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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. with us for State Focus Hello and great to have you so we've made it a big one. It is our last show for the year, Matt Gitteau A little later, will be dropping by from the Brumbies rugby union side how that knee surgery went to let us know his 2005 season. and also how he's rated on the opening tomorrow We'll give you all the latest it is magnificent of Wollongong's new Sea Cliff Bridge, more unusual Christmas events and it has to be one of Canberra's Carols in the Crematorium. it's a really good night. Don't let the venue put you off, OK, a little on the slow side But first; summer has always been for Canberra's tourism sector this year but that won't be the case our next guest in town especially when you have on the way. to talk-up some of the big events welcome to State Focus Michael Caton, Ali, lovely to be here It's always lovely to have you here. Are you a regular visitor. Yeah, sort of the last few years, sort of regular visits. I've been making for the national archives last year I did a thing which was just really interesting. in Old Parliament house, I mean, How do you feel about Canberra, with a bit of a boring tag, because we do get stuck for years. which we have been trying to shake know it isn't the case. Those who live here, when you arrive in town? How do you feel Well there is so much to see. to Sydney today, I mean, I have to sort of fly back another couple of days. but I actually wanted to stay down shown from the Vault exhibition And yesterday, I got taken and which was absolutely intriguing. at the national library Well, that's why you are here. Yes as the most intriguing? What's the thing that struck you at cooks papers Look I think just looking from the British Admiralty aswell, and his orders he was going to observe the because extensively trance of the venues and in actual fact, the great southern continent we want you to claim from the 16th century, and they have a globe looked like and it was very, showing what they thought Australia very interesting. His blazer? because he is such a legend? Was he a big guy, he wasn't tall, Well no, I mean I always knew but I didn't know how slight he was. incredible technique, I mean he must have had but what they have got, all the exhibits is they have arranged from the first sightings in a sort of chronological, to the early dutch explorer of the Southern Cross and you get to World War two and it just all goes through POW in fine fine hand writing and there are letters written by on toilet rolls and, very, very interesting stuff. for the kids aswell And it's definitely one has captivating and curious. and then the national museum You know, a lot of people would say, of our national treasures - Michael Caton that you're almost one that I think we need Well I was talking earlier for all our kitch. a national pool room That would have been good, Well we've got it Have a national - you know sort of early laminex. in the national museum, It's sitting at the national library, your movie side of your life. Can I ask you just about at the moment that the film industry Cause there is a lot of talk isn't that healthy. of low key, low budget Well it's we are doing a lot sort of films still, to survive in this way? do you think we can continue good year for film actually. Oh yeah, I think it's been a really cause I didn't have much of a job Not real good for me in film this year, good box office with Little Fish but in actual fact, at the Box office and Wolf Creek doing really well the blockbuster So you don't think that we need No that's not our style. we do one, I mean I hope one of these days but it's not our forte. is a smaller structured productions I mean I think our forte because our crews are just red hot. where our, been happening are really good. It's sort of productions that have as a backdrop, Maybe we can use Canberra or something like that a political thriller Maybe a ... Yeah

through the country side and then a chase love it, love it... all that beautiful, because you have got to Melbourne for New years I mean I am sort of going down to all the guys from the tourism, and I've been talking what's the best way, river, around Kosciuszko and .... I want to come up along the Murray You will enjoy that. spoiled here, Well you know, you are really places from the museums, you can have all this wonderful the war museum, the libraries, the archives, which was full of stuff the old parliament house that I didn't know We've got it all And then Summernats in January. Don't forget the bogons either. Yeah

