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(generated from captions) Raising RJ together,

having happiness in our future. And you can have that too. if you continue to see Phoebe. But we can't have that So please...

Please, Rick... ..break things off with her. depends on it. The future of this family the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, blackmail behind bars -

biggest corporate criminal Australia's the target of an extortion bid. Baptism of fire - joins a crackdown the new Police Minister

in the city. on alcohol-fuelled violence

And breast cancer breakthrough -

a simple test for the killer disease. the discovery that could lead to

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. long-suffering Sydney rail commuters. Also tonight, the grim prediction for And back in mum's arms - after a night in the bush. two missing toddlers safe and well But first this evening, former HIH high flyer Ray Williams. the prison extortion threat against has been moved from Cessnock Prison The convicted corporate criminal to a secret location with harm after three inmates threatened him if he didn't pay them $500,000. of Cessnock Prison - A brutal plot inside the walls against Ray Williams the extortion threat was uncovered on Friday. was forced Australia's biggest corporate crook for help to turn to prison authorities

when three inmates confronted him. they threatened to harm him It's believed

unless he paid them $500,000. an isolated cell for his protection Ray Williams was immediately moved to before another transfer on Saturday, saying: a Corrective Services spokesperson That place is another prison, won't reveal which one. but Corrective Services The overriding concern now

for the remainder of his sentence. is Ray Williams's wellbeing to keep a low profile, In prison, the HIH founder has tried as he did before prison life. I think you'd appreciate to make any comments this morning. it's not really appropriate for me to 4.5 years Ray Williams was sentenced

in the $5.3 billion collapse of HIH, for his part corporate failure. Australia's biggest to misleading shareholders He pleaded guilty

of the company, over the financial state

and failing in his duties. being reckless Since his imprisonment, with the HIH liquidator he has been cooperating some of the billions lost. in its attempt to recover as soon as January. Williams could eligible for parole Eddy Meyer, Ten News. A major crackdown is under way in the CBD. on alcohol-fuelled street crime from across the State Police have been brought in

the Rocks and Kings Cross, to target George Street, personally joining the blitz. the new Police Minister new Police Minister David Campbell A briefing for

as police scan CCTV screens,

in Hyde Park. foiling an attempted armed robbery He had it up his right sleeve. Thanks, mate, cheers. Kitchen knife. a high-visibility police crackdown, Early success in on the street the Minister joining police

targeting Sydney's crime hot spots, for Operation Swordfish, The Rocks and Kings Cross. including George Street,

Police and Government are alarmed violence in George Street. at a spate of alcohol-fuelled It's anti-social behaviour - some low-level robberies. some assaults, often, over-consumption of alcohol. It's those things that come from, of the Minister's concern - There was soon evidence overcome by alcohol. two teenagers, severely distressed, to hospital for treatment. They would later be admitted

of Operation Swordfish In the first four weekends and over 100 charges - there have been 81 arrests to the possession of knives - from robbery and assault and 200 'move on' directions. 300 searches for Operation Swordfish A key location

is here in Kings Cross, are outlaw bikie gangs. and among the targets

The worry is over

and arson attacks, tit-for-tat shootings at a recent bikie funeral. leading to a huge police presence

with the Government's support, The Commissioner, rightly, has said that's got to stop. for discarded needles Police also check Kings Cross in a known drug trafficking location. are stopped and searched. Two men seen running away both have extensive criminal records. A check reveals

until the June long weekend. Operation Swordfish continues

Paul Mullins, Ten News. long-suffering train passengers - More bad news for Sydney's officials admitting tonight and it will take years to fix. overcrowding is getting worse and better running times. 'Crush hour' blamed on petrol prices Almost overflowing with commuters, to this and many other trains passengers jammed in

for the start of the working week. with somebody the other day I did see somebody have words of the way to get off the train, because they couldn't get out "Look, I can't move anywhere else." and they were like, There was a kind of altercation. It's getting more packed every time. get on the train, Sometimes you can't even you have to wait for the next one or the one after.

