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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. for the drought - Tonight - paying dearly higher water bills. Sydney households facing Double murder charge - over the Newcastle stabbing rampage. a man faces court from Cambodia's violent school siege. And Australians tell of their escape

and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. to the mandatory detention Also tonight - major changes of asylum seekers. for his stunning comeback. And Andrew Johns paying a high price set to pay dearly But first - Sydney householders as the city's water dries up. have entered a new phase, Conservation efforts completely within two years. with figures showing we'll run out especially for heavy consumers, Water bills will rise, large families will suffer. but there are fears A blunt tool for a complex problem - the more you'll pay. the more water you use, says it's the best option. The independent pricing regulator these sorts of measures There's good reason to think in Sydney. will contribute to water savings 250 kilolitres of water a year. The average family uses Under IPART's sliding scale,

over a 4-year period. their bills will jump by $120

could be paying double. But those using over 400 kilolitres it's a good idea. The minister says to phase in the higher price, Instead of having four years phase it in sooner. I would like to have seen them down to 38.4% capacity. Sydney's dams are we could run out within two years. Experts warn for some time now The alarm bells have been ringing and we can't keep praying for rain facing Sydney. to resolve the situation will curb usage eventually, Mr O'Neill says higher prices about recycling. but we need to be more aggressive stop using water once only. What we can do is are less sure about the price hike, Welfare groups and the Opposition will be hit hard. fearing larger families

as a demand management tool. This isn't being used a black hole in Sydney Water, This is being used to cover in the last 10 years, where this Government has ripped, $2.1 billion out of Sydney Water. the need for concessions The pricing regulator has suggested has a Commonwealth health card. for families where one or more member But even the Minister concedes

enough of a safety net - this may not be for larger average families the concern who might be slugged unfairly. for discussion until August, IPART's proposal is open when it releases a final verdict. on October 1. Prices will almost certainly rise Eddy Meyer, Ten News. A man has just faced court rampage in Newcastle. charged over a deadly stabbing his ex-partner and her father. He's accused of killing

for their lives in hospital. Two other people are fighting had been subject Police allege the suspect

to an apprehended violence order. in the middle of the night A woman's screams of the quiet street in Wallsend. woke residents the horrific scene and rang '000'. A neighbour went to investigate, saw anything like that in my life. I never want to experience

pretty tough thing to do. I made the phone calls, yep, what the house looked like. Oh no, you got no idea 34-year-old Kerry-Anne O'Meley Knifed to death were and her 58-year-old father, Sydney.

for help and that, I heard, like, a lady screaming "Tell her to shut up!" and then the guy yelled at her, Donna, and a 13-year-old girl Kerry-Anne's 51-year-old mother, were also stabbed. in medically-induced comas. They're both in a critical condition a 4-year-old girl escaped unharmed. A 14-year-old boy and Dennis William Cunningham, Ms O'Meley's former de facto, a main road about a kilometre away. was arrested walking along He faced court late today, and three of attempted murder. charged with two counts of murder Police told the court in April the couple's relationship ended violence order against him. when she took out an apprehended owned by the victim, by the male, Some damage was done to a car as a response to that. and I believe AVOs were taken out and moved in with her parents. She then took her teenage children The 14-year-old boy allegedly screaming. running from the house this morning, "Help, help, help!" Just that young boy yelling, the entire attack. He allegedly witnessed the stabbings. His 4-year-old cousin slept through are receiving counselling, The traumatised surviving youngsters to arrive at the scene. along with the first police officers from the home. Police have recovered a kitchen knife He'll reappear in court in August. Cunningham didn't apply for bail. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. in Cambodia's deadly school siege An Australian girl caught about her terrifying ordeal. has spoken out in the library, She's told how she hid Canadian toddler would not find her. praying the gunmen who killed a of the children inside. A desperate battle to save the lives RAPID GUNFIRE guns and cash The gunmen demanded transport, but the 8-hour siege ended to move the children. as the kidnappers tried gun battle as they tried to escape. Police moved in, sparking another RAPID GUNFIRE so everybody tried to hide. There was heavy shooting, the van, then attacked by the crowd. The offenders were hauled out of had been inside Three Australian children when the gunmen stormed the school. Two were released early, with 28 others until the end. but a 3-year-old was held in the library praying to Jesus 6-year-old Kanika Cowled says she hid that the bad guys wouldn't find her. Police who killed the two bad guys the bad, bad guys. because they they want to catch She was released early - Australian father, David, her relieved with parents of children still inside waited outside the school as the gun battle continued. and wanted to show that emotion I had a big lump in my throat about the whole thing. but she was very matter of fact Most though, were released unharmed - their distressed children. relieved parents collected But one child did not make it out. the body of his 2-year-old son. A Canadian father forced to collect He was shot to stop him crying. We are chagrined and hurt to have learned that terrible news this morning of this assassination of that child. The family is now being helped by Australian officials who have consular responsibility for Canadians in Cambodia. Police say the ringleader aimed to kill the two children of his former employer and had planned the raid as revenge. This is probably a one-off criminal act. It's not politically motivated in any way. Australian Douglas Wood was given drugs and medical treatment while held captive for 47 days in Iraq. Confirming Wood has been moved from Baghdad to a secret Middle East location, Foreign Affairs Minister Downer released details of covert medical assistance.

