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This program is captioned live. Tonight, Greek tragedy - on an island holiday. a young Sydney man savagely bashed all shocked just to know this. We're all shocked, in a bikie clubhouse raid. A taser, crossbow and guns seized

a whale of a time. And the rather large visitors having of our new petrol commissioner. The shock resignation

But heading the 5:00 News - remains on life support in Greece a young Sydney man were bashed by nightclub bouncers. after he and his friends his cousin and friends, Doujon Zammit, on the island of Mykonos were holidaying mistaken identity turned to tragedy. when an apparent case of was meant to be a reward For Doujon Zammit, this holiday and before he started work. after years of study is being kept alive by a machine - Now the 20-year-old at Greek island club. the tragic end to a night out just to know this, We're all shocked, very shocked,

before they left. especially when they talked it up They were going to Dubai going to the islands, hopping. and going to Greece, We're just devastated. and his cousin Cameron Tabone John Kazzi befriended Doujon

at his Sydney cafe. when they became regulars So nice, gentle, peace-making guys. ever been in any sort of problem. There's no way these guys have The two young men and a friend Paradise Beach club strip on Mykonos. were partying at the popular When they left the club, by two bouncers, they were apparently approached of stealing a handbag who accused them and demanded their passports. When they refused and proclaimed their innocence, a fight broke out,

with a metal baton. Doujon was struck in the head had his nose and wrist broken. His cousin a serious assault. It is a frankly a disturbing event,? Friends say in the wrong place at the wrong time. the young tourists were simply 100% mistaken identity, 100%.

cause a problem, no way, no way. These guys will never

Doujon Zammit's distraught friends set up a special tribute page on Facebook this afternoon.

arrived at the Athens hospital Doujon's father is believed to have where his son is on life supp where his son is on life support.

The two bouncers have been arrested. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. against senior hospital officials No action will be taken accused of mutiliating patients. who recruited a surgeon joins us. State political reporter Kevin Wilde get off so lightly, though. Kevin, the doctor might not have come forward with complaints As many as 500 of his female patients

or mutilated them during operations that Reeves sexually assaulted them practising as an obstetrician performed when he was illegally

on the South Coast. made no finding The report by a senior lawyer

and one retired health officials against the two serving who didn't do proper background checks. intentional and calculated dishonesty Instead the report found Mr Reeves's why he was employed. was the main reason the Health Minister Reba Meagher Let's hear now from

Jillian Skinner. and the Shadow Minister

I'd hope that the victims would I'd hope that the victims

field encouraged to know that there

has ben a lot of work done in strengthening their recruitment has ben a lot of work done in

procedures so this can't happen

again. I think the victims will get

held no comfort that no one is being

held to account for employing him

happen again. in those hospitals and it could

this report would recommend action Victims had high hopes who gave Mr Reeves his job. against those Those hopes have been dashed.

That did the very least. They

shouldn't be many of their jobs and

be able to resign and take up

another post in the public service. the Director of Public Prosecutions That's up to and also a police investigation. released this afternoon, In addition to the 100-page volume conduct was handed to the DPP another volume about Graeme Reeves's for consideration. the three health officials And when it comes to who failed to do proper checks, within weeks. the department will reveal their fate or even demoted, They are unlikely to be sacked and all other indications. given the tone of today's report swarmed the site, arresting two men Dozens of the Sate's top police

and seizing guns and other weapons. and protection, Packing plenty of firepower, dozens of elite police the Outlaws motorcycle gang clubroom prepare to storm and two of their other properties. we go in with enough resources We tend to make We tend to make sure

to secure the premises. all manner of form of things We're aware of

such as booby that can be used to injure police, such as booby traps.

western Sydney headquarters Inside the gang's

an amazing array of weaponry. they uncovered Police seized shotguns, semi-automatic pistols

and rounds of ammunition. other weapons were also taken away. A crossbow, taser, handcuffs and the raid, a 50-year-old man, The only member inside during was arrested, along with a 47-year-old colleague. they were among up to four bikies It's claimed here at the clubhouse a month ago. who savagely bashed a former member who was a 31-year-old man, The victim, broken ribs. He also received a fractured skull. inside the clubroom The raids offered a rare look on being society's 1-per-centers of those who pride themselves who live outside the law. the clubhouse for several hours, Police continued searching Harley-Davidson motorcycles seizing these two highly prized their registrations were in order. to check if late today While both gang members faced court on serious assault charges, has left hospital. their alleged victim Police are expecting to make further arrests.

Ali Donaldson, Ten News. If you witness a breaking story

your pictures on Ten News, and would like to see

email them to: and video. We're interested in both photos a huge shake-up Supermarkets are facing to give shoppers a fairer deal. Ten News understands the consumer watchdog wants major reforms including a national grocery watch and changes to pricing. The pressure is now on the Rudd Government

to act on the first of its much-vaunted inquiries. Consumers are looking for relief. I don't know whether they have any power against the companies like Coles and Woolworths. I'm no sure what they can do. Commissioner Graeme Samuel is confident his inquiry has been exhaustive. A very rigorous analysis indeed of the whole grocery industry. The Government will show its hand next week. Ten News understands:

Aldi supermarkets already have unit pricing allowing quick-price comparisons. 'Choice' welcomes the call for a grocery watch. This level of scrutiny we would argue and the kind of information consumers now have that puts on the same footing these goods of the people selling them again will lead to downward pressure on prices. But the Government's FuelWatch scheme has suffered a huge setback. Pat Walker, the new petrol commissioner appointed to implement it, has quit. Family reasons are cited. And there's one price rise the consumer watchdog won't block - Australia Post has been given the green light to raise the price of a basic postage stamp from 50 to 55 cents. We've formed a conclusion that the increase that's proposed, which is five cents, is not excessive. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Some rather large and playful guests have played a starring role off Sydney's most famous beach. Southern right whales dropped by for a swim with the locals. Sydney's beaches are known for their posers, just not ones this size. A mother southern right whale and her calf chose Bondi and Tamarama Beach for a dip this morning - only problem was they almost took it over. See? See the calf there? On what was a spectacular Sydney day, everyone nearby became a whale watcher. The mum with the baby on the other heads - awesome. For 40 minutes the pair frolicked perilously close to shore - so close, some surfers were tempted to be a little too friendly. Someone tried to follow the whales and the whales went back to... It is unusual for southern rights to come in so far. But it's also illegal

to be within 300 metres of a mother with its calf.

The penalty is up to $110,000 or two years jail. We will police them. If people get too close, we will police them and we'll fine them. Mother and calf weren't the only visitors to the coastline today. A kilometres off the coast, there could be two, maybe three whales at this time of year.

Both pods have been moving north and are sure to bring the same magic further up the coastline. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Brad McEwan with a look at sport, and China's Olympic officials have been embarrassed by a major security breach. Yes, a Korean television crew has revealed one of the country's biggest secrets.

They filmed rehearsals of the Olympics opening ceremony giving us all a glimpse of the amazing spectacle now just over a week away. For all their intense security, the Chinese couldn't keep the biggest secret of all. Footage of the Olympic opening ceremony rehearsal

was leaked to the world by a South Korean camera crew who simply walked to the Bird's Nest stadium

and filmed unimpeded. Organisers promised to blow the world away, and these glipses won't disappoint.

The breach just adds to the friction between the communist government and foreign journalists. Censorship of some Internet sites in Beijing has drawn worldwide criticism and an IOC apology, with revelations members of the committee knew

We should have informed the

International mania and the public

in general. That hasn't been the case and it's disappointing. On the basis of what I've read, that apology seemed like it was well worth giving and required to be given. The IOC president has arrived but has so far ducked the Internet storm.

The centre great beauty but if

that's how it's been used so be it.

After lying to the world about free media access,

are the world's leaders who agreed to go to the Olympics now going to kowtow to Hu Jintao? Max Futcher, Ten News. The other half of Australian swimming's former glamour couple,

Stephanie Rice has spoken for the first time about her split from Eamon Sullivan. Rice is shocked by the attention the parting has created.

But she's won gold medals but none

of that has come close to the attention she's received with the split from her boyfriend. It's

interesting that - but we had been

together for two years so we never

expected it to be such a big deal.

The pair were trying the best to

just get about business The pair were trying the best to just get about business but they've

not ruled out a reunion after the

Games. We don't know what the

future holds but were not thinking

about that at the moment. The 20-

year-old is confident that she's

her eyes on the prize. Webb great

friends and wonder do what's best for friends and wonder do what's best

for both of us. friends and wonder do what's best

for both of us. The other swimmers

in the team are surprised. for both of us. The other swimmers in the team are surprised. It's

going to be a sensitive time for

both of them. I've heard that they

split amicably which is nice a

leading into such a high-pressure

situation like the Olympics but I

just hope it all blows over quickly.

Rice maintains it should be the

first to congratulate Sullivan when

he grabs gold. and we'll see what kind of reception Kiwi great Robbie Deans received when he returned home today as Wallabies coach.

in the Gordon Wood murder trial - Shocking new claims in the Gordon Wood murder tri next, what he told his girlfriend's father the night of her death.

Also tonight, two teenagers charged with the murder of a Sydney chef.

And removing the margin for error - the multimillion-dollar scanning device making brain surgery breakthroughs.

This program is captioned live. Two teenagers have been charged with the murder of a Sydney chef. The boys' parents were in court today, where the 16- and 17-year-olds were refused bail. 30-year-old Daniel Owen was bashed to death outside his Marrickville home last month. Minutes earlier, 'All Saints' star Virginia Gay

was seriously assaulted and robbed nearby. The teens will appear in court again tomorrow.

Bruce Burrell, the man convicted of kidnapping and murdering Sydney woman Kerry Whelan, has won the right to have his appeal reheard. The High Court has ruled Burrell's original appeal should be heard again. The 55-year-old is serving life for the murder of Kerrie Whelan, who was last seen on security video in a car park in western Sydney

in 1997.

Her body has never been recovered. A revolutionary new scanning machine is changing the way brain surgeons operate in Australia. It enables surgeons to scan a patient's brain in the middle of an operation. Walking and talking as he did before his operation, Sandy Purbrick is living proof of the wonders of technology. Welcome back. The 37-year-old was one of the first patients to have brain surgery in an Australian operating theatre equipped with an MRI scanner. The device is attached to the operating table and enables a surgeon to check on the progress of tumour removal mid-operation. You tell the anaesthetist, "I'm going to scan them," so they make sure the patient is nice and stable, then we'll move it round. The resulting images tell the surgeon how the brain has shifted or moved during a procedure. That gives him the capacity to be more precise

with the removal of a tumour without the risk of harming another part of the brain. It enables me to be more aggressive with the tumour removal. I can skate on thin ice, remove more of the tumour, being confident I've done so and stayed out of trouble. And of course that dramatically increases the odds of curing a patient or at least prolonging their life. In Sandy's case,

a large growth was cut out from a section of his brain that controls speech. It was successfully removed without causing any damage. I've just gone back to were I was beforehand, so that's great. All of this was made possible by the generosity of a wealthy widow who left $6 million to this hospital for the express purpose of furthering neuroscience and already it's helping more than one patient a week. In time, it's hoped more of the machines will be installed

around the country. in other hospitals

Amber Muir, Ten News. A 6-year-old boy has been given the hero tag after saving his dad's life. Aidan Mooney dialled 000 last night when he saw his father, Aaron, fall to the floor. Aidan tried to wake him, then called emergency to ask for an ambulance and gave all the essential details. So how did you know what to do?

Because I learnt it at school - I learnt how to do zero, zero, zero. Paramedics arrived in minutes. It's thought his dad had suffered a heart attack. He's now recovering at home. Next, full military honours for our World War I diggers who died in France.

And changing the way we deal with technology - a new walking, talking robot.

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Time to check the traffic now.

Epping the road has a problem. At

Macquarie Park they were free cars

in a smash near the Epping bore his

high-school turn-off. That's the

traffic delay it's very slow indeed.

It could be delayed by 20 or 25

minutes as a result of the accident.

This is the M two and it looked

very heavy heading into the tunnel

but that's peak-hour traffic

heading out to the north-west. The father of Caroline Byrne says he suspected her boyfriend Gordon Wood was telling lies when they searched the Gap for the young model. He's told the court Wood would not look him in the face the day her body was found. Tony Byrne wore a brave face today. But for a grieving 72-year-old father,

giving evidence in his daughter's murder trial was always going to be difficult. He told how Caroline's boyfriend Gordon Wood reported her missing desperately searched the Gap and how they, along with her brother, for the beloved 24-year-old model. Mr Byrne says on that fateful night Wood spoke with a high-pitched voice and sounded agitated, screaming out as they searched. As the group continued searching, the victim's father says: When their search was unsuccessful, the group went to police, where, while waiting, it's alleged Wood insisted to her father Caroline had committed suicide,

citing a psychiatrist's referral as evidence she was depressed. Ms Byrne's father also told the court that in the hours after his daughter's body was found Mr Wood acted cool and calm

and thought very carefully before answering any questions. It was also alleged Caroline died in a car accident. Mr Wood told some friends

Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

The National Australia Bank has appointed a new global chief executive, less than a week after revealing it could lose a billion dollars due to the international credit crisis. John Stewart will be replaced internally chief executive Cameron Clyne. by Bank of New Zealand Of course the timing is unfortunate but let me tell you that it was me that said to the board, "We should go - today."

Mr Stewart took the reins in 2004 after the bank was rocked by a rogue trading scandal. He'll be given a $3 million handshake. His replacement will be paid $2.5 million a year,

plus generous incentives. To the BankWest finance report.

The average price of unleaded petrol in Sydney tonight is $1.56 a litre. Best price is $1.44 at Yagoona. The new financial year is off to a shocking start after the worst annual share market performance in a quarter of a century. Some retirees now have no choice but to sell stock as company profits are set to plummet.

A wonder that pessimism is the

prevailing mood of investors was as

company's roll-out their results. company's roll-out their results.

Everything that could go wrong for

companies has gone wrong. But it's

12 months since the US mortgage

meltdown began and profit growth meltdown began and profit growth

for the financial year is tipped to

be just 5% - and savouring fall

from the 20 % increases in recent

years. This slowdown has the share years. This slowdown has the share

market spooked. There has been a 13

% slump in recent months. Commodity

prices at prop up the mining

companies and energy prices soared.

Retailers were hard hit by interest

rate rises. If Alastair expecting rate rises. If Alastair expecting

surprises from and the reporting

season they'll beat to the up side

but they could be more carnage to

come if dividends are part. There

will be the determining factor.

It's tempting to move from shares

to cash particularly for those on

the verge of retirement. This

former trade up for that poor out

of a fund to protect his mystique.

They say it to wait five or seven

years and it'll come back but my

response was put me back in that

time. He'll be one of many paying

close scrutiny to company outlooks

for the new financial year. Robots aren't generally thought to be cute and cuddly. But one little cyborg developed in Britain is winning new friends wherever he goes. The heart robot reacts to humans and appears to show emotions like fear and affection. you know. It's a very simple mechanism, It's blinking due to the movement. Its heart changes rhythm depending on how much you shake it or if you gently rock it.

It's just responding to touch and proximity. Part puppet, part robot, the creature gets upset when shouted at but loves being hugged. The remains of Australian soldiers buried in France to be given proper burials - that's next. Also, no longer music to their ears - leading Aussie acts leave the label that made them. And Michael Clarke a runway as he goes in to bat for Bonds.

I had this knack for growing strawberries, but those little seeds always snuck under my dentures. Then I discovered Polident Adhesive. Now nothing gets between me and my dentures. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - Sydney's Bondi Beach has turned on a thrilling sight for tourists and locals. A pod of southern right whales dropped in for a swim annual migration north. as part of their The mammals came within metres of surfers, frolicking for 40 minutes. Two men have been arrested during a police raid on a Sydney bikie clubhouse. Officers swarmed the site in the early hours, seizing a taser gun, crossbow and other weapons. The raids follow an investigation into an alleged assault on a man at the clubhouse earlier this month. Friends of a man savagely bashed on a Greek Island say they're praying for his survival. 20-year-old Doujon Zammit is on life support in hospital after being bashed by bouncers at a nightclub. As Christians and Catholics we will still be saying all our prayers that we can do for the next 24 hours and for that matter - forever. Doujon's family is by his side in Athens, waiting for the results Hundreds of fallen soldiers Hundreds of fallen soldier will be given individual burials near the mass grave where they've lain in France since World War I. The Australian and British governments will exhume the remains and create a permanent war cemetery. The enduring World War I mystery was solved in May uncovered a mass grave in Fromelles. when archaeologists Australia and Britain confirming the remains of 470 allied soldiers had been preserved in clay

where they'd been interred by German troops. It is fitting that these brave men will remain together close to where they fell. Buried with the honour and the ceremony befitting their incredible heroism and sacrifice. A rising sun badge, solemn proof of the sacrifice of 170 diggers. July 19, 1916, has gone down as the bloodiest 24 hours in Australia's military history. During an emotional memorial service, the French landowner generously donated the site to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. We need to remember, we need to find them and we need to bury them again with the honour they all deserve. Descendants were always pushing for their loved ones to be honoured by individual burials with military honours. I think it would be nice to leave them all together. At least their final resting place the ones they fought with. will be with Finally, the dignity they deserve. Martine Griffiths, Ten News. It's a world first - a notoriously shy new species of dolphin has been caught clearly on camera for the first time. It may be the world's ugliest dolphin. Some people have said that but those of us who have seen it - I'm absolutely blown away by the creature. They are absolutely endearing.

See exclusive pictures of this peculiar creature on Ten News tomorrow. It's the music label which helped make the Beatles and the Rolling Stones the richest and most famous bands in the world. But tonight EMI is in crisis, as they're abandoned by their best artists. EMI built its name on the Beatles, but one of their greatest hits says it all. # Help, you know I need someone, help. # Founded as the Electric and Musical Industries company, the one-time world leader in music faces an exodus of their biggest names and biggest earners. The walkout has spread here with Silverchair and Missy Higgins ditching EMI for rival Universal. Being on EMI for an artist is like having a suite on the Titanic, you know you are going down and the minx, the artists are leaving the sinking ship to the rats. Music experts claim the demise began when a private equity firm bought EMI a year ago. They immediately cut 2,000 jobs. Who would want to sign with EMI Records? And who would really want to stay? Those who've walked recently is a who's who of music. The Rolling Stones ended a 20-year association, back catalogues and all. Also going or gone Paul McCartney, Radiohead, Joss Stone, Kasey Chambers and now Silverchair and Missy Higgins. So angry were the Sex Pistols when they wanted out, they even penned an anti-EMI song.

The shock of losing two of their biggest names has sent EMI's top executives into crisis talks today -

the meetings held behind closed doors at the Sydney headquarters an attempt to stop a mass exodus. Industry insiders say EMI should prepare for more pain as boss John O'Donnell leaves in September amid rumours he'll link with a competitor. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Cricketer Michael Clarke has traded places with model fiancee Lara Bingle

taking to the catwalk as the new ambassador for Bonds. Unlike Sarah O'Hare and Pat Rafter, Clarke chose not to strip down to his underwear for the clothing label. With Bingle watching on, he instead paraded the latest range of hoodies and T-shirts. Showing off the undies was left to the professional models, who turned the event into a more cheeky affair. Yes, Deb. Sport now with Brad, and a setback for Sonny Bill Willams. Yes, Deb. Sonny's money may not be quite what he was expecting. Also, a surprising homecoming for Kiwi rugby defector Wallabies coach Robbie Deans. And the super waves at a mystery surfing location

somewhere in Indonesia. WOMAN: I find it helpful to have a list written down. Generic medicines? Yeah. Chemist offers them to me sometimes. WOMAN: It could be, perhaps, a different shape,

Ask your doctor, pharmacist Brought to you by:

And if you can get a generic medicine that suits you, well, why not? Generic medicines are an equal choice.

This program is captioned live. As we revealed last night, boom rookie Arana Taumata has been sacked by the Bulldogs after allegations he broke a man's jaw in an off-field incident.

And in the wake of the Sonny money trail, Sharks skipper Paul Gallen has caused a stir by revealing he's prepared to use an escape clause in his contract. If cashed-up French rugby clubs are looking for more NRL recruits. They could do worse than check out the Sharks. Ring me, ring me, ring me. It was tongue in cheek, but only just. I wouldn't break my current contract, no. But I do have a clause, in a couple of years, that I can leave. I think at the end of next year players have got to be open to all options these days. And that includes switching codes to take up the millions supposedly thrown at Sonny Bill. I've never played rugby, for them if they want me to. but for that sort of money I'd dance But there's now doubts Williams would-be 2-year deal with Toulon Rugby Club the reported $3 million and that comes from the boss. Mourad Boudjellal saying Williams was on a deal worth $450,000 a season when he walked out on the Bulldogs last weekend. His former club today dealing with more strife, sacking Arana Taumata over an alleged incident that left a man with a broken jaw. We gave him a one-year contract. His behaviour had to be exemplary - it hasn't been and we've terminated his contract. Taumata had been close to signing a new contract with Newcastle. But the Knights are holding a board meeting tonight

where it's expected the club will end negotiations because of the controversy. Adam Hawse, Ten News. It was a surprisingly warm homecoming for Wallabies coach Robbie Deans in Auckland this afternoon. The man responsible for masterminding last week's defeat of the All Blacks applauded by the locals after touching down. Robbie Deans the star attraction on both sides of the ditch. A warm homecoming he expects to turn frosty at Eden Park on Saturday night. There will be a reception. We know we are going into a cauldron. In fact, the Wallabies haven't won in Auckland since 1986,

a daunting hoodoo that doesn't phase Al Baxter one bit. I love playing at Eden Park. That's where I made my debut. Funnily enough,

it was Robbie Deans coaching the All Blacks side when I played there. Their main concern is how the All Blacks respond after two weeks of Tri-Nations torture. When a team gets a lot of criticism for a couple of weekends in a row they tend to come out and throw the kitchen sink at you, that's what we're going to be doing to them. There'd be a few sinks flying around on Saturday night I'd say. What does he mean by kitchen sinks? They will throw everything at us if that's what you mean.

In a selection shock for the All Blacks - centre Richard Kahui has been named on the wing but the decision on who will start at hooker and halfback is still unknown. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Doctors remain confident Lauren Jackson will be fit for Australia's Olympic basketball campaign, despite an ankle injury. And suggestions cyclist Cadel Evans's Beijing appearance is in jeopardy due to a nightclub injury have been denied by the AOC. confirming his withdrawal from the Olympic time trial was due to a tough Tour de France. It's a result of a crash he had, I think on the ninth stage not on the dance floor at the after-race party. Team officials left lamenting the loss of another medal hope. Evans is still listed for the road race. His time trial spot filled by 3-time world champion Michael Rogers. As you may have seen earlier, Stephanie Rice says there's no way her split with fellow swimmer Eamon Sullivan will dent her Beijing dream. The 20-year-old says she's full steam ahead for gold in the 200m and 400m individual medleys.

Today was right of reply time up

for Stephanie a rice. This has been

my dream to go to for Stephanie a rice. This has been

my dream to go to an Olympics and

that's the reason we've chosen to

have a break and we really both so excited to

excited to go to an Olympics and this

this has been my dream for

everything that I've been training

for. The Queenslander is confident

this split is the correct call so

deep into an Olympic campaign. This

is what needs to happen in terms of swimming and where both professional swimming and where both professional athletes and focusing on

on our own career. With the shot on our own career. With the shot at

five gold medals on her radar Libby

has it revealed that the enormous

pressure she feels. has it revealed that the enormous

pressure she feels. I think we've

reached a stage in a sport where

one isn't good enough any more. It

just seems - I can't even - she

doesn't even seem real to may to

think the one Olympic gold medal think the one Olympic gold medal

isn't enough.

isn't enough. I try not to think

about it too much because you do

get nervous trying to imagine

everything that's going to happen. get nervous trying to imagine everything that's going to happen.

And will have more on that story

and the rest of the news from day

three at the swimmers can Pierre et

Kuala Lumpur later. The awesome conditions continue at the latest world surfing championship event - the Rip Curl Pro Search only thing is the organisers won't give up the exact location, saying it's somewhere in Indonesia. Bede Durbidge leading the Round 2 charge in perfect two-metre waves. He knocked out fellow Aussie Owen Wright with an impressive 18.46 out of a possible 20

to shoot through to the third round. He had me on the ropes

and then I got a good score all the way up and down the beach and then got a good barrel all the way up and down the be and a score of 9.6 - really stoked. Taj Burrow also through after winning his heat. Other Aussies through so far are Adrian Buchan and Tom Whitaker. Disappointment for Swans fans who were hoping Carlton forward Brendan Fevola might move to Sydney. He's today signed a new 3-year deal with the Blues. Coming up in Sports Tonight, we farewell Australia's Olympic BMX team.

It's a tough night before traffic

heading west. Here's a broken-down

car that has been pushed into the

breakdown lane but the delay breakdown lane but the delay is all way

way back by long Parramatta Road. Stay with us -

Tim Bailey's full weather wrap is next.

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We had hoped to bring new and Tim

Bailey of from the snowy mountain

so but there was a be blackout and

you can see the conditions are

blessed thing. When the issue

through the rest of the ball wasn't

because we had a blackout aware

running on car batteries - anything

we can get our hands on. I front is

moving across the Alps. The top

half of the mountain were shut down

by high winds are. The cold front

is bringing snow. There are is bringing snow. There are

predictions of 50 centimetres to 75

centimetres. We think they could be

30 centimetres in this front in the next 24 hours.

To be a front and has just started

to snow in the last half an hour.

The snow forecast at for the next

week. Bow fantastic conditions.

More good news - the winner of our

environment awards. Central Coast

kids in need who recycle Cork. And

aluminium cans. You've raised two

tons of money for kids in aid and their

their families. If you wanna get

involved in our environment awards

write to us at this address:

It was 20 degrees in Sydney. Out in

the north-west of the State it was

29 degrees. It was 11 degrees above average.

A front will bring a burst of showery A front will bring a burst of

showery westerlies to western New

South Wales. A big chance of

showers for the coast and heavy South Wales. A big chance of showers for the coast and heavy

snowfalls for the Alps.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.