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(generated from captions) You? Hi, Bridget. I'm here for your own good. Believe it or not, No, you're not. everyone was telling you back there? Didn't you hear anything that family if I know that you're safe, Bridget, I can accept losing my if I know that you see the truth. Nick...tell her. still in love with her mother. Tell your wife that you're the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - the Tsunami anniversary. one year on. Australians gather to remember will be the last time. Hopefully this time we say goodbye

for those who lost so much. Private moments of contemplation of Boxing Day 2004. Thousands reflecting on the disaster not to have been here, We'd all prefer and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Bill Woods Good evening. nailing down post Christmas bargains. Also tonight, canny shoppers already And the battle of the super maxis - in the Sydney to Hobart. race leaders set a blistering pace to the beaches across Asia, But first, huge crowds return so many died. where, exactly one year ago, Emotions ran high on those who lost their lives, as people paused to reflect struggling to rebuild on the communities still consumed by grief. and the people left behind Eddy Meyer at Phuket's Patong beach. Our coverage tonight begins with A calm sea and an Australian flag that holds so many painful memories. on a stretch of beach husbands, children, friends - They came to remember - of one year ago. and to help heal the tragedy on Patong Beach to mark that moment - Around 70 people stood who lost someone dear to them. survivors of the wave and those in our own way - Today, we remember each and others who died in this tragedy. those fellow Australians in Thailand. In all, 23 Australians died Many more were injured of the tsunami or touched by the destructive force that struck on Boxing Day last year. Ingrid Hastie was in Perth was killed by the wave. when the call came that her mother ever. I was never going to come back, too many bad memories. I thought this would have But, then, on reflection, Mum liked to come. you realise that this was where But others had a different view,

would bring solace. knowing this return her husband, Barry, Susan Amstee still mourning

lost after 32 years of marriage. and it was very emotional, It was overwhelming with the Australians here, was also nice

to be here with them. Also here today - Australian police many of the specialist year helping to identify the dead. and experts who've spent the last

our ambassador to Thailand And even for Bill Patterson, just before the tsunami struck, who began his job this was a day of great moment. I thought I'd be OK but, you know, who bore these enormous losses you get back with these people

welling up in yourself as well. and you can feel your emotions that tore their lives apart - And into the very sea at a time of sorrow. flowers in memory, a little comfort that this calm ocean Or for others, just disbelief had wrought so much tragedy. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. In Phuket, Thailand, where the deadly wave hit first, In Indonesia, their own ceremony. thousands of mourners have held in the worst-affected area of Aceh. The moving service taking place by the Boxing Day tsunami. It was the area hardest hit survivors went to the city's mosque In Banda Aceh, for their own survival. to mourn the dead and give thanks

Almost 170,000 people perished engulfed towns and villages as three enormous waves along the coast of Sumatra and Nias. leading commemorations. Indonesia's President in remembrance of that suffering, We stand here together today paying respect once again all the children lost to the sea. to the good men and women and by the disaster Children left orphaned of remembrance. offering a moving song but 60,000 people remain homeless. Banda Aceh is slowly being rebuilt, 13,000 permanent homes. We're building in Banda Aceh, About 80,000 have to be built over the next year. but that job will be done

A solemn ceremony in Sri Lanka killed by the tsunami. to remember more than 31,000 people in a small town The commemorations taking place from the tracks a year ago, where a train was swept of more than 1,000 people. claiming the lives along with military officers, The nation's president,

at the time the waves struck. leading two minutes of silence

in the disaster Those who lost their homes hoping to use the anniversary stalled reconstruction efforts. to speed up John Hill, Ten News. special services across the country. Here, hundreds attended and in backyards Survivors gathered at beaches who died. paying tribute to the 26 Australians Miracle survivals... ..and heartbreaking loss.

