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(CAR STARTS) Brooke! Come back here with my baby! Brooke! Oh, God! She took my baby! Oh! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. from contacting other swimmers Tonight, Nick D'Arcy banned as he vows to fight his assault charge.

and still training, I'm still in the water about the outcome of the CAS. so I'm still pretty optimistic

with a brand-new operating theatre Red tape leaves a country hospital but no surgeons. for the torch relay. the barricades go up in Canberra

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening. Also tonight, self-service - to cut supermarket queues. the controversial plan celebrates a music milestone And Human Nature with Motown legend Mary Wilson. Nick D'Arcy has appeared in court, But heading Ten News back on Australia's Olympic swim team saying he's hopeful of getting

and is still training for Beijing. his assault charge, D'Arcy says he'll strongly defend with the magistrate ordering him Stephanie Rice and other witnesses. to keep away from glamour swimmer Nick D'Arcy appeared nervous Under intense pressure, 20-year-old the alleged attack on Simon Cowley. and as he arrived to face court over butterfly champion waited for an hour Accompanied by his father, the

corrected an error as police and the DPP in the original charge documents. He now faces a single count grievous bodily harm on Cowley, of recklessly inflicting a maximum penalty of 10 years jail. an offence which carries vigorously pursuing these charges. My client will be His defence will be strong. My client respects the courts of this matter thus far. and the police's determination

desire not to be tried by the media. However, he stresses again his He was ordered not to approach witnesses, including Stephanie Rice,

world record holder, the 200m and 400m individual medley at the Sydney bar who was also celebrating where Cowley sustained fractures to his jaw, eye socket and palate. Rice's boyfriend, He's also banned from approaching swimmer Eamon Sullivan, and Andrew Lauterstein. as well as Kenrick Monk, Joshua Krogh continued Nick D'Arcy's bail The magistrate before the court in June. and the matter will be back D'Arcy faces an appeal hearing In the meantime,

for Sport. before the Court of Arbitration for a meeting with his lawyer D'Arcy left the court to prepare his appeal. Obviously I'm pretty hopeful out of the appeal. that I'll get a positive outcome But, yeah, we'll find out shortly. to train for his event. Meanwhile, the swimmer is continuing take a bit of a turn for the worse. I think my swimming career would If I didn't make Beijing where I'm at. I'd have to really re-evaluate I'm very proud of him. and I will remain so. I always have been is expected to be expedited, The appeal asked to justify its decision with the Australian Olympic Committee to drop D'Arcy from the team. John Hill, Ten News. backed by tough penalties Bans on powerful lasers to avoid mass murder. have been introduced been declared prohibited weapons. The highest-powered lasers have 14 years in jail. Carrying one could mean fines of $5,000 or two years jail. Other laser pointers attract where aircraft have been targeted. It follows a series of incidents

Just think about a jumbo jet

for catastrophic consequences, and the potential for mass murder,

if a plane is brought down because that's what it is in a built-up residential area. suspected of carrying a laser. Police will be able to frisk people astronomers, architects and builders, Those who need them, like can apply for permits. are being introduced Tough new regulations on teen cosmetic surgery. to crack down

will have to wait up to three months From July, under-18s and when they go under the knife. between their first appointment to advertising rules. There will also be changes The State Government says following Queensland's lead it's considering on cosmetic surgery for under-18s. and introducing a total ban A bureaucratic bungle operating theatre gathering dust. has left an expensive new

but have been told they can't. Surgeons want to work there

to travel hundreds of kilometres And it means patients are forced

for surgery. many rural towns green with envy - These pictures are enough to make and operating theatre. a fully equipped hospital a terrific operating theatre there It's a brilliant hospital and

the required expertise as well. and we have the staffing who have

for storage space? So why is it being used of a bureaucratic bungle It's the story most remote communities. affecting one of Australia's hundreds of kilometres Locals in Bourke travel for medical procedures, their town has no surgeon, all because a year ago. and yet they were offered one since that time A rather long, arduous journey there is everything in place, and frustrating that now that

who wants to go there, including someone to make it happen. and still we can't seem

has volunteered General surgeon Neil Meulman to fly his own plane to Bourke. The Federal Government said wasn't available yet. it thought the operating theatre there was no position. The State Government claimed they're used to government neglect. Locals at the annual show say of the Blue Mountains Once you move this side your numbers are not great enough, they care enough. so no, I don't think It is a struggle. It's really hard. so I don't even bother asking, You don't get no help, who asks. 'cause I'm not one of those persons If I haven't got it, I go without. including one set of triplets. And so do her eight children,

