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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - at Kevin Rudd's community cabinet little interest in the mining tax in Perth. soldiers killed in Afghanistan The bodies of two Australian

on their way home. to remember the 12 victims And shattered communities stop of the Cumbria massacre. with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News a surprisingly friendly audience, The Prime Minister has enjoyed in Perth last night. during a community cabinet meeting It was a different story earlier on, magnates when Australia's richest mining rallied with other protesters, his mining super-profits tax. calling for Kevin Rudd to dump in southern Perth Filing into a school hall surrounded by his key troops, expected to take heavy fire the Prime Minister may well have over his proposed new mining tax. to be anything but aggressive. But the community cabinet turned out

Of the hundreds who turned up,

to say about mining - just two had anything none of it negative. that if this money comes Can you guarantee us today for the debt that we have? it's not going to be used to pay yes. The answer to that is absolutely, have publicly declared The mining companies certain sites. they'll no longer be mining that've been said Some of the things of a grain of salt. need to be taken with something

was so friendly. Though, not everyone at its best. To my mind, this is electioneering

you're probably wide of the mark. I think on this one mate, Earlier in the day, and workers, the message from mining magnates couldn't have been any clearer. Axe the tax! (CHANTS) Axe the tax! in unfriendly territory, Realising he was Kevin Rudd came bearing gifts. of the resource tax Promising to direct more and port facilities, back into new road, rail in mining communities. more than $2 billion Western Australia should expect investment from this fund. in additional infrastructure when he's in Queensland today, And he'll announce more funding local public support. trying to buy back it's likely to be a tough sell. But there, as in the west, will sit down today And Prime Minister Kevin Rudd with iron ore baron Andrew Forrest of his mining super-profits tax. one of the most vocal critics The Fortescue Metals boss yesterday protesters in Perth addressed a rally of 2,000 demanding Mr Rudd "axe the tax". the first round of talks, He claims that during

wouldn't be giving any ground. he was told the government "This tax is binary Mr Forrest. The first words were have to change the government." "If you want to change this tax you That's a direct quote. Mr Forrest also says if the new tax regime is introduced less tax in the long term his company would end up paying may not get off the ground. because some projects a tough new plan Tony Abbott is considering travel further to get work. to make people on the dole is looking at extending The coalition on commutes to two hours. the current 90-minute limit do not have to accept a job At the moment, people on the dole an hour and a half from home. if it's further than soldiers The bodies of two Australian will arrive home this weekend. killed in Afghanistan and Jacob Moerland Sappers Darren Smith at a ramp ceremony have been farewelled in Tarin Kowt. at the Australian base died after their foot patrol was hit The Brisbane-based soldiers on their way back to base. by an improvised explosive device bodies in the United Arab Emirates. The Defence Minister has met their on Sunday. They'll be flown back to Australia in Victoria's north-east The death toll from a truck crash has risen to three. the Midland Highway near Stewarton The light truck ran off and hit a tree yesterday. were found dead in the cabin. Two men, aged 51 and 59,

was flown to hospital The 61-year-old driver in Melbourne but died overnight.

road toll to 145. The deaths take Victoria's annual has been cleared of racism, A Sydney police officer of trying to lift her veil after a Muslim woman accused him during a routine traffic stop. a formal complaint, Carnita Matthews lodged saying the officer was aggressive. my veil off my face. I felt he was going to actually rip I actually had a lot of fear in me. of the incident But patrol car video never once touched her. shows the policeman in eastern Sydney last night A major gas and water main rupture in Kensington. has collapsed part of a road inside their homes Residents nearby were forced to shut off the leaks. as crews scrambled throughout the night They've been there busy Todman Avenue, reparing damage to through the morning peak. which is expected to remain closed when a boarding house caught fire Six people had to be evacuated in Sydney last night. to the front bedroom The blaze was confined of the Marrickville building. a minor head injury A firefighter suffered for smoke inhalation. and another person was treated have held a minute's silence Thousands of Britons to remember the 12 people killed in Cumbria last week. during a shooting spree near the shootings Memorial services were held in towns as victim's families with the senseless killings. struggle to come to terms (BELLS PEAL) In towns and villages

for all the wrong reasons that have become familiar names the community came together of a week ago today to remember those terrible events the life they knew changed. when, with serial acts of madness, Suddenly, it all stopped. for our friends It stopped absolutely we held our breath and for many of us, we could breathe again. wondering when In Whitehaven, alongside killer and victims taxidrivers who worked stopped their trade. In villages like Millom, they braved the rain. Alongside the beach at Seascale, in all eight simultaneous services, each recalling friends lost to the gun man. May they rest in peace. (BELLS PEAL) It's 12 o'clock, the bells signalled a minute's silence. Then, it was over and people returned to lives that will and must continue

but can never be quite the same again. Now for your first look at Thursday's weather - Fine in Brisbane. Chilly but sunny in Sydney.

Becoming fine in Canberra. Melbourne will have a few showers. A shower or two for Hobart. Wet in Adelaide. And, fine and sunny today in Perth and Darwin. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00 - Should unemployed Australians be forced to take a job that's up to two hours away? But next on Seven Early News - 1 in 5 people falling victim to the flu vaccine myth. And The UN imposes tough new sanctions on Iran To celebrate our three new Family Dinner Boxes, we're giving you the best deal ever. Packed with favourites like the delicious Grand Angus, the iconic Big Mac with our famous special sauce, the mouth-watering Quarter Pounder, Australia's favourite fries and Chicken McNuggets made from juicy Australian chicken breast, plus drinks all round. All starting from just $19.95. So for a dinner the family will love, grab a new McDonald's Family Dinner Box tonight. One in five Australians are deciding not to have the flu vaccination this winter because they wrongly believe it will give them the flu. The finding comes from a poll of more than 1,000 people commissioned by vaccine maker GlaxoSmithKline. A company spokesperson says when people feel a little fluey after having the jab it's their bodies at work building an immune response. US President Barack Obama has hailed tough new sanctions against Iran's nuclear program imposed by the United Nations overnight.

The US President says they're the toughest ever faced

by the defiant Iranian regime. It sends an unmistakable message about the international commitment to stopping the spread of nuclear weapons. The UN hopes the new rules stop Iran making nuclear weapons but the nation has ignored previous demands to limit its stockpile. New evidence could see 22-year-old American Amanda Knox walk free from an Italian jail after being sent to prison for the brutal murder of her flatmate. The brother of a mafia mobster says he hid the murder weapon after his brother killed Meredith Kercher in 2007. Miss Kercher was found half-naked in her room with her throat cut in what detectives allege was a sex game gone wrong. The new evidence will be used to appeal Amanda Knox's 26-year jail sentence. Thousands of people have taken to the streets in South Africa to rehearse the World Cup Opening Ceremony.

They danced, sung and blew trumpets helping spread a jubilant atmosphere before the big event. American group the Black Eyed Peas checked out the stadium where they'll help kick off celebrations on opening night. Your first finance this Early News: 1,200 Australian 'Fanatics' have streamed into Durban ahead of the Socceroos' opening clash with Germany at the World Cup. The group of die-hards have been called "professional yobbos" and they're taking their support role very seriously.

They have been told it's dangerous

but these young Aussies aren't trying to blend in. Into

trying to blend in. Not height

hiding the fact that you are

Australian, are you? No, for one

reason only, To support our country,

mate. They have experienced

hospitality, not hostility. The

steady stream of Aussie arrivals is

become a torrent as 1200 fanatics

fill a tent city. A dream come true

for this one. It's not only young

Aussies, there is also the young at

heart. Season is the world,

seasoned. Daniel even brought his

mum. Someone has to look after him.

Somebody has to look after him. We

know who won't be finding their way

home. Not even rain can wash away

this tidal wave of World Cup

enthusiasm. Met up again, he said

you should try and do something to

get Aussies to support other Aussies

overseas, this is quite a few years

ago, no one really did that. They

were started by Warren Livingston

who was spotted by John Newcombe

rallies Aussies at the British open.

He has turned the fanatics into a

million dollar brand. Do you get

tired of the drinking and fun? Yeah,

I seem to hit it pretty hard these

days. Thankfully when I go home it's

not like that. For those concerned

about their loved one. They have set

up a live camera so you can keep an

eye on them from home. No need to

panic yet, mums and dads of

Australia, no one is feeling any

pain here. pain Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00 - Science lines up to take on man flu, so is it fact or fiction? But next on Seven Early News - And the German press brand the Socceroos "minnows" ahead of their World Cup showdown. And Rugby League officials move to ban Israel Folau from the final State of Origin clash.

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The stories we're following on the Early News - Kevin Rudd has escaped relatively unscathed from a community cabinet meeting in Perth where it was expected he'd come under fire over the mining super profits tax. Hundreds attended the gathering but the Prime Minister was only asked to field two questions on the tax. The bodies of two Australian soldiers killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan will arrive home on Sunday. Sappers Darren Smith and Jacob Moerland were farewelled with a ramp ceremony before being flown to Dubai. And grief stricken towns in England's north west

have stopped to remember the 12 victims of last week's shooting massacre. Thousand observed a minutes silence for those gunned down by taxidriver Derrick Bird. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. The Socceroos moved into shutdown mode overnight, training behind closed doors to work on their tactics for Monday morning's World Cup opener against Germany. The team has plenty of motivation after being branded "minnows" by the German media. Seven's Lee Jeloscek is behind enemy lines at the German training camp in Pretoria. ,

Good morning, Socceroos coach Pim

Verbake has shut the training

session off from the media. We have

made the trek south to enemy

territory to see territory to see what is happening inside the German camp. Now, it's

just under 4 days until the

Socceroos open their World Cup

campaign. Today they weren't quite as secretive. We were

as secretive. We were allowed to sneak in and have a bit of a peek at

what happening. The German team is a

very balanced team with not big

stars. It's a very, very balanced

team. So, it's - I think in this

case, it's an advantage. There's

plenty for coach Pim to mull over.

Will he start star striker Harry

Kewell? He hasn't played in any of

the lead up friendlies the lead up friendlies but the last week has been

week has been able to train and has looked good on the track. The same

too for Brett Emerton and now time

Cahill, also under an injury cloud

with a sore neck. Verbake says all

fit will be fit and will line up

against German. He will need them if

the Socceroos are to have any chance

against the European powerhouse,

back to you, Beretts. Bring it on! Australian Rugby League officials are looking at establishing new guidelines that would stop Queensland from selecting AFL-bound Israel Folau in State of Origin III next month. Folau trained with the Maroons yesterday but it could be his last camp with the team if rules are passed which prevent code hoppers from playing representative games.

I must say I feel easy, I have

coached for a couple of years, all

of a sudden, they have said, they

don't want him in the team and then

Brent gets injured and then they do

want him in the team. I would imagine he would be feeling confused. The ARL is concerned Folau's presence in the final game of the series in Sydney will turn the lead-up to the match into a circus. New South Wales skipper Kurt Gidley admits he's disappointed at being demoted to the bench for Wednesday's must-win Origin clash in Brisbane. The utility is adamant he still has plenty to offer the Blues.

I like to think I'm - I trained like

a leader and play like one. So, you

know, hopefully you know, that's why

he has still named me at captain. At the NRL judiciary overnight, South Sydney hooker Issac Luke was outed for one match for a late hit on North Queensland captain Johnathan Thurston. Fremantle has promised to target St Kilda goal-sneak Steven Milne in this weekend's top-4 showdown. Milne will play his 200th AFL game at Subiaco Oval but Dockers coach Mark Harvey hopes to make it an unhappy one. We've had a look at some match-ups that we've used on him the last few times we've played St Kilda. They have beaten us the last five times too. Saints' coach Ross Lyon backed his small forward to rise to the challenge. I'd target him too he's kicking a few goals this year. You've seen Stephen targeted by a lot of people, haven't you? And he certainly hasn't crumbled under any pressure. Fremantle forward Chris Mayne won't line up on Sunday. He'll miss the next 3 to 4 matches with an ankle injury. The future of Port Adelaide veteran Chad Cornes has been called into question as the Power look for ways to snap a 4-game losing streak. There's even suggestions the 30-year-old may not see out the season. I think the last couple of games have confirmed

his career is coming to an end really quickly. I can't see him playing out the season.

I reckon he's in real trouble. Midfield star Daniel Motlop is also under pressure to hold his place in the team. Whobegotyou remains a dominant favourite for Saturday's Stradbroke handicap after drawing perfectly in barrier 9 for the million-dollar race in Brisbane. The Mark Kavanagh-trained gelding is chasing its third Group-1 victory. To win Queensland's biggest race with that horse, Whobegotyou - who I feel is a Queensland horse - would be something real special for me, for sure. Sydney filly Melito has firmed into second favourite

after drawing ideally in barrier 4. Connections of Melbourne mare Ortensia weren't as fortunate drawing gate 21. That's all for now. I'll be back with more sport a little later in Sunrise, Natalie. Next on Seven Early News, a closer look at how the weather's shaping up in your part of the country. (SLURPS LOUDLY) TV: ..scored in this World Cup has been an absolute cracker. VOICE-OVER: We're proud to sponsor the 2010 FIFA World Cup and support the supporters with all restaurants open late, many 24 hours.

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Sunrise and shine from 6 am

weekdays. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up around the country.

A broad high will see cool south-westerly winds ease over New South Wales and Victoria, with snowfalls contracting to the southern alps.

The high will clear showers from southern South Australia. Moist winds will generate a few showers over the interior. So around the capitals - Fine in Brisbane. Chilly but sunny in Sydney. Becoming fine in Canberra. Melbourne will have a few showers. A shower or two for Hobart. Wet in Adelaide.

And fine and sunny today in Perth and Darwin. And that's Seven Early News for this Thursday. I'm Natalie Barr.

Standby now for Sunrise. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia