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Tonight - yet another interest rate

rise leaves mortgage rate hawk --

holders reeling. I might have to

rent out. De Rudd Government

hammered in the latest opinion

polls. The State MP at the centre

of a corruption inquiry resigned as

a parliamentary secretary.

What a champion - a young Aussie becomes the world's top snooker player. Good evening.

Also - the cost of street lighting

forces councils to tighten their


The secrets you need to know to

live to be 100. I danced for six

nights a week when I was younger.

First, borrowers have been slugged

yet again with the Reserve Bank

lifting official interest rates for

the third month in a road. The

Commonwealth Bank has put up its

rate less than our after an

announcement. The other big banks

say their rates are under review.

The 0.25 % interest takes the

official rate to 4.5% which adds

$17 per month. Or at least $50 for $17 per month. Or at least $50 for

a loan of $300,000.

Interest rate hikes are tough on

everyone with a mortgage. Nicole

Lembke fears this one might force

her out of her inner-city apartment.

I might have to rent it out and

look at other cheaper options

because it's too much to pay by

myself. The new rise, effective myself. The new rise, effective

from tomorrow, adds $17 a month for

every $100,000 borrowed. For Kevin

Rudd's working families, the cost

of living went higher today and it

is going to get higher still. This

is a tough decision for families and for small businesses.

Explaining itself, the Reserve Bank

board says that the risk of serious

economic contraction in Australia

passed some time ago.

The housing market is showing considerable buoyancy, and

inflation remains an issue. But the

Board also says with today's

decision, rates for most borrowers

have reached long-term average

levels - a hint that for now, that

will do. Business certainly hopes

so, appealling to the banks not to

pass on the full rise. The message

is that this is now definitely the

time to pause. So will this rise be

enough to prick the growing bubble

in the Australian property market?

The Treasurer wouldn't be drawn on

that, but the calculations for

prospective buyers have just got a

little tighter still. Not

everyone's complaining though -

many retirees benefit as rates go

up. We've been on such a low

interest rate for a long period of

time, so this will be good news for

a lot of the elderly people who

have been saving hard. This have been saving hard. This

interest rate rise was a double

whammy for the government coming

off the back of a major poll slump.

A while ago, as a Sydney minister

said to me that being government of

was about eating manure sandwiches

as gracefully as possible. Kevin as gracefully as possible. Kevin

Rudd has had a smorgasbord of

indigestion in recent weeks. For

once, he did not suggest that but

he has copped a belting. Just two

years ago Kevin Rudd was the most

popular Prime Minister in the

history of Newspoll. Not any more.

His satisfaction has plummeted 11

points in two weeks. His

dissatisfaction has climbed nine

points to 50%. How my job as Prime

Minister is to take decisions in

the national interest. Some of those will not be popular.

those will not be popular. I don't

think I will go for him in the next

election. It is wrecking the whole

place. According to the pollster,

it was the shelving of the

Emissions Trading Scheme. Emissions Trading Scheme.

Particularly the decision to increase the excise on cigarettes

will stop the collapse on the Labor

primary voters meant the government

has shed five points in the two-

party preferred. The Coalition has

gained them for a winning lead. It

is a political Everest that the

Coalition has to climb. Not helping

his Mr Abbott's popularity has

slipped. His dissatisfaction is up

three. If he comes back, we will

have a good government. Senior

figures concede that the past weeks

have been dreadful as the

government we positions for the

election. They will be watching the

polls ahead. Tony Abbott made a

bold prediction when he left a

bold prediction when he left a radio studio.

His Julia Gillard set fire

handover? Don't be silly. Labor MP

Karyn Paluzzano, under

investigation for corruption, has

quit as Parliamentary Secretary. It

the ICAC. follows more damning evidence to

Under fire in the ICAC for allegedly rorting electorate staff

pay claims, Labor MP for Penrith

Karyn Paluzzano stepped down this

afternoon as Parliamentary

Secretary for Education. She's

didn't attend today's hearing but

released a statement saying:

Earlier the Premier had appeared to

back her embattled colleague. I

believe in due process for Members

of Parliament, regardless of their

political affiliation. Now, as is

my long-standing practice, I'm not

going to be commenting on ongoing

matters before the ICAC. The resignation came as whistleblower

Tim Horan, who worked for Mrs

Paluzzano up until January, tipped

a bucket on his former boss. In

evidence to ICAC, he said that Mrs

Paluzzano had devised the rort in

which false wages claims were

presented to the Parliamentary Pay

Office. Instead of working at Karyn Paluzzano's Penrith electoral

office, staff were sometimes paid

to accompany the MP as she went

door-knocking constituents. The

hearing was told electorate staff

worked for the New South Wales

Parliament and were not permitted

to engage in direct electioneering,

campaigning or political

fundraising. Electoral officer

Jennifer Launt told the inquiry she

was intimidated by Mrs Paluzzano

and knew it was wrong to sign false

wages claims. Suburban street

lights could be blacked out to save

money because of a 50% hike in charges by Energy Australia.

Councils are warning they simply

cannot afford it.

They shed light on our world after

dark, and have been doing so for

decades. But street lights are set

to become a luxury some councils

simply can't afford, with Energy

Australia increasing the cost of

their maintenence by up to 50%. It

really leaves you little options -

to either cut services or basically

switch the lights off. 67-year-old

Burwood resident Tom Kaunitz is

outraged about the idea of turning

off street lights. I'm disabled.

There's other people in the street

that have got problems. Any

reduction in lighting at night can

only cause more problems regarding

crime and further vandalism. And

it's not just Burwood residents who

have something to worry about.

Across the state, at least 34

councils will be hit with the price

rise. As of July 1, in dollar terms,

$115,000. Extra? Extra. Every time

you see the lights go on in your

street, it's going to cost you more.

But Energy Australia says the

multi-million dollar price hike was

approved by the Australian Energy

Regulator, and the cash is needed

for maintenance and upgrades. The

regulator sets the price, and you

couldn't get a fairer system. And

councils determining who they get

to provide that service. The price

increase will be effective from

July 1.

We have a new world champion. He is

called Neil Robertson and he is the

first Australian to celebrate

success at the World Snooker

Championships in more than 50 years.

As well as pocketing the $400,000

prize money, he will soon celebrate

becoming a dad. He is snooker's new

super star - a teenage prodigy

turned world beater. Ladies and

gentlemen, your new champion, Neil

Robertson of Australia. With mother

Alison watching on, the title is

the culmination of 12 years on the

European snooker circuit. Robertson

first tried his luck as a raw but

talented 16-year-old. I came to

Cambridge with 500 quid in my

pocket and I had to borrow a

waistcoat off another Australian

player. I couldn't afford to buy

one. I could probably buy a few

more now. Unbridled joy filled the

Melbourne pool hall that Robertson

frequented as a youngster. It

really hit me during that last

frame. You could tell in his facial

expressions that he knew he was

going to win, and it just hit me

then and there. I lost it. It means

so much to me what he's done here.

He put in the hard yards and he's

really been rewarded. A destiny

fulfilled, according to his junior

coach. He used to destroy players.

I used to practice with him. I just

couldn't get to the table. He'd

just blow me away and I'd see

snooker I'd never seen before. The

celebrations are only likely to get

wilder for the young Australian.

Not content with becoming our first

ever snooker world champion and

pocketing more than $400,000 in

prize money, any day now he will

also become a father for the first

time. Fans hope the victory will

put the sport back on the map. He's

a champion. He's a champion

sportsman and a champion person.

There is plenty happening in rugby

league today. The CEO has endorsed

the salary cap. A frank admission

from one of Israel Folau's Club

team-mates. Controversy at the Twenty20 World Cup.

Next, athletes on notice after a drug testing breakthrough.

We speak exclusively to Jessica

Watson as she enters the home stretch.

And the pecking order at Sydney

Fashion Week - it's all about where

you sit! I've seen a former prime

minister's wife sent to the

nosebleeds while a weather girl

sits in the front row.

This program is captioned live.

This is Ten News in a Tory us

Sydney rapist it will be forced to

wear an electronic anklets to when

he is released from jail in two

weeks. He was one of the four

Pakistani brothers who package rate

several girls at Ashfield. The

Government opposed parole. We

mounted a strong argument every

step of the way in this process. He

will be on parole until 2012.

Athlete to try to cheat by taking

human growth hormone actually take

no advantage. Australian scientists

have found the results along with

some bizarre side-effects. Stronger,

bigger faster? Apparently not. It

appears that at the age have been

chipping themselves. We found to a

surprise that growth confirmed did

not affect endurance, strength or

power. The Government's study

founded only cysts sprinters. It

would not help the last placed at

late get a gold medal. The agency

funded at many attempts to improve

performance. They also should check

if it is a band -- if it should be

a band performance. Geoff Webster

was given doses of it and

testosterone. I felt I was fitter,

faster and more powerful. There

were side-effects. I started

developing breasts. My wife has not

too impressed. The researchers have

also confirmed that the prolonged

pursuit of superior performance can

have the most dire of consequences.

It causes joint pains, joint

arrangements and earthly arthritis.

It also causes diabetes, heart

problems and can lead to early

death. The Australian based

screening will be used at the

soccer World Cup and the

Commonwealth Games. Jessica Watson

has rounded the tip of Tasmania in

treacherous conditions and is

facing strong winds. The nation is

preparing to welcome her home. She

has less than the length of a

Sydney to Hobart race home but

still a friendly wave and a smile.

It was pretty good, they were the

first people I have seen in over

six months now. The dangers

conditions were bad but not the

worst she has suffered. I have seen

some big waves, the biggest were 12

metres. Bruce says that nature is

about to throw up one last monster

storm. There will be a large Gale,

one last hurdle to get through.

These 16-year-old is just a couple

of days away from making history. I

don't know how to be excited about

it. Nervous mum Jilly is not

celebrating yet. It will feel close

when she's getting close to Sydney.

Once on dry land, she will go into

the history books as the youngest

person to sail around the world

non-stop and unassisted. With

nearly 1.5 million hits on her

website, she is already an website, she is already an

international star. We are crazy

about Jess! Queensland's premier

and her deputy were critics. I do

not change my view in relation to

that. But this brave team is so

close to proving them and their

doubters wrong. I got election -- a

letter from friends and family. She

will sail in just two days shy of

her 17th birthday. The garden and

the flowers are probably a bit

confused. It is not spring but you

have got some flowers there to

prove that the warm weather is

here! For it has got springtime

written all over it! Maise is just

refusing to behave like autumn. The

temperatures are still high, 27

degrees enrichment and 25 degrees

in the city. The water at the beach

is 23 degrees as well! Tomorrow it

will be slightly colder. We will

say goodbye to days above 25

degrees but there is plenty of

sunshine coming up, - is the good

news with the weekend on the horizon.

All of the day's details will be on

your TV just before 6pm. I suspect

arrested over the Times Square

attempted terror attack. And we

reflect on it remarkable life of an

actress. And if to beasts that to a little gatecrashing. (REGAL TRUMPET PLAYS)

Awesome! Oh, look at that fish.

This program is captioned live.

Now for a look at the drive in and

around Sydney. Some problems in the

south of Sydney.

Yes, unfortunately. A terrible

accident occurred at fig tree this

afternoon. If you are heading to

Wollongong, the M6 has been

completely closed. Diversions are

in place. An impact for traffic getting out to the north-west.

There has been a smash and North

Ryde. You can see how slow the

traffic is. The delay has stretched

back to Lane Cove Council. If

you're heading to the north-west

and waiting for family and friends,

they are going to be delayed.

A chemical factory inferno has sent

plumes of choking black smoke over plumes of choking black smoke over

Melbourne. Dozens of workers were

evacuated as the blaze took hold of a chemical manufacturing business

in Dandenong. Several big

explosions posed a danger for the

city firefighters who rushed to the

scene. It was extremely dangerous.

There were numerous explosions and

missiles as a result of the

explosions. Heavy rain helped crews

bring the blaze under control.

I America's All disaster could be

20 times worse than first feared.

BP says it has a new technique to

help disperse the slick as it heads to shore.

Still gushing, and shifting on the

wind. I don't know if it's just

some dead plants or oil up on the

shore. So far, BP has failed to

clamp its sunken rig. But is

confident a new trial of injecting

dispersant under water is working.

When the oil reaches the surface,

it's already got dispersent in it.

That has also cut the flow

significantly. But as particles

begin hitting the sand in

Mississippi, damaging video has

revealed what the experts first

predicted - this spill would be far

worse. They said that the Deepwater

Horizon could leak 110,000 barrels

a day. Not the 5,000 they're now saying. saying.

Are we getting a realistic number

or has this been underestimated? I

dont think we know. I think it

could be more. A terrifying

prospect for those whose jobs this

disaster has already claimed. And

for their backyards. Have they done

enough to get a handle on this? No.

They don't know what they're doing.

This is what is at stake - the

beauty of the Mississippi River

Delta. And locals fear that if the

oil isn't capped in the next few

days the sludge will inevitably

make its way in here. Either way,

it's going to get destroyed -

whether the oil destroys it or we

destroy it trying to clean it.

Across the four Gulf states,

families are seeking compensation

from BP. And it's feared the

financial impact could trigger a

double dip recession, leaving a

toxic mark that could last a generation.

Now to the Finance report. Another

day of huge losses for the mining

sector. That is right. The new

Super mining tax has taken a heavy

toll on resource and material

stocks. Another interest rate rise

did not help. The share market much

more than 1%. Materials were the

worst performing sector. Iron-ore

mine at Cape Lambert Resources

cancelled a $400 million project in

WAAA, blaming the government's new

tax. At the same time, there is

consolidation. The new directors

have given the thumbs-up to the

takeover bid from have you crest to

create the fourth largest miner in

the world.

That is finance news for now.

Tomorrow, Westpac turns in its half

yearly consults. -- results. The

market consensus is for a profit.

There has been error arrest over

the posh car bombing in New York's

Times Square. Shahad Faisal, an

American of Pakistani descent, is

accused of rigging the bomb in an

SUV on Sunday. He has been arrested

in New York are trying to get a

flight to Pakistan. The only

surviving gunman of the 2008 Mumbai

attacks could be executed after

being found guilty of murder and

waging war on India. Pakistani

national Ajmal Amir Kasab will be

sentence surely. 166 people died in

the 3-day rampage.

English acting great Lynn Redgrave

has died at the age of 67. She had

another blow to one of Britain's

acting dynasties. Looking frail and

relying on others. This was Lynn

Redgrave's last appearance in

public. But the funeral last month

of her older brother. The

formidable acting achievements of

her family often saw her career

somewhat overshadowed, but she was

nominated for an Oscar twice. Her

performance in Georgy Girl first

bringing this particular Redgrave

to the wider public attention. My

face is too fat and my hair is like

grass. She was to repeat that feat

more than three decades on,

nominated game for her role in Gods

and monsters. I was young and and monsters. I was young and

innocent and naive and I fondly

thought, pourri, get a great role

in a field and I guess you win a

Golden Globe and get nominated for

Oscars and when other things! It

has been a devastating year for the

British acting dynasty who have had

to mourn the loss of three family

members. The sequence began with

Natasha Richardson's death in a

skiing accident. Of this latest

loss, a family statement read:

Her funeral is expected to be held later this week.

Two deer have burst into a sports

bar in the US, stunning patrons and

causing thousands of dollars of

damage. Glass flew as the bucks

crashed through the front doors of

the Wisconsin Ale House. They raced

past reception into a private room,

where basketball fans just happened

to be watching the Milwaukee Bucks

on TV. But the bar hopping was

brief - two men quickly tackled the

panicked deer and carried them

outside. The animal encounter has

given new meaning to the Bucks'

team motto - 'Fear the Deer'.

After today, will we face more

interest rate rises? Expert advice after the break.

Also, the secrets you need to know

to live to 100. I danced six nights

a week when I was younger. How to

tell who is who at Sydney Fashion

Week. The pecking order of Sydney

society is determined by where you sit.

I take a tasting tour of London

with three of our very best judges.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight's headlines - the embattled

MP at the centre of a corruption

inquiry has quit as a parliamentary

secretary. The ICAC is

investigating allegations that

Karyn Paluzzano defrauded taxpayers.

The Rudd Government has been

hammered in the latest opinion poll.

The Newspoll published in today's

Australian newspaper puts the

Coalition ahead of Labor 51-49.

Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank

has swiftly passed on the rise in

official interest rates. The

increase will lift monthly payments

on a $300,000 loan by about $50.

A probably more rate rises to come.

Most of the big banks expect two

more this year. Here is what some

of them had to say. We would have

argued the Reserve Bank could have

held off from this particular rate

right. We have had five in the last

six meetings and we see that across

the country small businesses and

retailers are hurting. Two warnings

from all this over the last couple

of days. They will go 0.5% over the

rest of the year spaced out in

response to the higher-than-

expected inflation numbers. I don't

think there will be a strong case

to raise rates in an ticketed

months because we are at normal

levels. It is likely we will start

to see some pain coming out in both

the retail sector and in confidence

levels and in housing. We think

that over the next week, the

chances are that the majority of

banks will pass on this 25 basis

point increase in rates.

He new study has revealed some

surprising secrets to a long life.

Australia's 100-year-olds have

disclosed the habits of that help

them become Sproatley seniors.

Looking back on his past 100 years,

George Kersley credits his long

life to keeping a healthy routine.

I have calmed down now. I have two

schooners of light before lunch. He

still drives his car, and lives

alone, cooking his own meals - a

lifestyle that new research shows

matters much more than good genes

when it comes to living a long life.

That is quite a remarkable finding

- that people that are that old are

still able to manage at home. The

University of New South Wales

studied almost 200 Australian

centenarians. Surprisingly, genes

accounted for only 25% of longevity.

We found that personality is very

important, so people who are likely

to live a long life are those who

are optimistic, resilient and

they're open to change. Almost 90%

saw family once a week. But one of

the biggest secrets to living a

longer life was having a good

social life. With 76% of

respondents saying they attended a

weekly organised group activity. I

go out for lunches three times a

week - Monday, Tuesday and

Wednesday. And so is staying fit

doing something you enjoy. My

secret to long living is gardening.

Get out and dig in the garden, not

a housekeeper.

Some big-name designers send their

collections down the runway at the

Australian fashion week today.

Sometimes the attention has to turn away from the catwalk.

Where you are seated can determine

where you rank insignia's social

pecking order. -- in Sydney's

social pecking order. Everyone

expects models to look marvellous

as they march down the runway. But

it's not every day the designer

looks just as amazing, unless of

course it's former model turned

fashion maven Gail Elliott. I am

not formally trained as a designer

but after working from the Saatchi

to a money, that has taught me

about clothing. Before each show

starts, this is the hullabaloo you

see as everybody gets their seats.

There is always a bit of gossiping

and looking around to see who has

got the front row, who is being

photographed by the media and just

who is who in the fashion world. If

you are see, forget about it. And

front row today doesn't necessarily

mean front row forever. It can

change dramatically. I have seen

former prime minister's wives at

the back. Then there are those

whose job it is to be there - local

fashion and magazine editors

dissecting the looks so they can

explain them to us. Christopher

vesper's show was unreal. It is

dark and not always celebrating the

Australian sunshine. Add the

international buyers and

journalists and you have your

Fashion Week crowd. Fashion week's

everywhere has become a part of

cultural identity. I was invited to Transylvania fashion week a few

weeks ago. I did not go. But having

people of this calibre in the

stalls has ensured Fashion Week

veterans like Zimmerman are

successful around the world as well successful around the world as well as around Australia. as around Australia.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is better

known for her temper than tears,

but she's showed off her softer

side during a television interview

with Oprah. The catwalk queen broke

down when questioned over her anger

management problem. I'm not proud

of the things I've done in my life

and I'm striving to be a better

person and to find peace. Campbell

insists that while she does have a

tendency to lash out when she

doesn't get her way, she's no diva.

Now for our mild-mannered sports

break. Manly's players are happy. break. Manly's players are happy.

They will take on the Dragons one

day after playing at Port Macquarie or Melbourne.

We will go for a tour inside

Melbourne's brand new stadium.

Here is to you, Mr Robertson. The

Aussie who has snookered the

Good evening. Neil Robinson has

become Australia's first snooker world

world champion since 1975. He has

won $411,000 in prize money which

caps a rags to riches story. A

proud Aussie, at the King of the

green felt. He knows that he has

won this year's World Championship.

He blows a kiss to his mother! She

flew over to see her son become

world champion. He is the champion

of the world! The trip looked

unlikely just days earlier when her

son looked destined for an early

exit. He was down by five frames.

It has followed a lifetime of

persistence. I came over to

Cambridge with 500 quid in my

pocket and I had to borrow a

week's-a waistcoat off another

Australian player. He listed wall

to lynch him among his sporting

heroes. His nephew was the last

Australian to win the world title

five-eighth years ago. He wishes to

return to the days where Eddie

Charlton dominated in the 70s. Now

ranked number 2 in the world,

Robertson has plenty on his plate.

His girlfriend was due to give birth

birth to his first child yesterday.

They were calling the NRL's meeting

a salary cap summit and amazingly

the only club not to meet was the

Melbourne Storm. Melbourne did not

show up. I'm sure they have a bit

on their plate in Melbourne. There

is no problem in relaying to them

what was spoken about today. The

salary cap was discussed and a

five-man collective bargaining

committee have welcomed some

missions for a change but all

bosses agree that the cap must stay.

No complaints today for the five

Kangaroos players are set to back

up for their clubs 24 hours after

the Test against the New Zealanders.

The players said that the timing

could have been worse. Today's

training session was a tough week

for Anthony Watmough. He is one of

13 players who will back up after

the Test to play in the man and

Dragons game. This is football. He

is what we do. Will have to get off

the plane and go straight to the

football on Saturday. It will not

be easy but it has to be done. If

the players reckon it is better to

back up straight away rather than

after the soreness comes in 48

hours. I feel like a grandfather

them so hopefully I will feel young

straight after. Israel Folau will

not be in the squad. He has a lot

of turmoil. He gets rattled very

easy, all the pressure from the

media and the club. From everyone -

it is making him feel a little

upset at the moment. Deanne the

upsetting thing in Melbourne is the

very changeable weather but come

rain, hail or shine, the $270

million stadium will be officially

opened on Friday night and the

players cannot wait. We got some

photos the other night, it looks

sensational. No matter where you

sit it will look great. The

finishing touches are still being

applied, including a swimming pool.

This is the path that they will

take before it hitting the mixture

of real and synthetic turf. The

crowd that will raise the self-

supporting roof. Lleyton Hewitt has

slammed the International Tennis

Federation over the timing of his

cup-tie. He had a look at the

freshly laid clay court just days

after contesting in rhyme. He will

fly back to Europe later this month.

There is no doubt that this is a

nightmare should will fall of us.

It is ridiculous to be playing this

week Thursley and the International

Tennis Faeroe nation should have a

look at it. The West Indies are

through to the Super 8 stage over -

- after a controversial rain-

affected win over England. Paul

Collingwood was so unimpressed when

the target was revised to just 30

runs. Sure Lanka's batsman became

just the 4th to score a century. He

hit it off 64 balls. Morally is

nursing a groin injury and did not

play. And the one round to go in

the English Premier League and the

top. -- spots are still undecided.

Arsenal failed to secure a third

place after a shock lost to

Blackburn. Surely now! An equaliser

for David did done it. The 60th

minute header sealed their win.

Whole will be the final team

relegated after a 2-2 draw with

Wigan. They joined Portsmouth and

Burnley. The Brumbies take to the

high ropes with the Army with

varying success and the American

course where sexuality not ability

matters most and a Y one team has

been stripped of its second place

spot. That is in sports tonight.

Some problems around the city

tonight? Yes, heading out to

Liverpool traffic has been very

slow. You can see the snake of

headlights doing it tough. There is

a serious accident south of Sydney

that has closed the F6 completely.

Traffic may not be great but Tim

Bailey has a good forecast and a

good cause. That is next. your credit card rewards program. to get anything?

This program is captioned live.. We

are back to talk about the weather.

Tim has talked a lot about solar

power but tonight there is petal

power as well!-pedal power. We're

going on a major buyer cried from

Sydney up to Queensland to raise

money in this endless fight against

Cancer. On your television, Bert!

You cannot buy these downlight

colles, they're not on the shelf at

the supermarket. The message is an

enormously Fison in one, how often

is someone being told that they

have cancer? Every 29 seconds

somebody gets the news and this

year 100,000 Australians will get

the news. It is just staggering,

isn't it? It has to be stopped. It

does and this is the way to do it.

They are on their way to raise $1

million. They have just over

$900,000 at the moment. A story

that touch me is Maarten Morgan.

Why are you on this ride? About two

years ago I was diagnosed with

cancer and like anyone, they want

to know how they can cure it and I

read Lance Armstrong's book. That

got me into cycling and I'm here

with this bunch. The good news is

that you are now in remission? Yes.

It is important because it is

payback time. I was treated so well

and I really want to pay them back. Fantastic stuff urine could

remission, but the bad news is that

you're still wearing ridiculous

clothes. If you want to follow the

tour, why wouldn't you? It is going

through some great places. You can

follow them on a life page. They

will go past your place. You were

talking to people, educating them,

it is a wonderful situation. Once

in every 29 seconds. That's how

many people are being told they

have cancer. Weather-wise - what a

beautiful one today? Is still nice

and warm out here. Got up to 27

degrees enrichment, 6 above average

in Sydney. The run comes to a halt

tomorrow, 21 degrees but fine blue

skies until the weekend.

There are a few showers reaching

the coast later, up to 15

millimetres on the south-west

slopes. Head along to support these

people with big hearts and smooth the legs.

This is where we wave goodbye! Look

at that, just man -- everyone

saying goodbye. That is all from us

at Ten News. We will continue to

update you until our next bulletin.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by D'OHH! (SCREAMS)