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Hello, I'm Natarsha Belling, welcome to Ten news.

Tonight, a young family among four

killed in a high-speed police chase.

Really nice people, do anything for

you. Heart of gold.

you. Heart of gold.

States in limbo - results still

elections. weeks away in two knife-edge

And Cyclone Ului unleashes its fury on north Queenland.

I was expecting a little bit of

rain but never thought it would be

this much.

But first, Four people are dead and

a woman is fighting for her life,

after a high speed police chase in

the nation's capital. The victims

include a young family, with a include a young family, with a four

month old baby. Relatives are

blaming police for their deaths.

A tragedy beyond belief.

It just sounded like a bomb going off.

The silver sedan refused to pull

over at a police stop at Queanbean

just out of Canberra, sparking a

dramatic chase at 10.30 last night.

Police claim the pursuit was

abandoned after the vehicle ran a red light.

The alleged stolen car was driving

along this road here, believed to

be at high speed. The second

vehicle had just turned off the

highway and was driving onto the

main road, when the collission occurred.

The 20-year-old driver died on the

way to hospital - his 18-year-old

passenger is still clinging to life.

In my 25 years of policing I've

seen many multiple fatalities, this

is up there with the worst of those.

Inside the crumpled remains of the

blue sedan, was Scott Oppelaar, his

old baby boy Brodie. partner Sam, and their four month

They were going to visit Scott's They were going to visit Scott's

father Frank, who lives at a

caravan park, only metres from the

crash site.

Really nice people, they'd do

anything for you, heart of gold.

anything for you, heart of gold.

Good people, looked after everyone,

would do anything for anyone, hey.

Heartbroken family broke down at

the crash site.

They say the high-speed crash never

demanding answers. should've happened - friends are

If it was out on the highway maybe

a different thing, but around here, back off.

A joint investigation between ACT A joint investigation between ACT

under way. and New South Wales police is now

under way.

The police officers acted appropriately in the circumstances,

but certainly we will look at this.

A P-plater has been clocked

travelling at almost three times travelling at almost three times

the limit in Sydney.

The 26-year-old was going at 249

kilometres an hour in a 100 zone on

the M5 motorway early this morning.

Police made him surrender his P-2

license on the spot.

Well, I've never heard that speed, I've never heard somebody being Well, I've never heard that speed,

clocked at 149 over the speed limit

and that's not the top speed,

that's over the speed he was that's over the speed he was

allowed to drive.

The man, who's been charged with

dangerous driving, speeding and not

displaying P-plates, will face

court next month.

court next month. Two States are without confirmed leaders tonight after unexpected

Australian elections. Ten's results in both Tasmanian and South

political reporter Daniela Ritorto joins us from Adelaide, where

there's been an extraordinary turn

of events today. Daniela, despite

Labor looking like holding on, the

party is imploding?

party is imploding? 5th 55th for

the Labour Party are not behaving

like winners. A very unpopular

minister has resigned. There is a

fictional challenge for the deputy's job. fictional challenge for the

Some are gracious in victory,

others bitter in defeat.

Go back to the gate, please.

Despite no official declaration,

Labor celebrated surviving a huge

voter backlash and, at this stage,

clinging on with a majority of one.

reflection. This morning brought more sober

I think there ought to be renewal

in the ministry, I think there are

talented people on the backbench

that deserve a go.

The most controversial Rann cabinet

minister insists he wasn't dumped

by his powerful right faction.

There are now three cabinet

vacancies - the government's two

most high profile women were thrown out with double-digit swings.

Adding to the instability, rising

star Jay Weatherill will challenge

Mike Rann's long time deputy Kevin Foley, for the job. A solitary caretaker Premier

appeared late this afternoon to back his right-hand man.

The announcements today are

somewhat premature given the fact

reelection to government. that we haven't yet been guaranteed

With one seat still officially too

close to call and a record number

of postal votes Isobel Redmond

refuses to bow to convention.

Obviously, if we had a uniform

swing the size of what the average

appears to have been we should have

taken government, we haven't yet taken government, we haven't yet

given up hope of having government.

Neither has her counterpart in

Tasmania where the swing was also

against Labor, and the Liberals

polled the most votes. polled the most votes.

Liberal Leader Will Hodgeman is

urging Premier David Bartlett to

stick by his promise to stand down

if the final result is the predicted hung parliament.

It would be right and proper for

the party that wins the most votes

to be given the opportunity to govern.

The swing against Labor comes as no

surprise to Prime Minister Kevin

Rudd. But the backlash could cost

him crucial support when it comes

to his plans to overhaul the

country's health system. country's health system.

Kevin Rudd had a low-key start to

the day, but his political opponent

Yay. was inviting attention

Tony Abbott, back in his speedos

and feeling, very much in the race,

after the Liberals strong showing

at the polls. But his political

foes weren't as charitable.

Tony Abbot's treating Opposition

like some kind of backpacking

holiday when he is out there in the

the surf board. speedos and on a quad-bike and on

His pants back on, he was back on

the attack - warning the election

federally. results are bad news for Labor

I think there is a very clear

message for Mr Rudd here get on

with the job of making a difference.

