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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Sandra Sully. IN UNISON: Two, one... The secret's out - revealed to the world, Beijing's Olympic opening ceremony Chinese officials furious.

full honours for fallen diggers, 92 years on - to individual burials. from their mass grave in France befitting their incredible heroism. Buried with the honour and ceremony restaurants to fight obesity. Fat chance - the ban on fast food See, See, there.

From whale time to jail time - could face prison and massive fines. how these whale watchers If people get too close, we will police it and we will fine them.

in Sports Tonight, Hi, I'm Brad McEwan, commits to the Blues, Carlton forward Brendan Fevola

today signing a new 3-year deal. I'm just so rapped, for the next three years. that the club showed faith in me He's confirmed th footy club, that he'll be very well behaved. He's confirmed th footy club

A suprising welcome home for new Wallabies coach Robbie Deans. A surprising welcome home talks about going for gold, And Stephanie Rice and swimming's big split. China's biggest Olympic secret. But first, the video which has blown showing opening ceremony rehearsals, The tape, infuriating officials, has been beamed around the world,

the TV crew responsible. who are now planning to deport any more of the video being leaked Authorities are scrambling to stop

as tensions worsen and foreign journalists. between the Government Despite all that security, their biggest secret. the Chinese couldn't protect opening ceremony rehearsal Footage of the Olympic by a South Korean camera crew, was broadcast on the Internet to the Bird's Nest stadium who just walked in without even a question from guards. and these glimpses prove Organisers promised an amazing show, to the standard expected - it should live up an army of martial artists, drummers

animated humpback whales. and two giant, The breach is embarrassing. The Chinese say it's disappointing. in the relationship And it's another hiccup and foreign journalists. between the communist government

in Beijing Censorship of some Internet sites and an IOC apology, has drawn worldwide criticism with revelations certain sites would be blocked. members of the committee knew I'm concerned that the international media,

for reporting the Games, whom we rely on has been caught by surprise. That, for me, is unacceptable. On the basis of what I've read, it was well worth giving, that apology seemed like and required to be given. The IOC President has arrived of media access to the Internet. and so far avoided questions about the Internet here in China... REPORTER: Mr Rogge, can you talk Excuse me. Do you have a comment about that? Later on. Thank you. I think it's a great pity, so be it. but if that's how it's going to be, that may just have to be as it is The other problem is the pollution. The smog's persisting, measures if it doesn't improve. and authorities will impose stricter closing more factories. That could mean of the city's 3.3 million cars Already half have been taken off the road. Josh Murphy, Ten News. In a cold case breakthrough, with murdering a newborn baby, a woman has been charged 12 years ago in north Queensland. whose dismembered body was found from more than 100 people Saliva samples were used to gather DNA evidence. in Cairns court tomorrow. The suspect will appear are now being considered Criminal charges sexually maiming hundreds of women against a surgeon blamed for in botched operations. has been accused NSW doctor Graham Reeves to get hospital jobs, of calculated dishonesty but victims groups are angry against the officials who hired him. no action will be taken Sacked at least, at the very least - in any of their jobs. they shouldn't even be

and take up another post, And being able to resign and quit no, not on. especially in the public service, the Director of Public Prosecutions. The case will now go to

A young Australian remains on life support in Greece,

after he and his friends were bashed by nightclub bouncers.

and friends, Doujon Zammit, his cousin, on the island of Mykonos, were holidaying of mistaken identity when an apparent case turned to tragedy. was meant to be a reward For Doujon Zammit, this holiday

after years of study. is being kept alive by a machine - Now the 20-year-old at Greek island club. at a Greek island club. the tragic end to a night out are clinging to hope. Family and friends at home just to know this, We're all shocked, very shocked

before they left especially when they talked it up going to Greece and they were going to Dubai, and hopping, island hopping. and going to all the islands We're just devastated. and his cousin Cameron Tabone John Kazzi befriended Doujon when they became regulars at his Sydney cafe.

So nice, gentle, peace-making guys. ever been any sort of problem. There's no way these guys have The two young men and a friend Paradise Beach club strip on Mykonos. were partying at the popular

When they left the club, by two bouncers, they were apparently approached of stealing a handbag who accused them and demanded their passports. and proclaimed their innocence, When they refused

a fight broke out - with a metal baton, Doujon was struck in the head his cousin had his nose and wrist broken. The bouncers have now been arrested. It is, frankly, a disturbing event,?

a serious assault, with the two men and their families. and our thoughts and sympathy are

Friends say the young tourists were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. 100% mistaken identity, 100%. a problem, no way, no way. These guys will never cause

Doujon Zammit's distraught friends on Facebook. set up a special tribute page at the Athens hospital His father has arrived where his son is on life support. A decision on whether it should be switched off will depend on another brain scan will depend on another brain tomorrow. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. The remains of more than 190 Australian World War I soldiers will be taken from a mass grave in France, and reburied in their own plots with full military honours. But some families don't want them moved. After 92 long years. the Fromelle diggers

will finally be laid to rest with the respect they deserve. It is fitting that these brave men will remain together, close to where they fell, buried with the honour and ceremony befitting their incredible heroism and sacrifice. Australia and Britain have agreed to establish a war cemetary with individual burial sites and military honours near where archeologists uncovered the mass grave in May. near where archaeologists He did not have his own resting place, he was over there in a group. But I guess he fought with a group and he died with a group. July 19, 1916, has gone down as the bloodiest 24 hours in Australia's military history. 2,000 diggers lost their lives at the hands of the German army. The French landowner generously donated the site to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. While some believed the remains shouldn't be exhumed, most descendants were always pushing for their loved ones to be honoured.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission will oversee the project in France, and the British and Australian governments have agreed to share the costs. I think it would be nice to leave them all together. At least their final resting place will be with the ones they fought with. Martine Griffiths, Ten News. There are hopes of price relief at the checkout, with supermarkets facing a shake-up that could cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. The national grocery inquiry is recommending the tough action, but not everyone's convinced it will happen. are hitting hip pockets hard. Rising grocery prices I just buy what I need, and I suppose it is - yes, definitely -

getting more expensive. I usually buy the same things each time, but it's just going up. I don't know if they have any power

like Coles and Woolworths. against the companies I'm not sure what they can do. What they did do was hold a national inquiry. It's hoped the findings will help consumers. It brings about a lot of transparency into all areas of the grocery supply chain, including the retail checkout counter. The Government has the recommendations and is considering major reforms, like mandatory unit pricing. Supermarkets would have to show per 100 grams or mills the price of items to make it easier to compare costs. While the savings per family might be a few dollars per week, you add that up right around Australia and that means, according to some models, $800 million in consumers' pockets and not in the supermarkets' pockets. Restrictive leases will be banned

to improve competition in shopping centres. And a national grocery watch will start, with supermarket prices available online.

We've got FuelWatch, we're going to have grocery watch. What we need from Mr Rudd is action, not watches. But the Government's FuelWatch scheme has suffered a huge setback - the new petrol commissioner appointed to implement it has quit. Pat Walker says family reasons are behind his decision to stand down. And Australia Post has been given the green light

to raise the price of a basic postage stamp from 50 to 55 cents. We've formed a conclusion that the increase that's proposed, which is five cents, is not excessive. Meg Palmer, Ten News.

An impoverished area of South Los Angeles has found a new and controversial way to fight obesity. Politicians have slapped a ban on new fast food restaurants. Americans have long had a taste for fast food

but in the poorer suburbs of South Los Angeles there's not much else to satisfy hunger pains.

And cheap prices such as this make it very attractive for people struggling to make ends meet. People like fast food. I mean, there's pizza, there's hamburgers

and you ain't not going to change that. The city of L.A. has other ideas. In a radical move, it's decided to ban any new fast food outlets opening for 12 months.

It's hoped the moratorium will encourage supermarket chains and healthier restaurants

to move in. What we're trying to do is diversify people's food choices. The politicians blame the lack of food choice for the ballooning waistline of residents. 30% of adults in the area are obese, double the number in higher-income areas. They do need more supermarkets around here

because there are really none.

to the neighbourhood? Why don't you think they come here A lot of things don't come here. This is South Central. of restaurants are fast food outlets, Here in South L.A. more than 70% in wealthier areas of Los Angeles. compared to just 42%

Restaurant groups, however, argue but what they eat. the problem is not where people eat to fight the ban in court. They're preparing Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In South Los Angeles, the bad news for investors After the break, at one of our biggest banks. And - too close for comfort - whacked by a protective mother. the whale watchers who risked being

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This program is captioned live. The National Australia Bank a new global chief executive has appointed

it could lose $1 billion less than a week after revealing

the international credit crisis. due to sent the share price down 3%. The news today will be replaced internally John Stewart chief executive Cameron Clyne, by Bank of New Zealand

NAB shares down to $24.70. prompting the share price to quiver - it was me who said to the board, but let me tell you

"We should go - today." John Stewart took the reins in 2004

is the prevailing mood of investors It's little wonder that pessimism

their annual results. as local companies begin rolling out that could go wrong for companies Basically, in 2008, everything has gone wrong. Despite strength in 2007, since the US mortgage meltdown began it's now 12 months for 2007/'08 and average company profit growth

is tipped to be just 5%, from the 20% increases a staggering fall over the past four years. That was never sustainable. a slowdown. We were always going to see has the share market spooked. That slowdown in the past six months, The All Ordinaries has slumped 30% lacklustre upcoming profits suggesting have already been priced into shares. Looking at the standout sectors -

propped up the miners, commodity prices as the price of oil doubled. while energy stocks soared smashed the financials, The sub-prime mess by four interest rate rises. and retailers were hard hit any surprises If analysts are expecting from company reporting season, they'll be to the upside. to come if dividends are cut. But there could be more carnage

Dividends will be the key factor head higher or lower from here. in determining whether share prices

And in unprofitable times

to move from shares to cash, it's tempting on the verge of retirement. particularly for those Former trader David Bates pulled out of a managed fund in November

to protect his nest egg. for the long term. He was advised to hang in wait five to seven years They said, well, in general, and it will all come back. take me out of the market Well, my response was

and put me back on that timing. paying close scrutiny David will be one of many for the new financial year. to company outlooks Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. painted a bleak picture, Today's economic news but the market rallied all the same. Tom Piotrowski at CommSec. For the details,

Tune of retail sales fell by one%,

the biggest drop in seven years.

The first six months of 2008 have The first six months of 2008 h

been the weakest in 30 years. It

comes as little surprise that

people are borrowing less. Private

lending rose by just under 0.5% for

June, but the last 12 months have

been the weakest in five years. Very little to celebrate. Very little to celebrate. The

market regarded this as the Reserve

Bank being one step closer to

cutting interest rates. Today we

saw a nice rebound for retail

stocks - Harvey Norman was up by

0.5%. West Farmers shares were up

one%. Last night the price of oil

best improve today. rebounded. Energy stocks were the

best improve today. Today marked

the last day of the month, and it

has been one many will prefer to

falling 4.5%. forget, with the local market

News just in from Washington - has declared US President George W. Bush in the Iraq war, there's been significant progress saying terrorists "are on the run" likely will permit and that generally improved security further US troop reductions. or huge fines Authorities are threatening jail whale encounter after a potentially dangerous off Sydney's Bondi Beach. they were lucky they weren't struck Surfers have been told protecting her calf. with the tail of a mother whale for their posers, Sydney's beaches are known just not ones this size. and her calf A mother southern right whale

chose Bondi and Tamarama Beach for a dip this morning -

they almost took it over. only problem was

See? See the calf there? On what was a spectacular Sydney day, became a whale watcher. everyone nearby on the other heads - awesome. The mum with the baby perilously close to shore - For 40 minutes the pair frolicked to be a little too friendly. so close, some surfers were tempted

5 metres, 10 metres maybe. and the whales went back. Someone tried to follow the whales to come in so far. It is unusual for southern rights But it's also illegal

of a mother with its calf. to be within 300 metres The penalty is up to $110,000 or two years jail.

We will police it. If people get too close, and we will fine them. we will police them visitors to the coastline today. Mother and calf weren't the only

off the coast, About a kilometre or more two, maybe three whales there could be having a bit of a play around full of whale watchers, for those two boats for this time of year. and it's not unusual can pass through Sometimes 200 whales a day

at this time of year. Both pods have been moving north further up the coastline. and are sure to bring the same magic Josh Murphy, Ten News. Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan. Brad, a Carlton contract at last - one of their favourite sons. the Blues finally bag Yes, Brendan Fevola will be a Blue for the next three years. Details next,

plus a host of big names back for Round 18. Also tonight - a young Bulldog kicked out of the kennel.

The tiny Queensland town invaded by Fijians. And Australia's BMX bandits preparing to ride for Olympic gold.

