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Tonight, Labor leaders strike an

historic deal on health reform. We

have worked hard, we have worked

well. The Carl Williams murder: A

suspect faces court as his loved

ones grieve. A staggering number of

motorists caught using their mobile

phones while driving. 895 people

just in one day. And a destructive

tremor rocks the West Australian tremor rocks the West Australian

outback. Good evening.

outback. Good evening. Also, a good

behaviour bond for the schoolboy

who threatened classmates with a

knife, and proof that you don't

have to win Masterchef to become a

hit with the fans. Breaking news

from Canberra. The Prime Minister

has announced an historic deal with

the States to take control of

health and hospitals. But WA is

still refusing to sign up. How real

is this deal if WA is boycotting

it? Kevin Rudd insists that it is

real, because 99% of the country

has signed up to it. The $6 billion

that is now on the table can begin that is now on the table can begin

to flow from July a one this year.

A sniffer dog found no bombs in the

premiers' cars before they headed

off for day two of the great health

WA's stare down. But that didn't stop

WA's Liberal Premier from blowing

up the national consensus. Though

Mr Barnett began the day in

lockstep with Victoria's John

Brumby by mid afternoon he was on

his own. Obviously there's been an

outcome? Not as far as Western

Australia is concerned no. Earlier,

while Kevin Rudd and John Brumby

withdrew from the meeting for some earnest eyeballing, Kristina

Kenneally went on YouTube.

Kenneally went on YouTube. We have

the basis for an agreement but

there is no agreement unless all

states sign up. By lunchtime John

Brumby had come on board,

influenced by the revamped package

and more hospital beds on offer. and more hospital beds on offer.

Everybody wants to get an agreement

so there has got to be a bit of

give and take. Are you disappointed

that the other states have,

especially Victoria? I'm

GST, yeah, I disappointed they gave away their

GST, yeah, I think it was a mistake.

Kevin Rudd now hoping to stare him

down with the weight of numbers.

The Commonwealth and states and

territories have agreed. Premiered

by next and I have agreed that we

will continue to discuss hospital

funding issues with WA. Money is

the sticking point for the premier

of WA. The other ministers believe

that he has missed an opportunity.

South Australian patience will be

much better off in terms of the

outcomes of this conference. And

then has been charged with the

murder of Carl Williams. He faced

court today via video link. court today via video link.

Convicted triple murderer Carl

Williams leaves prison

Williams leaves prison due to the

same crime that saw him sentenced

to life behind bars. We will have

to look at the possibilities, from

a random act bought something much

more serious and sinister. A fellow

inmates face court charged with his

murder today. He bludgeoned Carl

Williams to death. What occurred

was not acceptable. There will be a

full inquiry into it. The father of

Carl Williams spent most of his

time in his home today. He time in his home today. He

reportedly collapsed when he heard

the news. In

the news. In contrast his ex-wife

Roberto are spent the day as the

hairdresser's. His death has pushed

the high-profile murder case

involving a detective to the brink

of collapse. Other cases will also

be compromised. The

be compromised. The effect of this

untimely death will be felt for a

long time and in many other

investigations. The ability of the

situation to rekindle the violence

in Melbourne will only be answered

with time. The underworld war was a

series of killings, including

revenge killings, RSC is that the

murder of Carl Williams maize are a

revenge killing? It is not obvious

he would carry out any reprisals.

The two commissioner has spoken out

are on the matter and said that police

are mindful of the prospect of pay

back killings. They are definitely

keeping their eyes and ears open on

that front. Is there any word on

when the funeral will be? He is

probably too early for that and his

immediate family is still very much

dealing with the circumstances of

his death. His father has been

taken away from his home by

detectives who are working on the

case. They are all too familiar

with planning funerals. His mother

and brother have already been

buried. A 14-year-old student who

held a knife to the throat of 2

classmates has been released on a

good behaviour bond. The court

heard he'd been a victim of

sustained bullying and violence, sustained bullying and violence,

including a severe schoolyard

assault. In the eyes of the justice

system this 14-year-old is at once

the aggressor and the victim. He

admits to smuggling a 12-centimetre

knife into school and threatening three young classmates, even

stroking the blade against their

arms and necks. But his lawyer says

the boy was bullied into the act by

students at Cherrybrook Technology

High School. The worst of it came

last year, when he was knocked

unconscious, and had his jaw broken

in a schoolyard brawl. It continued

with vigorous taunting about his

taste in music, until in February

he snapped. Even the boy's parents

were unaware of his anguish. Are

you concerned about the level of

bullying in schools? Oh i'd rather

not comment on that thanks.

Supporters say the attack was

wildly out-of-character and the

youth has since consented to

regular counselling. The court

heard the matter had seriously

disrupted the 14-year-old's

schooling and come at significant

financial and emotional cost. The

accused has since enrolled at

another school, which forced his

family to sell their home and move

to a new area. The magistrate

agreed the act was a reaction to

the bullying and imposed a 12-month

good behaviour bond. Four people

have been charged for allegedly

targeting the elderly in a string

of robberies on the state's central

coast. Police claim the two men and

two women have broken into more

than 40 homes at retirement

villages this year. Officers have

described the burglaries as

despicable. It is very sad that

young people think they have to do

this. In a way I am sorry for them.

In another way they need a bloody

good hiding.

good hiding. Police have reclaimed

some stolen items from pawnbrokers

in the area. Every driver is being

put at risk, with shock new figures

showing record numbers of people

caught using mobile phones while

driving. A staggering 41 thousand

infringements were issued last year,

prompting a renewed plea to

motorists. Talking or texting on a

mobile while you're behind the

wheel. It's now so common, the

offence has become the third

highest ranking issue for the

state's Highway Patrol. And drivers

aren't heeding the warnings. New

figures obtained by Ten News, show

infringements for driving while

talking on a mobile have almost

doubled in 5 years. In 2005 just

over 25,000 were caught. By 2008

offences rose dramatically to just

over 40,000. Numbers rose again

over 40,000. Numbers rose again

last year to almost 41,000 drivers

charged. In one 24 hour period in

February in a police operation, 895

people were caught by police.

Graphic commercials like this have

been rolled out in the UK to send a

clear message about how texting can

affect your concentration. Similar

ads are under consideration here,

but no decision's been made about

their use. It might be time that we

need to increase public awareness

about those penalties and of and of

the dangers of driving and using a

mobile phone. Penalties for talking

while driving cost up to $338 and 3

to 4 demerit points. The Government

won't increase them yet, but warns

they're constantly under review. Is

there are doubts in people's

there are doubts in people's minds,

if they think the police may be

nearby, able be less likely to pick

up the fires. -- mobile phones. The

Opposition claims a lack of highway Opposition claims a lack of highway patrols are making drivers

complacent. Western Australia's

goldfields have been rocked by the

biggest earthquake to hit the state

in 50 years. A teenage girl had to

be dug from the rubble when her

office ceiling collapsed during the

magnitude 5 quake. She was knocked

unconscious in the tremor but no

other injuries were reported. The

local primary school and hospital

were evacuated and the massive

super pit mine was closed when the

quake hit Kalgoorlie-Boulder this

morning. In a desperate bid to curb

alcohol fuelled violence, several

Newcastle pubs and clubs are

banning an iconic Anzac tradition.

Two-up won't be played, prompting

an outcry from diggers. Two-up is

an Anzac Day tradition. Getting

together at the local, to the cry

of "come in spinner." But for the

second year running, a number of

pubs and clubs in Newcastle won't

be hosting two-up, in an attempt to

curb anti-social behaviour. It

seems an unfortunate policy because

two-up is part of Anzac Day

essentially. You can't stop the

young fellas.

young fellas. And this year, the

RSL is urging more young veterans

to take part in Anzac Day, with

Young Australian of the Year and

Victoria Cross recipient Trooper

Mark Donaldson a guest of honour in

Sydney. Sadly we're seeing our

World War Two veterans march on

into history, and so um there is a

great many young veterans out there

who have never participated in an

Anzac Day march. More than 20,000

service men and women are expected to march

to march in Sydney alone this

Sunday, and once again they'll be

supported by tens of thousands of

enthusiastic supporters. 2010 marks

several significant milestones in

Australia's military history. This

year is the 70th anniversary of

when our second AIF sailed off to

the middle east, the 60th

anniversary of the end of the

Second World War, the 60th

anniversary of the beginning of the

Korean War. Those attending

Sunday's dawn service in the city

are urged to arrive by 4am. The

Anzac march begins at 9. Still to

come, new school classes to teach

children right from wrong, Also,

Cathy Freeman leads the charge with

the Commonwealth Games Baton. And,

just as the planes prepare for

takeoff, Iceland's volcano erupts again. (JAUNTY MUSIC)

After days of spectacular

After days of spectacular eruptions

you can see forks of lightning

quite frequently now. Pop the

Icelandic volcano did come down and

then fled again. It sent a new ash

cloud toward the UK. Inside too

uncertain at this stage to mount a

flight into Europe, however we hope it to

it to change and that there should

conditions improve. The Royal Navy

has been deployed to rescue

Britain's still wanting to get home.

A further red danger for the kids.

Buses have begin to bring the

standard back from a wreck. A coach

to take us through Calais and

hopefully a ferry. A number of test

flights have landed safely, though

there are still serious concerns.

This is the inside of a jet that

flew through the cloud and suffered

damage. The Met Office has operated

its own test flights with sensitive

monitoring equipment. They have

also noted that there are

substantial areas of clean air to

fly in. But if they deviate from their

their flight plan there is the

potential to fly into pockets of -.

The costs two airlines are growing

steadily. They are estimated at

$216 million of every day. Some may $216 million of every day. Some may

continue. face bankruptcy if restrictions


The jury in a murder trial has

visited the cliff top where a 49-

year-old mother plunged to her

death five years ago. The jury,

judge and lawyers examine the spot

where it is alleged that former

ambulance officer days Campbell

pushed his wife Janet of the edge

it during a camping trip. He has

pleaded not guilty to murder.

pleaded not guilty to murder. The

jury was driven into the park

before trekking through the bush.

Police have uncovered a secret drug

lab at Guildford in Sydney's West.

Inside a warehouse they find

chemicals, recipes and equipment

used to make large amounts of that

the drug ice. They have also seized Ecstasy tablets. the drug ice. They have also seized

Despite angering church leaders, at

-- ethics classes have started for

a ten-week trial. Religious groups

fear it could cause a massive drop

out from scripture classes.

This is what students will

confronting an ethics class.

Someone in your past, not a very

close friend of yours, invites you

to her bed a party and you accept.

Lady your best friend invites you

to his birthday party and it turns

out to be at the same time. What to

do? It is a discussion about right

from wrong, and if it is OK to like.

A good example is: Your grandmother

and its US were to which you do not

like. You tell her that you really

to do? like it. Was that the right thing

to do? The ransom? I was always

taught to life. The classes will be

held for ten weeks across ten New

South Wales primary schools. It is

an option for parents who do not

want to send their children to

scripture. I am happy they have an

alternative. Some say they are

happy to take their children out of

scripture and then roll them in

ethics. Exactly what the

ethics. Exactly what the Church

fears most. The root causes of

unethical behaviour should have a

welcome place in our schools but

not competing against religious

education. The people who will be

taking these classes are volunteers.

They will be stepping into the

classroom with just two days of

training. Is today's enough? It is

adequate. They are there to

facilitate the conversations.

Melbourne has passed the

Commonwealth Games baton to Delhi,

the host of this year's Games.

Steve Moneghetti and Cathy Freeman

did the honours as the relay made

its way through Melbourne. They

handed over the mantle to the Delhi delegation.

It brings back so many memories. I

wanted to be here today. Bringing

the next Commonwealth Games in

Delhi. The baton will travel almost

to 200,000 kilometres before the

games start in October.

Bad McEwen joined us. The Dragons

are feeling a little pressure? A

couple of comments

couple of comments from A Brewster might annoy them.

Ann Eyles cold hero we signed. -- a

Parramatta Eels cult hero V-signs.

From the Sierra Leone to the AFL.

The boy who has overcome more than

sporting dream. one family tragedy as he chases a

Tennis on the edge.

Tennis on the edge. You will find

it hard to believe we are a couple

of the bold's best players served

it up.

We are making things very easy for

your team. I am a man without a your team. I am a man without a

real job. We are on a fabulous blue

sky around. Welcome to

Pleasantville. 17 degrees, to above

average last night. As a warm sunny

day after we got rid of the fog.

Three above average. More of that

all three the long weekend. It is

delightful. Another delightful

winning photograph. This is a bit

of showing off. He

of showing off. He says that this

is the beginning of another perfect

day in Medical. He Kohl said

paradise. I call that our latest

weather photograph thanks to

Panasonic and Harding Norman. --

Harvey Norman. We want your work to

continues. put on the television. The Blue Sky

Iraq shoot-out, up next. The Al-Qaeda chief killed in an

Also, medals for the military

heroes he saved asylum seekers from

a burning boat. a burning boat.

And panda-cam, two of Australia's favourite creatures And panda-cam, two of Australia's

Steggles chicken every day.

It just does.

The difference? to financial planners. Make sure you're in a super fund

This program is captioned live. Now

to the traffic helicopter. There

was a smash right to meet the toll

gates on the M4, also on

Silverwater Road. Three traffic

lanes are as a complete standstill.

If you are on the M4, you will be

home later then usual. More than

120 asylum seekers have arrived on

the Australian mainland. The men,

mostly from Afghanistan, were moved

from the crowded Christmas Island

facility to the Darwin Immigration

Centre last night. Meantime, a six-

month stand-off involving a

boatload of Sri Lankan asylum

seekers has ended. The group had

been refusing to leave the

Indonesian port of Merak, until the

Australian government agreed to

resettle them. The 122 people have

now been moved to an Australian-

funded detention centre near

Singapore for processing. Meantime,

commendations have been awarded to

the 50 sailors who rescued comrades

and asylum seekers after last

year's boat explosion off Ashmore

Reef. They say the experience has

forever bonded them as a family.

The explosion in the Timor Sea

changed their lives in a split

second, but recognition for their

courage that day has taken more

than a year. Last April sailors

from the Childers and the Albany

intercepted a boatload of Afghan

asylum seekers. It became a mass

rescue when the boat exploded near

Ashmore Reef after man one ignited

fuel on board. Five asylum seekers

died, 40 more were thrown into the

water suffering serous burns. It's

obviously shock at first, but the

training just kicked in the the

most important thing was saving

lives. And that's what they did,

through teamwork and tenacity. All

Australians survived, as did the

injured Afghan men. Everyone we

pulled out of the water alive is

still alive today and that's quite

amazing. Today in a simple ceremony

in Cairns, commendations for the

servicemen and women aboard the

Childers and Albany. Your achievements are of the highest

order and in keeping with the fine

achievements of the RAN. But the

job isn't finished. The boats keep

coming. It's been over a year since

SIEV36, in that time a 100 more

boat arrivals and they've all gone

well. But it's that one boat last

April they'll always remember.

You're all like family and it's

something you'll live with forever

and something that will hold you

together forever. And the men they

rescued? Here they are last October

after being granted permanent

protection visas. I'm so happy. I

want to say thank you so much. Al-

Qaeda's top two leaders in Iraq

have been shot dead. The men,

hunted in a joint US-Iraqi

operation, had direct links with

Osama bin Laden. Their deaths are

potentially devastating blows to

al-Qaeda Iraq, but equally

important in my view is this action

devastates the improved security

strength and capacity of Iraqi

security forces. An American

helicopter crashed in the firefight,

killing one soldier. The secret

life of Australia's only giant

pandas can now be viewed by a

worldwide audience, 24 hours a day.

Now to be ING Direct Finance report.

Upcoming inflation numbers will

determine whether or not mortgage

holders will be slammed again in May.

May. The property industry will not

be surprised. They seem to agree

unanimously that interest rates

will rise over the next 12 months.

Following on from yesterday's

Goldman Sachs sell-off, now stocks

are back in front.

The The secret life of Australia's

only giant pandas can now be viewed

by a worldwide audience, 24 hours a

day. Streamed online from today,

people will get an unhibited look

into the daily lives of Wang Wang

and Funi on roving cameras. The

cameras will also provide vital

information for zoologists. Our

conservation research team at Zoos

South Australia can gather the

footage of behaviours of the pandas,

when they don't know they are being

watched. You can watch Wang Wang and Funi on

Still to come, the loved ones that

slain criminal Carl Williams left

behind, including his former wife,

who headed straight to the

don't hairdressers. And proof that you

At Holden, should be able to afford with SIDI direction injection

If you've been dreaming

This program is captioned live. Tonight's headlines, Labor leaders

have struck an historic deal on

health reform with the Federal

Government. However Western

Australia is refusing to sign the

agreement as it stands, the state

wants to hand on to GST revenue. A

14-year-old student who held a

knife to the threats of his

classmates has been freed on a good

behaviour bond. The oil watchers a

victim of bullying. -- of the boy

was a victim of bullying. And then

has been charged with the murder of

Carl Williams. Carl Williams family

is reeling from his brutal end.

While former wife Roberta continues

to make headlines for all the wrong

reasons, Williams' father is a

shattered man, too distraught to

plan a funeral. Others spent the

day in mourning, Roberta Williams

spent it at the hairdressers.

Roberta and Carl's daughter -

Dhakota - accidentally hit by a

cameraman as the pair left the hair

salon. The slain gangster's father

- George Williams - also emerged

after a day at home grieving for

his dead son. Loved ones say he's

devasted and don't know whether

he'll survive. George is absolutely

gutted, as you would be. Live in

girlfriend Kathleen Burke says

George visited his son less than an

hour before he died, and that Carl

held no fears for his safety. Maybe

Carl's with his mother, that's

where he is. The procession of

neighbours, friends and family to

the Williams patriach's home began

last night. He's devastated, it's

not a nice day. Neighbours say the

family's criminal past has never

concerned them and they will

remember Carl Williams as a loving

and gentle family man. How's he

taking it? This is his son. It's

not nice to lose a son. It's not

nice to lose 2 sons. Online some

spoke of Carl Williams as a mate,

an Aussie hero, the next Ned Kelly,

but most were far less

complimentary. And nightclub

identity Fadi Ibrahim was back in

court today, seeking permission to

attend a wedding. Ibrahim's lawyers

have told the court they're in

talks with police to alter his bail

conditions so he could attend the

event. Fadi Ibrahim, who's facing a

charge of "conspiracy to murder",

refused to discuss his brother John,

who's currently overseas. It was

hot in the Masterchef kitchen last

night as a barbecue challenge

separated the players from the

stayers. And thanks to the advent

of social networking sites like

Facebook and Twitter, viewers gave

their feedback as they watched -

and viewers loved Irmgard. A fine-

looking pavlova failed to save the

67-year-old great-grandmother from

elimination and she was kicked off

the show - but those on Twitter and

Facebook were having none of that,

calling for her to be brought back.

Then George asked me if it was

still pork, and I said oh my God.

still pork, and I said oh my God.

And then told me that his family

and team were upset that I got

eliminated. I saw it on my own.

Irmgard entered the contest as a

tribute to her late chef husband

Alfred, and beat 8,000 hopefuls to

make it into the top 50. Back at Masterchef headquarters today, they

were well aware of the Irmgard

phenomenon. She was gorgeous. But a reappearance is unlikely. Maybe

this is the answer - a sheep-pig

that could be both pork and lamb

simultaneously. It comes from

Irmgard's homeland in Austria.

Irmgard's homeland in Austria. Now

to the sport. Manly have arrived

back after a win. And she's okay,

but this photographer's just felt

the full force of the storm. Plus,

it's a long way from the hotel

lobby, but no one's putting a lob

(SINGS OPERATICALLY) # Aussie kids are Weet-Bix kids. #

And then, when they turn into

you know.

This program is captioned live.

Parramatta cult hero has a refined

with the club for two more years.

The ills are stuck with co-captains

Nathan Hindmarsh and Nathan Cayless.

Jason Ryles prepares for his first

match against his former club.

He knows that despite the dragon's

table-topping start, the pressure

is building. It probably extends

back to the 11 Premierships and it

is a proud traditional club which

is used to winning. They have not is used to winning. They have not

done that for a long time.

Their last Premiership was in 1979.

Wiles is convinced that current

players cannot deny the fan's

expectations. We were the first

ones to win that competition in 30

years, thinks Craig Young. He took

their massive expectation. The

Eagles have landed, Manly Arnaud Premiership contenders after last

night. Not that you would know by

today's reaction. We were hanging

in there, we will just keep holding

on. It was again that featured

plenty of breezing hits and a rare

shocker from Storm hooker Cameron

Smith. These are missed kick could

have forced extra-time. I have to

look at my game tonight, it was one

of the worst in my whole career.

There were serious concerns for

Greg Inglis, forced off with an

ankle injury. He could be fit to

play this weekend. A birthday for

Bulldogs of all ages, celebrating

75 years since it their first Premiership game.

Rugby union's closest clash to the

State of Origin takes place this

Saturday when the NSW Waratahs

hosted the ACT Brumbies. The

interstate rivalry has provided

plenty of fireworks, but Waratahs

lock says its not personal. The

drive to win exceeds the

friendships in a number of cases.

Both teams can still make the Super

14 final.

Sydney and West Coast resume their

long-running rival at the SCG this

Saturday. These ones are currently

three from four with a new

Brookside. Another is beginning

between the two clubs. A lot of the

players would not have been

involved in the grand finals, so

there is a lot of time and lapsed

now that we need to look forward

rather than back. With the Eagles

boasting rising stars, this will be

the biggest test for Sydney's ruckman.

Here is a sort -- story to inspire.

Alex Jalloh carries a heavy heart

after the murder of his father and

death of his twin brother. It has

not stopped him striving to fulfil

his dream of playing in the AFL.

He was only 14 years old but he has

already endured hardships that most

people would never experience.

Would you like to play in the AFL

one day? My dream is to play for

the Sydney Swans. Hopefully I will

get their one day.

The last time we saw Alex was in

2006 when he and his twin brother

Andrew were playing in the Paul

Kelly Cup for primary schools. They

moved to Australia from Sierra

Leone after their father was

murdered. Andrew played in that

match, suffering stomach cancer and

they won. This is special for and,

I cannot forget this. After a 4-

year battle, Andrew passed away in

October 2008. He played in a match

at just six weeks before he died. I

feel sad and lonely, but every time

a player I play for him. When the

boys see him and understand his

story, they all bandy around and it

is a really good, tight little

community. They all love him. I

dream is for -- to play for the

Sydney Swans, I was going to play

soccer but I decided on AFL because

Andrew played it. To continue his

dream. Hopefully he is watching me

play. Swan's recruiter Chris Smith

is in a position to know if that

dream can come true. I have no

doubts that he can make it to the

top level. It has now been 18

months since Andrew passed away. In

every game that Alex has played

since he carries a simple reminder

of his brother. On his left forearm

are the letters TFI, This is for

Andrew. Hopefully he is up there

watching me play.

A Eamon Sullivan is taking a

cautious approach to training ahead

of the Commonwealth Games. He is

wary of overdoing and having

recently suffered multiple injuries.

After how horrible last year was I

am going to make sure I keep my

body in shape. Knowing my limits

and trying not to push myself. Some

of all will compete at next month's Mare Nostrum Series in Europe.

Tyler Wright seems more focused on

wheels, not fines. I just turned 16

and got my L-plates. It is very

cool. The $120,000 event is

surfing's richest for women.

Good news for later knew Good news for later kne zEE

Good news for later knew what with

Rafael Nadal pulling out of this

week's Barcelona Open. Spain's

Fernando Verdasco and Robin

Soderling are also playing. The duo

were on top of a 21 storey hotel

overlooking the port city. He has

drawn a Turkish qualifier for his opening match.

opening match.

Some big names on sports tonight:

Steve Moneghetti, Layne Beachley

and basketball star Lawrence

Jackson. -- Lauren Jackson.

They are really big names, are

they? We will take a look at the

traffic with Vic Lorusso.

A breakdown around Mars field.

We're waiting over Carling third,

if you are waiting over coloured club

club they will be delayed.

Tim Bailey has a nice forecast for

the weather. We will be back with

that after the break.

For I always think it is good to to

keep your eye on the weekend early

in the working week. It is even

better when it is a long weekend

and the weather is going to be

spectacular. The blue sky conveyor

belt is working perfectly. He comes

another day just like the other one.

25 and 27 degrees each day. A foggy

start today, visibility down to 200

metres at Richmond. The dominant

model for Saturday and Sunday at is

that the sunshine and warmth will

continue for the whole weekend.

That will give us a nine or 10 days

in a row which are almost summery. The temperatures now:

No wonder we call this place home.

Cloud over the south-east, a cloth

is generating severe storms in SA

and Victoria. Show was in Tasmania.

Low cloud along the northern NSW

coast. The weather map for tomorrow,

Bonshaw wins on the northern NSW

and Queensland coast will bring

show was. -- showers. Show was for

North East and faster than NSW.

Showers and storms for Queensland.

The Bailey where the caravan goes

on the road tomorrow. We're going

to terrible, Gosford and Newcastle.

Looking forward to meeting everyone

up that way. We will be coming live

from your backyard in the next

three days. Interstate:

No complaints this cent. The EU

from Gosford and Newcastle over the

weekend. That is 10 years for now.

We'll have updates throughout the

evening.. Don't forget you can

follow us on Facebook at Ten News

Sydney.. The late news is our next

bulletin at 11pm. 6am tomorrow for

a first Bolton. -- our first to Bolton.