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This program is captioned live. of our police stations. Tonight - the shocking state prisoners could break out. Officers fear to a Sydney childcare centre. A major drug bust right next door And Terri's heartache, over Steve's death. admitting she's still in denial

I feel so blessed. and two beautiful children. I had the best 14 years and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. tested for bird flu. Also tonight - a Vietnamese tourist And canned before it gets here -

a controversial new energy drink. the Government bans But first this evening -

of our police stations. the shocking state are in a state of disrepair, Ten News has learnt more than half posing serious safety risks. Some buildings are so badly neglected could escape from holding cells. officers fear prisoners From the outside, many other big city stations, Blacktown Police Station looks like as one of the worst in Sydney. but inside it's revealed in this high-crime area Conditions for those working

are cramped and below standard. a leaking roof, A police union report reveals doesn't work, the chargeroom duress alarm from holes and patches, the carpets pose a trip hazard of the State's police stations, and, like more than 50%

it's seriously overcrowded. throughout the State A number of police stations

are in appalling condition. governments for many years We have been at successive

to upgrade them.

is falling apart and overcrowded - Port Kembla's police station for rebuilding or refurbishment one of 27 police stations earmarked made at the last election. under a $200 million promise But of the 27 stations Statewide, five building projects are under way. the Police Association says only

water-ridden stations You cannot work in rat-infested,

and professional manner. and keep performing in an efficient to grow by 3,000 officers, And with police numbers projected where will they work? the big question is, for space, to get access to space, They themselves are fighting to get access to brief lockers. The Police Association says in major Sydney police stations there are holding cells in such poor conditions prisoners could easily escape. it's feared

Even new police stations are full - into portable buildings. staff overflowing around the State There are a lot of stations that need our attention, all at once. but we can't do every one of them they've waited long enough. But police on the front line say John Hill, Ten News. at Sydney airport this morning. A major bird flu scare arriving from Vietnam, A man was rushed off a flight

but health authorities now say the deadly disease. it's unlikely he has

No chances taken - wearing protective clothing paramedics and health workers arrives at hospital. as the sick passenger The Vietnamese-Australian man early this morning. flew in from Hanoi Ill for most of the flight, for much of the last two hours. he was unconscious

he was very sick? REPORTER: But when you saw him Following Australian quarantine laws, before landing. the pilot notified authorities Doctors on board helped to treat him. He was suffering flu-like symptoms and his wife told them on a farm in Vietnam. they had been near live chickens of the crisis on board. Other passengers largely unaware They just quarantined the aircraft. and they let them go. They checked carefully the patient

immediately near the ill man Passengers seated before they disembarked. had their health checked The one comforting aspect for them, if this proves to be avian influenza, no known cases is that there are still of the virus. of human-to-human transmission remains in isolation The man, aged in his 30s, their actions were precautionary although health authorities say for his illness. and avian flu the least likely reason by clinicians, The person is being assessed at the hospital who are expert in these things, and, at this stage, they tell us is very unlikely. they think avian influenza have now been called in Australian Federal Police officers to investigate the case. But they won't confirm reports with a medication the man was treated

an unknown substance. after coughing up Eddy Meyer, Ten News. a major drug operation Police have busted

to a Sydney childcare centre. next door have been found in the house, Hundreds of cannabis plants leaving neighbours shocked. to smash in the front door Police use a battering ram of a drug house in Cabramatta. Police search! Police! are filled with cannabis plants - Inside, the bedrooms and garage 269 in total, worth $1.5 million.

quite large heads. The larger plants have That means more marijuana per plant. with an elaborate watering system. The crop was growing under lights No-one actually lives here - the window to stop anyone seeing in, mattresses pushed up against around the electricity meter power lines diverted and air filters set up in every room. and bag them for evidence, As police sort through the plants

just a few metres away children at this childcare centre and away from the strong fumes. are kept inside

on society I think it's a sad indictment would be next door to a preschool. that such an elaborate set-up the situation to worried parents The centre's operators are explaining this afternoon. being next door to it. I wouldn't want my kid Believe it or not, in the same house just last year. police busted a similar drug set-up

I reckon, Probably a lot of the smell, from here. because my kid, she can smell it Officers from the Wetherill Park Target Action Group are still hunting the group behind the hydro house. They're checking over all the equipment for fingerprints and DNA. A large quantity of cannabis has now been seized which will not hit the streets. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A new super-strong energy drink called Cocaine will be banned from sale in Australia. Its caffeine content and its name leaving a bad taste in the mouths of health experts and regulators. Marketed as the legal alternative to doing cocaine, drinking it. While America's latest energy drink doesn't actually contain the drug emblazoned on its can written in white powder, its publicity-grabbing name has fuelled protests

and calls for a boycott. From the White House to the crack house, cocaine has affected numerous lives. Its makers claim it's 3.5 times stronger than a Red Bull, with almost as much caffeine as four coffees in one hit. The company's plan to export Cocaine to Australia has outraged drug experts here, who say it sets a bad example for kids.

The best that can be said is that it's in bad taste, but I think the worst is that it can contribute to a normalisation of drug use. Where a cup of coffee may provide a quick pick-me-up,

the makers of Cocaine claim "doing" their drink will give an intense high for five minutes and a buzz for five hours - long enough, nutritionists say, to get the shakes, a racing heartbeat and possibly kidney damage.

We don't know what happens to young people's bodies with that high amount of caffeine, and I certainly would not like to see them anywhere near this. Neither does the Federal Government. It'll be illegal in this country to sell that particular drink because of the ridiculous level of caffeine in that drink. But keeping it out entirely will be difficult - the company plans to start "dealing" on the Internet. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A costly court defeat for State MP Paul Gibson - the Member for Blacktown sued Nationwide News, claiming he'd been defamed by the 'Daily Telegraph'.

Mr Gibson believes newspaper articles implied he was a corrupt politician who accepted a taxpayer-funded overseas study tour without doing any work. But a Supreme Court jury has found he wasn't defamed. It's cost me a lot financially

and today's decision means a bloke will have to get a second job. Mr Gibson is considering an appeal. Steve Irwin's grieving widow says she's still in denial over her husband's tragic death. Terri Irwin says she wouldn't change a thing about their fairytale life together. A heartbroken Terri Irwin opens up about losing the love of her life. If I had to do it all over again, even knowing how it ended,

I would in a minute. It's been three weeks since Steve Irwin's death and she says she's surviving minute by minute, hour by hour. You've lost him and you feel you were blessed? I feel so blessed. I had the best 14 years and two beautiful children. Terri admits still being in denial and says 8-year-old Bindi has been a pillar of support.

I had the best daddy in the whole world. But, sadly, 2-year-old Bob doesn't understand his father is dead. He's still asking when is Daddy coming home. He does understand that something happened to his father. For him it is an everyday loss. Terri spoke to American interviewer Barbara Walters at Australia Zoo, where she and Steve met and called home. Fighting back tears she described him as her Prince Charming, a soul mate who filled her life with happiness. Just a romance like I didn't think existed anymore. Terri, who was born in America, says she and the children will stay in Australia to fulfil Steve's dream. She says the huge outpouring of public grief is helping her cope with her heartbreaking loss.

In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. With just three days to go until the Grand Final, Swans fans have started their invasion of Melbourne. And it's not just the players and supporters preparing - some of our top entertainers are warming up for the big day.

Grand Final fever is in full swing. It's not just the players being put through their paces. (Sings) # Standing on sacred ground # And while most footballers were toddlers in the '80s, it's that era the pre-match entertainment will celebrate, with some flash talent. (Sings) # What a feeling # I really don't know how they play in those really skimpy, sexy outfits. And these Countdown singers are nervous. Very, really on edge because it's really important to me that the Swans win. The Australian Idols, who'll belt out 'Waltzing Matilda', also revving up.

