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TYRES SCREECH the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by Tonight - locked up - fresh child sex and drugs charges. former MP Milton Orkopolous facing

Kevin Rudd quits the show 'Sunrise' saga - over the fake dawn service. as pressure mounts forced to apologise And the league star for reducing a reporter to tears. I was frustrated, I was embarrassed. I was really upset, and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening. Also tonight, frenzied rumours and Kate Middleton split. over why Prince William And cracking up - against noisy air force jets one man's battle lands him in court. But first this evening, Milton Orkopoulos is behind bars sacked government minister 21 new sex and drug offences. after being charged with

this afternoon Orkopoulos was refused bail at his Newcastle home. after being arrested in court The 49-year-old didn't appear

while his lawyer argued for bail. but chose to remain in the cells the new charges were laid Newcastle court heard

came forward. after a third alleged victim Oh, we're certainly disappointed. Orkopoulos used: The prosecutor told the court Orkopoulos is yet to enter a plea of supplying prohibited drug, for 12 fresh charges aged 10 to 18 six of having sex with boys His defence lawyer argued with bail conditions that Orkopoulos has complied last November. since charges were first laid

Aboriginal Affairs Minister The former tried to take his life from the ministry just weeks after he was sacked

and resigned from parliament. Today's charges take the total to 54. on Wednesday. Orkopoulos will appear in court again Evan Batten, Ten News.

The sun has set

on Channel Seven's morning show, on Kevin Rudd's weekly appearances

killing off his 'Sunrise' segment the Opposition Leader over a fake Anzac Day dawn service. after two weeks of bad publicity Anzac Day service from Long Tan Channel Seven's plans for a pre-dawn

in a brawl over his credibility. have mired the Opposition Leader and admit he had made a mistake. Today he decided to cut his losses of what was going on at Long Tan. My not checking the details That's simply it in a nutshell. Mr Rudd and Joe Hockey, of five years on the 'Sunrise' show, his Liberal sparring partner that the weekly joust had to end. agreed in an early-morning phone call when he claimed Mr Rudd shot himself in the foot the Long Tan plans. his office had nothing to do with A conveniently leaked email showed

of concerns. a Government official advised them and the newspaper correct. In the end, he was found to be wrong

the facts speak for themselves, As I say, a bad taste but I think it will leave in the mouths of a lot of people. be a pretty nasty game Politics can sometimes of the segment and it was never the intention to get bogged down in that as such. a fake dawn service. Seven maintains it was never planning There was a tribute a dawn service in the dark but the idea of having was plainly ridiculous. who is known to be highly critical But John Howard, covers politics of the way in which 'Sunrise' the exposure it was giving Mr Rudd, and was privately concerned at is happy with the result. of both of them pulling out is good. I think the outcome will be scanning Newspoll tomorrow Both sides of politics the row has done to Mr Rudd. to see what damage, if any, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. the distressed pleas of a patient A nurse has told how she ignored

just hours before she died. A Sydney inquest has heard dismissed as suffering a bad dream. the frightened 16-year-old was Alison Perrin was the nurse in charge 16-year-old Vanessa Anderson died on the night in Royal North Shore Hospital, in the head with a golf ball, two days after she was hit leaving her with a fractured skull. Today Nurse Perrin admitted the schoolgirl rang her buzzer, just hours before Vanessa's death saying: sounding distressed and frightened, that this event was dramatic, Despite admitting to the inquest with Vanessa Nurse Perrin spent only 2.5 minutes in the transfer of another patient, before leaving to assist telling the Coroner Vanessa was in any immediate danger. she didn't believe Vanessa's parents watched on thought leaving Vanessa was correct. as the nurse was asked if she still Nurse Perrin admitted: The Coroner's Court was told urgent medical intervention, the episode should have warranted in the charts, but Ms Perrin didn't record it nor did she tell the on-call doctor.

