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(generated from captions) I knew weren't really in love with me ..I had to keep letting people that just keep betraying me, and... It's like this time I really feel like you love me... ..and that you care about me. I love you. I love you so much. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Iemma's power sale debacle - Tonight - as the debate descends into farce. taxpayers slugged millions

than the Kama Sutra, Mr Speaker. Yes, more positions Embracing the challenge - America's next commander-in-chief. Barack Obama sets out to become

and great humility, With profound gratitude the presidency of the United States. I accept your nomination for And was she let off lightly? for drink-driving. Magistrate Pat O'Shane's punishment

Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Also, the latest crisis the Spring Racing Carnival. threatening to shut down And mixing business with pleasure - Princess Mary turns on the charm, an Australian children's charity. visiting But heading the 5:00 news, are already paying dearly the people of NSW power sell-off debacle. for this week's millions in extra interest We're already shelling out very expensive recall of Parliament. and that's on top of the doomed and Wilde joins us from Macquarie Street. Our State political reporter Kevin while vital services go begging. Kevin, it's all adding up

Bethe as being about taboo Liam's

of dollars in infrastructure into

the future being lost, meaning the future being lost, meaning

things would be cancelled. From

today interest rates for New South

Wales Lions in terms of government

in effect immediately. lending has gone up by $20 million

during question time was capped off. remove the leader of the Nationals. I'll ask the sergeant-at-arms to being kicked out of the chamber Andrew Stoner for repeated interjections. to the back of the house. He was unapologetic when forced out of the situation was pretty poor. The speaker's handling I don't know why it's bounced. I don't know why I was picked on when, clearly, Government ministers were getting away with murder.

the Opposition Leader The Premier mocked on power privatisation. for having 10 positions

Mr Speaker. More positions than the Kama Sutra, on this issue. He's had every conceivable position? and paper flying. That prompted an interjection including Ports Minister Joe Tripodi, Government members, played up as well. makes it up as he goes along. Morris Iemma On Wednesday no plan B. but legal advice to back it up. Last night, not only a plan B, to the day - But there was a serious side taxpayers are already out of pocket confirmation that of the Government's power sale plans. following the overhaul

$42 billion-worth of loans The borrowing cost of the State's has risen dramatically today. to almost $20 million, The cost has gone up to the people of NSW and that's an annual cost is on watch. because the State credit rating Unions are happy they stopped the sell-off of generators

but they remain concerned. to the sale of retail. We remain opposed the questions on job protections, and privacy protection. price protections

Top this off, industrial action has

started. This afternoon at 1500

energy retail workers walked off

the job. That doesn't mean there

won't be services. The lights will

stay on but if you're calling up

you might face delays. The

emergency service for blackouts

will continue. The unions are happy

with the big picture that the

generators are safe but there are

plenty of angry workers still out

there. The mess continues into next week. Barack Obama has made history, becoming the first black man to accept the presidential nomination

of a major American political party. joins us from outside the stadium Ten's US correspondent Nicole Strahan delivered his acceptance speech. where Senator Obama it was a rousing reception, Nicole, for Barack Obama. and a crucial speech

Good evening. A rousing reception

and as you say perhaps the most

important political speech of his

career so far. It was a speech

designed to inspire but also an

attempt to convince them millions of

of Americans watching it live on TV

that he's ready to be the next US

president. He also took the

opportunity throughout his speech

to lay out his plans for the United

States and to attack his Republican

rival John McCain. He warned that a

vote for him it would be a vote vote for him it would be a vote for

another four years of the Bush

administration. This historic

speech took place on a night there

historic speech. was the anniversary of another

and into history. Barack Obama stepped onto the stage and great humility, With profound gratitude the presidency of the United States. I accept your nomination for

a little-known senator from Illinois. Just 19 months ago he was by more than 75,000 supporters, Now, cheered on Obama's historic moment came leader Martin Luther King declared, exactly 45 years after civil rights "I have d ea ." "I have dream."

What the people heard instead, from every walk of life, people of every creed and colour,

our destiny is inextricably linked, is that in America our dreams can come true. that together for being light on policy detail, Criticised by some Obama hit back, the environment, reform health care outlining plans to protect and rescue America's economy. of equal pay for an equal day's work Now is the time to keep the promise

exactly the same opportunities because I want my daughters to have as your sons. on his Republican rivals There were attacks too he's more of a celebrity who've suggested than a strong commander-in-chief. to end the war in Iraq But Obama vowed against terrorists in Afghanistan. and refocus on the fight John McCain likes to say to the gates of hell. that he'll follow bin Laden to the cave where he lives. But he won't even follow him Barack Obama is ready to be president Tens of thousands here may believe the race is neck and neck. but opinion polls show this event changes that. Obama's team hopes a lot of people's minds tonight. I think he's changed Change happens because the American people demand it, There's still two months to go in the election campaign

and only then will Barack Obama know if his promise of change means he steps into the history books again as America's first black president.

While tonight there's no doubt he

was the man of the moment his rival

republican at John McCain will

attempt to steal at limelight and

that moment here tomorrow when he

announces his vice presidential announces his vice presidential

peak ahead of the Republicans

national convention in sent Paul Minnesota next week. Pat O'Shane was issued with a 12-month good behavior bond, but will not be fined or lose her licence. A typically talkative magistrate O'Shane seemed short on words today. I'm not in a position to say anything. She walked from court after being served a 12-month good behaviour bond for drink-driving. She's upset. She has made a mistake. She knows she has made a mistake and she is embarrassed. that in March, An interstate magistrate was told

O'Shane drank three glasses of champagne before being pulled up for a random breath test where she blew 0.08 and later 0.05. She definitely should have known better more careful and she should have been and she acknowledges that. It's not the first time the 67-year-old has made headlines, good and bad. She has a distinguished career as Australia's first Aboriginal barrister. But four years ago she was temporarily stood down after being served an apprehended violence order by her ex-husband. For this latest driving offence, O'Shane was given no fines, no loss of licence and no recorded conviction because the magistrate said in the State she's a very significant figure and this was a first offence. But while the court appears satisfied that Ms O'Shane has been dealt with fairly, it seems the general public see things very differently. She's a judge and she should lead by example.

I've been done drink-driving and I was given maximum, so it does get annoying. Next week, magistrate O'Shane returns to her own courtroom to dish out punishment to other drink-drivers.

Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Sydney broadcaster and newspaper columnist Mike Carlton

has been sacked for refusing to write his column during a strike. Journalists and photographers at Fairfax newspapers are picketing company offices over plans to cut 550 jobs.

Striking staff were told Carlton received a call from management after he refused to cross the picket line to write his weekly column. And he was told, "We don't want another one of your columns ever again." ALL: Shame! Staff are striking until Monday over a redundancy plan they've described as brutal. The company says its papers will be published regardless. Melbourne's Spring Racing Carnival is under threat with jockeys across the country threatening to strike. Six weeks from the first race meeting, riders are campaigning for a public liability support fund. Three years ago Ray Silburn learned the devastating dangers of his job. Today, I'm a quadriplegic. Today, I'm a quadrip Damien Oliver also knows the risks better than most, through his own scares and the loss of his father and brother. He's one of the country's 860 jockeys demanding a 1% increase in the racing prize pool - or $4 million - to cover personal injury costs. We can't rule out any type of action - whether it be strike or whatever. It needs to be sorted out by the end of this year. Half of all riders earn less than $50,000 with insurance costing thousands. The association is threatening to walk if talks aren't progressing well before a December 31 deadline.

If we're unable to renew that policy then there's no racing in this country. The money would also assist injured jockeys and the families left behind. Those driving the campaign say racing authorities have an obligation to make the industry more attractive. In the last nine years 43% of jockeys have left and apprentice numbers are also down. The Australian Racing Board says it's relying on State bodies for advice, but it's nervous. The devastation that happened to racing last year with EI, we certainly don't want to see people restricted in any way. Racing Victoria is hopeful a boycott can be avoided, but jockeys aren't so sure. I'm fearful that we won't get the response we want. Erin Cassar, Ten News. Ahead in sport with Brad McEwan, the Wests Tigers must fire up tonight. Yes, the pressure is immense, starting tonight with the Wests Tigers facing another inglorious exit before the business end of the season. A club boss has spelt out what he's expecting against the Sharks. Also, a lowly world ranking didn't stop French woman Julie Coin producing the biggest upset in US Open history, ousting world number one Ana Ivanovic. Also, the real Swans ready to stand up tomorrow with a finals focus. A Sydney schoolboy escapes a murder conviction - details next. Also tonight, a city's new bus service, funded by parking meters. I think it's going to be a huge success. And a sour taste for restaurateurs as the economic downturn hits hard.

This has been the hardest year, definitely. The last six months have been really tough. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face. As part of weathering the change, the ACT Government is actively working to reduce emissions.

Every little bit helps so let's work together to ensure a sustainable future for Canberra. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face. As part of weathering the change, the ACT Government is actively working Every little bit helps so let's work together to ensure a sustainable future for Canberra. This program is captioned live. Brendan Nelson says he'd be happy for Peter Costello to replace him as Liberal leader. He's made the extraordinary comment

just hours before a special tribute dinner for the former treasurer. He's only just hanging on to the Coalition leadership and Brendan Nelson's not doing himself any favours with comments like this. Peter's made his decision that he did not seek the leadership of the party and, as I've said before, I'll be very happy if he changes his mind. The Coalition leader all but begging the former treasurer to take over his job ahead of a tribute dinner in Melbourne tonight for Mr Costello. About 700 people will thank Peter Costello for his wonderful contribution as treasurer -

Australia's best treasurer. Many Liberals are hoping tonight's the night the endless leadership speculation. Mr Costello stops running from But a close friend of the former treasurer says they'll be disappointed. The dinner's been planned for a long time. announcements about anything. I wouldn't expect him to make The member for Higgins who sits back, I could almost say, as a smiling predator waiting for events to unfold. And that appears to be precisely what Peter Costello is doing - he's refusing to put an end to the Liberal Party's leadership woes while publicity continues to build ahead of the release of his autobiography next month. But not everyone's convinced it'll be a bestseller. I'm betting this one goes straight to paperback. Meggie Palmer, Ten News. A 17-year-old schoolboy has been convicted of killing an autistic man at a Northern Beaches toilet block. 35-year-old Gerard Fleming died after he was stabbed in the heart in June last year. The youth, who can't be named for legal reasons, knifed Fleming when he tried to hug him after the two had been drinking at a known gay hang-out. Gerard Fleming revealed the name of his killer to an ambulance driver as he lay dying. The attacker was charged with murder but convicted of manslaughter. A man, bashed with a skateboard at Macquarie University, is fighting for life in hospital.

A 20-year-old suspect has been charged, accused of attacking the 25-year-old during a drunken brawl. The victim has undergone surgery for head injuries and remains in critical condition. It could soon cost a lot more to ride a Sydney bus with the Governement pushing for an increase of more than 5% in fares. But the people of Parramatta don't have to pay for their newest bus sevice, with money raised from parking meters being put to good use.

It's called the Loop because of the route it takes and, around Parramatta, these buses are going to become a familiar sight. They follow a 4-kilometre circuit around the business district, linking shopping and transport hubs. Here we go loopy-loo, all over Parramatta. Two buses will operate every 10 minutes. A levy on developers funded the purchase of low-emission, low-fuel buses.

The $500,000 annual operating cost to be funded by sponsors and parking meter revenue. When you t ke parking mete When you take parking meter money and use it to give back to people to take cars out of the city, to catch a free bus to link them to other parts of the city, well, the message is, leave the car at home. The council expects the buses will be full. For Parramatta, this will deliver something transport planners have been calling for around Australia -

a free public transport service, taking people where they want to go. with frequent buses Transport lobbyists say other Sydney councils should follow Parramatta's lead. We could save billions by getting more cars off the road, by getting more people moving between buses and trains. Here you have local government being forced to pick up the pieces because State Government weren't taking care of commuters, they aren't looking at what's needed. John Hill, Ten News. Interest rate relief might be on the way, but Sydney restaurants are feeling the effects of penny-pinching diners. Takings are down as much as 50% with some establishments forced to close their doors. Empty chairs at empty tables. Right across Sydney restaurants are shutting up shop as diners cut back on spending. Turnover is down anywhere from 15% to 50%. July was among the softest trading months on record. There's no question that interest rates are beginning to bite. yeah. This has been the hardest year, Definitely, the past six months has been really tough. Increasingly, businesses are looking to gimmicks and food price specials to draw diners in. Lots of people tend to go for that deal.

It's good value.

While many mid-range restaurants may be struggling, luxury dining continues to flourish. Sean's Kitchen, here at Star City Casino, has just opened its doors at a cost of $7 million. The 'Good Food Guide's 2008 Chef of the Year admits times are tough in the restaurant game. We started this journey 18 months ago before any word of recession came about. He's confident, though, that the 300-head restaurant space can withstand the slowdown in discretionary spending. We're doing really good numbers at the moment so I'm very happy with it and I'm not worried. We're really busy - we've got lots of corporates. That, say the experts, underpins the success of the high-end players. Businesses aren't telling their executives,

"Don't travel. Don't dine out."

So those things are happening. Casino owner Tabcorp is optimistic about the future of Sydney's restaurant scene, awaiting the go-ahead from the State Government for a $300 million complex upgrade, hoping to carve out a greater share of the dining out market. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News.

Have you been able to weave magic

on the weekend? It's officially the

weekend. I'm going to be able to

deliver the goods tomorrow. It

looks like a high of around 20

degrees and a bright blue sky.

Sunday looks like a clearing shower

and we'll head to around 19 degrees.

Today was Friday. A fine and sunny

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The M 20, tonight in a row. An

accident near the Carling third

exit. It's at the exit ramp for the

M2. This is trafficker westbound

barely moving for motorists making

that journey. This is how far the

traffic spreads back. Put it goes

past Pennant Hills Road. It goes to

the M2 tunnel entrance. It'll be a significant wait for traffic

heading out a fire the M2 to the

north-west. Serious problems on the Hume Highway. Childcare giant ABC Learning could be on the verge of collapse. The stock exchange today banned the company from trading after it missed a deadline to report end-of-year results. It's expected to show a loss of more than $500 million.

The doors at ABC Learning centres are open, but the question is - will they stay that way? If we didn't have the facility, I'm not quite sure what we'd do. I guess we'd have to think about that when the time comes. Time is running out for owner Eddy Groves. After selling off part of his US empire to save his company four months ago, he's in trouble again. The Stock Exchange has suspended ABC Learning from trading end of year results - after it failed to report results which are expected to show a loss of more than $500 million. should probably resign I think Eddy Groves because the company needs new growth and new vision. But the embattled CEO says he's confident his company will survive

despite shares plummeting from a record $8.80 to just 54 cents. Shareholders and parents are understandably nervous. ABC has more than 1,000 centres caring for 100,000 children across the country. If a major player like ABC falls over it is going to have a ripple effect, for the rest of us who provide services in Queensland. Experts question how it's happened. It's estimated 50% of ABC's income last year was from Federal Government subsidies. It's going to be diabolical for parents who are relying on the childcare services to be able to go to work or manage their lifestyles. Industry insiders say if ABC Learning does go under to be ready with a rescue plan, the Federal Government needs because there is nowhere else for the children to go. I've only just moved here and it is the only day care I could get Callem. bit, they put the prices up - If they put the prices up a little that's the cost of us working. Angry investors are now planning to sue to cover their losses. Leisa Roles, Ten News. With the latest finance news, here's Cindy Pismiris from BankWest. Business investment surged beyond expectations this week. The mining industry led the way showing the boom isn't over yet despite recent bad news on the global economy. So there's some reassurance there won't be as dramatic a downturn in economic growth and employment as was previously expected. To today's markets: Commonwealth Bank agreed to buy a 33% stake in Aussie Home Loans. Centro Properties announced losses of just over $2 billion. Next week, the Reserve Bank meets on Tuesday and it's likely we'll see a cut in rates of 0.25%. See you then. Australians are ignoring calls to cut energy use, with greenhouse gas emissions on the rise in the eastern States. A rather feral protest outside Parliament House. Greenpeace accusing industry of behaving like fat cats impending emissions trading scheme. for requesting concessions under the Inside, the nation's top executives met with the Federal Government. They fear without compensation the impending carbon tax will destroy Australian industry. These companies are earning billion-dollar profits. They should be the last in line to get compensation from this Government. But across eastern Australia at least, it seems concerns about global warming are cooling. Emissions have increased by 1% this winter compared to last year - an extra 800,000 tonnes of carbon produced by just three States.

That's the equivalent of having an extra 200,000 cars on the road

for an entire year. The figures, compiled by the Climate Group, show the Sunshine State was the worst offender. Queensland's, emissions were up almost 5%. Victoria wasn't far behind with a 2% increase.

But New South Wales has curbed its carbon contribution with a 1% fall. Not so easy to explain is fuel consumption.

The high prices hurt in New South Wales, where petrol emissions dropped by 4%. But in Victoria and Queensland those emissions rose 3%. The head of the Climate Group says the increase correlates with recent weather patterns, Green groups hope it will be the last rise we see. Emily Rice, Ten News. An environmental campaigner is risking his life to show the world the full impact of climate change. Lewis Gordon Pugh is doing what has never before been possible - kayaking through the waters of the Arctic Circle. to paddle his way to the North Pole.

I think I will be kayaking through ice which will be very thin so I think through that I'll be able to show world leaders

just how thin the ice has got from last year. As well as the cold, he faces threats from polar bears and walruses. A new study confirms where you live determines how long you'll live - that story next. Also, tight security as Princess Mary makes her first public appearance in Melbourne. And the only way is up - athletes put their ticker to the test for charity. Grab a McMuffin for breakfast

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Top stories this news hour. Debate rages over the punishment handed to drink-driving Sydney magistrate Pat O'Shane. she's escaped a fine and conviction and will keep her licence.

Her high standing in the community saw her placed on a 12-month good behaviour. And cheered on by more than 75,000 supporters,

Barack Obama has made history

as the first black man to run for the White House. With profound gratitude and great humility, I accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States. His speech came exactly 45 years

after civil rights leader Martin Luther King declared, "I have dream." And State Parliament has descended into a farce, a day after the Government's botched electricity sell-off. Nationals Leader Andrew Stoner was kicked out, as Premier Morris Iemma went on a tirade. The State's borrowing costs have jumped a whopping $20 million because of the power debacle. Air safety investigators have found an exploding oxygen tank caused one of the most serious midair dramas in the history of Qantas. With 365 people on board, oxygen tank number four failed while on a flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne. The cylinder smashed through the 747's cabin floor before crashing into the ceiling. But investigators still don't know why the now-missing tank exploded. Look, we haven't got the bottle to work on.

Let's not underestimate how difficult it will be to get to the bottom of this. All passengers are now being surveyed as a final report is prepared. Indigenous groups have seized on a World Health Organisation report as proof of the growing inequalities they face. The study found the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous health is getting wider as Australia becomes wealthier. We might be richer and living longer on the whole, but the view beyond our capital cities is not so bright. The gap between good and poor health starts to dip on the outer fringes. There are big areas of public housing that don't have good infrastructure. The housing might be there but people don't have community centres, good schools, recreation areas - a very different set of circumstances to the inner areas. And it hits rock-bottom in remote indigenous communities where life expectancies are 17 years less than the rest of the country. My colleagues on the commission from overseas were amazed when they heard about the lack of even good water and sanitation and housing that really was not appropriate for those harsh environments. Professor Fran Baum helped compile a 3-year study around the world. looking at health inequalities It found social factors were a better determinant of health outcomes than income. Indigenous health experts say that's why governments need to think beyond intervention. We're not going to closing the gap entirely in the health system. There's housing, there's employment, there's education. We know that people who are better educated have better health. Our most pressing health problems concerns all relate to lifestyle - that's heart disease, diabetes and nutrition. But the report also found issues like racism are taking a huge toll, not to mention general well-being. affecting access to services, not to mention general wellbeing.

The report authors are calling for a rethink of healthcare to stem the growing divide. Amber Muir, Ten News.

Pieces of good news - it's the

weekend I'm going to import some

are blue sky to your backyard. Can write as well.

Princess Mary has lent some royal support to an Australian children's charity. Just days after visiting relatives in Tasmania, the Danish royal was in Melbourne, taking part in a cyber-bullying think tank. The royal entourage crawled up the city laneway - crowded by rubbish bins and the odd security guard or two. Not the typical place to find a princess, but Mary of Denmark was on a visit close to her heart. Isabella, would you present that please to Her Royal Highness?

Princess Mary warmly thanked for her role as international patron of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation - set up in memory of the two little girls gunned down with their mother and 32 others in her home State of Tasmania during the Port Arthur massacre. Her involvement in the charity, which supports victims of violence, giving birth to her own foundation in Denmark. The Alannah and Madeline Foundation has been an inspiration to the Mary Foundation and the work we are doing for the Mary Foundation. Her visit providing inspiration of its own. I met the princess. And what was that like? Really exciting and fun. Princess Mary made the stopover with Prince Frederik and their two children after visiting her family in Tasmania. The Danish royals are in Melbourne to attend a special dinner the foundation is hosting

to brainstorm ways to combat cyber-bullying. They'll be joined by 60 influential Australians, including the Prime Minister. I'm looking forward

to maybe sharing some experiences Kellie Morgan, Ten News.

The city's toughest race to the top had hundreds sweating it out. The Sydney Tower Run-Up is the ultimate stairmaster workout - 1,504 stairs to the top of Centrepoint Tower. Some of the best pre-race advice Wil Elrick. came from one-legged competitor Have fun. Basically, go in at a nice pace and just keep that until I get to the top. Defending champion Scott McTaggart won again in 7.49 seconds, but did it the hard way.

I had a miss turn. Probably went up a couple of extra stairs than I needed to. Next step - New York's Empire State Building. Sport now with Brad and a Tiger's great demands and a Tigers great demands a much better effort. Yes, Benny Elias doesn't want a continuation of their end-of-season slide. We'll hear what he expects against the Sharks tonight. Also, keeping the momentum going - the Eels brothers ready to combine against the Dragons in that charge for a finals spot. And a qualifier stuns the women's world number one at the US Open. Sharpen up your chances of winning with the Instant Scratchies Father's Day bonus. Buy a $5 Scratchie and get a free $2 Scratchie. Or buy a $10 Scratchie... Dad! ..and get two free $2 Scratchies. You could win a fortune. (Laughs) So it's about striving for that highest level? Bingo! I mean, we all love it when an Aussie grabs gold at the Games. VOICEOVER: Let's give it our best. OK, now bring your knees up to your chest. in the Nissan Tiida. Lots of big-car space and loads of features from a small-car $17,990. This program is captioned live.

The Roosters are fighting for a

top-four spot when they take on

Souths. A lot will depend on how

the sharks at rebound. The captain

said he'd reunite his team like

never before. The bad news is the

Tigers captain has been passed fit.

He turned up and gave me the thumbs

up. He's captain courageous. His

last home game for the Tigers. They've held meeting after meeting to work out why they're again collapsing when it counts. Now the Wests Tigers have been told bluntly what's at stake tonight. Well, they've got to realise they're playing for their contracts. They're playing for their lives. They're playing for a sliver of hope of making this top eight situation. And knowing that, they've just got to put their bodies on the line. Tomorrow night Parramatta will rely on brotherly love to help keep their season alive against the Dragons. Matt and Kris Keating still live together at home and pay board to their parents. And they needle each other like brothers should. Who's the messiest? Oh, definitely him. Even if you walked into his bedroom now his bed's not made, there's clothes all over the floor, he's very untidy.

But kid brother's not tardy when it comes to asking for help. Matt's played a few more games than me now so if I need a bit of support I always look up to him or ask him , especially around the house.

If something comes to mind I'll hit him up about something. Things perhaps not as friendly at the Broncos. Wayne Bennett and Ivan Henjak at the centre of a supposed coaching split after a reported blow-up at training yesterday. Former assistants to Bennett can relate to Henjak. Well, there's a few times I wanted to take him out the side and give him a bit of a flogging but you just didn't, so look I'm not sure what's happening there but they're both professional people and I'm sure they'll get the job done for the Broncos over the next couple of weeks. At Manly, you can tell finals footy is almost upon us. Coach Des Hasler coy on whether Jamie Lyon's ready to return from a leg injury. Oh, I'm just thinking at the moment, I'm really excited at the progress that he's making. Will you have him back in the centres? I'm really just excited at the progress that he's making.

A moray a night in Newcastle will

be the first trial of 11 aside

football in the under 20 s match

between Newcastle and a Melbourne.

Many people think the field is

getting too crowded so that could

be appointed to the future. Great news for the Wallabies ahead of their crucial Tri-Nations Test against South Africa in Johannesburg this weekend. After days of drama, flanker Rocky Elsom will play after the Aussies won an appeal against his one-match suspension for dangerous play last weekend. Sanzar reviewed the ban overnight, deeming it too harsh. I'm looking forward to it. I think that we've got a big opportunity on the weekend and all the boys are really pumped and I would've been very disappointed to have had to miss it. No doubt about that, the Boks are on the verge of losing two successive Test matches to the Aussies on home soil for the first time in 45 years. and away season as high as fourth or as low as eighth. In any case, they're guaranteed of playing finals footy next weekend, and for that reason, Paul Roos says tomorrow night's SCG result is irrelevant. Their opponents, Brisbane, trained at the ground this afternoon. They'll meet a Swans team worried more about recapturing form than securing a win.

Steve team in our best form can to

some damage so we've to get our

best team won the field in good some damage so we've to get our best team won the field in good

form and if we do that we can be

very competitive next week. Ryan O'Keefe remains in doubt. He's battling the flu. And you can see the Swans versus Brisbane Lions here on Ten from 7:30 tomorrow night. Tennis, and the biggest shock in US Open history with world number one Ana Ivanovic out after a second-round defeat to French qualfier Julie. The top seed fought back from a set down to level the match. But Quarn, ranked 188th in the world, won the deciding set 6-3. Did you think when you stepped on the court did you think you would be able to do this? No. 18-year-old Australian Jessica Moore unable to produce a shock of her own, defeated in straight sets by German Anna-Leena Groenfeld.

It's a race against time To the Tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow. Michael's best bet is Desetude, Race 7, Number 1. Later in Sports Tonight, highlights of the NRL and AFL, and we catch up with an American swimmer, Michael Phelps. Stay with us.

Tim Bailey's back with the weekend weather forecast next.

Time for a weather details. The

next time we speak it'll be spring.

What a lovely thought when we did

our big toe into spring time. I've

an eye on the calendar. But it'll

be sunny and 19 on Monday. Let's

talk about Saturday and Sunday.

Tomorrow around about 20 degrees, a

fine and sunny day with cloud

increasing in the afternoon. Sunday

- a clearing shower and 19. The

Cromar strikers. A have a be day

because it's the best time of your

life. All the best to everyone.

Have a great weekend. It'll be fine

and sunny tomorrow. Don't you love

this time of the week?

Getting cloud over South Australia

ahead of that trough is causing causing ahead of that trough is causing

causing rain. Patchy rain and a few causing rain. Patchy rain and a few

thunderstorms. A trough and front

will spread patchy rain over much

as South Australia reaching western

New South Wales. Rain also in New South Wales. Rain also in

Victoria and Tasmania. Patchy rain

and showers developing over New

South Wales, Victoria and possibly South Wales, Victoria and possibly

southern Queensland. Rain across the South southern Queensland. Rain across

the South Australia and a coastal

western Australia. Lots of blue sky.

19 degrees on Sunday. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Have a lovely weekend and we'll see you Monday. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.