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This program is captioned live. Good evening and welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight.

Carlton has a new multimillion-dollar man

after Brendan Fevola ended months of speculation

by signing a new contract. The 3-year deal is said to be worth more than $2 million. With all the latest, here's Kelli Underwood. saga of the season, Brad, it's been the most drawn-out privately, but after publicly putting it off Brendan Fevola has finally put pen to paper. I do some silly things but I'd be pretty silly to leave this club. We're on the way up, mate, so there was no way I was gonna leave. The club's longest-serving player is set to be a Blue for life, although the 27-year-old admits he did push the boundaries during the tense negotiations. I think players, when they negotiate contracts, so I chucked the four out there but it got shut down pretty quick, so I was happy with three, mate. He's told me he's not going to have any more issues, not that you've had that many. He's going to be very well behaved for the next three years. But if you believe a new contract will keep him away from controversy,

think again. His verbal stoush with the Bulldogs is continuing, after Jason Akermanis was asked his thoughts on Fevola's claim the Dogs are unaccountable.

It's probably about that I should let you in on my golden rule, I do not respond to crap. and my golden rule is So, you know, take it as you want, and I don't want to talk about stuff like that.

falling 4.5%. Ben Cousins has given

his strongest indication yet he

wants to make a comeback. It is

about keeping the opportunity open.

I am trying to get back to a club

environment and backing to a football retain. Hawthorn's Alastair Clarkson has put his costly umpire incident to bed - a sarcastic comment left his hip pocket $5,000 lighter. I was out of line,

so we've made a formal apology to Justin and the AFL and we copped a whack and we move on. The coach's mood didn't improve when questioned about Buddy Franklin's inaccurate left boot. Shane Crawford returns tomorrow night for the big clash with Collingwood at the MCG. Stuart Dew is also back after missing a month with a hamstring injury. Josh Fraser is one of four inclusions for the Pies - Mick Malthouse refusing to bite back after being labelled too old to coach after being labelled too old to by commentator Robert Walls.

Sometimes it says more about the author than it does about the subject,

but I'm not gonna get in a slanging match with Robert Walls.

And the Bombers and the Dees will be missing key forwards when they do battle at the MCG on Sunday - Scott Lucas is out for Essendon and Brad Miller will miss for Melbourne. In the West, Brad, young Dockers ruckman Robbie Warnock will miss the rest of the season to undergo shoulder surgery.

Thanks, Kelli. NRL - as if this week hasn't been bad enough for the Bulldogs, the club was today forced to front the cameras again over a player's departure. But this time it's the Dogs calling the shots. Victoria Murphy has the details. Thanks, Brad. After a private investigation into an off-field incident which left a man with a broken jaw a few weeks ago, the Bulldogs today decided to tear up rookie Arana Taumata's contract.

My decision on this was relatively simple. We just can't afford to have that going on at the Bulldogs. in negotiations with Newcastle for a possible move next season. The Knights tonight held a board meeting because of the controversy. and are expected to end talks Drama too in the nation's capital, has masked it well. though the week's Sonny saga

Tomorrow is D-day for embattled Canberra halfback Todd Carney.

He has until 5pm to respond to an ultimatum put to him by the club following his latest off-field indiscretion.

To keep his contract he'll have to agree to a 5-point plan, which includes: He'll call me today or tomorrow, or email me, or get his solicitor to do it - I'm not sure. Australia coach Ricky Stuart tomorrow. will announce his World Cup squad Around 40 players are to be named. Former face of the Cup campaign Mark Gasnier

is not expected to be one of them. The selectors' snub is due to his planned defection to French rugby union.

Cronulla duo Paul Gallen and Greg Bird are certainties. Bird says he's happy to stay playing in the NRL

despite the discovery of escape clauses in most player contracts. I've signed for five years, so I'll be here for five. Gallen was a little less convincing. I've never played rugby, but for that sort of money

I'd dance for them if they want me to. named their World Cup squad, And, Brad, New Zealand has already named their World Cup squad and it seems they don't care what code Sonny Bill Williams is or isn't playing -

he's been named by coach Stephen Kearney. A tiny Queensland town is drafting international players to turn its rugby league season around. Members of Fiji's World Cup squad are warming up by playing for Fassifern, west of Brisbane. The mercury is nudging zero at Fassifern rugby league training but there's a buzz around the small town of Harrisville, west of Brisbane. Recently, the population has swelled from 600 to 607 in a Fijian invasion. They're in the World Cup squad and they need to have the match fitness of Australian playing and that.

And they were very... jumped at the chance. They may be internationals but they're coming to grips with the Australian way to play. You find holes, but back home you go for the man to man. Yeah, we go straight at the person standing in front of you. But we're learning a lot here. So it's a good arrangement for the Fijians. Turns out to be a pretty sweet deal for Fassifern too - before these players arrived, the A-grade side was languishing with just 8 points from the first 10 rounds, and that included 2 for a bye. Since then, they've notched three on the trot,

with an average winning margin of nearly 50 points. the most popular boys in town. And that's made them With two games to go, the team is now in a position to make the semis. But the Fijian impact is more than just about results. They've attracted players to Fassifern at a time when a lack of numbers almost closed the club. I don't think we could've hit more rock bottom in regards to club morale, club resources. We were at a very desperate point. We were at a very desperate po But so were the Fijians. Of course back home, everyone is facing a really hard life,

and we're pretty fortunate that we've been praying to the Lord and he's been answering our prayers. Seems Fassifern's prayers have been answered too. Rob Hazel, for Sports Tonight. A happy homecoming for Wallabies coach Robbie Deans

in Auckland this afternoon. The man responsible for masterminding last week's defeat of the All Blacks was applauded by the locals after touching down. He was expecting ambush, He was expecting an ambush, but instead received applause. Robbie Deans was the star attraction on both sides of the ditch. Thank you, good luck on Saturday, see you there. A warm homecoming he expects to turn frosty at Eden Park on Saturday night. There will be a reception. We know we are going into a cauldron. In fact, the Wallabies haven't won in Auckland since 1986,

a daunting hoodoo that doesn't faze Al Baxter one bit. I love playing at Eden Park. That's where I made my debut. Funnily enough, it was Robbie Deans coaching the All Blacks side when I played there.

Their main concern is how the All Blacks respond after two weeks of Tri-Nations torture. When a team gets a lot of criticism for a couple of weekends in a row they tend to come out and throw the kitchen sink at you. That's what we're going to be doing to them. There'd be a few sinks flying around on Saturday night, I'd say. What does he mean by kitchen sinks? They will throw everything at us, if that's what you mean. In a selection shock for the All Blacks,

has been named on the wing, centre Richard Kahui

but the decision on who will start at hooker and halfback is still unknown. Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. Suggestions cyclist Cadel Evans's Beijing appearance is in jeopardy due to a nightclub injury

have been denied by the AOC. Australian Olympic officials confirmed his withdrawal from the Olympic time trial was due to a tough Tour de France. I think in the ninth stage, It's a result of a crash he had not on the dance floor at the after-race party. Team officials are left lamenting the loss of another medal hope. Nathan, Jana and Cadel, who were all realistic gold medal chances, so that's a pity.

Evans is still listed for the road race. His time trial spot was filled by 3-time world champion Michael Rogers.

Stephanie Rice says there is no way her split with fellow swimmer Eamon Sullivan will dent her Beijing dream. Ian Cohen is in Malaysia with the team and has all the details. Ian. Yes, thanks, Brad, and good evening from day three of the Australian swim team camp here at Kuala Lumpur. Once again the day has been dominated by the Rice/Sullivan story. There's also been some swimming involved - surprise, surprise. And this is how it unfolded. Today it was right of reply time for Stephanie Rice - her private heartache laid out in public just ahead of her debut Games. This has been my dream to go to an Olympics and really that's the reason that Eamon and I have chosen to have a bit of a break. We're really both so excited to go to an Olympics and this has been my dream for everything that I've been training for.

The Queenslander is confident the split, described as amicable, is the correct call so deep into an Olympic campaign. This is what needs to happen in terms of swimming and obviously we're both professional athletes and we're both really focusing on our own career. Still on the women, and with a shot at five gold medals on her radar - three individual and two in the relay - Libby Trickett has revealed from the Australian sporting public in her chase for a record haul. I think we've reached a stage in our sport where one isn't good enough anymore. It just seems... it doesn't even seem real to me. It seems so ridiculous to think

that one Olympic gold medal isn't enough. Another golden girl confirms the nerves are slowly building. Trying not to think about it too much because you do get a bit nervous that's going to happen. It going to be really amazing. I'm really looking forward to it. OK, now it's time to turn our attention to the men, and breaststroker Brenton Rickard is with us in camp. on making the team. Brenton, congratulations What does it feel like to be heading to Beijing as an Olympian? Oh, it's obviously an amazing feeling.

