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I'm Jonathan Holmes. Welcome to Media Watch, make me laugh. Oh dear, those blokes at 2GB A Rice winning in China! "There goes old boiled over there." had thought of it, Of course, once the lads at 2GB everyone got in on the joke...

Even the ABC got it.

Here are the funsters 'Thank God It's Friday'... on Sydney radio 702's But it's Rice and Kerry in the past few days - that's got the media world excited tycoon of Australian television, Kerry Stokes, that is, the last and Chairman of the Seven Network. gleefully reported: On Friday, the 'Australian' for roughly that amount That a deal's being negotiated to Media Watch. has since been confirmed recorded this clip It wasn't in place when Stephanie early last week: for Nine's '60 Minutes' to be able to actually get out We sacrificed so much and I love and actually do my hair and make-up a normal person again, and sort of feel like look forward to. that's something I really But by Thursday night, with the 'Heroes of Beijing' when Nine recorded Michael Usher forum, for its traditional closing-night Stephanie Rice was a no-show. Emma Snowsill, So were triathlon gold medallist Sally McLellan, silver-medal winning hurdler and several other gold-medal winners. in Seven's special, But they all featured also called 'Heroes of Beijing' on Sunday evening. aired at the same time as Nine's really sunk in... For me this week hasn't Kerry Stokes found out It seems that when Seven's

was helping Nine organise its show, that the Australian Olympic Committee he was furious. Seven is the Olympic rights holder. athletes until the Games are over? Doesn't that mean Seven owns the John Coates on Wednesday. That's what Stokes asked AOC boss

was robust. The conversation, we understand, press conference later: As Coates explained to a Beijing Kerry was under a misapprehension with the IOC that his broadcasting contract gave him some rights over athletes outside of the venues. that's not the case now. And I think he understands buying So Kerry Stokes hastily set about

what he found he didn't already own. for you. Ah, that's old-style tycoonery off the sledgers back home... But all Kerry's money couldn't buy including ours - Message boards across the land - and moans. have been flooded with whinges About things like this... the crew from Czechoslovakia They are about half a canvas down on but coming home very strong. That'd be the Czech Republic. in 1993. Czechoslovakia ceased to exist

Whereas this crew... medallists from Athens - ...the world champions and silver that's Luca Spik and Istok Cop. Slovakia in 3, ...are actually from Slovenia. on their singlets. It helpfully says so Then there's: national record holder... Javur from Indonesia, and her compatriots: in 3 and 4... Singh, Godander from Indonesia not Indonesia. Who are all from India, events delayed, events missed, But most of the whinges were about or not at all. events played too long with SBS - With one channel - or even two, you can't please everyone.

access to digital TV - But 40% of Australians now have at least in theory. and lots more channels, Tech-geek David Braue grumbled: Australia's ludicrous media laws. Well, for that, you can blame As Seven told us: That law - designed, as always, as much as the viewer in mind - with the interests of media moguls the global eightball. has put Australia way behind the Government's regulator... Thankfully, according to Even if the law is revised by 2012, watch for free on Nine - we'll have to see how much we can on Foxtel. and how much we'll have to pay to see

there's the web - Meanwhile, these days, streaming rights for the Olympics. and Yahoo7 owned the live its operation was a triumph. If you believe 'Today Tonight', still images of the games Sophie Hull: Our favorite and Liesel Jones. are golden girls Stephanie Rice has also produced The breathtaking opening ceremony

we've seen so far. the most popular freeze frames well, whoop-di-doo! Freeze frames, Overseas, you got a lot more. for example, This was CBC Canada's website,

of up to nine events at a time. where you could find live coverage if you lived in Canada. Well, you could and you got nothing. Click on them from Australia, Instead, you had to go to Yahoo7, for just two hours in every 24. which offered just one live stream, to be the poor cousins We asked Yahoo7 why we seemed of the English-speaking world. It told us: So it's our fault.

We wouldn't have watched it enough - if it had been there to watch. for another 4 years. And that's the Olympics Meanwhile, life goes on - in Brisbane, for example, a glimpse behind the scenes where Media Watch has been given at an unseemly row between journos and pollies. town - News Ltd's 'Courier-Mail'. It's essentially a one-newspaper the largest local authority, by far, And the Brisbane City Council is in the nation. Campbell Newman, Which makes the Lord Mayor, office-holder in Australia. the most senior conservative to know how they're being governed, If the citizens of Brisbane are of co-operation between the two. there needs to be a minimum last week: But according to the 'Courier-Mail' Behind the public row is a punch-up that's been going on for months. And thanks to a mountain of emails to this desk, that have found their way have a ringside seat Media Watch viewers as the Brisbane Brawlers slug it out. media minder, Michael Corkill. In one corner is the Lord Mayor's In the other, the 'Courier-Mail's City Hall reporter Alison Sandy. And they don't pull their punches... David Fagan, Sometimes the 'Courier-Mail's editor, in the ring. has taken Sandy's place Corkill swings at him: And he swings back: The fight's being going on since Alison Sandy was appointed to the City Hall beat in March. We're into about round 15 by now. Here's a replay of just one - fought out in early June.

Let's call it: Round Five: The Budget Drop.

BELL STRIKES TWICE In the week before the Brisbane City budget was due, Alison Sandy asked the Lord Mayor's office for a "drop" - an exclusive briefing on the main points in advance. Relations between her and City Hall were already sour, and she got a "no". So Ms Sandy left this message on the voicemail of Michael Corkill's deputy: In numerous emails to Sandy, and others at the 'Courier-Mail', Michael Corkill made it clear that the Lord Mayor's office considered that message... To which Alison Sandy responded: The message actually said "don't expect decent coverage". We asked editor David Fagan what that meant: According to Fagan, no threat of negative coverage was intended. But the fact is the budget did get a walloping in the 'Courier-Mail' - from Alison Sandy...

..and in the paper's editorial: To City Hall's fury,

the big-ticket road reconstruction plan responsible for the rate rises got just one mention, buried in a long list of lesser spending projects: David Fagan tells us the 'Courier-Mail' didn't give more space to the Road Action! plan because:

...which seems a petty reason for the city's main daily newspaper to bury the biggest item in the city's budget. There have been a dozen other spats about Alison Sandy's stories - and the 'Courier-Mail's editorials. The paper has certainly hit the Lord Mayor hard, and often... Two weeks ago, Michael Corkill emailed David Fagan... He's not kidding. Numerous complaints is right - look at this lot - and he might have added, long, repetitive and sometimes abusive. But the Lord Mayor rejects the view that his media adviser's personality has anything to do with the problem... As for the Editor, he's sticking by the paper's coverage, and his reporter: Last Friday, the Lord Mayor and the Editor finally met. Nothing's been resolved, but at least they're talking. A little more humility all round might not go astray. After all, what all of them are supposed to be doing, in their various ways, is serving the citizens of Brisbane. The Lord Mayor's and the Editor's responses to Media Watch are on our website in full - though not, unfortunately, for legal and ethical reasons, the juicy email correspondence we've quoted from. Join me again next week. Closed Captions by CSI

CC Good evening. Australia'

Olympians are on their way home

tonight. They celebrated the

end of the Games with a

spectacular party in Beijing's

Bird's Nest Stadium. The team

will arrive in Australia

tomorrow. They won 14 gold, 15

silver and 17 bronze medals. In

the United States, the

Democratic convention begins in

Denver tonight, the meeting

will nominate Barack Obama to

contest the presidential

election. Hehouse chosen Joe

Biden rr as his running made.

Now he has to win over Hillary

Clinton supporters, on went

Wednesday they have opportunity

to show their dissent by making

a symbolic effort to have her

nominated. A painting by

Russell Drysdale has Saturday

new record for the artest as

work, a 1963 portrait titled

Rocky McCormack is one of the

autopsyian artest's best known

works t depicts a farmer from

Wagga Wagga, New South Wales,

it sold for almost $2 million

at auction in Melbourne. A painting by the artist Grace

Cossington Smith, which was

bought for $25 at a charity

shop in America, failed to

sell. It had been tipped to

fetch $40,000. Weather - a weak

front will produce isolated

showers in Adelaide,Melbourne,

Hobart. Afternoon sea breezes

in Sydney, Darwin and Brisbane. THEME MUSIC APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Thank you very much. You're too kind. Thank you. Good evening. Welcome to Enough Rope.

Very shortly in the program we're going to have my spitting image as a guest, yes, Megan Gale. You know, sometimes these girls are earning insane amounts of money and they're travelling around the world and they don't have any guidance, or anyone looking after them and it's quite easy to not know what to do in those kind of adult situations when you're a teenager. There is no way I'd let my 14-year-old daughter travel around the world by herself. But first, a story so full of heart you'd expect to see Steven Spielberg's name in the credits. It's about a young boy who triumphs over adversity earning Paralympics glory thanks to a never-say-die attitude, the love of a tight-knit family and the support of a country town. And as a bonus for action fans, it also involves two car accidents. Ladies and gentlemen, Kurt Fearnley. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Welcome, Kurt. Thank you. Good to have you here. You're about to head off to the Beijing Paralympics, what will you be competing in? I'll be in the 800, the 1,500, the 5km the marathon and two relays. Mmm-hmm. LAUGHTER Have you heard of the expression rest day? I actually have one rest day in the games but each of them have heats, semis and finals,

so I think I race about 13 times. It's a busy week. Some days you'll be racing more than once? Yeah, there's one day I'm racing three times and a couple of days where I'm racing twice. How do you train? What training are you doing? It's masses and masses and masses of training, so it's up to... After the second session, you could knock out 45-50kms every day. Do you do weights and all that sort of stuff as well? I did when I was getting to... developing as an athlete, from 17 through to 21, 22, 23, I did a lot of weights. But since then and since I've really started to focus on marathons, it's been mostly just time in the chair and sport-specific training. Does your wheelchair have a name? Uh, no it doesn't. It doesn't. But you do feel really attached to the chair. If something happens to it, if it gets lost in transit, it's's heartbreaking. And then, even your day chair - I'm searching the audience now trying to find out where it is. When it's taken away from you... You're so dependant on it that you are close to it. Oh. Not that close to it. We put it on Ebay to raise money for the ABC. Sorry, I didn't realise it was important to you.

I'm a team player. Yeah, thank you. I've watched the equestrian last night and somebody after they'd finished their ride they were patting their horse like this. Obviously it's not a living thing, but you become very attached to your chair. I think if I started patting it, I would be in the Paralympics for a different reason. The chairs are all exactly the same, I assume, or are you allowed to have like a winged keel? They're all slightly different. Every single chair is made specifically for the person, because when you're in your chair it needs to be part of you. And that's probably the biggest thing about wheelchair racing is that the chair needs to be an extension of the body. So, they're all made so specifically for your hips, for your knees and... Like when we crash, we're taped in so tight that the chair follows you, or you follow the chair no matter where it goes. You were born with, correct me if I've got this wrong, Lumbosacral agenesis. Agenesis. Which is what? It pretty much means that I am missing part of my lumbar, and all of my sacrum, so it's failed to develop when I was in the womb, which means that my legs aren't strong enough to carry my weight and I can move and feel my legs but they just don't walk around. So they're just useless? Not useless. You ought to see me crawl - these little things, they chase me around everywhere. I think when I was a kid, there was a lot of talk about taking my legs off because they were "useless" - that's what the thought was - and "Try and make Kurt look as normal as possible. "Put prosthetic limbs on him and he may not be able to use them". Even for a while there was talk about me just using crutches and dragging the legs along just to look normal. But they're definitely part of me and I would refer to them as a lot of things, but not useless. I sit corrected.

So, they have full feeling? They do. You wouldn't want to lose them for that reason. Not at all.

Yeah, cos when you get tinea and you scratch it feels fantastic. So I hear. So I hear. I think I revealed something about myself. Damn it! Your family are here today - your mum Jackie, your dad Glen, your brother Adam. Jackie, when Kurt was born what were you told? To begin with, we were told that he may not live even the week through.