(Sings) # With a little help from my friends # From the West - the invasion of Eagles fans is under way. (All chant) Go the Eagles! While the Swans' littlest mascot will run through the banner with the reigning premiers. Swans will go in and win overall. The interstate final expected to be embraced by Melbourne, just as last year. The game was so tight, so close, we saw some fantastic football

and the atmosphere here was as good as any grand final. And with a fine day predicted, as well as plenty of fans making the pilgrimage from the north and the west, MCG officials anticipate a full house. That's more than 95,000 people cheering on what's sure to be a thrilling match. And, by Monday, the premiers will be licked, as stamps. We get the pictures from the football match, build them into the stamps Saturday evening and then we are actually printing first thing Sunday morning. Kate McGrath, Ten News. Tim Webster joins us with a preview of sport, and the NRL grand finalists are heading to Sydney. Yes, the Broncos and the Storm hit town tonight ahead of tomorrow's traditional grand final breakfast. And on the AFL decider, we'll hear from Barry Hall, who'll reveal the Grand Final superstition he'll be observing on Saturday. And a wayward javelin floors a track and field official during competition. Also later, a mystery virus The PM's wife labelled 'useless' by a woman who used to fill her role - Margaret Whitlam's stinging attack, next. Also tonight, a tearful day in court for former footballer Ian Roberts, breaking down over the death of a young friend. And stripped bare - the men of league take it all off for charity. Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo.

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The victims have been named as Marie and Emily Langon. Police originally thought the fire might have been deliberately lit, calling in homicide detectives. But investigations have failed to find anything suspicious, with the kitchen area the likely starting point of the fire. Former rugby league star Ian Roberts has broken down in tears at a murder inquest in Sydney. Roberts told the court he feels guilty he couldn't prevent the gruesome death of a young friend. It was a highly emotional footballer-turned actor who gave evidence today at Glebe Coroners Court, recalling his friendship with a boy who was found murdered four years ago. 17-year-old Arron Light vanished when about to testify against a paedophile ring that included Frederick George Rix. His remains found buried under a concrete slab at Alexandria. Ian Roberts claims he was also molested by the same man but kept it secret for more than 25 years, fearing his masculinity would be compromised. I'll have plenty to say when this is over. Mr Roberts told the court Light had became angry at the world before his death, becoming paranoid someone was out to get him.

Roberts says he didn't know how to help, but encouraged Light to take his attackers to court so they couldn't hurt anyone else. But he's been racked with guilt ever since. Roberts cried as he revealed the impact the death has had on him. Mr Rix barely looked at Mr Roberts in the witness stand as the evidence continued. For hour after hour, he fidgeted with his paperwork and stared into space. His occasional interjection angering the Coroner. Rix is expected to personally cross-examine Roberts over his evidence tomorrow. Amber Muir, Ten News. A dire warning tonight from doctors after a surge in the number of alcohol-fuelled assaults and serious head injuries. They predict things will only get worse this Grand Final long weekend. Accident and emergency doctors at St Vincent's Hospital say up to 80% of their patients suffer serious injuries

as a direct result of drinking too much alcohol. And there's been a surge in the number of serious injuries from alcohol-fuelled violence. They get into fights, they get hit by cars. If they fall off a bar stool, they could have a head injury which is severe enough to kill them.

It comes as police investigate the bashing of a 24-year-old Irish backpacker outside a Bondi pub last Friday night.

John Counihan was punched to the ground. He was left with a swollen brain after his attacker stomped on his head. It is incredibly sad and depressing when you see a young person with a head injury and you know that person is never going to be the same. And while police continue to hunt the men who carried out the vicious assault here last Friday night, John Counihan lies in an intensive care ward

where doctors say even if he does survive,

he's suffered such serious head injuries it's unlikely he'll ever be the same again. And as extra police prepare to patrol Bondi this weekend, the Government says there are encouraging signs of a drop in gun crime over the past 10 years. On average, a 44% reduction in gun crime generally, and that's very good news. Evan Batten, Ten News. More embarrassment for the State Government, with the Premier apologising to a bus crash victim.

The accident was caused by a driver who should never have been behind the wheel. Linda Duke is lucky to be alive after surviving an horrific accident. Hospitalised with a broken leg, arm and head injuries after a government bus crossed onto the wrong side of Spit Road, Mosman. I feel as though an apology is definitely needed. In question time, that's just what Morris Iemma delivered. Of course we apologise to the constituent that you just mentioned

as well as the other nine. The crash should never have happened. Bungling transport officials overlooking that the 41-year-old driver was banned from being behind the wheel of government buses. Who else is out there with records like that? He was allowed to be out there time and time again, negligence upon negligence, and I find that appalling. The mother of three says the crash has had a profound effect on her health and her family's wellbeing. She will pursue the Government for a compensation claim. It's also emerged that a driver from the Ryde depot was involved in 69 accidents before being shown the door. Whether it's this bus driver or the driver from Ryde,

Labor's had 12 years to get the system right. 20 drivers been kicked out in the last year alone. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. An extraordinary attack on Jeanette Howard by a former prime minister's wife. Margaret Whitlam says Mrs Howard is 'useless', ridiculing her for holding hands with her husband in public. The Prime Ministers' wives got together this year. It's not something they often do and perhaps that's just as well. We now know what Margaret Whitlam was thinking as she and Janette Howard mingled with the crowd. Mrs Whitlam has asked her biographer. Mrs Howard, she says, is:

Kim Beazley is usually a big fan of the Whitlams but not this time. Can I tell you one of my underpinning principle, in politics, don't comment on the wives of our colleagues. The Howards and the Costellos have had their differences but the Treasurer isn't buying into this one. I just think it's better if we leave that kind of thing aside because I don't think it helps public debate or public policy in any way at all, actually. So just what does Mrs Howard do? Quite a lot as it turns out. She is a devoted follower of the Breast Cancer Foundation, having herself survived a cancer scare. Her interests are many, even if the media isn't always invited. Unlike Margaret Whitlam, Janette Howard doesn't enjoy the limelight. She sees herself as the support act to the elected leader

and that's unlikely to change. And to say she rarely accompanies her man anywhere is just plain wrong.

The Howards are practically joined at the hip. In fact that could be the problem. What really gets under Margaret Whitlam's skin, she says, is their open displays of affection. Imagine! Holding hands in public after 30 years of marriage! It just isn't done. So will the Howard's continue with the practice? But of course yes! Fenn Kemp, Ten News.

And so they should. We like the

hand- holding thing. It's great.

Tim Bailey, Darling Harbour. I just

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of mood We are, and then we're

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down to the MCG against the West

Coast Eagles. Your photographs

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folks, have been fabulous, creative,

yes.V a look at today's winner of

the weather photograph or the

Swannies photograph.T comes from

Steve the Skeloretor.T gives us an

idea of whatL be left on Saturday,

nothing except bare bones. SendT to

us here. G those Swannies. WhatB

the brilliant weather today.

Fabulous stuff. Still 23 degrees as

we doT live from Darling Harbour.

Tomorrow's topL be exactly this, 23

degrees. Up to sky watch,V a look

at that. Brilliant stuff. WeH to

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glorious day afterB 12 o'clock.

Pollution levels - not a problem

there. Tomorrow at your place, fine

and sunny, a gusty southerly, 23

degrees and I'll see you againN aroundB 10. On the front line with our elite troops. Next, what really happened to our soldiers in Afghanistan. And the car-mad toddler who managed to buy the real thing on eBay.

This program is captioned live. Small communities across two States are reeling from the worst fatal crash in Victoria in more than a decade. Seven people lost their lives

when their cars collided and burst into a fireball. At just two years of age, Mia Rose is oblivious to the tragedy she's been delivered. Her 17-year-old mother, Mandy Niblett, among the seven victims of a fiery crash in north-west Victoria. Mandy was a great kid, she was a loving daughter, she was a wonderful mother to Mia Rose. The toddler has also lost her grandfather, Max Purdue. They were just great people, very friendly, do anything for you. They were travelling in a sedan with Balranald man Dan Kelly and his two children, Gavin and Natalie, aged 7 and 6. Wonderful father. A nephew that you could hold in your arms and never want to release. He just idolised his children. Everywhere he went, they went. A guy that was do anything, help anybody and he will be missed. Police believe the sedan failed to give way, slamming head-on and at speed, into a van and trailer

