences. Figures show 92% of all truck drivers killed in crashes were not wearing a seatbelt. On the F3 Freeway north of Sydney, our quick 10 minute survey found 11 truck drivers refusing to strap in. A lot of drivers do comply, especially around the city areas, but those on long country routes appear not to be wearing their seatbelt all the time. Drivers at this year's National Truck Expo are being warned of the dangers. Do you always wear your seatbelt when you are in the cabin? Yes (laughs). Do you know other truckies who, sort of, don't like using them? Oh, some of the old fellows - you just can't educate them.

Gee, that will go down well, won't it? I'll probably get shot. As you get in, it should be the first thing you do. And this is why a seatbelt is so important for a truck driver. Even at this sharp angle, a truckie can still get his rig back on all fours. but if he's not, he'll end up in the passenger seat. This simulator the most graphic weapon to show truck drivers no seatbelt means no control. We have secondary restraint devices such as airbags, but they're not going to stop you from rolling around the cabin. James Boyce, Ten News. The Australian share market dipped again today, but not as much as yesterday after a negative lead from Wall Street.

The life of a television reporter can be a dangerous one as one newshound in California found out. He's been beaten up by an accused con man,

his cameraman recording the vicious brawl.

Rosa Baraza launched the attack her husband would finish.

Stop the (bleep) camera right now! Oh yes, I will!

Baraza was furious with Fox News reporter John Mattes over a series of stories he'd done on her husband, accused real estate scammer Sam Suleiman. Why do I have to... That's not appropriate, I don't give a (bleep). After giving the reporter what for, Rosa turned her attention on the cameraman. Stop it! I'm going to break the (bleep) camera. The news crew guessed there would be bigger trouble when husband Sam turned up. CAMERAMAN: Call the police.

They weren't wrong.

Suleiman began belting the reporter, continuing the attack even after one of his alleged real estate victims tried to intervene. As her husband mauled the helpless journalist, Rosa kept mouthing off. You guys are trying to do to my life, you are invading my life. Realising she was unable to help Sam, Rosa said she was going to get a gun. She returned armed only with a rock. A bystander stepped in before she could use it. The first gun on the scene belonged to police officers.

Get on the ground! John Mattes was treated for broken ribs, bite wounds and gashes.

He still can't believe his story sparked such savagery. We're not talking about someone going a few rounds, we're talking about someone ripping, gouging, scratching and biting. Sam Suleiman and Rosa Baraza have been charged with assault and battery. Video evidence will be considered when a court decides whether they should spend time in jail.

In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News.

The life of a TV weatherman can

sometimes be dangerous too, Tim

Bailey is out braving the elements.

The rain came down last night.

Yeah, our wettest day in Sydney in

four years. The wettest September

day, 107mm falling in Sydney, that

is our wettest one since 1883, 123

years ago, folks, I know that, Ron

Wilson went out and checked the

rain gauge. Snow wise the system

brought a whole happy of snow

across the Snowy Mountains, about

25cm worth. What is the ski report

doing. How many ugs. Let's have a

Bo peep at it. It says six. That's

a fib. It's more like 4.5, five,

but a good weekend on the way

across the mountains with snow in

the forecast right through until

Monday. Let's look at the resort report.

Congratulations to the mountain

staff that push the snow around.

Stegsi I don't mean you.

The first week of September, I

didn't think I would use that.

To the map of NSW:

Our wettest September day since 1883

when little Ronny Wilson in his

dipers went out and checked the

rain gauge. Good on you. Sport is next and, Tim, the Knights offer a career lifeline to a player sacked for cocaine. Yes, Mitchell Sargent signed by the Knights, but there are conditions. Also, a special award for Brad Fittler, and how the Socceroos lost to Kuwaiti part-timers. Also, Lleyton Hewitt's frustrating exit as a golden opportunity is missed in the US Open quarterfinals.

And the long and short of it in the world sport for George Gregan.

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This program is captioned live. The Newcastle Knights have thrown a lifeline to sacked Cowboys forward Mitchell Sargent, signing him to a three-year contract. Sargent returned a positive test to cocaine two weeks ago and will have to undergo regular drug testing by the Knights.