It's the ultimate in our sport and it's something that I've worked towards for a long time, so to finally get the chance to compete in an Olympics

and call myself an Olympian is something very special. Explain to us your event, the breaststroke.

Obviously, your Japanese rival, he's the man to beat. When did you last race him, and what is your knowledge of him? It's probably been about 18 months since I've raced Kitajima from Japan. He's obviously a great competitor.

He won the double back at the last Olympics, so he's been there and done it before. But, at the same time, I'm really looking forward to the chance of racing him and stepping up against him. Nice for the men to start coming out from under the shadows of the women. I mean, the people we saw in '06, the boys are now becoming men

and starting to assert your own authority in the team. Oh, yeah, I mean, obviously, we've had a few dark meets, but I think it's just been a developmental process. We've slowly just improved and kept at it. Now I think you'll see some really world-class swims from the men as well as the women. Brenton, best of luck in Beijing. Thank you very much. Brenton Rickard joining us, just one of those swimmers in camp here at KL, Brad. at Olympic headquarters - It's enough to rattle the foundations a bloke named Kamakazi could win a gold medal in Beijing. He's one of ours too, part of Australia's first ever BMX team to compete at the Games. Brace the Olympic traditionalists... ..for the biggest adrenaline rush in the Games' 112-year history. You've gotta be willing to go for it and if you're going to back off, then you're not going to have what it takes. BMX will make its Olympic debut in Beijing. And five young Aussies have their eyes on the sport's first ever gold medal.

It's every man for himself and a bit of luck as well, but I definitely think we'll come home with a medal. But it'll take the perfect ride - about 37 seconds of perfection.

The Australian squad has been fine tuning on the replica track built in Luke Maddill's backyard in Penrith. You can never do the same thing twice with dirt, but it's pretty close to Beijing. The feature... 8-metre high starting ramp. Is it scary going up there? Yeah, I won't say that it's not, but you know, this is why we're in the sport and you know it's like a rollercoaster ride. They're hitting some serious speed coming off that ramp - 60k an hour within 2 seconds - but get that wrong and their Olympic dream is over. It's pretty much win or lost in that first lot of five or six cranks. If you really mess up the start, pretty much your day is shot, especially at Olympic level. It's exciting times for the sport, the Olympics kick-starting a renaissance of sorts. BMX hasn't been this popular since that flock of red hair put foot to pedal and leap-frogged a couple of teenage boys in the mid-eighties. This could become a habit. What if you can't give it up? She got it on the map for us, good on her, but you won't believe how much its changed since those days. The speeds have increased, the jumps have gotten bigger, and the names of its riders are now much, much cooler...

Yeah, changed it by deed poll to Kamikaze. Kamikaze by name... ..Kamikaze by nature. The Olympics might never be the same again. Paul Cochrane, Sports Tonight. Fantastic conditions once again for the world's best surfers over in Indonesia.

Bede Durbidge led the round two charge in perfect 2m waves. He knocked out fellow Aussie Owen Wright with an impressive 18.46 out of a possible 20 to shoot through to the third round. He and me on the ropes He had me on the ropes and landed a big score, got a good barrel and hauled up onto the beach I was really stoked. Taj Burrow is also through after winning his heat.

Other Aussies through so far are Adrian Buchan and Tom Whitaker.

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This program is captioned live. Our Olyroos might have a tough draw in Beijing, but at least they don't have to play in these conditions. Germany staged its very own annual mud Olympics a week out from the real thing. It's so hard to score a goal, it's so funny. There were no gold medals in sight, just an obligation to get down and dirty. As for the closing ceremony, well, that consisted of a much needed shower. Their efforts winning our Play of the Day.

Another win for the basketball in

China. They defeated and dollar tonight 81-78. Checking out the weather - A front will bring a burst of strong, showery westerlies

to inland NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and SA,

with snow on the Alps. A high will cause showers to ease in SA and keep most of the interior and north dry. Onshore winds ahead of another front will bring further showers to south-west WA.

And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6am. I'm Sandra Sully. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.