driven by Heywood go-kart enthusiasts Graham and Kathleen Millard. Those first on the scene say there was nothing they could do. There was an inferno going, it was horrific and, um... Probably, a scene of helplessness would be best described. They wouldn't have survived the crash, by the looks of things, it was such a big hit. I would be very surprised if anyone survived that. It's the worst fatal car crash in Victoria in over a decade, but local residents claim the intersection was a tragedy waiting to happen. It's always been pretty dangerous, you've got to watch it pretty carefully. The Victorian Government announcing an immediate upgrade. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. 200 crack Australian troops are heading home from Afghanistan after a year of living dangerously. The Defence Force today revealing for the first time details of their secretive mission and the number injured. The Defence Force has been tight-lipped about the activities of the Special Operations Task Force in Afghanistan but now they're heading home, their Commander's revealed they've faced firefights unseen by Australian forces since the Vietnam War. It is not surprising that the Taliban have reacted extremely aggressively to our arrival in their backyard, it was akin to poking an ant bed with a stick. That angry Taliban ant bed saw Australian troops involved, in 139 combat incidents, ranging from skirmishes to pitched battles. Miraculously, our side suffered only 11 wounded in action, with no fatalities. As for the number of enemy killed, the Defence Force either doesn't know or won't say. We weren't about going in there and establishing a body count. There have been claims the special forces should have stayed longer in Afghanistan to protect our reconstruction force, that arrived last week. I think there is a danger that we put too heavy a load on our special forces. Winning battles in Afghanistan is not the same as winning the war against terror. The Australian Government has reacted cautiously to the release, in Washington, of a damning intelligence assessment that blames the war in Iraq for provoking global terrorism. President Bush defended the invasion. Some people have, you know, guessed what's in the report and have concluded that going into Iraq was a mistake. I strongly disagree. I would like, myself, to see this report. I haven't seen it yet. I hope to see the whole document. I am pleased President Bush is going to declassify it. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. It could be mistaken as the most glamorous house boat on the high seas, or a home with an enormous pool. In fact, an American couple couldn't bear the idea of developers tearing down the historic mansion, so they bought the century-old manor and had it shipped to their waterfront property 40km away. It took 32 hydraulic dollies to load the 200-tonne mansion onto a barge. It'll now be turned into a retreat for missionaries. An English toddler has managed to buy a $22,000 car over the Internet. 3-year-old Jack Neal is obsessed with toy cars, but when his mum left the computer logged on to trading site eBay, he seized the opportunity to get his hands on the real thing. I went mad and I went sad, just horrified. The little car enthusiast somehow clicked on the 'buy now' option and landed himself a pink convertible, not that he's willing to admit it. Did you try to buy it? Noooo. You did. No. Fortunately, the car's owner saw the funny side and agreed to put it back on the market. Ice overtaking ecstasy as the drug of choice for teenagers -

the alarming statistics, next. Also, beating the doctor shortage - robots coming to a hospital near you. And the men of league baring all for charity.

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this newshour - a controversial new energy drink banned from sale in Australia. Cocaine has just been launched in the United States. Authorities here have canned it before it arrives because of its name and high caffeine content. A major drug bust next door to a Sydney childcare centre. Hundreds of cannabis plants were found in the house at Cabramatta, leaving neighbours shocked. And the shocking state of our police stations - Ten News has discovered more than half are in a state of disrepair, posing serious safety risks. Some buildings are so badly neglected, officers fear prisoners could escape from holding cells. Australia's ice epidemic is worsening. Drug experts say it's becoming more popular than speed, ecstasy and heroin. More than 70,000 Australians are now addicted to the methamphetamine,

and the number is growing. One of the concerns we have is the uptake of smoking ice among young, fairly recreational drug users,

and they're dabbling with this new form of drug use.

