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(generated from captions) with David and Kim. good morning everyone. Good morning big Dave. Melbourne this morning with gossip underwear, did I miss something. Thank you for that, I was going keep it a quiet little secret. It's

I went to a fantastic no secret in Melbourne.

I went to a fantastic lunch at

Crown Casino yesterday, all part Melbourne racing, Spring Carnival, and Jason Brunsten dress I was I'll get in a third, no that's coming. I thought I needed a bit coming. I thought I needed a bit of smoothing along the fat bit we

fat bit we like to hide. You remember. Gee. fat bit we like to hide. You asked

and wardrobe said - I'm a big fan of the Nancy Gants of the Nancy Gants that flattens

your stomach out. She said are called Scelt belt. Which is like a boob tube that I put across

my hips. I sat down and it went

whoosh up to my waist. Like a that releases itself. Yes,

there I was with a situation. happens everything hope they enjoyed their lunch after that. Then there was a big kind of rolled up thing around my section and I was in trouble as to how I was going to get it down, so I was trying to sort myself out at t

having trouble. Of course, in true sort myself out at the table. I was

form there I was sitting next to radio's from Gold FM in Melbourne, didi. She out me, listening. If seems to me there

this particular item of clothing, needs to be an adjustment made to

if there was a bit of rope the, it would not whtt. That's idea. When the shutter up and you have to jump

up and you have to jump at it, that's what it was like You had people jumping in your that's what it was like trying to...

underwear. Not quite. Been a since I've been to one of those lunches. Such are the trials and tribulations of being a girl. Didi tells me is you need the ones you

can step into. The connection between the... As opposed to just the... - the belt. So glad I

the question. Good morning, upper reaches of the legal well educated and profession attract a distinct type,


the boxes until his $1,000 a day cocaine habit saw him flung jail alongside some of those in the courtroom, his is a story drugs, disgrace and in the courtroom, his is a story of

before Steve Irwin made the brand drugs, disgrace and despair. Long

internationally famous, another

crocodile hunter vowed Douglas Broome has been wowing the wild life. Beach. The most disliked man on radio passed away, having lost his battle with brain cancer, Zemanek announced that the illness changed him, eager time he had left with his Marchellea, she joins us to time he had left with his wife

about life without stn. Kudl pot and man, are being explained by

See, women's underwear is extraordinary. I know. There's extraordinary. I know. There's a thing you wear for everything. The

U Bras, have you seen are fantastic. Go and get yourself U Bras, have you seen those, they


one of those. I am not going to there. Do you know Is it the one that cuts low and holds everything up so you can have a more revealing dress. You are so on it. Is that right? Yes, they are fantastic. I linger out the front of shops, never. There's one cuts at the back. There was a lingerie shop that would model the you. I We have a new you. I was a big customer. Really.

overnight Kim. This is fantastic, you will love this Fanning, the great, saw a dolphin moments before he became surfing champe he became world surfing champion, and he swears it was his long lost brother. Get

The most intense assault came to fruition yesterday when Fanning took the mantle from Kelly Slater on the final day of Slater on the final day of the accident on the Gold Coast nine years ago, an annual memorial contest Snapper Rocks,

single dolphin appears. convinced I have chills now. On occasions fanning surfed in Brazil. world title. A in world title. A dolphin joined him

in the light out. "There was a dolphin out there dolphin out there chilling", Fanning said. That Fanning said. That is extraordinary.


him in, amazing is an amazing story, we should get

him in, amazing story. Let's do it. When is he back country, do we know? I country, do we know? I haven't win, he'll Today win, he'll probably be well on it.

Chev has scored the bud of and snuggled it in here, so we part of the charge, he'll toss but rest flavour blows our blows our minds, Kim, what's on the first their principal have been killed a life

massacre life posted a video of his planned

Finland, not America, but this massacre on the Internet. $$NEWLINE

school and familiar an an 18-year-old student at the classrooms, shouting this school moved through shooting into

start of the kill himself. We have heard some teacher before apparently trying to

shots. The towards shots. The shooter was running

towards me in the - with a pistol knew in his hand. I fled immediately. I

classroom classroom and

classroom and the door was closed, what's going to posted fled. Hours earlier the teenager

massacre on the picture of the to first Home owners calculator

The 0.25 per cent increase expected but apology would say would say to the borrowers from Australia, who are affected by this and I regret It's the first risen during The cash rate now

