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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - A police warning to parents on a Sydney girl. following a sex attack to exercise care. We're asking for the community go under the hammer Re-possessed homes as interest rates begin to bite. Exclusive - sends troubled teens to Kokoda The Government

to learn respect. burying the Broncos in a thriller. And the Bulldogs in finals form,

with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. who abducted and sexually assaulted Police are hunting a predator in Sydney's west. a 12-year-old girl in a park not to let their children out alone Parents are being warned

the attacker may strike again. for fear The girl was alone in Telopea walking through a neighbourhood park

when the stranger grabbed her. She was forced near a creek was committed. where an aggravated sexual assault and just metres from nearby homes. It was sunset

Seven News understands the girl bit her attacker with a detailed description. and escaped A white European male in his 20s. freckles, He's skinny with fair hair, a beard, but no moustache. in Elizabeth Macarthur Park Police say the attack in the area. is the first of its kind a sex predator has struck before. But residents say Earlier on this year to two high school girls a guy exposed himself out the back and they reported him, but... Back then, police moved in.

and knocked on the door They came around anything. to see if we'd heard or seen many with young children themselves Shocked neighbours when told by Seven News. only learned about the attack for potential witnesses Police canvassed the area late this afternoon. after the attack. That's nearly 24 hours that had to be done - There were certain things they've now been done. The girl is recovering at home. they'll keep their children away. Locals say about that. It gives you pause for thought has been a hive of activity today Sydney's housing market up for auction. with more than 200 properties

70% sold some put on the market by borrowers the repayments who can no longer afford who have re-possessed homes. others by lenders ladies and gentlemen. An opening bid to start, A few years ago for more than $400,000 this Guildford home sold and today it was a bargain. but the mortgage got too much All done at $300,000.

and congratulations. Bidding nicely done

is seeing it a lot. Agent George Lattouf who bought four years ago We've had people precedent prices selling $100,000 losses. We've had a scenario for $600,000 where a property was bought sold at $350,000. Aussie Home Loans boss John Symonds suffering mortgage squeeze warns others before you're forced out. to get out and say You might have to bite the bullet

"You know what? selling the property "We're better off

"going out and rent "and live to fight another day." Buyers are happy. we probably get our houses cheaper. The interest rate jump for us means to find reasonable properties. It's a lot easier have many spooked. Though interest rates of pent-up desire I think there's a lot into the market - for people to get back

at the moment. they're just holding back Real estate watchers say at the moment

a tale of two Sydneys - the market really is in some places prices are falling where sellers are able to hang on but in others and it's forcing prices higher. there's not a lot of supply around The council areas in green has risen in the 12 months to June are where the median house price

blue where they've been steady and red where they've fallen. in Fairfield and Campbelltown, The biggest falls in Waverley and Manly. the biggest rises

of the turmoil yet. We haven't seen the end is warning Australians The Prime Minister of the economic turmoil to brace for the impact sweeping the world. John Howard insists

will provide some protection the strength of our economy but the Opposition says with family finances. he's playing politics couldn't deter John Howard Adelaide's gloomy weather from his early morning walk. in world financial markets But the storm is weighing heavily on his mind. The bad news is consequence whenever something of that happens in the United States elsewhere in the world - it does have ramifications that is unavoidable. is now so bad The home loan crisis in the US the Federal Reserve to the lending rate it charges banks made a surprise cut slashing it by 0.5%

to calm jittery markets. in an attempt Yes, it's a good day. It's a bounce back. that we're out of these woods. We're not prepared to say welcomed the move, saying Treasurer Peter Costello to pass on extra costs to borrowers. Australian banks have no reason that I have been in touch I can say here in Australia this morning with all of the key people are in strong shape. and the Australian institutions The Opposition isn't arguing... we ought to be playing politics I don't believe that is as serious as this. The financial turmoil the nation's punters doesn't seem to be worrying as the guessing game will call the election intensifies. over when the Prime Minister November 10, 17, October 20, 27 - in the "when it will be held" book. they are very much the fancies on John Howard to win. Almost $1 million has been laid out and her boyfriend in hospital A teenage girl is dead of the drug Ecstasy. after a suspected overdose They apparently took the pills while fishing on a Gold Coast boardwalk. The 18-year-old girl died before paramedics arrived. Her 17-year-old partner is in Gold Coast Hospital