Ms Perrin says she saw no signs of seizure. further checks confirmed

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. against aircraft noise at his home An elderly man's ongoing battle has taken a new twist. to bring down a Hornet fighter jet He's been accused of trying he just wanted some peace and quiet. but Kevin Stewart says Kevin Stewart's worst nightmare. For 17 years this sound has been FA-18 Hornets racing over his house at Williamstown. just a kilometre from the RAAF base day after day after day. It doesn't stop - that goes on 100 flight movements in one day. On occasions he has counted up to and its damaging his home. The noise, he says, is deafening They come off the end of the base straight up over the house and do vertical climbs of tiles on the roof and because there's seven tonnes going up and down like that the roof is just and it's like a springboard. repeatedly to the Defence Department The 71-year-old has complained but last month he had enough - shining a spotlight on a plane trying to identify the markings. as it roared overhead at night, Two days later he was arrested the safe operation of an aircraft. and charged with prejudicing

he branded the offence laughable. Facing court today bring the plane down with a torch? How could I My name's not Clark Kent. I don't have a cape. And how could I shine it in their eyes, for God's sake? He's got the support of other residents, driven to despair by the noise. But it's not the first time Mr Stewart has been in trouble. He's previously been charged with threatening to shoot down an air force plane. The case against him was dropped. Since 1989 when we first built the house at Williamstown

we have been systematically and ridiculously been harassed and terrorised by RAAF. He's vowed to keep fighting until he finds some peace and quiet. The case returns to court next month. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A new plan tonight to quench the State's water woes - instead of a desalination plant or new dams, experts say heavily subsidised home water tanks

would be more effective and cheaper. But not everyone is convinced. This is the report that's hailing rainwater tanks as the easiest and cheapest solution to our water crisis. It's recommending governments roll them out to 5% of households along the east coast - creating a virtual dam from the rooftops across our suburbs. Sydney gets more than 1 metre of rain a year on average and there's around 1 million houses that can have rain water tanks installed - that's what we are calling on today. The study claims rainwater tanks are fives times more energy efficient

than a desalination plant per kilolitre of water produced.

But the State Government isn't convinced. I don't think it's amazing yet because we haven't read the report and examined it in detail. Until I've done that I won't be speculating on the projections or otherwise within it. Funded by three environment groups, the independent research was carried out by economists Marsden Jacob Associates who also estimate no new dams would need to be built for another decade if rainwater tanks were installed. When the rain falls very heavily most Sydneysiders look at it and their heart breaks. We have to capture that and we need to use as much as possible.

Despite its advantages, families already struggling to make ends meet would baulk at spending around $3,000 for a rainwater tank prompting environment groups to call on the State Government to increase the rebate. Currently, the rebate covers up to only half the cost. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. with Tim Webster - A look at Sport now is getting him in trouble. and Willie Mason's mouth

big Willie, Yes, he's never far from controversy, today, and he was in the dog house again a female reporter to tears. forced to apologise after reducing plenty to say, Willie Mason always has of going too far. but this time he's been accused allegedly belittled a female reporter The Kangaroos enforcer to interview him at Sydney airport. after she unsuccessfully tried I was frustrated, I was embarrassed. Last night I was really upset, with a bunch of footballers There I was

being made an idiot of, really, was trying to do my job. and all I was doing

to speak to Keighran Today Mason belatedly agreed as the controversy went public, team's camp in Brisbane. phoning her from the Australian He was awfully apologetic.

in what he had to say. I believe he was genuine it was kind of taken out of context. He said it was a joke and I think he overstepped the mark. with the joke. He went a little bit too far Mason's apology accepted by Keighran. for everyone to move on. The Kangaroos calling No, it's over and done with now. He's apologised to the lady get on with football. and we've just got to for the Australian Rugby League, In what's become a PR disaster any interviews Mason now won't be doing in the lead-up to Friday's Test - off limits to the media. team management placing him is the second dose of bad publicity The Mason controversy

the Bulldogs - in a matter of days for his club,

going public over the weekend team-mate Sonny Bill Williams with Ironwoman Candice Falzon. about his toilet cubicle dalliance Adam Hawse, Ten News. tonight's possible dress rehearsal Also later, for a cricket World Cup final in the Caribbean. between the Aussies and Sri Lanka A leading private school teacher accused of child pornography - faces court that story next. news boss denies charges Also tonight, Channel Seven's he tried to flee a booze bus. we head behind the scenes And the claws are out - at the Show. with the newest pussycat dolls HORN HONKS given up for good, eh? So, told everyone you'd