Not at all. Wonderful to have you in. and we'll see you again sometime OK? Thanks for coming in Yeah thank you Ali. its fabulous treasures, Well, Canberra may have will tomorrow but the Illawarra officially open a new icon, one of the great ocean road drives. that is set to become $49-Million to build; The Sea Cliff bridge cost and Coalcliff linking the towns of Clifton sea level, just spectacular And sits more than 40 metres above who's watched it all come together And on the line right now is a man over the last two years. of Heathcote, Paul McLeay. He is State MP for the seat Hi Paul, how are you? very well thank you. Good morning Ali, as well as nearly every resident Looking forward to tomorrow along to Northern Illawarra. and small business all the way Yes it is going to be fantastic. of this bridge What's the most impressive element as far as you are concerned? of the bridge is quite spectacular. The RTA has certainly come to the floor on this one and they've designed what is, not just a beautiful bridge but also engineered to last at least 200 years and will over come the problem that we've faced of over 150 years of rock fall and lands slides, making a mess of that road and we will now have a terminate structure that is beautiful to look at, a pleasure to drive on and also importantly, for future generations, somewhere to walk and ride your cycle on aswell. Oh look, you don't have to do the hard sell for us, we think it's a fabulous area. Now just finally the bridge opens tomorrow, not to traffic, but people can actually walk on it, but you can't just rock up for the event can you? No, because of the remote location and it's geographical issues, it does mean we are limited to 10,000 people and we are certainly going to stage the event for those people. It was open up for the public to nominate and the lucky 10,000 had their name pulled from the barrel, we will be able to follow the premier and also, Mackenzie Russell, who is the year six student that came up with the beautiful and simplistic name, she will be opening the bridge officially, and she'll be opening it at 9.30am will be coming across from 10am. However, it is open from that evening. And don't forget too, a gold coin donation for the MS society, for anyone that's heading out tomorrow. So a gold coin donation to MS and they are looking forward to coming back again next year. Lovely, Paul McLeay, I will leave it there. Thank you so much for joining us. Thanks Ali OK, after the break, Elvis is in the building Canberra's Garry Buckley ready for his annual pilgrimage to Parkes. He's next on State Focus. You're watching State Focus well, on the first weekend of January It'll be a case of one for the money, and two for the road all the way to Parkes, where every second person will be slipping into a pair of blue suede shoes for the annual Elvis Festival. It's the best Presley party this side of Memphis and our next guest is going to fit in just fine. Garry Buckley is one of Canberra's handful of Elvis impersonators and I can't helping falling in love with those side burns Gary Welcome how are you doing? Good thanks, yourself? I am good. When did you start doing the Elvis thing? It was a couple of years ago and they were doing Elvis, that's the way it is, they premiered a movie and the masters builders association were looking for an impersonator and I said I had a suit and everything and they said we will pay you to do it. And I said, no I will find someone to do it and I couldn't find anyone to do it and it just went from there. Goodness me. What's the essence of Elvis that you take to your performance? The look. Everyone remembers Elvis as fat and late 70's and don't remember him slim, early 70's and doing - You are not a fat Elvis by the way, everybody, I just thought I would point that out. You are early 70's? Early 70's yeah So is there something about Elvis that you have to have in a show? The moves, look and the presence. And what about songs? Well I believe one of the songs you have to have in a show is If I can dream, was done at the 68 comeback special and it was actually especially written for Elvis. Right, OK. What about Blue Suede shoes, Jail house rock? I do some time, but a lot of it is a lot of the music people don't know that I do because he was so good and we are only just starting to scratch the surface of what he had actually done, if you know what I mean. Now, you work a lot for charity, don't you ? Yes And you have got a great bunch of people at your work. Tell us about them? Australian technology information. They support me with everything I do and they sponsor for charity events and everything else and anything I need, they give me time off, they give me, so it is actually quite good. And you are performing tonight at Jerrabomberra? Yeah, the twin city church is having a carols by candle light and they are having Elvis as their main act. Then you are heading off to Parkes for the big festival. How does it feel when you get up there and there are all these other people kind of doing exactly what you are doing? Well you can tell the good ones with the good suits, because the ones that are up there for fun have only got the - how would you say, satin suits and you can tell the difference and when you do a show, if you have the suit and you have the looks, it's 90% of the job done. Do you actually sing or are you a lip syncher? I lip sync, but I will actually sing if people actually pay. It is going to be a huge weekend up there, January 6th to 8th and lots of great things happening too, there is apparently a mass wedding vow ceremony up there aswell. And if you need some more information, just give the 1800 number a call. And we can check you out on your website Thanks for coming in Gary, it is good to have you here Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. OK time to see what's been in focus in the four corners of our region, and Canberrans have until the 23rd to have their say on plans to expand the National Zoo at Yarralumla. Owner Richard Tinsdale wants to expand the zoo to 60 hectares and include a luxury safari resort on site. Could the ACT government be about to do a 360 on its election promise to build a dragway, because of complaints from residents living within 3KM of the Mount Majura site. Despite all the rain, Canberra's Googong Dam is still only 43% full But the Cotter is absolutely at the brim. And the wild card of Jelena Dokic is seeing tickets selling well ahead of next month's Canberra International tennis. On the South Coast this week the town of Merimbula is hoping Christmas will come and go without any serious incident. MP for Bega Andrew Constance is calling for more police after several violent bashings. Just like Tathra, Brouleewill be alcohol-free on its beaches this New Year's Eve. Batemans Bay hospital has opened its new emergency department, with the local auxillary raising the $200,000 for the face-lift. And Aunty Jack is back But the 70's Wollongong TV icon won't be doing a show in the Gong at this stage. In the Central west technology has cost the jobs of 60 factory workers in Bathurst. The Simplot company at Kelso will bring new robotic equipment on line in April, to do the work of 60 staff. There's been a drop in assaults and break-ins in the Orana district in the last two years. Development applications are in to Orange council for two new suburbs, with more than 200 blocks of land ready to go for sale. And Rex airlines says its purchase of AirLink will mean business as usual for Dubbo-based staff. And in the Riverina this week, the focus has been on making Wagga's Station Place taxi-rank safer. Security guards are now working the rank, between 10.30pm and 5.30am on Friday and Saturday nights. Tumut police will keep the case of missing woman Miam Maye open, even though a huge search of bushland failed to uncover any new clues. Wagga doctors say waiting time for elective surgery in public hospitals is now four and a half months, twice the national average. And its amazing West Wyalong doesn't have more traffic jams with the town having 7,300 registered cars for a shire with only 6,600 people. Well, we've had some ripper storms already this summer. The Central West and Riverina has watched storms crush a big percentage of the regions' cherry and apple orchards and Canberra's damage bill from its worst storm in 10 years, a week ago, is in the millions. While the weather bureau and emergency services have their own warning systems in place, we sort of wondered if there's another way of understanding a storm's true potential? Which is why we have Jimmy Deguara on the line right now. He's an experienced storm chaser with a terrific website Hi Jimmy, how are ya? Not bad how are you? I'm OK, how do we recognise if a storm is going to be particularly nasty? Well there is several ways and features that you tend to look for. gust fronts which are like **** which go from horizon to horizon. If you see one of those rapidly approaching, if it is very dark and obviously the animals and birds have stopped singing, that sort of thing, that's one way of actually noticing what's going on. In the more difficult cases, where you have what we call, clear cut bases, very subtle looking bases, rippled bases and they often form where they are developing storms so, they are holding up the or the precipitation at once. when they are ready to drop Do you think that the climate change that we are seeing this generation is effecting the intensity of the storms that we are getting? interesting point that you make because in, I guess, last year, when there was a record year of tornados, everyone pointed to global warming, this year when we had hurricanes, a record number of hurricanes, again people are linking that to global warming. There are two different things, there's global warmings and then what really do you link it too? Is it going to increase temperatures or is it going to cause more thunderstorms. SO there is two issues here, not one in my opinion anyway. Yeah, well look Jimmy, I will have to leave it there. We'll take what you just said into account, when we see those storm clouds brewing this weekend somewhere. Thanks for your time today Thank you And Jimmy's website is really worth a look, or if you fancy a rather different weekend away, Jimmy hosts adventure storm tours and he has another website for that After the break would you go to Carols in a crematorium. And rugby star Matt Gitteau on his dicky knee and the Gregan factor He joins us next on State Focus. And you're watching State Focus till we hear the sound of reindeers on the roof, and in Canberra, we weren't sure if we were seeing a misprint when we read that they were planning Christmas Carols in Norwood Park because you see, Norwood Park is in fact, a crematorium and Mick Rice is CE0 of Norwood crematorium how are you Mick? I am fine Ali and how's yourself? Oh look I am great. What was the initial reaction when you came up with the idea for Christmas carols? fact what I wanted to do out there and whether or not we were going to upset anybody's sensitivities, but the area that we are actually holding Carols in the Park at, inside Norwood Park, is a huge expansive grass away from all the memorial locations. It's about 13,500 square meters, so you know, four or five months before I even contacted anybody on thee theatrical side of - in the planning process, I spoke to a lot of families at the park and got their feeling and vibe and it was all very positive, so we went ahead full steam from there. Now let's talk about the line up. On the line at the moment we have got one of the singing sensations that's going to be a star of the Carols in the Park, It's Bob Downe from the Now or Never caravan Park in Muwillumbah, how are ya Bob? Hi how are you, listen I can't stay long I am running out of 50 cent pieces. I've got to tell ya, how do you feel about singing in a crematorium? Listen I will sing where ever people will have me Ali, I don't care. I think it's - And I have seen the setting and it's a beautiful and as you say, tranquil place. Yeah a terrific night, I am MCing, I am host I know I was just thinking an excuse for a new outfit if anything. That's right, every time I come on, I will have something different on. Are you doing any carols yourself? I'd hope to lead the assembled congregation with some thrilling harmony lines. Alright Bob, we will see you in Canberra very soon. Thanks for the call I am looking forward to it Ali OK, now just finally, the night is free isn't it? But we are raising some money, tell me about that. Yeah, the entry to the Park is free. We have got some other businesses involved in corporate sponsorship with the event and also we are selling show bags which will hold the candles and candle cup holders and some Christmas type paraphernalia, being supplied by the sponsors and the whole event is geared to support the ACT and Monaro cancer support group. It is going to be a fantastic night, it is Saturday the 17th of December, thanks Mick for coming in and joining us today. My pleasure, thank you Ali. And if you do feel the need to jingle your bells, it seems next weekend is the weekend for Carols by Candlelight so just check with your local papers to confirm times, there's carols right around the region and of course BYO candle and chairs. Well, it's a fair guess that all Brumby and Wallaby rugby union star Matt Gitteau wants for Christmas is the OK from his surgeon that his right knee is going to hold up for the new Super 14 season. And Matt's with us this afternoon. HI Matt, how's the knee? Yeah it's coming along well, had surgery on Wednesday, for ten days and then I should be able to start swimming and bike work and things like that. What if you hadn't have had the operation? All it was, was I basically had a fracture so I had a fracture in one knee and then I got hit against England and then that fracture, it was an old fracture and that just broke off, so I had a bit of floating bone in my knee and then that - it might heal, it might go go back together, but you might not be able to run on it, so best just getting it out, so he took that bit of bone out and then also just had a look around at my ligaments and things like that and all my ligaments are fine, it's just that bit of bone that needed to come out. I tell you what, the 2005 season was just all about injury for you, were you disappointed with that? Yeah I was and I think not just only me, but I think throughout the whole Brumbie season and then it went into the Wallaby season, we had so many injuries, so I think it was a disappointing year, but it's good to get it out of the way now before obviously the World cup and things like that coming up. Alright, let's talk about the European tour of the Wallabies. Just how dismal did it get and how on earth did you get through each week? Yeah it did get bad, I think a lot has been said about Eddie Jones and George Greegan, I think back here while we were away, but I think - Was it fair? Was it a fair comment? I don't think so. I think, obviously George and Eddie are great leaders and they kept us really positive and I think what was probably one of the toughest times in Australian rugby. I think we had the biggest loss record - OK, we are not going to dwell on it Yeah we won't dwell on it, but I think just, obviously the leadership, they showed through that period was really good and they kept us upbeat. Alright well who do you think might get the nod for Eddie Jones's job? I think probably Ewan Mackenzie, I think everyone said Ewan Mackenzie will probably get it and I think he's been in the Wallaby program before he was a forwards coach when Eddie Jones was there during the 2003 world cup, so he knows what it's about. Alrighty, George Greegan, do you think he is going to be captain for the next World cup? No idea, like George, even in the press, I think George doesn't know. I think George said himself, he will just be playing super 14, he will be playing for the Brumbies next year and then like everyone else - Do you think he will be worried now that Eddie is out of the picture a bit? I don't know, it's like every player. I think from now on, it always has been, but I think with George, now it's on form, so however obviously George goes in the super 14, will determine whether he is going to be the half back for Australia like any player. There is always Laurie Fisher. Yeah, there's always Laurie he might get a look in Well if Laurie gets up, then it will be all Brumbies, so I will be happy with that. Fantastic, now it is a new season, we've got the Super 14, we have the two teams, the Western force in Perth and the other South African team and the cheaters, what do you know about them? I don't know anything about the cheaters, but I think by the time we will be playing them, we would have played a few games, we will learn a bit about them, where as the forces, is a bit of new side, new young side, I don't think they are going to be too much to worry about, they have got Matty Henjack playing for them, so I think we should flog them by a bit. Well you would know his game inside and out wouldn't you? Well there is not a real lot to it, so it's pretty easy. Now look, lets talk about the home games for the Brumbies for the season, we've got seven home games which is fantastic. Does that suit you? Are you good on the road or not? I think last year showed that we probably aren't the best, but I think the year before when we won the comp, we had more home games, so I think it definitely is an advantage for us, we love playing at home in front of the Canberra crowd. It's going to be great if you need anymore details, just go to the Brumbies website, Look thanks for dropping in, hope the knee goes all well, hope it's injury free for 2006 for you. So do I That's great, thanks Matt. Thank you And that's it for our last show of the year, we'll be back on Saturday the 14th of January so until then, have a safe and happy time with family and friends over the Christmas break. We'll leave you now with a look at some of the intriguing guests that have dropped into State Focus over the past 12 months. Thanks for watching and bye for now. You know when you start looking at making a jump from 198 to 210, like when I did earlier this year, you know there is nearly 12km jump there and certainly if you are making 12km jumps then you are pretty confident after that with some extra work, you can make some ones and twos It is very dry, yes it's dry all around the state actually this way and just see the effects of the drought and it's not really the NSW that we want to know. And I sit here as a person who has been able to grow through so many negative experiences and I think life, it's the negatives that allow you to grow. We always keep learning, you know, no matter how old you are and how gifted you are, you always keep learning. I am sure if you ask Andrew Johns he still learns every day, so it's good to have that attitude that you want to keep learning. Regardless of winning a gold medal and things like that, I am proud that I didn't give up on myself and I didn't give up on my dreams along the way. They do manage or succeed in selling Telstra. I'm afraid to say that the infrastructure won't go away. Simply all that will happen if they sell Telstra, will be a lot harder to live on and the issues will still be there and we will have to keep fighting on those aswell. I got a lot of criticisms with this government about the way in which they interact with our visional people and I can go into them in great depth and they really ought to be listening and they are and that's the right way for them to go. Well it's certainly a lot different to what you would see Are you swearing? I do swear You thought the logies was a problem, well you aint seen nothing yet. A great series, another great book Oh please, there is no need to plug the book. And if you were a flower Molly Meldrum what would you be? Good God, If I was a flower I could suggest a couple Probably, I would say I was a cauliflower, more than anything else. Live captions by Southern Cross Ten, Canberra.