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Live. The pop world mourns

the loss of the man they

called the king. Michael Jackson confirmed dead after

suffering a heart attack.

Iran's defeated presidential

canned Kate vows to continue his fight and Lleyton Hewitt

downs a top seed at the

ABC News for Australia morning. Charles Slade with Wimbledon championships. Good

Network -

Michael Jackson the King

of Pop has died. The pop

sensation died of a heart

attack after he was rushed to

hospital in Los Angeles.

Paramedics were unable the

revive Michael Jackson after

the singer suffered a cardiac

arrest. Jackson had been due

the start a series of come

back concerts in London on 13

July running until March next

year. The singer had been rehearsing in the Los Angeles

area for the past two months.

The shows for the 50 London

certificates sold out in

hours of going on sale in

March. Jackson started out as

a child star in the band The

Jackson Five more than 40

years ago and had 13 No.1

hits during his solo career.

There have been concerns about Jackson's held in

recent years but the

promotors of the London show

said in March that Jackson

had passed an extensive

physical examination with

independent doctors. From

his moon walk and Thriller

album to his court trials and

Jackson stayed in the financial troubles Michael

spotlight. He achieved an

almost unparalleled level of

fame around the world and

loyal fans everywhere called

him the King of Pop. At

times during his career

Michael Jackson was one of

the biggest pop stars in the

world. Starting with his

brothers in the Jackson Five

in the 60s then continuing

with a solo career that began

in the '70s Michael Jackson

became a worldwide star S in

his adult life Michael

Jackson was always the

subject of tabloid news

coverage from his

ever-changing appearance to

his fascination with small

children. In November 2003

Jackson was accused of

molesting a 13-year-old boy.

He was tried and aquit of all

charges after a three-month

trial. He later settled a

civil lawsuit in the case for

$20 million.

# ABC, simple... Starting

with appearances on the Ed

Sullivan show the Jackson

Five consistently topped the

charts in the '60s and '70s.

They even opened for Diana

Ross and the Supremes.

# Billie Jean... Jackson became superstar in his own

right making his famous moon

walk for the first time on

Motown's 25th anniversary special.


album Thriller won 8 Grammy

awards and holds the record

for best-selling album of all

time. Michael Jackson

surprised the world in 1994

when he married Elvis

Presley's daughter Lisa

Marie. They divorced after 2

years. Months later in 1996

Jackson announced his friend

Debra Row was expecting the

first of their two children.

They would marry and divorce.

He would increasingly be in

the spolgtd light for his

changing behaviour and his

strange physical looks rather

than his music. But in his

prime he was a dazzling

dancer and singer and he was

the King of Pop. It was a few hours earlier another entertainment star passed

away. Actress Farrah Fawcett

died after a long battle with

cancer. She was best known

for her role in the US

television series 'Charlie's

Angels'. Her battle with

cancer was publicised in a television documentary

earlier this year. Farrah

Fawcett was 62. In other

news defeated Iranian presidential candidate Mir

Hossein Mousavi has vowed to

continue his campaign to

overturn President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's election win.

He has refused to bow to

pressure from Iran's ruling

clerics despite the

withdrawal of another losing

candidate from the Opposition

movement but President

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is also

standing firm and has accused

US President Barack Ombama of

behaving like predecessor

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad George Bush. Officially

won 62% of the vote in this

month's presidential election

and he has the backing ever

Iran's ruling clerics. So it

is little wonder he is

angered by international

criticism. TRANSLATION: Why

do you speak so impolitely

with this great nation? You

are making a mistake. But

Tehran media has reported

that less than half Iran's

Parliament turned up for a victory celebration for the

President this week and many

foreign leaders remain

sceptical of his win. We

have to continue the stand up

for the universal human

rights we think are important including for journalists to

report on the popular mood in

Iran. US President Barack

Obama and his administration

have expressed growing

concern about the crackdown

on Proto Resources in the

streets of Tehran. In response President Mahmoud

Ahmadinejad has described

Barack Obama as inexperienced

and likened him to former

President Bush who once

labelled Iran as part of an

axis of evil. TRANSLATION:

Correct yourself. This is our

friendly advice. We do not

want to see the big disgraces

of the Bush era to be

repeated in the new US

era. The icing-over of

relations with the West could

have wider ramifications.

Prior to the post-election

chaos there was hope among US

allies Iran would play a role

in solving security problems

in Iran and Pakistan but

Iran's Foreign Minister has

refused a invitation to gin a

meeting of the 8

industrialised nations in

Italy focusing on the

nation's security and with a

disputed death toll mounting

and opposition to the

elections continuing it is

unlikely they will be sitting

down to negotiate any time

soon. North Korea has mashed

the anniversary of the start

of the Korean war by warning

that dark clouds ever nuclear

war are gathering over the

peninsula. In the south

veterans gathered at memorial

service in Seoul where Pyonyang's nuclear test was

in the minds of many.

Politicians and students

joined vet France if the US

and Korea the mark 59 years

since the star of the Korean

war. The fighting ended in

1953 but the two side are

technically at war because a peace treaty was never signed. In a speech to the

crowds the minister of

patriots and veterans affairs

said reconciliation and Co

operation would only be

possible whether the north

gave up its nuclear power. TRANSLATION: North

Korea has to abandon all

programs related to nuclear

weapons and ballistic

missiles which the

international community including the United Nations

strongly denounce. I hope

the situation works itself

out and I'm sure that our

current President Barack

Obama feels that we must

continue to - well, to

protected and work with the

people ever South Korea. In

a nearby park property

property held an anti--north

rally. TRANSLATION: North Korea's dictatorship should be terminated as soon as

possible and the north's

nuclear and missile-launching

facilities should be removed

even with pre-emptive

attacks. There were protests

too in the North Korea

capital. State-run

television aired pictures of

a rally in Pyonyang where it

said workers accused the US

and South Korea of tying to

provoke another war and the

newspaper of the ruling

Communist Party warned that

dark clouds of nuclear war

were gathering over the

peninsula and that North

Korea was strengthening its

atomic arsenal. In the US

supporters of two American journalists jailed in North

Korea have rallied to demand

their release. Euna Lee and

Laura Ling were jailed for 12

years with hard labour

earlier this month for illegally entering North Korea. Their husbands did

manage the speak to them by

home at the weekend and they

say both women are frightened

of that the future holds. Shy was very nervous about being transferred the a

Labour camp and she said if

she was sent to a Labour camp

she feared that she might not

talk to me for a very, very

long time. Their families say

they fear the two reporters

could become pawns in any

negotiations between the US and North Korea over

Pyonyang's nuclear tests.

Questions asked about the

welfare of hundreds of

Tibetans not heard from since

last year's wry yoth.

Australia's former champion

cruises into the third round

at Wimbledon.riots. Australia's former champion cruises into the third round

at Wimbledon. General Stanley McChrystal says he

wants a culture shift from

conventional warfare to win

over and protect the people

of the country. General

Stanley McChrystal is

expected to release combat

rules aimed at reducing

civilian deaths. It is a tour

of duty, America's new top

general in Afghanistan is in

the southern Helmand Province

visiting a new US marine base

and he had these words of

wisdom for his troops. The

cultural shift is to go from

what we were raised as in

many cases to a conventional

war and through options to remembering that we are

really here to win the

population. And that may mean

a different approach.

Sometimes an indirect or a

softer approach is

operationally more effective

than with something more

traditional. That is likely

to apiece the Afghan

Government which has

repeatedly called for

measures to reduce the number

of civilian casualties. The

general is in charge ever

more than 50,000 US soldiers

and 30,000 Nato-led troops.

He is in the country as part

of a listening tour and is

expected the soon release new

combat rules aped at reducing

civilians deaths. A recent US

military report found air

trikes by US Bombers in May

which killed dozens of

civilians breached guidelines

but what remains unanswered

is will the new approach will

make a difference after eight

years of war. I cannot predict success but I believe we are doing the right

thing. As the top US

Commander prepares to outline

his new combat strategy the

third euro Atlantic

partnership council security

forum kicked off in

Kazakhstan. There too

Afghanistan was top of the

agenda. Nato also decided to

increase its role incapacity

building of the police forces

which is yet another crucial

factor in achieving stability

in Afghanistan. Across the

border Barack Obama's National Security Advisor was

in Pakistan to discuss among

other things the US droop

surge in Afghanistan.

Elections in Afghanistan are

due in just under 2 months

but security is deteriorating

rapidly. As well as

increasing the US troop

levels the Obama

administration is attempting

to double the size of the

fledgling Afghan security

forces. But training them is

difficult, dangerous and time-consuming. Thom Cookes

spent several week was US

military trainers in the

south-eastern border province

of Zabul. In Afghanistan the

summer fighting season is now

under way. And even the most

optimistic commanders are

braceing themselves. I think

you are going to see

increases in violence and

regrettably most likely there

will be increases in

casualties. Right at the top

of the US Government there

are growing frustration was

the lack of progress. The

situation is increasingly

perilus. It has been more

than 7 years since the

Taliban was remove from power

yet war rages on. Many people

in the US and many in partner

countries that have

sacrificed so much have a

simple question - what is our

purpose in Afghanistan? Part

of the answer lies thin room.

These Afghan and US

military officers are trying

to thrash out a security plan for Afghanistan's Border

Regions. To help stop the

carnage over 1000 of these

band-new Humvees are being

delivered to the Afghan

National Army. Ready? Fire!

(rapid gunfire) Point down,

down! Some of the Afghan

solders here have never even

driven a vehicle before but

learning how to fire the

machine gun is the most

important piece of training.

How he doing? They are doing

good. Yeah? I just had to get

them - they are hitting good

I have to get them to play on

the trigger. There are not

enough force toss pull them

out of the battle space to

train them when they are not on missions so training

happens on mission. The

village elders claim they are

powerless to stop the Taliban

from planting IEDs in the road. The captain believes

the picture is more

complicated. Where do you

think the allegiances lie

here? Most certainly they are

kind of stuck in the middle

but I think in general

probably a few of these guys,

there are so many IEDs,

literally just outside their

village, think you have a mix

in the village of some people

who are indifferent and some

people who are probably activity working with the

Taliban. If head of the

International Whaling

Commission says a stalemate

between pro and anti-whaling

nations is threatening the

organisation's credibility.

The commission has postponed

a decision to hunt 10

humpback whales just after

extending the deadline for a

decision on the International

Whaling Commission's future. The International Whaling

Commission's top dog says

members have missed a target

of settling their ongoing

dispute over whaling. He says

failing the agree on reducing

the 2000 whales killed each

year will force a rethink on

how the International Whaling

Commission works. I think

everybody realise there is

only one more year. It is

obvious that US and others

have said 2010. If not it is over. Delegates have been trying to thrash out a deal

which could reduce the number

of whales killed each year.

Japan, Iceland and Norway are

reluctant to give up

commercial whaling. Nations

like the US and Australia as

well Tasmania European Union

want to tiden restrictions.

Negotiations will continue

for another 12 months.

Conservationists are

confident a political

solution can be found. I'm

an in curable optimist so yes

I'm hopeful. I think we have

to try for the sake of the

whales. We cannot give up. If

it fails in a year it does

not mean the International

Whaling Commission is dead at

all. The commission's meeting

in Portugal will wrap up

today after five days of

talks. Questions will being

raised over the feat of

hundreds of Tibetans after

their arrests during last

year's deadly riots. Lawyers

say they remain behind bars

still waiting for their day

in court. They are

questioning the transparency

of the Chinese judicial system after the courts

convicted more than 80 people

sentencing some to death. After almost one and a half years hundreds of people

arrested during last year's violent riots are still

waiting for their day in


serious doubts this a

state-appointed lawyer could

make a fair defence. Lawyers

are worried they will not get

a fair trial and are

questioning the transparency

of China's judicial system. TRANSLATION: Foreign

and Chinese media are barred

from the reality. And the

lawyers are also denied

access to the truth. No-one knows the true of the process

that took place. This is very

sad. Protestors took to the

streets in March 208. They

#k34e78 of commemorated a

1959 unrising against Chinese

rule but after five days of

protest its demonstrations

turned ugly. China says 22

people died in the clashes.

But the Tibetan Government in

exile says 10 times that

number of Tibetans were

killed. Of the hundreds

arrested more than 80 have

been convicted of various

crimes for their alleged

involvement. Lawyers say the

trials were short and the

verdicts almost immediately

broadcast on Chinese-State

Television. TRANSLATION:

Altogether 84 rioters have

been punished and some have been sentenced to death.

People who killed others were

punished. This is the usual practice internationally and

in China. The Tibetan Government in exile says

Beijing's lack of

transparency is only damaging

relations in the disputed

province but in a public

relations blitz China has

recently relaxed security in

Tibet for visiting foreign

journalists. Thai officials

have closed a National Park close to the Preah Vihear

Temple after villagers

spotted troop mobilisation

along the Thai-calm botha border. Officials announced

the closure the protect the

safety of visitors after gunshots were haerds earlier

in the week. Villagers then

noticed a massing of troops

on both sides of the border.

There has been no

confirmation if either side. The Thai Prime Minister will

send his deputy the meet the

Cambodian leader the explain

Thailand's request for a

review of the listing of the

ancient temple action a World

Heritage site. China has accused the company behind

Google of spreading

pornography. The accusation

came after Chinese users were

unable the connect the the

web site. China has been

quick to condemn Google in

the wake of revelations users

in China have been unable to

connect the the search giant's web site.

TRANSLATION: We found that

the English version of has spread lots of

pornography, lewd and vulgar

content which is in serious

violation of Chinese laws and regulations. But the Foreign Ministry has refused to

respond to questions about

will the Government disabled

access. It has admitted that

various measures have been taken against Google.


stress Google China is a

company providing an internet

service inside China so they

should seriously abide by

Chinese laws. The punishments

given to goog gog are all

strictly in accordance the

law. Google has been quick to

try to mend fence was Chinese

authorities. We temporarily

disabled our suggest function

in China because we saw there were some suggestions that

appeared there that we did

not feel were

appropriate. The company's

engineers have also developed

a way of removing any

offending suggestions. China

allows use of the internet

for education and business

with more than 29 million

people online but the Communist Government tries to

block anything deemed obscene

or sub very sieve and has one

of the world's most extensive

monitoring and filtering

systems. You are watching

ABC News for Australia net

work. Recapping the top story

in this bulletin - American popstar Michael Jackson has

died after suffering a heart

attack. Paramedics discovered

the 50-year-old unconscious

in his Los Angeles home

before rushing him to

hospital where he was

confirmed dead. The popstar was scheduled to begin a tour

of the UK next month.

Now to all the business

figures. A good day of

trading on Thursday for the

Dow and Nasdaq in the US and

the back of more positive

economic news and mostly good

company profit reports. But

banking stocks have lead

London's FTSE to close lower.

Around the region -

Australian Lleyton Hewitt

has shown glimpses of his old

self upsetting fifth-seeded Juan Martin del Potro at

Wimbledon. On the women's

side world No. 1 Dinara

Safina and Venus Williams

both advanced in straight sets. On the same court he

won the 2002 Wimbledon crown

Lleyton Hewitt produced some

form of old. The world number

26 took control from the

outset never allowing Juan

Martin del Potro to settle as

he triumph of the. I wanted

to be the top 5 guy and these

are the places you want to do

it and yeah, I have a lot of respect for Juan Martin del

Potro, he is a great player

and he is only going to get

better. Um, you know, he is a

future Grand Slam champion on

possibly any surface. Local

favourite Andy Murray

maintained his strong form

with a straight-sets win over

the Latvian. It took less

than an hour NavFor the Brit

the make his move into the

third round. In the women's

draw five-time champion Venus

crushed her opponent. She

put a lot of balls back in

play so we had longer

rallies. I felt I needed to

be the aggressive one and be

the controller of the point

so that is the way I want to

play. Still facing her first

Grand Slam title world No. 1

Dinara Safina had a

state-sets win. In cricket

the International Cricket

Council has ruled the 2011

World Cup matches taken off

Pakistan will be played in

the other three host

countries. India Sri Lanka

and Bangladesh. We are as a

board determined to giver

them every help we possibly

can and that is one of the

reasons why we have set up a

task force to look at what

needs to be done to ensure

Pakistan in this very

difficult situation is not

isolated. The ICC has decide

from October players will be able to challenge close calls

flew a video review system.

Let's take look at the

regional weather forecast for

the next 24 hours -

Just before we go we recap

our top story - pop

phenomenon Michael Jackson

has died after a heart

attack. The Los Angeles

coroner has confirmed his

death after paramedics could

not revive him at his home.

As news spread of his death

fans gathered outside the

UCLA Medical Centre Hospital

and Jackson's home. He

started out as a child star

with his brothers in the

Jackson Five more than 40

years ago and had 13 No.1

hits during his solo career.

Jackson had been due to start

a series of come back

concerts in London next

month. His first tour since

his 2005 acquittal on child

molestation charges. However

those concerts billed as the

final curtain were thrown

into drought after Jackson

pushed back the opening dates

last month. Orange tiesers of

the concerts at the time

stress the delay was not

linked to Jackson's health.

That is all for this bulletin. For more

information on news and

current affairs from the

region visit our web site.

I'm Charles Slade, thank you

very much for watching and