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(generated from captions) and he couldn't get a line He was in his room on the phone in Australia. he was trying to get his wife This arose because his arrest just before 5:00am. A stoush at this plush hotel sparked a New York cop shop to a local court. led in handcuffs from Russell Crowe's walk of shame - planning a massive lawsuit. but is already believed to be The victim has gone into hiding a hotel worker with a telephone. if convicted of assaulting is facing time in a US penitentiary hot-headed actor Russell Crowe But first this evening - how a shark mauled his flipper. a 10-year-old surfer explains And too close for comfort - with tough new restrictions. how P-plate drivers will cope Also tonight - Good evening. and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson has concrete cancer. over whether the Cahill Expressway And safety officials in the dark who injured a policeman. for a hit and run driver Anguish over the jail term ahead of his shock arrest. The punishing schedule Tonight - Russell Crowe's showdown. This program is captioned live.

to review airport security Also announced - a 3-member panel with criminal backgrounds, yes I do. a significant number of people I think we will find Let me be quite frank - their past vetted again by the law. every employee will now have among some Sydney baggage handlers, of organised crime activity After recent revelations at airports across the nation. 70,000 people work microscope. will be put under the police of airport workers The records of thousands announcing a crackdown on criminals. with the Federal Government is in for a major shake-up Security at our airports this morning. and how it led to Crowe's outburst the events of the past week Rahni Sadler will take us through And later in the news, In New York, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. and escape with a hefty fine. to a lesser charge But he's expected to plead guilty to up to seven years in prison. If found guilty he could be sentenced on September 14. at Manhattan Criminal Court Russel Crowe's due back here at that first precinct. a media response this big I've never actually seen than any film premiere. more media coverage His off-screen antics attracting 'Cinderella Man' open without a bang. then seeing his new boxing film go down in Manchester, watching mate Kostya Tszyu for Russell Crowe, It's been a tough week "Oh no. Not again!' last night and responding, taking a call from Russell in a Sydney restaurant but was allegedly overheard to comment today Wife Danielle Spencer refused would settle the star down. marriage and fatherhood Many speculated shown here in a pub brawl in 1999. of outbursts, Russell Crowe's had a long history without bail. He was released shortly after and possession of a weapon. to charges of assault a not guilty plea In court, Crowe entered for a 3cm cut to his right cheek. was treated at this hospital A short time later the concierge at the wall. and Crowe threw the phone words were exchanged His publicist says to the front desk. so he took his room phone hotel staff wouldn't help Crowe was annoyed and there was a disagreement.

and fled the scene. that his girlfriend freaked out Mr Tereszkun told the court Choking back tears, until it was too late. Neither saw the police officer his then girlfriend Katie. He was driving with sped up to overtake a semitrailer. Mr Tereszkun today told a court he'd failing to stop after an accident, Charged with reckless driving and and ran to the nearest train station. Terrified, he dumped the car in a 60 zone on Parramatta Road. after being clocked at 123km/h he ran over a police officer record was ruined four months ago - Melvin Tereszkun's clean criminal for his first criminal offence. the six-month sentence The 20-year-old man will appeal officer and taking off. for mowing down a Sydney police as a P-plate driver was jailed High emotions this afternoon Greg Turnbull, Ten News. for a ticket. with paying another buck I don't think people would argue is unapologetic. The Deputy Prime Minister for air travellers. to higher ticket prices they will flow through and the chances are these measures will cost money, The Government says created at all major airports. of Security Controller There will also be a new position associated with airports. of criminal activity of the true level to provide an assessment Mick Keelty has also been asked Federal Police Commissioner robustly. and we are responding to that, we are recognising that about what happens to their baggage in community And people worried, understandably, for anybody who goes airside. and much tougher security screening will include fewer gates The new measures like that, there is no reason to. we don't want to go after people by not misbehaving again - and can evidence that rehabilitated themselves and has since has committed a misdemeanour - in their teenage years or whatever, that someboday, perhaps the long-standing principle We don't want to overturn will not lose their jobs. with no re-offending people with old, minor convictions but it won't be zero tolerance - found to have criminal backgrounds, The plan is to be tough on people within the grounds of airports. about what goes on to ensure community confidence We're very conscious of the need Sir John Wheeler. chaired by British expert