The job right now is pushing through hospital reform. But it could prove increasingly difficult

Tasmania. if a Labor leader not returned in

Working families want better health

and better hospital services and

I'll be working with any Premier

from any State, Labor or Liberal,

to bring that about.

Federal Labor Ministers are playing

down the swing against the ALP.

I don't think we can take much out

of all of that in terms of the

federal vote.

But the Opposition IS ..

Very encouraging for Liberals everywhere.

But not so for Mr Rudd whose

personal approval rating is down.

You talk about a bit of a fall in

Kevin's approval, well when you a

reforming Government this is what happens.

But it's happening in an election year.

Max joins us now from Airlie Beach

- and residents aren't out of the

woods just yet? Cyclone Ului

crossed the coast at Airlie Beach..

Unleashing gales which thrashed the

holiday haven through the night.

As the worst was about to hit,

these backpackers escaped on the

last bus out of town. Tonight we're

getting a wave. We are going a wave.

An hour later, Ului powered through

- sheeting horizontal rain pelted

the main street.

The wind was relentless - toppling

large trees, but suddenly all was

calm as the eye of the cyclone passed over.

Then the flash flooding came.

Water gushed through businesses.

Tourists couldn't believe their

eyes. It is absolutely mental.

The calm lasted two hours.. Then

the fury returned. It is a Category

3 Storm, a wins are gusting up to

200: eaters an hour. At times it

feels as if a jumbo jet will land

on your head.

At first light it was obvious the

problems weren't confined to land.

Large boats broke their moorings

and one by one crashed onto the

rocks. The boats should not be out on the mooring.

In Shute harbour, 30 large yachts

washed up - tens of millions of

dollars worth shown no mercy by the

sea. I thought we were prepared, it sea. I thought we were prepared, it

is like a bomb has gone off.

From here Ului surged inland to

Prosepine damaging six homes, but

Queensland's Premier says overall

the region was spared catastrophe.

Locals are not out of the woods yet.

There was so much rain that came

with the Cyclone, authorities are

concerned with potential flooding

between here and Mackay. It was a

spectacle and it is a spectacle

today. This is one of the yachts

that crashed into the rock wall

people have been coming down to

have a look. Thankfully, no reports

of serious injury and the property

losses on land were a much less

than authorities feared.

Surf lifesavers have held a special

tribute service for late competitor Saxon Bird.

The 19-year-old died while

contesting the ironman heats at the

national titles on Friday. This

morning, thousands packed the Gold

Coast's Kurrawa Beach to pay

tribute to the Sydney athlete.

As a friend and a brother, as a son

there was no better.

All water based events were

suspended yesterday because of the rough seas.

Separated twins Krishna and Trishna

were out cheering on a member of

their own extended family at the national swimming trials.

There was plenty to smile about as

they watched new world record

holder Ahmed Kelly in the pool.

He's the adopted son of their

Australian guardian Moira Kelly.

Last 2 years they haven't been able

to because they were so sick. But

it's great to have them back again.

Trishna pressed up against the

glass there, great cheer leader of

the future, we'll see. the future, we'll see. The three-year-olds have been

recovering well since being

separated 4 months ago.

Up next, the sushi slip that's

forced a restaurant to close.

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. The

Pope has issued his much- anticipated public apology to

victims of child sex abuse by

Catholic priests in Ireland. But

campaigners are angry his message

didn't acknowledge a cover-up. It

is unprecedented. An apology from

Pope Benedict XVI for those who

suffered at the hands of Catholic

priests. You have suffered

grievously. I am truly sorry. Your

trust has been betrayed endured

dignity violated. Many survivors

were courageous enough to speak

about what happened to them, but

no-one would listen. It is the

first statement of its kind to be

released by the Vatican. Their

response to child sexual

allegations. In my letter he tells

them that they are accountable to

God for best scenes and to the courts for their crimes.

courts for their crimes. But

victims say that the letter falls

short of what they wanted. There is

no acknowledgement that the policy

of cover-up went right up to the

Vatican. Victim say that the Church

needs to change and to make sure

that those who have caused so much

suffering will not be allowed to do

it again. Barack Obama has been

drumming up last-minute support on

the eve of a showdown vote on healthcare reform. The United

States President made a final push

in front of fellow Democrats, to

make sure that 95 % of Americans

have health insurance cover. It is

time to pass healthcare reform for

America and I'm confident that you

are going to do it tomorrow. More

than a year in the making, he'll

find out tomorrow morning

Australian time if his legislation

gets the necessary 216 votes. A Los

Angeles restaurant has shut its

doors after it was sprung serving

whale meat. The up-market sushi

restaurant has closed for good as a

self-imposed punishment. Last week

a bunch of undercover

environmentalists exposed the

practice to authorities by posing

as customers and sneaking out

samples of the endangered whale

meat. The owners and their head

chef are facing imprisonment and

hefty fines for illegally selling a

marine mammal product. Still at

large. Next, police no closer to

finding Melbourne's rioting hoons.

And a shock for motorists a week

out from the grand prix.

I'm gonna turn my life around.

actually started feeling better.