We endeavoured to pass drugs to him. The extent to which they got through or drugs passed by the Mufti got through we just don't know, but he was certainly assisted by a doctor while he was held captive. Mr Downer says it's still unclear if or when Mr Wood will come to Australia. Douglas Wood's wife is flying to the Middle East tonight for a long-awaited reunion. And back in the United States, mates of the freed kidnap victim are throwing a party. Seeing their mate's face for the first time since his release. Look at him. He's happy as a lark. Tonight, a celebration drink... (All) To Doug. ..for the Aussie buddy they knew they'd see again. It just felt real good because that's the Doug we knew. They always believed Doug had a good chance at survival,

describing him as a quick thinker who's mentally tough. Doug's a strong man

and he'll deal with any adversity that comes around with him, whether it be business or captive, he'll deal with it the best way he can deal with it and he did. That's why he's alive today. The long-time friends say Doug was born an eternal optimist. He's just a positive person and I don't think he was the type that would give in. They firmly believe Doug's charm and fast mouth helped prolong his life. He's larger than life, you know, his persona and everything. Doug's mates hope that after his ordeal he'll decide to settle down and stop travelling to the world's danger zones, but, knowing Doug the way they do, they say it's not going to happen. I don't see him changing. I don't see him changing at all Today, Doug's wife, Yvonne, rushed from home, eager to be reunited with her husband overseas. REPORTER: Have you spoken to him today? No, not today. Neighbours already have the Fosters on ice. Once he comes back, I'm sure it's going to be a non-stop celebration. In San Francisco, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Tim Webster has a look ahead to sport, and not another injury setback for Andrew Johns? now has him in some doubt Yes, Jess a neck injury to play Manly this weekend. Johns was all smiles today as the financially embattled Knights finally found a major sponsor, but whether he's still smiling tomorrow depends on scans. And could Adam Scott end a 25-year drought for Aussies at the US Open? A little later - the shots that have him in contention. And, Ron, we'll also have the English gloating about our cricketers being out of form. Next - a new warning about the cryptosporidium bug in Sydney. Also - we'll check out what Town Hall Station will look like after its transformation. And we're taking extra precautions, but still heading to Bali in droves. Aussies overcoming their fears about baggage security.

This program is captioned live.

A rapist is on the run tonight after disappearing before being convicted. His victim is now furious that he was ever granted bail. It's taken more than two decades to convict John Michael Waldock of a rape.

But the 60-year-old hasn't waited around to hear the result - absconding before the jury could announce its guilty verdict. That's left his victim, Christine, with mixed emotions - relief at the outcome, but angry Waldock still isn't behind bars.

I just started to cry because I

know they knew I was telling the

truth and they found him guilty. Christine was just 14 when she was raped by Waldock behind a pub that once stood on these grounds in Sydney's west in 1981. Waldock was arrested, but fled interstate before a trial could start. And, alarmingly, it was with the aid of police. Waldock says he provided evidence in an unrelated gang rape matter and thought his case had been dropped in exchange for his assistance. He claims police gave him money for a train ride out of town, and a new identity - John Watts.

I'm angry that he's taken off. He

should have been in custody until

this is - until the verdict that

they didn't seem to think he was a


When he finally returned to Sydney, the rape case got under way, with Waldock, or Watts, on bail. Waldock told the court at a bail hearing he was a sick, frail old man who no longer had any reason to run from the law. He said he was an active member of the community, who even played Santa for his local police station. The judge accepted his story, but now questions are being asked why. And more queer is about how police handled the initial investigation - As for Christine, she's ready to pursue civil action, claiming police negligence. Her case still far from over - 24 years on. A backdown from the PM tonight over mandatory detention, Mr Howard has bowed to rebel backbenchers and agreed to limit the time asylum seekers can be held behind the wire.

Locked in talks with back benches

for most of the day . Aistic with a

softer edge, but still a mandatory

detention system. Under the deal,

the minister for immigration will

have more discretion to move

families out into the community

while they apply for a visa. There

will be time for the government to

process appeals. The ombupbdz man

has been brought into a new role,

reviewing every six months.

Detention of anybody spending two

years in custody. I don't want

anybody detaining. The work is it

the work of a band of people. What

will be seen by many as a backdown

by the PM is a compromise, avoiding

an embarrassing show down. The

bills will be withdrawn. The PM

sending a message of balance. I

think they represent a very

sensible advance on the present

arrangements. They don't undermine

the existing policy. At a school in

Adelaide, amanneda Vanstone talked

you be the humanitarian aspects.

Does everyone agree that people who

come to Australia as refugees are brave? Yes. A major development tonight in the case of Tegan Lane, the Sydney girl who vanished in 1996.

DNA tests on a girl matching her description in Queensland have confirmed that she is not the missing girl. Police say they are continuing their investigations into Tegan's whereabouts.

A health warning tonight for the parents of young children following a Statewide outbreak of cryptosporidiosis. Public pools are being blamed for the 3-fold increase in the disease, which causes diarrhoea. Children under five are most likely to be infected. If they get sick, they shouldn't go swimming for at least a week,

to stop the parasite spreading. And if you're a swimmer, try and minimise the amount of water you get in your mouth and the amount you swallow. Owners of public swimming centres are being advised to super-chlorinate their pools. A major revamp for Town Hall station. The facelift gets the thumbs-up from commuters, but it's causing a stir with local retailers. They've been given just two months to shut up shop.

This is the new and improved Town Hall Station - a $7 million State Government project, with the first stage designed to give commuters more room to move. This is to free up the concourse area in particular, especially in the morning and evening peak. But the facelift comes at a high price. Most of the station's retail stores have been told to leave, even the corner florist, which James Steven's parents have owned for 38 years. It'll actually be quite sad to lose not only that store, but all the history that goes with that store. Dozens of staff will soon be out of a job. Most tenants forced to leave as early as August. We're strapped. It's really hard. I don't know what we're going to do, but I have to do something. I have two young girls. With around 70,000 commuters passing through Town Hall Station every day, it seems most people are willing to see a few stores close if that means a reduction in congestion

and an improvement in traffic flow through this area. With so many people waiting in lines and that sort of thing, and waiting to go to the shops, yeah, it will help if there's less shops. I definitely think it will improve the pedestrian flow of traffic. But while the plan looks good on the surface, the Opposition says it's simply window dressing. If the Government wanted to do something about Town Hall Station,

they need to address the overcrowding on the platforms. That's the biggest problem. The upgrade is due to commence in September. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News.

Weather check. Tim Bailey, bless

you, looking the little research

out there. He's a fashion designer

and they keep the neck warm. It's

chilly out here but the weekend

will sparkle, around 19 degrees

tomorrow. The good news is some

more follow-up rain happening right

now across western and inland areas

of NSW, up to 10mm. As far as east

of the mountain range, we'll not

see much of it, even on Sunday.

Very light across the Sydney basin.

But inland NSW getting most of it.

By the way, 40km of snow have

fallen in the last 24 hours in the

Alps. We're going to

fallen in the last 24 hours in the Alps. We're going to the Blacktown

RSL, live for five nights only, Tim

Bailey's weather. Surprises, prizes,

shows, music, Herbie the love bug

will be out there. Please join us

at Blacktown. Skywatch just quickly

- it's a Friday night. Blue sky

sparkleing on a Friday. That's the

way it should be. 16 degrees the

current temperature, low pollution

levels. See you again in around

about 10. Next - the motorist who lit up a cigarette after smelling a gas leak. And Bert bounces back - returning to work after his surprise health scare.

This program is captioned live.

Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic

helicopter. Vic, as it often the

case on a Friday night, traffic on

both ways on the bridge in trouble?

both ways on the bridge in trouble? Yes, some people want to get into

the city and we have traffic

heading away from the city and into

the city. Headlights showing a lot

of traffic leaving town but you

can see a lot of brake lights

heading into the city. Specially

motorists using the M2, it could be

a long wait after a nasty accident

in North Ryde. Gas experts have moved to reassure LPG car drivers their vehicles are safe, in the wake of a terrifying explosion in Perth. Authorities are now investigating the tragedy as the 46-year-old victim recovers in hospital. The gas blast sent shockwaves across Perth. Amazingly, the man who inadvertently sparked the fireball survived.

I can't still believe I'm alive. I'm just dumbfounded. Perth city security camera vision I can't still believe I'm alive. I'm just dumbfounded. Perth city security camera vision shows Colin Thirlway getting into his car just before 2am. He'd finished a late-night snack and felt like a cigarette. I went to light a smoke and the whole of the front dash just exploded into flame. The invalid pensiner was belted in, his hands severely burned as he clawed through a pool of fire desperately trying to free himself.

I just knew I had just one chance and one chance only to get that seatbelt off. If I hadn't got that seatbelt off, I would not be talking to you guys now. Locals saw the stricken 46-year-old leap from the inferno, his coat on fire. They rushed to help put out the flames. But it was an hour before firefighters were sure what remained of the LPG conversion car was safe. For the young ladies and the young gentlemen that helped me,

I have a sincere gratitude I probably cannot pay. My sincere thank you. Exactly why the car exploed remains a mystery, now under investigation by the Office of Energy Safety. But gas experts say they're amazed. Colin Thirlway says he'd topped up the tank an hour before the explosion. He had smelt gas and the Mitsubishi Magna was backfiring. Experts say LPG cars have a strong safety record, but there could have been a leak under the bonnet, allowing gas to be sucked into the cabin.

The survivor says he held his faith and his rosary beads throughout the ordeal. Because this really is the type of stuff you see in movies, and they don't get out of cars that explode. Nick Way, Ten News. The husband of a brain-dead cancer patient is keeping her on life support hoping their unborn baby will survive. 26-year-old Susan Torres was 21 weeks pregnant when she suffered a stroke after aggressive melanoma spread to her brain. Doctors have told her husband they believe they can save the baby if the young mother is kept alive for a few more weeks. If by some miracle we actually get to the point where this baby is born and is healthy then you have to make a decision about Susan, and that's a decision I don't want to make. The couple already has a 2-year-old son. Bali is enjoying an unexpected tourism boost, as more Australians head to the Indonesian island for their holidays. Travellers are ignoring calls for a boycott after the Corby verdict,

but they're still nervous about baggage handlers. Smart Strap is the latest security measure Australians are buying to protect their bags, as increasing numbers head to Bali. They're filling most flights to capacity, forcing Garuda Indonesia to put on an extra service to Bali each week. Qantas noticing a boost in bookings for June and July, travel agents reporting a 5% increase on last year. Almost 2,100 Australians holidayed on the island in April, and over 80,000 holidayed there in the first four months of this year. The trend has defied expectations. Travel agents surveyed before the Corby verdict was handed down vowed then to discourage travel to Indonesia. The increase in holiday-makers heading to Bali comes despite a warning from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that terrorists are in the advance staging of planning an attack somewhere in Indonesia. It seems passengers are more worried about bag tampering than terrorism. For just $6, luggage is bound with four pieces of reinforced plastic tape. You never know. It's not that expensive, and it's just safer. The company providing the service admits the straps don't offer legal protection - passengers still responsible

for whatever might be snuck into their bags. No, not legally, I wouldn't think, but at least it does give them a warning that something untoward has happened. The company has no plans to expand the service to other airports around the country. Evan Batten, Ten News. Ahead - Bert back at work after his health scare. Also - the new generation of high-tech super-sleuths. Why thousands of young Sydneysiders are signing up. Just something new every night. It's a really interesting area. And the aspiring supermodels fitting in photo shoots with their schoolwork. It's Franklins' birthday, and you can save big and win big with our: Three lucky shoppers will win $10,000 cash. Every $20 spent gets you an entry form, plus, you'll save big, like Doritos 230g Corn Chips or 300g Salsa varieties: chicken breast fillets: Steggles fresh Franklins' Birthday Cash Jackpot. a hot $5.98. 10kg briquette heating fuel -

This program is captioned live.

Time for another check of the

weather. Tim Bailey, we're going to

be stargazing tonight? We are.

Question for you, without notice -

what's different about this shot?

There's something you would

normally see you're not seeing.

Answer - the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It's the festival of the stars

starting tonight and tomorrow night.

The lights on the bridge have been

turned off to get a clearer view of

Saturn and surrounding stars and

the moon. Stick your head out the

window and have a look at that.

Just a reminder, if you live in the

Blacktown area, lock up your

daughters. We're coming out there

for five nights only at the

Blacktown RSL, prizes, surprises,

celebrities. we'll give away lots of stuff. Big Blacktown RSL, prizes, surprises,

Brilliant snow pictures on your television later. is on the trail of crims A new generation of high-tech sleuths across Sydney. has skyrocketed The number of forensic students of crime scene TV shows. reflecting the popularity have Australians hooked. TV crime shows has become a lounge room obsession. Tracking down who done it Shell Avery's heels. So these probably came from But in our university labs, couch potato guessing going on. there's a lot more than a case of an alleged sexual assault. What I'm working on here is maybe a little odd. Once it was considered of student interest Now there's a massive surge in forensic investigation.

of it could be put back to TV. Oh, I'd say a significant proportion

at home, watch TV Clearly, people sit around very interesting." and they think, "Well that sounds The University of Technology Sydney back in 1994, was the first to run the course technological advances, like DNA, after police acknowledged of solving crime were creating a whole new field that needed skilled experts. From 22 students, 2,000 students around the country. the forensics degree now has about About 70% are women. It's a really interesting area. when I wake up in the morning I never know what I'm going to find to talk about every night. and I come home with something do have to be warned, But some students than it looks on TV. it's much tougher forensic science now There's an enormous focus on

through the terrorism route. also using trained civilians The police force is now increasingly to investigate crime scenes, fill hundreds of upcoming vacancies. and says these students will help that we can present at court. It cerytainly increased our evidence Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

and the Australian share market Finance - its week-long upward surge. has continued at Commonwealth Securities - Craig James shows no signs of easing. our love affair with imported goods

Yes. Imports are up a massive 15%

from a year ago. That's the fastest

pace in four years. Business his

are also spending up big on trucks.

Imparts of trucks are up 30% on a

year ago, the fastest pace in a

decade. Associated with the boom

in the resource sector and

construction. You ripped up that

market record today? We have the

trifecta. The Australian share

market closed at a record high

market closed at a record high today. The Reserve Bank governor

this week said interest rates are

on hold. Good news for home buyers.

For travellers, the ro has plummette They're young, pretty and vying to become internationally famous. Six 13-year-olds shooting for stardom in the modelling world. In the world of modelling,

it seems you're never too young to get started. The six finalists in the 'Girlfriend' model search know that, and after being chosen from over 7,500 entries around Australia, they're ready to dive in, boots and all. How old are you? 14. And your parents are happy for you to sort of launch into the world of modelling that young? Yes. Mum came with me because she wouldn't let me come by myself. The winner gets a 2-year modelling contract in New York,

a fashion spread in the magazine and $500 worth of cosmetics. So it really is their chance to make it big. International model Alyssa Sutherland is a past winner. We're looking for somebody that's got something very interesting and something unique. Most of the girls have had their sights set on a catwalk career for some time, but their choice of role model is a little odd. Paris Hilton. I like her.

I really like how she doesn't care what people think. She does what she wants. Eating disorders don't seem to be a problem. I eat a lot of chips, lollies and sit and watch TV. But convincing the folks this modelling business is a good idea is another matter. The winner will be announced in September. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Our very own TV legend Bert Newton was back on air today, funnier and happier than ever before. Starting his show off with a gag the 'GMA' star proved he certainly hasn't lost any of his humour. I'm having an out-of-body experience. Last week, Bert checked himself into hospital to be treated for a virus and anaemia. But today he was in fine form. It was sort of life-threatening, but it wasn't life-threatening and the beaut thing is, I'm back here for the long haul...

And we're thrilled to have Bert back. Sport with Tim Webster, and the Aussie cricketers copping it in England. Talk about getting them while they're down. They're copping a few jibes off field.

We'll have a couple of them shortly. Also, will it be another injury setback for Andrew Johns

just as the Knights get a financial saviour?

And Adam Scott stakes a claim for his first Major at the US Open.

This program is captioned live. Good news, bad news for the winless and financially struggling Newcastle Knights. Just as they finally secured a major sponsor, Andrew Johns is once again in doubt, this time with a neck injury after the game of his life in Origin. Newcastle's big guns were on hand for the sponsorship launch, but Johns' neck injury has prompted fears of a reoccurrence of 2003, when a bulging disc almost ended his career. Our club doctor seems to think it's not the same injury as before. I'm getting no numbness or pain down my arm, which is a good sign. Still really tender and really sore. His specialist will assess scans in the morning to determine if he plays against Manly on Sunday. I wouldn't risk it, anyway, with the neck. It's a pretty delicate area, especially with the history. I had a serious injury there before. So, if there's any doubt, I won't play. But I still give myself a chance.

Also causing concern is club and State of Origin team-mate Danny Buderus. He, too, has an old injury - torn toe ligaments.

The hooker sees his specialist on Wednesday week, the day the Origin team goes into camp for the decider. I'm a chance, definitely a chance. Hopefully get the boot off in two weeks, start to get it moving. I'm definitely a chance. The Knights' sponsorship deal is worth over $700,000 a season, but it's not enough to get the club out of its financial difficulties. Yet hopefully it will start a snowball affect with other sponsors. Despite the Knights' problems, the NRL remains confident of Newcastle's long-term future. I still think the club sets a benchmark as a community club. They're critical to this community, they're critical to our competition, and I'm confident they have a long-term place in the competition. At this stage, the Knights haven't asked the NRL for financial help. Tony Peters, Ten News.

Another Origin star, Rooster Craig Wing, will go through a pre-game fitness test in a bid to be cleared for tonight's match against the Sharks.

Rob Canning joins us from Shark Park, and, Rob, what's the word on Wing's injured back?

It's unlikely he'll play. I spoke

to the rooster's doctor who's not

very confident. Chris Flannery will

move to five-eighth and Michael

Crocker will come off the bench.

Five Roosters are backing up from

Five Roosters are backing up from Origin. No Sharks are backing up,

by they've lost three games in the

row. The Roosters are wary of Brett

Kimmorley. Is that a motivation? I

don't know what he's thinking, but

I thought he was hard Bobby.

There's plenty of motivation.

Roosters prop Jason Cayless

expected to June an English Super

League side. Will that free up cash

for the Roosters to re-sign Michael

Crocker? It's not likely. As far as

Crocker is concerned, he seems to

be keen on going to Melbourne Storm.

Tomorrow he'll travel down to

Melbourne to speak to the CEO. If

you're coming down to Toyota Park,

it's chilly so wear a scar of. Adam Scott is the best-placed Australian

after the first round of the US Golf Open. Scott fired a par round of 70

Scott fired a par round of 70 to be three off the pace and level with the world's two top players, Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh. Rocco Mediate and Olin Browne lead after 67s. Peter Lonard and Mark Hensby in the mix at 1 over. Immortalised in bronze, the late Payne Stewart, who won the last open at Pinehurst in '99. His memory not far from players' minds as they tackled a course toughened up to test every part of their game. COMMENTATOR: Terrific shot. Nice and crisp. Adam Scott, who many believe will be our next major winner, took a step in the right direction with an opening par round of 70. Looking pretty darn good! The super difficult conditions have bought the best to the top.

woods and ELS who'veing off the pace. Retief Goosen the pick of the quintet, spinning his way to within a shot of the lead. Little known Americans Rocco Mediate and Olin Browne share top spot on three under. Browne living a dream after he shot a remarkable 59 just to qualify for the event. Former Masters champion Mike Weir did his best to break a recent form slump, leaving his putter in the bag. Australian Richard Green using his putter to great effect,

holing one from the length of a cricket pitch on his way to a 72. That was some putt! Peter Lonard and Mark Hensby adding to a formidable Aussie presence. Our lads keen to grab a trophy that hasn't been held by an Australian for 25 years. Stuart Appleby unlikely to figure, one of a host of players to feel Pinehurst's bite, failing to get out of the bunker on this hole on his way to a disastrous 81. Fast bowler Brett Lee is expected to miss the start of Australia's one-day series in England with a shoulder injury.

It's not too serious, and that's rare good news for the Aussies after a horror week.

The Aussies are still living down that Twenty20 thrashing, and Brett Lee has the bruises to prove it. COMMENTATOR: He just takes one. Wears one on the shoulder then the grille. That's nasty. That is really nasty. Lee bowled just four overs in Australia's next match

before leaving the ground in pain. Scans revealing no long-term damage to his right shoulder.

That's more than can be said for Aussie pride - county side Somerset making a mockery of the attack by scoring 345. Skipper Ricky Ponting embarrassed and angry, and that was before hearing about another England win.

The victory comes after Australia suffered two defeats in three days. Any team that can't defend 340, you know, we're happy with that. The England juggernaut rolled on with a thumping of Bangladesh in the opening match of the one-day series. Chasing 191 to win, England never lost a wicket. Marcus Trescothick smashing an unbeaten ninth limited-overs ton. Australia take on Bangladesh and England this weekend. We're just not right at the top of our game at the moment,

and that's obvious. Brazil have provided a dazzling reminder of why they are world football champs, with a 3-0 thumping of European Champions Greece at the Confederations Cup. The first goal from Adriano the best of the tournament so far. COMMENTATOR: Oh, what a shot, and what a goal. Talk about just flicking the switch. (Laughs) There was nothing on! The second came straight after the break before Juninho put the match beyond doubt with a stunning free kick in the 81st minute. The result a worrying one for Australia - they face Argentina on Sunday morning. The Argentines recently beat Brazil 3-1. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow. And that's it for now. Later in Sports Tonight with Bill Woods, all the footy, of course, league and AFL, and a chat with cyclist Ben Kersten.

Back to Vic Lorusso on the Mix

traffic helicopter. A factory fire

at Miranda? Yes, it's outside the

Westfields. It looks like the fire

big yaid did a great result. The

roads are closed and it's causing

traffic chaos. Fire appliances

blocking the main road. We have

traffic diversions kpweplted by the

RTA and police. We're advising you

stay with the Princes Highway and Port hacking Road. Tim Bailey next to help us plan our weekends. Then this year's first big dump of snow on our skifields. SONG: # How will you feel when it happens # When a Lotto win finds you? # 'Cause it's the big red ball that makes dreams come true... # (Both laugh) # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. #

This program is captioned live.

Time for all the weather details.

Tim Bailey, you're out there, don't

you ever complain about my

cardigans again. The winter chill

is upon us. As I said earlier,

normally you'd see the bridge

behind me. Not tonight, they've

turned the lights off for the

festival of the stars so you can

view Saturn, the moon and stars

clearly tonight and tomorrow night.

Weatherwise - there's inland rain

across NSW tonight and tomorrow.

We're hoping for 10mm today and

tomorrow. Great follow-up rain.

That means there's a bit of snow

falling in the Australian Alps.

40cm of snow in 40 hours as we go

to the snow pictures right now and

show you Thredbo today.

It's my mountain mur matter,

Thredbo as it comes down. Thredbo

tomorrow will open the top half,

Perisher Blue will do 12 lifts. The

snow looks like it will clear

tomorrow for a super Saturday and

Sunday through to Wednesday, around

10cm to 20cm of snow expected. Back

live to North Sydney, let's check

the uggometer for this weekend.

It's a reading of five ugg boots

across . Last weekend, all this new

snow is falling on grass, so it

will take a while. It should be a

good weekend in the snow. Sydney -

18 degrees tomorrow, maybe 19. Mild.

Then it gets colder on Sunday, some

light rain, most of that falling

west of the mountains unfortunately.

I don't mean inland nults doesn't

need it, but it doesn't look like

need it, but it doesn't look like it will fall in our catchment area,

pretty light as far as this side of

the Blue Mountains is concerned.

To the satellite - cloud is

spreading, generating patchy rain.

Cloud over WA is due to a low

pressure system. The map for

tomorrow - a cold front will drag a

band of rain across central

Australia to Queensland, NSW and

Victoria. Predicted precipitation -

rain develops across western NSW,

mainly in the upper west where 10mm

it possible. Sunday - the rain band

will extend across the interior of

NSW and queerld. The festival of

the stars starts tonight, the

lights on the bridge turned off. If

the cloud clears, you'll get a good view of it.

Tonight we say goodbye to your news

editor Jason Morisson. Have a great

weekend, see you at the Hunter Valley. Finally, an air of expectation is emerging over a cuddly exhibit at an American zoo. Mei Xiang the panda has been put on pregnancy watch after displaying signs of morning sickness. She's spending a lot of time sleeping, she's not eating very much and she's declining to go outside.

She's basically curled up in a ball and resting.

The 7-year-old was artificially inseminated in March after her relationship with fellow panda Tian Tian failed to produce a pregnancy. If all goes to plan this time, Mei Xiang should give birth sometime next month. A baby panda. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Tim Webster will have the late news. Have a great weekend.

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