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(generated from captions) for your in sights. Thank

you for something me

on. Returning the our top

story - after more than 2

weeks in political limbo a expected to be declared. minority Government is

Today the three independents

are expected to announce their decision early

afternoon after brokering an

agreement on parliamentary

agreement Question Time will reform yesterday. Under that

be overhauled and the house will have an independent

Speaker. Anthony Albanese is the Leader of the House of

represents and joins us now

from Canberra do you have any indication which independents will lean

today? Know I don't. All I can say that is the discussions I have been a part of have been extremely part of

constructive and productive.

It has built on a good

relationship that I had and I think members of the

Government had with the three independents over our first

term of Government at a time

where their vote was not

critical for whether

legislation was passed or not

so I think of that experience

that they have had with us in

comparison with some of the

frosty or indeed somewhat whose style relationship it comes to the National

Party that many of these mens

have had with them I think it

puts us in a reasonable

starting point but as to how

they come down well I think I

will find out when the rest

of the country find out. Based on what you have said

would it be fair to say you

are quietly confident independents to form a support of enough

Government?. No, I would not

go that for at all. I think

it is unclear they are pretty good poker players these

blokes. They have kept their

cards very close to their

chest. They have gone about

asking questions in a very

forensic way about everything

from the state of the budget and I think certainly Tony Abbott's $11 hole when it comes to costings certainly will weigh

on their minds but since then

they have gone through a rain of questions, they have had a briefing from the secretary

of Treasury my department and

other major depth little so

we just vtd to wait and see.

They have big responsibility.

I think that no one can argue

that they have not taken that we will know later today. How much do you fear the

prospect of it coming to

75-all, say 2 independents

going one side, one the oh,

or do you feel they will act in the interests of political

stability and vote as a

block? Certainly they have

said that one of the issues

that they will consider is

stability over the three-year

term and the fact that we have already had agreements signed

signed with the Greens signed with the Greens and with Andrew

with Andrew Wilkie the Tasmanian independent lifts

us up to 74. If we receive the support of three

independents that gives us 77

votes on the floor of votes on the floor of the

Parliament. That is a buffer.

It is not a huge buffer. But

it is more than 76 obviously.

In terms of the buffer that

will be there if one person

changes their mind so - or if

there is a by-election of course

will consider the state of

the Senate and I think that

clearly Labor would be able to work with the to

Senate in a more constructive

way given the agreement that

we have made with the Greens

who will have the balance of

power there after July next

year. All these are questions

which I obviously have a

view. If it was up to me I

would be going with us bit is

not up to me. You would

that though wouldn't you! Why

has it taken the prospect of

a hung parliament this

knife-edge result to secure

all of these parliamentary

reforms that everybody thinks

is such a good idea and is such

should have been implemented decades ago? Of course the

fact is that politics is in

part about power and

traditionally people give up

power somewhat reluctantly

and there is no doubt that

many of these reforms have

but it been spoken about for awhile

but it has taken a hung

parliament to get that cross parliamentary support for

them. Respecting private members business is something

we did. We did that as our

first act on the first day

that we were sworn in as a

Government. We changed the

standing orders to have an

increased time for private

members business bills and

motions and grievance on the Friday which is debates. We had

many Parliaments do including on the Friday which is what

a special day devoted to the NSW Parliament. They have

private members business. The

Coalition respond in a pretty

destructive way to destructive way to that

initiative. I hope that one

of the things that happens

out of this parliamentary reform is that there is a recognition from all

including from the media I

might say that Parliament is not

half each day devoted to

Question Time. It is about

that much bigger role t role

and contribution that the 150

members of Parliament can

make and I think these are

good reforms. On the issue

of the independents again if

they end upswinging behind

Julia Gillard, how much will

the Labor Party have to thank

Kevin Rudd because he has

been putting in a lot of

Bob Katter in particular? behind-the-scenes lobbying on

think we as think we as a party and Bob Katter in particular? I think we as a party

think we as a party and a Government have been very

focused as a team but I think

by and large if we get

form a Government the person

who deserves the most credit will to be Prime Minister. Julia Gillard has enormous capacity in terms of the negotiating skills. negotiating skills. She

showed that with ability to

get through the workplace

reform and get rid of

through WorkChoices to get that

certainly not a pro-Labor through a Senate which was

Senate. She showed that again

she with some of the work that

she did on the economic stimulus plan and I believe

that her work has been

absolutely central to it so

if anyone, any individual

deserves credit for what has

been a collective effort it