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This program is captioned live. Cross City casualty. Tonight -

over the tunnel debacle. The RTA boss quits Bushfire alert - of what we can expect this summer. the first taste

Bert Newton bows out of Channel Ten. And the end of an era - and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - more than 230km/h, the millionaire clocked doing has his jail sentence overturned. And still a maybe.

Makybe Diva will race in the Cup. The strongest sign yet that But first this evening - its first scalp. the Cross City Tunnel claims from his $340,000 a year job RTA boss Paul Forward has been axed itself from the growing controversy. as the Government tries to distance

he's simply been made a scapegoat The Opposition says and it's the ministers who should go. the axing of his chief bureaucrat A grim-faced Roads Minister announced to a stunned news conference. of the RTA, Paul Forward, The chief executive officer today offered to stand down. I've accepted that offer.

The reason? to the minister The RTA boss had not disclosed contracts, one of the Cross City Tunnel increased by 15 cents a contract that saw the toll to pay for extra construction, on the air-monitoring system. including work of this contract. I should have been informed on the public record It should have been for this mistake. and there is simply no excuse Joe Tripodi concedes the Roads Minister of the day, Paul Forward did inform Carl Scully, of the contract,

Michael Egan. together with the former treasurer, Joe Tripodi's inference is clear - this contract public. Carl Scully should have made to heal the frosty relationship This will do little between the two ministers. has been made a scapegoat. The Opposition says Paul Forward as the chief executive They've just sacked Paul Forward can't sack Carl Scully. because they simply Tunnel's first political scalp. All eyes are now on the Cross City will be the first witness Paul Forward house inquiry into the tunnel. called before the proposed upper Paul Mullins, Ten News.

from State Parliament. Paul joins us now Carl Scully and Joe Tripodi survive? Paul, that's one bureaucrat gone, can

Well, there is a real feud between

the two ministers, no doubt about

that whatsoever. And they're both

under real pressure because of the

Cross City Tunnel. But in Joe

Tripodi's favour, it has to be said

that he inherited the problem and

he's been

he's been defending the that he inherited the problem and

indefencible reasonable well, while

Carl Scully will always be

remembered as the minister who

signed off on it. And I can detect

in recent day, a degree of

isolating of Carl Scully. And I

can't believe that Joe Tripodi

would have made the inferences he

made at that news conference this

afternoon without first clearing it with the Premier. Paul Mullins at State Parliament. Thanks, taste of what's ahead for summer. Firefighters have had their first

broke out this afternoon A fast-moving bush and grass fire at Eastern Creek. near the M4 Motorway to Wallgrove Road 50 firefighters were called to bring the situation under control.

no-one knows what sparked the fire, No properties were threatened and nothing to indicate it was arson. but the Fire Brigade says there's clocked driving at 231km/h, A millionaire entrepreneur,

has had his jail term overturned. to six months in jail Alan Shortall was sentenced

in his Bentley after being caught speeding between Sydney and Canberra in May. on the Hume Highway At the time,

for a post-Budget dinner with the PM. he told police he was late first driving offence, It wasn't Mr Shortall's to successfully appeal his sentence. but he managed not only the police Once again the courts let down

citizens in this state but they let down the law-abiding who are doing the right thing a joke results such as that. when they see with a $2,000 fine He's now been slapped

for 18 months. and had his licence suspended on a good behaviour bond. He's also been placed Australians home if bird flu strikes Qantas workers fear plans to fly to a deadly risk. could leave them exposed they haven't been consulted Unions say on the Federal Government plan. If a bird flu pandemic breaks out, home on special Qantas flights. stranded Australians could be flown The prospect of working on aircraft exposed to an outbreak or flying into areas has left airline workers uneasy. It's a real worry. is life-threatening What people will be asked to do massive consultation with the staff. and I think there should be The airline says: There's been no talk issued with antiviral medication about whether they're going to be

got to be talked about. or anything, and that's of having contracted the virus Three people are suspected after visiting a Thailand zoo. saying the men, Thai authorities reject the claims, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, from France's Reunion Island weren't in close contact with birds. its third outbreak in a fortnight. And China has announced more than 60 people Bird flu has killed

of tens of millions of chickens. and caused the deaths as soon as possible, The Tamiflu and, a vaccine that humans can be given. that really will help. It's work on that elsewhere to prevent an outbreak UK authorities are trying

at a quarantine centre after two parrots died of avian flu. how it got there or how it spread. The government admits it's not sure Martine Griffiths, Ten News. the Federal Government's Crisis talks tonight to save legislation. controversial anti-terror to the States and Territories The PM has been forced to give ground the new laws are unconstitutional. amid warnings

with South Pacific leaders As John Howard was winding up talks law officers a meeting of top State and Federal was under way back in Australia to save the anti-terror bills. It's a big legal powwow but it's not altering the substance of our agreement. That's not quite the way the States see it. Queensland's Peter Beattie releasing correspondence with the Commonwealth that precipitated the crisis of confidence. There's no point the States agreeing to laws that could be effectively be challenged in the High Court. And another powerful opinion today that lends weight to a successful High Court challenge. The Howard-appointed Human Rights Commissioner John Von Doussa QC believes the laws are flawed.

I don't know what will happen when the law is implemented. People might challenge it, that happens with anything.

Already gone from the bills at the States' insistence - the lethal force provisions. Shoot to kill laws weren't mentioned at COAG. They won't be in the package which is put before the various parliaments but they don't need to be, because we already have it. I think with that and other measures which the States have called for I think we can have agreement. But there's anger in the Liberal party room over the fact that only one day will be allowed

for a Senate inquiry into the terror bill. Previous inquiries into similar bills have gone for three and four months and led to significant amendments. The rush according to one Liberal

is to get the legislation through before the States buckle. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A fashion faux pas for a casual PM caught out at the Pacific Islands forum. John Howard was attending the final gathering of the forum in Port Moresby turning up in the polo shirt worn by leaders at their retreat yesterday. But today, everyone was crisply attired in business suits. Not wanting to be out of step - or worse, cause offence - the PM made a brief disappearance at the first opportunity changing into a smarter suit and tie. Tim Webster with a look at sport and Makybe Diva still every chance of running again in the Melbourne Cup? Yes, connections of Makybe Diva have given the strongest indication yet that Australia's darling of the turf will run and try to become the first horse to win three consecutive Melbourne Cups. Her owner and jockey were all smiles following a crucial gallop this morning. Lee Freedman and Tony Santic arrived shortly before 6:00 this morning for the gallop which was to determine whether Makybe Diva continued her quest

for a history-making third Melbourne Cup.

Their desperate attempt to hide the great mare from the media failing. Glen Boss galloping Makybe Diva over two laps of Freedman's Markdel training complex. Boss and Santic's body language saying everything about its success. The mare's place in the Cup field expected to be sealed after one more hit-out on Saturday. Absolutely, just to make sure everything's right. I'll just say we're progressing in the right direction.

The inclination is to run her, there is an inclination, by no means over the line yet. The VRC hoping Freedman's inclination becomes reality.

Tuesday's Cup looming as the biggest since Phar Lap's 75 years ago. You wait a lifetime, I suppose, for these type of events to come to being. I think her running in the Melbourne Cup this year would be something special. Damian Booth, Ten News. And Nathan Bracken is back in the Australian Test cricket squad.

A beaming Bracken celebrating at the SCG today ahead of next week's opening Test against the Indies. Selectors also included Stuart MacGill in the 12. And we'll also have the Windies getting one up on Matthew Hayden. Plus one of the world's greatest soccer players fighting his life. Still to come - the dangerous so-called party drug that's hooked an astonishing number of users hooked. Also tonight - the 'Neighbours' court case.

Claims one star feared for her life when her on-screen husband was sacked. And the end of an era - Bert Newton says farewell to Channel Ten. We'll have that story later this news hour.

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VOICEOVER: ActewAGL has always been here

and always will be. With WorkChoices, for full-time employees, your right to at least 4 weeks annual leave Your right to at least 10 days paid personal or carer's leave, including sick leave - protected by law. and the right to a maximum ordinary 38-hour week, all protected by law. To find out the facts, A man's under police guard in hospital after allegedly trying to set two people on fire at a pub in Sydney's south-west. Police say the 33-year-old went to the hotel in Revesby early this morning. When the manager and a security guard approached him, he allegedly splashed petrol over them, and then took out a cigarette lighter. The two hotel staff managed to overpower the man. He was arrested, after injuring his arm in the struggle. It's the so-called party drug that has ruined lives across Sydney. And new research shows Ice is having a far greater impact than anyone realised. The latest stats on ice are startling, with no fewer than 12,000, or nearly two-thirds of Sydney's users, now addicted to it. We found methamphetamine use is a far more serious drug problem than is appreciated in Australian culture. Methamphetamine has the image of a social drug but it also a drug that is very addictive and can lead to serious life and social consequences.

The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre report points to other dangers

like the psychosis ice causes that leads to aggressive and violent behaviour

that sees addicts attacking police and ambulance personnel who have to wrestle them into emergency wards. About a quarter of the methamphetamine users we interviewed had experienced psychosis last year. The experts say the drug has thousands in its grip who inject, snort or smoke ice. Research has shown the typical user is:

Not only does a dependence on ice cause depression, anxiety and sleep problems. Addicts also experience jaw clenching, teeth grinding and chest pain, not easy to endure. The report also shows that almost 1 in 10 Australians has tried the drug. I anticipate the results of this research

will make a valuable contribution to our ability to reduce the harm to the Australian community of methamphetamines. Harry Potter, Ten News. Questions have been raised about one of the most crucial pieces of evidence in the Falconio murder case. Police have revealed the handcuffs used on Joanne Lees were stored in the same room as items belonging to her alleged attacker. Crime scene examiner Tim Sandry told the Darwin Supreme Court the handcuffs were taken from Barrow Creek to South Australia, where Bradley Murdoch was in custody for an unrelated matter. His DNA was found on the cuffs, but officer Sandry couldn't say whether adequate precautions were taken to prevent them from being contaminated. A 'Neighbours' star's unfair dismissal case has turned nasty. It's claimed that when Shane Connor was sacked, his onscreen wife was so concerned for her safety she was offered a security guard. On screen they were husband and wife, but a court has heard there was no love lost between Janet Andrewartha and Shane Connor when the camera stopped rolling. In court, the show's creative producer, Peter Dodds, claimed that Mr Connor was sacked because Ms Andrewartha was so worried about her own safety Grundys offered her a security guard for the night. An offer she refused. The court heard Mr Connor

blames his onscreen wife for his firing. Grundys however say erratic, disruptive and aggressive behaviour was the reason.

was the reason.

Mr Connor claims to have conquered an amphetamine problem four months before he was dismissed. His lawyer claimed Ms Andrewartha threatened to leave the show if the plaintiff didn't.

While Peter Dodds denied this, he did admit receiving complaints from Ms Andrewartha, the actor allegedly telling him Mr Connor was "blowing his lines take after take." The producer also admitted to more recent trouble on the 'Neighbours' set. He said an un-named male actor with a history of attitude problems

was 2.5 hours late to work because of a hangover and distress over relationship problems. Mr Connor's lawyer claimed the only reason that actor wasn't being sacked was because he'd won a Logie. An allegation Mr Dodds denied, telling court he would have sacked Kylie Minogue, Delta Goodrem or Guy Pierce if they had damaged the show's morale or reputation. Christopher Still, Ten News.

Bob Carr returned to Parliament today for the first time since quitting as premier. He was there in his new role as chair of the newly-formed environmental lobby group

Climate Institute.

As Mr Carr launched an anti-global-warming campaign, he defended his own environmental record, particularly in regards to Sydney traffic. Expressways and tollways are environmentally more responsible

than smaller, clogged arterial roads. Mr Carr also renewed his call for the PM to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

time to check the weather now and

it is as clear as a bell there, all

the way to New Zealand. That is a

winner of a day in anybody's

language as we do it live from Mona

Vale. Sydney's skys are dripping in

it at the moment. We got toup28

degrees today, six above average.

Let's look at sky watch for you for

what was famous Sydney spring time

blue. From here, all the way over

to the shaky aisles. A Bristolian

day and another one on the way.

Pollution levels for you there.

Medium levels of particles in the

sky in the north-west today but

fine everywhere else. Tomorrow,

fine everywhere else. Tomorrow, we're looking at a ripper day b26

degrees and more of the brilliant

blue sky. Congratulations to father

Chris Riley, they had a big golf

day today raising $25,000.

Congratulations to everyone at

Ozmark. And father Chris, uch' done

it -- you've done it again.

Next - Israel's revenge attack against a deadly Palestianian suicide bombing. And 'Ol' Blue Eyes' as you've never seen him. Rare rehearsal tapes of Frank Sinatra out of the vaults. (Sings) # Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven. #

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Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic

Helicopter. Number 18s all over the

road in Pennant Hills? It seems

that way, possibly no chicken for

dinner A broken down Stegles truck. We're at

dinner A broken down Stegles truck. We're at the tail of the traffic

delays here at West Pennant Hills

Road. For traffic trying to get

away from West Pennant Hills, we

have Pennant Hills Road crawling,

the delays don't improve until

motorists pass the thuk at Thorn

Lee and then a slow run to the M3

but then once you're on the M3, a

brilliant run to the Central

but then once you're on the M3, a brilliant run to the Central Coast. Disturbing claims security is being compromised in the scramble to clear the backlog at our ports. Opposition Leader Kim Beazley says terrorists could take advantage of the crisis to smuggle in deadly cargo. After days of huge delays caused by a new Customs computer system, containers are now slowly moving from our major ports. But the Opposition fears the rush to clear the backlog

may mean cargo isn't being thoroughly checked.

The possibilities it offers terrorists, who we know have got interests in flag-of-convenience shipping lines, to get themselves into a position where they could explode an exceptionally damaging cargo. But business groups disagree. They say the new system gives everyone a much better idea of exactly what's in the containers. This is all about introducing a system that provides stronger national security and so we're happy about that. Despite the delays

and fears Christmas stock will be stranded on the wharves, business welcomes the new Customs system and believes the bugs will be ironed out. But Mr Hendy admits small business has been hurt and will want government help. To the extent to which the system hasn't been seamlessly introduced, there's teething problems, it shouldn't be that small business to cop it in the neck, so there's a question about compensating for the extra storage charges they're going to have to face.

The ports are expected to stay open over the weekend and more industry meetings are planned tomorrow to discuss the issues.

Labor says the stakes are high.

The Minister has said the agreement he's reached has cleared it over the weekend. The challenge for the Minister ought to be this - if it isn't, you resign. Laurel Irving, Ten News. Israel has carried out a revenge attack after a Palestinian suicide bombing which claimed six lives. Dozens more were injured

when the bomber blew himself up in a busy marketplace, packed with locals stocking up after a long weekend.

Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for the attack, the first inside the Jewish state since July. Late today, the Israelis carried out a bombing attack on Palestinian militant strongholds on the West Bank. There are new claims the suspected ringleader of the deadly London terror attacks in July, may have had links to the 2002 Bali bombers.

A leading al-Qa'ida analyst says a suspect held in Asia told him, Mohammed Sidique Khan had met with senior Jemaah Islamiah figures, including Bali bombings organiser Hambali. A BBC report also claims Khan was secretly filmed and recorded speaking to a terror suspect in Britain more than a year ago, but intelligence agencies did nothing about it. The face of America's anti-Iraq war campaign

has been arrested at the White House. Cindy Sheehan has been put in cuffs during a protest. Sheehan, whose soldier-son was killed in Iraq, has been driving a campaign of civil disobedience demanding the withdrawal of US troops. Supporters have hit the air with an ad, reading out the names of US soldiers who've been killed in Iraq. TV COMMERCIAL: Specialist Eric Scott McInley. Sargeant David W. Johnson. Newspapers have also been running the faces of the dead soldiers with copies handed out in front of the White House. Singapore's High Commissioner says

his government can't make an exception for an Australian facing execution for drug trafficking. Renegade National MP Wilson Tuckey saying he has little sympathy for Van Nguyen. Lawyers for Van Nguyen continue their campaign to have him spared from death. but today a blow from the Singapore High Commissioner declaring his government cannot make an exception. The stance far from surprising for the 25-year-old's Australian legal team. What he's done is state the position of the Singapore Government.

That's understandable he'd say that. It's a position we seek to change. And change is what they're seeking - they'll now take their pleas direct to the Singaporean President. The Queensland State Parliament throwing its weight behind the campaign. We do have a special relationship with Singapore and I would hope they would listen to the view of the Queensland Parliament. Van Nguyen was arrested at Changi Airport three years ago and later sentenced to death for trafficking heroin. Federal politicians from both sides taking up the cause,

PM Howard even making a personal plea while in Singapore earlier this year, arguing the Melbourne man had cooperated with authorities and was trying to pay off his twin brother's legal debts.

But there are some detractors. I haven't got much pity at all for people who deliberately set about importing these drugs. I suspect that those comments are the product of ignorance. Allan Raskall, Ten News.

After being locked away for half a century some rare footage of Frank Sinatra is finally hitting the airwaves. (Sings) # Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven. # The films were shot by Sinatra as part of rehearsals for a TV show. It will kind of buoy you up, you know, and give you a new interest in life,

which is what you need. That is, if you're not planning to kill yourself.

The films will star in a London stage show featuring a huge orchestra and dancers. Sinatra's family say old Blue Eyes hoarded such footage, calling him the pack rat of the Rat Pack. Still to come - why the number of children suffering serious injuries around the home is rising. Also tonight - the end of an era. Bert Newton saying farewell to Channel Ten.

And Madonna back on the dance-floor and talking about an Australian tour. Bushfires are part of Australian life. But what you do, along with your neighbours and your local fire authority, can make a real difference.

The Australian Government is working together with fire authorities to help you be better prepared. Make sure you're ready this bushfire season. Call your local fire authority or fire service. Be safe. Be prepared this bushfire season. WOMAN: Hey, Dad!

MAN: A what? A renewal! A mule?! I-I didn't get a mule in the mail! You should look into your renewal. Look into my mule?! The ad says AAMI can save you money. DOOR OPENS Save me money? I thought you'd hear that bit.

Time for another check of the

weather. Tim Bailey, glarious day

weather. Tim Bailey, glarious day today? I do like the weather

served sunny side up as we do the

served sunny side up as we do the weather from Mona Vale. I love my

job so much on days like this. The

job so much on days like this. The office is treating me beautifully

office is treating me beautifully and all of Sydney as well. What was

it? 28 degrees, six above average.

A look at the map of NSW. And not

A look at the map of NSW. And not much to report around the place.

much to report around the place. Rain wise and cloud wise, it was a

beautiful day.

Tomorrow at your place, I can see

Tomorrow at your place, I can see it from here, you know! I think

it from here, you know! I think around about 26 or 27 degrees and

around about 26 or 27 degrees and the same colour as that sky there.

the same colour as that sky there. See you at 5:55. The top stories we're following this news hour - an early bushfire scare at Eastern Creek. 50 firefighters were called in

to bring the blaze near the M4 under control. No property was threatened. Outrage as a motorist jailed for driving at 231km/h

has his sentence reduced on appeal. Alan Shortall had his 6-month jail term cut back to a $2,000 fine and an 18-month licence suspension. And the first head has rolled over the Cross City Tunnel debacle. There's been an alarming increase Three months on from a car accident, 13-year-old Kelly is lucky to be walking. They hit me head on so I had a ruptured aorta,

so I had heart surgery, had two broken legs and I lost my teeth.

A new report shows the number of children rushed to hospital with serious trauma injuries has sky-rocketed by 18%. Three quarters of all serious accidents happening at home,

like falls and burns. The community's response has to be that they have to do more. Bicycle accidents are up a staggering 33%.

Well, I was riding my bike down a hill and I fell off, head first. 5-year-old Wyatt had a helmet on, even that didn't stop him needing a life saving operation for a bleed in his brain. He's really lucky and we love him a lot.

And he has a word of advice on helmets for other kids... Put one on.

While Wyatt's case shows prevention isn't always a guarantee, the great tragedy is, doctors say half of all these life-threatening accidents could have been prevented. Authorities will now use these figures to see if new awareness campaigns are needed. We've got a bit lazy and a bit sloppy. But although hospitals are treating more trauma patients, the death rate is down. We are, in fact, saving more people. And as former Wallaby Phil Kearns remains by his little girl's bedside,

figures show accidents involving children hit by cars have jumped by 7%.

Health authorities and the RTA are now investigating driveway accidents and whether various 4-wheel drives increase the risk.

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. The Australian share market closed slightly on the day.

Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. Another strong year tipped for the construction sector?

Yes, a survey by Australian

Yes, a survey by Australian industry group said today that

construction activity should rise

construction activity should rise by the order of 8%. This is on top

of a 13% gain over the previous financial

of a 13% gain over the previous financial year. But the strength

is likely to be confined to the

is likely to be confined to the engineering sector, that includes

activities like the building of

roads and bridges. The housing

sector should remain weak and the

sector should remain weak and the survey is tipping apartment

construction activity to fall by 1%.

construction activity to fall by 1%. In line with that information,

which is the major company that's

forecasting weaker profits next

forecasting weaker profits next year? It is GWA International. They make

year? It is GWA International. They make products like chrome badroom

make products like chrome badroom fittings and rover mowers. They

fittings and rover mowers. They believe that their profit will be

believe that their profit will be 10% lower than a year ago and

10% lower than a year ago and they're pinning the blame solely on

they're pinning the blame solely on they're pinning the blame solely on the downturn on the housing sector

in NSW. Investors didn't like the

in NSW. Investors didn't like the news sending their shares down 11%. It's official - after 14 fabulous years Bert Newton and Network Ten are parting company.

But the star says any talk of him signing with a rival network is premature. It's been television's most talked about rumour but finally, confirmation from the man himself.

Well, mixed emotions. I mean, certainly sad.

I've been there for 14 years and I've made some terrific friendships, I've loved doing 'Good Morning Australia' and all the stuff that I've done in my career I've enjoyed nothing more than 'Good Morning Australia'. The star deciding to leave Network Ten when told his show was to be axed. Once it was decided that GMA should go off air, and I can understand the reasons, I thought it was good timing that maybe I went at the same time. Fellow GMAers taken by surprise. I heard it on the radio actually and also my manager rang me last night whilst I was at dinner

and it is quite sad. Definitely the end of an era, 3,200 episodes it will be and for me I think about 10,600 advertorials most of which started with 'Here's Moira' from Bert. Ten did want Bert to stay offering a range of new projects but word he'll be returning to his old stomping ground at Channel Nine he says is premature. I've signed with nobody.

Discussions will continue through Glen Wheatley with a couple of parties but at this stage of the game, I've signed with nobody. Bert will remain on Ten until GMA finishes up in eight weeks. The rumour mill now going into overdrive about the show that will replace it and who will be the host because they'll be big shoes to fill.

So I fair fare well as I ride off into the distance. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Madonna is back on the dance floor and she could be heading down under. The Queen of Pop has gone all disco for her latest song 'Hung Up'. (Sings) # Every little thing that you say I do # I'm hung up I'm hung up on you #

Madonna's new album is out next month, but even better news for fans is she could be touring here next year. It's 12 years since her last visit. The 47-year-old mother of two promising her next world tour

would include Australia. Tim Webster is back with sport and Bracken's back.

Yes, and he's put his recall down to a couple of things changing in his life. More shortly. And remember the Aussie cricketer sacked for being too heavy? Ahead - how much he's lost. And a Tri-Nations take off but one Roo leaves behind an important piece of gear.

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New South Wales left arm quick Nathan Bracken has been recalled to the Australian Test team. Bracken's inclusion is at the expense of batsman Brad Hodge

and is the only change to the 12-man squad that thumped the World XI earlier this month. Leg spinner Stuart MacGill also included. What better way for a bowler to celebrate his Test recall than a wicket. Nathan Bracken back in the test line up after almost a 2-year absence. It's an opportunity which, I guess, since losing the chance I want back and basically get out there and enjoy it and try and make the most of it. Bracken crediting his marriage and hard work in training for his return.

Having hurt my ankle since I was younger it's basically a bit different and a bit of variations are a bit different and it makes you work harder and keeps you off your feet. As Bracken was accepting congratulations, injured pair Jason Gillespie and Shaun Tait were walking their way back to fitness and will look to pressure the New South Welshman before the summer is out.

But gave credit where due today. He deserves that, he did quite well.

It is a reward for the hard work.

He's proved his point in the last

two years and he's doing quite well. In Brisbane, the West Indies enjoyed a bitter sweet start to their tour, capturing Aussie opener, Matthew Hayden for a duck, but losing all-rounder Wavell Hinds to a finger injury. All-rounder Shane Watson finding the middle of the bat, but feeling a little pressure from selectors.

Obviously we want to see some

progress made. He's got all the

ability to be a top class all

rounder. Stuart MacGill has also been named, while unlikely to make the starting 11, the spinners' form has given selectors plenty to think about.

I think it's fair to say in the

past, we rarely if ever played two spinners. But it's got

past, we rarely if ever played two spinners. But it's got to be a

serious consideration, particularly

the way he is bowling at the moment,

the way he bowled in Sydney. Neil Cordy, Ten News. And the latest from the Blues game against the Redbacks. New South Wales has set South Australia 360 runs to win after declaring at 2/187 in their second innings. Suspended Redbacks batsman Mark Cosgrove is confident he'll reach the weight target set by coaches. Cosgrove's State contract was suspended a month ago for being too fat. The Australian Young Cricketer of the Year

has been training 10 times a week to get his fitness up to scratch. It was more a shock to me than anything and as it sunk in I wasn't going to training and I was just waking up going "I've got nothing to do" so I had really motivate myself and get myself out of bed and really work really hard to get back into the side. Cosgrove has lost four of the five required kilos and faces a fitness test next Tuesday. The fight to replace the injured Andrew Johns as Kangaroos halfback

has intensified. Trent Barrett has declared he's after the number 7 jersey despite competition from regular halfbacks Scott Prince and Craig Gower. The Kangaroos left Australia today to defend their Tri-Nations crown. Not everyone was pleased to see the Kangaroos fly out for London. Trend Barrett's baby daughter hopefully happier when coach Wayne Bennett names his team play Great Britain

on November 5. With all focus on the claims of Scott Prince and Craig Gower, Barrett today saying he wants to take over from Andrew Johns at halfback. I'd love to play halfback. I'd love to play five-eighth. But I don't think that's going to happen. So I guess halfback's the next best thing for me and fingers crossed that's the way he goes. If Prince gets the nod from Bennett for his Test debut, he's expecting to be targeted.

I think so. I'm sure that's what happens when you make your first grade debut as well. The more experienced and senior players pepper you and talk down to you. The defending Tri-Nations champions expecting Great Britain to feed off England cricket team's recent win over Australia in the cricket. Willie Mason says, bring it on. They'll feed off anything I think. Because they don't really win much.

They'll be pumped. They think they'll do us in the league. But I just think this is one of the strongest squads, minus Joey, that we've sent over there for a couple of years. His late call up to the Australian team catching Eric Grothe on the hop.

While he remembered to pack the passport, not everything made it to the airport. I forgot my mouth guard, so I'm expecting a few missing teeth when I get back, if I get the chance to play, that is. Adam Hawse, Ten News. And further to our story on the Corey Highes brawl. The Engadine Dragons say

those involved have not been players at the club for many years. No current players were involved in the altercation. Manchester United soccer great George Best is understood to be on life support in a London hospital. Best was admitted three weeks ago with a liver condition

but according to one of his ex-wives, he's deteriorated dramatically in the past day. The 59-year-old made headlines during and after his colourful playing career for his heavy drinking lifestyle. Best had a liver transplant three years ago

and is now reportedly suffering from internal bleeding. Soccer legend Franz Beckenbauer has met with his countryman Pope Benedict at the Vatican. Beckenbauer, who like the Pope comes from Bavaria, is travelling to every country that's qualified for next year's World Cup in Germany.

The man who led the Germans to Cup success,

as both a player and manager, The Pope sent his best wishes to all teams.

Australia will attempt to qualify next month against Uruguay. 88 years in the making, the Chicago White Sox today ended one of sport's longest droughts by claiming baseball's World Series. Like Boston last year, the White Sox overcame history to break generations of disappointment with a 1-0 win over Houston in game four, making it a series clean-sweep. Again it was close.

COMMENTATOR: And the White Sox have won the World Series!

Juan Uribe with a play, charging it, throwing it, and the White Sox celebrate their first title in 88 years. Chicago's last World Series win was way back in 1917. Later on 'Sports Tonight' with Leigh Diffey we go surfing with world number three, Phil McDonald and the story of two sports stars who've never recovered from being abused as children by obsessed parents.

Back to Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106

Traffic Helicopter. And it's busy

getting into the city tonight? It

getting into the city tonight? It sure is. We have traffic queued all

the way back towards lane cove,

pretty much towards the free wave. pretty much towards the free wave.

pretty much towards the free wave. The reason for this is possibly

The reason for this is possibly everyone trying to get towards the

Cross City Tunnel. We've been told

Cross City Tunnel. We've been told that the Eastern Distributor to

that the Eastern Distributor to

that the Eastern Distributor to the airport is all the way back. On

the left-hand side is the traffic

the left-hand side is the traffic the left-hand side is the traffic

the left-hand side is the traffic trying to head in towards town and

trying to head in towards town and unfortunately the queues pretty

much exist all the way to the

much exist all the way to the Harbour Bridge and the harbour

Harbour Bridge and the harbour tunnel so it will be slow as

motorists head south from the north. Just how hot will it get tomorrow?

Tim will tell us, after the break.

And an early start to summer, with some poolside martinis and bikinis!

Time for all the weather details. A

a loft people ask us what Tim a loft people ask us what Tim Bailey does all day. a loft people ask us what Tim Bailey does all day. This is a

Bailey does all day. This is a

Bailey does all day. This is a picture of his office and I think

he's that one out there, is that

he's that one out there, is that you out there? That's actually my

second job. I'm a professional

meteorologist and I take my job

meteorologist and I take my job seriously! This will take me three

seriously! This will take me three or four minutes and then I'm out

or four minutes and then I'm out there. What a glarious day wherever

you lived in Sydney today.

Temperatures up around 28

you lived in Sydney today. Temperatures up around 28 degrees,

six above average. Milder Temperatures up around 28 degrees, six above average. Milder tomorrow

but the blue sky will sparkle, it's but the blue sky will sparkle, it's

but the blue sky will sparkle, it's like it's been shined for the next

couple of days. 27 degrees, western

couple of days. 27 degrees, western and coastal, around 25. At the

and coastal, around 25. At the weekend, at this stage it looks

weekend, at this stage it looks dodgey on Saturday with some rain

increasing. But the next two days

look absolutely superb as we do it

live from Mona Vale basin. I reckon

live from Mona Vale basin. I reckon two and a half minutes or three minutes, that

two and a half minutes or three minutes, that is T Bailey. Let's

minutes, that is T Bailey. Let's get into your back yard.

I can smell the BBQs.

Let's look at the satellite. We put

Let's look at the satellite. We put a camera on a kite and called it a

satellite. Bright cloud over NSW

and the Northern Territory along a

trough bringing heavy showerers and

severe storms. Cloud over western

WA causing showers to increase, and

WA causing showers to increase, and low cloud bringing showers over

and low cloud bringing showers over Tassie and southern Victoria. The

weather map for tomorrow. A

weather map for tomorrow. A weakening trough in the east

weakening trough in the east causing some showers in northern

causing some showers in northern NSW and Queensland. Warm northerly

winds over western NSW, Victoria

winds over western NSW, Victoria and SA and a drying pattern

and SA and a drying pattern happening. A trough generating

happening. A trough generating isolated storms. The business of

isolated storms. The business of the brolly, predicted precipitation,

the brolly, predicted precipitation, drips and drops across the brolly, predicted precipitation, drips and drops across the roof

drips and drops across the roof tops, never tire of saying it.

Isolated storms in the north-west

tropics and SA. Saturday, daip one

tropics and SA. Saturday, daip one of the weekend, hot northerly winds

affecting NSW and Queensland. This

trough will cause patchy rain and

trough will cause patchy rain and thunder over the south-east, mainly

thunder over the south-east, mainly inland. A high keeping the thunder over the south-east, mainly inland. A high keeping the southern

coastline dry. Absolute glorious in

Sydney. The late afternoon sunshine

doing a marvellous job. Clouds,

rarer than eels on fish. Let's go

interstate and look at banana

interstate and look at banana bending land, they call it Brisbane,

bending land, they call it Brisbane, Canberra, mostly sunny and 22.

Don't like the dog in this next

story, he's taller than I am! See

story, he's taller than I am! See you tomorrow. Come on Tim, good

things come in small packages. A tall story for dog lovers. The 'Guiness Book of Records' has named its latest giant. He's the greatest of Great Danes and now officially a giant of the dog world. I love you.

On his hind legs, Gibson stands a towering 2.1m. So tall, judges from the 'Guinness Book of Records' didn't just want to measure him,

they insisted on having the photographs to prove they'd found the tallest dog on the planet. Gibson, I love you too. In fact, Gibson, who weighs as much as an average adult and is just three years old, has multiple titles to his name, including tallest Great Dane and tallest therapy dog on record. Oh my goodness, he's beautiful. I've had Danes since 1981. I've never seen anything like this - ever. But for him it's hardly a dog's life. He's reached the dizzy heights of success, becoming a star on American talk shows, but like all canine companions he does have his weaknesses -

Gibson's eyes are almost too big for his belly. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. It's officially more than a month away but summer got off to a sizzling start in Sydney overnight.

'Cleo' magazine launching a new season of swimwear at a sunset pool party. Scantily clad models revealed what's hot this summer as they got up close and personal with guests including 'Cleo's bachelors. The latest beach look is said to be a mixture of luxurious, tropical and sexy designs.

I nearly got there! That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the late news at 10:55. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.