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Tonight - Kevin Rudd in hospital,

his campaign on hold as he

undergoes emergency surgery. We are

all hoping, wishing, praying for a

speedy recovery. The Premier's

prediction as a Labor heavyweight

jumps ship. It's not surprising.

There'll be more decisions. Sneaky

Saturday - the new day to fill up

on the cheap. Sydney's morning fog

blanket disrupts the start of the

day. Good evening, I'm Deb r and

I'm Ron Wilson. Tough laws come

into force to protect paramedics

from violence. Does it live up to

the hype, the iPhone asks in

Australia. But first, former Prime

Minister Kevin Rudd is in a

Brisbane hospital tonight

undergoing emergency surgery to

have his gall bladder removed.

Julia Gillard wished him a speedy

recovery, but once again the former

leader has taken the spotlight away

from her campaign. Mr Rudd was

admitted to Brisbane's Mater

Private Hospital this afternoon to

have his gall bladder removed after

suffering acute abdominal pain. In

Perth Julia Gillard received the

news at a campaign event We would

obviously wish him well and a

speedy recovery and the best of

treatment and care in hospital. Mr

Rudd expects to be in hospital for

a couple of days, and to be back in

says: action next week. His spokesman

That was music to Ms Gillard's ears.

He is prepared to campaign more

broadly when he's well enough, and

I obviously welcome that. The Labor

campaigners are hoping the

development will fend off attacks

like this from the Opposition. I

just note the poisonous quality of

what is going on inside the

Government right now. That prompted

by form Labor leader laithrr

attacking Kevin Rudd for leaking --

Mark Latham attacking Kevin Rudd

for leaking against Julia Gillard.

I challenge Kevin Rudd to be a man

and be honest. An attack ignored.

Leaks coming from Labor was

impacting on the campaign. Swinging

voters were asking with so much

disunity are they up to running the

country. Julia Gillard claimed this

fibre optic cable was the key to

20,000 jobs and faster Internet for

93% of the population. As Prime

Minister I will build the National

Broadband Network, Mr Abbott will

not. Mr Abbott was in Adelaide,

having fun with a lemon. This isn't

a Kevin O-leven. His announcement a

314 million plan to support

children with disability, its

centre point an education card

worth $20,000 for each eligible

stunt. The money will follow the

student rather than be given to the

institution. Let's go live to Paul

Bongiorno, in Canberra. Julia

Gillard's campaign has been overshadowed by Kevin Rudd, not

intentionally this time. Is there a

light at the end of the tunnel here

for Labor. There's been a fair bit

of overshadowing going on today.

The illness of the former Prime

Minister, in fact, overshadows

another statement, another announcement that many in Labor

have been freting over, and that is

that the rift, you could call is a

khasm between Kevin Rudd and Julia

Gillard seems to have been healed.

Mr Rudd is prepared to campaign for

Labor outside his electorate in

Queensland or around the country,

wherever they need him. That will

be music to Julia Gillard's ears.

Thank you Paul Bongiorno, there

live from Canberra. Meantime former

Democrats leader Cheryl Kernot is

making a political comeback. Cheryl

Kernot, who defected to Labor in

1997 is standing as an independent

Senate candidate for NSW. Most of

all I care about our opportunity as

a nation to have complex grown-up

conversations without everything

being trivialised. Cheryl Kernot

will run under the banner Change

Politics a slogan the Democrats

used in 2001. The Premier spects

more of her team to quit before the

State election eight months away.

The resignation of Labor heavy

weight John Della Bosca has sparked

speculation. Having resigned to the

governor, John Della Bosca is the

latest MP to make an exit. Not

without one final hurdle.

Occupation a health and safety

trouble I'll get into. I made

mistakes, but on balance I put in a

good effort. It's time to leave it

to someone else. He was caught up

in an ugly argument with staff at

Iguana's Bar, on the Central Coast,

and scorned lover Kate Neill

exposed their affair. There's a

reason for that, you have to make

decisions. Sometimes you make

enemies, opponents, you upset

people, things go wrong. He's

looking forward to his new job in

disabilities, and admits the party

needs to focus on renewal. The

Premier's expecting this departure

won't be the last. People make

decisions about whether or not to

continue in their parliamentary

career, it's not surprising, I

anticipate there'll be more

decisions. Many of the MPs

considered publicly problemic are

vowing to stay on, like

controversial powerbroker Joe

Tripodi, Eddie Obeid's term in the

Upper House won't expire until 2015.

