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(generated from captions) This program is LIVE captioned. for breakfast, I'm really sorry. If you're just joining us Undies keep things under. at other people. You just like to laugh Yeah (Shouts) Who's the best?

time to wake up with friends. Right across Australia, it's again This is Sunrise on Seven. here's Kochie and Mel. Now from Brekky Central # Put your hands in to the big sky # Good morning. It's Tuesday the 2nd of August. of New South Wales Well, the incoming premier the work versus children debate. has reignited his family comes first. Morris Iemma says stepped down from News Corp It comes days after Lachlan Murdoch and raise the kids in Sydney. to come home helping out with the children Now research shows 70% of men fear will hurt their career. at 7 o'clock. We'll take a closer look

We'll hear from new dad, Joe Hockey. we want to hear from you. But before that, you can't leave work on time Do you feel to be with your family? or take a break Let us know, email or SMS us.

I think women in the workplace are

treated better, quite rightly, with

family matters than men.

There has been a bit of a shift

Exactly right. If a woman has to go

home because of sick kids, fine,

not a problem, off you go. If a dad

says "I have got to go home because

the kids are sick" ... "Don't you

have a wife to do that?"

But other men think you are soft or

something? Because other women

would respect you for it, wouldn't they?

But I don't think companies and

bosses do. I think they say that is

a woman's role to do that and you

stay and work and make up for it

Then maybe it needs someone like a

premier to lead the way

A good debate to be having and very timely

I think it is an interesting shift innocentment

And I also think what one person

does in five days might take

someone else seven days anyway.

Like someone in the office might do

a task in two hours and the person

next to them does it in an hour

You talk to a lot of business

people and the management gurus and

they say "If you can't get your

work done in five there is

something wrong with you"


Drop us an email and we will talk

about changing schools and how

harbd it is for any stew deny,

particularly if you are moving to a

school in another state, you are

away from friends and family it is

even harder. A new system is being

trialled to make that transition

easier so more on that.

Later, how to recognise whether it

is love or lust. We will tell you

why it is important to know the difference.

We will have both - right now time

for the latest news. Just thought

wouldn't that be good? Hi Simon

Good morning everyone, leave it

with me. has fallen to an all-time low Kim Beazley's popularity its strongest position in months. despite Labor moving into

of the union campaign The party is riding on the back

industrial relations reforms, against the Government's to keep up. but its leader is struggling Kim Beazley. It's another blow for Labor leader, for not doing enough Already under fire

industrial relations reforms, to stop the Government's at an all-time low. his popularity is now and the Newspoll out today Both the ACNielsen poll

have Mr Beazley's approval rating of the Prime Minister. well behind that

To add insult to injury, South Wales Premier Bob Carr voters even believe outgoing New would do a better job. to see Mr Carr in Canberra. Nationally, 48% of voters would like and 10 as State premier, But after 17 years in politics to enter the federal arena. he says he has no plans

will officially end his reign Instead, today he in the New South Wales top job expected to be elected to the post with Health Minister Morris Iemma when Labor Caucus meets this morning. for the Labor Party But it's not an easy time will crucial for Mr Iemma and the next few months and win public support. as he works to lift his profile reportedly being exported as child Australian girls as young as 14 are as child bribes. are reportedly being exported The Australian newspaper claims the Australian Embassy in Beirut 12 women have approached

arranged marriages. trying to escape forced them to marry older men They say their Islamic families and Western influences. to protect them from promiscuity one of the prime suspects Egyptian police have shot dead the deadly attacks thought to be behind in Sharm el-Sheikh on 23 July. in three blasts At least 64 people were killed

tourist resort. at the popular Red Sea was killed and his wife wounded Mohamed Ahmed Saleh Fulayfel near the town of Suez. in an gunfight

He was also on trial in absentia resorts in October last year. for bombings at three other Red Sea against one of the suspects Formal charges have been laid

days ago. in the botched London bombings 11 charged under anti-terror laws 27-year-old Osman Hussain has been in Italy.

being questioned by investigators He could spend the next nine months to Britain. in Italy before being extradited tonight for King Fahd A funeral service will be held

mourn the loss of their leader. as the people of Saudi Arabia confirmed as the new monarch. Crown Prince Abdullah has been day-to-day business The 81-year-old has been running in the oil-rich nation 10 years ago. since King Fahd suffered a stroke the transition should be smooth. Saudi officials say

any particular change. I cannot think that there will be will formally assume the thrown Crown Prince Abdullah on Wednesday. from the Discovery shuttle Two of the astronauts their second successful spacewalk. have completed and American Steve Robinson Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi on the International Space Station. replaced a steering device plans in place NASA says there are now damaged on the Discovery shuttle. to make repairs to heat shields Andy Thomas Yesterday, Australian astronaut Andy Thomas and jeopardising the crew's safety. criticised NASA for cutting corners To sports news now with Mark Beretta to make. and Collingwood has a big decision

