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The Unteachables -

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(generated from captions) of radical, pioneering teachers 'Three ordinary schools and a group a groundbreaking project.' have agreed to take part in Starboard this side. (ALL JOIN IN) Apostrophe. 'The aim, to turn around schoolchildren.' underachieving and badly behaved to save your fucking life! You're shit! You can't teach Back inside. 50% of you have no focus. You want a fucking go? around 140,000 kids just like these 'Last year,

were suspended from British schools.' Don't shout at me! that's at fault?' 'So is it the system (TEACHERS SPEAKS FRENCH) simply unteachable?' 'Or are these children Don't wait for me. I'm going home.

MAN: Will you turn round? Full stop. Ha! ALL: Pssh. Pssh. Ha! A question mark. ALL: Ha! Full stop. ALL: Pssh. Pssh. Ha! Question mark. Comma. ALL: Pssh. Ha! Exclamation mark. ALL: Pssh. Pssh. Pssh. Ha! Question mark. is behaving very oddly. 'A man in a field in Suffolk extraordinary. But he's also doing something eating out of his hand. He's got 16 troublesome teenagers is this is an English lesson.' And what's more incredible (GIRL SCREAMS AND LAUGHS) at a dickhead, you are a dickhead. Here are the rules. If you point you're a dickhead. If you get your own name wrong, pointing at, you're also a dickhead. And if nobody can tell who you're Here we go. Phil. to attempt mission impossible - 'Phil Beadle is a man who's agreed surface, appear to be unteachable.' to teach a group of kids who, on the

and varied educational diet. Children have a right to a rich I attempt to provide. And that is what and it should be balanced The curriculum should be broad myriads of different things. and you should be doing of children and talking at them Just standing in front of a class is ineffective. If you're sodding up your education, on a huge, great big bit of it. you're missing out Drink your orange. we keep you sat down all the time. The problems with schools is that a bodily intelligence Now, if you've got then we're doing the wrong thing. and you like bouncing up and down, ALL: Pssh. Ha! Exclamation mark. 'So far, he seems to be winning.' Apostrophe. He's funny, and he's just... He's just like one of our mates. when he's out with us. We treat him like a mate I've ever had, really. And he's one of the best teachers is the mastermind 'Education guru Ted Wragg behind this unique project. He believes it's possible the most demotivated to transform even and underachieving school children.' So here's the challenge. on the surface to be unteachable Can you take people who appear and turn them into good citizens? They've got to behave themselves, take responsibility but they've got to for their own behaviour, as well.

to interesting and worthwhile things And related to that is they've got that really help them learn, that they respect. done by good teachers Miss, I can't be bothered. Fuck off. Leave me alone! Fucking (BLEEP). candidate for Ted Wragg's project.' '13-year-old Grace is a prime I fucking hate school.

I can't do anything. For fuck's sake. Why can't I go? What? want to go to the toilet. Because you don't No, you don't. Yes, I do want to go.

You've been out for 45 minutes. Yes, I do. I don't want to row with you, Grace. I didn't go to the toilet then. Go back to your chair. Sir... I need the toilet. Well, I'm up for a row. with a pole. I had a fight with a teacher I was screaming at her. She was screaming at me, It's nothing to be proud of. I don't want to be bad. It's nothing smart or anything, where I can't just sit in a lesson but it's one of those things or loads of maths. and just do, like, loads of science Or... It's really hard. into trouble, sent out, excluded. I just go in and I just get That's just my day. And then that's just it. I don't really learn anything. (SPITS) Where are you going? What?

Yes. Where am I going? where I'm going. You don't need to know the classroom without permission. I need to know why you're leaving for no reason. Because you're having a go at me (LAUGHS)

Disobeying the lesson? I asked you to stop disobeying me- I ain't done nothing wrong. No, you were having a go at me. in your room You go, "I'm not having me if you're gonna behave like this." In you come! and across the country, 'It's the start of the year are taking their mock SATs - Year 9 students determine their academic futures. the big exams that'll help But Grace doesn't seem to care. 20 minutes late.' She arrives with best mate Faye I haven't got a pen. Make sure they're off. I haven't got paper or anything. I'll get you a pen. Mm... Have you got a brain today? I feel ill. I can't do it. Go in and do your best. Just do your best. as well. Your coats you need to take off, are separated for messing around. 'Within five minutes, the girls they give up.' And just ten minutes later,

in a way. I wish I did understand it, just some of it. And just get it over and done with, At least do some of it. But I didn't understand any of it. I tried looking at a question. I read a little bit, I didn't even understand it. Wragg assembled a team of experts. 'To help children like Grace, Ted Teacher of the Year Phil Beadle, The man in the field - award-winning Headmaster Mr William Atkinson Vivian Hill. and Educational Psychologist and a shortlist of 5 was drawn up. 50 schools were approached Ted and Vivian then set to work with the potential to succeed. looking for kids Vivian talked to parents to get the background story.' My role on the project