Frank Sartor is contemplating his

future, and Matt Brown was sacked

for dancing in his underwear, and

Tony Stewart sacked from the

ministry, but intends to stay on I

don't think they are capable of

rejuvenating at this stage. It's

time for a change. The extent of

pre-selection battle after the which will be fought out during a

Federal poll. And Josh Murphy is

standing by to talk to us in

Macquarie Street live. The catchcry

these days is about transparency,

and in that light the Premier has

been quick to let us know how much

her recent trip to China cost.

That's right, travel on the public

purse is a sticky point for the

Government. The costings have been

released as soon as the bills have

been tallied. Nine people travelled

with the Premier to China, over

seven days, visiting Shanghai,

Beijing, and numerous other parts

of the country. The total bill has

come in at just over $106,000. That's including airfares,

accommodation, transport, gifts and

other incidentals, and Kristina

Keneally released an itinerary to

justify the trip's worth. It's

important to point out the $106,000

costing is for the Premier's office.

Numerous staff from other

Government departments made the

trip to China during that week. The

final cost of the trip could

eventually be more when you take

into account those other

departments. Josh Murphy at State

Parliament. Friday nights and

Saturday mornings are the best

times to buy petrol. It's been that

way for weeks. More than half of

Sydney's drivers are still filling

up on Tuesdays. A great price for

petrol today, especially for

motorists with supermarket dockets.

The envelope rr says changes to the

weekly -- the NRMA says changes to

the price sickles are confusing. In

the last month Saturday northern is

the cheapest time to buy fuel. I

shop around for petrol. I like to

pick the cheapest day, it's hard to

know which is the cheapest. It

would be better if it was the one

price through the week, no matter

what day of the week. Could be

tomorrow, yesterday, it's all the

time they rob you. Prices jump on

Saturday as well. Sometimes by as

much as 20 cent a litre. The change

in the weekly cycle is about

keeping the volume of sales up.

Service stations were quieter on

weekends, that's where they are

fighting for market share. The NRMA

wants powers for the Government's

petrol commissioner to deal with

sites like this, where oil

companies feed prices every 15

minutes, only they have actions.

The Opposition says it would sack

the Petrol Commissioner. The Petrol

Commissioner has been ineffective

in keeping prices on. Julia Gillard

will keep him on. Which have the

Petrol Commissioner to monitor what

is happening with petrol pricing,

particularly to see if there is

collusion on pricing. So far the

Petrol Commissioner hasn't found

evidence of price fixing. Talk

about a pea souper, thick fog

causing commuter chaos from Sydney

to Brisbane. International flights

have been divert and grounded,

drivers forced to a crawl. From 150

metres up, this was the view of

Sydney's Harbour Bridge. Two flags

popping through a thick fog. From

the city skyscrapers only the top

floors had a view. Forecasters

saying the fog was one of Sydney's

thickest, spreading from

Campbelltown in the south to

Richmond in the north. Through the

city the silver ribbon wound its

way above the harbour, this is the

view from behind. What do you think

of the fog. It's aing, seeing the

bridge -- amazing seeing the bridge

disappear. It's lovely to see it

moody. You feel the temperature

drop as you walk up. At Sydney Airport two international flights

were diverted to Melbourne. Heavy

fog in Brisbane caused golo-on

delays. Planes were forced to loop

above the tarmac and at Bankstown

light planes were grounded.

Conditions for drivers was

dangerous, in Richmond disability

100m. The fog forming after rain

combined with skies and a rapid

cooling of the air overnight. As

the sun came off it burnt off. Most

disappearing by 9 am. Interesting

mourning for a bridge climb, a

couple of hours ago people booked

in would have been worried they may

not have seen anything. But the fog

has started to lift and the view is

incredible. When you woke up this

morning, what did you think. I said

to Julie and said "I can't see the

top of where we are going". What do

you think now. Awesome. It is a

stunning view, it's not just the

fog that's unusual, but the

temperature. Emily Rice joins us,

it's warm out there. That's right.

19 degrees at the moment. We had a

top of 21 this afternoon in Sydney.

