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Tonight, the ban has been lifted -

live cattle exports to resume to

Indonesia. A new bombshell for

Tiger Airways. The lonely death of

an elderly woman goes unnoticed for an elderly woman goes unnoticed for

8 years. And on the road to

recovery - radio star Derryn Hinch

talks about his life- saving

transplant. Hello. I'm Sandra Sully.

This is Ten's Late News. I'm Brad

McEwan, and this is Sports Tonight.

The State of Origin decider. We'll

have the hits and the highlights

and the winner.

But we begin tonight with the

resumption of the live cattle trade

has to Indonesia. The controversial ban

has been lifted. Cattle exporters

are celebrating but critics say

there is trouble ahead. It was in

the nick of time for those about to

shoot cattle, an eleventh-hour

reprieve. The garden and has lifted

the suspension on live exports to

Indonesia. Those of mouthfuls of Indonesia. Those of mouthfuls of

veal will wash the anxiety from

people. The minister is relieved

that cattle will not be treated

like this. It was not a easy

decision to lift the ban. He had is

undone what should have been done

proper in the first place. We won two

proper animal welfare standards.

Fresh hope for Standards. And very

good result, 50% of the trade will

be returned. For some, that relief

turned into reality. Stark has been

millions let go. There will be hundreds of

millions of dollars of losses. The

government should be looking at

compensation to help those people.

It was unnecessary. It put

businesses and people through so

much pain. Now everyone has people

stop the Greens and the RSPCA furious.

furious. Two bills before

exports Parliament demanding all like

exports be banned. We do not

believe Indonesia is ready to

reopen trade. The garden and cannot

guarantee animal welfare standards.

Tiger Airways could now be grounded

until August the first. In a

devastating blow for the airline,

authorities will ask the Federal

Court to extend the current safety-

ban. The original week-long ban is

due to end Saturday but the Civil

Aviation Safety Authority says more

questions have been thrown up as investigators go through Tiger's

books. Areas devastated by cyclone-

strength winds near Sydney have

been warned more gales could be on

the way early tomorrow morning.

Tonight, thousands are still

without power. The Blue Mountains

have been battered and bruised. It

was a lucky escape for most

passengers on this train, crushed

by a fallen tree. One elderly man by a fallen tree. One elderly man

was cut on his hands and had to be

helped out of the broken carriage.

I think more than one thing hit the

train, I heard a lot of bangs.

Another train was hit by a tree

between Blackheath and Medlow Bath.

Dozens of other trees came down on

houses as gale force winds of up to

140 kilometres per hour swept

through the area. Rescuers took

seven hours to reach a man trapped

at Mount Wilson. Unfortunately,

when the crew got on the ground to

treat the patient, their exit was

blocked by further fallen trees.

This family was forced to flee its

home after the front yard became an

electrical hazard. But they were

the lucky ones. This fire was

sparked by a candle, lit after

power was lost. Roofs were crushed,

and blown away completely. Like a

gun battle. I could hear trees and

branches going. For the Blue

Mountains, the windiest it's been

in about 10 years. The SES spent

the day cleaning up the mess left

by the violent gales. But even

rescue crews needed help. A couple

of the areas where powerlines have fallen

fallen down are in remote areas. At fallen down are in remote areas. At

the moment, none of us can go anywhere because we're blocked

there. The Southern Highlands were

also hit hard. The SES has received

more than 1300 calls. 30,000 homes

are still without power and more

could be left in the dark as the

wild weather isn't letting up. The

Blue Mountains are braced for

another windy night. Families are

suffering, they are in for another

weather night of strong wins and cold

weather some are without

electricity. The wind will not die

down dramatically until late next week.

week. The strong winds are also

predicted to sweep through Sydney.

introduce Neighbourhood Watch There are urgent calls to re-

introduce Neighbourhood Watch

programs after the discovery of a

woman's body eight years after she

died in her Sydney home. A family

dispute is being blamed. Police

have been told there isn't a single

recent photograph by which to

remember her. But her name was

Natalie Jean Wood. And this is

where she died - on the floor of an

inner-suburban Sydney. old terrace home in the heart of

inner-suburban Sydney. I am

absolutely horrified, I had no idea.

I thought those houses were

abandoned. It's just awful. What

sort of people are we? For a

staggering eight years, Ms Wood's

body wasted away unnoticed. Her

skeleton was discovered in a

bedroom at noon yesterday. That is

really, really sad because as a

neighbour you think, you could have

done something if you had of known.