is really to make sense of young people's behaviour. So therefore I need to observe them in a range of different settings. And that enables me to make sense

of what it is that makes them behave the way they do. What's difficult to accept is that your daughter's like that, your son or your daughter's like that, know, they're growing up, you give them everything. And it's always somebody else's kids that act like this. And that's the hardest... That's probably the hardest thing I had to deal with. The fact that my daughter's a nightmare, basically. Well, she's acting like a nightmare. And we've gotta do something about it. It's very clear from talking with Grace's family that there were no problems prior to puberty but since puberty, they're finding her behaviour very volatile and erratic, and they find it difficult to manage and they're very clear about what teachers will be experiencing to. Fucking little dickhead. You want a fucking go? Hey, hey. Let's go outside and let's have a chat about it. His defences come up the minute he's shouted at by a member of male staff or the tone raises. It's the moment Shane goes really self-defensive. I need to make sure that whoever's going to be working with him is aware of this and sensitive of how to manage him. '45% of teachers quit within three years and cite badly behaved pupils as the reason. So the experts also talked to teachers.' I don't feel like a teacher when I'm in the classroom anymore.

I feel like a policewoman, I feel like a social worker. I feel like their mum sometimes, as well. Right, guys. That's the third time of asking. 'Their search ended in the classroom, where they observed the children at work.' (TEACHER SPEAKS FRENCH) Turn to Page 88 now, please. Do you ever read outside of school? No. It's just not something you're into. It's curious with Grace,

because she's not confident about her own intellectual ability, but she's obviously quite confident about taking on adults. She'll have a go at them. So she's got, if you like, physical courage... She'd be all right in a war. Now, today, we are going to try to use our everyday roots. I don't really like anything, but... You don't like anything at school? No, not really. No subject at all? Sit down, please. Just shut up. You're doing my fucking head in. Every time a window gets smashed, a snowball gets thrown, anything like that, they bring me into the office straightaway and just assume it's me. And has it usually been you? I suppose... Yeah. I even admit a lot of the time it has. He wasn't able to describe in any sense how to learn effectively. In fact, as he said to me today, "I can't even remember how to learn. It's so long since I've been doing it." (TEACHER SPEAKS FRENCH) I think I could do better. I could push myself harder. But I just don't. I don't know why, I just don't. How are you coming along? Have you come to a grinding halt? You do appear to have. I try to get better. But do you really try or is it just...? I really try, but... But what stops you, then?

I'm used to misbehaving. In a typical period of ten minutes, how much do you reckon you work? I reckon I'd be working... about half of it I reckon I'd work. One? One minute in ten? One? Oh, no. Pretty well, I would say. Yeah. John is the sort of boy who drives teachers mad. Because they know he's bright, he could do well, and all they see him doing all the time is chatting away to his neighbours, not getting on with his work, distracting people, being easily distracted himself. He's a very engaging boy. I like him a lot. But if you're teaching him, he drives you crazy. I think there are at least a few of these who should have a decent stab at getting the 5-plus A-to-Zs, yeah? John will. Well, John... MAN: I think there's two. I thought... Finbar will. What about the first one? I think Ryan will. WOMAN: I don't think Ryan. You don't think so? I think Ryan will. It depends on what he's taking these for. '16 children from Year 9, the year with the highest national rate of exclusion, were eventually chosen from three ordinary secondary schools.' We're bringing together children from different schools. They'll know their friends from their own school

but they won't know the people from another school. And to some extent with a group like this, you need to try and create a whole group, rather than different groups from different schools, so they've got to come together. And, of course, there might be rivalry anxieties, hostilities. These have got to be managed. These are not easy children. 'It's Friday afternoon, and our three groups of students leave their schools heading for an unknown destination.' BOY: Don't know. Where the fuck are we going? BOY: Disneyland. ALL SING: # Roll, roll, roll a joint # Twist it the end

# Spark it up and take a lug and pass it to your friend. # 'It's early March, and a group of 13-year-olds are on their way to an unknown destination. Between them, they've notched up a total of 56 exclusions for confrontations with teachers and schoolmates.'

Right, guys. That's the third time of asking! 'The aim is to turn these bright but failing kids into successful pupils.' BOY: Bus Driver, can you stop a minute so we can have a fag? BOY: No, I need a wee! BOY: When I need a piss, I have to go, cos I'll piss myself. 'Zaak wants to pass his exams and get good grades, but finds it hard to concentrate. # Fly me to the moon and let me play among this stars # Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars. # I've got to say 75% of it would be because I get distracted very a lot by my mates, and everything. because they think it's funny it's cos I think I can't do it. And around about 25% I won't be able to do that." I think, "That's hard. No! Mum, I want you to be proud of me. all the time. I won't shout at the teachers disappointed in the lack of control I am certainly very, very that you have in yourself with their classrooms. and that your teachers have

it is self-control. At the end of the day, It is walking away from it, son. (LAUGHS) I love you too. I love you, Mum. we were going to Wales? Was it you who told me GIRL: Lealle. tell me we were going to Wales? Lealle, you tart. Did you driver this minibus is fucking vile. I even admitted to the fucking in my face? Do you have to put that camera to the classroom. 'Kirsty prefers the school corridor for the last three terms.' She hasn't had a science lesson You've got no qualification at all. if you go to university? Does it matter Yeah. to get into university? What would you have to do do you think you'd have to get? What sort of GCSEs I don't know. at this point. And I don't really care two-and-a-half years of school. I've still got another At her worst, Kirsty reminds me

naughty teenager, of the Harry Enfield

to her, because almost anything you say she hasn't heard what you're saying she'll pretend and she'll say, "What?" all the time. And there's this feeling "My God, she's gonna come at me." I think. And that's not the true Kirsty, under that apparently hard exterior, Because I would like to believe that "to hell with you" exterior, that tough, that she's desperate not to show lies a different kind of person at this stage in her life.

CHILDREN TALK OVER EACH OTHER is 13-year-old Grace, 'Joining Kirsty fresh from failing her mock SATs.' Yeah. Shane loves Faye. Do you?

this holiday? Whoo! Do you want to shag her anger-management classes, 'Grace has been offered makes her angry.' but says just the thought of it

He did something to my computer. Sir, why don't you believe me? Show me. Let me see it. Print it off. No, I'm not printing it off. how you got on when you were 11, Can you remember in junior school? when you took your SATs but I wasn't naughty. Um, I was cheeky in school, really. I was... I wasn't bad in lessons, can you remember? And what sort of grades did you get, I was really thick, actually. I wasn't very good. "I'm thick." Not many children actually say, low self-confidence The problem with having you've got nothing to lose. is in a sense you're any good, If you don't believe what have you go to lose? then frankly, you're not going to learn anything. You're no good, And that's a major obstacle. You might as well mess about. she's gonna be in serious trouble. Unless she shifts that one, BOY: You f-(BLEEP)-ing cunt. to my mates. Punch in the fucking face back on, mate. MAN: Dale, put your seatbelt (LAUGHS) Yeah, right. I've got my fucking seatbelt on! I actual have. or I'll have to stop the minibus. Put it on

I bunked the lesson before. I bunked the last lesson, Been off on half-term for a week. I got excluded for 15 days.

on the project. 'Dale's one of the brightest kids one of the most badly behaved.' But he's also It's not that stressful at home. to have around. He's actually quite nice

of being the bad kid, always. I've always had that reputation Fuck off, Sam. You wiener. I've tried to start fresh. I actually tried to start fresh. Every year, Then I just think, "Fuck it." The first week, fine. off. My balls itch. I'm taking this fucking seatbelt get a bit of praise for it. Do something well, I get praise from it as well Mind you, if I do something naughty from my mates. there, Brighton kiddies there, BOY: That's gonna be London kiddies Manchester kiddies there. or some shit like that. Fuck me. There's gonna be a ruck for this program The students who've been selected than the great majority of people. are much less well-behaved of low-grade disruption, What they do is a lot and don't pay attention. where they mess about higher level of disorder, But in some cases, it's a much so they walk out of the room, they're rude to people. they text their friends, They're aggressive towards them.

for a fight, but of someone starts, I don't reckon any of us are out back each other, innit? you all know we're gonna That's just the best way. are very difficult indeed I think some of them who are gonna work with them. and make a real challenge for those Fuck off. What the fuck. DALE: Hold up. We're in the middle of nowhere. Yeah. Fucking stranded. GIRL: Yeah, obviously. Fucking miles. How many miles till there's a town? 'After a four-hour journey, at a remote barn in Suffolk.' the first minibus arrives fucking House on the Haunted Hill. BOY: I told you it was gonna be SINGS: # CJ... # Find the cabin. for a two-day assessment. 'The kids are here they're all together as one group.' It'll be the first time Look what we're sleeping on. Is this the church? This is Harry Potter. I ain't sleeping in that. ALL TALK OVER EACH OTHER Oh, fuck. This is quite good, actually. This place ain't too bad, mate. Shane, Shane! you sleep there, yeah? I'll sleep there, Oh, look at him. go say hello to him. I think you should You go do that, Zaak. You go do that, Zaak. Come on. I'll come with you. Fucking go talk to them. Why are you spying on them? You've gotta go outside. You have to go out there. other people are coming right now. Well, we just found out that the GIRL: Yeah, Londoners. Don't mess. I look like a part in this uniform. I'm sorry, but I look like a top knob jockey. Same here. Look at me. Take your tie off. Yeah, Londoners. BOY: You keep taking the piss out of them and watch what you get. I don't care what I get. I'll smack them back. Woo, woo!

Pissed, man. Why? We thought it was gonna be nice. It's all right, though. It's cold as shit, though. 'There are six youth workers and chaperones on hand to care for the kids. They break the ice by letting them loose in the kitchen.' I'm in charge of food, right? I'll choose what I want to cook here and I'm gonna to cook whatever I want. Are we having chips? Sausage. Do you want a suck of my sausage? (LAUGHS) 'After only an hour, the kids start to ignore the youth workers and run riot.' ALL TALK OVER EACH OTHER

That's it. The place is going up in flames. 'They damage property,' GLASS SHATTERS 'They spray the barn with lighter fuel and they're up most of the night.' ALL SHOUT AND LAUGH ROOSTER CROWS

'7am. After just two hours' sleep, the children are assembled to meet the man who'll assess their learning potential over the next two days. Phil Beadle was named Teacher of the Year in 2004

after a decade of working miracles in some of East London's toughest schools. But even for him these kids present a challenge.'

When I walk into my classroom, I'm walking into children that I know. And there's an earned mutual respect and in some cases adoration. These young people haven't got a clue who I am, and I'm not entirely sure what I'm dealing with. If you don't do what's structured, yeah, if you don't want to do it, we've got taxis. We can put you on a taxi, it's no problem, get you home, yeah? You can go and enjoy the rest of your weekend at home.

My biggest fear would be that I just don't connect with at least a couple of them, in that there are personality issues. Sometimes you just don't get on. With any group of people, that's always gonna happen. So there might be a kid or two or 15 kids that just go, "I don't like that bloke. I don't like his shirt. I'm not gonna do what he says." I don't want what happened last night to happen again tonight, yeah? I had one hour's sleep. That's all I had. There is a genius in a group of schoolchildren's hatred. If they don't like you,

they will find a way of letting you know and will find a way of trying to crush you. Oh, he looks strict. Are you Dale? How do you know? Can I see first of all...? Hello, everyone. Can I see Dale and Shane outside? We're just gonna have a chat, lads. 'Phil has been warned these two are likely troublemakers. So he decides to give them some special attention.' Right. If I'm nagging either of you too much, just let me know quietly. Just take a walk, all right? And what's everyone else like? They're all right, mate. They're all funny. How are you getting on with the people from the other schools?

All right. What do you hate about lessons? I just hate all my lessons. Why is that? I hate most of the teachers. Some of my teachers are all right. It's just some of them don't know how to teach. They're just dickheads, man. Shane, what kind of thing makes you grumpy? What's gonna make you really hacked off? Teacher shouts at me, teacher grabs hold of me. And if I get proper bored, if there's nothing to do in the lesson, that pisses me off. Let's give it a go. isn't he? He ain't too bad. He's actually well all right, a dickhead. He's not too bad. I thought he was gonna be He's actually well all right. out here and no-one else. Wonder why he brought us two Because we're the naughtiest here. probably the naughtiest. Probably we are actual You're the fucking naughtiest. You're the naughtiest. am the naughtiest here. I reckon I actual we need to get sorted. Right. Couple of rules I don't have chewing. I don't have in my classroom...

can you get rid of it? Now, if anybody's got gum, It's a bit horrible. No, you'll bite your tongue. out the door? Do you want me to throw it I ain't got any chewing gum. Yeah. Kirsty, have you got any? everyone's fucking name? BOY: How does he know Get rid of it. You've got chewing gum. You have! I haven't. Right. That's rule one. It's minty. out of the circle for a sec? So, Kirsty, can you step Thanks. Well done. Right. Rule two. Can you take...? lean back into them. Get your chairs, you go over before you fall off. And see how far Yeah, like that. Yeah, I'm crazy. What? Like that? And then fall.

There's a big... See what happens. Come on, fall. ALL LAUGH AND TALK OVER EACH OTHER DALE: What is up with this teacher? Come on. Go, go. how much that hurt. Oh, you've no idea So don't do it. It is. It's dangerous, isn't it? going over there going, The point is you're "You've no idea how much that hurt." I have. I've done it myself. Why did you tell us to do it, then? Where's Kirsty? Are you coming back? Right. So that's two rules. get shot of it. I can smell it. Don't chew. Whoever's got it, What's the other rule? only one person speaking at a time. Let's try and get it so there's forget your own names, All right, then. If I can make you over the next couple of days? will you do what I tell you to do ALL: Yeah. This is the game. The game's called Dickhead. BOY: Sir, that's bang out of order talking about Natalie like that. you've gotta point to somebody What you gotta do, and you've gotta say your own name. puts me immediately Dickhead-pointing that says the word dickhead, as a kind of naughty teacher wins some people on to my side. which, of course,

I'll point at you. Right, OK. I'm gonna start off. I'm gonna say my name. Phil. See? That's easy. If I'd pointed at you and gone "Zaak", that makes me a dickhead. GIRL: How do you know our names? Cos I've read about you. I'm Vikki. Hello, Vik.

If I point at you and say, "Zaak", that makes me a dickhead. I'm out.

I've gotta sit here like that. Here are the rules. If you point at a dickhead, you are a dickhead. If you get your own name wrong or forget your own name-

But we ain't gonna point at a dickhead, cos a dickhead's out. They're still sitting in the circle. If you get your own name wrong, you're a dickhead.

And if nobody can tell who you're pointing at, you're also a dickhead.

If you are to make a connection with children, then you must speak, to a certain extent, in their own language. me going into a classroom There's no point of nuclear physics at them, and speaking the language understand a bloody word I say. because they're not going to So I am...pretty well unapologetic dumbing down my language. about occasionally Here we go. Phil. LAUGHTER You forgot your own name. I'm afraid you're a dickhead. Well done. Here we go. Phil. Come on. Sit like that. Ryan. Um, Lealle. LAUGHTER Oh, yeah. Your name is not Lealle, is it? No. You're a dickhead. Phil. OK. Here we go. Ryan, are you ready?

John. Natalie. You forgot to point, Nat. is just to form the relationships The first weekend, for me, of preassessment and to a little bit and abilities are. on what their skills And to size the job. Is anyone in here thick? A FEW: Yes! You're thick. ALL TALK OVER EACH OTHER At some things, yeah. you know about this, I don't know whether seven different intelligences. but there's meant to be Do you know that? No, I didn't know that at all. I think it's more complicated. Is that why we did the CATS test? It's more complicated than that. The CATS test's all about logic. "Are you clever?" So when you ask the question, that question don't work anymore. "How are you clever?" The question is, doesn't write very well Just because one kid or isn't very good at mathematics, to take a car apart it doesn't mean he won't be able and put it back together again. that can do that is not intelligent. You can't tell me somebody what these kids can do. 'Phil wants to see they're good at anything. They've hardly ever been told a questionnaire about themselves.' First, he asks them to fill out Do you play a musical instrument? when you're doing homework or study? Do you have music playing What if any of them isn't an answer? Leave it. I think cinema is a church-type thing. I thought you said "seminar". ALL TALK OVER EACH OTHER 10, 10, 10, 10. What, when I get angry? Shouting, yeah. But then sometimes I go quiet. and just like... (HUFFS) Sometimes I go quiet ALL TALK OVER EACH OTHER Back in a circle, please. everybody that's cooperating. Thank you, Zaak, can you take a seat? Dale? Let's have a look at what we did. Zaak, join the circle, please. Vik, come and sit down. Now, what we just did then, is you did a questionnaire what we just did there where your intelligence lies. to find out (GIRL SPEAKS) Could you turn that off, please? I'm getting moaned at now. Bye. All right. I'll see you later. Ryan, come and take a seat. where your intelligence lies. We did a quiz to see This is one of the problems with schools. judging you on one intelligence Sometimes at schools, we're what your intelligence is. and that ain't Now, these are Shane's intelligences. Shane, verbal and linguistic - it's not his thing. Maths - not his thing. Where's he really good at is his body. It's a thing called kinaesthetic intelligence, fluent in the skills of the body. which means that you're actually of intelligence. Now, that's a version You're also... intrapersonal intelligence. You've got what's called Now, that means you're a thinker. your education's going wrong So maybe where the intelligences you ain't got. is they're asking you to display we keep you sat down all the time. Now, the problem with schools is a bodily intelligence If you've got then we're doing the wrong thing. and you like bouncing up and down, in school 'Shane's explosive behaviour from making any progress. has prevented him for the last three terms.' He hasn't been in an English class

You want a fucking go? Fucking little dickhead.

and let's have a chat about this. Hey, hey. Let's go outside I think school's absolute rubbish. 12, 13 times for, like,... I been excluded here ..being a ringleader, apparently, in a fight with the neighbour school.

You're disturbing the rest of the class, which isn't very fair, is it? I'm not having lessons because the teachers don't like me cos I've had past experiences with them, like arguments and stuff. VIVIAN: What are the things that you're finding are making it hard for you with your learning at school right now? Attention span. So you find it hard to concentrate? Especially when something's boring. OK. Shane's concentration level is very, very low. He can't sit still.

If he's sits on a chair, he's all over the place on it. If you haven't caught him within the first five minutes, he just cannot sit still. He'll start pacing, his legs are constantly moving, which does prove a problem as well, really. Let's have a look at Zaak. No. I'm just telling people how intelligent you are. What's the problem with that? Cos I'm not intelligent. You've got three separate intelligences.

Zaak's got really high interpersonal intelligence, which means you get on with people. You've got a musical intelligence,

and you've also got, just like Shane here, a bodily intelligence. So if I've got a room full of people with bodily intelligence and you're all sitting behind a desk, you ain't using what you're good at, are you? 'Kirsty has decided to give this lesson a miss.' Yeah, I could learn something from it if I could be arsed. It's boring. There's nothing to do. There's nothing here. There's just one barn, that's it. And loads of chicken. 'True to form, Kirsty refuses to join in, preferring her own company.' I don't know what the kids say about me, but I don't really care what they say. They can think what they like. I don't class anybody here as friends. It sounds a bit sad, doesn't it? I don't think Kirsty is used to, is able to cope with the group environment. I'm gonna have to differentiate for Kirsty, in terms of there is a lot that she will refuse to do. All of you seem to have a predominant intelligence of bodily, which means that those people that are struggling the most this morning to keep it together and there are some of you that are struggling to tow the line, is... You would actually rather be moving around. John, though, interestingly, it's really interesting with John,

he's the one coming up with- Who's John? That one. That's John, innit? He's coming up with the sharp ideas, making the good gags, and getting on with everybody. He's got a really heavyweight interpersonal intelligence. 'Phil's impressed with his new pupils' potential. And the kids are just as impressed with him.' He's nice. He's all right. He ain't like other teachers. He listens to you. He's really understanding the way we look at things. He's really... I think he's a really good teacher, he is. 'One of the biggest obstacles Phil faces is the kids' inability to concentrate.' People are saying you don't like it when teachers shout. What else am I meant to do? Exactly.

Do you think-? You should bring teachers here, not kids. What's shit about it? It just is. It just is shit. Writing stuff. Well, you ain't writing, you're ticking stuff. Well, ticking even. Using a pen. I don't want to hear this. This is getting boring now. Look how shit that is. tidy up after you. It's not my job. I ain't your mum, I ain't here to The plan is to turn their brains on. And before I turn their brains on, have to get them moving, I'm gonna actually in certain parts of the brain cos it switches on certain synapses and makes it receptive to learning. We're gonna start off about an inch taller, by trying to make Dale Crozier and breathing exercises with him. do some Alexander techniques It's high-risk. it's gonna come off. I don't know whether they will love it. If it does come off, though, Over to the other side. That's good, mate. Lift your head up. What we're doing with the Alexander technique is basically trying to decrease the kids' stress levels. Faye's about an inch taller. Right. We're going to try and correct that. LAUGHTER

Start thinking about your legs and your knees. You're gonna relax them, right? Now start thinking about the bottom vertebrae in your back, locating in your mind where the bottom vertebrae is.

And I want you to push that bottom vertebrae as far as you can into the floor.

Go. Good boy. Keep breathing in. Two, three, four. You come stand up again. Right, Faye. specifically works The Alexander technique don't engage with the curriculum with kids who sometimes in that it's a bodily activity.

with language and stuff, Not everybody has specific skills in body language, but everybody is fairly fluent to do something that they know, so they're getting

something they're good at. Stand back-to-back. Has it worked at all? It's worked a bit. That's bloody weird. They're now on the same height. Who's taller? It's worked a bit. Right. Sit down. What I'd like to do, and again, this realise on your permission, I'd like to do the same exercise with everyone. About ten minutes. As they're breathing in and out, you start manipulating their heads and manipulating their legs. Feel the weight of the legs, Shane, feel the weight of them, and then just pull them out. Right. Let's focus on the breathing. Focus on the breathing. So those people doing the stretching have got to be quiet and not giggly. Try and keep it together, Mikhaela. through your nose to five. Close your eyes. Breathe in In, two, three, four, five. and out through your mouth. Breathe in through your nose Great focus, John. Keep going. Keep breathing. Natalie, come and sit down.

Leanne, don't break her. try and be totally silent. Everybody else, and just imagine nothing. I want you to try Now, you're on a beach. heat of the sun on your forehead. You're on a beach, you can feel the See what you can hear. Shh. Bring yourself back here. opening your eyes, Now, if you feel like when you want to, open your eyes. But only in your own time. Well done Sharon. Well done, Dale, for keeping going with it. Brilliant, Grace. Faye, your focus was superb all the way through it. You feel totally normal? Grace? You feel a bit dizzy. No, not me. I don't feel dizzy. It's just when you, like,... When you said to go to the beach, the white room, I actually did in my head. And it just seems weird when you come back here, cos you think...I can't explain it. rather be back there in a way, You get the sense you'd actually didn't you? Who else? John, how did you feel? Yeah. back there, as well, on the floor. A bit spaced out. I'd rather be There's people in this room at football for spliff. who are giving up a brilliant career You don't need spliff. What I'd like everybody... 'This is the first time and worked quietly together. these kids have focused The weekend's almost over. to have a proper lesson, Even though the kids are yet Phil has connected with them. seems to be working.' So far, his innovative approach about education- I'm going to talk to you Boring. Yeah, I know, I know. You ain't getting a lot out of it at the moment, are you? No. Right. So squeeze your orange. What? Both of them? You can't squeeze apples. I'm sure you can. Could you get any more out of that? Yeah, you could. If you think you can still get some more out of it, squeeze the bugger. You can get shitloads out of an orange. You've just gotta squeeze it. Can I get any more out of that?

Thank you. No. ALL TALK OVER EACH OTHER Yeah. Life is a ride. You've gotta get the most out of it. There's loads of it. There's no oranges in life. You've gotta squeeze it. Yes, there is. have just told us that. GIRL: You couldn't thing and get all you can out of it. You've gotta squeeze the bloody If you're sodding up your education, on a huge, great big bit of it. you're missing out Drink your orange. these children have been introduced 'Over the last two days, ways of learning. to some unconventional But in this five-month project, they're not the only ones trying something new.' ALL SING: # Creative school can be really cool... # 'Their teachers are too.' # ..will bring kids thrills. # Smiling, laughing, smiling, laughing... # 'Phase Two of Ted Wragg's plan is to challenge the traditional methods of teaching, which he believes simply don't work. Most British schools still keep children at their desks for up to six hours a day. It's very important that schools are able to change. The world changes. Nothing can stay the same. improve a school And you can't actually as you've always done. by doing exactly the same things is actually to change. The only way to improve it I can always improve. It's never too late to learn. I've been teaching for years. be better than I was yesterday. Every day of my life, I can when I or anybody else can say, There'll never be a moment Teaching isn't like that. "We've got it licked." have bravely volunteered 'Several of the kids' teachers a new method of teaching. to go on a course to learn They'll learn by role reversal. Today, they are the kids.' Are you happy with this one? LAUGHTER I think there's a little more blonde, but I'll go with it. ALL SHOUT OVER EACH OTHER 'In Jersey, 85% of teachers who took this course changed the way they taught. 75% of their pupils improved because of the confidence it gave them.' It moves you out of your comfort zone. All of a sudden, you suddenly realise how kids feel when you say, "Right, you're not working now

in a seating plan." or you're gonna sit We have to move out of that area. And that's quite revealing. Maths and Science 'Subjects like English, as a challenge for the children, are presented or, in this case, the teachers.' Quite stressed, actually. a presentation in our group. We've been told we've got to do to do that in a classroom. And I have confidence I know what I'm talking about. there's adults staring at you. It's completely different when we were reading about, The things that were about learning theory. the articles to be lifelong learners Mainly, trying to create students and encouraging them to want to learn in all areas of life. I think, you know, what it showed me is to be able to put myself in the position of a child

who might be in my classroom and would feel exactly the same way. So maybe I need to feel a bit more empathy for students. I struggled to find a claim to fame... LAUGHTER But he's got an aim to fame, which we thought was just as good, and Kerr's aim to fame is that he would love to be able to sing. I'd like to introduce you to Sandra. LAUGHTER Sandra wants everybody to know for her highlights. that she paid a fortune she'd love to go parachuting, And her aim to fame is that despite her fear of heights. I have to be a little bit more open with my hands behind my back and stand do these kind of things and that. and smile a bit more and And I think I know now, as well... reading how kids feel. I think I'm quite good at as I think I am. Actually, I'm not quite as good and work on it. I'll have to think about that few enthusiasts get trained What happens is the first and they introduce it,

then others join in because they find it infectious. And gradually, it ripples right through and influences other people, and that's how change can occur in education. Ha! Ha! Ha! That's it. 'Change is also occurring back at the barn.' Next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna play Punctuation Kung Fu. 'Phil's now about to teach them their first proper lesson - English grammar.' There's loads of different moves. a bit of punctuation? Who can tell me What's that called? Full stop. Stop. So a full stop is... Ka! Doof! Ha! Ha! Ha! That's it. How does it go? Ha! is a full stop, OK? Ha! of punctuation. Nat? Ha! Right. Give me another bit BOY: Comma. Capital letter. OK? So capital letter, full stop. Right. Next. Capital letter. Ha! Exclamation mark. You're not. (BOY MUTTERS) Exclamation mark. Pssh. Ha! Pssh. Pssh. Ha! Question mark's difficult. The learning point is if you can have these things with actions, it actually embeds it in your mind. So if you're starting to think comma, in your head from now on, honestly, you'll think "Pssh. Pssh." And it actually embeds the learning. We'll be like... Pssh! Pssh! Pssh! No, no. You're gonna think of it. Right. Everybody stand up. We'll do it. Here we go. Capital letter. A FEW: Capital letter.

Again. Capital letter. In a Chinese accent. Capital letter. ALL: Capital letter. ALL: Ha! Full stop. Ha! ALL: Pssh. Comma. Pssh. ALL: Ha! Full stop. Ha!

Comma. Pssh. ALL: Pssh. Full stop. Ha! ALL: Ha! Exclamation mark. ALL: Pssh. Ha! ALL: Pssh! Ha! Comma! Brackets. Pssh. Pssh. ALL: Pssh. Pssh. Apostrophe. Bl-bl-bl.... (ALL JOIN IN) Dash. Ah... ALL: Ah... Speech marks. Hi-yee.... 'For a group of unteachable kids, this lesson is nothing short of a miracle. Full stop. ALL: Ha! Question mark. ALL: Pssh. Pssh. Ha! I didn't just come here and be bad just to show I'm the baddest. I mean, today I've been perfect. I haven't even done nothing wrong. I've been sitting there doing work with Phil, gra de gra, whatever. He just jokes. He's well all right. Plus he can get you to do work, so... Ha! Question mark. Pssh. Pssh. Ha! The teacher's sweet as. The best teacher I've ever had. Exclamation mark. ALL: Shh! Ha!

A new class is like knocking down ten-pin bowls, and you get them incrementally. You get them one by one. Question mark. ALL: Pssh. Pssh. Ha! I think Dale's a very, very bright boy. And strangely enough, it's quite often the brighter ones who just haven't found a niche or a use for themselves, that actually create the most trouble in the classroom. Apostrophe. Speech marks. ALL: A-yee...

Shane seems like a very, very sweet young man, who maybe hasn't had a particularly easy life, but he's probably a lot cleverer than he claims to be. Speech marks. ALL: A-yee... Grace is absolutely marvellous. Has been consistently mature, consistently up for everything. She connects with everybody. Everything she says is sensible.

And I'm already absolutely besotted with Grace. I think she's brilliant. Look at that. Oh, look at that nice Chrysler. ALL TALK OVER EACH OTHER 'The first weekend assessment is out of the way. Next step is a two-week residential study camp where the real work is about to begin.' Hopefully, so far, they like me. And I hope it stays that way, because when they turn against me, I'm gonna lose. 'Next week, the kids try to push Phil over the edge.' Yeah, there was three or four people grafted,

but 50% of you had no focus.

Back inside. Do you know how serious this is? 'And he's not the only one at the end of his tether.' I like all the kids, I love them, but I could cheerfully take them behind a tree and ruin my career by smacking the hell out of them. The police might be getting involved, because the bar's been broken into. I was just fucking talking to him. Where's Flo? He's gone! 'It's down to the Study Camp Headmaster William Atkinson to stay in control and keep the kids in line.' No matter how bad you think you are, no matter how sassy no matter how clever you think you are, I've met it and dealt with it elsewhere. I've only met William twice, but he cuts a giant swathe across the teaching profession.

He's a quite remarkable human being and I'm sure he will have a remarkable impact upon their lives. This is all shit! This is all bollocks! It fucking is. I don't give a fuck about this no more! It's a piece of shit! Captions by CSI

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Good evening, the Federal

Government is predicting the

unemployment rate will climb to

5% by midyear. Today's job

figures show a small increase

in the unemployment rate to

4.5%, but the Government says a

fall in full-time jobs of 44

thousz is a concern. Five --

44,000 is a concern. Five

Australians have been jailed.

Pilot William Scott-Bloxham was

given three years jail, his

passengers Vera Scott-Bloxham,

Keith Mortimer, Hubert Hofer,

and Karen Bourke received two

years, they have a week to

appeal landing a light plane in

paupua. The Federal Government

is considering aid for flood

ravaged Fiji. Fiji's Attorney-General has criticised

Australia for being slow to

help. Relations have soured

over Fiji's refusal to allow

Democratic election, in sport

it's the end of the rode for

Lleyton Hewitt in the Sydney

International tennis

tournament. In the

quarterfinals he played old foe

David Nalbandian, in a close encountered David Nalbandian

won 7-6, 7-5.

I'll have more news at 5 to 11.

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