At the airport 23. While we had the

fog, we had some very above-average

temperatures, unusual for this time

of year. Also unusual for this time

of year is all the rain we have

been having. It's been very, very

consistent, and that's why I'm

staying inside tonight. We are

going to have around 7mm of rain

tonight. It should hit in the next

half hour or so. A road weather

alert has been I should, it will be

dangerous if you are heading out,

take care. Interesting this week,

as well as the fog, temperatures

have been the weather pictures,

stunning entries, and the winner is

Kanwar Sidhu of Curtin ACT. Shots

of the Black mountain. He takes

home the camera. I'm looking

forward to seeing the fog

photographs next week, there'll be

beautiful pictures, and beautiful

pictures this weekend probably not.

There's really interesting weather

on the way. As I said, rain tonight,

and some cold conditions towards

the back-end of the weekend. I'll

give you the full wrap-up at 5:55.

Still ahead - easier access to the

injection changing the lives of

rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

Also - new protection for

paramedics as they battle

increasing violence. I've had

oxygen tubing wrapped around my

throat and grabbed around the neck.

And why mouth to mouth

resuscitation is no longer vital in

an emergency.

You're watching 'Ten News'. Flu

vaccinations have been cleared for

children under five, but only two

brands, Vaxigrip, or Influvac are

being recommended. Under five

vaccinations were suspended last

month after reports of children

suffering fever and convulsions.

The reactions appear to be linked

to Fluvax. Tough laws are in force

to jail anyone attacking ambulance

officers following a rise in

aassaults. Attacks on ambulance

officers have increased 60% in two

years, forcing the State Government

to act. As of today anyone who

obstructs, hinders or attacks an

balance officer faces up to five

years in prison. It sends a strong

message to the community that

assaults, interfearing with

paramedics whilst assisting is

unacceptable. Every day paramedic

Caroline Woods tries to save lives,

she's puts hers on the line in the

process. I experienced people

attempting to punch, kick, I've had

oxygen tubing wrapped around my

throat. Ambulance officers say

drugs are largely to blame for the

spike in attacks. Due to the rise

in alcohol and drug use within the

community it's a challenge we face

more and more often. Luckily not

everyone sees ambulance officers as

a target. For six years in a row paramedics have been voted Australia's most trusted professionals.

professionals. Saving lives may no longer require giving victims the

kiss of life. A global study

finding mouth to mouth is not

always necessary. This could be all

it takes to save someone's life.

(counting). A major International

study found chest compressions are study found chest compressions are

just as effective as mouth to mouth

in cardiac arrest cases if the

rescuer has had no resuscitation

training. To do something rather

than nothing, the something is

chest compressions. Australia's CPR

standards will receive the biggest

overhaul in years soon, to reflect

the study's findings. There'll be a

major change, we'll advise people

if they discover someone collapsed

on the street for example, to give

compression only CPR. First aid

students say the thought of giving

a stranger mouth to mouth can be

off-putting. I definitely have

issues putting my mouth on

someone's mouth. There's different

ways of transmitting disease. 8% of

Australians have current first aid

training. St John's says you can't

cause serious harm by attempting

resuscitation. If you do nothing,

the casualty might die. It's

preferable to do something. The new

CPR guidelines are expected to be

released in November. Suvers of

rheumatoid arthritis will have

access to a new treatment reducing

the number of injections needed to

relieve the condition. Sympony

targets pain and swelling, and is

the first-once-only injebgsz lifted

on the PBS. You always look for the

cure, but it's a fantastic

treatment. The subsidised drug will

be available from next week. Brad

joins us to look at sport. League

heavyweights backing an NRL

Commission. David Gallop is

confident an independent body could

be up and running rugby league by 1

November. He called the count -

Anthony Minichiello poised to play

came 200, all that counts form

night is the points against Parra.

Is this golf's new Tiger cub. An American teenager winning a

tournament shooting a round of 57.

An incredible 14-under par. Figures

that may yet be a world record.

Also - we'll see if the Wallabies

needed their ice skates at

Melbourne's Etihad Stadium. Some of

us struggle to shoot 57 for nine, I

speak of myself. Speaking of a

handicap p Thank you. Up next - a

mother's horrifying confession

about her new-born children. Also

tourists scramble as their cruise

boat catches fire and sinks. And an

ageing heart-throb strips his sound

in an attempt to make the record ActewAGL's gas or water pipes, allow clear access to them, with where he built that shed. are on YOUR block.

Well all the storm activity around Well all the storm activity around

Sydney kept Vic Lorusso from the

screens. He's braved the elements,

up in the Traffic Helicopter, with

a weather eye coming number of We

are watching this closely, there's

a big storm front moving in from

Richmond. Hail is falling to the

south of Richmond and Windsor, it's south of Richmond and Windsor, it's

moving our way. What is not moving

is Parramatta Road, there was a bad

accident at the junction at the M4.

The traffic is all the way back to

Ashfield. That is a significant

wait for traffic out of the inner

west. Along Parramatta Road. The M4

quiet up through Eastern Creek

because all the traffic is stuck in

toward the inner west. Dramas

getting out of Sydney on the M5.

Well head there, weather permiting,

give you an update at 5:55. Roads

north of Brisbane have been brought

to a standstill as music lovers

converge for the Spendor in the

Grass festival, thousands will make

it a tent city, swapping shoes for

Gum boots. Organisers are confident

moving the event from Byron Bay

will be a success. It's called

Slend our in the Mud, that's what I

assumed. It is, indeed. Come Sunday,

the party is over. Now to the ING

finance report. Evidence that house

prices hit a wall. No doubt many

will be surprise said. National

house prices dropped in June for

the first time in a year and a half.

According to RP Data average

capital city house prices dropped

0.7%, in quarterly terms prices in

Melbourne, Perth and Canberra fell

twice as much. The Brisbane market

wasn't far behind. Sydney is the

Nation's most expensive housing

market. Adelaide the nation's market. Adelaide the nation's

cheapest. Rapid rate rises look to

have taken the heat out of the

property market. These numbers

ensuring the Reserve Bank will stay

its hand next week. On the share market:

There's a raft of top shelf data

out in the US tonight. Of course,

looking to next week the Reserve

Bank will hand down its interest

rate decision on Tuesday. Thank you.

A French mother confessed to

killing her eight newborne babies

over two decades, and burying their

bodies around her property.

Incredibly authorities say her

husband had no idea. Eight candles

for eight babies, killed within

minutes of being born. 47-year-old

Domenic Cotre is their mother,

confessing to suffocating their New

borns, and disposing of them in

plastic bags. Two corpses buried at

her parents home when owners began

to dig a pool, six at her current

address in a fuel tank in a garage.

Her unsuspecting husband feels like

the sky has fallen in. TRANSLATION:

He has said he was not aware that

his wife was pregnant. She has a

very large body which may explain

why you might not spot that she was

pregnant. Shocked neighbours

describe the case as terrible and

mons trous. "Maybe you can hide one

pregnancy, but eight?" The nursing

assistant has two adult daughters,

and difficulties with their birth

left her with a phobia of doctors.

For some women the idea of

pregnancy and the changes and

adaptations required are simply too

overwhelming, and they go into a

process of denying reality. For

Dominique Coutre there's no more

denial. Her horrific secret is out.

She's facing extensive psychiatric

testing and possibly life

imprisonment. A Spanish tourist is

missing after a Turkish boat caught

fire and sank in the Aegean Sea.

Officials say 18 tourists and five

crew jumped into the water after

flames engulfed the boat while it

was out on a cruise. Rescuers in

boats picked up survivors,

helicopter crews are searching for

the missing Spaniard. The cause of

the fire is not known. Top US

officials is accusing Wikileaks and

its source of murder. The damage

caused by the haemorrhage of

classified documents is worse than

thought. The papers reveal details

of troop movements and names of --

locals that helped. They may have

the blood of some young soldier or

that of an Afghan family. The FBI

joined the investigation in what

looks like an attempt to build a

criminal case against Julian criminal case against Julian

Assange, the Australian founder of

Wikileaks. Sir Tom Jones is on

track to make recording history.

The 70-year-old set to top the

charts with his 40th album making

him the oldest male musician to

have a number 1 album. SONG: # when

I slept too long

# And I slept too deep. Could Sir

Tom have dreamed as a 70-year-old

he would be set to top the album

charts, becoming the oldest man to

do so in the process.

