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(generated from captions) THIS PROGRAM IS CAPTIONED LIVE. Tonight - Three Sydney teenagers killed collides with a truck. after a P-plate driver

or nothing - There's no give way signs cleaned the car up. the truck's just in the Blue Mountains A setback for fire crews ahead of more hot conditions. for his bravery under fire in Iraq. An Australian Army pilot honoured

for my survival I was fighting not only but the survival of my crew as well. of over 600 runs And Australia sets England a target

in the first Ashes Test. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News with Chris Bath. Good evening. Five Sydney teenagers at their school formal last night. were celebrating are struggling with tragedy. Today their families and two others seriously injured Three were killed into a truck when their car crashed

at Glendenning, near Blacktown. The driver was a P-plater but locals blame recent road changes. They stood no chance. with this 10-tonne truck Their 4-door sedan colliding shortly before 7:00 this morning. was killed instantly. The 17-year-old P-plate driver would die later. Two of his passengers, both girls, The other two are in hospital. Being a father, of injury to young people. it's tragic to see this type

The five had just completed their HSC.

at the school formal. Last night they celebrated they looked beautiful. Dressed up, and this group of family friends Sandi Nand threw the after-party. because they were finishing school, They were very happy they were having fun at the time. they were on top of every class. They had lots of potential,

Academically brilliant. they'd talked and danced. From midnight to dawn

wasn't any alcohol at the party. One thing I made sure there

from the same school. Four of them were We haven't - for students. have provided counselling services before they recover from this blow. It'll be a long time were not factors Police say alcohol and speed but now a push to limit the number of passengers P-platers can carry. their support to that argument, If the NSW Police can add

I'm prepared to do. that's clearly something the young driver's cause But locals say of this intersection. wasn't made any easier by the design There's no stop or give way signs it desperately need some. and they say

There's no signs to give way. So if you don't know the road, it's pretty dangerous victim's father lost a son Seven News also understands one

in a road accident three years ago. when he turned up Police gave him today's tragic news to report his daughter missing. over a hit-and-run crash Police hope to soon lay charges

Sydney boy. that killed an 8-year-old on Harrow Road, Kogarah, Bryce Rolls was struck by a car three years ago and later died in hospital. made pleas for information, His mother

didn't come forward. but the driver involved Police finally have a suspect but the DPP will decide on charges. the Director of Public Prosecutions Papers have been referred to

and we await that outcome.

awaiting trial in Queensland The suspect is currently on fraud charges. the Blue Mountains blaze Fire crews battling early today - had an unusual problem rain. to back-burning The drizzle put a stop before the expected return that must be completed of heatwave conditions next week. A cool, still night. to gain the upper hand. A chance for firefighters for Mount Tomah in the north, Back-burning ensured protection

to the south. Wentworth Falls and Faulconbridge with the arrival of light rain. But it all fizzled out around 11pm but this was... Not usually a firefighter's enemy,

Damp. Not damp enough to put out the fire, to hinder the back-burn. but damp enough it wasn't smoke in the mountains, By daylight,

but fog. Too wet to continue back-burning, on to the main fire ground. but safe to let crews There's over 130 firefighters out there. and approximately 20 fire appliances got a well-deserved rest Some volunteers and a thankyou. who come out and fight these fires These thousands of people to protect our lives and property in the work that they do. are actually risking their own lives during this week's fires The only casualties in the State's central west. were at Molong were injured, Three of our firefighters

with neck injuries. one remains in hospital

In the Blue Mountains, but moving slowly. the fire front is still 15km wide, From here, the landscape is. you can see how vast and rugged

Fire crews think well away from homes they'll be able to keep the blaze for the next few days, it will be hot again - but by Tuesday, and windy. a race against the clock. It's going to be for former AWB executives, This will be a nervous weekend and Government ministers foreign affairs officials scandal. caught up in the wheat bribery its report today The inquiry finally delivered

corporate and criminal charges. and it's believed to recommend 75 witnesses, After nine months of hearings, and 7,000 pages of transcripts, Commissioner Terrence Cole to the Governor-General. makes a special delivery Your Excellency, to present to you my report. I have the honour Thank you very much indeed. is expected to recommend The 5-volume report be charged up to 17 former AWB officials

of $290 million in kickbacks over the alleged payment to Saddam Hussein under the UN's oil-for-food program. to secure wheat contracts anything about its contents I will be obliged not to say in Parliament early next week. until it is tabled But there are not expected to be any adverse findings

against the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer or Nationals' Leader Mark Vaile,

despite the colourful theatre of their appearances at the inquiry. Labor claims rorted terms of reference protected the Ministers. Well, the Government can run, but it can't hide. It has been endeavouring to hide behind the Cole inquiry right through this year. The Government's biggest immediate problem will be an internal brawl

over whether to strip the AWB of its 'single-desk' monopoly on international wheat sales.

And the worrying time for the ministers isn't over. Those former AWB officials could dump on them in any criminal hearings next year. A dangerous prospect in the lead-up to the next election. Five bombs have exploded in Baghdad killing more than 160 people during Iraq's bloodiest day since the war began.

Hundreds more people were injured by the car bombs, timed to go off just minutes apart in crowded areas of Sadr City. SIREN WAILS If this is not civil war, then nothing is. A bloodbath in Sadr City, the Shiite neighbourhood of Baghdad. The suicide bomber, most likely a rival Sunni, targeted a busy bus stop.

(cries out in Arabic) This man cried out, but the person he was trying to reach was beyond help. The deadliest day since the fall of Saddam had only just begun. GUNFIRE SOUNDS As a string of bombs exploded in nearby market places, militia fighters fired into the air trying to clear the streets.

You don't need to understand the language to know their sentiment.

Bloodcurdling anger. Revenge was swift, mortars falling on a Sunni neighbourhood. (speaks Arabic) Iraq's Prime Minister immediately imposed a curfew but it can only last so long. American troops spent most of the day in their barracks,

celebrating Thanksgiving. But for Iraqis, there's only mourning as sectarian violence tears their country apart. Australian helicopter pilot Major Scott Watkins knows the bloodshed only too well after flying an injured crewman to safety following a sniper attack. Today the Queen presented him with one of Britain's highest medals for courage - the distinguished Flying Cross.

The Distinguished Flying Cross to be decorated Major Scott Watkins, Australian Army Aviation.

He never thought going to Iraq would get him to the Palace, but since it did... I had a lot of fun in there this morning. The last time we saw Scott Watkins was this mobile phone picture from Iraq. It's not as if I'm the first person or my crew are the first people

to be shot upon. ..a little embarrassed by all the attention. But flying with the British, he'd brought his crippled helicopter and wounded co-pilot back safely. The first Australian to win the Distinguished Flying Cross since Vietnam. He smiles when people call him brave. I kind of ask "Well, what else would I have done?" You know, I wasn't going to relinquish control of the aircraft and let it crash. I was fighting not only my survival, but the survival of my crew. His Mum and Dad were at the Palace. Very proud. His wife, Karen, too. Awesome, yeah. I just love him so much. He said the Queen asked him about his wounded co-pilot. He recovered and is flying again.

Major Watkins is back with the Australian Army and has been posted to Canberra next year. It's been a great day so... The apparent discovery of a Japanese Midget submarine off Sydney's northern beaches over its future. has sparked intense debate The RSL says it's a war grave but the brother of one crewman has told Seven News he wants the remains back.

It's a 64-year mystery - what really happened to the midget sub that fled Sydney Harbour after that World War II raid?

Two were destroyed, but the M-24 got away after torpedoing Kuttabal and killing 21 servicemen. Now divers claim they've found it 6km off Long Reef. It's out there about 4 to 5 miles

and I would expect it's going to be in about 70m of water. then sunk, possibly damaged, to the ocean floor, over the years becoming a slowly corroding tomb for the two-man crew, thousands of kilometres from their home. He was probably taking water or run out of battery juice and my guess is that he committed suicide using a revolver.

Some want the wreck left alone. This is a war grave and must be treated as such. But relatives want any remains brought home. I would love it Another thing to consider is the possibility the submarine still holds its self-demolition charges - 140kg worth of TNT.

They're a big danger to any divers hoping to explore the wreck. Ahead in Seven News - Police accused of fabricating evidence against a Sydney child-killer. Also, the world's first amazing look inside the womb of animals. And Australia's favourite Royal poses for a holiday photo.

Bunnings is the temple of DIY. Treated pine sleepers, $10.90 each. 7-piece piazza outdoor setting, $299. Bunnings is certainly the place for Christmas.

Sydney's billion-dollar Lane Cove Tunnel could open in late January. Asphalting finished last night, lane marking is underway and safety systems about to be tested. The operator denies the opening might be delayed until after the March State election. The Minister has made it perfectly clear on a number of occasions, as I do, we both want the tunnel to open as soon as we can. There's likely to be a backlash if the Government goes ahead with plans to choke Epping Road down to one lane each way.

Convicted child killer John Lewthwaite has admitted lying naked in sand dunes at Wanda Beach, but he denies a charge of indecent exposure. His lawyers have told Sutherland Court police lied by claiming people saw him. John Lewthwaite says he was just another nude sunbaker at the dunes of Wanda Beach. Police say the notorious child-killer was exposing himself obscenely.

The prosecutor asked Lewthwaite. The officers photographed Lewthwaite from a ridge

with a digital camera. Sergeant Michelle Gibson admitted she made no written report of the incident until she logged onto the police computer four hours later. Constable Aaron Rutledge claimed dozens of people, including children and teenagers were nearby. Peter Zahra asked Constable Rutledge whether there were any photos showing the young people. The officer said he had taken those shots, but erased them to make space on his memory card. The court will decide on Monday whether Lewthwaite is guilty.

The parole authority will consider the verdict and decide whether Lewthwaite must remain in prison or be released. A former Russian spy has died in a London hospital three weeks after his apparent poisoning. Alexander Litvinenko fell ill after dining with two Russians at a hotel earlier this month. Doctors initially thought he had been poisoned with thallium. but now they're not sure what substance was used. Every avenue was explored to establish the cause of his condition and the matter is now an investigation being dealt with by detectives from New Scotland Yard.

The Kremlin has denied responsibility for the poisoning. Amazing images have been released

of animals developing inside the womb. The first-ever pictures of dolphin and elephant embryos have been produced using ultrasounds, cameras and computer graphics. They show an elephant's trunk is longer than its legs after 12 monthsm while a dolphin's fins in the early stages have bone structures similar to human hands. The National Geographic documentary will hit our screens next month. Princess Mary's little boy Prince Christian is another well documented youngster, especially after today when the Danish Royals posed for a family photo. The one-year-old had a real Aussie adventure, learning a thing or two about our wildlife. For this little prince, an invaluable lesson in life - always beware of those who look prickly. Ooh. And another royal rule - never be afraid to put your foot down when required.

He's been read 'The Magic Pudding' by his mother, the book a gift from Australia. And today face-to-face with one of its characters, Koala Bunyip Blue. Mary, is it the first time he's seen a koala? He's seen one before, been here before. An official photo opportunity for what was meant to be a private family holiday.

Asked if the Danish royals felt like they're the ones in a zoo. What do you think? You're the ones behind the fence. Princess Mary has discovered in her royal role - each time she steps outside, even here in Hobart,

the world becomes her very own catwalk.

Today in silk and linen but most of her holiday wardrobe, denim topped with style. Yes, she had gorgeous top and scarf.

I think she's perfect, just perfect. But even this perfect princess may have to step aside as Prince Christian captures hearts and the limelight even if it's all a bit of a yawn. Time for sport with Matthew White in Brisbane, and Australia turn the screw in the First Test.

It's been another dominant performance by the Aussies who piled on the runs today.

Even the tail-enders were getting in on the act. hit, that is gone. COMMENTATOR: That is beautifully

And having fun in the sand at the Australian Masters.

Toyota Yaris. in one small car. TOYOTA THEME

Australia's game plan has worked to perfection on Day Two of the First Test with the Aussies setting England a massive first-innings task. Ricky Ponting missed out on a double century by just four runs with Australia declaring at 9/602. The first job for England - they need 403 to avoid the follow-on. Resuming at 3/346, Ricky Ponting and Mike Hussey were eager to get back to the crease

Once there, they set about ramming home the advantage. that's four! COMMENTATOR: Great shot -

Beautifully placed. It was looking like another long day at the office for England - deja vu for a wayward Steve Harmison. It is a wide. Well, he's created history. Ponting reached his 150 before the visitors thought they'd got him. Oh, it's a goodie... Was there a noise? I thought I heard something.

But there was no doubt about Mike Hussey's wicket. Oh, he's got him! Right through him! After lunch, the Aussies were back in control. Michael Clarke takes a sixer. Down he comes again,

the offside field creeping in and Ponting blasts four.

Then this, with Ponting just four runs shy of 200. Shout, big shout! He walks across in front - he's got him! He's gone for 196! A standing ovation for the skipper's 32nd Test hundred. No such reception for Adam Gilchrist - gone third ball.

(repeats) He's got him! Clarke and Shane Warne took the Aussies past 500,

and when they went, Stuart Clark arrived.

That has...gone! And again...and...yes! They declared at 602. Then, in reply, early trouble for England. Two men coming in and he's done it. Brett Lee copped a spike from Hussey, but there was more to come for the visitors. Oh, he's got him!

He's got two and two balls, that's a beauty! And New South Wales have had limited success on the first day of their Pura Cup clash with WA Adam Voges top scoring for the visitors. An amateur continues to show the professionals how it's done on Day Two of the Mastercard Masters in Melbourne. With a handful of holes still to play, Aaron Pike has a four-shot lead over Justin Rose. Even the spectators were putting on a show at Huntingdale. But it was Englishman Justin Rose who made it look like child's play in a round of 66. Shot of the day went to Graham Storm, who whipped up this birdie from the sand on the 12th. But it's Queensland amateur Aaron Pike they all have to catch as he continues to shine on the greens.

Kangaroos skipper Darren Lockyer says his side will be up against the Tri-Nations' form team when they meet New Zealand in tomorrow night's Final.

Two late tries got the Aussies home last time the sides met, but it's the result of last year's final that's on the players' minds.

24 nil but we know it

24 nil but we know it wasn't a fluke

and obviously the and obviously the way they are playing at the moment, they are

playing at the moment, they are a chance of going back to back.

The ARL's hoping for close to 30,000 fans at Aussie Stadium.

A big weekend of sport coming up. If the barmy are

the barmy are sending you barm mi,

secretary out the golf on 7 at

secretary out the golf on 7 at the weekend I can tell you're excited, I

can barely contain my can barely contain my sechl here.. Checking finance now - the week lower. Commonwealth Bank shares lost 31 cents. The ASX 200 dropped 13 points. Shares in Foster's jumped another 9 cents on the back of more takeover speculation. And our dollar buys 77.5 US cents. Nuala has the weekend weather details after the break.

This weather report brought to you by Goodyear Auto Service Centres. CAR TOOTS The Goodyear Christmas Cashback on now.

Good evening. You gotta love it. Clear skies and temperatures back to where they should be at this time of year. These guys have been taking full advantage of this afternoon sea breeze, getting some boat manoeuvring practice in on their aptly named 18ft skiff "Gotta Love It". They're putting in some serious hours ahead of the National championships in January hoping to make the World finals in February. May the breeze be with them. It was pretty cloudy overnight, and as we saw earlier there was even some light rain in the mountains and in parts of Sydney earlier today. But skies cleared this afternoon with tops ranging from 23 along the coast,

to 28 further inland. It will be warmer tomorrow though, as the trough line that runs through our State turns winds more northerly. The high will let through a milder change on Sunday with the risk of a shower, before we hot up again next week. Interstate, a late shower in Darwin and a late storm in Broome, becoming fine in Hobart.

Otherwise a fine start to the weekend. 29 for the cricket in Brisbane. It's back up into the 30s for most of Sydney tomorrow. The fresh sea breeze should keep the coast in the high 20s.

Mostly sunny and 33 in Parramatta and Liverpool, 36 in Penrith, 27 in the mountains. Sunday won't be quite so hot. Mostly fine and back to the mid to high 20s. Same goes for Monday. But then our hot week begins. 31 to 35 in the west Tuesday, 31 to 39 by Thursday. Pollen levels remaining high to extreme this weekend.

Since I don't know my stern from Since I don't know my stern from my elbow

elbow t could be a short trip Do

look out for that boom, that's

look out for that boom, that's one thing I do know. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Chris Bath, thanks for your company. Hope you can join me for Seven News over the weekend. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Naomi Robson. Now, check this out. Absolutely beautiful spot, fringe Barrier Reef, rainforest - just gorgeous. Some are saying it's the real estate sale of the year. The new owner is spending over $100 million on it. But who is he and where did he get the money from when he's only 35? The ulimate sea-changer in just a moment. Also tonight - It's just disgusting. The family forced to live in a house full of junk. Their schoolteacher landlord refuses to move her own trash

and won't let them out of their lease. Plus, the most hated ads on television. They earn more complaints than sales. Does your least favourite make the list? And their lives looked set for failure,

then Mum stepped in. And they've gone from high school dropouts to millionaires. Now they're laughing all the way to the bank. But first, while most people are flat out making their mortgage payments, at just 35, Josh Hunt is spending more than $100 million on his ultimate seachange. It's one of the most spectacular property purchases in recent memory. But who is this young man? And how on earth can he afford it? Well, Karryn Cooper has the story. Kblfrjts This is the $100 million island.

And while many are trying to keep on top of their mortgages after the latest interest rate hike,

Joshua Hunt has splashed out on his own piece of paradise - the real estate deal of the year -

and he's just 35.

I had a unit for sale and the agent was best friends with the guy who owned the island