a stop sign and a torch with a red baton on the end. I thought I was big enough. The trucks that was in front saw me. Dan Nolan, Ten News. A new scandal tonight for Sydney's embattled rail system. State Parliament's been told student train drivers are being given the answers to exams to make sure they pass. The Opposition dropped the bombshell during question time. The claim? That trainee rail drivers are being given the questions and answers to exams before sitting them. This is all about filling the numbers of train drivers rather than giving a damn about rail safety. and that, ladies and gentleman, is a scandal. The Opposition also releasing a CD-ROM it claims contains five tests, two of which trainees must pass to graduate. It's claimed they're multiple choice exams Well, I had a reflective vest, have happened. but believes it should never from the driver, He's received two apologies on duty with no ongoing injuries. The officer who was hit is now back until it's heard. Mr Tereszkun is free on bail appealed the sentence. His lawyer immediately to break into tears. causing Mr Tereszkun's family He sentenced him to six months jail, but the magistrate said: asked for a good behaviour bond, The 20-year-old's lawyer so he ran away as well. because his phone had no credit, for advice He couldn't ring his family that give the results at the end. There's also part of a written test. They clearly want to make it so easy for people to pass, that they give them the questions and the answers. In Parliament, the Premier defended the honour of the State's train drivers. I have and I believe the public has full confidence in the skills and the expertise. and the training of fine train drivers in NSW. Later, the Transport Minister confirmed a CD -ROM had been circulated but denied it was part of the driver training scheme. The assesment does not provide students with access to correct answers prior to testing. The Opposition says it's sticking with information given to it by a whistleblower. Despite the Government's denials, it says it's handing over documentation to the rail safety regulator and the ICAC. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Serious concerns tonight about the safety of the Cahill Expressway. Large cracks have appeared, prompting calls for the roadway and train line to be closed for urgent repairs. The Government claims this is normal wear and tear for an expressway almost 50 years old. But some fear it's much more serious. Not only have significant sections of the cement render cracked and fallen off, large chunks of concrete near the top of the pylons have also broken away, almost hitting people underneath. As the train went past, a bit fell from the top of the pylon. But quite often I've seen engineers down here as well as a lot of cleaners. So any refuse that does fall is cleaned up pretty quickly. The Opposition says the road and rail line may need to be closed for the repairs. The damage goes in about a foot. It's cracking right down. The question for the Government is what testing have they done in the last week? Reading from a prepared statement, the transport safety regulator initially ruled out concrete cancer... This is superficial, or surface cracking, of the pylons and there is no threat to safety. ..but later admitting it couldn't be ruled out. We're not aware that it is at this stage. We're doing our own investigation to ensure that it's not. While the Government refused to comment on camera, it's clearly concerned about the cracking. Repair work to begin in the next couple of weeks, but it will be the end of the year before the work is completed. Today's concerns come just two years after the Menangle Railway Bridge controversy. That bridge had to be closed while engineers ran safety checks. Evan Batten, Ten News. You have to ask what sort of damage there is at the bottom of the tunnels. Low-paid workers have won an extra $17 a week. The Industrial Relations Commission giving low-income earners a parting gift, raising the minimum weekly wage to $484. What we do is go in and fight very hard for a decent increase for people and on this occassion, we are very pleased to achieve an increase of $17 a week. Big business sought just $11 and says the decision adds pressure to a slowing economy. After the Howard Government takes control of the Senate, the responsibility for wage fixing will move from the IRC to the fair price commission. Claims tonight Labor's attempt to stall tax cuts will cost Australians $250 million a month. A new poll shows Kim Beazley's tax tactic is costing him support he can't afford to lose. Peter Costello was a man vindicated today. his refusal to tamper with the Budget tax cuts on offer seems to have paid dividends. The Nielsen poll has the Government back in front of Labor for the first time in three months, 51% to 49%. Labor's policy to delay tax cuts for every Australian has now completely backfired. It has no public support. Kim Beazley is unrepentant. We have decided on this issue of tax cuts. We're going to say what we really think, and what we really think is that ordinary Australians are being treated unjustly. He says the Treasurer is avoiding the real issue, why 7 million Australians will get $6 a week when they could get $12. But for Mr Costello, it's more a case of $6 a week versus nothing. The income tax payers of Australia are not going to thank him if they have to put in a tax return in 12 or 18 months time to get back what they should have in 3.5 weeks. Peter Costello's pursuit of Kim Beazley has been relentless and with a purpose. The Treasurer is anxious to bring Kim Beazley down a peg or two. The Opposition Leader consistently out-rates him as preferred prime minister if John Howard is out of the picture. But it seems Mr Howard is the main beneficiary of this latest stoush. His approval has leaped six points, Mr Beazley's down three. And 91% of Liberal voters are happy with the PM. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead at sport, and it's bad news for Sonny Bill Williams? Yes, some breaking news on his latest knee injury. Tony Peters joins us and it's not looking good at all. No, it's not. I believe that the injury is much more complicated than they expected, more serious. As I said, as a result it could be that serious he may not play again this year. We'll have more in sport but the Trent Barrett raising the clock to form a partner ship with Braith Anasta. And later in sport - we'll also have a deeply moving moment for the Aussie cricket team in France. Next - the virus taking its toll on Sydney blood supplies. Plus - the community's overwhelming support for the family ripped apart by a fatal housefire. And the boy who lived to tell of his close encounter with a marauding shark.