# In the whisper of the wind

# In the rhythm of a song. His 40th

studio album is on course to set a

record for the Welsh superstar.

belong. # To keep me on the path where I # To keep me on the path where I

# Go to that place to get to this

one. So could he knock Einemem off

the top spot. A race between

different generations and sound.

He's within a few hundred sales of

Einemem and has the weekend to pull

it off. He may have sold more than

100 million records in his career,

but Sir Tom admits topping the

charts this weekend is his goal.

"If I don't get to No.1, I don't

get the record, I do want it", with

an executive at Jones record label

unimpressed with the gospel and

blues album 'Praise and Blame' it

will make it more satisfying for

this veteran of the music business.

That may be the question by the

political leaders, are they loved

by anyone. We join our conts for

the latest from the campaign --

correspondents for the latest from

the campaign trail next. The Greens

also set to make history on polling

day. Will it live up to the hype.

new iPhone. Australians get their hands on the

Headlines this hour on Ten. A thick

blanket of fog caused commuter

chaos across Sydney. International

flights were diverted as the city

was hidden from view. There's been

a change to the petrol cycle. Cheap

Tuesdays are no more, Friday night

and Saturday mornings are now the

best times to fill up. And former

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is

tonight in hospital undergoing

emergency gall bladder surgery,

he's expected to return to election

campaigning next week. Julia

Gillard has made her first visit of

the campaign to Perth to announce

an expansion of Labor's National

Broadband Network, Ten's reporter

James Boise is travelling with the

Prime Minister. C1 the Prime

Minister's car has been parked at a

warehouse for fibre optic cabling

in the seat of Haslop in Perth,

they'll help Julia Gillard to roll

out the National Broadband Network

across Australia. She announced it

will cover 93% of Australian

households, 300,000 more homes than

first thought. The other 7% of

households will get speeds at 12

megabits compared to the 100

megabits promised for the rest of

the country covered by the National

Broadband Network. The PM spent the

day in Haslop, held by Sharon

Jackson by 1% of the Labor Party.

Julia Gillard will stay in Perth

tomorrow, she has noise to counter

on the mining resources rent tax.

She has to convince the people of

Perth that this will help their

State, not hipder it. Pead rer Tony

Abbott took his preach --

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott took

his preachings to the kids in Sturt

in Adelaide. The lesson he'll try

to teach, committing $314 million

to help students suffering from a

disability. The main focus of this

is an education card providing the

student with portable funding worth

up to $20,000 a year. While at

school he pledged to fund a $100

million community water

conservation grants program. The

Opposition Leader took time out to

have a chat to some students, one

Grade 6er telling him how his

parents were refugees from Vietnam.

Tony Abbott tried to cook up a

storm in the kitchen with

volunteers from Males on Meals on

Wheels. He's on the move, going

somewhere hot and sandy. Intriguing.

Amanda Hart there on the campaign

trail with Tony Abbott. No matter

who win, one party is due to make

history. The Greens poised to win a

lower house seat and hold the

balance of power in the Senate. But

it could come at a cost. Green's

leader Bob Brown has every reason

to be happy. Analysts predicting

his party will win the balance of

power in the Senate giving it

influence in shaping legislation.

Bob, you are a hero. I've been in

politics for a long while. People

in middle Australia know that we

are offering a secure future when

the big parties aren't talking

about it. The polls put support for

the Greens at around 10pl', and the

party could make -- 10%, and the

part could make history winning its

first house of representative seat.

Chances haven't been better than

before now. Adam Bant is set to

snare the seat of Melbourne held by

Labor. People are disappointed in

two major parties saying the same

thing. His rival says a Green vote

is a waste of vote. It's only in

Government that you can do the

things inner city residents want.

The Greens are gaining ground in

inner city areas, once

predominantly working class and

Labor leaning, these suburbs are

more diverse and voters here are

dissatisfied with what the major

parties have on offer. I don't

think the other parties offer a

vision for Australia that I agree

with. The Coalition says voters

should question the Greens

preferences deal with Labor. I

certainly think that Bob Brown

deserves a lot of scrutiny. It

seems that is what he's getting.

Well publicised problems with

Apple's latest iPhone haven't

stopped people queuing for hours to

get their hands hands on one. Phone

companies went to lengths and companies went to lengths and

expense to heighten the launch.

