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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - move into whalers' line of fire. a close call as protesters breaks ranks A high-profile Liberal MP childcare policies. over the Government's one of its golden girls. And Hollywood farewells Ten News with Tracey Spicer. police attacked and cars set alight Good evening. Also tonight -

a drunken rampage on the Gold Coast. as hundreds of teenagers go on are going to And the lengths these girls as Harry Potter's new classmate. to be cast But first - has hit dangerous new levels the battle to save whales in a human fatality. with growing fears it could soon end But despite the increasing risks, protesting. activists are refusing to stop try to block their aim Greenpeace activists but Japanese whalers fire regardless,

narrowly missing the protest boat. their explosive harpoon in the harpoon rope Those on board become tangled their stricken prey. as the hunters try to tow in Texas Joe Constantine That's when Greenpeace's second mate

the icy, bloodied waters. gets dragged into came down onto our boat The harpoon line the whale and the catcher. trapping us between and threw me into the water. The line became tight at that point

of events, Despite the dangerous new turn they're not backing down. Greenpeace bosses insist putting themselves Our activists have been between whale and harpoons for several weeks now and they will continue to do so. We're not going anywhere. to make half their catch, With the Japanese fleet struggling their frustrations could end many now fear even killed. in someone getting seriously hurt, can only police acts of piracy Australian authorities

in our own waters. heads further south, So now, as the whaling fleet their conduct is only governed of international maritime law. under the codes through the Dutch courts Action could be taken

Dutch-flaggged because our vessels are so if worse comes to worse that we'll take. that's the course of action themselves back in the line of fire. Tonight the activists are set to put will only stop But they believe the cull leaders, including Australia, when the world's anti-whaling the Southern Ocean sanctuary. order Japan out of Ali Donaldson, Ten News. is a total mess, Australia's childcare system has appointed The Queensland Government at a Perth beach. A diver has been attacked by a shark 3km off shore The man was scuba diving when the shark struck. attended the scene Water police and fisheries boats to locate the animal. but have not been able and treated by ambulance officers The diver was rushed to shore

for lacerations to one elbow, before being taken to hospital. Queensland beaches are to be reviewed Meanwhile, safety programs on all fatal shark attack. following last weekend's Tell swimmers about the dangers. Stop fisherman dumping waste. shark catching program. Review Queensland's after a report Those measures will be adopted at Amity Point into the death of Sarah Whiley near Brisbane last week.

There are 84 beaches in Queensland operating, that have a shark safety program

with either nets or drum lines, everyone of them. and we'll be looking at is particularly dangerous The report says Amity Point against sharks. because it can't be netted So more drum lines will be set. there, even after dusk. But the Government won't ban swimming

just hours after Sarah's funeral. Some were still doing it for people's stupidity. We can't legislate unique features - It is a beach that does have

place to swim. that makes it a very risky warning signs The council will now erect swimming area. and probably a fully enclosed

won't suffer. It believes Queensland tourism we've seen from a shark attack It is the first death

in south-east Queensland in the 44 years of monitoring. into consideration. I think people will take that there were a lot of tailor and mullet Fisherman told investigators at the time of the attack. in a nearby channel The report indicates that the shark, seen by witnesses, or at least the one was just two metres long. the waters But the bull sharks that frequent are particularly aggressive. Mark Suleau, Ten News. is a total mess, Australia's childcare system Government MP according to a high-profile to complain about it. who has broken ranks budget surplus spent on families - Jackie Kelly wants the $12 billion not tax cuts. working parents don't have to worry Sunday, one of the few days most about paying for childcare. the expense... And it is a big worry - I'll have to give up work will cost the childcare fees. because what I earn ..and the accessibility. while pregnant. Impossible unless you book in has made the same complaints, Now Liberal MP Jackie Kelly to label the system "a shambles." braving a party backlash for a complete overhaul. The former minister calling the entire system We really need to revamp that reflects and come up with something when they are working what women actually do children at the same time. and trying to look after their Of course, the Opposition agrees. has finally spoken out It's terrific that Jackie Kelly have been saying for years. and said what parents on her proposed solutions. But Labor is not sold of radical changes including Jackie Kelly has recommended a raft scrapping incentives for working mums through employers in favour of rebates funnelled childcare places for their workers and allowing companies which buy as a tax-deductible expense. to claim it I think all that will do from employing parents. is discourage employers drew a terse response The backbencher's opinions from her Coalition colleagues. One of the things Ms Kelly is not privy to is discussions at a Cabinet level. She declined a front bench appointment in 2004 to spend more time with her kids. Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