Want long lasting control of heartburn and indigestion? Unlike antacids, which only provide short term relief, Zantac Extra Strength can control excess stomach acid for up to 24 hours with one tablet. Zantac Extra Strength. Long lasting relief. This program is captioned live. A security scare at the Bali court where Schapelle Corby was convicted. Security was tightened at the court building after the senior judge reported a strange smell and dizziness when he opened a letter which appeared to have come from the Australian consulate in Bali. The consulate says the letter was a standard official communication which arrived at the court last Friday, seeking a copy of the Corby judgement. The Australian Government is cooperating with the Indonesian authorities in their investigations into the letter that they are currently carrying out tests on. And there's been another letter scare at the Indonesian Embassy - white powder found by emergency crews turned out to be harmless. A white powder scare has forced a police station in Sydney's west to shut down. A man walked into the Green Valley station holding a package of white powder he said had been posted to him - officers activating an emergency evacuation and decontaminating anyone who'd come into contact with the parcel. Tests have found the contents were not dangerous. A plea for help from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. Stocks have fallen to critical levels and hospitals may be forced to start cancelling elective surgery. There's less than 48 hours worth of supplies of blood types O and A, with winter flus hitting regular donors. If you can help, call 13 14 95. Donations are pouring in to help three children orphaned by a house fire near Coonamable in the State's central west. What started as a local appeal has gone national, with donors offering everything from a car to clothes and cash. It's the tragedy that's touched a nation. 4-year-old William Conn, second from the left, killed - along with his parents, Tony and Belinda - in a ferocious house fire on their remote farm. The other children, 13-year-old Samantha, 10-year-old Matty and 4-year-old Joe, barefoot and dressed in pyjamas, told to get going for help, trekking several kilometres on a dirt road at night to a relative's property. The local mayor set up an appeal for the orphans and the response has been overwhelming. I'm very surprised with the support we're getting. I expected just to be something locally for the rest of NSW and it's just gone nationally and we're...we're... it's unbelievable. In Coonamble, the Conns' closest town, residents have donated everything from beds and clothing to spare change. I've got a little jar here. Anyone who wishes to donate any funds or any food or anything else like that and when the donations are in, I'll present that to the family. It's a town that's been hit hard by the drought, but it knows the Conn children are doing it tougher. This is a different situation, yeah. People will put their hands in their pocket and do whatever they can to look after the family. More than $50,000 has been raised in just a couple of days. The State Government throwing in $20,000. It's a case that's touched us all and I'm honoured to say on behalf of the community of NSW, that we will be showing the way. The money will be placed in a trust fund for the children to pay for their education, counselling and welfare. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. A young woman is critically ill in Liverpool Hospital tonight after suffering head injuries in a peak-hour collision. The 23-year-old driver was pulled from the wreckage of her car minutes before it burst into flames at Picton just after 6:00 this morning. Her sedan hit a refrigerated truck while overtaking traffic. The accident shut busy Barkers Lodge Road for more than five hours. Firefighters have battled to save a factory complex in Penrith. Several fire fighting units were called to the blaze, managing to save one factory. But the flames destroyed two others, including a fireplace manufacturer. We'll have an extra week of Daylight Saving next year. The Victorian Government asking for the extension to coincide with the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. They did the same for us during the Sydney Olympics. Now to Tim Bailey for a check of the weather and all that jazz. Big bands and big names. Yes, it's the Darling Harbour jazz festival on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Weatherwise, another fine and sunny and 21 degrees. Forecast - saw a four letter word I haven't seen for a month. It says rain. Let's hope there's plenty of that. Skywatch - another pretty good offering, lots of high cloud, it cleared through the day for another mild one. Pollution levels, no problem. John more son, it's his birthday. That's a birthday suit. This is John more son and swing city. We'll see you again in round about 10. Next in the 5:00 News - the new laws designed to save the lives of young drivers. And the pilgrimage that really tugged on the heartstrings of our test team. We've come here today wanting to learn and wanting to know a lot more about it.

This program is captioned live. Time to check on the traffic conditions with Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic helicopter. Pictures of the city rather nice, but for the people on the brej not so good? It's a very slow night for traffic leaving the CBD. No accidents but you can see it's a bumper-to-bumper run home once you head towards the M2. It seems to choke up through the tunnel and back toward the western distributor. Oxford Street closed, more details later. Getting tough with young drivers - the State Government finally announcing a ban on P-platers driving high-powered cars. But critics say the new laws don't go far enough. It's a response to a devastating toll on our roads. The first stage of a plan to reduce P-plate deaths. Young drivers, represent 7% of drivers on the road but 17% of fatality statistics. So clearly we do have a problem. Rebecca Stanford learned the lessons through tragedy, losing three friends in a week and ending up in a coma herself after an accident. The anger that you might have when you can't drive your V8 is gonna be a lot less of a strong emotion than your parents emotions when they get a knock on the front door saying their child's dead. From July 11, P-platers will be banned from driving cars with eight or more cylinders, turbo-charged or super-charged vehicles, or those with their engine performance modified. P-platers who lose their licence after serious offences, will then be restricted to carrying just one passenger for 12 months. They'll be given a special plate to identify them. There will be exemptions too - for those required to drive a high-powered car for work and those in the country for whom there's no practical alternative to a V8 or four-wheel drive. But the NRMA says there's needs to be even more flexibility. Most young drivers embracing the changes. I think it's entirely reasonable that they have made these changes because it could save a lot of road deaths. It's probably safer for me no matter what sort of grief it causes when I go to buy a car. But the Staysafe Committee says it wasn't consulted and would have preferred to see compulsory driver education. Probably the most important thing you can learn to do at school is to learn how to save your own life. But the Government says education will be part of the second stage of reforms. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Hospitals are about to get stronger guidelines on hygiene following an investigation by the Health Department into superbugs. A taskforce of top infectious diseases experts met for the first time after the Health Minister ordered a review into the spread of the potentially deadly bacteria. It follows two unusually large outbreaks at the Prince of Wales and Royal North Shore hospitals. On both cases, poor hospital hygiene was blamed and patients were quarantined. 50,000 people contract infections in NSW hospitals each year. The taskforce today insisting that figure is lower than for other parts of the western world. Police are trying to track down 67 members of a controversial Internet chat room that glorifies rape. It's finally been shut down after 18 months in operation, the culprits going to ground. The Rape Club has been in operation since February last year - a public outcry finally forcing Ninemsn to shut it down. Members and visitors bragging about sexual assaults and offering pictures of rape victims, one user saying: It goes straight to your stomach and you feel this is very sick stuff, and it is something we have to do something about very quickly. Ninemsn management admits no-one has been monitoring the site, relying instead on the public to notify them about offensive material. In the same way that not every phone call or letter is scrutinised, not every group is scrutinised. I think that in many cases that is appropriate when you're dealing with content where the anonymity of the user is appropriate. The site originated in the US, local and Federal Police working with American authorities, hoping investigations will reveal the identities of the 67 members of Rape Club. It's determining who made those statements and what they're referring to, and is there any evidence. And, of course, we've got trained police and analysts that are experts in forensic computer science. The concern for authorities is that this particular chatroom incident is by no means an isolated one. There's no shortage of sinister chat sites still on the Internet, most of them originating overseas. Anyone caught sending messages may avoid rape charges, but could face two years jail under the Telecommunications Act. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Next - the inside story behind Russell Crowe's latest outburst. Plus - a boy survives his encounter with a shark that developed a taste for his flippers. And it's hardly witchcraft - Nicole Kidman explains how she perfected this. Want long lasting control of heartburn and indigestion? Unlike antacids, which only provide short term relief, Zantac Extra Strength can control excess stomach acid for up to 24 hours with one tablet. Zantac Extra Strength. Long lasting relief. This program is captioned live. Time for another check of the weather. Tim Bailey, you could have some good news on the weather front for us? Yes, that four letter word, I haven't been able to pronounce for two months may fall on Saturday and Sunday on the long weekend. We're from Darling Harbour. You've seen this man on Video Hits. He has some excellent you haven't seen, swing city, John Morrison and Axle

Whitehead. Sings JJ I we have to have a little talk, I out to pack up my things and walk, we'll go in hand in hand before I let you go from man to man ... Axle Whitehead, 1:00 centre stage on Monday. Tomorrow 12 and sunny. So just what is behind Russell Crowe's latest violent outburst? Channel Ten's Rahni Sadler reports from New York on the star's punishing schedule ahead of his alleged attack on a hotel clerk. It's been a tough week for Russell Crowe, first watching mate Kostya Tszyu go down in Manchester and then seeing his brand-new film 'Cinderella Man' go down without a bang in the box office. 'Cinderella Man' stars Renee Zellweger and Russell Crowe, obviously. It's a project he's been working on for around eight years now, something he's been very passionate about. It opened this week to critical acclaim but the box office just wasn't there. People didn't want to see it. It opened fourth, and that was very disappointing for Russell Crowe. I interviewed him last Friday about the film. He told me how passionately he tried to get this film to the screen. His outburst last night is widely speculated to be a response to the fact that the film hasn't been doing very well. Also, Russell Crowe recently gave up drinking. He said that he wanted to keep a clear head for this promotional tour. There are lots of witnesses in New York this week who swear that he has definitely fallen off the wagon. Even on Friday, he arrived at our interview five hours late, his publicist telling us that he didn't feel like talking to journalists and he was taking a walk around New York. Russell Crowe is tonight in hiding and he's not expected to continue his promotional tour for 'Cinderella Man'. Chaotic scenes at the Michael Jackson paedophile trial. The Australian share market held on to positive territory. Now to CommSec and Donohue D'Souza, and our agricultural companies are really feeling the drought's bite. If you thought it was a tough day for the listed agricultural companies, spare a thought for the farmers. Australia is the second largest wheat exporter and it's our most valuable export after beef. Production forecasts have been slashed once again due to a lack of rain in the eastern states. Let's hope we get some rain. There's a feeling that the Reserve Bank board meeting about interest rates might have been a non-event. It's exactly the feeling. It should have been a relatively easy decision. There's not a strong enough case to either hike or cut interest rates. A combination of mostest economic growth and mild inflation means the Reserve Bank should announce another hold on rates. A frightening encounter with a shark for a 10-year-old boy on the Tweed coast. The young body boarder was about to catch a wave when a chunk was bitten out of his flipper. Jimmy Clifton has a terrifying memento of his last surf at Kingscliff. On Sunday afternoon, he was lying on his board waiting for one last wave for the day when he felt something bump his foot. I didn't even turn around. I felt like one flipper kicked the other. It wasn't until Jimmy got into shore that he noticed half a flipper was missing with a suspiciously jagged edge. It would have been just away from your toes, that. Yeah, that far away, about an inch. Jimmy also recalls seeing masses of pilchards - tiny bait fish which attract sharks - swimming right next to him. His mum, Robin, will never forget seeing her son's now-famous flipper for the first time. My tummy flipped and my heart started racing. I just couldn't believe that something like that could happen to him. Jimmy had bad nightmares that night but the tough 10-year-old is refusing to stay out of the water. He'll hit the waves this weekend with a brand-new pair of flippers. But he'll be keeping the damaged fin as a permanent reminder of just how close he came to danger. I'm just so happy to be alive. Renee Buckingham, Ten News. Sport with Tim Webster and yet another setback for Sonny Bill Williams. Yes, he's facing time out of the game. More shortly. Plus - what's making Trent Barrett nervous in his hot spot role for the Blues. Also - a solemn visit to Aussie wargraves in France for our cricket stars. And the riders who came down the mountain the hard way. This program is captioned live. Blues halves Trent Barrett and Braith Anasta are racing the clock to develop a cohesive partnership in time for Origin two. Barrett is priming himself for a more commanding role. Blues players back into camp and visiting Westmead Children's Hospital today and shaving cops' hair for charity. Who will police Origin II will be announced tomorrow - a day when new halves Anasta and Barrett get to work on developing a much-needed onfield understanding. We've got eight days to get it together and we better get it together really quick, because it's a game we need to win. Barrett and Anasta have played together only fleetingly over the years - the last time in 2002. The reshuffling of the halves pairing making some a little wary. Obviously it makes you a little bit nervous because you have to do a bit more organising, but I've done it before. Craig Wing is the Blues' only injury concern, but the team doctor cleared him of any serious damage this afternoon. I thought it was a cramp in my calf, but it might be a little bit of a strain. But, as I said before, I had a really quiet weekend and it's done it the world of good. There's a relaxed and energised feeling within the camp here at Coogee. Down 1-0, the Blues simply need to win at Telstra Stadium to keep the series alive - a place where they've never lost before. It's gotta be a good factor, them not having a very good record down here. Maroon prop Brad Thorn is struggling to make the journey south due to a sternum injury. He's likely to decide his fate when Queensland assemble for camp tomorrow. I wouldn't want to disrupt the team if I wasn't going to play, so it's better to get someone else in there, if that's the case. Rob Canning, Ten News. State of Origin celebrates its 25th anniversary tonight with a ball at Star City The referee will be Stephen character. as shattering news for Sonny Bill Williams and the Bulldogs. H's unlikely to play again this season? Sonny Bill Williams is unlikely to play again? Yes, when we was hurt, most people expected him to be out for about a month. The situation is more complicated. As a result, they've found there are fractures to the bone. Shots of him walking out on the weekend. He'll have surgery on Thursday. More will be known after the surgery but it's looking like a 12-week injury. The Bulldogs won't rush him back. He's had a terrible year. He missed two

weeks at the start of the year with the same knee and he was back after nine weeks out. South Sydney missed out with big names? Yes, it's not money, more to do with their spot on the ladder. They have a $2 million treasure chest but their lowly position is making it almost impossible to attract elite players. Despite a mind-boggling offer to Matt Orford, he's staying in Melbourne. In desperation, they're now trying to lure Braith Anasta, by leaning on his family connection to George Piggins. All you can do it talk about your future, your plans, what your trying to achieve and that those players would be part of the future of this club. They'd be very much welcomed. With the blue chip players out of reach, Souths have activated plan B for those on the next level, but that could be frustrated by key Rabbitohs Ashley Harrison and Luke McDougall preferring to field offers after June 30 rather than accept good money to stay. I haven't been on the open market since I was a kid. I think I'm since I was a kid. I think I'm going to see what's out there and put everyone r everything on the table. Harrison isn't saying, but he's been linked with a return to the Broncos before becoming a marquee signing for the Gold Coast in 2007. All six players charged by the NRL judiciary took an early plea. Kite, Sionne Faumauina and Donnellly will mismatchs. More later on Sports Tonight. The Wallabies are ready for a bruising encounter against Samoa on Saturday. Paul Roos has described his induction into the AFL's Hall of Fame as one of the greatest moments of his footballing career. Roos was one of nine men honoured at a gala dinner in Melbourne last night. You can probably take it for granted how lucky we are. We're privileged to be able to do what we like and to do it as a player and coach, it's wonderful. Controversial former Geelong star Gary Ablett was also inducted but did not attend. Ablett is currently in a clinic battling depression. Socceroos midfielders Marco Bresciano and Vince Grella have been allowed to skip the Confederations Cup in Germany because of commitments with their Italian club Parma. The Aussies are in London for a warm-up match against arch rivals New Zealand on Thursday, before heading to Germany. And Captain Craig Moore spoke out for the first time about allegations he turned up drunk for training with his German club. The story is 100% false and I have been taking legal advice. Striker Mark Viduka remains in doubt for the New Zealand match, still battling to regain fitness. The Australian cricket team have taken a break from Ashes preparations to visit World War I battlefields in France. The players were deeply moved by the graves of 11,000 Australians. The visit all about bravery, not cricket. Australia lost more troops in the Somme during World War I than any other battlefield. The graves of fallen soldiers added inspiration for men already proudly patriotic. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. It's been a great experience today to learn a lot more about the place, about some of the battles that took place here and learn a lot more about Australia and Australians. It's something I suppose I'll draw on for the rest of my life. I'm better for the experience coming here, definitely. The visit even more significant for Jason Gillespie - one of his wife's ancestors buried in France. A very important part of Australia's history. It's just great to be able to be here and have a look at it and learn a bit about it. Players stunned to find fans at a nearby village where Australian troops helped halt the German attack. Decades on, those heroes aren't forgotten. That's a very moving sign, especially to see in another country. It makes me realise how special the Australian soldiers were. Historic snapshots now a tradition. Four years ago Steve Waugh's tourists treked to Gallipoli before successfully defending the Ashes. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. Round two of the mountain bike World Cup in Germany was an extreme challenge for the 120 competitors. Combine this course with speed and you're bound to get a few stacks. Aussie rider Mick Hannah one of many to put their protective gear to the test. Luckily despite some spectacular falls, their were no major injuries, just a few stained outfits. South Africa's Greg Minnaar and Anne-Caroline Chausson the overall male and female winners. Later on Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan - we go to the State of Origin anniversary ball and speak to Ten Motorsport commentator Leigh Diffey in Shanghai. Back to Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic helicopter. Busy on the M4? Yes. There's been a smash at Wentworthville for traffic proceeding west out of the city. We've been informed that the fire brigade is attending. It's been pushed into the breakdown bay. pushed into the breakdown bay. Traffic delays - you can see a fire brigade to get there. Traffic is extended in towards Parramatta. Traffic trying to avoid that. If you know anyone who drives the M4, tell them to take is the Great Western Highway or Parramatta Road. Tim Bailey next to explain while we'll be feeling a little foggy in the morning. And Nicole Kidman reveals how she perfected this.

This program is captioned live. Ever since we saw the throw with nicole Kidman, we've been trying to wiggle our noses. There's Tim Bailey. Tell us about the jazz festival. Here's one for you. The jazz festival is on all weekend. Saturday, Sunday, Monday. It's Sydney's cultural thing, 290,000 people came down last year. Why? Because it's briming with talent. Like Steve, John Morrison, Swing City. (Sings) Oh Georgia, the whole day through , georgia on my mind ... Ladies and gentlemen, this place will be the place to be across the long weekend. Steve, thank you for appearing. John Morrison, big round of applause, the man's birthday today. That's a birthday suit on the television. Your weather photographs, keep them rolling in. To . Weatherwise - rain Saturday, folks. I word I haven't used for some time. Showers on Saturday night, a cloudy one right across Monday. It looks as though a rain band will wet Sydney's behind across the long weekend. Tomorrow - early fog, fine and sunny and 21 degrees. The satellite - thick cloud forming over WA around a low pressure system causing showers and storms. A cold front will bring a burst of showers to WA late in the day. A trough will generate rain in the interior. Predicted precipitation - this is where it gets interesting for us. Showers on the NSW north coast. On Thursday, a front will generate showers across WA. Rain on Sunday, showers Saturday night and an overcast Monday.

Here we go, Swing City and John Morrison, take us out. Nicole Kidman has revealed her latest movie secret. While she's been asked by the producers of the film version of '60s comedy 'Bewitched' not to do character Samantha's trademark nose twitch in public, she has let it slip that watching the old TV series helped her perfect the magical nose wiggle. I watched her and I slowed her down, put it in slow motion and then I'd get a mirror and then I'd look at the mirror and then I'd look back at her and I'd try to emulate it. The movie will be released in a month. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the Late News after 'Rove'. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.