Waiting hours in line for the

latest iPhone takes stamina. Apple

deserts created by 'MasterChef'

helped, a gimmick used to cash in helped, a gimmick used to cash in

on the hype. For Vodaphone

customers, a nightclub. Optus spent

thousands hiring pop sensation

Kelly Rowland to perform. (count

down). This has been a phenonemon,

the thinks the iPhone 4 can do is

brilliant. It changes the way to

use a mobile phone. He would say

that, telcos enjoyed an i-phone-led

recovery. Apple allowed them to be

bought without a contract. All of

this frenzy brings scrutiny for

Apple and its products, that large

companies face. With all the bad

publicity about the recent product,

it's largely ignored by these

people. IPhone 4 may be plagued by

reception issues, you wouldn't know

it here. People will bring down

good things. The problems are so

minor, it's not - it's a non-issue.

This is the first time in 20 years

there's been an issue or a well-

publicised issue with a product.

People are willing to go "Well,

it's not a problem if I use it in a

certain way or use a bump-up".

Supply is limited, meaning many

have to wait. For the determined

few it's telling that the act of

buying a phone is worthy of this attention.

attention. Brad's back now with

sport, and the Wallaby's captain

ready to play in front of his home

crowd. Mum and dad will watch

Victorian born Rocky Elsom lead the

Wallabies against the All Blacks in

Melbourne. Plus, have league

officials learnt from history.

Israel Folau embroiled in a red-

footy blow-up. Also the taken ijer

who shot what could be a --

teenager shooting a world record

14-under round.

Good evening, NRL boss David Gallop

believes an independent commission

could run the game by 1 November.

By then Israel Folau, won't be

playing rugby league, but the AFL

recruit wants his farewell game to

be a Test match for Tonga. He's

encouraging schoolchildren to read

while plotting a parting shot at

rugby league. Sydney's prized AFL

recruit wants to play an end of

season Test match not for Australia,

but his native Tonga. It's going to

be a big process. Trying to do that.

Again, if I get the green light for

it I will be more than happy. He'll

need ARL approval because he played

in the State of origin series.

Australian Rules is not on the

radar yet. I haven't had a game of

AFL, so I've been concentrating on

playing footy. It didn't rate a

mention at the club chief executive

executive meeting, they thrashed

out the independent commission. 1

November looks realistic. Salary

cap concessions like the doubling

of long-serving player allowance

which may help Anthony Minichiello

remain a one-club man. There are

guys in the NRL playing at 35. It

could be me. He plays game 200

tomorrow, the Tigers trained in

front of a couple of '80s legends

promoting their match at Leichardt.

We are biased, but it's the

greatest ground. With a top four on

the line, they'll play in front of

a crowd urged to dress as their

favourite Tiger in the '80s. It's

back to the future, if they take

passion for the '80s, we've done

our job. The Wallabies will be out

to snap a 7-game losing streak

against the All Blacks in the blow-

up rr match in Melbourne. With over

24 -- Bledisloe Cup match in

Melbourne. Concerns about the

surface is at the fore. Wallabies

coach wouldn't be drawn on the

surface. It seemed good. There's

the occasional bare patch, and boot

mark, but the All Blacks don't see

what all the fuss is about. There's

grounds like that around. I think

it will be as good as gold. One

thing that can be agreed on is the

importance of the Bledisloe Cup,

meaning more than the Tri-Nations.

The Bledisloe probably edges ahead.

It's the trophy we want to win the

most of the Of this squad that's

something only lock Nathan Sharpe

has managed to do, a sole survivor

of the Vic tourious 2002 Wallabies

but could hardly crack a smile in a

team photo after losing his tooth

in last week's win against the

Springboks. It was found in time by

a groundsman. Yeah, he said he

found a hum job tusk on the --

human tusk on the grass. I haven't

tucked into apples. Tomorrow's test

will be Rocky Elsom's first test in

Melbourne. It's a big moment for my

family, being Victorian, who pride

themselves on sport. As do the

Wallabies. You get one crack, you

walk away and live with the outcome.

Paul Roos had an unusual

preparation for tomorrow night adds

clash with Geelong at ANZ Stadium.

The Swan's coach was the centre of

aattention at a tribute lunch in

his honour. Former team-mates there

to celebrate included Paul Kelly,

and there were surprised tributes

from overseas. Every time I went to

score or things didn't go well.