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MOBILE PHONE RINGS Macca speaking. Been camping. Oh, yeah. Great weekend, mate.

horseriding for the girls, A bit of fishing, motorbikes for me. it off at work on the way home. Yeah, I've got it here. I'll drop or 126-kilowatt turbo diesel, the Nissan Navara 4x4

This program is captioned live. has appeared in court A NSW high school teacher on child pornography charges. English teacher and cricket coach Jeremy Roberts, a former at the Armidale school, child pornography on the Internet. is accused of making to children at the private school. None of the allegations relate Mr Roberts has since moved to Sydney three times a week. and is required to report to police Bail has been continued. He's due back in court next month. in a serious condition A motorist is in hospital west of Sydney. after being impaled in a car crash struck another vehicle Police say the man's Toyota Camry at Mt Druitt late last night. before ploughing into a guard rail impaling the male driver. The rail pierced through the car, to cut him free. It took rescuers 90 minutes to trace the source Authorities are still trying at a Melbourne nursing home. of a deadly gastroenteritis outbreak and four remain in hospital. Four residents have died 91-year-old Olive MacPherson

of the Broughton Hall gastro outbreak has become one of the faces Victorian Health Minster Bronwyn Pike which is threatening to topple

of the State's Chief Health Officer. after the sacking for treatment, Removed from the nursing home was diverted from two other hospitals the great-grandmother of 19 at a third. before eventually finding a bed that is a fair ordeal. At 91 years of age, Olive's family is happy Now in a stable condition, at the troubled nursing home. for her to be back you've got to be down there Oh, look, to see how well they treat them. like their own family. You know, they look after them of residents are satisfied However, not all relatives with the handling of the crisis. in the way she has been dealt with. It's shaken our confidence

particularly poor. Communication has been over the four deaths until Saturday, After being kept in the dark removing their 98-year-old relative. the Clarks considered and we'll make sure We've just seen here today,

what is supposed to be happening. they fall in with

the outbreak has been contained, Although officials are confident remains out of action. the nursing home's kitchen is still a mystery. The source of the outbreak spent almost two hours State health officials at Broughton Hall this afternoon. we're from. Department of Human Services have yet to be finalised. Autopsy results of the deceased Cameron Baud, Ten News.

Channel Seven's news boss has denied to avoid a random breath test. trying to hide from police a police pursuit last year Peter Meakin triggered unit on Sydney's northern beaches. when he failed to stop for an RBT

it would be dangerous He claims he thought

to pull over in a 'no stopping' zone.

recollection be after four drinks? REPORTER: Just how clear could your My recollection was pretty clear. of this journey still to go, But I think there's a lot that happens in court. so I don't want to pre-empt anything has admitted drink-driving, The 64-year-old a separate dangerous driving charge. but is fighting A judgment will be made next month.

Teahan dailies and rickety all

where the caravan might be in for

an overhaul. The Caravan and

Camping Super Show is exactly that.

It is that Rosehill end there will

be 100,000 people coming. You will

have a great time from 10am to 5pm.

Discover your own backyard here.

The have a look at this - the heart

of country New South Wales. Look at

Caro - the beautiful gardens. We

are all looking for a summit to do

it in the school holidays. Visit a

small piece of Africa at De Boer in

New South Wales. Weather-why's - 50

kilometres and Arabs are the league

mid-morning today. It got up to a

roundabout 25 degrees - to above

average. Tomorrow - is fine and sunny and 24 degrees.

sunny and 24 degrees. Pollution

levels will be medium as you can

see. See you again in a roundabout 10. A funding lifeline to help keep the Royal Flying Doctor Service in the air - that's next. And rude awakening - a huge gum tree comes crashing down on a sleeping couple.