gathered at special sites Tsunami victims and supporters across the nation. memories were agonisingly raw On Perth's City Beach this morning, a restless Indian Ocean. as 60 mourners faced

luck, I guess - It's just one of those things - and that's what it was all about. and some weren't. Some people were lucky Lachie Searle still has nightmares. he'd been swept away. His parents thought by clinging to a Phuket hotel doorway The 5-year-old survived

neck deep in water for two hours. I just wanted to pay my respects for all the kids and the people

who didn't make it. for all the kids and the people

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Mazda2 now clearing from just $15,490. Mazda6 Classic from just $29,990. While stocks last. This program is captioned live. A 12-year-old boy has become the State's first Christmas road fatality

after his family's four-wheel drive careered off the M7. The child was thrown out of the car by the impact. A horrifying end to Christmas for this family - one boy killed and four others seriously injured when their four-wheel drive ran off Sydney's new motorway, the M7. A 37-year-old woman was behind the wheel when the Land Cruiser hit an embankment and rolled some 30m before grinding to a halt on its side.

The woman's 12-year-old son was thrown clear of the wreckage and died at the scene. Emergency workers given the difficult task of rescuing four other occupants by cutting a hole through the car's roof.

The main problem we had to contend with was the vehicle being on its side in an unstable position. Very difficult considering it's fallen somewhere like 15m, so that made everything difficult, plus working in close proximity with all the people involved in the scene was very difficult. Investigators quickly moved in to find out what caused the crash, and the case has been forwarded to the Coroner. No-one came out of the crash unscathed. The mother and her 16-year-old niece were taken to Liverpool Hospital while the 12-year-old's twin brother was brought here

in a critical condition with multiple injuries. He is with his 14-year-old sister,

who is now listed as being in a stable condition. It was the first death on NSW roads this holiday period, prompting yet another reminder from police to take care in all traffic conditions. Already more than 4,500 drivers have been detected speeding, 1,000 more than last year. In Victoria, a woman managed to escape a prang with a bus shelter with minor injuries. The State's road toll stands at one. Queensland leads national figures with five fatalities, followed by three in SA and two in WA. Amber Muir, Ten News. Heartbreak for a Melbourne family just a day after Christmas. Fire destroying their home of 25 years along with most of their possessions. Christmas had brought this family together yesterday. Today it was a devastating fire. An Ashburton couple comforted by their daughter after losing their home and most of their possessions. They've been here for over 25 years, so it's the family home. It's not the kind of thing you want to see the day after Christmas. These things are heartbreaking, obviously, it's a time we spend with our families and these people have lost a lot of their belongings. They'll have to find somewhere else to live, it's very sad. Sparked by an electrical fault, the fire began in the roof early this morning.

Owners Roger and Chris Owens awoke to the smell of smoke. Ironically, Roger works for the Country Fire Authority. The husband has smelled smoke, he's got up, they've walked into the kitchen and found fire coming through the vents in the roof. Six fire crews were needed to put out the blaze but by that time the roof had caved in. Fire fighters saving what they could, including a wedding dress. Eventually the couple and their family were allowed inside

to survey the ruins and salvage what was left. They got a lot of their picture albums, wedding photos, wedding dresses, that kind of thing. The damage is estimated at more than $750,000 and the house may have to be demolished. But the family is grateful Roger, Chris and their pet dog Gizmo were able to safely flee the fire. They're out, they're safe, so that's all we really care about, you can build a house again.

A Central Coast family got much more than a McHappy meal

when their baby girl was delivered in a McDonald's carpark. The surprise birth made easier by the presence of a police officer. The Verheyens certainly got their Christmas wish this year - a healthy baby girl called Alliah, whose unique birth will certainly be a story to tell when she turns 21.

The doctor had told us

The doctor had told us it should be

a girl, he was hoping - it was a

little hard to see that far into

the pregnancy. It was definitely

the first thing I checked. Mum Paula went into labour on Friday with baby number five. It was a mad dash to the hospital, and, as luck would have it, dad Luke was cursed with every red light on the way.

I definitely got every slow driver.

It was a very wild trip. But help was nearby - Sergeant Kim Sharp, who had a hand-cuffed prisoner in her car,

pulled up alongside the couple

and directed them to a nearby McDonald's.

Asking me if we could go through a

red light because his wife was in

labour. At that point in time, the

lights changed and he continued

and he yelled out through the

window that the baby was on its way. Talk about fast service - baby Alliah was delivered in the family's four-wheel drive within 90 seconds of them pulling into the carpark.

The head pushed out, and it was

just a matter of maybe a minute or

two of her breathing and then

another big push had to come and

the shoulders came through and I

the shoulders came through and I delivered her. McDonald's is joining in on the celebration, offering the family free lunch,

and baby Alliah's first birthday party will, of course, be on the house. They've also offered her a job when she turns 15, Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News.

Frank Coletta with the weather. I'm

sure you had a much quieter day.

Boxing Day becoming beach day. Very

much so. Fantastic conditions here

at Maroubra this afternoon. The

kids playing touch football on the

sand on about 26-degree conditions,

very nice. A top of about 30

degrees across the coast and the

city today. 32 in the greater west.

city today. 32 in the greater west. We'll recap over the weekend -

city today. 32 in the greater west. We'll recap over the weekend - we saw that those temperatures

expected on Saturday, Christmas Eve,

were going to be about 39. We got

to about 37 degrees - thank

goodness for that south-easterly

that pushed through in the

afternoon and kept it to 37 degrees

and then the temperatures dropped

about 10 degrees and saved us from

those heatwave type conditions we

were expecting. Very nice on

Christmas Day. It was a fabulous

day today. Blue skies there and

still enjoying almost cloudless skies.

Today was a bottler - get ready for

some more. More weather shortly.

Christmas lunch in Iraq. Next, the Governor-General's special message of support to our troops.

And a new world order -

Pope Benedict offers his vision for a brighter future.

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This program is captioned live.

When is the holiday traffic going

When is the holiday traffic going

When is the holiday traffic going to start moving in Sydney? The

focal point is the F3. For that, we

welcome to the team Peter Clay.

Thank you, Bill. We're over

Wahroonga at the moment, over the

F3. Traffic moving very well this

evening. No accidents or breakdowns

to report. We'll check other Sydney

hot spots after sport with Deb, Bill. Thank you.

Holiday spending sprees mean big bills in the new year. For many Australians,

income tax cuts in the coming Federal Budget would help, but Peter Costello's not making any promises. Everyone's looking for that little bit extra - today, in the Boxing Day sales, and next Federal Budget in their pay packet. If they could reduce the top-level tax bracket that'd be excellent. Definitely more money in the pay packet so then you can pay off all those Christmas bills and everything like that, yeah. But tax cuts aren't at the top

of Peter Costello's budget shopping list. We want to balance our budget, keep interest rates low, fund health, invest more in national security and cut taxes. After this year's record surplus Labor says now's the time for a new tax system. It seems that Peter Costello is the only person in Australia who doesn't recognise that. The Opposition today revealed its reform package including dumping the top tax rate of 47% for high-income earners.

That'd bring the number of marginal rates down from four to three. The tax rates are too high across the board and, in particular, low- and middle-income earners missed out in recent budgets.

Labor says the current system is not even fit for the bargain bin, claiming it's too old, too complicated, and not internationally competitive. But it's the Treasurer who'll rule on reform.

If the time is right, consistent with low interest rates, and that's the caveat I put on this. It's very important we keep interest rates low. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A special Christmas guest for Australian soldiers stationed in Iraq. Governor-General Michael Jeffery dropped in to thank the troops

as part of a 4-day visit to the region. This is a bit of a rough call on Christmas Day isn't it-

putting on a demo for the Governor-General but never mind. After a quick tour of the camp it was straight to the mess hall. Major General Jeffery sat down to a hearty Christmas lunch and congratulated the soldiers on their hard work and high morale. Pope Benedict has used his first Christmas address to call for a new world order to combat the world's ills. He warned humanity needs to unite to end poverty and violence. The rain couldn't keep tens of thousands of pilgrims

from Vatican City. (Sings in Latin) Pope Benedict made his inaugural Christmas message in 33 languages calling for humanity to overcome terrorism, poverty, as well as protect the environment. May your hearts be filled with hope and joy

for the saviour has been born for us. In Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ the saviour, a cease-fire allowed Palestinian Christians to celebrate Christmas with a midnight mass. In Iran, the homeland of the three wise men, Tehran windows were filled with red and green decorations. BELLS RING Church services were a welcome relief from the daily bombings

for Iraqis and American soldiers alike. In Moscow, where many churches are named after St Nicholas, there was joyous dancing and singing. While US NATO officers helped keep the people of war-torn Kosovo warm, the Germans skinny-dipped wearing only their Christmas hats. And forgiveness was the theme of the Archbishop of Canterbury's sermon in the United Kingdom. Miraculous love is possible.

The rift between the new wife of Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles,

and the Queen, appears to have closed.

The Duchess of Cornwall attended a Christmas church service with the royal family at Sandringham. And a first for Jews - celebrating Hannukah at the Great Wall of China. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Tsunami survivors gathering for memorial services tonight.

Next - the latest from Patong.

Also, the new anti-smoking campaign - health authorities targeting so-called safer cigarettes. And summer blockbusters - the holiday movies drawing huge crowds at the box office.

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Time for a check of the weather

with Coletta. Frank, a lot of times

with Coletta. Frank, a lot of times I wish I could trade places with

you. Noun now is one of them. But

you. Noun now is one of them. But you. Noun now is one of them. But hot weather coming? You wouldn't

hot weather coming? You wouldn't read about it, would you? We did OK

read about it, would you? We did OK Christmas Eve, a hot start, but a

south-easterly pushed through and

dropped the temps by about 10. New

Year's Eve looks like an exact

Year's Eve looks like an exact replica, certainly early in the day.

If you like the look of today, get If you like the look of today, get

If you like the look of today, get set for more tomorrow. Details at set for more tomorrow. Details at 5:55. Stories we're following - thousands of bargain hunters have descended on the annual post-Christmas sales. The store stampede kicked off in Melbourne, but Sydney shoppers will have to wait until tomorrow. Line honours favourite 'Alfa Romeo' holds a slim lead

over fellow super maxi 'Wild Oats' tonight

in the early stages of the Sydney to Hobart. Just 3.5 hours into the race, the leaders are well inside the record, weather conditions pointing to the fastest race ever. And the tsunami anniversary attracts huge crowds

to the beaches across Asia where so many died exactly one year ago. Emotions ran high as people paused to reflect on those who lost their lives, on the communities struggling to rebuild,

and the people left behind, still consumed by grief. Ten's Eddy Meyer is in Thailand, where Australians are gathering for a memorial at Patong Beach. Eddy, today is a difficult day for many families. How important are today's ceremonies to those left behind?

Well, I think this will be a very

important day. I mean, what you

important day. I mean, what you essentially see behind me now is a

normal beach, but for the Australian whose came here this

normal beach, but for the Australian whose came here this Australian whose came here this Australian whose came here this

Australian whose came here this morning, this can never be a normal

morning, this can never be a normal beach, just 20m or 30m from here

there was such great destruction

this time last year, so many people

lost their lives, and many of those

lost their lives, and many of those on the beach this morning actually

on the beach this morning actually managed to survive that incredible

managed to survive that incredible term oil. Many of those who came

term oil. Many of those who came here found comfort in being on the

beach with Australian flags and

sounds, able to move on. Others,

sounds, able to move on. Others, who even didn't want to come but

who even didn't want to come but changed their minds at the last

minute say that being here with

other Australians actually helped

them. They went through the last

year thinking they were the only

ones going through this grief, and

they gained some communal comfort.

Some 300km across this coastline,

there will be a number of

ceremonies throughout this 24-hour

period. The Thai people will

ceremonies throughout this 24-hour period. The Thai people will mourn

the loss of some 5,400 people. The

Prime Minister, the royal family,

all involved in what will be a very

all involved in what will be a very solemn day. Thank you. A new anti-smoking campaign is warning there's no such thing as a healthier cigarette. The TV ads busting the myth that mild or light is less harmful than full strength. Putting the heat on the tobacco giants, the $9 million advertising campaign launched across Australia today

warns smokers there's no smart selection. But what you should know is light mild or low tar cigarettes are not a healthier choice. For 48-year-old Bill Roccella, the message comes 20 years too late. I'm pretty surprised. I was always under the impression that less milligrams of tar, the less damage, but obviously it's not. Even though so-called mild cigarettes

contain less tar and nicotine, smokers are still exposing themselves to life-threatening diseases. The Australian Medical Association says many have been duped over the decades. People that use light or mild actually will smoke more, smoke more often and smoke longer, deeper and harder to get that nicotine hit. Three of the biggest cigarette makers were forced to cough up funding for the ads, striking a deal with the ACCC.

So hopefully this campaign will go some way to undoing the mess and the damage that Australia's tobacco companies have created over many years. Anti-smoking groups now fear corporations will rely on new sales gimmicks to lure back business. We need to ban the use of colours we need to ban the use of descriptions on cigarette packets that mislead the Australian public. From Mr Roccella, knowing there's no safer option

has made one decision crystal clear. It's pointless smoking at all. Rakal Ebeli, Ten News. A classic tale about a magical wardrobe is proving a roaring success among Boxing Day movies. On a traditional day for film releases, an old children's favourite is bewitching new fans. CS Lewis's classic story

of the land of everlasting winter through the wardrobe, has enchanted readers for generations

and is expected to make box-office history. I read the and I really enjoyed it, so, yeah, I kinda want to go see the movie. I've read the books and I enjoyed them, and I'd like to see if my ideas are the same as theirs. 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'

from Disney, is expected to be one of the summer's biggest films. FILM CLIP: There's no mistake, Aslan is on the move.

Also appealing to all ages with action and romance, sequel 'The Legend of Zorro'. Did you have no idea who I think he is? I think I know who you think he is. No, no, no, because you do nothing. Chick flick devotees won't be disappointed with Reese Witherspoon in 'Just Like Heaven', which is already being compared to weepy classic 'Ghost'. Not just a day for the blockbusters, Boxing Day also hits out the award contenders.

British film 'Mrs Hendersen Presents'

starring Dame Judi Dench, has been nominated for three Golden Globes. Traditionally the biggest movie releases day of the year, this Boxing Day offers just eight new films, with many studios believed to be delaying opens for a bigger impact. The littlest hero ever. Disney film 'Chicken Little' which debuts next week,

expected to cause a flap. Kate McGrath, Ten News. Sport with Tim Webster, and a tough start to Test cricket for Phil Jaques. Yes, Deb, the Aussies are on top on day one,

but it was not the dream debut Jaques was hoping for. He made just two runs before Ricky Ponting and Matt Hayden came to the rescue. Plus, the super maxis take control of the Sydney to Hobart.

This program is captioned live. State of the art super maxi 'Alfa Romeo' holds a slim lead over 'Wild Oats' in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. The pair expected to fight it out for line honours in the 628 nautical mile race. Classic Boxing Day weather in the Harbour City as 85 yachts prepared for the start. $10 million super maxi 'Alfa Romeo' the line honours favourite, the field starting the journey from Sydney to Hobart in light north-easterly winds. COMMENTATOR: Racing, and away they go in the 61st over the line early.

Conservative start there, but the

last they want to be is over the

line early. As expected, 'Alfa Romeo' and 'Wild Oats 11' the frontrunners. 'Wild Oats 11' won that battle, first out of the harbour.

The next challenge - finding clean water.

That's 'Alfa Romeo', there's 'Wild

Oats'. Haven't they got their work

cut out trying to work around the

spectator fleet at the moment? Conditions forecast to improve later in the day and overnight, with stronger north-east winds expected to kick in and give the super maxis a chance of breaking 'Nokia's 1999 race record. 'Alfa Romeo' passed 'Wild Oats 11' at the entrance to Botany Bay.

'Alfa Romeo' has taken the lead.

'Alfa Romeo' and Neville's yacht

has its nose in front of 'Wild Oats'. Late this afternoon, 'Alfa Romeo' remained in the lead as the field made its way down the south coast of NSW. 'Wild Oats 11' trailing 'Alfa Romeo' by just over one nautical mile

with 'Skandia' third in the race for line honours. Trent Higgs, Ten News. It's been a tough debut for young opener Phil Jaques in the Boxing Day Test, but Ricky Ponting has continued his great year, leading Australia out of trouble. The captain dominated the first day, before a middle-order collapse put the Aussies in a vulnerable position. The umpires controversially delayed the start of the Test by half an hour against the wishes of the curator.

Cricket's big day endured an anticlimatic opening,

with the new stand unveiled. The umpires judged the pitch too damp and delayed the start by half an hour against the wishes of an angry curator.

I would think the 11:00 playing

conditions would be exactly the

same as the 10:30 playing conditions. The damp pitch didn't deter Ricky Ponting, who batted when he won the toss, backing MacGill to partner Warne. After getting his first baggy green, Phil Jaques went out to face the South African music with Hayden. His magic moment, though, was brief. COMMENTATOR: Jaques out. Taken the catch. Yeah, he's out, 1/2. It could have been two, with a conventional slips cordon. The captain soon in the groove in front of cricket's grand stage. But he had more luck as Andre Nel froze when it counted.

He would feel the size of an ant! Nel's day didn't get any better with his first two balls. The first almost went for six, the second through slips for another boundary. South Africa's morning made worse when Kallis hurt a knee and was forced from the field. Hayden and Ponting gradually got on top.

Ponting's 50 coming from the shot of the day. The skipper again cashing in at Christmas. Hayden not far behind him, with his own 50 after a slow start.

Another century stand between the pair, again laying an important foundation. Hayden's impatience bringing up the 150 partnership.

His innings ended soon after, on 65. It brought Brad Hodge to the crease and the MCG crowd to its feet. Second ball, a nervous swipe almost cost him.

No fairytale for the local boy,

slipping up on 7. But the captain

made good, with another 100. That's

it, that's his 100. His 26th Test

ton one of his toughest on a

difficult pitch, and his sixth for

the year. Nel did get Ponting for

117, his dropped catch costing an

even 100. Symonds going first ball,

Australia in trouble. No rest for the NBL's best over Christmas, with the world and Aussie all-stars doing battle in Sydney tomorrow night. While it's usually a bit of fun, national coach Brian Goorjian says there's a serious side to the hit-out. With the Commonwealth Games less than three months away, Boomers coach Brian Goorjian knows any gathering of basketball's best is a bonus. Just getting to see them and talk to them is a plus, have some lunch with them and again watch them play, in an environment where they get to showcase what they can do can be nothing but helpful to the Australian program. Last year Goorjian was at the helm of the World All-Stars, who copped a hammering from Phil Smyth's Aussies. The coaches trading places for tomorrow night's clash. He whopped us in this game last year so there's a great rivalry there.

A slam dunk competition before tip-off expected to be just as hotly contested. Power forward Rolan Roberts one of the favourites despite being a little weary from today's post-Christmas session.

I wish you knew how my legs felt. We practised two hours. Roberts already has form on the boards, with a college dunking title to his name. I got some things lined up but I haven't had much chance to practise because we practise so much. The art of this thing, I think, is not making it too spectacular where you miss your dunk. And I think if Rolan can get his dunk in,

he'll be hard to beat. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. A major blow today for the V8 Supercars, with plans to take a round of the series to China next year put on hold. Chinese officials rejecting the preferred date of mid-June, saying it does not suit their schedule. Supercars organisers are determined to take the series back to China after its spectacular debut in Shanghai earlier this year. There were some doubts about whether the race would be supported by the Chinese, but massive crowds turned out to see Victoria's Todd Kelly win the round. V8 Supercars Australia are now trying to find an alternate date, even enlisting the help of the Chinese Ministry of Sport. And ahead in Sports Tonight with Rob Canning, the latest news from the Sydney to Hobart and a chat with NSW paceman Stuart Clark.

Thank you! Check of the traffic

with Peter Clay in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. How are

traffic helicopter. How are conditions on the roads around

Ingleburn tonight? That's where

we're hovering at the moment on the

Hume Highway. Traffic moving very

Hume Highway. Traffic moving very well, a great run for people

heading in and out of Sydney. The

heading in and out of Sydney. The M4, M5 and M7 also Hasselhoff free Frank Coletta next with the weather outlook. Have you ever wondered why it's such a crime... Thanks, mate. drive after a few beers? ALL: Cheers! MAN: How's work going, mate? Five minutes after your first drink, alcohol reaches your brain and starts to interfere with the way cells communicate. STATIC GURGLING

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After a few beers, you've lost your ability to handle complex problems. STATIC GURGLING MAN: Oh, no! MAN: I'm done. See you guys. This becomes a serious danger when you drive. You can still change gear and steer, but what's missing are those higher skills that handle things like emergencies. Most nights, you'll get home, but if something goes wrong... TYRES SQUEAL SMASH!'re gone.

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Let's have a comprehensive look at

the weather now. I have three words,

Frank - hot, hot, hot. the weather now. I have three words, Frank - hot, hot, hot. Afraid so,

Bill. Wednesday looking like an

absolute scorcher - 37 degrees. If

you think that's bad, - 38, New

you think that's bad, - 38, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. We

may have to pray for that

south-easterly that came through on

Christmas Eve and put humidity out

of play and dropped the tempby 10

degrees. It is building up to a

degrees. It is building up to a very warm week. About 26 degrees at

very warm week. About 26 degrees at Maroubra. A top of 30 here. 32

Maroubra. A top of 30 here. 32 nearby, and at Newport today - 28.

Satellite - large thunder-clouds

Satellite - large thunder-clouds are flaring up over the tropics and

they're causing heavy downpours as

they're causing heavy downpours as we speak. Tomorrow's weather map -

we speak. Tomorrow's weather map - hot, northerly winds will freshen

hot, northerly winds will freshen across Queensland, NSW, Victoria

across Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania ahead of a trough with

afternoon storms expected in NSW

and south-east Queensland.

Afternoon showers for the rainfall

tomorrow, and storms across

north-east NSW and south-east

Queensland. Some isolated showers

and storms for South Australia,

reaching also Victoria and Tasmania

later in the day. Wednesday - a

trough will slowly move east and

direct some hot, northerly winds

direct some hot, northerly winds across NSW and Queensland again. A

cold front will scatter showers

cold front will scatter showers over Tasmania, but have little

effect on the mainland. It wasn't

effect on the mainland. It wasn't quite the sort of numbers we've

quite the sort of numbers we've come to expect across the coastal

region on Boxing Day, but let's

take a look at these images from

the Ten chopper we shot today to

give you an idea at nearby Bondi at

how many people made their way out

on Boxing Day, now known as Beach

on Boxing Day, now known as Beach on Boxing Day, now known as Beach Day. They were spectacular at Bondi

Day. They were spectacular at Bondi and Maroubra. Not packed by any

and Maroubra. Not packed by any means, but there was a very good means, but there was a very good means, but there was a very good turnout for Boxing Day, December 26.

So Deb, for those who are lucky

enough to have tomorrow off, one of

those rare things called a public

holiday, well, get down to the

beach - well worth. It others, well,

see you tomorrow. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight. I'll be back with the Late News at 11:20. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.