11 year high. Borrowers will have to find on extra $344 to find on extra $344 a month for a $200,000 home, $50,000 on $300,000, rising to $84 owing Not an insignificant sum higher petrol costs and food and the general cost of higher than it has and the general cost of living is

economists predict there's worse to We are expecting two more 25 point basis hikes There's a reasonable chance they'll go again in December. The coalition plank in the last campaign was keeping the rates low. The Mr Howard can Mr Howard can no longer be trusted on

the coalition is a safer bet. A 23-year-old man has been handed life 23-year-old man has been handed a life assistance for the murder Perth schoolgirl Sofia Rodriguez Urrutia. Can'ty Wyndham Arthurs pleaded guilty to stronging 8-year-old. The judge described the crime as shocking and evil. Arthurs will be eligible for years, but it's unlikely he'll be open heart surgery, it's a tough few years for Jimmy Barnes, Aussie rocker has a featuring sons written from hospital bed. I got where I looked in the mirror would think how long will it before you kark it, what will take to kill you. It was take to kill you. It was the lowest point to Jimmy Barnes, an addiction to alcohol ripping his marriage and family apart. The always wore his heart on his sleeve. Open heart surgery gave him a chance to Le the days he was control (reflect). I couldn't at my children. like what they were looking at. His new

new album 'Out of the Blue' written almost entirely from

hospital bed. People say the is a sexy shop, I'm lying in a marble slab bearing the scar my open heart coming back and having chance. The album

later that month. $$NEWLINE There

you go. Barnesy. And we'll

more on those stories coming up in the morning news at 11, plus a full wrap in Ten News at five. Andrew Fraser was one highest profile criminal lawyers,

defending a number of dangerous and notorious. His life was mansions,

Mercedes and ego, a $1,000 a

grace. He spent five years maximum security prison housing surprisingly, he's critical

jail system, which he believes is a

school for crims. He joins talk about his struggle to get a life after jail. I don't know where to start really. Perhaps we could start with your lawyer, I'm fascinated by criminal lawyers. You are dealing, out with these guys. Not

Not exactly hanging out with them. You are forced to

Absolutely, all day every how tough is that, I mean, what do you need. You must need awfully ballsy. The first thing you need to have is an ability to dissect your professional life your private life. You able to walk out the door on the office and

it home with you, otherwise you end up going completely mad quickly. Apart from that, I quickly. Apart from that, I think

you have to take what your client's instructions are and go into and do the job. The idea is to get your bloke off. Well, the Crown to prove their case, if he gets the

and wanders back and wanders back into society. incredibly stress frl job. Yes. Is that why you turned to cocaine. Yes. Is that why you turned to No. Everyone assumes that. No. Everyone assumes that. No, it's really not the answer. I first took cocaine at a party because it was there. there. It had been around before, plenty of you want a line?",

you want a line?", I thought not?". How quickly did it turn into

a habit and when did you realise you It was social use for many, many

years. What really tipped me over the edge was a did a back case for a bloke who turned be case for a bloke who turned out to be my co-accused, and he and said do you still like

and "Why? What?", he said "I've been told you do, follow me home", he lived around the corner from he lived around the corner from me, literally, in Elwood, and out he was an importer, always had

it, always there, just around corner, five minutes from that was really only the last six months that things went phwww the stratosphere. Before that

the stratosphere. Before that for 10 years I used casually. It's 10 years I used casually. It's been thrown around, in fact, I said the intro, it was a $1,000 a cocaine habit. Not every day. What is that like.

Do you really want to know? shocking. It goes away from being the fun that it's supposed to be. This is the problem for This is the problem for all the

people watching that think "We are going to a party Saturday

going to a party Saturday night," you always have to pay for whatever

you do. OK, you have a gram of coke at a party Saturday night, how do you feel Sunday. Pretty ordinary. You might still feel You You might still feel crook Monday. You are paying always. You are paying always. So when it got out of control, I can I think you asked me know, I can remember standing in bathroom and I felt awful, and I had a day

had a day in court coming up, had a day in court coming up, and I white as a sheet, "Mate, you've got yourself shocking habit here, going to have it", I said "I it", I said "I won't use today, it's got to start now. Guess what, didn't happen. Couldn't get the I wouldn't use before I went I wouldn't use before I went to court.

out on edge. out, but you - you are strung out. You haven't properly. So you are wearing that, it affects you ended up in jail. I did. Which was the worse possible nightmare, what was that

Tell us the event jailing. It was cocaine that got you in there it you in there basically.. Of course it was. it was. The charge wag... Knowingly concerned with an importation. What

was I was incidental to it, I

wasn't the it would have gone

it would have gone ahead whether I client in my office. How did the client in my office. How did they hear my he came in, and the Werner Rin, and the same bloke, Werner the next morning. He give me something to while

mouth while I was gone, used it, shot my going to be you were charged sort of - convicted of this. What kind kind of sentence did you expect? Well, 6-12 months to

I seven with a five, you stand up when you sentence, he went down the and he gave it to me. I remember standing the rail shock. I thought "If I I'm going

I'm going to faint, and I am not

going to give benefit". flew officers or screws call out, and straight cell, and are in are heavy steel door

heavy steel door into the big heavy frame. chunk goes the key, and you "That's you are not speculation speculation about how much time you are going to get. are going to get. You've just copped while I certainly don't condone what you jail, because

jail, because we rarely get to those stories, experiences. It experiences. It was certainly everything everything awful that you imagined wasn't before I go on. I don't condone what I did. I horrified and disgusted with myself. You have, however, done your time. Yes. Yes. And survived it, more importantly.

because you get thrown into jail, into protection. Protection from protection, and I still as to theories, it was another evener. theories, it was another evener. It put worst of the worst of the worst. There were a number of minimum. They were going to jail,

jail, so you can joint was like. They have nothing to lose. They don't no suggestion of parole so they play up all the time. do you mean play up, what do. There's fights, stabbings, blokes that are mentally unwell, and - but by

yesterday in 'The Age', and parole board board slammed the jail system. You couldn't get a meal without being frightened for your

No, so it got to the thought rather than being Fraser where you barged in angels fear to flee, angels fear to flee, I thought discretion may

discretion may be the better part of valour, it first couple of days, a of the tracksuit pants it happens in the blink of an eye. A bloke's stabbed eight or nine times, and then blew breaks out, and often the amazing thing is it's not see on the TV, about the screws all racing in and breaking it up.

Often they stand back and wait themselves out so themselves out so they can't raise their hands. Then they lock place down, take them than jump in and potentially get a

snack in the mouth. What do you do in the I go, I'm out of here, see you

this. For a meal, for instance, I'd

just wait and see. Wait just wait and see. Wait until everyone had cleared can wait. And they are all barge in the minute the servery is open. the minute the servery is open. I just wait. If it meant I missed out, who cares, it doesn't matter. Better than getting a toothbrush in the back of the neck. Half the time it's not for Half the time it's not for any

transgression, it's a perceived

These blokes aren't all that These blokes aren't all that well either, so you know, either, so you know, they are

blokes that see things, hearing things. They have voices in their heads. They are in the general jail population, they should be

mental institution. You have spoken about sex in jail, drugs in jail. It's astounding to hear about drugs in jail. How does that work it out. They

work it out. They keep a very close lid on the number of prison

officers that have been

Not only with drugs, but alcohol, pornography, all that sort of stuff. Anything that's forbidden has a Anything that's forbidden has a high market value in get away with it, they do. Visitors

bring it in, it comes in in bring it in, it comes in in food deliveries, or deliveries to

jail, or in the country gaols the

bush gangs that go out, you know, know that there's going know that there's going to be an empty coke can at such and such a

spot on the highway, as they are planting the trees they pick up coke can. Did you continue drugs in jail? God know. No,

been on bail for two years, and well and truly got off it by then, don't worry. You were off the drugs, weren't you? Often, often.

Countless times. It's not

question of get what you can, just place the order, there. You see certain blokes

the heroin, certain blokes for the

marijuana, and it's a whole sort

subeconomy. It is. And you make that really good point, because the the book you talk about it being a school It is. It is a school for criminals.

Just yesterday, as I said, the parole making the same point I do, that there is no rehabilitation in jail. So often when people are charged and sent to jail, rehabilitation is cited as a main reason. I think you can go better than that, David, I don't think I've ever heard a sentence delivered where the "rehabilitation" hasn't appeared somewhere, even if they say to a

bloke "You are going to jail for

the rest of your are beyond rehabilitation", and you get to jail. I had to wait years to be assessed as to I was suitable for education. I was suitable for education. How do you survive

do you survive that, how do you not go mad go mad in that situation? With great difficulty. But I actually talking to a bloke was doing 13 years on the bottom for rapes, and he quite freely said

"I'll do it again", prison taught him a lot. He said "The only way you get through is to constrict your thinking to never going outside the walls", and I him and I thought "You are completely cock", completely cock", so obviously the opposite has got to be the opposite has got to be the right way to go. That is like Mandela said "They've physical me, but they can't take your mind away". Everything that goes on the outside, my sister made sure I had the papers every day. read all the papers, cover to read all the papers, cover to cover, I mean everything. I I mean everything. I read whatever books I could get my hands on and

started running again. That was it, I kept to myself. You got yourself outside, and managed to get a gig in the vegetable patch. That

of led to more trouble. Peter There you were with a There you were with a serial killer. Yes. What was Strange Yes. What was he like. Strange fellow. How do you Strange fellow. How do you strike up

up a conversation. Do you? Yes, you do. But people say "How can you do that, how could you get a job him?". No, I don't mean you, how do you, how do you. Until you've done it, you can't I mean you have to talk to You can't stay - stick to 100 per cent of the time. And 100 per cent of the time. And gave us a tiny bit more freedom in we could go out there and to eat what we grew. You knew Absolutely. Did that many you watching When you are out there, and there's a serial killer. And you do keep going on, and where it's going Being a criminal lawyer in coming to you regularly. Of coming to you regularly. Of course they were. They were nonstop. Blokes knocking on my door. That's the I mean

They have a one line letter from their lawyer saying your case has been adjourned to such and such date. They couldn't read must have read hundreds like whole bolts and screws bolts and screws activity. Nuts and with somebody with a degree, you assemble degree, you assemble dina blokes, pick up the on, put the nut It's not going to give you a It's not going to give you a career outside No. Are you prepared to te tell me the story that you told about before of people getting out, going back to

dangerous, but I somebody I was in with recently. been out long. I mean, is a shaker and mover. is a shaker and mover. I've seen since I've since I've been out. You see

corner, Before we finish up, I want you there or not. Recently in the paper drug use in read you

shone on the things would be things would be a lot different. different. The AMA have regime treat you medically, they help run your both the bars council and the both the bars council and the barristers body and the law institute don't I said that eight Other people have

came out and said there was problems He was slammed. messenger. Whatever yo mention it, we'll just keep it swept under the carpet". That's

mentioned. They don't want to know about it. They are about it. They are not interested in dealing with it. Don't want to

know about it, it doesn't can't let this chat finish asking asking you what's happening now with your life. How do you find a life You can't ever practice as a again. No. You have a re-establi relationships with your know know were very supportive. They were terrific, and I love Had my daughter last night. Went out and had brekkie this

I'll go for a run later. I have started on my second book. I'm starting I think next week for the Open Family, talking to schools about drug use, and talking to schools about drug use, and if it can happen to anybody

that's really the moral of the story, if it can happen can happen to schools, them. People can't come to with them. People can't come to terms with it, but drugs - there are lots of kids that don't smoke and of kids that don't smoke and drink, but they all take drugs, so

employers have to get their around the fact that new cigarettes and alcohol. new cigarettes and alcohol. In years to years to come, that's what's going to be affecting performance in Andrew, we are out of time. great to meet you. Thanks We'll be back with more of '9am'

Malcolm Douglas is one of the first

of a breed of wild life warriors it bring venomous Australian outback slithering and snaking into our homes by what was the large the corner known as it was in front of that that riveted, how he met his boyhood idol recently. $$NEWLINE 3,000km north of $$NEWLINE 3,000km north of Perth in

the middle of nowhere is Broome, perfect the middle of nowhere is Broome, perfect weather, the world's famous Cable beach and a Cable beach and a cruisy lifestyle. It's the home It's the home also of a true Aussie legend $$NEWLINE For as long as most of us remember the outback adventurer brought the Aussie bush into our lounge rooms, delighting and discovering. There's like this in the world.. I first trip around Australia in a short wheel based 1954 Land Rover and shot my first film across top, Darwin to Cape York, travelled around showing it in Halls, surf club, in the late '60s, cinemas were closing down,

television had taken over, and hired a lot of the old cinemas, away we went. I shot 50 films, I

reckon I'm good for another 30 years. years. My last film will be Malcolm

in 1956, in 1956, pestering the local council to sell him land near the unexplored place called Cable beach. A

counsellor said "Malcolm, you are stupid to be Now I'm sitting on an expensive piece of real estate. I feel you are not selling Endangered Endangered species are his passion. I got him this big, brought him in here, he's my best mate. Isn't That is That is a spectacle wallaby. That is a spectacle wallaby. Look at him. He's a dag. Looks like something out of Star W ready. Down mess around. You hang on to that one. We had up to animals in the house at one time. In the In the house. Yeah. Do you call yourself environmentalist.

shooter to an environmentalist conservationist. conservationist. Why the change? You grow old, killing. killing. That strange noise they make. Especially after I had cancer I had, you treasure every day, and you see the animals, and they endangered. Douglas's is crocs, big crocs. Gees. what are you doing. His stories as big as the crocs he Thee try to take your motor or fish. Grab your dog. Or chase or grab you. -- worse case chase or grab you. -- worse case scrarn, they might grab is nightmare ally, you have some of the most biggest crocodiles. In we go. Look at that. People try can't see during the day. Gee whizz. are safe. We are OK.

predictable about Crocs is they are unpredictable. predictable Malcolm you have you have in the I'm I'm making my own. Khaki strids. I

Malcolm constrictors, if you get around your you have a wonderful affinity. I dealt with a lot of

Malcolm Douglas is a He He replaces your suit with a ute, going bush. You going bush. You need to be on your toes dreams of fauna seems about the crocodile about the crocodile that you can see,

can't see, right. Good advice. After continues his week with with

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# With the summer in my rear view #. Telfer is going us into eating flowers, and explain the difference between paw paw and papya. What is banana blossom salad

I'll get into it. Here it is. me unravel them a is. It is the but of a herd. You

have bananas growing in This hangs bottom. There's a pictures. those leaves unfurl the bananas start

start to grow and you get these what you and you get these what you call - they are little fingers, bunch of bananas, they are the fruiting body, I guess, the sexual organ in a sense. Why do we have eat that. You have to this early stage. Or and and smoke it. We are not eating those parts

We are not eating those parts David, it's too homorottic. We are the inside parts. These hang off the bottom, from the bananas themselves. I would collect these for the Thai these for the Thai restaurant we work in, I would twist and break them, and I get to take them for free. Hey, better. No-one really gets then you charge how much. Here

then you charge how much. Here we go again? Remind me to go out dinner with you, the bill. No, how does that work? It's like a little happy It's like a little happy of banana embryos. It is in a sense. You not making it better. What going to do... We don't eat No, no, they are the fruiting body in a sense and the organ. I'm going to keep the outer

to keep the outer leaves, we don't eat them. They'd be good for bowls.

That's what we'll use them for. Great for a cocktail party. The Great for a cocktail party. The sap your clothes. I know this serve these in these little

at a wedding. I cut them at a wedding. I cut them off, worn my expensive jeans, put sap on

them and stained them brown. It stains brown, imagine what

like on a like on a pair of pants. It's not good on a wedding dress either, quietly. You have to be careful. Take the outer pieces off. get to the crunch. There are more of those little organs all the way through. tiesing now. What you have to be

careful of is... It reminds me of artichoke. This is

artichoke. This is the tins. choke. It looks like that. All choke. It looks like that. All we are after is the ripe inner part. You have the tinned one. That's Can you eat it like that. We'll Can you eat it like that. We'll eat

it raw. Normally you cook starting to to move on this. Why isn't this browning, it's in

browning, it's in suingar syrup. It's been cooked or poached in the

tin. I'm slice this thinly, and

we'll eat this raw. And what I'll do is I'll put it As is. With a squeeze of to keep it from Browning. I'll go through. It's really sticky on the fingers as well. Be aware of that

as you are working. Does it have a banana taste. Not really. Or smell. Have a wife of this. Try the

fresh one. It's more about fresh one. It's more about a

texture, for me. It's like Yeah. Kind of unripe fruit, a fruit smell. Now, with this.... Like

delicio. If you are a delicio. If you are a Queenslander, you know that, if you don't you know that, if you don't know. A fruit salad fruit. It grows on a It's a common Palm, you don't realise you have a fruit on it until someone explains you can it. The outside is prickly. know when to eat it because it comes off in

comes off in pieces, comes off in pieces, like discs fall off as it ripens down the fruit. You can't eat the whole fruit in one, you have to wait until the fruit falls off. Fascinating. You somehow used to give it to my kids, they used to forage blossom in there.

blossom in there. I apple, oit slays that thin, skin on, a bit of colour. I'll slice that. Star fruit is not can't put that in. I finish it off with star fruit. It gives it with star fruit. It gives it a nice look and appeal. Pretty. Very pretty. Nice and So I have my... Not too strong. No. else

else do I put in this. Green papya. This is him here. You basically It is green, the flesh there white. Then we need to try and get it shaved like this. This is it shaved like this. This is a Thai method of something I suggest you do at home. Work the knife around like this. That's fraught with danger

While I do that, can you unravel them all in. We haven't used a lot of lettuce, not much at herbs are the main ingredient. There are peanuts boiled and roasted. They are good,

not room in this

it work. They can go in. Take thin off it. All of this. All that. There we go, what come off like way of doing a jewellryen. Nice.

That can go in as got

Do you want me to get another If you can make that happen, good make the butter, there we go. OK. peanut Plum sauce, that goes in. Plum.

Tama the sauce. How did you do the sauce. How did you do that. I spilt a bit. 90 per cent of that on the floor, don't that. Then I have my that. Then I have my dressing, it's thick, much this

here, put a the plate. On the plate as I mix my salad dressing. We'll get this in, we go. we go. I tried hard, I put one up

really Very Very Thai style. I think cooking is erotic, Lawson, kind of erotic. The men in

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and pay no more. simply send it back Broadcaster Stan Zemanek gleefully described himself as the most

hated person on radio, we'll his wife Marcela who loved his wife Marcela who loved every bit of him.

For 17 years radio personality Stan Zemanek traded insults with listeners, calling them numb nuts, half wits, oxygen thieves, and

wing loonies. He attracted more complaints to the Australian Broadcasting Authority than other radio announcer, last year he was diagnosed with a mag brain tumour, His 14 month battle against brain tumour ended in July. With the love of his life Marcela by his side. His

by his side. His wish to dance at never be fulfilled. Why was it important for you and Stan to important for you and Stan to do the book. It was more important Stan. Deep down he realised Stan. Deep down he realised that he was going to die, and he just wanted to document his life. So he did - he started to do it at beginning of this year with

Beaumont and Beaumont and then became too sick. He trouble putting his together. So I approached publisher and it with Janees?", and that's what I did. So I had to do parts, the diagnosis, and the chapters. Let's chapters. Let's talk about the diagnosis diagnosed with. He was

with a grade 4 tumour, with a grade 4 tumour, but it was -- Brain -- Brain tumour. Brain tumour, and we Teo, and he said "If you don't have this operation, within six there was no decision to be made, he was having the operation. Then Charlie

Charlie said that most people don't survive 50 "I'meeks. We thought - Stan said "I'm going to survive longer that", he months and an wouldn't give

on air, four hours a then this last year he then this last year he did 'Beauty joy, he talks about the chemo the afternoon and he'd afternoon and he'd go off to work notes

was chemotherapy chemotherapy concurrently with raidation around. I think Tim Webster made a joke alive. He alive. that was his focus. I think lived. I learnt who your friends were that

people expectations, with the they never in. They were grand-daughter grandson And Charlie

Stan a Stan passed midnight. He next next day. I said "Charlie, you should go", he said Marcela it's a this beautiful thrilled I was able to do that for Stan. I said "We are having a sleep

knew Stan was struggling. The next morning, a chocolate cake made with love TEEo. I had a couple of doctors previously, who said "Look, you know, you are lucky if you'll lay

maximum", you know, kept months, and "Come back in 12 see you", that gives strength to continue to go on. Charlie Teo is a special man, isn't he. That was a bit hard for me to see. night

night because I was I knew that you sick, and he struggled doing that

interview. I think that that shows you how tough and courageous he was. Let's second and talk about the man that Stan Yes. He loved the fact that

revild, that he was the hated man on radio. He did, he relished in that. mean away from from the television camera, a very gentle soft person, couldn't believe how quiet and shy he was, I kind of expected to intimidated. No, he's not like that

intimidated. No, he's not like that at all, and at all, and at dinner parties people their head off or attack them, he didn't. He thought of you great didn't. He thought of you as a great advisor and great critic. There must have been times listen going "Oh, no", Many listen going "Oh, no", Many times. Many or cope with that. Would you him down afterwards. wait up for hip. He knew if I

sitting up when he got home, that would be sometimes I thought he went too shrug it off. Then I know that shrug it off. Then I know that he would take it on board and You know, a couple I'd hear him say something, and I thought "Yes, he took that board". It's a great friendship. So many thought the marriage would never last. They gave

never last. They gave us six weeks. Didn't think you'd be able to put up Stan didn't he'd say "It's a bit were together three years before he proposed, and when he he said "We'll January", and I said "The and he said "No, the last day", he had the last word on that. And then that was it. We just friends life, really. Why was it so

important to him and all of you that he died at home, surrounded by all of the things he loved, why is that really important? He made me promise that I would never put him in a hospice. I made in a hospice. I made that promise to him, and I didn't it was going to be quite as difficult as it was. But, "No, I can do

"No, I can do this, and a

friend of mine of 40 years, who a nurse lives her and I said "Could you come down and help me?", she said there in a heart beat", she

into the house with me, and it was

- and the hospice, - and the hospice, the Sacred Heart -os piss came every day to check on

him. It was actually easier -- hospice came every day to check hospice came every day to check on him, they did it, I was pleased he could die in his own bed,

me, and be carried out of there, even though he made it difficult be carried out of there to the last minute. I don't want to laugh about this, but it is so funny, he was difficult until the end and He was, because

He was, because they bring in this special thing to carry you out on, a stretcher I suppose

but it couldn't get around but it couldn't get around the bedroom door. Then the manual stretcher. I said he doesn't want to leave", he doesn't want to leave", our

building manager, Glen, was sweet and escorted us down, sweet and escorted us down, and shut off a lift so no-one else could get in, down to the van, they couldn't get the stretcher in the

the van, and I started laughing hysterically. He said to me when moved into that apartment "I want to be carried out of here in a to be carried out of here in a box". He was, he He was always fairly determined. read he didn't believe in the notion of stress, the idea of therapy. But week he's in a full coma, you burning week he's in a full coma, you are burning candles. He would have been horrified.

night we'd go into the bedroom say this is a champagne or this is rose, and I thought "He would loath that", he fact he was surrounded by women, but not the candles. I want to talk

to you about the part in the to you about the part in the book that I found terribly moving. Stan's death, he

Stan's death, he appeared at the bottom of your bed. What happened, the night of the funeral, the girls, you must go home now get on with your lives. I Stan had a collection he loved watches. the watches to decide what - who would have what. I would have what. I found these cufflinks I bought for his 50th birthday, he never wore them. He hated He did, they were so

He did, they were so expensive. I got them out and got them out and said to my daughter Gaby, I'd love Hamish, grandson to have these, she said

"That'd be lovely, he'll wear them when he's older", That night I went to sleep, or the next woke up, woke up, there was Stan standing at the end of the bed in daughter bought him, which he didn't like, and

and it was so real and there the cufflinks. What did he say. He just said "I'm sorry I had to go", Then did he disappear. He did, and I felt and I felt a flapping sound across my bed, and I thought my bed, and I thought "There's an animal in here", I think it was you. I did, I got because it was quite strong.

because it was quite strong. Before we - he knew that you were open to it. He did. Was he before his death. Stan was having his charts read, his stars read. He was very muc read. He was very much into that. You always knew you. I did. I didn't think come so soon. I said to if you are open to it, you will if you are open to it, you will see him. His daughter hasn't seen him, but she dreams about

but she dreams about him a lot. daughter is still very sad, and I - sometimes she'll walk place and gets really teary, and she misses him. She she misses him. She grew up with him, she was seven when I met she lived most of her life with him, he gave her away at her are right about carrying on, it interesting actually, the fact that you can't take the

the bathroom, his things wardrobe, and you open the door, what will you find in there. I am not sure, he might pop out. No, I just couldn't - I can open the cupboard but his clothes are hanging there, his polo shirts. How many would he

are still there. Is it

irrelevant for me to suggest that his taste in polo shirts It was, we talked him ones, and he toned down I just I just - I suppose I still feel him there, quite there, so I haven't been able to

how do you find a way forwa losing it

it would be easy for me to curl up and not go forward. I have a beautiful beautiful family. I promised Stan what I intend to do. I said to Charlie. Charlie. That's a little way off. He's would do anything to help charlie's

deserves. Let's give deserves. Let's give it a plug.

Charlie Teo is a surgeon that did A A cure for life. There is no cure for brain tumours, they are looking for a so many people being diagnosed with

brain tumours, and the worst thing about

getting brain cure, and cure, something like that to something like that to help Charlie's Thank you. The book is called Thank you for your back

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jump on board. After the break, latest from the

You know, this fuel has powered me for hundreds of launches, I go around and round and round.

I have got the right stuff under the bonnet. Ready to race, bro? Oh, yeah.

You could:

# Even more love with me you fall It's news time It's news time now, for the It's news time now, for the latest we are joined Natarsha Belling, good news to 18-year-old 18-year-old student has opened fire at his high school in a Southern Finland people before shooting himself. The rampage has stunned a nation where gun ownership crime is rare. The gunman was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the postings that previewed a massacre

calleding clips where a young man called More evidence about of a good of a good night sleep, especially for children. A US study found plenty of rest is crucial to fighting additional hour additional hour of third grade your risk of obesity decreases found sleep deprived children were more have problems concentrating. Fit and and healthy between eight and nine

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# There's nothing that a million # A cancer diagnosis in as a family prognosis was difficult in the prognosis was difficult in the past, modern and quantity of their lives can

# prolonged. # Oh, you make me # You #. Most cancers in pets, humans occur in older animals, while more research needs to go into the causes of the into the causes of the illness, there are treatment options available, available, one offering new hope to our furry compannians is our furry compannians is radiation they werely. Up to 85 per cent of dogs are

surviving fire year or more, not just a pail yachtive care, but a cure, and a cure, and a new lease on life. Charles performs radiation therapy at the first facility of its kind for pets. He's seeing a prevalence of cancers in animals. That may be because dogs are living longer, people are taking care of pets preventative 14, 15 years, cancer tends to older age disease. how does radiation therapy work. Radiation therapy works by Radiation therapy works by killing cellular cellular DNA. It affects cells that are rapidly turning over are rapidly turning over like skin

cells and intestinal cells. It happens to be that most tumours are growing faster than normal it will never take the place chemotherapy or surgery, it's main line, first radiation therapy does an excellent job cleeping up tumours that were

in Australia. How many treatments would a patient need. Some get one, some three or four, or 15 Depending on Depending on the type of tumour and the expectations. And costs, is it prohibitive for treatment around $600, for three four,

to times in the past, where a times in the past, where a single therapy would have and sometimes less expense. For a lot of love.

wish I had insurance. When she was a puppy, this is the second operation she had. She was hit by $40,000 dog their pets, but they come in having to you

pet?", my re tore people think an years life more #.

The 18-year-old killed 8 people and injured dozens more. The shootings happened just hours after the boy posted a video on YouTube detailing his plans. Police have opened fire during an aggravated burglary south of Melbourne. How a regular bedtime can help children tackle obesity. And Michael Jackson set to be evicted from Neverland.

# Some day # I will be there # We've Terry, Terry, who has been officer for almost 15 years. It's really of T Very good. Thank you Terry for taking the time I'm sorry I He says he was amused by horror

there. It's time the do gooders inmates. few are stressful, few are willing to do, it's frightening. Listening to time nurse

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David Kirkpatrick joins us David Kirkpatrick joins us next

with spikey hairy things for home. He'll inform us that they'll look lovely look lovely in a vase and look lovely in a vase and improve our love life.

# Everybody tries to put love #. I'm

the next segment to relationships and sexual organs of plants. am. Facts, facts. Are they natives.

only one or two, that are found offshore. By

banksias. If they are natives, why are sias. If they are natives, why are they called that. It's are they called that. came over here. Beautiful flower, been here for centuries, I'll it after me. The Swedish named it after named it after him. And Grevillea.

That was named after

Could have been Charles. A called something or other He was a patron. All t He was a patron. All these Europeans taking our three distinct Austral plants. Two of them are in

have a to look at the plant

it has a personality of its Here we go. Sorry. Yes. It does This little woozy. I guess. This is your Grevilleia. He's a hooks hooks here, this is known - hooks here, this is known - common name is a spider

the whole world is to compete with supply of birds and insects. want with me", so that's the Yes. That's Kind of the what

you have something a farand farand nightclub". It's the 'Midnight softer saying "I'd love to with the

This is "Do it voice), standing proud in the garden. It's true. statement to on out there. How long on we

that you want to make in the

Depends on how David. There are different use these have something finish it will hedge up nicely. When they finish flowering, all

do is chop off the sexual and it

point. You run around after it the ones that flower almost time. There's one called Don't they get hedge up and bee completely You have to keep cutting. to keep cutting them. tall and slender, flowering for to six months a year. How do we plant them. OK, so have things like the the Proteas family, they need continues, one of the continues, one of the biggest killers is clay, wet soil. to have them well Fantastic, and in the perspective is banks, but a feature plant. So you

have look at them screen. Looks See how proud they

If you have and the birds and the birds will be, like, dripping all over it. fantastic. The Aboriginals used use them, the Banksia's for a drink, there's so much nectar in Banksia, you can It's a syrupy drink. That's getting back to

back to the planting of them. Banksia's back to the planting of them. Banksia's dry. Callistemons, are actually like are actually like a bog plant. So

they grow in the banks of rivers, anywhere that it's that in the that in the boggy part of the garden. Yes, but garden. Yes, but the amazing thing about Callistemons, is in tough conditions as conditions, or moist conditions. You can grow

spectrum. Which one will bounce will bounce back after a We are doing overburning, protect the environment, and what happens is Banksias will regenerate

from see, and there are others that

are designed to die bushfire. They die off, the bushfire comes through the bushfire comes through too quickly, or the burning quickly, or the burning off and kills kills the young plants so they don't have a chance You have an amazing selection You have an amazing selection of plants. To pull the birds into plants. To pull the birds into the garden. I have information on the web people to have a look. Go and look. Thank you. We'll be back after this. just hours after the boy posted a video on YouTube detailing his plans. How a regular bedtime can help children tackle obesity. Michael Jackson set to be evicted from Neverland. And we'll show you the world's most expensive dessert, the delicious treat for chocoholics with money to burn.

I was going to say, we had a

thought provoking show, but it's patting ourselves on the You were amazing. I know. Here an email an email from Lorraine "I hope lots of people help and support Charlie Teo's campaign, support Charlie Teo's campaign, if anyone finds a way to beat this disease, he would be the one". web address on our site. Thank you

for the pleasure of your company. Born a peasant, Born a peasant, Lee Schwinsin brought up in a village, trained brought up in a village, trained as a

spent three and dancer for the Australian ballet, talk to him. Peter Farris QC been claims that cocaine use it rife claims that cocaine use it rife in the legal profession and he joins us. Professor Armstrong that there's a link that there's a link between obesity and is the Plethe key to fighting the dees. Plenty for Friday, see you in morning. Nous is