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10. This programme is captioned

live. Let's check on the traffic

now. I am not sure that this is an

official turned - she has disappear.

No, she is there again. You keep

disappearing. I am sorry about that.

It is they were really good run on

the roads this afternoon. The em

four is a little bit slow. Besides

that there are no accidents to

report and I will be back at Ten to six. A lifeline for the Royal Flying Doctor Service with a $150 million pledge from the Prime Minister to keep it in the air. It was feared without the money many rural clinics would be grounded. Flying doctor aircraft has landed. Here in the Queensland outback everyone has a flying doctor story. I've been flown out from Quilpie. So has my husband - he's been flown out. Husband got burnt. Then he had a stroke. My daughter broke her leg. But the workload and low recruitment rates meant after 79 years the flying doctor could be grounded.

to stay very long at all. We can't seem to keep a new doctor something like that. You don't wanna lose John Howard came to the rescue, Today, in Brisbane, to help buy two new planes. spending $154 million over four years the Royal Flying Doctor Service One can truly say that is a great Australian icon. same problem as our city hospitals - Trouble is the flying doctor has the too much work, not enough doctors. is the drought. The biggest challenge for the service First it claimed crops and cattle. Now the casualties are human. We've lost a lot of people out here. Depression is a big thing for years and years and years. when you're not getting an income

is also proving a challenge. A boom in so-called bush tourism

and international explorers Inexperienced interstate on arduous outback roadways. are coming to grief 5 million kilometres last year The flying doctor flew over a very long way from help. and treated 35,000 people without the flying doctor. Oh, we couldn't survive out here has taken everyone by surprise. The Prime Minister's announcement But every dollar of it is a relief. because they couldn't find staff. It'd be sad to see the service to go Ten News. In Charleville, Brett Mason, for a Brisbane couple A rude awakening crashing through their home. with a huge tree century-old gum Part of their neighbour's shortly before dawn. landed on the roof above their bed the world was going to end We really thought was coming in on top of us. as this stuff and the drought are to blame. Experts say white ants, dry rot and big trees like this Big trees, big tallowwoods they belong out in the bush. don't belong in suburbia, that only a branch hit the house. The couple was lucky landed in the driveway. Most of the 40 metre trunk than ever before, Smoking is killing more women have dropped dramatically. while death rates among men

Australian researchers now think, size matters. when it comes to lung disease, smoked for 45 years. 60-year-old Trish Ward Now just the thought sickens her. I started very young of times but wasn't successful. and tried to give it up a couple

I regret it now. She quit just three weeks before chronic lung disease COPD. being diagnosed with The damage was done. of women suffering smoking's effects. Trish is one of a growing number Queen Elizabeth Hospital Researchers from the Adelaide's over a decade. tracked admissions across the nation in female deaths from lung disease. The results showed a disturbing rise by a worrying 400. COPD deaths went up But in men, the situation reversed. Deaths dropped dramatically, by 800. of contracting COPD. Smokers have a 60% risk more susceptible isn't certain. But just why women seem women's smaller lungs. Researchers have one theory - It may well relate to their size, in fact. you more likely to be at risk. Their smaller lungs might just make diagnosed has dropped significantly, The age at which women are being many showing symptoms as young as 35. in over-55s. It had been largely diagnosed maybe smoke when they're younger So the people who think they can and get away with it may not be able to. by medication. The disease can be controlled are symptoms. Breathlessness and coughing seeing young women smoke. Trish Ward shudders I don't like seeing it. and telling them to stop it. I feel like going up Lou Hendricks, Ten News. have crashed in Iraq, Two British helicopters killing two people on board. Special Forces soldiers The Puma choppers were transporting when they collided mid-air north of Baghdad. near an American military base to work out what went wrong. Military investigators are trying The Iraqi capital has been hit and suicide attacks, with a series of bombings and injuring dozens more. claiming at least 43 lives in a busy market The bloodiest attacks were

in a mainly Shiite neighbourhood, just minutes apart. where two car bombs exploded killed six people in the US A powerful storm that's already is having a field day The British press coming up with reasons for the royal split between Prince William Kate Middleton. and his girlfriend of four years, so frenzied, The rumour mill has become has been forced to step in. the British Prime Minister For the British tabloids, than a royal wedding the only thing better

especially one done by phone. is a royal bust-up, hot off the presses - That's one of the reports

long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton that Prince William dumped on the mobile, in the carpark at work. Kate reportedly taking the call discussions had taken place Apparently, initial break-up on an Easter ski trip, was holding out for a reconciliation. but the 25-year-old fashion buyer only public comment But, given William's

on the subject of marriage, she might as well have been dreaming. wedding, perhaps, REPORTER: Could there be another on the cards sometime soon? (Sniggers) No, I don't think so. Kate's family wasn't up to scratch. Other reports say former air hostess Carole, Apparently her mother,

a big no-no in royal circles. says 'toilet' instead of 'lavatory', Still more reports are alleging and Kate failed to make the grade. there was a royal family summit to prompt the PM to weigh in. The news sufficiently big They're a young couple. We've had the announcement. left alone now, Fine - they should be without reams of stuff being written from my experience of royal stories, that I can assure you,

complete nonsense. most of which will be

Nonsense or not, seen by William's side. all eyes will be on the next woman Speculation is rife

and even triple-barrelled surnames a bunch of girls with double- are currently forming a queue. have their own ideas Bookies, meanwhile, who should be the princess bride. Britney Spears gets 20-1 They're giving 14-1 on Kylie Minogue, and Heather Mills 100-1. Angela Bishop, Ten News. The Pope is celebrating his 80th birthday. Tens of thousands of pilgrims have flocked to the Vatican

for a special mass to mark the milestone. It's almost two years since the German cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI. Vatican workers also have reason to celebrate - they get the day off and an $800 bonus. Another day of record highs on the Australian share market - all the details next. Also, fatal snakebite - a man dies after being bitten on the finger by a tiny killer.

And pussies on parade - the feline frenzy to be named the show's top cat. will report some sort of sensitivity. That might be, you know, a cold drink of water or breathing cool air in Treating sensitivity There's no need to use your other toothpaste

It will help to relieve the pain of sensitive teeth. Brushing with Sensodyne is such a simple solution.

So what do you think? Well, the individual in question was driving a Ford AU Falcon. And check this out - ..and that means trouble. Book him in, Davo.

VOICEOVER: Nobody knows your Ford like we do. for EF to AUII Falcon and Falcon utes from only $99 each. Ford Service. Nobody knows your Ford like we do. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a nurse has told how she ignored the distressed pleas of a patient just hours before she died. A Sydney inquest into the death of 16-year-old Vanessa Anderson heard her concerns were dismissed as a bad dream. The sun has set on Kevin Rudd's weekly appearances on Channel Seven's morning show. The Opposition Leader killing off his 'Sunrise' segment after two weeks of bad publicity over a fake Anzac Day dawn service. And sacked government minister Milton Orkopoulos is behind bars tonight after being charged with 21 new sex and drug offences. He was refused bail this afternoon

after being arrested at his Newcastle home. A professional reptile catcher is believed to be Australia's first victim of a fatal whip snake bite. The man was searching for scorpions when he was bitten. Generally considered harmless, this small whip snake proved fatal for a Melbourne herpetologist on a scorpion-scouting trip. The 37-year-old was bitten on the thumb by the reptile when he lifted up a rock. His friend told police they thought nothing of it. At some stage he's actually caught the snake that bit him and put it in a small plastic container. Fellow snake catchers say a whip bite is considered trivial. We generally free-handle them - that is, we pick them up - and on the rare occasion they bite us

we deal with it and it feels just like an ant sting or a bee sting. the man was dead, But 15 minutes later despite a 40-minute attempt. paramedics unable to revive him this is the first time in Australia Experts believe after being bitten by a whip snake. someone has died But the coroner will investigate contributed, whether other medical complications to venom including a heightened sensitivity due to the nature of the man's work. People who handle snakes to the venom. often develop an extreme allergy to venom, Some people develop immunity

to venom. some people develop allergy it's something you will never know Unfortunately until you've gone down that road. many in the business carry EpiPens, Just in case, to treat anaphylaxis more commonly used by nut and other food allergies. brought on it's not available, As for antivenom for the tiny whip - there simply isn't the risk. because generally one out of the bag. This bite is effectively and the stingray. It's like Steve Irwin

for stingrays We don't manufacture antivenoms

for little whip snakes. and we don't manufacture antivenoms someone else dies from one of them. It might be 200 years before Kellie Morgan, Ten News. for the Australian stock market. Another record close

some just a collar. Some wear costumes, within an inch of their nine lives. But they're all groomed to at the Royal Easter Show, Today was 'pat a cat day' some very proud parents. the champion felines showing off for the cats It may have been the last day here

but there was no time to rest. one of the Show's style gurus. This is Miss Tiama, it's nice to dress them up Being Easter, and give them their pretty beds. The bunny costume is the clincher, as well. but she has a tiger suit at home and she's also been shown. She's been on exhibition and a fifth best in show. She got a third best where the cats always come first. Just one of many proud parents, Merlin! (Blows kisses) when we were filming. Merlin wasn't hungry was that the cats were friendly. But the only prerequisite today being hands on. Display day is all about because they're so soft and cuddly You just love them really shines through. and their personality But not every personality pleases. the look of this Maine Coon We're told parents of small children. has occasionally scared But he is harmless. not people, Nature selected this animal, really, the fittest, the strongest. so nature picks the biggest,

50 cats all up, 17 different breeds. the official judging is over, And even though the most important day of all - it was probably the public's turn to vote. people's choice cats We have a top 10 and gifts and they get a few little prizes

for bringing their cats along. for taking the trouble

Miss Tiama was way out in front. And, yes, the last we heard, Josh Murphy, Ten News.

I don't think I could ever get Mike

Catt Barry into a rabbit suit.

Let's look at the weather with Tim

Bailey. If they see is the caravan

and camping super show which has

taken over wrap round at Rosehill.

Everything from a tinny to a big

camping van is here. Everything

from a 100 dollar tend to a 600,000,

motor home. 100,000 people will

visit by Sunday. One about the

weather - it wasn't too peaceful as

the 50 kilometre and now suddenly

came through around midday. He knew

she was Seve 2%.

I will see you again in about 555.

We have these great big motor homes

they can even fit people SB has run

in them. I can hardly wait. Sport now with Tim Webster - for cricket's World Cup final. and a dress rehearsal Australia versus Sri Lanka match Yes, tonight's more shortly. is shaping up as a possible decider - Mason controversy, Also - after the latest to a new-look Kiwis line-up. the Kangaroos turn their minds so far for the Swans, And with everything going swimmingly room for improvement. Barry Hall says there's still

for many years an effort from us And they expect just as big how good lamb is. in telling everybody part of our approach, Humour's always been and so has Free TV. JAUNTY MUSIC, PEOPLE CHATTER We do love our lamb.

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This is the size of a breast cancer by physical examinaton. that can be detected This is the size of a cancer by a screening mammogram.