This program is captioned live. A

toddler pulled from a water tank on

a rural Queensland property has

been revived by his mother. The 2-

year-old boy was airlifted from

Gatton, west of Brisbane, to the

Mater Hospital by the Careflight

helicopter. He was under water for

up to three minutes. His mother's

use of CPR saved the boy's life.

Police are yet to arrest anyone

over a violent riot in Melbourne,

involving up to 2000 car fans. Some

say it is because police are under

resourced. Hours of vision is still

being examined of the angry mob,

armed with baseball bats and street

signs. Some of the faces in the

graphic images are as clear as

their crime. Police still haven't

made any arrests. Despite 2000

people being involved in Friday

night's riot, noone was taken into

custody. It's a clear message that

100 police to 2000 rioting people

is clearly insufficient. Detectives

are trawling through hours of video

footage and are particularly keen

to speak to these three men. But

they've denied being behind a

YouTube appeal to track down the

culprits. Even car fans have joined

the chorus of criticism, saying a

select few have ruined it for

everyone. The activities on Friday

night were disgraceful and we hope

they are arrested. This behaviour

is not on, they should go to jail.

The unrest was sparked by the cancellation of the "EasterNats"

drag race meet. But the national

drag racing body says the Victorian

government is also to blame. Why

would Victorian tax payers be

willing to invest up to $60 million

in a drag racing facility when we

see this kind of violence on the

street? Police are still collecting

vision and still images of the riot,

the worst they've seen in Victoria

in years. The high pitched wail of

Formula One action has arrived a

week early to the streets of

Melbourne. A Minardi two seater has

muscled up to every day street

vehicles through the city, much to

the surprise of Melbourne residents.

Capable of speeds of up to three

hundred kilometres per hour, the

demonstration vehicle made its joy

ride at a much gentler pace. The

stunt was to promote next Sunday's

Australian Formula One Grand Prix

on the Albert Park street circuit. An Amazing Race-style charity

challenge has been held in

Melbourne. Thousands contested the

City Romp event, which came with a

catch - no running. Sports people,

comedians, models and actors were

among the crowd. You've got your

map and you get clues and you've

got to go to different check points

so it's a lot of fun for the family.

The Romp aims to raise half a

million dollars for the Burnet

Institute to continue research into

Malaria, HIV and Tuberculoses. Two

very different cycling events today

power. highlighted the benefits of peddle-

power. In Melbourne the dress code

was "bare as you dare" as riders

protested transport powered by non-

renewable energies. The lack of clothes also symbolised riders'

vulnerability on our roads. Out in

vulnerability on our roads. Out in

traffic the cars have got a big

metal box around them we're just us

on our bikes, it's pretty scary

sometimes. In Brisbane more than

6000 riders marked Bike Week by

taking the rare opportunity to

cycle through the newly opened

Clem-7 toll tunnel. The weather's

next and then it's Sports Tonight

with Rob Canning and Rob -

Australian Swimming's 14-year-old

sensation continues to shine at the

nationals? Yes, Yolane Kukla won

her 2nd national title last night,

all the details from the

Commonwealth Games trial, coming

right up. 14 and fearless - Kukla

comes up big again! We'll check in

with Sydney FC the day after

winning another A-league title. And

Parramatta's remarkable comeback. # What about me? #

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. A

huge sandstorm has covered Beijing

in a fine layer of dust. China's

capital turned orange, after dust

blew in from the desert hundreds of

kilometres away. Locals and

tourists were advised to stay

indoors, but some ventured out

despite the warnings. These

sandstorms have been getting worse

in recent years, due to land

clearing in the country's west. A

look at the national weather now

and around the nation tomorrow,

mostly cloudy in Cairns and

Brisbane, possible showers on the

Gold and Sunshine Coasts. 24 and a Brisbane, possible showers on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. 24 and a

possible shower for Sydney,

increasing sunshine in Canberra,

clearing showers in Melbourne and a

possible shower for Hobart. To

South Australia, a sunny day and 28

for Adelaide. Mostly sunny in Port

Lincoln. Across to WA a possible

thunderstorm and 30 degrees in

Perth. Mostly sunny in Broome.

Looking around the nation for

Tuesday - and showers in Brisbane,

mostly cloudy in Sydney, sunny in

Canberra. A possible shower for

Melbourne, mostly cloudy in Hobart,

sunny in Adelaide, a possible

thunderstorm in Perth, and late

thunder in Darwin. And finally, the

world's largest house of cards has world's largest house of cards has

come crashing down. It took just

minutes for it to collapse, as part

of a spectacular promotion at the

world's largest casino. The model

was a replica of Macau's mega-

casino - The Venetian. It took an

American architect 44 days to build,

using more than 4000 decks of cards

stacked without the help of glue or

tape. That brings you up to date

with the latest news. We'll have

updates through the evening. Stay

around for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. Good evening.

St junior honours went to cross

country runner. All rounder Megan

Cooper and tacky point surf club.

categories. Ports rowers were honour indeed two

Grafton's state league's men's

basketball side has gone town to

Coffs Harbour in the first round of

the season. Coffs Harbour dominated

beating first timeers. The suns

show the braves. opened up scoring determined to