A lot of them are naive as to how addictive smoking ice can be. The crisis will be discussed tomorrow at a special conference in Sydney. Commercial TV networks have united to prevent more premier sporting events from being lost to pay TV. Free-to-air television cranking up its attack on any softening of anti-siphoning laws, with a major advertising campaign. ADVERTISEMENT: The greatest Australian sporting achievements should be free for all Australians to see, not just those who can afford pay TV. The anti-siphoning laws currently give free-to-air TV the first option for broadcast rights to Australia's most popular sports.

The Australian share market surged back towards record territory on another strong lead from Wall Street. A chronic shortage of medical staff

is forcing American hospitals to use robots instead of doctors.

And now the remote-controlled consultants are heading here. It looks more like R2D2 or something out of the Jetsons than a doctor doing afternoon rounds. With your right hand, point to the ceiling. Operating the robot from his home or office allows neurosurgeon Neil Martin to check on patients more often We know that when a crisis occurs in the intensive care unit

the outcome's inevitably better if you can respond in a matter of minutes. UCLA Medical Center is one of 24 US hospitals using the robots to make critical care specialists more available

to patients, their families and hospital staff. How long do you think it'll take before he can eat something? After getting over the initial shock,

patients say you forget you're talking to a robot. It seems like he's right there, like a normal person. Rather than compromising patient care, early studies indicate the robots improve treatment by allowing specialist doctors

to more quickly and regularly see and talk to patients. And now the technology is coming to Australia - patients at Melbourne's Epworth Hospital will see robots in December. They'll be wheeled out in other States next year. US manufacturers say they could be the answer to Australia's doctor shortage in the bush,

allowing city doctors to quickly treat critically ill patients in remote locations. We're able to beam a person from anywhere to anywhere that the Internet takes you. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Some of league's hottest stars have stripped down for a raunchy new calendar. It's to raise money for breast cancer research - all the players featured personally affected by the disease. They're getting their gear off for a good cause. These buff NRL players share more in common than just a sculpted upper torso. All the men featured in the calendar have had someone close to them diagnosed with breast cancer. My girlfriend's mother died after a 10-year-long battle about three months ago. The boys say the raunchier the better, because more sales means more money for breast cancer research. Today Glenn McGrath, with the help of a few mates, got behind the barbie to raise awareness. His daughter, Holly, making an appearance in the absence of her mother, Jane, who's battling her third bout of cancer. She's getting stronger and stronger every day, and the fact that I'm back playing cricket, that I feel that comfortable that I can do that, is always a good sign too. The McGrath Foundation was set up after Jane was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997. Glenn says their two children give her the will to fight on. The kids are always a great source for Jane to keep going. The proceeds raised here today will go towards getting more breast care nurses in hospitals to support sufferers and their families during the treatment process. Currently there are just 200 full-time specialised nurses nationwide. It's tough enough going through this, and then to not have that support there makes it that much more difficult. Another Australian icon is getting behind Breast Cancer Month - the Opera House illuminated in striking hot pink to mark the official launch. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News.

Tim Bailey, that's a hard act to

follow. What's going on with the

weather ? Darling Harbour, darling.

It's glorious. Have a look at the

blue sky, more tomorrow. 26, Friday.

Then it will be about 23 Saturday

and 26 again on Sunday. Let's look

at the map of New South Wales for you, folks.

you, folks. Tomorrow, a brilliant day, 23

degrees, a blast of sutherly and

I'll see you at 5 to 6. Back to the

dodgy end of the news team. Yeah, nice one. Sport is next. Tim, Wayne Bennett makes a surprising admission about reaching the Grand Final. Yes, it was something he wouldn't tell the team last Friday. Also, Wendell Sailor on the man he fears will pinch the title off the Broncos. Also, Swans spearhead Barry Hall reveals Sydney are relaxed and unruffled going into the biggest game of the year. Also, an athletics accident - a track and field official speared by a javelin. Know what you're having? Hmm. Ummmm. Umm-um-um-um-umm. Get to know KFC's new burger range. Original Fillet, New Works, and BBQ Bacon and Cheese Burgers. Which will you have? Couldn't choose. If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt this October long weekend, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one passenger isn't wearing theirs,

that's your licence gone. Double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences. APPLAUSE ON TV MAN ON TV: Quiet, please.