This program is captioned live. the undefeated Sea Eagles tonight - Another boost for Glenn Stewart to the end of 2010. they've re-signed form forward to give Kiwi debutant Krisnan Inu And the Kangaroos are promising in Friday's Anzac Test. a baptism of fire of his selection in church, The 20-year-old learned threats aren't enforced. but he'll be praying the Aussies' for less than 24 hours, The Kangaroos have been in camp to defend Willie Mason but they've already been forced of a female radio journalist. over his treatment He's apologised to the lady get on with football. and we've just got to The Kangaroos are making no apologies they expect to hand out over the treatment to debutant full-back Krisnan Inu - on debut the Kiwis' welcome to Karmichael Hunt fresh in the Aussies' memory. COMMENTATOR: Hunt comes back... Prichard has got him. Oh! Hunt is out. Inu has played just one NRL match. Unlike Hunt at the time, If he does get to start there, under some pressure. he'll certainly be put That's just the nature of the beast. I'm not being rude or critical, of that's how it happens. it's just a matter everyone gets put under pressure. You know, when you play Australia, That's why it's called a Test match. news of his selection in church. The one-match wonder heard I had a big grin on my face As soon as the call came through, "What happened, what happened?" and everyone was asking, tomorrow, The Kiwis name their final side whizz kids Sonny-Bill Williams but it's sure to include returning and Benji Marshall. The pressure is on those two now. They have to live up to it. I don't listen to what anyone says about my form. I just worry about what I think. And when you come into a Test match you lift to another level. Rabbitohs prop Roy Asotasi is expected to be named new Kiwi captain tomorrow. Peter O'Dempsey, Ten News. Gold coast forward Luke Swain is facing a 2-game ban for striking. He's been cited by the judiciary for a late hit on Shane Perry in the Titans' win over the Broncos. If he contests the charge and loses, Swain will still cop two weeks. The Dragons' Beau Scott faces a week out for a dangerous throw in the loss to the Melbourne Storm, while the Panthers Paul Aiton will escape suspension with an early plea for his dangerous throw on Brett Finch. Barry Hall says the Swans still have plenty of room for improvement despite their good start to the season. The co-captain overcame injury to kick four goals in yesterday's come-from-behind win over the Brisbane Lions.

There was plenty to smile about for Barry Hall as he and his team-mates took to the pool

after a fighting win over Brisbane, Hall battling through injury to both his left knee and ankle to produce an outstanding display and chalk up a personal milestone. COMMENTATOR: And he lines up from 45 and threads it - goal number 500 for Barry Hall. I didn't know what to expect when I ran out there. It stiffened up a little bit, but it's fine now. I've got another week now to get over it. The match also keeps Barry's unbroken run of 104 consecutive games intact. Yesterday's contest starting out as a shoot-out between Hall and Brisbane star Jonathon Brown, the pair kicking 3 each in the opening quarter. One of the highlights of the match coming in the last quarter when fullback Leo Barry kicked a vital goal, his first in six seasons. Runs to 50, he goes long to O'Loughlin, goal square.

He's gone all the way. The good news for the red and whites as they prepare to meet Adelaide

is they can still get a lot better.

As long as we keep hard at the footy and do all those little things right, the skills and decision-making, that'll come. More trouble for the West Coast Eagles, after Michael Braun swore at a post-game presentation. ..all the boys, and let's have a ----ing good year. On-baller Adam Selwood also under investigation for insulting Des Headland's 6-year-old daughter. Neil Cordy, Ten News. It could be a dress rehearsal for a possible World Cup cricket final tonight when Australia take on Sri Lanka. The unbeaten Aussies are promising to make an early statement. Levelled by Hurricane Ivan 2.5 years ago, national stadium on the ocean's edge Grenada's purpose-built Australia's toughest challenge could host of this World Cup campaign so far. of the tournament, It's the business end

the business end of the World Cup. take off a little bit from now. I think the whole event's going to

Sri Lanka's weapon of choice, Spinning wizard Muttiah Muralitharan of the still-injured Shane Watson, but, even in the absence some heavy artillery of their own, the Aussies plan on unleashing explosive top order blunting Sri Lanka's with a pace barrage. pretty devastating as well. Their top order can be Jayasuriya's a class player You know, and has been for a long time. is poor But his record against the Aussies in the past - and pace has unsettled him on the eve of the '99 World Cup a broken arm four years ago. and a broken finger in South Africa the temptation The Lankans will resist Lasith Malinga, to play their own speed machine, who's still battling an ankle injury. is a day or two too early. Probably tomorrow hugs and kisses - In Barbados this morning,