for years to come. And carriages will remain overcrowded

We've got a plan of 16% over the next seven years - to deliver an increase in seating

that's about an extra 20,000 seats. CityRail is pleased and a little surprised

to the network. so many people have returned The growth that we are experiencing by improved reliability, is obviously driven are all playing a factor. and increases in petrol prices

every morning and evening peak, CityRail has an overcrowding problem

are people on the Western line. but worst off

have got worse, Already crowded carriages

of passengers this year alone. with a 5% increase in the number More seats would have been available outer-suburban carriages, if all the new

were up and running. nicknamed 'OSCARs', on the South Coast line There are only a few and the overall rollout is two years behind. These were meant to have been on the system last year and they're still nowhere to be seen. As a result commuters are facing enormous overcrowding.

our trains aren't as overcrowded as London's and Tokyo's

but evidence this morning suggests we're catching up. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. There's been a big breakthrough A simple new test has been developed with the help of Australian scientists. The discovery of four cancer genes may not have come soon enough for women like Daniella, but it's breathed new life into the fight against breast cancer.

Colleen Adamson lost her mother and sister to breast cancer and another sibling developed the disease. When genetic screening found she was also at extreme risk, she took the drastic step of having her healthy breasts and ovaries removed. I was living in fear of breast cancer, when I had two sisters receiving treatment I wondered would one day I would wake up and have it too.

After sifting through the DNA of 50,000 women,

an international research team, including Australian scientists, has isolated four more faulty gene sets.

It found women with that genetic profile were almost twice as likely to develop the cancer. I think this is probably the biggest discovery

in the genetics of breast cancer in the last 10 years. And they're convinced the breakthrough will help locate

hundreds more cancer genes. If you can actually identify those women most at risk

you can then do something to alter that course, whether it's detect that cancer early or even trying to stop it happening in the first place. While the benefits for treating breast cancer are still some years away, researchers hope to have developed a screening test for the newly found genes within five years. Incredibly, a simple blood test could become the key to preventing and beating the deadly disease. That's the ultimate goal - to stop women dying of cancer. The findings will soon be published

in the prestigious science journal 'Nature'. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. More distress for the family of murdered Sydney policeman Glen McEnallay with charges against one of his killers downgraded. Motekiai Taufahema was convicted of murder for the 2002 killing, but successfully appealed. A new trial was ordered

and now Taufahema has been allowed to plead guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter, leaving the McEnallay family devastated. I've got no faith left in the justice system in this State.

As far as I'm concerned they've put it in the too-hard basket and what chance have the other 15,000 police officers in NSW if this is the protection they're going to get? Constable Mcanallay was gunned down at Hillsdale after chasing a group of men in a car which Taufahema was allegedly driving. A new legal battle for former terror detainee Mamdouh Habib. He's accused of harassing police officers at the Bankstown McDonald's on Friday night, calling them expletives and foul names.

Police say Mr Habib refused to leave the restaurant when asked, his language shocking families eating at nearby tables. He's been ordered to face court in July, charged with offensive behaviour. A Sydney court has heard actor Matthew Newton will plead guilty to assaulting his former girlfriend Brooke Satchwell. The son of TV legend Bert Newton was originally charged with four offences

after an argument at the former couple's inner-city home last September. He wasn't in court today when three of the more serious charges were officially dropped. The case has been adjourned for two weeks. A spectacular $300 million backflip from the Federal Government on its controversial WorkChoices laws. Its new fairness test will cover more than seven million workers, backed by a stronger workplace watchdog. When it comes to a triple backflip with pike the Government deserves a perfect 10. The Workplace Relations Minister today unveiling an extensive 'fairness test' to apply to all AWAs, collective agreements and awards - much more than was announced three weeks ago. It will apply to base salaries up to $75,000.

If employees earn more in overtime, they're still protected.

Therefore it will cover more than 90% of the workers.

And pizzas in lieu of penalty rates are not on. Stung by union and Labor attacks, the Government insists compensation like child care or car parking is needed. And the watchdog will be given a much bigger kennel and teeth. $370 million will fund almost 600 extra compliance staff. We don't know how they are going to vote on the bill. They're awaiting instructions. The Labor Party are awaiting instructions of the trade union bosses. We'll be looking at it carefully through the course of the evening. An analysis of the Neilsen poll over the past six months shows just how big a political hole the Government has fallen into and explains its move from fine tuning to a renovation rescue.