His career looked finished, but

His career looked finished, but Mitchell Sargent has been handed a

second chance.

Making that huge mistake, and

given a second chance, I definitely

want to, like, obviously win back

the support of my fans and the

the support of my fans and the broader community. Because he was

caught by in-house testing, Sargent

caught by in-house testing, Sargent free to start next season with the

Knights, despite committing an

offence that carries a 2-year ban.

When this all sort of finished I

didn't know where my future was

held. To get a call to play with,

like, Newcastle Knights was

definitely a great call to have.

The NRL late today agreeing to

register Sargent's contract.

Clearly if they weren't prepared to reregister Mitchell under any circumstances we wouldn't have

taken the course of action we have

taken. After receiving an Order of

Australia medal for services to

rugby league and the community,

brated Fittler backing the Roosters

report of signing Wayne Bennett as

coach. He comes with an awful lot

of experience, and the Roosters are

at a stage where we come second to

last. Bennett contracted to the

Broncos until 2009 but has an

escape clause. Fittler rejecting

speculation he's a chance at the

top job. I was never in the running.

Maybe one day. I have, I aspire to,

be a coach. I enjoy going to

training and watching what the boys

go through.

West Coast Eagles stars Daniel Kerr and Andrew Embley remain in doubt for Saturday night's qualifying final against the Swans. The Swans arrived in Perth last night and were in a relaxed mood as they stretched their legs and showed off some of their soccer skills. With the last three encounters all decided by less than a goal, expectations are for another tight contest. Their one-on-one football is probably the best going around, and we play a pretty good close checking game as well with our midfield, so it's going to be a good game this weekend. While the trip to Perth holds no fears for the Swans

they will be looking for their first win at Subiaco Oval since 2001. The Socceroos have been criticised for a lacklustre performance in their upset Asian Cup loss to Kuwait. The home team posting its first win in 13 matches.

Despite being bolstered by European-based players the Aussies struggled in the heatwave conditions. The Socceroos unable to put away a team of part-timers ranked 95 in the world.

summed up a disappointing showing Debutant Ryan Griffiths's miss against Kuwait.

How did he miss from there? COMMENTATOR: Oh! Ryan Griffiths - an absolute sitter! John Aloisi with some battle scars. It was a punishing clash, Australia didn't grab its chances, admitting

the scorching night temperatures of around 40 degrees affected them. Some players losing up to 3.5kg by the end of the match. The hosts sharp with two slick second-half goals. Good ball. Goal, Kuwait! They looked a lot sharper and fresher than us. The heat conditions didn't help us at all tonight. It was very hot and humid out there. Socceroos coach Graham Arnold says his team's limited preparation hurt them, The mental let-down from the World Cup another negative.

They're still carrying a bit of a hang over from the World Cup because the excitement level at the World Cup was so massive and with motivation, it can be a problem. But one former Socceroo felt there should be no excuses. Kuwait did really, really well. We did very poorly. We created very little, structurally we didn't look as though we were on the same tactical plan of the whole team.

In a lot of ways it was back to the bad, old ways. Despite having already qualified for the Asian Cup finals, Australia needs to beat Bahrain in Sydney next month to finish at the top of their group. Trent Higgs, Ten News. Lleyton Hewitt's US Open campaign is over after a crushing straight sets quarterfinal loss to American Andy Roddick Roddick now meets Russian giant killer Mikhail Youzhny

in one the men's semis. Lleyton Hewitt blasted off the court by Andy Roddick in the battle of the former US Open champs, and he wasn't the only one battered and bruised by the big American's stellar service game. COMMENTATOR: He just clocks an ace and clocks the lines lady. Did you see that? Hewitt looking timid against the Roddick onslaught, uncharacteristically quiet, even during a brief second-set fightback. That's better. How about a little "C'mon"? The American rallying his home crowd. He was after a quick kill. Oh, Andy Roddick playing it up for the crowd. Cannot miss a shot at the moment. Hewitt humbled with the straight-sets rout,

and it was an opportunity sorely missed after Spanish sensation Rafael Nadal crashed out of the tournament earlier in the day to unseeded Russian Mikhail Youzhny.

