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This program is captioned live. in the Sydney to Hobart - Tonight - a day of drama six sailors injured. eight yachts out, to their son. David Iredale's parents pay tribute he really liked doing, bushwalking, I know that's one of the things doing what they want to do. and you can't stop a 17-year-old And a teenager charged

in a hail of bullets. after a police pursuit ends

and Kathryn Robinson. Ten News with Tim Webster Also tonight - Good evening. the Cross City Tunnel. receivers appointed to And together again - in Sydney. Nicole and Keith out and about But first this evening - and shattered dreams - broken boats, broken bones yacht race has had it all. day one of the Sydney to Hobart of the bluewater classic, Eight boats are out

contending for line honours. a number of them race leaders Despite their disappointment, say they're just happy to be alive. the crew members that needed rescuing but at least their lives weren't. Their race cut short, Sydney to Hobart almost turned deadly The dramatic first night of the

for the crew members of 'Maximus' and thrust it onto the deck below. when strong winds snapped their mast came rescue crews. With the morning light

were winched into choppers Three of the worst injured by a police boat. and two more picked up to dislocated shoulders From head wounds as battered as their vessel. the sailors were left It was a bit of a horrific sight. overnight, had ripped the mast - What the winds had done to the yacht probably 70 foot at least - and it's a tall mast, probably 70 foot at least - and it's a tall mast, clean off the deck. And with all the rigging,

heavily into the cockpit area all the equipment had fallen of the crew members. so it had injured quite a number David Munday and George Hendy - Among them - to Moruya Hospital. who were airlifted There was just an almighty crash and next minute look around hit something very hard. and I sort of ended up - obviously And the mast was all around us any of the guys on my watch. and I looked around and couldn't see They suffered broken bones. Yeah, I've got some cracked, fractured ribs front and back. And broken spirits.

out of the first night It's so disappointing in the position we were in have been a mile and a half in it I don't know whether there would at the end of the day. can empathise - The crew of the 'Koomooloo' taking on water mid-morning the wooden yacht started after a hole tore in her hull. and within the hour, Those on board abandoned ship had picked them up. a fellow competitor

of the bluewater classic. 'Koomooloo' is a former winner Now she's sinking fast. at the bottom of the ocean. It's feared she'll end her career at least she's the only one. But after a day like today, hurt, you know? No-one was actually really seriously I think that's the main thing. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. In Merimbula, And Danielle Isdale joins us now.

on 'Koomooloo's troubles. Danielle, what's the latest

Well, the 'Koomooloo' crew is on

its way to Eden aboard a police

rescue boat. The boat that rescued

them has resumed the race,

'Adventure', they were rivals

turned rescuers when they plucked

them from the water. They're back

on track leaving the crew of the them from the water. They're back

'Koomooloo' in the hands of police.

For the 'Koomooloo' itself a sadder

fate. It is sinking and that's

devastating for the crew because

devastating for the crew because

this yacht has had a colourful race

history. It won in 1968. It's been

restored for 10 years. They

describe it as the diamond of the

fleet. The crew very disappointed

in that. And how their own race has

ended. On that note, as we just

heard, a number of boats and

sailors battered and bruised. Who

else is out? Well, we've got eight

yachts out at the moment. Of course else is out? Well, we've got eight

'Maximus' was mentioned earlier.

'Chutzpah', 'Living Doll', 'Mr

Kite', 'Sailors with Disabilities',

'Koomooloo' and 'Endorfin' and 'ABN

Amro One'. If that proves anything,

it's how hard the conditions are.

everywhere and 'ABN Amro' has won prizes

everywhere and its skipper is sailor

of the year at the moment. So it

of the year at the moment. So it

shows how tough it has been. There

are 70 boats left in this race and

everyone hopes that's how it stays. from the family of David Iredale, An emotional tribute tonight in the Blue Mountains. the 17-year-old who died bushwalking this morning. The teenager's body was cremated In a Ten News exclusive, lost their eldest of three sons Stephen and Mary-Anne Iredale just before Christmas. the ring and necklace Mary-Anne now always wears that David made for her birthday.

to hold their children close, But I just want to ask people it would come to this, because I never thought

before we get over it, if ever. and it will be a very long time

was launched A massive ground and air search emergency services after David Iredale called from his mobile phone in the Blue Mountains, to say he was lost his walking companions. separated from before his body was found. It took nine days There is indeed a need respect and care to promote greater awareness, in these activities may be prevented in the future. so that tragedies such as ours David rang home from the bush On the day he went missing, a happy birthday. to wish his brother Chris some of his favourite mango ice-cream He asked his mum to save him that he was looking for water. and mentioned he sounded happy, He didn't sound distressed,

he really liked doing, bushwalking, and I know that's one of the things doing what they want to do. and you can't stop a 17-year-old

was very organised. The elite rower from Sydney Grammar He'd written plans for this bushwalk and another one already scheduled for early next year. We also would like to reiterate our most sincere thanks to the hundreds of volunteers and professional rescue personnel who tried so valiantly for a better result. David's body was cremated this morning at a private service for the family, but hundreds of people are expected here tomorrow at Christ Church, St Ives, celebrating the life of David Balthazar Iredale. David's parents didn't want to speculate

about the exact circumstances surrounding their son's death, leaving that to the Coroner. And I know David would be very honoured to know that everyone loved him and cared about him. Evan Batten, Ten News. Sydney's troubled Cross City Tunnel has been placed into receivership, with debts totalling over $500 million. Joining us now for more on this story is Ten reporter Eddie Myer.

What can you tell us? This

afternoon, we got the news the

receivers were called in by 16

receivers were called in by 16 international and national banks

owed that $560 million. This tunnel

has basically been haemorrhaging

money from the day it opened. It

was all built on the idea that it

would get 90,000 cars a day. It's

been averaging little more than

30,000 cars a day and it simply

couldn't go on. The receivers will

now try to reinvigorate this, a

fresh start as they call it. They

will now look for a buyer. The

Government says it's business as

usual. The tunnel will operate but

the private sector will bear all

the risk of the process that will

now be going forward. The taxpayers

free of any risk. This is what the

minister had to say a short time

ago. I believe it is extremely

unlikely that a strong piece of

road infrastructure like the Cross

City Tunnel will not be bought on

the market. Now, of course, the

Government doesn't want to consider

that the tunnel won't be sold. If it

it can't be sold, then the RTA,

it can't be sold, then the RTA, under a clause in the current

contract, can take control to keep

the tunnel operating. The minister

wouldn't be drawn on what that

might cost us. There's also the

question of compensation to be

negotiated for when the roads that

were closed at the beginning were

were closed at the beginning were

re-opened. Part of that, of course,

the problem for the current

operators because it simply

syphoned cars off the road. The

NRMA says that the taxpayers shouldn't have to

shouldn't have to bear any of the

burden and Toll is one of the

things that everyone should now

consider. We've said all along that

the fair toll would be $2.90. We

think $2.90 will increase volume

because people will think it's a

fair price to pay for using the

tunnel. Now, of course, what the

toll will be is one of the things

the receiver will consider to make

this a more viable financial option

for another buyer. So motorists

could see a reduction in the toll

in the short term. Back to you. Thank you. A high-speed car chase in Sydney's south-west has ended in a hail of bullets, a teenager allegedly opening fire on police and a bus. 19-year-old Todd Carney is led away after a dangerous stand-off lasting almost an hour, police restraining his mother as she called out to him. The unemployed teenager is accused of opening fire with a rifle

on the transit way at Miller overnight. There was a bus with seven people on board stopped just metres away. He started shooting everywhere and stuff and we all had to get down. Carney also turned his attention to police, allegedly firing at two officers before shooting at their patrol car and the police helicopter as it hovered overhead. The police were telling us, "Please come inside your house," because he was dangerous, he was armed.

Police smashed the emergency window of the bus to rescue the passengers, then, over the phone, convinced Carney to put the gun down.

They allegedly found a bumbag containing 50 rounds of ammunition. It followed a high-speed car chase across Sydney, Carney leading police from Winston Hills along the M2 and M7 reaching speeds of up to 165km/h. He'd been spotted speeding earlier, but didn't pull over, fearing he was drunk.

It was very terrifying. I've lived here for 34 years and that's the most terrifying thing of my life. Carney faced court today on a string of firearms and driving charges. Carney's lawyer told the court his client's family has a history of mental illness and the only reason the 19-year-old opened fire on police was the hope they'd shoot back and end his life. The magistrate refused bail and ordered a psychiatric examination.

He just needs help, that's all I can say. He just needs help. He needs people to talk to. He needs people that he can trust. He don't trust no-one. Police say it's lucky no-one was hurt. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Wedding bells are ringing again for Australia's richest man. James Packer is set to marry his model girlfriend Erica Baxter. The PBL boss let slip at a cricket function in Melbourne yesterday that he'd popped the question on Christmas Day.

39-year-old Packer and 29-year-old Baxter have been dating on and off for 4.5 years. She consoled him after his father Kerry's death a year ago. The marriage will be Packer's second. In 1999 he tied the knot with swimsuit model Jodhi Meares in a $10 million ceremony. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have appeared for the first time together since claims he's been cheating on the Hollywood star. The pair emerged from United International Pictures' Sydney studios, after a 2-hour private movie screening. Urban arrived to be with Nicole in Australia early yesterday morning from Los Angeles. Only last week a part-time model claimed she'd been sleeping with the country music star for the past two years,

ending the affair just before the couple's nuptials six months ago. Checking out sport with Neil Cordy. And, Neil, another successful day for the Aussies? Yes, Kath. They have carried on where Shane Warne left off yesterday. On the backfoot early with the loss of three quick wickets, before Matthew Hayden and one of his good mates steadied the ship. And Chelsea doing themselves no favours in the English premiership race.

COMMENTATOR: What a catastrophe! And with all the drama, there's still a boat race on. After the carnage, 'Wild Oats' is in the box seat as the fleet heads into Bass Strait.

A Sydney motorist clocked at 220km/h in an 80km/h zone - that's next. Also tonight - CSI Sydney - how the world's most advanced computer crime lab is helping to catch criminals. And more stores forced to close as sales fever hits the suburbs. Is it wrong to love cream cheese? (Crowd shouts) No! Is it wrong to love barbecue sauce with that? No! More sauce, mozzarella cheese and your favourite toppings? No! Is it wrong that you'd run down your own mother for just one glorious bite of Domino's incredible new Triple Ripple?! CRICKETS CHIRRUP (Innocently) Too much? No! Domino's new Triple Ripple. You can never have too much of a good thing. SONG: # Got the hots # Domino's. # This program is captioned live. Police are staggered at the number of motorists still speeding this holiday period, despite all the warnings. A motorcyclist was clocked doing 220km/h in an 80km/h zone

in Sydney this morning. And a 23-year-old woman has died in a crash inferno overnight in the city's south-west. The Camden Valley woman was at the wheel when her car collided head-on with another at Leppington. The Commodore caught fire just after impact. Attempts by emergency services to free her failed.

Two middle-aged couples in the second car escaped with minor injuries. Camden Valley Way was closed in both directions while police investigated. They want this accident to serve as a reminder to others. Nine families are grieving this holiday period because nine people have lost their lives on our roads so far this Christmas. That's three more than the same period last year. The national road toll now stands at 30. A woman has been seriously injured in New Zealand after a freak accident involving a dolphin. The 27-year-old was crushed when the animal leapt out of the water and landed on her boat. She suffered life-threatening head and chest injuries and is being treated in Auckland Hospital.

The dolphin was unharmed in the accident. Marine experts say an adult dolphin can weigh up to 600kg. Our police have shown off the amazing technology that's helping match bullets to high-profile gun crimes. The multimillion-dollar lab is one of the biggest in the world.

This is the police lab that is giving quick answers to gun crime. Evidence gathered at crime scenes is scanned and fed into the computer. 18,000 cartridges and 7,000 bullets are already on file. We're talking for cartridge cases, minutes,

probably up to 10 or 15 minutes for a bullet, depending on the damage to it. Nicknamed IBIS, the Integrated Ballistics Identification System helped solve 30 cases last year alone. Leading-edge technology enabling police to identify weapons through the markings they leave on cartridges and bullets. The best-known case, this double murder in Greenacre, when bullets riddled the house.

Inside, Ziad Razzak and young mother Melissa Nemra. Forensic tests on the semiautomatic rifle were crucial in the case. Three men were sentenced to life imprisonment only last month, among them, the gang leader, Adnan Darwich. It has greatly assisted us to solve the technical side of firearm-related crime. Without this type of technology we would be greatly handicapped

to get the results that we've got now. Here at the NSW police's firearms reference library, virtually every model of gun is kept on file and then used for comparison purposes. Most of the weapons were seized at crime scenes or were handed in after the gun laws were tightened. Ballistic experts won't reveal how many they have on file, other than to say a lot. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. The Iemma Government is on track for victory in the March State election,

despite a string of political scandals. The latest Newspoll gives Labor a 6% lead over the Coalition.

That's enough to clinch a comfortable 23-seat majority. These results will move around, and no poll accurately determines what people will turn their mind to come election day. Former minister Milton Orkopolous was sacked last month after being charged with child sex offences. His departure followed the resignation of Carl Scully for twice misleading Parliament. Sales fever hit the suburbs today as retailers opened their doors to shoppers eager for a bargain. Most suburban centres, like Bondi Junction, were unable to open yesterday because of trading restrictions, leaving the Boxing Day rush to major city retailers. But they were certainly making up for it today, some even forced to close their doors because of the crush. And shoppers who avoided the city didn't seem to mind the wait. I knew most of the sales would start today, so I was here at 9am ready to shop. Retailers across the board are reporting a stronger turnout than recent years.

Folks, have a look at this backdrop.

It looks a lot like New Year's Eve

to me, Frankie. If we can order the

same sort of day for New Year's Eve,

we'd be going very well on the

Sydney Harbour. Maybe not as

picture perfect as today has been.

We got up to 22 degrees today. It

feels warmer in the sun this

afternoon . It was about 27 degrees

in the greater west. A few showers

on New Year's Eve perhaps but it

won't spoil a fantastic party wee.

have a few details of the

celebrations later in the bulletin.

We rolled the camera and we check

the images captured from the top of

the Ten News centre from 9 am and

that, ladies and gentlemen, is what

we in the business call a

blue-a-thon. Medium levels of

pollution in the south-west. When

the weather returns, as I said,

we'll have a few details about the

big party on the weekend. Deadly fireball - hundreds killed in an oil pipeline explosion - that's next. And a scare for the British PM when his plane overshoots a runway.

They'll be coming in the door at the last minute. They've just gotta come in and get those tables or chairs, so, we're quite happy to get them in, get them what they want 9 kilo gas cylinder, $36.95. Folding table, $58. Jumbuck deluxe barbecue, $299. Outdoor dining lamp, $39. Plastic party tub, $6.58. then I know I've done a really good job. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning.

Not looking too bad, Jo. That's

right, Tim. It's a good run this

afternoon. No major accidents or breakdowns to report. We're

watching the M4 for you. It's

pretty good in both directions.

We're watching it right now. We're

at Eastern Creek. Traffic west

bound is a good run this afternoon.

Have a pleasant journey home. I'll

be back with more later. Labor has backed the Government's hardline approach to welfare

pledging to encourage more disabled people into work. The Opposition wants to build on the Government's changes this year,

which require anyone who can work 15 hours a week to look for work. But Labor says, under its plan, the disabled could enrol in training or education instead. There need to be people with skills, they need to get a job, It's better for them, it's better for the families and it's better for the Australian economy. The Opposition says it wants more people employed, but insists it won't force anyone off the pension. A close call for British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Mr Blair and his family were on board this British Airways plane which overshot the runway in Miami. None of the 343 passengers were injured when the pilot ran over a couple of airfield lights on arrival from London. A British Airways spokesman explained that resurfacing and relighting work made visibility poor. The Blairs are en route to an undisclosed holiday location. Saddam Hussein will hang, possibly within days, after his appeal against a death sentence was thrown out. The former Iraqi dictator to pay the ultimate price for crimes against humanity. As the appeals court upheld the conviction and death penalty against Saddam Hussein, car bombs were going off across Baghdad.

More than 50 Iraqis killed in a spate of attacks, one of the explosions occurring just minutes after Saddam's appeal was rejected. Saddam, his half-brother and former intelligence chief, along with a former judge, all sentenced to hang for crimes against humanity, following the murder of 148 Shiites in 1982. (Speaks Arabic)

The death sentence must be implemented within a month,

the appeals court was told - that means Saddam and his henchmen could hang within days. TRANSLATION: We are very happy and thank God we are getting rid of him and this time for good. TRANSLATION: It was the right decision because Saddam is no better than those killed in the blasts. What did we get from Saddam? Nothing good. But will Saddam's execution make a difference

to a country which deals with death every day? Human Rights Watch says Saddam should be spared, because his trial was flawed, unfair and subject to political interference. His death will also raise questions about the future of genocide charges laid against him over gas attacks on Kurds during the 1980s. Saddam's setback coinciding with grim statistics for the Americans - the US military death toll in Iraq surpassing the number of civilians killed in the September 11 attacks. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Hundreds of people have been killed in a massive oil explosion in Nigeria.

The fireball erupted as scavengers scooped fuel from a ruptured pipeline. Engulfed by flames, a twisted wreck of cars and bodies litters the streets of one of Lagos's poorest neighbourhoods. The explosion ripped through the area as hundreds of people scavenged leaking fuel from a vandalised underground pipeline. Witnesses say the puddles of oil ignited without warning, triggering a massive fireball, police and rescuers overwhelmed by intense heat and the sheer scale of devastation. It has been switched off, it has been switched off, but this fire will continue until we put it off. The pipeline was targeted by professional thieves, who had punctured it overnight to siphon petrol into a road tanker.

Despite the danger, locals flocked to the area, scooping the remaining oil into plastic containers. Red Cross workers say

they've so far recovered at least 300 badly burnt bodies. Chronic fuel shortages in Nigeria have triggered a recent rise in scavenging, with more armed gangs rupturing pipelines. Similar accidents have killed nearly 2,000 people over the past decade. It's feared the death toll from this latest explosion could top 500.

Richard Davies, Ten News.

At least 23 people have died in a department store fire in the Philippines. Anxious crowds watched on as people tried to flee the flames any way they could.

The onlookers spontaneously erupted in cheers as one woman was rescued. The blaze was started by firecrackers, but police are unsure why they ignited. There was a fire exit to the store but it was locked. If you've ever wanted to be the king of the road, you might want to head to the Netherlands. Chaos is the new order on the streets after some towns abolished all traffic rules. The roadside revolution means no more speed or parking restrictions and the removal of all traffic lights. The Dutch say too many rules interfere with safe driving. In my opinion, chaos and order have quite a lot in common. Planners admit the concept is risky but say anarchy means drivers need to pay even more attention because no-one has priority. The death of former US president Gerald Ford - that's next. Also - claims dolphins at a top ocean park are being overworked this summer. And look who's back - Rocky Balboa out of retirement and blitzing the box office. G'day mate! You taking out the ga bage? and we found that 80 percent of our waste is a tually recyclable, like these cardboard boxes. an saving money. So, it's good for business and the environm nt. Yeah... Actually, I've got a plant that could do with your help! What have you done...

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - Sydney's troubled Cross City Tunnel has been placed in receivership, with debts totalling over $500 million. The search is now on for a new owner The State Governmernt has previously indicated it would not buy the tunnel back. An emotional tribute from the family of David Iredale, the 17-year-old who died while on a bushwalking trip in the Blue Mountains. The teenager's body was cremated this morning, his parents speaking exclusively to Ten News about their loss. And it's been a day of broken boats and broken bones in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Eight boats are out, a number of them race leaders contending for line honours. Several injured sailors from 'Maximus' had to be winched to safety after the mast snapped in wild weather. Former US president Gerald Ford has died, aged 93. He was the country's only ever unelected president, sworn in after Richard Nixon left the White House in disgrace following the Watergate scandal. President Ford battled pneumonia this year, and had a history of heart trouble. His wife, Betty Ford, co-founded the rehabilitation centre in her name, after public battles with alcoholism. With a new Opposition leadership team,

a prime minister heading into his 11th year in the top job and an expected federal election, 2007 is looming as a big year in politics.

Political editor Paul Bongiorno takes a look at what we can expect and tips a likely poll date. Labor's brutal decision to revamp its leadership team has turned election-year politics on its head. Its immediate effect was a stunning boost in the opinion polls for the party and its new leader, Kevin Rudd. They'll get a boost in the polls. There's always a lot of curiosity about a new leader and this will be no different. Our belief is that Australia has reached a fork in the road. A number of issues are running against the Government - uncertainty over interest rates, climate change, the Iraq war and its workplace revolution. But Labor will need to do more to capitalise. Critical to this will be the policy direction endorsed by the April National Conference. By the time we get to the next election you'll have a clear, comprehensive, alternative policy plan for Australia's future. John Howard has already unveiled the pitch he'll use to negate any image boost Labor gets from its new-generation leadership. It is a choice between the past and the future. Do you want to go back to a past dominated by the unions or do you want to go forward with a guarantee of the prosperity that we now have? Saturday October 13 is the most likely election date.

That will be after the PM hosts the APEC leaders summit in Sydney. And it falls within the time zone he's preferred in the past. But, of course, if the economy sours and rates rise, the election could be delayed until early 2008. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Another record day on the Australian stock market as 2007 approaches.

Claims tonight

dolphins at one of Australia's top oceanariums are being overworked. A group of former employees from Coffs Harbour's Pet Porpoise Pool says this summer the animals are having to perform three times a day

instead of twice a day. During the school holidays they're having three shows of 40 minutes and half an hour of interaction before the show, where you get seal kissing and a pat and play with the dolphins. But management says

the dolphins are actually spending less time doing live shows than before. We're utilising the animals better by using less animals and doing different routines in different shows. The group is also concerned at the number of people allowed in the water with the dolphins.

He's back! At the ripe old age of 60, Sylvester Stallone has returned to the screen to play Rocky Balboa. The sixth and final film is proving a surprise hit with critics and audiences. He's nearly old enough to get the pension, but there's no time for tea and lawn bowls in this 60-year-old's life. ROCKY THEME MUSIC PLAYS In 'Rocky Balboa',

Sylvester Stallone plays a widowed restaurant owner spurred to fight once more after a computer mock-up squares him off against today's young hot shot. If two athletes from different eras could actually compete against one another, who would come out on top? Rocky overcomes a crook neck, arthritis and back pain

to take on an opponent four decades his junior. It isn't over till it's over. When's that from? The '80s? That's probably the '70s. Stallone can still pack a mean punch...

I mean, he's really hard punching to the body, and I went home with a lot of icepacks. ..though he admits it takes its toll now. It hurts a little bit more, but you can do it. That "you can do it" attitude is what helped the then-struggling actor sell the first 'Rocky' script in 1976. The semi-autobiographical tale netted him 10 Oscar nominations and created one of America's best-loved modern film characters. VOICEOVER: Who was the greatest? But that didn't help Stallone get this film made - studio bosses told him he's a has-been. They said something like, "Over our dead body." But he's still alive and 'Rocky VI' is a hit. It netted more than $22 million in its first four days and critics are raving.

Hanging up his gloves, he says, was the saddest day of his life. It's like losing a great, great buddy who's been so loyal.

'Rocky Balboa' opens in Australia on February 1. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News.

Now to another tough guy. Frank,

can we expect a repeat of today for

New Year's Eve? If someone actually

says that, I'm ready to sign on the

dotted line. Perhaps not as glorious

as today but someone who has his

fingers crossed is the creative

director for New Year's Eve 2006,

Wayne Harrison. There is pressure

on you and me. I've sort of kept my

end of the bargain - early showers

and up to 23 degrees. I'll take

that, Frank. What have you come up

with? For the midnight fireworks,

we're planning something special as

a tribute to the Sydney Harbour

Bridge in its diamond jubilee year.

We'll have six barges on the

harbour this year as opposed to

the usual four and 86 firing

positions on the bridge itself. 1.3

million people give or take one or

two to turn up. We'll see a little

bit of what is going to happen on

the night a little bit later. Yes.

the night a little bit later. Yes. The nine o'clock family fireworks

have a Wizard of Oz theme to them

and you'll be seeing some of the

characters from Wizard of Oz and

we're hoping that 9:08 the kids

will click their heels three times

when they hear the word 'home' sung

and something magical will happen on the harbour.

That's the theme for New Year's Eve.

Kath, back to you and a couple of

rough diamonds perhaps. That's not very nice. Sport is next and a pair of timely tons from the Aussies?

Yes, Kath, Matthew Hayden and his good mate Andrew Symonds take hold of the English attack. We'll have all the big hits from the pairs' double century partnership in a moment. And the Red Devils respond to Chelsea's pressure in the race for the English Premiership.

(People shout) Have a happy new year! VOICEOVER: Whatever you want! With Lotto's massive $33 million Saturday Super Draw. But time's running out, so get your entries in by Saturday December 30 and you could:

This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $9 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick.

$9 million Powerball jackpot. You could: This program is captioned live.

The return to form of Matthew Hayden and the Test arrival of Andrew Symonds has bludgeoned England out of the Fourth Test at the MCG. After dominating the morning session, the tourists chased leather for the rest of the day as the two Queenslanders each passed 150. After yesterday evening's counter-punch from the tourists, they had Australia back on the ropes early on day two. Should be out, this will be a big wicket. Can he catch? Yes, he does. Ponting gone for 7. Today, there were no Hussey heroics. That's the job by Hoggard. 5/84 when Harmison knocked over Clarke. Australia staring down the barrel of a first-innings deficit. The Barmy Army had every reason to sing. (All sing) So we tell them... With their side all at sea, it took two fishing buddies from Queensland to reel England in.

That's a good stroke, really good. Hayden passing 50 for just the second time this summer. Symonds blossomed after lunch. Oh, he's hit that one high and over the top. Fabulous cover drive. The 100 partnership up,

Symonds posted his second career half-century but was fortunate to go any further. Oh, that's out. Hayden powered into it and through the 90s. Bang down the ground, this will go all the way. Reaching his 27th Test ton, Ponting, Steve Waugh and Bradman are the only Australians who have more. What a century that is at exactly the right time. With an appetite for runs, Hayden was letting nothing stand in his way but, at times, luck was on his side. Almost dragged it on. Symonds reached his highest Test score, then eyed off a maiden Test tonne. then eyed off a maiden Test ton. He did it with a signature stroke.

He has it! And what a way! Andrew Symonds has it and what a way to get it -

a maiden Test match hundred for a dream entertainer. You little beauty! His Test career finally coming of age. The sixth wicket stand beyond 250 from two men using pink bat grips to promote breast cancer awareness. Each Hayden run yielding $20. Each Symonds boundary worth $100. The partnership raising valuable funds and Australia's hopes of a 4-0 series lead. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. After a day of high drama in the Sydney to Hobart,

last year's line honours winner, 'Wild Oats XI', once again leads the fleet.

The sea didn't discriminate when claiming casualties, the two leading maxis bowing to its might as masts snapped on 'Maximus' and 'ABN Amro' Injured crew on 'Maximus' winched to safety, the boat limping into Ulladulla. Last year's line honours winner 'Wild Oats XI' now finds itself leading the fleet in Bass Strait, still on alert, not only from the elements but also 'Skandia', the boat which finished first in 2003. Only a few nautical miles separate the pair but 'Skandia' has developed rudder problems. The most dramatic of the withdrawals has been that of veteran 'Koomooloo'. All eight crew members rescued by the British army boat 'Adventure'.

The overall winner 38 years ago has sailed its last. Left to its own devices, it didn't last long. While the big boats are sailing into less volatile waters, the bulk of competitors are still having to contend with worse conditions.

At this stage the leaders are expected in Hobart about 9:30 tomorrow night. Mark Chester, Ten News. Channel Ten's Ian Cohen is in Hobart. And, Ian, it looks like we're facing a longer wait for the frontrunners.

Yes. Good evening. This time last

year, everyone was waiting around

with anticipation for a race record.

That's certainly not going to

happen this year with the yachts at

least 24 hours away. And that could

become even longer. 'Skandia'

currently sitting in second spot's

got a problem with its canard which

is basically a forward-steering

rudder on the bow of the boat. It

cracked and floated past the crew.

So they're without a canard. It's

slowing them a little bit. They're

eight nautical miles behind 'Wild

Oats XI' which is leading the race.