The rescue is expected to continue next week when the Government begins a multimillion-dollar climate change campaign to shore up its battered green credentials. Labor, using leaked information, even had the name of the campaign, 'Climate Clever'. Isn't this campaign just a little too clever by half?

Mr Howard was accused of misleading the House

for denying a decision on the campaign had been made. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and bad blood between Souths Yes, all over that so-called king hit. We'll tell you how many weeks Jaiman Lowe copped shortly.

Also - big dramas at the Knights after yesterday's thrashing by the Broncos. Forward Clint Newton has been granted an immediate release after admitting he just can't get on with coach Brian Smith - we'll hear from an emotional Clint shortly. And the cars and sparks fly in wet and wild conditions at the annual Indy 500 at the famous Brickyard circuit. Also later - the Socceroos hit back at claims they'll be under strength for Saturday's international against Uraguay. A convicted child killer appeals his strict parole conditions - that's next. Also - the robbery vision you weren't meant to see.

has had enough. Why one Sydney hotelier And the Government's new centre tackling road safety.

Let's see how she'll benefit from can claim all their superannuation contributions as a tax deduction, which is only fair, because they've worked hard for it. The changes also mean that Amanda may now be eligible for the Super Co-contribution Scheme, where the Government tips in extra to help her super grow. she can look forward to paying absolutely no tax on her super payout after she's 60.

So tipping a little more money into her super a self-employed person like Amanda can make, which is a fair reward for all her hard work. To find out more about the improvements to super

This program is captioned live. Incredible allegations of murder and greed in a Sydney court today. Prosecutors alleged

a man set up his son to kill his grandfather so they could get their inheritance before it was spent. When grandfather Ernest Clark was found shot dead behind his home in Sydney's south in 2005, his son Michael

And he's got grandchildren, he's got great-grandchildren and he was special to each of them,

and they have no more Christmases with him, no more birthdays. Now he's on trial for murder. The Crown Prosecutor told the court:

He's accused of orchestrating his father's murder by getting his son to shoot his own grandfather so that he could get his share of a $660,000 inheritance. Michael Clark allegedly told his son: The court was told Michael Clark thought his dad's girlfriend was draining all his money on renovations, so:

There's no doubt in this case that Ben Clark was the one who pulled the trigger, killing his grandfather - he's pleaded guilty to that - but the court was told he will testify in this case that his father didn't set him up -

all he did was help him cover up his crime.

An important part of the pact, though, the court heard, was that if Ben was caught he was to take the blame or risk losing the inheritance. Michael Clark's wife, Jennifer, is also facing trial,

charged with hindering the police investigation. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A Sydney hotel boss has released dramatic video of an armed robbery,

fed up that after nine months the criminals still haven't been caught. Strike force detectives are worried

hotels are now the target of choice for thieves. Minutes after closing time and thieves force their way into the Gladesville Bowling Club and head straight for the safe.

Police had asked the club not to release this footage but today the CEO, John Barras, asked that we air the pictures of two recent armed hold-ups in the hope that someone might come forward with information. In a separate raid, armed bandits again forced staff to lie on the ground

before demanding access to the safe. Staff feared the men were armed with a rifle, concealed under the blanket. I really just wanted to as quickly as possible, open the safe as quickly as possible open the drawers give them what they wanted and get them out. how much money was taken. The club won't say

didn't take enough money They certainly for the risk that they took. higher insurance premiums They've had to pay after so many claims.