Irish eyes were smiling and welling another Test nation. as cricket's easybeats upset And he's knocked him over. COMMENTATOR: What a way to seal this victory! by 74 runs. Ireland humbled Bangladesh Paul Cochrane, Ten News. And sad news in racing tonight, He's No Pie Eater with dual Group One winner

after a freak trackwork injury. being put down at Randwick. The colt shattered his shoulder has revived his title challenge In motorsport, Ferrari's Felipe Masse

in the Bahrain Grand Prix. with a hard-fought victory both crashed out on the first lap. Jenson Button and Scott Speed and led for most of the 57 laps Masse started from pole of his career. to take the third chequered flag COMMENTATOR: And he has delivered. the Bahrain Grand Prix. Felipe Masse wins a share of the championship lead McLaren rookie Lewis Hamilton grabbed

with a stunning second place, rounded out the podium. while Kimi Raikkonen with a loose fuel lid, Mark Webber's woes continued and gearbox problems. a wing ripping off Aussie Champ Car driver Will Power. But it was better news for at Las Vegas, After his maiden victory last week Power grabbed third place

of the race in Long Beach. with a pass on the final lap Sebastien Bourdais, took the victory The defending series champion, and he celebrated in style. Aussie Superbike rider Troy Bayliss - And a remarkable fightback for his little finger amputated just a week after he had to score a third and a sixth placing he fought through the pain barrier of the championship. in last night's Spanish round That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, in the NRL to wrap up Round 5. the Raiders take on the Roosters

I wonder who you will be barracking

for. Now let's look at the traffic.

It is a very slow run over the Ryde

Bridge from top ride all the way to

ambush. More traffic tomorrow. Stay with us. the week's weather forecast next. Tim Bailey's back with

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There was a time when I enjoyed

tramping around in the board put

these were days with a tin Bailey

bonding session I would prefer to

go 5 *. The row on and I spend an

enormous amount tied together

during none ratings periods. We are

at the caravan end camping suit the

show. And they look at this can

invent. I sit back here and late

Ron Wilson to the driving. We

really enjoy each other's company.

Look at it - through $300,000 of

motoring luxury. That includes

everything except the wind. We have

on sweets and everything. This is

our favourite time to wind down

after a long ratings period. Ron

wanted two single beds but I

thought it would be good for team

bonding. There are 400 in

Zealanders at this wonderful show

at Rosehill. It really is an eye

opener. It used on until Sunday.

10am to 5pm. What about the

weather? It was 50 km/h in the

morning. Another good day tomorrow

- sportier 24 degrees fine and


Cloud is forming generating a

trough end storms. There is some

cloud over Western Australia on its south coast bringing light showers.

Tomorrow - a high in the Australian

Bight will keep most of the country

try. Some showers in north-eastern

New South Wales. Late showers in

Tasmania and western Victoria.

Showers in far south-west Western

Australia. Isolated showers on the

the South Wales North Coast and

Rangers. Showers on the Queensland

coast and south-west Western

Australia, Western Victoria and

Tasmania. So where is Deborah

Knight when Ronan hiring this can

invent. This is the casting couch

for 10 years. Mr Wells and driving,

N Tim Webster comes out of the ONS


The camping and caravan super show

at Rosehill Racecourse. This Kevin

van will never be the same again

after out night here.

A British toddler is impressing

on the football field. with his skills in February Charlie Edwards only turned three like Beckham. and he's already bending it you know, 13 to 18 months old - Since he could walk - what you see now, he could do then. a celebrity girlfriend yet, Charlie? REPORTER: You haven't got No. in competitions Charlie is already playing with kids up to three times his age. I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight. is our next bulletin along at 10:30. The Late News with Sports tonight

Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions