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This program is captioned live. Tonight, locked out - to spend the night on the footpath. the Jetstar passengers forced It was terrible. basically like animals. We were treated like, cops another pounding. Sydney's storm-weary west Gunned down - police officer in three months. a second attack on the same a man crippled in a football scrum. And a devastating court loss for

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Bill Woods Good evening. its whale hunt in the Southern Ocean. Also tonight, anger as Japan resumes

And Britney's meltdown... Thank you. Get out! Get out! Get out!

And you're going to sit right here. again forced into psychiatric care. The troubled pop star

are threatening But first, furious Jetstar passengers with the budget airline again to never fly on the street outside Sydney airport. after spending the night They were locked out

the cancellation of their flights, when storms forced and on footpaths. some sleeping in bus shelters The fury of stormy Sydney skies has nothing on these angry Jetstar travellers.

Absolutely disgusting, appalling. It was terrible. basically like animals. We were treated like, overnight for some Bus shelters the only refuge to Melbourne's Avalon Airport after their flight was cancelled due to bad weather closing due to its curfew. and the Sydney domestic terminal for Sydney airport weather. We can't be blamed that's in place at Sydney airport. Jetstar can't be blamed for a curfew We put people on their next flight.

joining in the blame game. Sydney airport management flights are diverted or cancelled Arrangements for accommodation when are a matter for airline policy. left to fend for themselves. More than 120 passengers international flights to be delayed Sydney's storms also caused 14 were cancelled. and several Virgin Blue flights put up in hotels for the night. Dozens of Virgin Blue passengers

against Jetstar - The biggest complaint

a lack of communication. the audio system would have helped. Just one simple announcement over Adding to the grief, lost luggage for at least one passenger upon arrival at Avalon.

Left in the lurch overnight, have also been caught out stranded passengers by Jetstar's compensation policy which provides full coverage for bad weather. but only partial cover

there were no mechanical issues Jetstar insists

and vouchers and will offer taxi fares in a bid to appease angry customers. You're kidding, aren't you? I don't care how cheap they are. and I still wouldn't fly with them. They could offer me a $1 fare Cameron Baud, Ten News. caused chaos across the city And that same storm with blinding rain and howling winds and powerlines. that brought down trees

residents of Sydney's Tarp City. Among the worst hit - Mother Nature barely drew breath, on Sydney over just four hours. unleashing 90,000 lightning strikes hit just after 6:00, The huge storm cell to take the plunge on the drive home. flash flooding forcing many not everyone was safe. And, once there, In Sydney's west, 85km/h gusts downed trees and powerlines,

blacking out 21,000 homes. Very strong, trees bent in half. It came from nowhere.

from my daughter, hysterical, I received a telephone call our big tree came down on the house. crying and screaming that

They've only been back a day,

by chainsaws in Milperra. and the school bells were drowned out We haven't had a month since August Sydney's Tarp City, Back at what's become known as residents feared the worst. the thunder and the storm. It was very scary, all the powerpoints, I just turned off curled up, and waited for it to go. She's one of the lucky few,

after a 2-month wait. finally getting a new roof is a stark reminder But right across the road from Ann of a safe night. that a new roof is no guarantee in the recent storms, This home suffered extensive damage only 12 months old. despite its roof being The Government says within three months. 95% of these homes will be fixed Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

particularly for those . Of for a weather prediction

particularly for those areas are . Of for a weather prediction particularly for those

calling tarpaulin city - a worrying

whether other weekend. Showers and whether other weekend. Showers and

storms across the weekend and in

fact the next four or five days

there's a chance of thunderstorms

or showers. As you can see, the

wind is quite strong out of the

South and a will remain that way

What for the next two or three days.

What an interesting February day -

charcoal this in four

charcoal this in four years.

. Tomorrow 20 it to 24 degrees

showers cloud and a possible

thunderstorm as early as Sunday and

right from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.. of an off-duty police officer Mystery surrounds the shooting in Centennial Park this morning.

had been stabbed in the stomach The same constable less than three months ago. a gunshot wound to his stomach Senior Constable Ashley Don suffered just before 8am. his colleagues on his mobile phone. Seconds later he called for help from to St Vincent's Hospital The 48-year-old was rushed for emergency surgery. has been advised The officer's immediate family with him. and they are at the hospital stopped this sedan in Bexley. A short time later officers without registration plates, Police had been told the vehicle,

of the shooting. had been at the scene in for questioning. They took the driver No charges have yet been laid. police have been very quick Right after the shooting locking all the gates. to seal off all of Centennial Park, who were inside the park at the time, They've interviewed dozens of people who witnessed the shooting. hoping to speak to anyone Police divers searched the ponds where the officer was shot, immediately surrounding the area looking for the weapon, has been provided. but no description of any offenders on long-term stress leave It's understood he has been from the force. The officer was involved in a previous incident and that incident is under investigation. He was stabbed outside his Randwick home last November. He claimed he'd disturbed an intruder. His family today asked to be left alone on Ashley's recovery. so they can focus He is expected to stay in hospital over the weekend. Evan Batten, Ten News. A young man confined to a wheelchair after a football accident is facing financial ruin after losing a court battle for damages. Shane Green's family ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs. As a quadriplegic, Shane Green has overcome some pretty difficult challenges, but never expected to be left out in the cold quite like this. It was nearly 14 years ago when his spine was fractured,

playing in a rugby league game near Taree when the scrum collapsed on him. He sued the Country Rugby League for damages, but yesterday a Supreme Court judge ruled against him, and ordered him to pay all legal costs. It's just totally devastating. I just don't know how to describe the feeling. Shane's lawyers argued he should not have been allowed to play in the front row, given his age, build, and thin neck. It's just another big hit in the guts, another hurdle he has to overcome. While Shane currently works full-time, his family had hoped he'd be awarded enough money to provide for his future and pay for his medical expenses. We just can't believe they would try and destroy our son like this.

Is there any way you can afford this? Not short of selling our home, there's not, no. The Country Rugby League has refused to comment. We thought they would have been more sympathetic to one of their young players. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Japan is shrugging off international anger against whaling as it resumes the hunt in the Southern Ocean. An Australian Customs vessel is shadowing the fleet, of the controversial kill.

gathering evidence Word of the kill came at an awkward moment for Australia's Foreign Minister to sign an income tax treaty. as he arrived in Tokyo Stephen Smith and his Japanese counterpart agreeing to disagree over the whaling issue. sat down to talk, As the two ministers an Australian Customs vessel was shadowing the Japanese whaling fleet. The crew of the 'Oceanic Viking' blowing the whistle after it witnessed the slaughter of several whales, thought to be minkes. I'm deeply, deeply disappointed that we're seeing whales killed in the Southern Ocean

by Japanese whalers.

Protest vessels from Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd are about to arrive in Australian ports for fuel. Sea Shepherd says the Australian Customs ship should intervene. I'm really surprised of whales being killed - Australia is just taking pictures they should be enforcing the law. Others want higher-level action. Unless we slow things down in trade or bilateral security arrangements, on the Japanese foreign ministry.

When you consider that in the past all we had was talk and yet under the Rudd Labor Government what we've had is action. Sea Shepherd's vessel the 'Steve Irwin' will return to hound the Japanese fleet. You know, we're really quite anxious to get back down there because we have demonstrated we can stop them and when we return I think we can shut them down again. Greenpeace to continue its anti-whaling lobbying in Japan.

And it's that change in public opinion in Japan that could ultimately tip the balance. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. A look at sport with Rob Canning, and tonight's Twenty20 international comes with a warning? Yes, Deb, cricket officials fearing the tension between the sides could fire up a packed MCG tonight. Extra security will flood the 'G to control what's expected to be a world record crowd.

Fans getting to the ground early but being warned to not react to the week's growing hostilities between the teams. Also ahead, how cricket's racial row will affect discrimination in rugby league. We'll hear Preston Campbell's views shortly. Plus, one of our leading Socceroos set to pull out of next week's World Cup qualifier. The emergency call Wayne Carey's girlfriend made to Miami police -

we'll play it for you next. Also tonight, soaking up the rooftop rays - a Sydney factory makes the switch to solar energy. And things looking up for this premature zoo baby.