The Queensland Government has appointed 90 foreign-trained doctors to ease the State's health crisis. But they won't arrive in time to stop the closure of one hospital emergency ward and possibly more. The State wants the Commonwealth to speed up immigration procedures to overcome the doctor shortage. The Federal Government has now got to come to the party because they are overseas-trained doctors and they necessarily have to have immigration checks, visa checks. 70 interns have also been registered as junior doctors this week.

A Gold Coast party has spiralled into violence - hundreds of drunken teenagers damaging cars and throwing bottles at police during a 3-hour rampage. The party at Palm Beach spiralled out of control as around 200 teenagers, many under the influence of alcohol, spilled onto the streets. Police allege officers were pelted with glass bottles while in their vehicle

and several other youths set furniture alight. (Yells indecipherably) The revellers were eventually moved on. It's a large amount of kids and there appeared to be a distinct lack of parental control. But a parked car was also destroyed nearby, the burnt-out shell evidence of the terror residents endured through the night. All of a sudden they started yelling at us and they came down with poles from the job site up the road and started smashing up me car and smashed all of the windows. It's not the first time out-of-control youths have wreaked havoc in the area, but it is one of the worst. The chaos didn't end until around midnight and eight teenagers were arrested during the incident. Summer Burke, Ten News. Volunteers and police divers are still searching for a man missing after a freak boating accident in Queensland. The body of another man has been recovered. A third was thrown from the runabout as it hit a weir wall and is in shock. The men from Gayndah, north-west of Brisbane,

were boating on the Burnett River at about 10:00 last night. It was a full moon last night. People do these things - with the benefit of hindsight it's always easy to say you shouldn't have done something but, it probably seemed like a good idea at the time. The runabout flipped over and was left hanging on the weir wall by its windscreen. Searchers are draining the lower part of the river.

The end for one of Hollywood's golden girls - we'll look at the life of Shelley Winters when Ten News returns. And a school student shot down by police for brandishing a toy gun.

Bushfires are part of Australian life. But what you do, along with your neighbours and your local fire authority, can make a real difference. The Australian Government is working together with fire authorities to help you be better prepared. Make sure you're ready this bushfire season. Call your local fire authority or fire service. Be safe, be prepared this bushfire season. This program is captioned live. The stand-off continues over Iran's plans to develop a nuclear weapons program. The country's president says there's no need to involve the UN Security Council because he won't be bullied by the West. Defiant and uncompromising, Iran's president walked into his first news conference of the new year, shrugging off threats of United Nations action, insisting his country will continue to develop nuclear technology. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, "The West doesn't trust us because it hates us. "We only want to use the nuclear program to generate power, "not weapons." A new satellite photo of Iran's nuclear plant at Natanz

where UN seals were removed earlier this week purports to show the site is being expanded. There are seven extra buildings under construction, according to a Washington-based science institute. "UN inspectors have spent more than 1,400 man days

"visiting Iran's nuclear sites," the president said today, "but they failed to find any evidence that we're developing weapons." As they watch their president speak, though, some Iranians are beginning to worry about the West's response. Mansur says, "If we continue to struggle with other countries, "we'll be sanctioned." In London at the Foreign Office, that issue of what to do will dominate a meeting here on Monday of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. There's been an update on the condition of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Hospital authorities in Jerusalem say tests show signs of activity in both sides of his brain. While the results are encouraging, there's still no word on the extent of the brain damage. The 77-year-old suffered a devastating stroke

at the beginning of the month and remains in a critical but stable condition.

A schoolboy has been left brain dead after a police shooting in the US. 15-year-old Christopher Penley was carrying a fake gun when officers opened fire on the teenager. It's alleged he took another student hostage and threatened to kill himself before aiming what appeared to be a handgun at police. This is the actual firearm that was held by the subject inside the one that I'm holding during the incident and, as you can see, it looks almost identical to the other one

which is the actual, real 9mm handgun. Authorities say Penley was the victim of a bullying incident. The teenager's life support machine is expected to be switched off

in a few hours. Thousands of teenage girls have queued in London for a chance to star in the new Harry Potter film. The girls, aged between 13 and 16, are vying for the role of Luna Lovegood, one of the teen wizard's school-mates at Hogwarts. For Luna, I decided to read the book again and then visualise what I thought about her. What would she be like? Would she be mysterious? Would she be quite loony, because that's what they call her, 'Loony' Lovegood. Yeah, so I just researched. 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' will be the fifth movie in the series. Filming is due to start next month.

American actress Shelley Winters has died at the age of 85.

The Academy Award-winner had been hospitalised in October after suffering a heart attack. Now do you think I'm planning to be careless? She was one of the most respected actresses of Hollywood's Golden Era. While Shelley Winters started out as just another blonde beauty, she went on to become a powerful character actor, winning Oscars for her roles in 1959's 'The Diary of Anne Frank' and 'A Patch of Blue' in 1965. With a career spanning six decades, she had roles in around 130 movies. One of her most memorable that of an ill-fated victim of the high seas disaster 'The Poseidon Adventure'. You see, Mr Scott, in the water I'm a very skinny lady. The role as a former swimming champ saw Winters paddle her way to a third Oscar nomination. In later years, Winters was probably best remembered

as the grandmother on the sitcom 'Roseanne'. Well, I am your own granddaughter.

When it comes to potato salad you are nothing to me. Winters also had an off-screen claim to fame as a room-mate of the young Marilyn Monroe. And she was reputed to have had affairs with a string of Hollywood greats including William Holden, Burt Lancaster, Clark Gable and the legendary Marlon Brando. More recently, the actor reflected on her long and successful career. It's the thing that keeps you young and exciting - creating new human beings. Shelley Winters was 85 and is survived by her daughter, Vittoria. Just what are you trying to say? Kate Donnison, Ten News. Ahead in Ten News - how you can get your hands on the best seats at the best events for this year's Commonwealth Games. And the boys from Bondi spread a cheeky summer message.

This program is captioned live. A shocking case of animal cruelty in Tasmania where a rodeo bull broke its back and was then left to suffer for hours until a vet could be called. Just a warning - some people will find the footage disturbing. The bull, After Dark, broke its back while trying to throw off its rider. Workers kicked the bull repeatedly while waiting for a vet to treat the animal more than 1.5 hours later. He should have been put down straight away. He had to drag himself. He couldn't get up and walk. He was obviously... You could tell he was in pain. The incident has prompted renewed debate into the running of rodeos and speedy medical treatment for injured animals. Two Japanese tourists remain in a north Queensland hospital tonight after a mini-bus crash. Police believe heavy rain and a slippery road caused the crash at Babinda near Cairns. They hope to talk to the driver in the next couple of days but are seeking witnesses. Nine others injured in the accident have now been released from hospital. Bondi lifesavers have found a novel way to revive an old slogan. The rescue workers forming a cheeky human billboard on the famous beach to launch a new skin cancer awareness campaign.

The Cancer Institute is concerned

many Australians have become nonchalant about the dangers posed by UV rays. It's important people realise sun exposure does carry a risk of cancer. The organisation is predicting a 29% increase in melanoma cases in the over the next six years. Bikies have again shown they can be softies at heart, rolling up their leathers to donate blood. Victoria's Harley-Davidson motorbike gangs roared into the Red Cross Blood Service as part of the Summer Blood Challenge. Low stocks have increased the importance of this year's ride and the Red Cross says O-negative blood is desperately needed to help save lives. More than 50 organisations are competing to give the highest number of donations. Thousands of tickets to previously sold-out Commonwealth Games events are back up for grabs. The additional allocations giving fans another chance to attend some of the Games' most popular sports. Testing the turf less than two months out from the Games,

our top athletes past and present couldn't help but reminisce.

Just think back to Sydney 2000,

and please remember how you felt when I went out to try and win a race. Fans will now get another chance to be there when new memories are made with the release of a bonus batch of tickets.

Seats will be made available to previously sold out events,

including the 100m freestyle final, expected to feature Ian Thorpe,

athletics and both the opening and closing ceremonies. The Commonwealth Games will be the last blockbuster event anyone in this room will ever see in their life. Unwanted by corporate, tourism and travel partners, they'll be re-allocated into a central pool. Games organisers are confident of selling the remaining 500,000 seats,

expecting 60% of fans to buy their tickets from now on.

There will be some walk-up tickets but, over all, I think we'll be pleasantly surprised. 150,000 tickets will be made available to the public

from 9:00am next Monday. They'll be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

It's on the phone. It's on the Internet or at a Ticketmaster counter anywhere in Australia. Ranging from $15 to nearly $600 with some travel packages included it's hoped the new ticket pool will give everyone a chance to attend. It's just an exciting time and the closer you get the more exciting it becomes. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Rob Canning, and Rob, on the eve of the Australian Open, Lleyton Hewitt is not happy? Tracey, Lleyton says the Melbourne Park courts are not up to scratch. He thinks they're dangerous. An Australian Open preview is next. Also - the Aussies struggle against South Africa. And Scott Fisher slams his own team.

This program is captioned live. When you talk credit cards, there's more sharks out there than in here. The average card charges over 15% interest. Check yours. It's terrifying. So Aussie's doing something about it. The Aussie MasterCard Escape the card sharks. Call: Today. At Aussie, we'll save you.

This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $10 million. CRASH! HORN BLARES

This program is captioned live. And now for a look at the national weather: A broad trough of low pressure will trigger showers and afternoon thunderstorms across NSW, Victoria and SA. A monsoon low will generate heavy rain and storms in the north. A trough across WA will trigger isolated showers and storms. Onshore winds will send showers onto the Queensland coast. Looking at weather tomorrow:

The third annual Australia Week has kicked off in Los Angeles. This year, Olivia Newton-John, Hugh Jackman and INXS were honoured

with awards. Showing America the best of Australia.

Tonight the Australia Ball kicked off the third annual G'Day LA festival, a week-long event to give America a taste of our varied talents.

People in this country don't get exposed to a lot of the richness of what Australia has to offer. I never thought surfing would bring me to a red carpet event like this. This is the biggest event of the year.

Australians have always done very well. Olivia Newton-John received the lifetime achievement award, a much-needed boost after the unsolved disappearance of her boyfriend, Patrick McDermott. These moments don't come very often in life, so I'll treasure it. Livy's award came from the man who claims credit for launching her movie career. She was hot and the combination was like,

there's no-one better to play this part than Olivia Newton-John, and it didn't take a lot to see that. Once I exposed her to the studio and she did a screen test, it was an easy sell. The multitalented Hugh Jackman received the excellence in entertainment award. I'm thrilled. I'm a little humbled but I'm thrilled. Honoured for excellence in music - INXS. And now I think people really get it and they understand and they like the way Australians are just down-to-earth kind of people. The Aussie Ball is now a hot ticket on the Hollywood circuit. That's because I love Aussies, my best friends are Aussies. After three years, G'Day LA has become such a success that it's going to have to expand. Next year it will be in New York and Los Angeles and be called G'Day USA. In Los Angeles, Rahni Sadler, Ten News.

That brings you up to date with the latest news. The late bulletin tonight is at 10:35. Stay around for 'Sports Tonight' with Rob Canning. I'm Tracey Spicer, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Rob Canning. This is Sports Tonight.

For the next half an hour we'll fill you in with all you need to know on the sporting landscape. one day they'll learn. Today - one-day cricket -

Australian Open tennis - One day away from

a full preview coming your way. in England. Checking in with our Aussies Harry's happy. But the Boro boys beaten badly. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 - 0. That's not a typo either.