in a serious condition. This should be a tragic reminder to everyone who decides to put drugs in their mouth, they don't know who's made them or where they've come from. Detectives hope to get more information when they interview the boy tomorrow. A $100,000 reward has been posted to solve the disappearance of a Sydney teenager. Amber Haigh was last seen by friends after they dropped her off at Campbelltown Railway Station

in June 2002.

Police now believe the 19-year-old has been murdered. They're appealing for anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers. Emergency doctors fear lives will be put risk by new rules for the State's ambulance paramedics. They'll soon be allowed to decide if a patient should be treated at home, taken to a GP, or admitted to hospital. Every 31 seconds

an ambulance is called somewhere in New South Wales... SIREN WAILS ..taking patients to overstretched emergency departments. Now, a new Government plan will see paramedics treat the not-so-urgent cases themselves. We've got 20% of our calls at the moment are people that are treated on site but are not transported. 16 extended-care paramedics are being trained for things like... Wound care, sterile dressings and possibly some procedures such as catheters. Most will operate in western Sydney. It will mean a better ambulance service according to the Government

but some believe it's a bandaid for a failing health system. If they're going to divert patients away from emergency departments which it won't do

the problem is there's already not enough beds in those emergency departments. He's also worried patients could be misdiagnosed. The paramedics will get eight weeks special training. They won't be able to write prescriptions but they will be able to give patients some drugs like antibiotics. The Opposition says paramedics are already overworked and understaffed. This is going to be an extra burden on ambulance officers, a stress on GPs and it's not going to help patients. The Ambulance Service supports the changes which put more trust in one of our most trusted professions. Navy experts have ruled

a wreck found off the coast of Western Australia is not HMAS 'Sydney'. Sonar scanning has shown the wreck revealed by a group of researchers last week, is too small to be the warship. We know what it's not at this stage but further work will be need to confirm what that wreck is. The 'Sydney' sank in 1941 killing more than 600 onboard. The Government will continue funding searches for the ship. Services have been held around Australia to remember the Battle of Long Tan during the Vietnam War. In Canberra, a new plaque was unveiled to mark the return of the remains of two soldiers

declared missing in action. The families of Lance Corporal Richard Parker and Private Peter Gillson, say it completes their journey home. I never thought it would happen

and I'm glad it has. and somewhere to see. Governor-General Michael Jeffrey

and Defence Force Chief Angus Houston attended the service

which ended with a fly-past of two Iroquois helicopters.

The sacrifices of our diggers are being used to turn the State's troubled teenagers away from a life of crime. Today, 13 young people flew out of Sydney to walk the Kokoda Track in the hope they'll learn respect and responsibility. For many of these kids a police officer has only ever meant trouble. But today they left for New Guinea to walk the 96km Kokoda Track with cops they used to fear. Chris Reynolds used to wag school every week. like goin' around streets, hanging around bad people, and um, drinkin'. But under the police program he and 12 other indigenous teenagers from Bateman's Bay

have had to quit truanting and obey the law for a year. We know that these people were at the crossroads in terms of offending and getting caught up with what we'd call "the bad crowd". Each learned the story of an Aboriginal Kokoda digger. Normally, you don't see many indigenous people doing anything but realising they were over there, it's like "I could probably do that one day". Kokoda veteran Ray Gentles believes it will teach mateship and leadership to youngsters who once couldn't spell discipline let alone show it. I think the way to get their respect is tell them about history, tell them what's happened. To go onto the Kokoda Track and experience the difficulties,

experience the sacrifices made and the courage that was shown by our diggers. Since the program began truancy rates in the area have dropped from 20% to 12%. Just goes to show you that when government and non-government organisations work together with young people they can change attitudes and behaviour. Ray's confident they'll get as much out of Kokoda as he did. They'll have a different attitude altogether, I feel very sure of that. Ahead in Seven News - Is Shane Warne about to become a German citizen? Also, a miner's final call to his wife as a cave-in rescue is called off. I just want you to tell my kids that I was a good guy.

And a lucky escape as a car crashes into a bedroom. Outside - new spoiler, new colours and new alloys. Inside - new interior style, exhilarating performance that's still the benchmark in its class Plus your choice of sedan, wagon or hatch. The 2007 Mazda 6 range. Now sporting even more. Shane Warne is considering giving up his Australian citizenship and becoming a German national so he can keep playing cricket in England. The spin king's mother was born in Germany making him eligible for a change of nationality. Holding a European passport would enable Warne to bypass new restrictions on foreign players in England. But one of his biggest fans thinks it won't happen. What people do with their citizenship in the end is their own business but I think, along with most other Australians, I'd be amazed. Under German law Warne couldn't remain an Australian citizen. A Melbourne couple had a rude awakening this morning when a car smashed into their bedroom. Karen and Gill Britter were asleep when they heard skidding waking in time to see a car coming through the wall. is collapsed Our whole front lounge room wall on top of our lounge chairs that we sit in. So, I'm glad that we weren't sitting there. But, yeah - the car's probably about that far from the bed, so yeah, very lucky. Very lucky. The driver fled the scene leaving the stolen car for a sleepover. The search for six miners trapped in a US cave-in has been abandoned. The owners of the Utah mine say it's too dangerous for rescuers to go down again, following a second collapse that killed three of them. For a brief moment the sight of ambulances rushing up the mountainside and helicopters gave families tenuous hope had been found. that the six missing miners

Instead, they learned that the mine had claimed three more. We went from a tragedy to a catastrophe. One of those rescuers killed was 29-year-old father-of-3 Brandon Kimber. After it collapsed, called up and says, "I just want you to tell my kids that I was a good guy "and that I did this because I had to, "because I loved those men." For almost two weeks rescuers had been digging towards the six trapped men by hand if they had to. The seismic activity underground has just been unrelentless and the mountain is still alive. Officials were faced with a difficult choice - abandon those missing or continue sending men into a mountain that keeps claiming lives. Rescuers will rely on a fourth hole being drilled through the top of the mountain to continue the search but it now seems more likely that this mine has now claimed 10 lives. NASA has decided against repairing a deep gash in the heat shield of the space shuttle 'Endeavour'. It's feared the work could further damage the hull. The decision is supported by the shuttle crew. There's certainly more risk in doing the repair than we're willing too take.

NASA says the gouge is smaller than the broken tile that caused the 2003 Columbia disaster, killing seven astronauts on re-entry. The Shuttle's landing next week could be brought forward because there's a major storm heading for Texas. Hurricane Dean has lashed several Caribbean islands with winds of more than 200km/h. At least three people have been killed. The storm is expected to intensify into a powerful category 5 storm as it reaches the Gulf of Mexico. It is expected to cross the US coast on Wednesday. The obesity crisis in Italy is being tackled with a different form of greed with cash being offered to the biggest losers. The Mayor of Varallo Sesia in the country's north has announced payouts of up to $1,200 for residents who can maintain their ideal weight for a year. Sport with Ben Damon and it's a big day for the Tigers. They're playing a must-win game against the Sharks we'll have action shortly. Also tonight, could the champions curse be about to claim another victim? COMMENTATOR: Sherwin has kicked it.

Sherwin has nailed it for the Bulldogs. And Sydney FC's new million dollar man finally makes his debut. I love to play football. SEAGULLS SQUAWK SEAGULLS SHRIEK KIDS SHRIEK Kellogg's LCMs have the goodness of puffed grains of rice,

no artificial colours, and tastes so good they'll always pull a crowd. Kellogg's LCMs: CROWD: LCMs! Defending champions the Brisbane Broncos are in danger of missing this year's NRL finals after their 1-point loss to the Bulldogs last night. from the Eels in Melbourne The Storm survived a bold fight

while a Brent Sherwin field goal got the Dogs home in a thriller at Suncorp. It could be the third straight season the defending champions miss the finals. COMMENTATOR: Sherwin has kicked it. Sherwin has nailed it for the Bulldogs. Brent Sherwin's field goal broke Bronco hearts three minutes from time. Up until then it had been every bit the see-sawing battle.

have a look at the size of him. Big Dave Taylor - He floats it out - one of the best finishers. el Masri, entertaining games this season In one of the more it was 12-12 at half time in the second half and with two tries each at full time as well. it looked like being level into third on the ladder But Sherwin kicked the Dogs and the Broncos into finals limbo. two games to play. We've got two weeks to go, They're always talking the Bulldogs play their best footy" "this time of year,

a fair bit of improvement in us. and I think we've still got in Melbourne The Storm scored the first try both sides were ready to play. but after a week of trash-talking, Now for Grothe and Grothe will score. No grapple tackles and no crushers

from both teams. but there was something dangerous on report. Timana Tahu and Michael Crocker

had a touch of the Jarryd Haynes Eels star Krisnan Inu as Melbourne scored their second. Parramatta, they throw it in and Melbourne look like they might've scored a try. Krisnan Inu - well, I guess this is inexperience. with a brilliant try of his own Inu bounced back

to score. taking a speccy over Matt Geyer

But after coming within four points to level. Parra dropped their chance But I think he's lost the football. of the top eight The Tigers could drop out in Cronulla this afternoon. if they slip up against the Sharks in that game at Toyota Park It's approaching half time 12 to four. and it's the Sharks leading overcame a hip injury Tigers hooker Robbie Farah to start the game

who struck first - but it was the Sharks

putting Luke Covell over. Brett Seymour's quick-thinking for Luke Covell COMMENTATOR: Puts a kick in and the Sharks have the first try. almost immediately. But the Tigers hit back

finishing off a great move Winger Daniel Fitzhenry with the visitors' opening try. It was a far cry from the World Cup

but soccer star Juninho finally made his debut for Sydney FC in front of 5,000 fans in Penrith last night. against Penrith Nepean United The Brazilian started the game at half time before being substituted by coach Branko Culina. to minor league opposition Despite going down 2-1

Juninho was happy in four months. with his first hit-out I love to play football. I put my heart on the field Wherever I go, so it won't be different here. to starting the season I'm looking forward

a great season with the team. and looking forward to doing by another Brazilian in the team And Juninho will be joined 22-year-old striker Patrick. with Sydney today signing And in round 20 of the AFL Essendon beat Carlton by 10 points by 30. while St Kilda downed Fremantle

David Neitz's 300th game Last night

over Melbourne. with an 11-point victory the opening race in round eight Holden's Mark Skaife has won of the V8 Supercar Championship at Oran Park.

Todd Kelly claimed pole but he was swamped at the start as Garth Tander and Skaife came flying past. Jack Perkins went off in a cloud of dust at turn two at turn three while Tander shot off the track with mechanical failure. and that's where he finished. Skaife took over in front COMMENTATOR: Experience pays off. What a controlled performance. and reclaimed the championship lead Rick Kelly was second while Jamie Whincup was third. since a male Aussie sprinter It's been 40 years won an Olympic medal, but John Steffensen says to break the drought in Beijing. he's the man

at next week's World Championships Steffensen's campaign starts a medal in the 40m. where he's promising John Steffensen will be a champion. If confidence matters in sport, How's preparation been like? hasn't been too bad. It's been pretty good,

What do you think your chances are? You know, I believe I can medal. Move over Anthony Mundine... I'm very good at what I do No, I believe or anything - and not to sound arrogant We know he's good - Steffensen proved it with 400m gold at last year's Melbourne Commonwealth Games. COMMENTATOR: What a performance! What an honourable lap a lap of honour. and now he gets to do athletics' big guns Now he's chasing starting next week in Japan. World Championship medals Aussie male are rare. Steffensen reckons he'll win one. otherwise I wouldn't go out there. Of course, yeah - There's no point, man, you know? At the Olympic Games has won a medal for 40 years. no Australian male sprinter since our last 400m success. It has been more than a century to put them on the map They need a male sprinter you know? like Cathy did for the female side, You wanna put some money on someone? I'll bring it home. Put it on me, brother - against Roger Federer must break a 10-game losing streak Lleyton Hewitt

of the Cincinnati Masters. if he's to make the final Hewitt breezed past Carlos Moya with the world number one to set up a semi-final showdown who beat Nicolas Almagro. It took the Australian a little over an hour to down Moya. It's his seventh hardcourt win in less than two weeks. COMMENTATOR: He's done it - game, set and match Hewitt. out of that match Hopefully, I can take some things and have a good challenge tomorrow. and improve on in nine days time. The US Open starts Media Challenge at the SFS tomorrow. Quick mention of the Charity and Luke Ricketson will be there Laurie Daley for leukemia research. and its all to raise money That's from 10.15 tomorrow.

in parts of Sydney The rain that's started falling At replying? It is always next year.

is set to hang around tomorrow. next in Seven News. I'll have the forecast for Sunday WHOOSH! MUSIC INTENSIFIES fillets for dinner? Done! Tender, juicy chicken I'm off! Boneless Banquet, thanks. Including 12 Boneless fillets lightly coated in KFC's 11 secret herbs and spices. KFC's Boneless Banquet. DOG BARKS Commodore Lumina like the special edition

with the advanced safety of ESP as standard. You'll also get over $6,000 of extra value Bluetooth phone connectivity and rear parking sensors. All from $32,990, and government charges. plus dealer delivery Holden dealer today. So get into your # Baby, I'm ready to go. # of spring in the air There's a definite hint above average after temperatures again climbed but fairly mild night - We had a cloudy 9 degrees in the city. That cloud continued today but didn't stop the temperature reaching 18 - that's one above normal. Right now, it's 15. It was much cooler overnight in the west with temperatures ranging from a chilly 3 degrees in Richmond and Campbelltown to 6 in Parramatta. During the day

most suburbs reached 18 or 19 degrees. Penrith had a top of 20. Terrey Hills, just 15. It was 9 in the mountains. Around the country tomorrow - A shower or two will develop over Sydney tonight. Increased cloud cover should bring fairly mild minimums but we're in for a gloomy day tomorrow with a top temperature of around 16 degrees. And looking ahead - Showers will persist into the middle of next week but it should be mostly fine by Friday. In breaking news and a plane in Turkey has been hi-jacked. Officials say 136 passengers have escaped but nine passengers and two crew members

are still on-board. The hijackers claim to have a bomb. And in the NRL, the Sharks lead the Tigers 18 to 4. And that's the very latest from Seven News. I'm Chris Bath, thanks for your company. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

Now, the weather is usually a conversation starter, but you'd think after four weeks you'd have moved on to another topic by then. This is actually a Kiwi drought. You should see it when it really rains. Oh, God! Yep, almost to the top of New Zealand. But whether the weather will hold out is another matter. On the other side of the world, Jen's scoping out the A-list in London. Dannii Minogue, Rachel Hunter and even Posh have been in here. Andrew's found a little town with a big history. ANDREW: Here's a story for you. It's 8,000 years in the making. It's a life and death struggle with tragedy and romance and a whale called Tom. And in outback Queensland THERE'S a traffic jam you don't see every day - thousands of nomads