They're about to start the

treacherous crossing of Bass Strait

and 'Ichiban' is behind them,

another 30 miles behind. The other

big story is 'Koomooloo', the 1968

winner that sunk today. The crew is

OK. They got off and boarded

another boat. They're safe but

obviously it was a sad loss for the

1968 winner. The CYC immediate past

Commodore talks about the race. Two

great battles going on with the

line honours boats going on

together and 'Ichiban' ready to

pounce not far behind. No injuries

out of 'Koomooloo' but the boat is

no more. No more. Previous winner of

the race. Very sad. It's been

something that the family who own

it have put everything into. Very

sad for them indeed. Conditions

will abate. It won't be easy

sailingover night though. Bass

Strait is certainly tough and

they're expecting waves of 3m to 4m.

They're going to have to bash

through their way tonight. It may

be that around about this time

tomorrow we might have the winner

right here behind us at

Constitution Dock. We'll have more

details later in Sports Tonight. Manchester United have extended their lead over Chelsea at the top of the English Premier League,

the reigning champs hobbled by a freakish own goal. Another day, another goal for Didier Drogba - the Premiership's top scorer handing Chelsea the lead in a lopsided first half. Reading answered the call with a well-timed header from Leroy Lita, but the celebrations were short-lived as Drogba made it a brace with a header of his own. And just when it looked like three points for the premiers, disaster in the dying minutes. COMMENTATOR: Oh, it's an own goal! What a catastrophe! Michael Essien's own goal dealing Chelsea's premiership aspirations a big blow on Boxing Day. League leaders Manchester United took full advantage. Cristiano Ronaldo bagged a brace against Wigan - the Portuguese international reaching double figures for the season. It's Ronaldo! It's saved. It's Ronaldo again! The Red Devils in devastating form, scoring three goals in the first 15 minutes of the second half.

Manchester United send out a resounding message to their title challenges. Arsenal were caught in a tight battle with bottom-placed Watford, the scores locked deep in the second half until Robin van Persie stepped up to the plate. What a finish! Fantastic goal from Robin van Persie! And a double from Jermain Defoe fired Tottenham to a 2-1 win over Aston Villa. It's two for Jermain Defoe, it's two for Spurs. A little cracker for the little man. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. In Sports Tonight, we'll hear from Andrew Symonds about his maiden Test ton and have all the latest from the Sydney to Hobart.

How's the Harbour Bridge going? It

looking great this afternoon. The

traffic conditions are matching the

weather perfect. This is the weather perfect. This is the

outbound run via the city through

north Sydney. No major problems.

We'll check traffic for you again tomorrow. Stay with us. Frank Coletta with the latest weather forecast next.

If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt these Christmas/New Year holidays, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Remember - double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences.

not the teddy bears' picnic but a

view of the Lord Mayor's picnic.

We'll have a sample of what will

happen shortly with the cast

members. Here they come now.

Hopefully they can conjure up

weather for New Year's Eve. Dorothy,

the wicked witch and some of the

kiddies that will be involved in

the Lord Mayor's pick any more.

That leads up to the family fireworks and then fireworks and then the real serious

stuff will start with all the adult

stuff for the Lord Mayor's party

and all the way into New Year's Day.

Let's look at current conditions.

A thick cloud band across eastern

Queensland ahead of an upper trough

is bringing widespread rain. There

is low cloud pushing across

Tasmania and light showers there.

Tomorrow a cold front clips the

south-east bringing rain to

southern parts of our State.

Tomorrow, rain over most of eastern

Queensland with isolated storms in

the north. Light showers in

Tasmania, Victoria and the south-east. Heavy showers and

storms across the Top End.

On New Year's Eve we've got some

On New Year's Eve we've got some characters were the Lord Mayor's

pick any more. It's based on the

Wizard of Oz and that will feature

prominently on the big day. We're

hoping to conjure up magical

weather. Family fireworks begin at

9 pm. You can see it all on Ten

beginning from 8:30.

OK, guys. What I'm going to do now

OK, guys. What I'm going to do now - because that temperature range

was OK but the rain will be not too

spectacular, I'm going to send the

cast away to find the wizard to see

if we can find manlical weather. --

magical weather. You need a gap for

the fireworks. And that's all we the fireworks. And that's all we need. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Tim Webster. Goodnight. And I'm Kathryn Robinson. I'll have the Late News at 10.30, Goodnight.