This program is captioned live. Miami police have released the emergency call made on the night Wayne Carey allegedly smashed a glass into his girlfriend's face. Kate Neilson heard describing the former footballer, who left her bleeding. Wayne Carey's alleged attack on Kate Neilson began at a restaurant adjoined to Miami's Mandarin Oriental Hotel. A security guard making a 911 call moments after she was glassed.

The recording reveals Carey abandoned his injured girlfriend.

Ms Neilson heard providing a description of Carey for a police man-hunt.

The two-time premiership captain was found a short time later in that room where Miami police allege he kicked and elbowed two officers. He's due to face assault charges in Florida on February 15. Meanwhile, police back here are still examining evidence they seized from Carey's apartment on Sunday night, including a small quantity of powder and a reported $9,000 in cash.

The former AFL champion has been in hiding since the dramatic arrest while his one-time friend is favoured to take over the Channel Nine job from which Carey was sacked. The Kangaroos legend unwilling to comment. Any thoughts on Wayne Carey's behaviour? No, not at all. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. but we are being warned to prepare for pain in the May Budget. of lying The Opposition accusing Labor about the state of the economy and treating us all like mugs. Drinkers and smokers felt some of the pain today as inflation automatically raised the the taxes on life's simple pleasures. The Prime Minister's warning there's more hurt to come as the Government slashes spending in the May Budget. His Treasurer echoing the message.

There is a substantial inflation problem inherited by the Government, and one we are determined to act on.

That battle cry a direct response to a secret alert the incoming Government received from Treasury of critical times ahead. The Opposition doesn't buy it. Wayne Swan is trying to paint this mythical parallel universe. This is, this is what Labor is all about. They are essentially telling lies about the Australian economy.

Inflation has been running at less than half what it was and with upward pressure, as we know. The Treasurer hit back, showing that underlying inflation in the last three months of the Howard Government hit a 16-year high, which is expected to trigger an official interest rate rise next week. They don't recognise the scale of the problem

for it. Both sides agree on one thing - the tax cuts should be delivered and the Government says they will be. The irony is, that means the pain inflicted elsewhere will be greater. Only Defence will be quarantined from the razor gang. Its budget, in fact, will be boosted. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A Sydney factory is sparking a power revolution by going green with sunlight. It's expected the huge solar system will be a shining example for the rest of the country. This is Cadbury Schweppes's latest production line and it's got nothing to do with chocolate. It's a 100-kilowatt solar system on the roof of its Huntingwood factory. This is like, "Welcome to the future." 640 panels will power the plant and still save 140 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

That's the equivalent of taking 35 cars off the road, music to the Environment Minister's ears, who says solar power is very much Australia's future. With energy bills going up, coming at us quickly, delivering on solar energy is an absolute necessity for us and it's happened here today. to show corporate Australia The installation is expected with green energy. what can be achieved

are just down the road - Arnotts Biscuits working 24 hours a day they've got huge ovens they'll be looking at this and I think

that they might be the next one. and I venture to suggest one fuel company on board, It's already got for the chocolate factory's panels. BP Solar responsible A sweet outcome for the manufacturer, for a greener image swapping its trademark purple at a fraction of its usual cost. Amber Muir, Ten News.

Next, disfigured for life - on their anniversary. the man poisoned by his wife It's like torture, if you like - like that. to put somebody in hospital And mysteries of the deep - can reveal climate change patterns. how ancient reefs

For as in the way of the storms

that have caused the usual PL that have caused the usual PL

problems will check the problems will check the traffic.

I've got great news because traffic

trying to head out of Sydney is

going to get home in time. We just

over the harbour bridge and had

been no major problems on the

bridge or after man. Even the

traffic trying to leave a fire the

motorways has been extremely light

via the M5, the M4 and the M2.

via the M5, the M4 and the M2.. the green light Pharmacists have been given But the move has outraged doctors, of misdiagnosis. worried about the risk for a sickie Getting a medical certificate could now be as easy as walking into your local chemist.

It's all about access - close to where you live, they're often placed on the premises there's always a pharmacist

an appointment. and you don't have to make

Changes to WorkChoices two years ago gave health practitioners -

in Chinese medicine - including those specialising medical certificates. the right to issue has been issued Now an official set of guidelines to put their powers into practice. to allow chemists to take the pressure off GPs. The move designed coughs and colds. They'll be treating will have the option Individual chemists to provide the service, whether or not

for as little as $10. some already issuing certificates a doctor's certificate If you've got to get if your employer asks for it then you've gotta go there sometimes,

wait two days just to get in to see the doctor.

The my Erin process to be more The my Erin process to be more

convenient for the patient for the

some say a pharmacist don't have

the skills and provide a proper diagnosis. The person has a headache, a certificate is issued for 24 hours, that person may have meningitis and by the time that sick certificate is up they could be dead. Arnold Schwarzenegger has bought into the American presidential elections, throwing his weight behind Republican presidential candidate John McCain, the Californian Governor praising the former Vietnam prisoner of war

as a great leader with the right security credentials for the top job. He's a great American hero and an extraordinary leader and this is why I'm endorsing him to be our next president of the United States. Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani was also on hand to lend his support a day after dropping out of the race for the White House. A British man left horrifically injured after being poisoned by his wife has spoken for the first time about his ordeal. The victim's curry had been laced with antifreeze. Crippled, brain-damaged, deaf and blind,

Lee Knight's paralysed and expressionless face It's not like taking a bullet and shooting somebody. It's like torture, if you like - to put somebody in hospital like that. It was the woman he married who stole his ability to smile. if you like. I really miss smiling because that part of my face doesn't work any more. Kate Knight was convicted this week of poisoning her husband in a sick plot to collect a $300,000 payout from his employer. On the couple's seventh wedding anniversary

she laced the curry and wine she prepared for him with antifreeze. The poison put Lee Knight in a coma for four months, causing irreparable kidney damage. She used to wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me that she loved me and I thought that was really good, but obviously now it must have been her conscience playing her. And now there's something else to keep her up at night -

what her own future holds.

Her sentencing hearing has been adjourned to a later date. Lee Knight needs 24-hour care, but he still wants to look after his 9-year-old son.

I want to think about the life I can make for me and Jack. He is the most important thing to me. His marriage and body both now broken, but he's determined to repair his life.

In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Devastating winter storms are wreaking havoc across much of China. Thousands of people rushed to get on trains as public transport returned to normal. They'd been stranded for days because the ice and snow had shut down the system. in the crush to get on board. Many people were injured Others ditched their luggage in an attempt to get home. The storms have also damaged crops, sending up food prices. Those in the hardest-hit areas are having to pay double the usual price. Ancient deep-sea reefs could shed new light on climate change patterns in the Southern Ocean. A special submersible revealing mysteries from a magical underwater world. Venturing into the unknown and to greater depths than ever before, scientists got more than bargained for.

We found corals where we expected to find corals we didn't expect to find corals, and we found corals where so that makes a good success. Using a remote-controlled submersible, researchers travelled 3,000m below the sea surface 60km south-east of Tasmania. They collected samples from live and fossilised deep-sea corals which will help determine the ocean's role in climate change. These corals are natural archives of these sorts of things. Scientists believe the discovery of dead coral beds could hold vital information. We don't know what killed them but we suspect it was some element of climate change. Maybe not recent climate change - it may have happened thousands of years ago or it might be something that happened

in the last couple of hundred years. The samples will now be studied to determine when the newly discovered reefs existed and if their extinction is related to long-term climate patterns. We'll be ageing the corals and we'll try and find out exactly what killed them. This will give us a really good handle on how the ocean has changed. Angelina Anictomatis, Ten News. David Hicks's million-dollar story - the media bidding war to secure the scoop - that's next. Also, the toddler who accidentally bounced out of a second-floor window

and survived. And Britney's meltdown. Get out! Get out! Get out! Thank you. And you're going to sit right here. The troubled pop star given an escorted ride back to hospital.

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This program is captioned live.

Top stories this news hour, a police officer is recovering after being shot in the stomach in Centennial Park this morning, but mystery surrounds the shooting - the same officer was stabbed outside his Randwick home just three months ago. more than 90,000 lightning strikes Sydney experienced in just over four hours last night as wild weather battered the city. The west again bore the brunt, with downed trees taking out roofs, cars and powerlines, to more than 20,000 homes. cutting electricity And Jetstar passengers are furious after being forced

to spend the night on a footpath outside Sydney airport when wild weather forced the cancellation of several flights.

Many travellers are now vowing never to use the budget carrier again. Convicted terror suspect David Hicks is at the centre of a media bidding war and could potentially sell his story for up to $1 million. A gag order expires next month and Hicks's father has confirmed he's received as many as up to 30 offers

to pay for his story. The Prime Minister says it's up to publishers to decide if they're going to break State and Federal laws against profiting from crime. A 2-year-old girl is recovering in hospital after bouncing out the window of a second-storey apartment. Her mother says all landlords should be forced to install security screens. It's enough to make any parent feel horrified.

I knew straightaway something had happened and ran straight to the window and she was just there. It was horrible. Last night, 2-year-old Mainia Daniels fell from this second-storey window at Palm Beach. Playing with friends on a neighbour's bed, the flyscreen wasn't enough to break her fall. She was with all her friends from school, from kindy.

They were all playing and having a beautiful time, and one second... She fractured her skull

and was airlifted to the Mater Hospital in Brisbane. The toddler is now in a serious but stable condition. It's a tragedy

the apartment's resident says could have been averted if her repeated requests to her landlord for security screens hadn't been ignored. It's not about someone breaking in,

it's about children falling out the window. A spokesman for the Residential Tenancies Authority says there's no requirement by law for landlords to provide security screens. That's something these mums say must be changed. It should be illegal. They should have security windows like they have on all the windows up here. It's just pathetic. We need to get this law changed.

It needs to be changed - this is not good enough. On the Gold Coast, Nicky Haydon, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report, and the local share market has had a strong finish for the week.

$1.40 a litre is the average price of unleaded petrol around Sydney tonight, which is slightly lower than yesterday. But we've found it even cheaper in Minto for $1.32. For the second time in a month, pop star Britney Spears has been forced into psychiatric care. the singer has been taken to hospital

I don't care about them right now. I want to drive my car. Britney Spears, just hours before being driven to hospital. Oh my God, would you please get out of the way? I'm scared you're going to drive off? without me. Her tirade against her driver continues. Get out of the car. Get out, get out, get out. Thank you. And you're going to sit right here.? Sit down. Later, police physically removed the 26-year-old from her home to a medical centre to be evaluated by psychiatrists -

the well-orchestrated train of police motorbikes and vehicles

blocking off roads, preventing the usual paparazzi circus. The troubled celebrity's mum, Lynne, told reporters her daughter's doing alright. Y'all please get out of my way. This is the second time in less than a month the singer's been placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold, meaning she's considered a danger to herself or to others. In early January, Spears was taken to hospital after she locked herself in a bathroom, refusing to hand over her children to ex-husband Kevin Federline. Britney's increasingly bizarre behaviour in recent months has been captured by the ever-present paparazzi. One psychiatrist says some stars just don't realise when they need help. Many people who seek psychiatric treatment

have that sort of dialogue in their heads but it might be a little more pronounced with someone who's a celebrity. It's believed a judge may extend the involuntary psychiatric hold to 14 days. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

Might have been give the barbecues Might have been give the barbecues

and the beat to bid a rest this

weekend. It looks Sharif cloudy and

a big southerly blowing Saturday

and Sunday away, folks. There will be thunderstorms in the forecast Sunday through to next Wednesday.

What about the Super southerly that

robbed last night?

The Davies in his old are starting

at 21.8 degrees. It's all over at 21.8 degrees. It's all over the

place, this weather. Tomorrow will

be great and the day after an the

day after. Showers everywhere and

the southerly will not lie down.

. As we come back live here it

looks like Ron has parked his

boater over there. Sport now with Rob Canning

and cricket's racism row could impact on rugby league. Yes, Deb, that's the fear of one of His concerns shortly, plus Ricky Ponting to miss tonight's Also, retail therapy for the player who could well be bracing for a public backlash at the MCG tonight. And colosseum golf - the shot that had Aaron Baddeley under pressure. Wait 'till you hear the crowd's verdict.

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This program is captioned live. Australia will take on India in tonight's Twenty20 clash at the MCG without captain Ricky Ponting. Kelli Underwood is at the 'G. Kelli, a big disappointment for a big crowd?

A certainly is. No Ricky Ponting

for what be a historic and

memorable night. It's a first

international 2020 clash to be held

here in Melbourne. It's a a record crowd

crowd expected. Beck's set to smash

a previous record of 90,800 for a

single day of sport here. While the

curtain-raiser is well and truly

under way for the Aussie women they are

are playing against England before

the fireworks get under way

literally on and off the field.

Ricky Ponting tried his hardest to

get up for the match but he was

ruled out this morning.

The skipper turned out for an optional training session in a bold bid to prove his fitness. But he lasted less than half an hour. After consulting with the coach, selector and physio, Ricky Ponting was ruled out. With the uncertain nature of Twenty20 cricket and the frantic nature of it, we're just a bit concerned if he has to dive in the first over for fielding and he pulls up very sore, it'll leave us one short, The captain also in doubt for Sunday's tri-series opener against India in Brisbane. Michael Clarke will lead the Twenty20 side.

David Hussey will make his debut alongside brother Mike. The Aussies calling for plenty of support for Andrew Symonds after his week of turmoil. And probably that's the message - when people come out tonight, if they have an opportunity to thank those blokes for the way they've carried the country's flag and represented us, they should do it in a positive light. The face of Australia's crowd control campaign also pleading with fans to show respect and not turn their backs on the Indians.

If the crowd is coming along to do that sort of thing, I would encourage those guys to stay away. But the man at the centre of the controversy is buckling up for a hostile reception. Harbhajan hitting Melbourne's Chapel Street to take his mind off the race row. I'm looking forward to playing some good cricket tonight. Kellie Underwood, Ten News.

. What reception at a who will

receive will have to wait and see.

That conditions are a bit windy and

the game at begins in less than two hours.

Cricket's long-running racism row is having ramifications in other sports. Rugby league's Preston Campbell today revealing he fears the treatment of Andrew Symonds Preston Campbell's one of rugby league's most respected Indigenous players. But after seeing what Andrew Symonds has been put through, he'll now think twice about reporting a racial sledge. Personally, if it did happen to me, I probably wouldn't because you do see what happens to Andrew happen and you wouldn't want the fuss.

Campbell believing other players could be put off after seeing Symonds suddenly made to look the villain,

despite testifying he was called a 'monkey' by Harbhajan Singh. He's a man that's just gone out and stood up for himself and he's, sort of, copping it. part of a 6-man advisory group The Titans utility to assist Australian sport's first reconciliation action plan. Cowboys captain Johnathan Thurston happy to talk about that, but not his arrest last weekend for public drunkenness. What about what happened last weekend?

. Rugby League's centenary

celebrations get under way celebrations get under way when hundreds of players will get

together here for a fine day.

Organisers are expecting more than 20,000 supporters to be part of the inaugural event. Doubts hang over Socceroo Tim Cahill's availability for next week's World Cup qualifier against Qatar, his manager at Everton claiming the midfielder is nursing a hamstring injury. A different tune, though, from Sydney FC coach John Kosmina, prepared to go without his Socceroos stars in next week's A-League semifinal. The boys in sky blue are using the week off to toughen up for the Queensland clash. Just who'll play depends on Wednesday's international. The national team always comes first. and came out with a couple of knocks If Mark Milligan played 90 minutes it'll be a hell of a risk to play him on Friday. That's not saying he won't play. Same for Brosque.

A 1-1 draw at worst will see Sydney advance to the preliminary final. A 19-year-old amateur, Kristie Smith, at the women's Australian Open.

The Aussie fired a 3-under 69 at Melbourne's renowned Kingston Heath. Karrie Webb is 2 shots off the pace. Day two belonged to Smith, who carded six birdies to storm into outright first. Korea's Park Hee Young the other big mover with the flatstick. Meanwhile at the FBR Open in Phoenix, much hype surrounds expanded stadium hole at the 16th.

Aaron Baddeley is fighting to defend his title.

All not going to plan though and the fans told him all about it. COMMENTATOR: Oh, they're going to boo - 'booooo'! Nick O'Hern, 1 of 14 Aussies in the field, and dealing with the conditions much better - this shot on the same hole. He sits just 1 shot behind early leader American Charlie Warren at 5 under.

To the Dubai Desert Classic and check this out - Miguel Angel Jimenez on the 7th hole.

COMMENTATOR He's come close to this flag so far today... ..until now. The Spaniard finished the day tied for second at 5 under with a host of other players including Aussie Scott Hend. the Tiger Woods show out in front. But, unsurprisingly, it's The world number one two strokes clear of the field opening round of 7-under par 65. after carding a blemish-free To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for a wet track at Rosehill tomorrow. That's all for now.

Later in Sports Tonight, the Twenty20 international. And 'the Hammer', Shane Heal, axed from the South Dragons.

. But state to look at the Friday-

night drive home. The traffic

trying to head home. Parramatta

Road remains a little untidy but Road remains a little untidy but in

all traffic around town has been exceptionally good for our Friday.

We had an excellent run for the M5

and the M4 and a well and the M4 and a well deserved

great home run on the M3 to the great home run on the M3 to the

Central Coast after hot coronal

week. Off.

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The and I don't get too many

weekends off. You don't have good

news for media? Can I use a

technical term there will probably

go way over your head because go way over your head because it's

from the bureau? It is whether

words. Yuk. It is going to be a bit

grey, showery Bali and were not going to have the

going to have the southerly that we

had last night but it's not a to be

to place in there. 24-26 degrees.

In fact the temperature one move

from the mid- 20s for the next four

or five days. They worry in the

forecast for the likes of tarpaulin

city where we had all the storms

River is at last night is that

there are thunderstorms in the

forecast the next five days.

Particularly Sunday and Monday looking

looking dangerous. The good news

about the rainfall is the average about the rainfall is the catchment

average about paternal metres. Tara

Marat had the he if he is down or

in five months. It was very

widespread. There were 76 mm at

mangrove mountain. At the moment

it's just grey and blowy. it's just grey and blowy. The southerly has backed off to about

22 kilometres an hour. And Inst

indoor sports only this weekend. In

your backyard it's a bit soggy and

windy and wet but it still Friday

and we love that sort of talk.

. Cloud over the interior and a

broad area of low pressure is

causing thundery showers. A band of

cloud across New South Wales and

southern Queensland in a trough is

causing showers and inland storms north of

north of around Sydney. Cloud on

Queensland coast and moist onshore

winds is also bringing

precipitation. A trough will treat

trigger showers and storms across

inland New South Wales 10 Worth has

had 28 mm. The rain is falling just

about everywhere we need it too.

There will be thundery showers over much of the interior and much of the interior and West. A

close as a look at the business of

the brolly. Showers and storms for

western New South Wales and western

Queensland. Showers along the

coastline. Storms for the interior

and the Top End. That the next four

or five days - temperatures 24-26 or five days - temperatures 24-26

degrees, Summerleaze, showers and

overcast conditions. Will get away

without a thunderstorm on Saturday

but the following day's the chances

of a thunderstorm every single day.

. It's going to be a squishy one.

. Umbrella territory for the next

48 hours.

. Birthday to a man at like Elvis

Presley has only one name. Happy birthday, Dad.

Things are looking up for Britain's smallest giraffe. When the big-eyed beauty named Margaret was born two weeks premature, keepers at Chester Zoo feared she wouldn't make it. But 10 days of hand-rearing have fattened the gangly calf up to a respectable 35kg. She'll be introduced to her brothers and sisters once she's tall enough not to get trampled. That's Ten News for now. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. I'll be back with the Late News and Sports Tonight at 10:35. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.