When I was number 1 in the world I

thought of you, it's do it like

Roosy, I was able to do it. I want

to thank you in both our careers,

when you advised me to question a

lot of calls. Good stuff. The Swans

line-up is unchanged. Terrific.

Coverage of the Swans Geelong clash

on 1 and 10 is from 7:30 form night.

Sachin Tendulkar scored the fifth

double century of his career

against Sri Lanka. Test cricket's

greatest run scorer bludgeoned his

first double ton in six years,

caught for 203. At India, 9 similar

669 at the end of day for in reply

to Sri Lanka's 642. The fifth time

in Test history both teams totalled

over 600 in the first innings.

Ahead of the Ashes Australia will

keep a keen eye on morgue r the

Irish-born batsman brought up his

maiden Test century for England,

with six against Pakistan. England

4/331 at stumps on Day 1. The

Boomers continue their fine form in

China, beating Slovenia 77-63.

Point guards Patty Mills and Adam

Gibson scored 15, Brad Newley

chipped in with 14.

Australia plays Iran tonight having

booked a place in the Stankovic Cup

final. Australian golfers Katherine

Hull, and Richard Green are doing

well in Europe, Katherine Hull has

a share of the lead at the Women's

British Open, while Green shot on

opening round 65 at the Irish open

sitting one off the pace. The

Victorian was in fine touch from

the edges of the green, racing to

6-under for the day.

6-under for the day. Hits the pin

and drops. Big smile from the

Aussie. Stuart Appleby is well

placed at the Greenbier Classic in

the US, shooting an opening round

66 to be 3 shots off the pace. And

remember the name Bobby Wyatt. The

American teenager shot on

incredible 14-under par 57 to win a

junior title. His round 12 birdies,

an eagle and five pars. 26 on the

front. Yes, sir. It's like a video

game for you. Not quite. Tournament

officials are trying to confirm if

the 17-year-old's round is a world

record, and, yes, he won the event,

you would hope he won the event. To

the tips, Michael Sullivan's selections:

Scotty McKinnon with the sporting

news on 'Sports Tonight' at 7:00 on

1. Have a terrific weekend. I'm

wearing my bright red tie to

support the Swannies against the

kaps. When last we left Vic Lorusso

he was charging to the M5, what is

the diagnosis. Minor accident

before the Campbelltown xi it.

Being minor, -- exit. Take a look

at that, we are happy I bet that we

are at home, not in peak hour

traffic. These motorists have taken

an hour to head from Moorebank to

Campbelltown, there's a break down

in the breaktown bay. Queues to the

south-west for the M5. The storm is

fast approaching from the north-

west having an impact from Richmond

Road to Richmond. Stay with us,

it's unusually warm, as Vic

mentioned there's a lot of rain

about. The forecast is next. with a five-star Who's most likely to bring you

Our old rain Magnet Emily Rice is

at it. Rain all around Sydney,

she's managed to keep herself

indoors, by the look of some of

your company you may be better in

the rain. I'm hanging out on Oxford

street, not at the hotels, I'm in a street, not at the hotels, I'm in a

store, a place you can buy

interesting stuff. It's called

Reverse Garbage, there's lots of

garbage here, but it's not junk.

You can come here and by stuff that

would have otherwise been thrown

would have otherwise been thrown

out but is made into stuff which is

pretty impressive. I'm joined by

Narelle. Explain some of the things

that you have on display that

people can buy, and what are the

things people throw you will.

Reverse Garbage is dedicated to

saving race or resources from

landfill. We get rolls of fabric,

clothing, bikes, 40 birdcages, you

name it, we get it here. People are

keen to do the right thing by the

environment these days, it's

working for us. You turn it into

something new or on-sell it. I

found a nice piece of clothing, I

think the crew will take some

things on This came in from a shop

that closed down and was prepared

to throw the stuff away. We said

"No, we'll make it available

cheaplyly, itself not garbage, it's

cheep resources. What is this. This

is a typical reverse garbage

customer, he's a performance artist.

He makes his costumes out of

Reverse Garbage materials. We get

artists, set designers, it's

inspirational here. Something not

so inspirational is the weather we

are having. Let's check out what

it's doing in your part of Sydney:

Rainfall tomorrow, it will clear

from New South Wales, leaving

scattered showers and alpine snow

over NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.

Late News, 11. 30. Have a great weekend.

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