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(generated from captions) carrying children A new push to ban smoking in cars is gaining political support. increases the risk of children The dangerous habit and serious asthma attacks. to pneumonia Joining me from Canberra health and aging Christopher Pyne. is parliamentary secretary for

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children is as irresponsible. If

Are Pele's need to catch people an

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mobile phone and the same my they

would catch them and act of smoking

with children and the car and they

should impose a fine on those

people thinners been suggested a

$500 fine because it is very

irresponsible to put your children

at risk of getting 20 times more

poisonous gases even if there was

making a home. Why you're asking

state governments to do? There is a

ministerial council on 15th

December in our last this state of

that meeting if the last of why

they have not taken action to ban

smoking in cars carrying children.

South Australia is moving the

direction month. Those are the

other states have agreed to do so

and they are dragging their feet on

it and they have to get their act

together. Could we see some than

smoking Ohio? As they say an

Englishman's home is his castle saw

a thing the government will find a

halfway if to regulate to that

extent but certainly with areas

cars are involved in traffic

manager of wealth and the police

have a responsibility and the state

governments have a responsibility

and the government has an overall

responsibility to get the message

out about the dangers of smoking

three to appear until her response

one after smoker for their children

the vehicle. If police China forces

there was also has what place is

quite likely this be effective? I

think this would be just if is

effective as Delors the event using

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compulsory is the people are now

automatically put their cigars of

without thinking. This would lead

to a similar coddled change we

people would not even bother us

fighting in the car was a new was

against the law.