Insurance companies are now becoming rather worried

from armed hold-up from clubs. that they're getting so many claims

It appears to be, obviously, at the night close downs are the biggest problems times. almost 50 cameras throughout the club The club has already installed with another 16 on the way, but it was a robbery at another hotel to speak out today. that triggered club owners became the latest in a growing list Last night the Gladesville Hotel

to be hit by thieves. Strike force detectives fear is only going to get worse the problem because they're such easy targets. didn't last long, Last night's robbery

thieves only cleaning out one till with a small amount of cash. before taking off Evan Batten, Ten News has launched a legal bid Freed child killer John Lewthwaite from monitoring his every move. to stop authorities Lewthwaite walked out of prison last month

ankle bracelet like this one but has to wear an electronic everywhere he goes.

have lodged an appeal Lawyers for the 52-year-old

for the device to be removed. the application Corrective Services will fight next month. when the case returns to court And a legal win for a elderly man

with the Air Force. locked in noisy battle after shining a spotlight at an FA-18 71-year-old Kevin Stewart was charged

at Williamtown in March. as it raced over his house

to bring down the plane, He was accused of trying

but in court today and the case was thrown out. no evidence was presented with the RAAF for years, Mr Stewart has been at war are too noisy. complaining that their jets

in the search for the remains A possible breakthrough tonight Janine Vaughan. of missing Bathurst woman Police are calling in a forensic team what might be a shallow grave. after finding

made the grim discovery A team of police on the banks of the Macquarie River late this afternoon

3km south of Bathurst. at Gormans Hill,

A depression in the ground, by a police cadaver dog, first identified as a possible shallow grave. is being treated during a painstaking search The discovery was made

who disappeared in December 2001. for the body of Janine Vaughan,

leaving a Bathurst night club. She was last seen

what they have discovered Police won't reveal and removing a small amount of soil but after probing the ground

they placed a tent over the area what could be a crime scene. to preserve police forensic experts can say It will be several hours yet before a human body, whether they've discovered but if it is that of Janine Vaughan that reveals a clue it could be the breakthrough

to the identity of her killer.

It is now more than five years mysterious disappearance, since Miss Vaughan's to detect minute traces of odour but police cadaver dogs are trained being given off by decomposing bone, for up to 25 years. a process that can continue I'm really hopeful this time

we will get answers. that we will get something, Police say Brad Hosemans while former Bathurst detective

remains a suspect in the case

several other people they are now investigating

who could have killed Janine. those persons of interest We will work with

as a person of interest to either remove them

place them before the court. or to, if they're the offender,

Police say is being assembled a large forensic team to probe today's find. In Bathurst, John Hill for Ten News. as socially unacceptable A push tonight to make speeding

as drink-driving. The State Government unveiled plans to help slash the death toll. for the Road Safety Centre

Road experts have hit a wall to stop speeding. trying to convince motorists on our roads It's caused 40% of the fatalities in the last five years, of slowing down. and drivers are showing no signs in your speed, With every 5km increase

a casualty crash actually doubles. your chances of being involved in So the State Government and the RTA toward addressing that today, took a first step

announcing a new road safety centre. It was launched with a bang... illustrate the differences and 60km/h. between travelling at 40km/h

Even at the slower speed was surprising. the time taken to stop That's a braking distance of 19m

until the point of the the dummies. from the time the brake is applied And if the crash test didn't impress, the hard facts will. the State Government hopes more than 1,000 deaths Research shows speeding has caused in the past five years, about $3.6 billion a year, it'll cost the community regularly speed in 60km/h zones. and yet more than half of all drivers the same way We want to see speeding viewed

or driving without a seatbelt - as drink-driving as socially unacceptable. that mind-set, It's hoped if the centre can conquer well on its way the Government will be

its reduced road toll target by 2016. to reaching

Amber Muir, Ten News.

Per let's talk weather with Angela

Bishop. It was warm today!

Bishop. It was warm today! It was,

wasn't it? 22.6 degrees in the wasn't it? 22.6 degrees in the City,

was 25, 3 above normal, and at Homebush it

3 above normal, and at Homebush it

was 25, for above normal. As the

sun goes down in Sydney it is still

20 degrees - isn't bad

unbelievable? More of the same in

unbelievable? More of the same in Sydney tomorrow and

Sydney tomorrow and even a bit

warmer, up to 24, but the good news

is that in the West they expecting some is that in the West they are

expecting some rain and speaking of the West we expecting some rain and speaking of

the West we have tonight picture -

a fantastic one. A little bit of

fog in could Taman drat yesterday.