Hey, Dad, got any spare cash? Thanks. PIANO VERSION OF 'MELLOW YELLOW' BY DONOVAN PLAYS Today's an even better day to start saving. Because now, with seven 5-star ratings, the Commonwealth Bank has Australia's most highly awarded savings accounts.

This program is captioned live. Barry Hall believes the Swans are better prepared to win Saturday's AFL Grand Final than they were in 2005.

And big Barry reckons last year's experience has them relaxed and focused. Even posing for photographs, Barry Hall cuts a menacing figure. But today it was all about staying cool, which is something the Swans are now better equipped to do. A lot more level-headed, even after the Fremantle win. It was a feeling that the job's not done yet. Just 11 points in total have separated the Swans and West Coast in their last four encounters.

The last time they met, the Eagles looked to get under the premiers' skins.

If that's the way they want to get their advantage, well, good on 'em.

But certainly no niggle, from our point of view, we are concentrating on winning the ball. The man who torments Michael O'Loughlin in defence, Adam Hunter, is also highly likely to go forward and kick goals.

Defender Craig Bolton relishing the challenge of picking him up should he come his way. Yeah, I wouldn't mind playing on Hunter, he is a really good player. In the past I have been lucky - Roosy has given me some big chances and I like playing with the good players.

In Perth, fans have started arriving for the Eagles' last training session at Subiaco before they head across the Nullabor. The Swans will have their final hit-out here at the SCG tomorrow before heading to Melbourne later in the day. Barry Hall certain to pack a very important piece of luggage. The big man today revealing one of his superstitions. I wear the same underwear... I wash it, though. (Relieved laughter) Neil Cordy, Ten News. He won three premierships with the Broncos, and Wendell Sailor says Brisbane must employ any tactic possible to nullify Melbourne whiz kid Greg Inglis in Sunday's Grand final. Wendell believes Inglis is worth 12 points to the Storm.

Wendell Sailor's advice for his old club centres around one man - Melbourne's try-scoring freak Greg Inglis,

a man he says is as good as Darren Lockyer at the same age. He's the sort of player that can turn a game, so I think if the Broncos are going to win come Sunday I don't care how you do it, you've got to shut him down. Sailor thankful Inglis is in the centres and not his preferred position. Wherever he plays he's going to have impact, but I think, at fullback, the more you give him the ball, the more damage he's going to do.

The sidelined Wallaby planning an appeal against his 2-year drug ban. Until then, he's cautiously predicting a win for his former team-mates. I'm tipping the Broncos by two, but, to be honest, the Storm do worry me. I sort of wish the Broncos played the Dragons. I'd feel a lot more easier and I think a few of the Broncos are thinking that way too. Meanwhile, his old Broncos coach surprising a function in Brisbane

by finally using the infamous 'S' word. The Storm arriving in Sydney late today

for tomorrow's traditional grand final breakfast.

In more news at the Sharks, one of their top players has pleaded with Brett Kimmorley to see out the final year of his contract despite his differences with incoming coach Ricky Stuart. Launching a calendar raising funds to fight breast cancer, The reason I came to the Sharks was because of Brett Kimmorley, and I'd hate to see him go, if that's the rumour going around, if that's true. I hope he stays because he is our captain and our leader. Stuart to meet all Sharks players at a meeting on Friday. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Basketball superstar Lauren Jackson has been resting at home today after spending the night in hospital suffering from a still-unknown illness. Jackson was struck down with severe nausea just hours after yesterday's triumphant return

as captain of Australia's World Championship-winning Opals. (Fans clap and cheer) And a short time ago Basketball Australia officials said the blood tests had proved inconclusive. Doctors believe she contracted either food poisoning or an airborne virus on the trip home from Brazil. Team-mate Belinda Snell suffered similar symptoms but was not hospitalised.

A javelin competitor in Brazil has thrown up a surprise, spearing a track and field official. The judge was hit in the foot by the stray javelin while watching warm-ups for the national championships in Sao Paulo. The woman was taken to hospital where the tip of the javelin was successfully removed from her foot. She had more than 10 years experience as a judge. Later in Sports Tonight, the Sydney Kings take on Adelaide in the NBL, and the chairman of Sydney FC resigns. THis is the M%, which is very heavy. Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather next. Know what you're having? Hmm. Ummmm. Umm-um-um-um-umm. Get to know KFC's new burger range. Original Fillet, New Works, and BBQ Bacon and Cheese Burgers. Couldn't choose. Right now Mazda 6 is a very good buy. With its sporty 2.3 litre 4-cylinder engine,

With its award-winning safety and handling, so see your Mazda dealer now. # Zoom, zoom, zoom. # BALLROOM MUSIC PLAYS first we judge its performance. AUDIENCE GASPS ..and fit. In fact, we really put it through its paces. Then and only then... JAZZ MUSIC PLAYS the judges make a decision

have all been affected by it. The boys are in constant pain and it's a 6-kilometre walk to school.

a mix of flour and water. TRANSLATION: I have pain in my legs.

But I still have to care for my family.

You are watching the news at 5.

Time for all the weather details.

Tim Bailey, I think it might have

been those league stars stripping

down for the breast cancer research

calendar, but Deb is insisting I

calendar, but Deb is insisting I ask you what you have on your T

shirt tonight Under here ? Yes And

I'm just doing this for you, rob,

not for Deb. Make it big . And

that's for the Swans, make it big

that's for the Swans, make it big Saturday night, guys, we're all

with you. We cannot wait for it.

Our weather photographs are being

in undated with Swannies pictures,

how you've dressed your houses up.

how you've dressed your houses up. It is a red and white brigade as we

march to the MCG for the second

year in a row. We'll broadcast live

too from Federation Square in

Melbourne, come Friday night with

all the Swannies fans. We'll have

the premiership cup a day before we

actually hold the thing up. It's

going to be fantastic. And Deb,

make it big. All right, what have

we got weather wise ? right now,

around about 23 degrees. Your

maximum tomorrow about 23 degrees.

Get do Friday - don't we love

that day - 26 degrees. Down to 22

on Saturday. Back up to 26 degrees

on Sunday T goes a bit like that,

doesn't it ? all right, into your

backyard, as we do it live from

Darling Harbour, darling, and

beautiful pictures from Craig

Hanson tonight. Current

temperatures around Sydney look a bit like this.

bit like this. To the satellite, cloud over

north-east NSW and south-east

Queensland is building in a trough,

heavy showers and severe

thunderstorms - the word I used

there was triggers, if you missed

it. Tomorrow's weather map, a belt

of high pressure will keep most of

Australia sunny and warm, a trough,

isolated storms in NSW and

south-east Queensland. The business

of the brolly, predicted

precipitation. Drips and drops

across rooftops. Isolated showers

and storms in NSW. South-east

Queensland, scattered showers along

the North Queensland coastline.

Isolated showers in western Tassie.

When you do the weather live on

location, you never know what sort

of skaly wags will turn up. Where

are you from ? Beverly hills north

You're going to theI max theatre

tonight Yes To see if the film is

good enough to take the students

and no matter how good the film is

you won't be taking the students.

Let's go interstate.

Let's go interstate. Deb, make it big. Ron, never, ever

do that to me. That's not a swan.

Fantastic. See you tomorrow night. The sky shook across the north-west again today, but this time it had nothing to do with bad weather. Two F-111s were put through their paces at the official launch of the Richmond Air Show. Their dump-and-burn moves followed with a fly-by featuring a C-130 Hercules and a Canberra bomber that served in the Vietnam War. More than 100 aircraft will feature

in the 3.5 hour show on the weekend of October 21. Spectators will be able to see the Roulettes and Red Beret parachute team in action too.

That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( PLAYING THE BLUES )