The AFL's match review panel has charged Collingwood's Chris Tarrant with a potentially season-ending striking charge. The forward is facing a three-match ban if he accepts the charge or five, if the club chooses to fight it at the Tribunal and losses. Collingwood will announce today if it will contest Chris Tarrant's striking charge at the Tribunal. The club's defence is made harder by the lack of video evidence of the incident, the aftermath is all the camera has managed to capture. If the star forward is found guilty he will be out for the rest of the season and round one next year. Geelong captain Steve King's season could also be over. The 26-year-old broke a finger in last Friday's loss to Essendon. We knew he had a little break, but we thought he might be able to just get away with a week or two but it looks like it's going to be four weeks and the fella has had no luck. Forward Cameron Mooney is in doubt for this Friday night's match against St Kilda with a back injury. No such headaches for the table-topping West Coast Eagles. The AFL's match review panel charged Ashley Sampi with a level 1 rough conduct charge. But offered the forward a reprimand which the Eagles gladly accepted. To Rugby League, and Sharks' coach Stuart Raper and Sharks' coach Stuart Raper has offered a release to any player who's unhappy with his coaching methods. It follows claims

the first grade squad held a crisis meeting after training last week, to discuss Raper's position as coach. And in cricket, Australian paceman Michael Kasprowicz has put the pressure on the selectors ahead of Thursday's second Ashes Test. The Queenslander took 5/67

in the Aussie's drawn tour match against Worcestershire. Ricky Ponting top-scored for Australia in its second innings with 59 not out. Michael Clarke the next best with 58.

Lanson one the Darwin cup,

fantastic weather, a great day -

that was the favourite so I did go

with the favourite. I have had one


Great tinge, well done Beretts.

Stick with the favourites, that is

what I will do. I got about $4

What did you put on $1?

No $5 - I back them tall way.

Yesterday when we were in Yesterday when we were in Darwin

here is a beautiful sign, u this

kid came down tonne bike and just

missed us but I said we would show

the sign for Aaron. All the way

down on the bike, down the race


It is a great city, isn't it?

It is a great spot. Well-kept


A real frontier town.

Let's see what the weather has in

store for us. Good morning, Grant.

We will stay in the north too,

talking about Darwin, we are in

WA's most northern town, Wyndham,

good morning everyone - look at

this, we are at the high school a

terrific turn out. Show Tuesday

sign. Look at that, took them a

week to make and it is absolutely

fantastic. We are here for a very

special reason, this is a forward-thinking school with great

initiatives and they have started

their own community radio station

and today we are here to flick the

switch, an exciting day. You bet

it is as we put tonne radio voice

and get set to listen to the

airways with our dull set tones.

Let us show you Wyndham because it

is terrific, exotic, the most

northern town in WA. It sits on the

edge of the Cambridge gulf surround

by mud flats which stretch to the

who are eye done as far as the eye

can see. They export live cattle

from Asia to the port here and the

town's newest industry is a croc

farm where they hope to farm about

3000 crocs a year and this is the

Five Rivers look out over the vats

mud flats one of the great coastal

views you are likely to see through

the WA coast that we have seen

particularly on our last couple of

month here in the state. We will

show you the school, more of the

town and we will get excited as we

get ready to flick the switch on

the newest radio station in town. A trough over Queensland will weaken causing rain over the interior to mostly clear. Southeast winds will maintain showers on the Queensland coast. Elsewhere, a cold front will generate strong winds and showers over south-west WA. And mild north-west winds will persist in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. The two-day outlook. Mainly dry tomorrow in Brisbane and Sydney, before a cold front brings rain to the south-east. Cloudy and wet in Melbourne and Adelaide. Clearing in Perth and remaining fine in Darwin.

From the Wyndham district high

school see you in under 20 minute

with more weather details Goodbye!

Look forward on to that. Ahead on Sunrise, why one man's wish for a weekend off is making waves. We'll look at the life of a politician after 7 o'clock. But next, the new information coming to light about the crash that killed Princess Diana. The latest from London is after the break. A new witness to the Princess Diana death crash has come forward, shedding more light on the case.

The witness has been interviewed by British detectives and has quashed many conspiracy theories surrounding the crash. The new information comes as fresh sources reveal Diana was on her mobile when she died. Let's find out more from our London correspondent, Diana Dorahy. Good morning, Diana. How significant is this new information?

If you believe one British tabloid,

very significant indeed. According

to the Daily Mail a witness has

come forward and provided testimony

that could well provide answers to

questions that are now almost 8

years old. We don't know the

details of this testimony but it

comes coincidentally at the same

time as French judicial sources

reveal what they think happened on

the night. As you mentioned they

think Diana was on her mobile at

the time, we don't know who with,

but no doubt that information will

be revealed during the inquest and hopefully will provide telling

information on exactly what

happened on the night. Other

revelations dismiss the rumour that

the driver was blinded by a flash

of light, that was one of the

original theories, another that the

car in the tunnel at the time also

played no par, the Fiat so

basically these revelations have in

no way contradicted the original

French conclusion, which was that

this was a simple road crash

What other rumours also Diana - was

there one about the possible

pregnancy of Princess Diana?

That is right. It has been a

controversial question ever since

she died - was she pregnant at the

time of the crash? According to the

Daily Mail absolutely not, nor was

she engaged or planning to marry her

lover dodi who also died in the

crash. The report says intelligence

agency MI6 was not monitoring the

couple and perhaps the saddest

revelation of all that if they had

been wearing their seatbelts, they

would no doubt have survived the

crash. Now contrast that to what

apeed in today's Daily Express

under the headline "Diana was

pregnant" - it too is quoteing

French lawyers who say that there

was a cover-up in the days

following the 1997 tragedy and that

Diana had in fact spoken to

journalists a couple of week is

prior to the crash and said that

"They were going to be in for a big

surprise" that surprise could well

have been her pregnancy. Now dodi's

father has come out following the

article and is quoted in the Daily

Express and says he still stands by

his original claims that the couple

were in fact murdered to prevent

being married. He also says that

Dodi had bought an engagement ring

and believes the couple was in fact

pregnant at the time. This follows

recent revelation thanks the

patholigist who 'em balmed the

princess's body did so before "A

proposet more temple could have

been carried out" and the experts

say this procedure would have

destroyed any evidence that she was

in fact pregnant so the long and

the shofrt it that is even after

the inquest we may never know if

she was really pregnant

Just quickly, Diana, a computerised

image will be used to show what

happened. Now why is that? Why -

what new stuff can a computerised

image actually bring?

It is going to be a virtual

reality film and what it will do is

help reconstruct the crash. They

are able to use elements from the

scene that will show or reflay

final minutes, if you like, before

it happened and show the weight of

the car, the speed at which it was

travelling, the advice billty, were

any other cars present in the tub

Elle at the time and as I mentioned

the Fiat was. The experts say this

will prove once and for all that no

driver, whoever skilled would have

been able to prevent this crash

happening. The answers to all these questions hopefully will be

revealed once the inquest is

anoubed and the date has not been

set Thank you Diana.

I would imagine once the inquest

comes out and puts it on the table

there will still be people saying

no it is not right

Very mysterious

So many conspiracy theories. Well, are Aussie workers still in demand overseas? Next hour we'll check the results of a worldwide study. But next, we'll get to work on the latest finance figures. Sunrise crosses to Wall Street right after the break. SONG: # Get rhythm

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like XLERPLATE and COLORBOND steel. # When you get the blues. # With a personal loan from GE Money, you can roll your debts into one. And loans can be approved in as little as an hour. Holden Crewman - it's the ultimate ute. The Sunrise Weather Wagon powered by Caltex Vortex. Let's get an update on the overnight financial markets.

Susan Luscovicz is on Wall Street. Good morning. How's the market trading?

It is a new week, a new day and a

new month and did not quite measure

up to the month of July, but then

again, David, July was a really

tough month to follow. The Nasdaq

surged 6%, the Dow Jones and S&P

adding 3.7%, mixed performance at

closing bell at the end of the day

but then again we hit some sizeable

obstacles. Blue chip stocks

couldn't hold on to their gains but

the Nasdaq was solidly on the plus

side all day despite that surge in

oil prices that took crude to an

all-time high of more than $62 a

barrel, crude rose $1 at the end of

its trading session to settle at a

new all-time high of $62.57, this

on word of the death of Saudi

Arabia's King Fadrh, it is the

world's largest oil exporter and

controls one quarter of the world's

spliefplt we got mixed economic

news, construction spending on the

hothouseing market came in weeker

than expected but a separate report

showed a bigger than expected rise

in manufacturing activity. The

final numbers, the Dow Jones ended

down 18 and the Nasdaq ended up 11

at 21.95. EBay was a big performer

up nearly 4.5% on an analyst

upgrade to buy. GM also info cuss

today the big US car company,

saying that it is slashing prices

on 30 of its 2006 models trying to

ride the momentum of its successful

employee discount for every one

promotion which has now ended,

separate reply Ford says it is

extending its employee discount

pricing through the beginning of

September, it also says it will

adjust sticker prices of its

vehicles to bet are reflect their

selling prices. That is the wrap

from Wall Street Kochie. Back to you Checking the markets in our region. Japan's Nikkei and Hong Kong's Hang Seng finished in positive terrority.

Back home, the All Ords and the ASX200 fell

as the market took a wait and see approach before an onset of company reporting begins this week.

Markets always get really nervous

when there is a change of regime in

a country that produces the quarter

of the world's oil, that is the

reason the oil price is up. A bit

of nerves. Straight ahead, the latest news, sport and weather. And after 7 o'clock the latest twist in the Joe Korp committal hearing. We'll cross to our reporter in Melbourne. Across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Home loan rates are rising Uh-uh! Wrong! Just because rates may be up by calling 13 15 63. Or visit

If you like Missy Higgins, you'll love KT Tunstall. The Scottish singer and song-writer will be here tomorrow, for a special performance. Don't miss her only on Sunrise. The latest low-cost housing is literally something "out of the box". Find out more later in the show. But now it's over to Simon Reeve for the latest news. Good morning, everyone. Police in Italy have formally charged a man in relation to the attempted London bombings on 21 July. 27-year-old Osman Hussain was charged overnight under anti-terror laws in Rome. Police believe the Ethiopian-born Briton attempted to detonate a bomb on the London Underground

before fleeing to Italy.

He admitted playing a role in the bomb plot

but says he never intended to kill anyone. Italian judges could take several weeks to decide whether he should be extradited to face charges in Britain. A Sydney woman is standing trial in the UK accused of triggering a bomb hoax

because she was running late for her plane. 19-year-old Angela Sceats allegedly called a friend saying there was a bomb on board her Ryanair flight from London to Dublin. She's pleaded not guilty saying it was meant to be a joke. A boost in support for Labor has done little to lift the popularity of Opposition leader Kim Beazley. Two separate polls show Mr Beazley's approval rating at an all-time low, well behind the Prime Minister. The Labor Leader's personal rating has dropped more than 15 points since 1 April. Voters even believe outgoing New South Wales Premier Bob Carr would do a better job. Despite the leadership trouble, Labor remains ahead of the Coalition on a two-party preferred basis.

The increase in party support is being credited to the unions' relentless campaign against industrial relations changes. Morris Iemma will be formally appointed NSW Premier today. He is expected to be voted in unopposed at a meeting of the Labor caucus. Mr Iemma has so far refused to reveal the make-up of his Cabinet or confirm reports he'll scrap the unpopular property vendor duty. He replaces Bob Carr, who announced his resignation last week, after 10 years as Premier. Joe Korp's lover will give evidence when his committal hearing on attempted murder charges resumes in Melbourne this morning. Tania Herman is already serving at least nine years in jail after admitting to trying to kill Maria Korp. Joe Korp denies doing anything to harm his wife. Mrs Korp has been in a coma since her body was found in the boot of a car in February. She is expected to die within the week after the hospital was ordered to remove her feeding tube. NASA has admitted emergency repairs do need to be carried out on the space shuttle Discovery following claims by Australian astronaut, Andy Thomas, the space agency is cutting corners. Overnight the team completed another successful spacewalk around the International Space Station.

The seven hour space walk to

replace this on the international

space taigs. The two astronauts

completed their task much too the

relief of Houston. But they may

have to do something more

challenging. One astronaut will

have to go underneath the shuttle

to remove small pieces of filler

material which has been spotted

dangling from teen the heat

resistant tiles

The task itself, pulling out the

gap filler, they will have to be

very careful of the area not to

damage anything while they are

there. We don't expect that to take

a lot of force. If it seems to take

a lot of force we will look at

cutting it off

Such minor thraus and damage have

probably always been there without

affecting the shuttle's safety but

NASA is using better cameras. What

happened to Columbia has forced

NASA to take any chances. If they

go ahead about the repair Steve

Robinson will be given the job fpbl

NASA managers will have to decide

whether such a task is too risky or

too dangerous to ignore. Checking sports news now with Mark Beretta. Geelong's season is in tatters. The Cats have suffered a huge injury blow ahead of Friday's match against St Kilda. Captain Steven King has a broken finger and could be out for the rest of the season. Forward Cameron Mooney is also in doubt for the vital match with a back injury. To Rugby League. South Sydney is mourning the loss South Sydney is mourning the loss of its oldest member. Albert Clift has passed away at the age of 101. He was the club's timekeeper for more than 30 years and famously rang the timekeeper's bell before the Rabbitohs NRL comeback match in 2002. Australian head coach, Alan Thompson,

says he's not satisfied with the men's swimming team. The women outshined their male counterparts at the world swim champs in Montreal, claiming 10 gold medals to the men's three. Thompson says it has exposed a lack of depth.

Maureen has emailed us and said how

are our female swimmers being

recognised for their unreal job in

Montreal, they have been ignored for too long

It is not a lack of depth in the


But a great crop of girls coming

through at the moment

But a couple of years ago there

was not depth and they really built

it up, they started to perform last

year at the Olympics and good on them

But imagine when you have a 100m

individual immediately relay team,

they dropped Jodie Henry and put

Libby Lenton, the world

record-holder doesn't get in

And great for young female sports

people as well.

Grant is at Wyndham

That is our location, WA's most

nosh town. Today is a big day for local students apblgdz the

community as they get set to give

their own school and town a voice.

You can't make an impact in this

world if you are not being heard

and today these kids are about to

flick the switch on a year-long

project which is opening up tear

own radio station to broadcast

locally. Great idea. What is the

concept for, why the radio station?

How will it work?

It is basically for our student

to broadcast our tasks and

community events

That is great. It has an educational focus?

Yes, it is used for our literacy

skills at all levels from kindy to

post compulsory and it is helping

students to communicate

Fantastic. Lawrence, these kids are

amazingly hands-on. You've opened

up a restaurant previously to give

them experience in hospitality, now

a radio station. You are not just

dealing with the hand you have been

dealt despite your isolation, you

have a strong focus on finding careers for these guys

We have to think outside the square

up here, it is so far away from

anywhere else and it is not

mainstream. The Mud Flats cafe was

a great idea. We went through

aquaculture and now we are on to

this. This should give the student

here skills that they can use in

industry up here in the womenberly

that they can use to get jobs

because education is a great leveller

Terrific insight will pay

Object justly these kids are new in

the media game. Lawrence the

principal was standing in front of

their own video camera as they were

trying to film this occasion. We

wind up the big excitement clock

for 8 o'clock. Good morning to

Wyndham, say hi to Australia and we

will see you in half an hour.

Isn't it terrific, the initiative

of kids these taste to do that and

of the teachers?

An Lawrence, what a leader.

Really good to see

We will have more from Grant in

around half an hour. What do Jade MacRae and Green Day have in common? They'll both feature in Molly Meldrum's new music at 7.40. But next, showbiz goss that's anything but common Nelson Aspen is standing by in Hollywood. VOICEOVER: Want to simplify your finances? With a personal loan from GE Money, you can roll your debts into one. And loans can be approved in as little as an hour. Call GE Money now on 13 10 24.


It doesn't go up much steeper than this. This is pretty steep. Good to hear. glad we picked this bit. Welcome back to Sunrise. Let's check the newspapers from around the country. The Australian headlines "Children Exported As Brides." It says our embassy in Beirut has been approached by girls as young as 14, seeking help to return to Australia to escape arranged marriages. And the paper asks "Ian Who?" That's after Grant Hackett led Australia to a record medal haul at the World Swimming Championships. Brisbane's Courier-Mail also features a victorious Grant Hackett. And the paper reports that a review by Queensland Health has found aspects of the State's health system are dysfunctional. Many hospitals are now being run to public-service hours

rather than round-the-clock. And the Northern Territory News says 20,000 punters watched the Darwin Cup. The favourite Lanson The favourite Lanson scored an easy win. It seems Jude Law is so desperate to get back with Sienna Miller, that he's now going to some extreme lengths. To tell us more we are joined by Nelson Aspen in Hollywood. Good morning Nelson, what's Jude doing now?

The public apologies didn't work,

the daily nowers didn't work, so

now he is reportedly suggesting to

her that they have a child together

as a sign of his commitment to her

That will fix it!

Yes, that fixes everything, just

have a baby, like that really

helped his marriage, the kids he

had with his former wife. She

doesn't need him any more. This has

been the best thing that has

happened to her public image. She

is getting film and show offers. It

is pretty much over with and Jude

can start looking for a new place

to hang hi hat

First of all it was Madonna now

there is a new member of the

Kabbalah religion

Due any day now, Britney Spears

and Kevin Federline have decided

they will have a Kabbalah blessing

ceremony for their little bundle of

joy when he or she or they arrive

in September of she has already

booked the birthing facility and

she has also booked the Kabbalah

centre for a ceremony like a

baptism but they call it a blessing

so a little red string on a little wrist

Thank you Nelson. Catch you just after 8.30. Should a politician who wants to work less be applauded, or criticised? Next hour we'll seek some reaction from new dad Joe Hockey. And then, the new program to help students who transfer between schools.

This is Sunrise on Seven. could be without And good news for enjoyed each of three North MAN: The new Chilled Juice from Golden Circle. A taste so good you may never squeeze oranges again.

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15 cm, isn't that fantastic?

Good on him, he has chiepbged his

life and attitude

We are also talking about the

premier elect because he hasn't officially been brought in Morris

Iemma has been criticised in some

quarters because he has taken too

much time off to look after his

kids but others are saying good on

him, he has his priorities right.

How easy is it for dads at work to

take time off to loorbg after their kids?

He also says he want to work five

days and not weekends

"My partner is in the family

business, his mother is CEO, she

refused him leave to attend the

birth of his next child and sent

him back to work the next day"

Edward says my boss makes me make

up time when my children are sick.

That is hard

This email has the right idea -

since having a child my husband's

and my new hot oh is that we work

to live we don't live to work.

Its is a juggle. Time now for the Thought of the Day. It was emailed in by Debbie from Queensland.

"The grass maybe greener on the other side "but always remember it too will eventually need mowing."

David from Victoria send in the

joke. A famous Viking exploreer

returned home from a voyage and

found his name was missing on the

town register. His wife insisted on

complaining to the local civic

official who apologised and said

"I must have taken Lief of my census!"

That is a good one

- in case people at home didn't get

it. Is it worth putting some more shrimp on the barbie? At 7.50 we'll review research on the way the world sees Australia.

But straight ahead, you'll see news, sport and weather. You're waking up with Sunrise.

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You're starting your day with

friend. Back to the Sunrise team.

We have got lights down there now,

must have gone to Bunnings over the

weekend to fix it up. It was always just dark

Not any more! Light up your life

at 2 minutes to 7 o'clock.

Later we will talk about dads and

the incoming New South Wales

premier says he want to spend time

with his family and it has us

talking about how men manage. This

person says I made our work place

so efficient where once there was

five and now there is just me and I

can't get any time to see my

daughters. Good for the company but

not for him

Yes, backfired on him. This is a

terrific one. Simon has been

telling us about the new polls on

the Coalition and the ALP. This one

from Max - why do I read and hear

about these polls but I have never

been asked about anything and how

many people do they ask for these

polls. You know the Morgan gallop

poll in the Bulletin magazine, they

only do something like 400 people

for the whole of Australia

Do you notice the Morgan and the

ACNielsen were so different? We

will put it on the R.O.S. Wall.

Beretts, have you got nice writing?

Yes, no worries

Put on Polls! How do they figure

these polls out? That is a great

one, we will do it for you.

We will cross for the latest on

the so-called Korp case and talk

about the families and men and

juggling jobs as we mentioned a few

moments ago

Later new music with Molly Meldrum

but now bank on 7 o'clock and news time. Good morning, everyone. There is mixed news for the Labor Party this morning. While the Opposition is ahead of the Coalition and in its strongest position and in its strongest position for months, public support for Kim Beazley has sunk to an all-time low. It's another blow for Labor Leader Kim Beazley.

Already under fire for not doing enough to stop the Government's industrial relations reforms, his popularity is now at an all-time low. Both the ACNielsen poll and the Newspoll out today have Mr Beazley's approval rating well behind that of the PM. To add insult to injury, voters even believe outgoing New South Wales Premier Bob Carr would do a better job. Nationally 48% of voters would like to see Mr Carr in Canberra.

But after 17 years in politics and 10 as State premier, he says he has no plan to enter the Federal arena. Instead he's preparing to hand over the New South Wales top job to Health Minister, Morris Iemma.

Mr Iemma's expected to be elected to the post when Labor Caucus meets this morning.

But its not an easy time for the Labor Party and the next few months will be crucial for Mr Iemma as he works to lift his profile and win public support.

The public are wanting to be

optimistic and generous about these

things and I think that will be the

case in New South Wales. Telstra chief executive, Sol Trujillo, will make his first trip to regional Australia this morning as debate continues about the full sale of the telco. Mr Trujillo will meet local Telstra staff in the New South Wales town of Lismore. But he isn't likely to pay a visit to National MPs and senators also meeting in the city. Queensland nationals are demanding a trust fund for bush services

before they'll offer support for Telstra's full privatisation. Formal charges have been laid against one of the suspects in the botched London bombings 11 days ago. 27-year-old Osman Hussain has been charged under anti-terror laws in Italy. He could spend the next nine months being questioned by investigators in Italy before being extradited to Britain. Egyptian police have shot dead one of the prime suspects thought to be behind the deadly attacks in Sharm el-Sheikh on 23 July. At least 64 people were killed

in three blasts at the popular Red Sea tourist resort. Mohammed Ahmed Saleh Flayfil was killed, and his wife wounded, in a gunfight near the town of Suez. Two of the astronauts from the Discovery shuttle have completed their second successful spacewalk.

Japanese astronaut, Soichi Noguchi, and American, Steve Robinson, replaced a steering device on the International Space Station. NASA says there are now plans to make repairs to heat shields damaged on the Discovery shuttle. Yesterday , Australian astronaut, Andy Thomas, criticised NASA

for cutting corners and jeopardising the crew's safety. Checking finance news now. Wall Street and US shares put in a mixed performance today with the Dow Jones shedding early gains. The Nasdaq closed higher.

In London, banking stocks nudged the FT100 higher, the German DAX posed a gain. In our region, Japan's Nikkei and Hong Kong's Hang Seng finished in positive territory. But the All Ords and the ASX200 fell as the market took a wait-and-see approach before an onset of company reporting begins this week. Marketing gurus are always preaching about the importance of branding. It seems Australia has got it right,

named the world's No.1 brand. An international survey on country brands has us first among 25 countries for investment, immigration, tourism and people. We didn't fare as well on export or culture. Important brands for Aussies, like thongs, cricket and vegemite, seem to be more of an acquired taste for others. We'll have more on that story at 7.50. To sports news now with Mark Beretta. It's decision time for Collingwood.

The AFL's match review panel has charged Magpie, Chris Tarrant, with a potentially season-ending striking charge. The forward will be suspended for three matches if the club accepts the charge. But if the case is taken before the Tribunal and Tarrant loses, for five matches. he could be sidelined for five matches. The club's defence is made harder by the lack of video evidence of the incident. The aftermath is all the camera has managed to capture. To Rugby League. Sharks' coach, Stewart Raper, has offered a release to any player who is unhappy with his coaching methods. It follows claims the first grade squad held a crisis meeting after training last week to discuss Raper's position as coach.

Meantime, Manly will enclose the player tunnel at Brookevale Oval after a fan spat beer at referee, Steve Clark, following the Eagles' loss to the Cowboys at the weekend. Socceroos' striker, Mark Viduka, is on the verge of signing with English Premier League side, Newcastle United. Middlesbrough has told the 29-year-old he's free to leave. Viduka will be the second Australian the Magpies have signed in the off-season, following Socceroo captain Craig Moore's move to the club

last weekend.

In cricket. Australian paceman, Michael Kasprowicz, has put the pressure on the selectors ahead of Thursday's second Ashes Test. The Queenslander took 5/67 in the Aussies drawn tour match against Worcestershire. Ricky Ponting top-scored for Australia in its second innings with 59 not out.

This could be why your lawn didn't get mowed on the weekend! Welcome to the world of endurance mower-racing. For more than 12 hours the 35 entrants the 35 entrants braved muddy conditions in West Sussex in England. The race is complete with pit stops, driver change-overs, and not even nightfall could prise these petrol heads from the saddle. For the record,

the team of Jeremy Eldridge and Matt Hunt took the chequered flag.

The sport of undue ran mower

racing was invented in a pub and

they were going to race motorised

bar stools and they went on to mowers.

That looks so cool. I don't know if

I want to do it for that long but

looks fun

We should get an Australian team together

A cut above the rest.

Let's ...

You could call your team Blade Runner.

We have had too much sleep during the night I think.

I had a really strong coffee, made

it during finance a bit earlier and

it has just kicked in. I was listening

Puts a bit of brandy in there gives

it a kick. Let's see what the

weather has in store. Hi again Grant

Settle down you to in there. While

it is always warm up in this

wonderful part of the country, the

Great South-East of Australia has

enjoyed a particularly great slice

of summer in winter time. It has

been above-average weather

conditions for the Great South-East

part of Australia for sometime now

and if you take Sydney as a picture,

11 done secondtive days above 11

degrees, a good run but it is awe

about the change. It is already

changing in WA where a cold front

is changing the temperature and

bringing some rain, nothing too

serious, between 10 and 15 mm rain expected in South Australia and

inland so it will change in

Melbourne Thursday or Friday as it

starts to sweep through and take

effect. Great rain in the north

eats of Queensland. There have been

good falls between 25 and 35

millimetres of rain, not bad

considering it is the dry season up

that way. A trough over Queensland will weaken causing rain over the interior to mostly clear. Southeast winds will maintain showers on the Queensland coast. Elsewhere, a cold front will generate strong winds and showers

over south-west WA. And mild north-west winds will persist in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. The two-day outlook. Mainly dry tomorrow in Brisbane and Sydney, before a cold front brings rain to the south-east. Cloudy and wet in Melbourne and Adelaide. Clearing in Perth and remaining fine in Darwin.

The Wyndham races are on this

weekend. Beretts was in Darwin,

Wyndham has it this weekend. Does

your grandfather not have good

eyesight, is that why you had to

make the sign so big? You! And

apparently the fishing wasn't very

good here yesterday. The tourists

went fishing and they had a leg of

lamb on the BBQ. Plenty cox no fish.

If you put two and two together you

will figure out what went wrong,

the crocs got all the fish like the great whites. It's a case that has intrigued many Australians. Maria Korp is choked and left to die in the boot of her car in Melbourne. Her husband Joe and his mistress are later charged with trying to kill her. Joe is now facing a committal hearing one month after his mistress pleaded guilty to Mrs Korp's attempted murder. Reporter Anastasia Salamastrakis has been covering the case. Good morning. What happened on the first day of Joe Korp's committal hearing yesterday?

Good morning to both of you. I

think it is fair to say this has

been one of the most anticipated

committal hearings in Victoria. As

you say, not just because of the

way Maria Korp was left to die in

the boot of her car but given last

week's developments with doctors

moving to ebbed her life. On the

first day yesterday one of the very

first witnesses was Joe Korp's step

daughter Maria Korp's daughter,

Laura, she took the stand and did

not say very much from the witness

box. She was asked about the layout

of the house but the more

interesting evidence from her came

from three police statements that

were later released to the media.

In those statements Laura says her

mother was quite angry and upset

that her father was seeing another

woman, Tanya Herman and see recalls

a bizarre incident that happened

just before Maria Korp disappeared.

She remembers a man who she did not

know turning up to house and Joe

letting him in. She says this

man-made her feel creepy, she

didn't know who he was. Her mother

on the day was dressed in knee-high

boots and a sleeveless top. Her

assumption was that this man was

there for sexual purposes. She does

not know this for sure but she said

this was all rather strange. She

didn't question her mother but she

things what was going on was that

her mother in fact was trying to

proof something to Joe, that she

could be just like Tanya. Of course

Maria Korp disappeared later that week and Tanya H Herman

admitted she attacked Maria Korp

and left her to tie in the boot of a car

Laura was not a willing witness on

the first day. Why was that?

No she wasn't. The day began for

the lawyer asking the magistrate to

excuse her for up to a month. She

is distressed given her mother's

inevitable death within days. She

wanted to be excused because she

things she can't remember things as

clearly as she would like to. The

magistrate John Hardie says that

while she would be under some

stress she was a crucial witness

needed by both the defence and the

prosecution and she ordered that he

appear and give evidence.

What is due to happen today then in court?

Today we have the star witness,

that is Tanya Herman who will give

evidence against Joe Korp. That was

an agreement that she made after

she pleaded guilty last month to

attempted murder and was jailed or

given a discount jail sentence of

12 years. She will, as I say, give

evidence against her former lover

and I think we are all

anticipating what she will say

Keep us up to date. Thank you for

that, appreciate your time this morning. Lachlan Murdoch has done it and now incoming New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma is taking a stand on family. Both have decided their kids are not more important than their careers. So is this part of a growing trend? For more, we're joined by Human Service Minister and new dad, Joe Hockey, and psychologist, Graeme Russell. Good morning, gentlemen. Joe, Morris Iemma says

Give us an update

The baby is fantastic, he is 8

pounds 15 and growing and he got

his first Wallaby football the

other day so he was really excited

about that

By the look of that weight he is

going to be another prop, Joe, take

after his old man

I'm hoping the family will

graduate to the back row, maybe go

into the backs one day so I live in


It is wonderful, we are so happy

for you. One of the things we are

talking about this morning is

obviously in light of what Morris

Iemma says is that his weekends

will be for his four young children,

work Monday to Friday and

incorporate a high pressure job and

have a young family. Is he being realistic, Joe?

It is a tough call Mel, it is

about striking a balance and for

me I looked at my tiery for the

rest of the year and saw I was

going to be away from home 15 of

the 20 weeks and I talked with

Melissa about it and my wife

Melissa and I just approached the

PM and sought leave for two weeks.

I thought I had to spend two weeks

at home which is a really formative

period. That is a luxury that very

few members of Parliament have ever

had but it is a question of what

are the priorities in your life.

What did the PM say? Were you

nervous in approaching him and how

did he respond?

He was very good about it. He said yes.

Were you nervous?

Obviously we still need to

maintain the numbers in the chamber

and we had good numbers but look it

is always a balanceing act. MPs can

take leave. There is no parental

leave or maternity leave as such.

We are still under a fairly archaic

system that will not change, but it

is basically about taking two

weeks away from your work. The fact

is as a Member of Parliament you

are never away from your work. You

still read the papers, you still

listen to the news and as a

minister you certainly have people

coming at you all the time. You can

never get away from work, so work

is very much a part of your every

day life and it is for your family

as well. But sometimes you need to

put aside some time for your family

and Jackie Kelly in fact was the

first federal minister to take

maternity leave and there is no

record of anyone taking patternty

or parental leave before me, so I

think we very lucky. Australia is

in a very good position as the - at

the moment and I think Morris Iemma is right

He will be a role model?

I don't know - yeah, I don't know

about a role model but I think as I

understand it he had twins prematurely, is that right?

Yes, I think so

And he said "Look, I took 7 weeks

off because hi to take care of the

other two children and my wife

needed that support" and you are

never too important for your family,

are you?

Absolutely. I want to ask Graham

that. Graham, is that the thing, do

you think it is a changing trend

among men? Are more men leading the

way and making it easy for other

blokes the workplace to approach

the boss, whether it be the PM or whoever?

I think there has been a trending

go on, a change, but the public

discussion at the moment to see

people like this talking about the

fact that they are going to put a

priority on their children while in

the mainstream of their career,

that is what is different. Because

in the past we have had

high-profile men come out and say

they will leave all that behind and

spend more time with my family so

they have done their career and

will put more emphasis on their

family. This conversation is about

men in their careers saying this is

important and finding away to ajust

to the that

One of the things that worried me

about Joe's comments there was that

he said he was the first person to

do it in Parliament. It is an

acaric system, he works under an ah

Kayic system that will never be

changed but should it be charged? Absolutely

And should the Parliament be first

to change it and say here is an

example that shall should follow

Yes, absolutely. We will get these

individuals saying this but unless

we change the system it will not be

there to support other people.

Obviously these are high-profile

people but the regular punter in

the workplace ...

Doesn't get the choice and his boss

will say it is not happening in

Parliament maybe the boss if it

does change in Parliament will say

maybe I should start to think about that as well Absolutely, and we have to change

the system to give more space for

men to make those choices

Do you think it will take a while

for attitudes to change? I would imagine no man wants to be the

first to leave the office because

everyone things he is slack and

no-one wants to be the last to

arrive in the morning because

everyone knows about it, that is

the hard thing

Yes, changing the culture and

expectations about work but there

are many workplacees where that is

happening. I'm involved in running

workplace program for men and I'm

surpriseed that the number of men

who have put their hand up to say

"I want to have a Bert balance"

That is great

Joe, will you try to get the system

changed? Are you going to lead this


Well, Kochie, look, you know from

memory Tony Blair took a few days

off after his son was born

No, this ah Kayic system that you

say will never change, will you try

to change tonight

Look, I mean that comes down to the

rules of the Parliament and I don't

have the power to change that.

However, I do have the power to

take leave and that is what I'm

doing, but I'm responsible for

about 40,000 employees in Centre

Link and the child support agency

and so on and I have suggested that

we include Pa reb tal leave in the

awart and difficult that some

months ago soobs I became responsible for it

We reckon you should take the bull

by the horns, put it through

Parliament, set a lead to every

other boss and we will support you

on the waifplt Joe, we are right

behind you, thanks for joining us

Whether you want to be out in

front or not, you are now and more

importantly congratulations to the

baby and all our best to Mel.

Graham thank you. Changing schools is difficult for any student. But moving to a school in another state away from family and friends is even harder.

A new system is now being trialled to make that transition easier. It involves getting schools to talk to each other about the student's needs. Pat Byrne from the Australian Education Union can tell us more about it. Good morning. So how does it work?

Are we surprised? Has this never

been in place before?

Well not formally, Mel. What

happens within states, for example,

is that when students change

schools the school from which the

student leaves sends on information

about the student's academic record

and then the student brings his or

her own books with them. That is

usually done formally within the

state but up until now there has

not been a requirement for that

sort of information to be shared

between systems.

So run us through what information

will be given to the new school.

I think what is proposed is that

information such as student

attendance, academic record, areas

of interest and talent that a

student might have, and also any

particular support or heat care

needs that that student might have.

That is what I understand is being proposed

What if a parent doesn't want some

of these things passed on between

schools, maybe they want to start

with a clean slate?

I think it is important to

understand that what is being asked

for I think - or what should be

being asked for - is objective

information. If we are talking here

about a student's academic record,

if we are talking about attendance,

if we are talking about factors

such as whether or not a student

has attended a speech therapy

clinic, for example, they are all

objective pieces of information

that would be extremely useful for

the incoming school. It means that

staff at that school are able to

make a far quicker assessment of

the work that the student has done,

any particular special programs the

student has been on and therefore

can begin, if you like, from that

point rather than taking time to

actually have to find out all this

information as is currently the case

Pat, wouldn't a lot of these

problems end if we just had a

national curriculum? Why don't we

have the same thing taught in every

school right across Australia?

I think what educaters prefer to

do is to say okay it is perfectly

reasonable to expect the same sort

of outcome. I think it is

absolutely fair and reasonable that

we should say that a 12 and

13-year-old across Australia should

be able to do certain things,

should have certain common under

innings within a range. And that is

certainly the case in terms of

about the per am that are set at

the moment. What having a national

curriculum will do is take away the

capacity of local schools to make

decisions about how they teach a

particular outcome. Society and

environment studies for example, it

is really important that the school

features of the environment, of the

particular localised area, are able

to be used. To actually prescribe

the same contradict hum across the

country actually cuts - yeah, it

cuts innovation and it cuts

diversity. It is not something that

we want to encourage too much.

Thank you so much for your time

this morning. We appreciate it.

Not a problem. Thank you Mel and David.

Let us know what you think about

that. Drop us an email or SMS us. Still to come, is Australia still a tourism magnet? We'll reveal the results of a worldwide study at 7.50. But after the break news, sport and weather on Sunrise. VOICEOVER: Esanda Online Saver. 5.55% interest, no fees, no minimum deposit.

SPEAKS MANDARIN It doesn't go up much steeper than this. This is pretty steep. Good to hear. glad we picked this bit. SPEAKS MANDARIN

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Molly will have all the details

about Green Day's new album in a few minute. Police in Italy have formally charged a man

in relation to the attempted London bombings on 21 July. Osman Hussain was charged overnight under Italian anti-terror laws, but judges could take month to decide whether to extradite him to Britain. Police believe the 27-year-old attempted to detonate a bomb on the London Underground before fleeing to Italy. He has admitted playing a role in the bomb plot but says he never intended to kill anyone. The Labor leadership is back in the spotlight with support for leader Kim Beazley falling to an all-time low. Two separate polls show Mr Beazley's approval rating well behind the Prime Minister. The Labor leader's personal rating has dropped more than 15 points since April. Voters even believe outgoing New South Wales Premier Bob Carr would do a better job. Despite the leadership trouble, Labor remains ahead of the Coalition on a two-party preferred basis. The increase in party support is being credited to the unions' relentless campaign

against industrial relations changes. Incoming New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma

has reignited the debate about balancing family and work. The father-of-four has been criticised for taking time off work to care for his wife and children. Mr Iemma says family