Blue skies this morning and then some Blue skies this morning and then

some cloud at lunchtime and the day

ended on a cloud. I will be be up back later

back later at the opera house with

a sneak peek at Circus Oz who have

taken over the big building with

the sales. Something to look forward to. Next, the gay pub that can legally exclude heterosexuals. where they can feel comfortable This is the only place

and can express their sexuality without perhaps being subject to humiliation. And happy reunion - two missing toddlers found safe after a night lost in the bush.

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soft as a mother's touch, only more concentrated.

(Both laugh) BOTH: Hello from Mount Isa. BOTH: Hello from Coffs Harbour.

(Both laugh)

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This program is captioned live. Vic Lorusso in the traffic

Lorusso in the traffic helicopter

what has happened? Big delays for

traffic heading west. A smash on

the death for me the Light Horse in

to change with the M7. Traffic has

recovered but you can see as we

zoom close set that those delays for

for Greystanes to Penrith exist for

home bound motorists. The Great

home bound motorists. The Great Western Highway is the alternative

and it is a far better trip sown

for traffic travelling western at

the Great Western Highway is much better. Two toddlers have finally been reunited with their parents after a wet and windy night lost in bushland. Grave fears were held for the little friends after they wandered from a remote property wearing just their pyjamas. A wonderful ending to a worrying 24 hours -

2.5-year-old Dakota and 3-year-old Trista found in dense bushland near Yallingup. after spending the night lost (Cries) Dirty but uninjured, what all the fuss was about. the toddlers didn't seem to know How are you? You caused all this? yesterday morning. Dakota and Trista went missing They'd been playing of the 20-hectare property out the front

wearing their pyjamas. before wandering off failed to find them A desperate search by their parents and emergency crews were called in. to abandon the search around 5:30. Poor light forced them including police and SES crews, About 300 volunteers,

resumed the search this morning. and husband Graham joined in Locals Merilyn Hutton

earlier this afternoon and discovered the toddlers and just 200m from the ocean. 3km from the house

I followed tracks down

come out from behind a bush until I seen a little red head and a little blonde head for answering my prayers. and I thanked God

at how well the children are doing. Police are amazed

it was a cold night - There was about 25mm of rain,

I imagine they would have had a wet and cold night but they obviously pulled through. they were their first words. They wanted Mummy and Daddy - but they were amazingly fine. I said, "We'll take you to them",

Jamie Freestone, Ten News. the right to turn away heterosexuals. A gay pub in Melbourne has won

action to protect its patrons, Its owners took the extraordinary

like "zoo animals". who they claim are sick of feeling A Peel drinker for 16 years, Lyndon Thompson's fed up from heterosexual patrons with growing abuse in a predominantly gay bar. 'Gays', 'poofters', things like that

comfortable in your own environment. it's a case of being able to feel obtained exemption So publican Tom McFeely from Equal Opportunity laws, and straight men entry. allowing him to deny women Too many heterosexuals in the Peel, upset the atmosphere. too many lesbians Mr McFeely proved and curious men the influx of hens' nights all-important balance. upset his venue's

If you can imagine a city wine bar

that's full of barristers and lawyers were to walk through the venue - and a couple of dozen drag queens

the atmosphere wouldn't change. don't tell me The tribunal found: The ruling begs the question - to other venues? will gay men now be denied access the Equal Opportunity Commission. Not so, according to to protect their safety, The exemption is there their social activities so they can enjoy in a safe and secure environment. it's a sign of things to come The Hoteliers Association hopes even more discretion in the future, and management will be granted

discrimination on the door. but not everybody agrees with

going to let gay people in here We certainly couldn't say we weren't for that exact reason what they're doing. and that's exactly it's about balance. But for Tom McFeely

but try and keep the fag with them. It's OK if you've got a fag hag, Luke Waters, Ten News. An Australian has been arrested in Moscow. during a violent gay rights protest A hostile crowd turned on Peter Tatchell, Melbourne-born activist throwing water and then punches.

'80s pop star Richard Fairbrass, Right Said Fred, from the British band was also attacked. to present a petition to the mayor, The activists were trying a ban on a gay pride parade. asking him to overturn Japan is expected to go head to head anti-whaling nations tomorrow with Australia and other

Commission gets under way in Alaska. when the International Whaling on commercial whaling, Japan is campaigning to end the ban which began 21 years ago. about 1,000 minke whales each year, The commission lets Japan kill this year but that quota will increase of 50 humpback whales to include the slaughter

in the Southern Ocean. Australia will use the meeting

for greater conservation initiatives. to push how much you can expect to pay, next. Australia's carbon trading system -

into a fatal light plane crash. Also - investigations begin Lindsay Lohan And Hollywood party girl

in trouble after a drunken crash.

has jackpotted to $13 million. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto a truckload of cash! So you could win HORN BLARES

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This program is captioned live. Top stories this new shour -

Top stories this newshour - the early detection of breast cancer. a significant breakthrough in discover four faulty gene sets Australian scientists helping a simple blood test for the disease that could lead to within a few years. has joined police on the beat New minister David Campbell on alcohol-fuelled crime for a major crackdown in Sydney's city centre. across the State for the offensive. Officers have been called in from biggest corporate criminal And Australia's inside prison. has fallen victim to an extortion bid

was confronted by three inmates Former HIH high flyer Ray Williams unless he paid them $500,000. who threatened to harm him before investigators know the cause It could be months in Western Australia. of a fatal light plane crash 62-year-old pilot Bill Green and Norm Wright and his friends Glen Pitchers were killed crashed into a paddock when the single-engine aircraft at the weekend. just before they were due to land. The pilot phoned his wife

they'll continue combing the scene Investigators say

for at least another three days to establish what went wrong. has pleaded guilty to drug charges. Former 'Queen of Pop' Allison Durbin The singer, now known as Allison Giles, was expected to face a trial but instead has pleaded guilty to trafficking a drug of dependence, cultivating narcotic plants and stealing electricity. She'll face a pre-sentence hearing on Wednesday. Durbin publicly admitted to a heroin addiction

in the mid-'80s. A national carbon trading system for Australia is no longer a question of if but when, with a federal task group set to hand down its proposal on Thursday. Experts say if action isn't taken now consumers will pay the price. The global warming clock is ticking and the Climate Institute says time is money. We should get going early with emissions trading

but also back that up with a clean energy target and comprehensive energy efficiency policies. If we don't, we'll pay the price through higher electricity bills. In fact, the Institute claims if the Government delays taking action the price of most goods and services would increase by around twice as much as they would if it acted now. the Federal Government will receive a report from its task group on how and when Australia should create

a domestic emissions trading scheme. Experts predict a 'cap and trade' system by 2011 where power generators and heavy industry are given a limit on emissions, creating a market where they can buy permits to exceed it. They will need to buy some permits effectively buy some permits off someone else what they are allowed to emit. Australia isn't the first to consider a carbon market -

Europe already has a trading system in place. Economists say we can learn from its mistakes. Tony Blair's former adviser on climate change agrees, but Nick Rowley says, as is the case in Europe, it's unlikely

the transport industry will be made part of the trading scheme. I would be very surprised

if airlines or other sources of transport were brought within the Australian proposal,

which we are eagerly awaiting from the Prime Minister. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A weak rise on the Australian share market with some good mining and media gains. James Hardie picked up 31 cents - it's quashed rumours it's a takeover target. PBL is up 26, as it prepares to sell another 25% of its media stock.

And Qantas rose 8 cents - its budget airline, Jetstar, releasing a new money voucher system. The price of petrol around Sydney tonight - unleaded selling for an average of $1.28 a litre. The best we could do -

$1.21 at Beacon Hill and Frenchs Forest. could face serious drugs charges Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan

in Beverly Hills. after crashing her convertible of her Mercedes on Sunset Boulevard, The 20-year-old lost control and slamming into a garden. hitting the curb She was charged with drink-driving, believed to be cocaine, in her car. but police also found drugs, to call him. has pleaded with his daughter

this message to you for a long time. Lindsay, I've been trying to get

I'm here for you. I love you. nothing else. This is about love and forgiveness, and that's all that matters to me. I'm your father

in August. The actress will face court All the

All the weather details with Angela

Bishop. I don't think you need

juggling lessons - you multi-

tasking very well already a! I

think it is about to get tougher in

the of for months time. I am at the

opera house where the fabulous

Circus Oz is playing for the very

first time in its 30 year career.

This is quite the Judge Platt -

This is quite the Judge Platt - she

has been doing this for five years

and there are some schools there

that I wish I did have. Fantastic.

The show was the hit of New York

and is here at the Opera House

until June 9th. A great family show.

I will be back at the end of the

bulletin with one of the other

fabulous people who takes part in

at Circus Oz and he is a bit of a

square peg in a round hole. I will

be watching for that one!

and more drama for the Knights Sport, now,

record loss. in the wake of yesterday's Yes - forward Clint Newton had irreconcilable differences with the coach

an emotional Newton shortly. and has left the club - from that so-called king hit. Plus - the judiciairy fallout Also - after two wins on the trot. the Swans back in from the cold at the Indianapolis 500. And a wet and wild day

BOTH: Hello from Mount Isa. (Both laugh)

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This program is captioned live. for the Newcastle Knights More trouble humiliating hiding from Brisbane in the wake of yesterday's by 65 points. has quit the club Popular forward Clint Newton

with coach Brian Smith. after falling out is Newcastle born and bred, Clint Newton

he wants to play his football. but right now it's the last place This is a tough game when you're not happy. and it makes it tougher a release by the Knights, An emotional Newton was today granted

coming to a head two weeks ago. his problem with coach Brian Smith

everyone wants to feel wanted, At the end of the day

to come to terms with. and that's the biggest thing for me for the club became his last, Yesterday, his 100th game

the heaviest loss in club history. his milestone marred by

for another NRL club or in England Newton could be playing

by next weekend.

That is the hardest thing for me -

to leave me it sees them and leave

all my mates and my best mate. has accepted a 4-match suspension South Sydney forward Jaiman Lowe Brett Delaney. for punching Gold Coast centre no action against Delaney The league's match reviewers took

a written complaint despite Lowe making by the testicles. was out of character, The Rabbitohs say Lowe's punch

a brain explosion, from the Gold Coast and they're angered by suggestions that it was an act of thuggery. but it wasn't a low act. What Jaimon did was wrong, It wasn't a king hit from behind. He didn't see it coming and a bad case of concussion. and he's got 12 stitches in his lip Leanne West, Ten News. in the NRL tonight - And yet more player movement halfback Jamie Soward the Roosters have released to St George Illawarra, Luke MacDougall go to Newcastle. and the Dragons have let

a new-look squad The Socceroos have named against Uruguay for Saturday's international

the 2010 World Cup. as they build towards and Melbourne striker Danny Allsopp Middlesbrough keeper Brad Jones are among the fresh faces, I don't want to hear that, here. because I've got a very good squad into the future. I think this week is about looking

to the 2006 World Cup squad. People keep on going back we have to move on. And the players and that, and John Aloisi Harry Kewell, Tim Cahill due to injury concerns. have all been rested back in the water The Sydney Swans were and they're back in the eight 43-point demolition of the Bulldogs. following yesterday's that winning formula Last year's grand finalists found to the season. after another slow start we want to play our football We just moved away from the way

and we just lost our way a bit. to our foundations - We just got back hard-contested, one-on-one footy. I think that's what suits us best we'll get for the rest of the year. and that's what, hopefully, of Nick Davis and Tadhg Kennelly, Sydney won without the services who was hospitalised through illness, at the SCG. for Saturday's clash with Essendon the Monaco Grand Prix Fernando Alonso has taken out

for the second consecutive year, bringing up McLaren's 150th Formula 1 victory.

for Toro Rosso's Tonio Liuzzi - It was a short race after just two laps. he found the wall failed to finish again, Aussie Mark Webber's Red Bull car for the third race in a row, this time with gearbox problems. No such worries for McLaren at the front of the field. as their two drivers battled it out It's his second of the season. COMMENTATOR: It's the 17th.

Lewis Hamilton crossed second. Alonso's rookie team-mate

Ferrari's Felipe Massa was third. dangerous conditions at the Indy 500. And heavy rain produced in a multi-car crash. Marco Andretti flipped his machine proved to be the end of the race The carnage on lap 165 ultimately

after downpours again delayed a restart. Just one more lap was possible. Andretti's team-mate Dario Franchitti grabbed the checkered flag

34 laps short of full race distance. Australia's Ryan Briscoe finished fifth. Slippery conditions took their toll on the Superbikes at Silverstone, with only one race possible in Round 7 of the championship. Aussies Troy Bayliss and Troy Corser managed to avoid the tumbles

and battled it out in front for most of the race. Bayliss eventually claimed the checkered flag. COMMENTATOR: take a famous victory here at Silverstone. The double last year and now another win in 2007. Just happy to get up on the podium again

and get out of that race on two wheels. Corser's Yamaha crossed third, with Japan's Noriyuki Haga snatching second. And a wet start to the French Open has left a huge backlog in the draw - just seven first-round matches were completed. Among them, former world number one Marat Safin - he beat Spain's Fernando Vicente in straight sets. His sister, Dinara Safina, was also a round one winner, along with defending champion Justine Henin

and number eight seed Serena Williams. That's all for now. Later in 'Sports Tonight' - the latest from our struggling Wallabies. Matt Giteau has a strained knee ligament and could miss Saturday's second Test against Wales, and, of course, Parramatta and the Warriors wrap up Round 11 of the NRL.

Traffic check with a Vic Lorusso. A

bad accident in Strathfield? A terrible way to

terrible way to end the evening for

the Inner West. The accident is on

Centenary Drive - all lanes are blocked

blocked so traffic trying to head

out of Homebush is delayed. Look at

the extent of it - back to North

Ryde. Major queues for motorists

heading out of the Inner West. Stay with us. Angela Bishop is back with the weather next.

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Angela Bishop now with the weather.

What you'd cool the sky,

What you'd cool the sky, what he

does? It would be handy on Mondays

for washing day! They were the

words my parents were longing to

hear for a long time - that a was

running away to join the circus -

well this man did. Matt Wilson, the

singing stuntman - what are you

doing? You have heard of

acupuncture? I will tell you all

about this new version in a moment.

about this new version in a moment.

He is one of the astounding

performance with Circus Oz who are

here at the Opera House until June

at nine. It is the first time they

have performed here in 30 years and

after eight huge hit in make New

York this is a great family show,

although don't try this at home.

Cloud crossing the south-east is bringing patchy light rain to South

Australia, Tasmania and Victoria

but little elsewhere. Cloud over

southern Western Australia in fresh

southern Western Australia in fresh

that westerly winds is generating

showers. Cloud is forming on the

Queensland coast, bringing a few

showers. Tomorrow a front and low

will generate a strong winds and a cold change across that Australia,

New South Wales, Victoria and

Tasmania. Light rain will breached

Queensland. Rain across New South

Wales, at 10 to 20 mm for the far west and south of the

west and south of the state. When

for some of Queensland. Showers across

across the East Queensland and

Western Australian coach Coast.

What is the story? If you have ever

thought about plastic surgery - not that I am suggesting anyone would.

It can be messy - get a peg, stick

it on your face, the wrinkles get

pulled away, year's drop off you

and you too can look like

and you too can look like this, and

you know you want to. There is one

more to go, the big one. That looks

like a cute to check tomorrow's


Circus Oz is here for some accent

and, my lord. We are

and, my lord. We are here to 9th

June, make sure you come and check

it out. It is going to be great. The world's biggest film festival has wrapped in Cannes. Australian star Toni Collette hit the red carpet for the last time at the closing ceremony. The actress has been enjoying the spotlight as one of the judges helping to choose the winner of this year's best film award, a Romanian movie about illegal abortion. Hollywood veteran Jane Fonda presented the top prize, the Palme d'Or. That's the news at 5:00.

I'm Ron Wilson. Goodnight. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us here on Ten. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.