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The Government will provide

free insulation for almost 3

million homes as part of

measures contained in its

second stimulus package. The

Government says the move will

reduce energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But

the Greens say they have

concerns about the overall direction of the package and

won't be rushed into passing

legislation to allow the new

spending measures. Greens

leading Senator Bob Brown joins

us now from Canberra. Good

morning. Now, yesterday I heard one environment group saying

this was a bit of tinkering

while Rome burned but you've

given it 6 out of 10. You seem

a little restrained. I am

because it's not a cohesive

package, it doesn't redirect

the economy in the green

direction that Obama in

America, for example, is

talking about , which is very

job-rich, which is very good

for investment and for future

overseas earnings by the way

but it does have some good

elements like the ceiling

insulation for 2.7 million

houses. But why not, while

you've got the insulator in,

give people the option of

extending that insulation to

the walls or to having other

fix-ups of the house which will

reduce power bills by hundreds

of dollars? We also want to

see the spending on education

infrastructure, which is for

assembly halls and so on in

primary schools largely but

also in secondary schools, $14

billion there over the coming

couple of years. We need to

make sure that that is with the

latest technology, renewable

energy, that it's smart, that

it is very green oriented, that

schools can be proud of it and

that again it lowers their

power bills. Will all these

school building, for example,

be fitted with solar hotwater

services and solar power frukz?

They should be. The Government

should have that written in and people who have already

insuited their ceilings and already got hotwater services

on their houses should be given

an option as well. They're left

out of this. The people who

have done the right thing don't

get the option to be able to

extend it. Isn't the big

picture here we've got

scientists warning of the

dangers o global warming and

we've got a Government coming

out here with some measures in

a major stimulus package but

are they really addressing the

big picture? No, they're not.

It's not a package addressed at

global warming really at all

except in a minor way and -

however, it is also addressing

some of the problems that very,

very low income earners have,

although it's left out unemployed people, for example,

pensioners are going to and there's no guarantee the

continue to get an increase on

their below poverty line

incomes after the coming

Budget. Look, all these things

have to be looked at. We would

have had this directed so that

Australia had a new direction

in this age where Sir Nicholas

Stern, one of the world's

leading economists, said here

last year those economies that

head in the right direction are

going to be the strongest

economies further down the line

and we could produce millions -

not thousands but millions of

jobs - to-F we reorient our economy in the green direction.

That not written into this but

should be. Despite the fact

there are a few green

initiatives in this package,

there's no guarantee you're

going to support this in the

Senate. Kevin Rudd want this

passed this week. Is there any

chance of that? Let me put it

the other way. We're not going

to block the spending of this

money. The Government has the

responsibility for meeting a

very, very worrying economic

situation in which the

country's facing recession but

that being said, the job of the

Senate is to make sure the

taxpayers' money is wisely

spent and this budgetary

announcement is bigger than the

Budgets of several states and

Territories so we have a job of

scrutiny there. We will be

meeting at 10:15, the leaders

of the Senate parties, to look

at the way forward. The

Opposition has suggest weed sit

next week to consider this

matter. I have already

indicated that the Greens would

be willing to do that. That's

one option, but we're not going

to have all this legislation

through, I haven't seen the

bills. The Prime Minister

hasn't provided them, they will

be $42 billion, there's going

to be a lot to look at in that

and the Government's quite

unrealistic and not being

responsible in saying this

should all be ticked through by

tomorrow afternoon. Just

briefly turning to another

issue now in the Senate today,

a Greens Senator is going to be

moving a motion in relation to

Government spending on aid organisations overseas that

give advice on abortions.

What's the importance of this

issue? It's incredibly

important that we don't put

strictures on aid that wouldn't

apply within Australia. This is

aid Enable people overseas in

family planning to have the

same rights as people in

Australia with the expenditure

of money. George W. Bush and in

Australia John Howard became

very restrictive and intervened

in that. Brian hor dean had

great influence in the Senate

at the time. Balm bum has now

changed American policy and in

the wake of that we want to see

- Kevin Rudd should have

changed this when he came in.

There's big support for it in

the parliament and I think that

will go through and the Greens

are simply pushing the

Government along to get this

much-needed reform so overseas

aid from Australia can get to

families and women overseas can

make the same - and indeed men

can make the same decisions

when they do get a little bit

of assistance that adults in