Police went to investigate after a

only mystery phone call from Ms Wood's

only relative - her estranged

sister-in-law. Her mail has been

redirected for quite sometime -

that's well before 2003. We are

currently making enquiries with

Centrelink but it appears she was

and those monies have not been paid

for a number of years. Surely there

must be a problem in relation to

local government. Rates are not

being paid, election bills are being paid, election bills are not

being paid. Neighbourhood Watch

founder Pat Daley wants the program

immediately reintroduced. This

length of time really sets all

records - it's a very sad

indictment of where we are at as a

community. We all have to work

together and protect each other. A

neighbourhood watch program is

absolutely crucial in building our

resilience to these sorts of events

anyone trying occurring. The only evidence of

anyone trying to contact this woman anyone trying to contact this woman

over the last eight years is a over the last eight years is a

single letter placed beside the

front door. Posted yesterday it

appears to be from a real estate

agent - perhaps enquiring about the

value of this property as a

deceased estate. A cause of death

is yet to be determined. The

Federal government is facing more

angry threats over its proposed

carbon tax. Truck drivers are now

promising to blockade Parliament

House. A prime minister forced to

blockaded walk to work as heavy rigs

blockaded parliament house for a

week, the Transport Workers Union

is promising a reprise. It says its

owner drivers and operators will

face $200 a week extra cost if the

carbon tax is imposed on diesel and

they won't cop it. If that means we

have to undertake acts of civil

disobedience, yes, even huge

blockades. That is not something I

urges would rule out. The Prime Minister

urges patience until the details

are released on Sunday. I certainly

do respect the work of truck do respect the work of truck

drivers, they work very had for

this country. The din against the

carbon tax grows louder as the day

approaches. Why won't the PM talk

to the workers whose jobs this

carbon tax will kill. The Coal

Association talking of 18 mine

closures. 4,700 jobs closures. 4,700 jobs could go and

22 billion of revenue could be lost.

It's a bare-faced lie. That's

modelling based on assumptions that

just can't be upheld. Like a carbon

price at $50 a tonne. The price

assumption, we've used in our

modelling which I don't actually

have with me, I'll describe. Mr

Hillman did manage to recall that projection, projection, the union says it's

well in to the future and ignores...

$382 billion hurtling down the

investment pipeline. The Coal

Association has already started an advertising campaign against the

carbon tax even though one of its

own, Gloucester Coal Chairman,

James Mackenzie says the impact

will be minimal, a dollar a tonne.

Recovering broadcaster Derryn Hinch has spoken about has spoken about his life-saving has spoken about his life-saving

liver transplant. Following an all

night operation, he's gone on air

paying tribute to his unknown donor.

Less than 24 hours after life-

saving surgery, the 'Human

Headline' was back on the airwaves.

Thank your mother for the rabbits!

The broadcaster phoning on air from

his hospital bed to tell the world

he's OK. I feel alert and

he's OK. I feel alert and I... My

biggest technical problem all day

was that I couldn't get my iPad to

work when I came out of the

anaesthetic. Joking now, but the

67-year-old's life depended on the

transplant. Last night's long-

awaited phone call summoning him to

surgery came while out with his 3AW

workmates. Derryn took the call

outside and rushed in very quickly,

a bit paler than he had been

previously before the call and he

rushed off. We were just stunned

just, because we had a dummy run,

we were here in about an hour and a

half and it all went really well.

The transplant took surgeons nearly

six hours. Doctors pleased with

their star patient's performance on

the operating table. He's got a

nice new liver, it's all working

well, so the early signs are all

very encouraging. He'll spend the

next two weeks in intensive care.

Boy, I hope this is Boy, I hope this is the biggest

advertisement for people to go out

there and become organ donors that

Australia's ever seen. A woman has

been cleared of murdering her

daughter in a verdict that has

shocked America. She sobbed as she

was found not guilty of killing her

daughter. It was daughter. It was alleged she

dragged the child and used to take

to suffocate here if been ordered

to enjoy a carefree lifestyle. We

are disappointed with the verdict.

And surprised. We know the facts,

we put in every piece of evidence

that existed. The try out had been

televised with people queuing for front row seats.

front row seats. The Duke and

Duchess of Cambridge have found new

ways to thrill crowds on their tour

of Canada. Today it was street

hockey - and one cameraman got a

shot he'll never forget. It's not shot he'll never forget. It's not

quite polo, and perhaps that's why

the Duke of Cambridge was such a

terrible shot. The goalie easily

stopped his first two attempts. His

third almost hit a cameraman in third almost hit a cameraman in the

crown jewels. After meeting a local

team... CROWD CHANTS: Kate, Kate,

Kate. The Duchess, wearing a cream

linen three quarter dress, opted to

drop the puck instead. They were

given their own jerseys for being

good sports. The royal newlyweds good sports. The royal newlyweds

have now become pros dealing with

the crowds, although you could

imagine their hands are weary from

all the shaking. Today, one person's sign

person's sign read, "I drove 1500

kilometres just for you". William

put himself on the other end of the

camera lens and even suggested a

young boy presenting him flowers

would be better off giving them to

his wife. Just one of many gestures

to show he cares. We are so excited

to be here. As well as French and English, William English, William spoke in two

indigenous languages. A well-

received nod to the region's Inuit

heritage. In the afternoon, they

were back on the water in planes

and in canoes. Swapping high-end

fashion for hoodies, enjoying tea fashion for hoodies, enjoying tea

and bread around the campfire.

and bread around the campfire. They and bread around the campfire. They

are increasing the crowds. To Sport

Tonight - Brad, Queensland,

Queensland, Queensland - the Origin

decider is done. You loved it. A

great win for the Maroons. A

wonderful farewell for their

retiring captain Darren Lockyer.

We'll show you how Queensland We'll show you how Queensland

secured a sixth consecutive series secured a sixth consecutive series win after the break.

win after the break. Also tonight,

will Saint Nick line up against

Port Adelaide? And an historic Tour

De France victory for Cadel Evans.

This cup's for you, complainers. Thanks to you, we've changed to a richer, smoother blend. We're re-training our baristas so we've changed Corey... ..for Corey. And if you're still not satisfied, we'll replace your coffee for free.

This program is captioned live.

Good evening, welcome to Toyota

Sports Tonight. Queensland has delivered retiring captain Darren

Lockyer a fairytale finish to his

Origin career. Apart from a 10

minute Blues' cameo, the Maroons

dominated the decider in front of

their adoring home crowd.

A Suncorp sell-out, the series

decider and Darren Lockyer's final

match in Maroon - arguably the

biggest game in Origin history.

Thanks for the memories.

Queensland dominated the opening stages as

stages as a sleeping giant awoke.

Here comes Greg Inglis, he'll

score! Inglis has scored! Ricky

Stuart branded Mitchell Pearce the

best half-back in the game. Pearce

wilted under the pressure - kicking

out on the full. NSW under fire,

Billy Slater was heavily involved,

laying on Queensland's second.

Away to Slater then to Thaiday for try number two!

Cameron Smith burrowed over from

close range. The Maroons revelling

at 24-0 on the half-hour.

There's a problem. Yow Yeh's there.

He scores! NSW finally got some

ball and the bounce of it to get on

the board. Thurston can't pick it

up. It goes to Minichiello and they up. It goes to Minichiello and they

score. A Blues backlash, two tries

in two minutes to make it 24-10 at

half time. Gets it to Uate, try to

Aquilla Uate! Sam Thaiday took

exception to Kurt Gidley and Matt

Scott put on Mitchell Pearce.

Ooohhh! Scot hammered Pearce! Ricky

became restless as Queensland lost

star playmaker Johnathan Thurston

to a serious knee injury. Well,

that's terrible. Thurston left the

field on a medi-cab as his team-

mates continued to run over NSW.

Thaiday inside to Slater. That

might well be six series in a row.

The Maroons did it in style -

Inglis storming over Gasnier.

Inglis! Inglis has equalled Dale Shearer's record.

Jarryd Hayne crossed for a late

Blues penalty try. Cameron Smith

placed on report for knees in the

tackle. Still it didn't stop

Queensland winning six series in a

row. Darren Lockyer bowing out of

Origin with a fairytale finish.

Greg Inglis scored a double.

Tonight it was Tonight it was all that Darren

Lockyer. Such a great feeling. It

is relief. Everyone he wanted us to

win. These guys were fantastic. I

had a great time and it was a nice

way to finish. We came here confident.

confident. We learnt what Origin

was all about. We really thought we

had good chance tonight but there

was too much defence and we gave

them a head start and clawed away

back there were a few calls from

the referee is against us but they

work too far in front.

We faced so much adversity but it

We faced so much adversity but it