It's wide. Upset of the tournament. The 54th-ranked Youzhny becoming the tournament's Cinderella story, qualifying for his first Grand Slam semifinal.

While on the other side of the draw, Roger Federer rolled on, the world No.1 cruising into the quarters in straight sets. And a tough night for Maria Sharapova, stretched to tie breaks twice in her straight-sets win over France's Tatiana Golovin.

Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. The Wallabies have made two changes to their starting team for this weekend's Tri-Nations clash with South Africa in Johannesburg. Winger Cameron Shepherd will make his run on debut on the wing. New South Wales loosehead prop Ben Robinson has been selected to make his Test debut against the Springboks. I really do see it as an opportunity for me to really set myself a place and really take hold of this number one jersey. and I'm going to be working my, I suppose, behind off to get this spot. Meanwhile, George Gregan met some real tall timber at an NBA promotion. The Wallabies skipper dwarfed by 231cm former player Manute Bol.

Later in Sports Tonight, a nice story. Eels star Eric Grothe helping his little brother recover from a serious injury.

How tall was he, he came up to his


Little riddle for you what's five

foot four, likes beaches and have

horizontal hair? There he is, the

pennants behind you tell the story.

Don't they. That's normally a calm

outlook here at Manly, we've had

waves breaking in Manly cove,

ferries popping like corks on Sydney

Harbour, the wind hitting 91 km/h,

that is is the biggest blast of wind

all year, 107mm of rain, Sydney's

wettest day in four years, and

September's wettest day since 1833.

We've gone for records, don't worry

about that. On the strength of that

it's time to give something away.

What about our weather photograph?

Neil King, tonight pops on to your

television screen. He's from

television screen. He's from Malabar, it's a beautiful shot,

there it is on your tellie. You

have won a Sony Handicam with

thanks to Harvey Norman, a handicam

shooting straight on to DVD, it's

all yours, and it can be yurs,

simple as sending - yours, folks,

simply as sending us your weather photograph:

the best photographs win a Sony

handicam or a Fuji digital camera,

we'll alternate them. We'll go to

as long as you keep the photos

coming. We won't send you that one,

because it just broke when I dropped

it before. Weather wise, will it

continue? The wild, wet and windy,

continue? The wild, wet and windy, a little bit of that, yes. 18 degrees tomorrow, southerly

degrees tomorrow, southerly

sticking, showers all over it. You

are nervous looking at your weekend.

You should be. 16 Saturday and

Sunday. Showers and increasing wind .

Your backyard: any hairdressers,

get down to Manly, Bailey's looking

particularly ordinary.

Cloud over eastern NSW is due to a

Cloud over eastern NSW is due to a Tasman low generating showers

mainly in central parts, causing

very low winds. Tomorrow's weather

map a Tasman low edging east

causing slow winds and showers to

ease in southern NSW. Strong

ease in southern NSW. Strong southerlies and showers on the

south-eastern coast will result

because of the strong high. I got

that out nice and smoothly, didn't

I. The rainfall map:

The Hunter needs that rain. Snow

for the Alps.

You never quite know when this

weather in Sydney is going to turn.

1833 it's been since a September

day has dropped so much rain on

Sydney town. 107mm, what about the

dams? 20-40mm, levels likely to

rise in seven days time as the run

off drops in to Warragamba and the others.

No showers like last night, mainly coastal. Let's

look at the outlook.

What a wild wet and windy one.

Pleased to get this bad head off

the television, see you tomorrow

night. Earning your money tonight,

that's for sure. Delegates from around the world are meeting in Russia to discuss a delicate issue. The sixth annual world toilet summit has opened in Moscow with manufacturers displaying the latest looks in loos, including musical roll holders. But it's a serious business. A Russian company has developed a suicide-bomb proof toilet that can withstand a terrorist attack.

That's where we'll close the lid on the 5:00 news. We'll have the Late News at 10:30, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING )