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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. terrifying and life threatening. Today on State Focus Road rage how to stay fit and What can we do about it. Boot Camps, and world champion titles. he's claimed a room full of national Blaster" heads back into the ring But, in three days time the "Bulli career, Good morning to ya Shannan. against Anthony "the man" Mundine. Good morning. Shannon? How pumped are you for this fight all last year, 2007, I had a goal Very pumped, 11 weeks training, but in the WBA and then fight Anthony to get to the top ten in the world of days away and I'm very excited Mundine, so I'm now only a couple and I'm looking forward to it. Are you nervous? must be dead. Yeah, if you don't get nervous, you this, Because, you know, big fights like sharper I'll be. this fight going to be, mentally and I've got to ask you, how tough is physically for you? good fighter and he's become a good Both, you know, Anthony Mundine's a fighter in the last six years. basketball, he's a footballer, but He's a good athlete, he can play I've trained very very hard for I've been the game for 27 years and to it. this fight and I'm looking forward How do you rate him though? Just purely as a boxer? skills. Yeah, as a boxer he's got lots of middle weight, Tuesday he has to He's fast, he's coming down to kilos, he has never made the weight make the weight, 72 and a half at 72 and a half kilos. kilos, so he's got to make the He was fighting before, he was 76 strong he is. weight Tuesday, and we'll see how off his strength. Hopefully that takes a bit of shine How did the press conference go? little too much room - little too I heard that there was almost a close for comfort? looked like it was gonna be um, Yeah, we both stood up and it the fight, but you know, I just - fighting for free the week before silly things again, and I just put he's was mouthing off and saying him and basically we stood up and him back in his place and chipped we were gonna do it for free. or do you wanna get paid for it I said "do you wanna do it for free up and said "no no, next week, next next week?" and his manager jumped out of the room, so it was exciting. week!", and then they walked him So, why fight him now? Beg your pardon? Why fight him now? Now? right now, he's number 2 in the Well I'm number 10 in the world weights, and the winner of us gets world in the WBA in the middle to play Felix Stern. contacted us and said that the The WBA rang us the other day and Germany for the World Title. winner gets to fight Felix Stern in OK, alright. So you got your ticket booked? Well, I'm feeling confident. nominate rounds, I can't, you know I'm not like Mundine, I can't I'm gonna knock him out in three, "I'm gonna knock him out in seven, I'm the type of fighter that just I'm gonna do this and do that..." and puts my head down and goes into that myself and my trainers have I know I've done this time and I'm done the hard work and that's what ready for the fight. being only three days away, and you I'm a little bit edgy at the moment, the fight and I'd love to make know I'm just looking forward to him out. that have said - they doubt you. aren't stacked in your favour, and That have also said that the odds know that boxers do in the lead up people? to a fight. What do you say to these Well, look at me. amateur fights, I think I'm pretty I've had 58 professional fights, 97 years, I'm pretty well, you know - you know I've been boxing for 27 I'm not damaged too badly. for a 36 year old and 27 years in I think, you know I'm pretty fresh looking forward to the fight. the boxing game, and I'm just well he'll wake up on Thursday And if he's underestimating me, morning crying over his Weet Bix. those left hooks to the liver that OK, why don't you throw a few of are your speciality? Gallagher and we've got another Yeah well my trainer, Bradley and that's Rick Staley, he's - trainer overseeing my whole camp, La Hoya, his former trainer - he's Manny Pakis who just beat Oscar De the jab and go to the body and chop been awesome, and he likes to use fall, and that's exactly what we're gonna try and do. could be over in one, because it's This fight could go 12 rounds, it we were very edgy at the press rings it's gonna be a war. conference an I think once the bell what will this win mean for you? To beat him, be like a World Title. it's just gonna be, it's just gonna Title fight, and you know this sets I'm treating this like a World my children up for life you know. Mundine in three days time and then I want to control the - I beat because it will be on my terms, and I get to promote the free match, dollars for me. then there's three or four million get him tiger! Well all I can say Shannan, is go Thankyou. (WOOSH) soaring, especially over these past OK, well that mercury has been strapped to our air conditioners. few weeks, keeping many of us the fire season, with the local ESA We're also right in the middle of crews on, of course, full alert. Simon Butt, Deputy Captain from the And joining us on the line now is ACT Rural Fire Service. Simon, good morning, how are you? I'm well thankyou. Good to hear. been going for the ACT so far this Listen, how has the bushfire season year? very lucky, we've been reasonable Well so far this year we've been units to assist our interstate quiet, but we've sent a number of dealing with. colleagues with fires that they're what's happening in Victoria, how OK, listen, with reference to the service in light of what's concerned are you, how concerned is of months of our bushfire season happening in Victoria with a couple still to go? season the ACT is - with the Well yeah look, for the rest of the there is a lot of grass growth, and rainfall that we had in December, off yet with all this hot weather, whilst that hasn't that fully dried having some fuel hazard about, so that will dry off and we'll end up it's a concern for us. people - is a message sinking in What's you advice, I guess, are people playing by the rules here? about maintaining your property, are action plan, that's the one thing If you haven't organised a fire straight away. you should really look at doing websites to be able to do that, and There's advice on all of our that's something you should look at. people tend to forget or leave to Is there one common area that the last minute? the action plan, is not making that Well that's one of the things in decision at the last minute, being prepared early is the thing that we really push. Well I've got to ask you, I guess in light of these bushfires further south, what is it that makes someone light a fire deliberately and what do you do if you see someone acting suspiciously? Who do you call, what action do you take? Well if you see any smoke or any fire then the first thing to do is call 000 and to report that and then we can start the process of getting someone out to it to put it out. If you see people acting suspiciously then we recommend that you don't take things into your own hand but you should always call - note as much information as you can and then call the police and let them handle it. Alright, some great advice there. Here's to a safe remaining couple of months. Simon, thanks for your time. You're welcome, thankyou. OK, and coming up, the mind set to make it up Mount Kosciuszko. Canberra's Michael Milton and Louise Sauvage join us next on State Focus. Welcome back, you're watching State Focus. Well, most of us would simply be out of breath just at the thought of a mountain trek. But, a few weeks ago Paralympians Michael Milton and Louise Sauvage made it to the summit of Australia's highest peak, for the "Kosciuszko Rock 'n' Roll" event. And, earlier Leah Goodman caught up with Michael and Louise to find out all about it. (WOOSH) Well Michael and Louise, thanks for joining us on State Focus. Good Morning. Morning. Michael I'll start with you. After an amazing 2008, capping it off with this climb up Mount Kosciuszko, how on earth did you get involved in this? From my point of view it's a great thing to be involved with. Disabled Winter Sport Australia got a grant to help promote tourism in the Snowy Mountains. I have a passions for mountains and love being there and to be able to be up there on the day, sharing it with people like Louise and other people with disabilities was a fantastic atmosphere and it was a great project to be involved with. Absolutely, and Louise I'll ask you much the same question, how did you get involved in the project? I was actually, unlike Michael haven't been involved with the snow or the mountains that much but Paul Gardiner actually rang me and asked me whether I would be involved and normally I probably would have said no, but I thought "Well, it's a fantastic opportunity" and I really had no idea how they were gonna get me up there, but I figured they would work that out and I said yes. And, yeah, it all came to fruition in December, so I was just absolutely honoured and stoked. And that's a really good point aswell, it must have been really physically challenging for you. How did you get up there? I was fortunate to be able to borrow an all-terrain wheelchair, so I was very happy to be able to do that, and I was towed up and pushed and everything on the way up, and actually tethered on the way down, so I was very fortunate there was alot of people there to help us out and I was actually carried right to the top and ended up on the top of monument there, sitting up there, and it was really cold but, no it was fantastic. And Louise obviously there was a real diverse group going up there. What are your fondest memories of the trip? I think just getting to the top was the best, but again, you know sharing it with everyone else and being in a group like that was great, and I suppose it really showed the ability of everyone rather than the disability, and that anything was possible, so yeah I think the getting to the top and achieving it. It was fantastic. And I'll put that to you aswell Michael. It must be a great inspiration to others to see a group like yourselves going up our tallest mountain. Did you feel inspired on the way? Absolutely, it was a fantastic atmosphere during the day. Everybody was having a great time, there was a real sense of team work there to get everyone up to the top. We had people in wheelchairs, we had people visually impaired with guide dogs, we had parents with kids in prams and trailers and a whole range of things there, so it was a fantastic environment. I guess the most exciting thing from my point of view, I've been up there before and done a lot of bushwalking and outdoor experiences, but to see people like Louise who've never done anything like that before in their lives and to see their excitement being in the very top of Australia was absolutely amazing. And were you two familiar with each other before the trip? Yes of course, I've seen Louise around at many things over the years, I think going back to the early 90's, maybe 92 odd, when we were both competing early in our careers, so we've had a lot to do with each other over the years. So good mates? Yes, absolutely. Fabulous, now Louise, what's next for you after achieving something as fabulous as this? Ah well, I'm continuing this year, I'll be doing some coaching of course with the wheelchair track and road guys, and I actually raced yesterday in the Aus 13 kay on Australia Day, came out of retirement for a little bit, but I'm not sure whether I'll keep going a bit more or not. But just looking forward to the rest of the year and getting my athletes back in good shape. And Michael you've actually just competed in the Tour Down Under aswell, which is another amazing feat. How was that? Oh it was fantastic, it was an amazing event, over 7,000 cyclists riding one the stages of the tour. It was a great atmosphere and something that was very enjoyable, and again the atmosphere around the events and the excitement of everyone there was absolutely amazing and for somebody whose passionate about their sport of cycling to see other people who are like minded and the whole general community get into it the way Adelaide has this week has been fantastic. @ Adelaide has this we And did you come across the great man Lance Armstrong at all? Unfortunately, I did see Lance buzz past at about 60 kilometres an hour, you know it would have bene great to meet him and have a chat, but his obviously, first job there is to race and so he's done very well this week and I look forward to continuing to follow his career this year and how he comes back from three years off. Absolutely. And just very quickly, what's next for you in 2009? I'm home looking after babies at the moment. Having a lot of fun with my two children. I guess form my point of view it's a time to be home, a time to give my body a bit of a physical break and a time for planning and looking at the future and we're just starting to put in place some plans for the rest of the year and next year of what we want to do, so nothing is really cemented yet. Fabulous. Alright, good luck to both of you. Thanks for joining us on State Focus. Thankyou. No worries, thankyou. (WOOSH) Leah Goodman there with Michael Milton and Louise Sauvage. OK now it's time to talk romance with Valentines's Day coming up on Saturday. And, to get us all hot and steamy this Sunday morning, the new brekkie crew, Ali and Josh, from 93.5 Star FM in Dubbo is with us to share "Love Month". Good morning guys, you're looking sexy! Hi! Hello! Happy love month. Are you feeling sexy for a Sunday? No, no. Yes, yes I am feeling sexy right now Yes, yes I am feeling sexy r And I'm terrified, so. (LAUGHS) You're 17 Josh, you shouldn't be feeling sexy! I don't at all! Listen there's a lot happening for the next three weeks, diving for diamonds, pool parties. But please, tell us how Dubbo locals can get involved in the Big Kiss Downunder. What is it? Well, The Big Kiss Downunder, it's basically a way of getting a whole bunch of randoms together, sharing the love and hoping they'll swap some saliva at the same time. Lovely. Why not? And listen, what is the current world record for the longest kiss underwater? The longest kiss under - I don't know what it is. I actually don't know either. Yeah. All I know is that we're gonna try and break it, so. Good to hear. Now you have to head to a pool to do that? Mmm. Yes we do, but we're gonna break that. pool, we're heading outside the shopping centre down here, the Centre down here, and we're gonna get a whole bunch together to actually do it above water, because we feel it's safer. We feel that the underwater thing, a little bit OH & S issue, so we're gonna do it that way. Sometimes, if you get a bit involved in a pash, you can nearly suffocate anyway, so adding water just makes in dangerous. It does. Now, how do you find love in Dubbo? Are there some great places to hang out for singles, and speed dating venues that you can recommend? Alright, I think I have to answer this question don't I? I've only been living here a week, so year, I think Ali's gonna have to do that one. Welcome to Dubbo! Thankyou. a local shop, a guy out. That's how you find love in Dubbo, you've just got to make it your own. That's a little creepy I know. What are the women like with you only being there a week Josh? Oh, OK! It's all good! Are they romantic? Ah, I haven't experienced that yet. I'll show you romance like you've never seen it before! You've got a boyfriend! (LAUGHS) Yeah no, it's all good so far! What would be the perfect Valentine's date then, you guys? Um, going to the movies I think. I'm pretty simple with that sort of stuff, so. I think any Valentines date is a good Valentines date. Absolutely. What about any pick up lines to use or perhaps avoid Josh? I don't know. Probably "get in the van" isn't one that I would use all that often. (LAUGHS) Probably try and avoid that one. It's gotten people into trouble. Listen we'll have to leave it there. Thanks so much for sharing the love, and listen I've got to say congratulations to you both on your first week together. You're still talking which is great to hear and see. Oh no we hate each other, but we're making do! Look after yourselves. Thanks for your time. Thankyou. OK, time to take a break. But up next, you'll need your camouflage caper, 'cos we're going commando. The boot camp craze is next on State Focus. Welcome back to State Focus. Well, some fitness fanatics fancy a five AM start to their day, followed by a solid serving of sweat-drenched exercise, swinging from trees or trudging through mud. It's all part of what's called boot camp or battle camp, and a couple of extremely buffed blokes who were doing it way before it became cool, are Dan Ford and James Humphreys from Professional Physical Training. Good morning gentlemen, or perhaps I should salute you! Good morning. Good mooring Peta, how are you going Good mooring Peta, how are I'm very well. Now love the outfits, sensational for a Sunday morning! You've been out already for a run I imagine? Yes. OK. Um, well it's aimed at the average person. I mean, speaking from the battle camp perspective, if you can jog at a slow pace for about five to eight hundred metres without stopping, you'll have no dramas with the course. If not, we do offer a beginners course aswell... I need a beginners course, most definitely. Maybe, maybe not. Now I've got to say, I imagine it would be pretty tough doing it with you guys, because you're ex-military. Yeah yeah, that's right. James and I were physical training instructors at ADFA, we met in 2003, and we were giving about 5 to 6 boot camp style classes to all the cadets there for about two and a half years before we went our separate ways and joined up again. So during that time it was pretty flat out and pretty intense and you've just got to put a lot of variation in your sessions. OK, so how - what is boot camp, or battle camp? What's involved, what do you actually do? Do you swing from trees and trudge through mud? Um, not really. Like generally with a boot camp you're gonna associate it with: it's an early start, it's a six o'clock start. It's group fitness orientated, and you're generally going to have a lot better instructor to client ratio that what you'd normally get inside a gymnasium. But with battle camp, we have tried to take it that extra step further, where we try to keep it as authentic a boot camp to what we used to run in the Defence Force, but without the yelling and screaming. @ but without the yell I was going to say, because that's what would worry me. No, it's still very social and fun, people are having a good time. So what is you can't keep up though? If you can't keep up, generally there's two instructors in battle

camp, so if you are lagging behind a little bit the secondary instructor will go back and give you personal encouragement to get you there, and it's all about achieving the goals. Whose the secondary instructor out of the two of you? It depends on the day. We take it in turns. OK, whose the nicest out of you? Aw, it's a good cop bad cop... Yeah, we take it in turns. Listen, why has this become so popular, why the boot camp craze? I think because people's general awareness of being fit now days,

they know that they have to be fit, you know. It's like, you have to be continually working on your fitness to get there. So what if you made a new years resolution to maintain your health this year. What's the key to sticking to is? Well it's... You've just come back from Chrissie and you've got a bit of a pudding...

Exactly. It's the hardest thing when you've had a break, like something like Christmas or whatever, is just getting yourself started again and making that start. And even through winter, you know when it gets cold, I don't want to be outside. It's not that bad, it's not that bad. We worked throughout pretty much the whole of winter, and we did get a hall where if it was below minus five we would go inside and give everyone a message, but we only used it three times over winter, and other than that it's not that bad. You do have to wear longs, but other than that the winter wasn't bad at all. We can just see some footage of you doing a training session with a group of netballers. Look how come they're not in camouflage, 'cos I would want to be in my camouflage! Yeah um, the netballers are actually the Australian under 21's team and their development manager Simone is one of our battle camp clients, and she though it would be a good idea to bring them along before they go away and tour New Zealand, and go away to Jamaica. We did the same thing last year and they went away and won the competition, so they must have liked it. They did really well. Although they said that they wanna go up the hill twice next time, so we'll see how we go. They've asked for more> They're back for more, they want more, they love it. I would want to wear camouflage paint. If you don't have the outfit, can you wear camouflage paint? It hasn't happened yet, but if you want to, knock yourself out! A healthy dose of sunscreen is what we look for anytime after the 8 o'clock mark! But no one's got that eager yet. I'm eager baby! Do you allow the trainees to actually do like a train the trainer? Cos I mean you know, allow them to get their own back, 'cos I'd have you: drop and give me 20 right now! Well, we haven't done that yet, although we have come across people who we've really rated in our course and we've said "hey, would you like to become an instructor?", but other than that, no, not really. And they have. They have, yeah. We've trained 'em up and now they're instructing battle camps. Would you do some push ups for us during the break? Sure! No problem! How many, what can you give us, how many can you do for us on a Sunday morning? How many do you need? I'm gonna be cruel! Wonderful to have you on. Thanks for looking so sensational this Sunday morning and I will think about doing a five AM start. Well, before you get there, we'd like to give you a shirt. Presenting this shirt to you, that is yours. Thankyou guys. Thanks very much Peta, thanks for having us on the show. Oh, that's sensational, PPT. I just need to go and get my camouflage paint! Thankyou gentlemen. No worries. Thanks. OK, now to the Top Five for this week, if you are wondering what's on across Southern New South Wales and wanna head outdoors, let's go to Jamberoo first where the Johnny Warren Memorial Cup Football Tournament is being held today and tomorrow. You can see all the action at the Jamberoo Sportsground. And the Australian Blues Music Festival starts in Goulburn on Thursday. Check out upcoming and established blues acts at venues right across town. And a carnival for the whole family is being held in Queanbeyan to

celebrate the "Convoy for Kids with Cancer". You'll find all the farm animals, rides and bands at the Queanbeyan Showground. And here's a nice way to spend Valentine's Day, with "Opera in the Caves" at Jenolan Caves on Saturday night. And, there's plenty happening in Canberra this week for the National Multicultural Festival, culminating with "Carnival in the City" on Saturday. OK, time to let you get back to your weekend. Happy Valentine's Day for Saturday. Hope you have a romantic day. Have a great week and we'll see you next Sunday at 8.30. Bye for now. Live captions by Southern Cross Ten, Canberra. We apologise for the temporary loss of captions. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.