The Rural Doctors Association says in remote communities that's why life expectancies than in Sydney. are up to 17 years lower down Bourke's main street As you take a walk and see the businesses boarded up and shut down, it's not hard to see

why the community sees its modern-day hospital as a ray of hope. But history shows if its operating theatre remains underutilised, it won't be long before another rural service leaves town. The Federal Government has promised more hospital funding, In Bourke, Amber Muir, Ten News. This is the latest health mishap under the watch of State Minister Reba Meagher. Our political reporter Kevin Wilde has been following the story and joins us now. Kevin, has the Health Minister had anything to say

on this latest bungle? Mr was not available Mr was not available for interview

but released a statement saying the

government police is no need for a

general surgeon but they'll be

discussing a on a specialist

surgeon but that the surgeon

wouldn't frying until late June or

early July. But doctors fly in and

out to deal with obstetric out to deal with obstetric cases

but the point is here the community

is distressed and their concerns

are being dealt with by the government. It beggars belief that the Government doesn't take up the offer of a well-qualified, suitable doctor to fly himself to treat patients close to home.

The upgrade of Victoria Road is in

the spotlight with claims of the

roads and Traffic Authority got it

wrong. Candice seven lanes be

converted to wait? The government

says it can but the Greens say no.

Can the median strip be removed safely?

safely? The widest line would be

3.3 metres and the narrowest would

be less. The very narrow sections

of the Parramatta Road would be

experience for the new section of

Victoria Road. That it fulfils a

requirement but many people

wouldn't feel comfortable with

trucks and buses so close. Monarchists are seething over the republic plan from the 2020 Summit. Alexander Downer says the gathering was rigged and has pledged to fight to keep the Crown. monarchists came together today The airs and graces of Australia's to celebrate the Queen's actual birthday with a heartfelt oath of allegiance.

ALL: I so affirm.

ALL: So help me God. And in high dudgeon, Alexander Downer particularly miffed at this assessment.

The Australian republic seemed to get the thumbs up unless I misread the mood of the room. It's a fix, according to the member for Mayo. One person was opposed to the republic in the governance group that is not representative. that is not serious The republic 1 of 100 ideas now out there for the Prime Minister to ponder,

reviewing the tax system, reducing HECS debts, boosting organ donations, a bionic eye

and a FaceBook-style health data base. Of course you take a risk that people are going to come through the door and ask for things that either can't be delivered or can't be acted on quickly. Kevin Rudd's co-chair Professor Glyn Davis says the Government will be taking a big political risk if it ignores the views coming out of the summit, but it's clear the Prime Minister already agrees with many of them. The voter jury still out. A bunch of people getting together to discuss the future, yeah, pretty good idea. I think in some of the areas, at least as reported by the media, there didn't seem to be anything new or interesting. I know that Cate Blanchett's there because there's been a photo of her all the time, but I don't know really what all the objectives are that have come out of it yet. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

A steel barrier has gone up around large parts of the national capital, ahead of expected protests against the Olympic torch relay. And those Chinese officials will accompany the flame, despite earlier assurances they'd have to stay on a bus. China has its Great Wall, now Canberra has a great big fence. The barrier lines kilometres of the Olympic torch relay route. The changes that have been made have been made to a direct response to security assessment. There's now an official torch relay map - but it's subject to change, and the route has already been cut back from 20km to 16km. Ahead of expected anti-Chinese protests on Thursday, police numbers have been boosted, with the $900,000 event budget expected to blow out and even double. We're disappointed, we regret that but safety, and public safety, is paramount. Protest hot spots are expected at the start and end of the torch relay and near Parliament House. The flame will be carried past the Australian War Memorial and monuments to our fallen heroes. On the eve of Anzac Day please show some respect. Organisers are taking no chances. They're using Canberra's wide thoroughfares to their advantage to keep people as far away from the torch as possible. In previous years we've seen relays where you've seen runners run along the street

high-five the crowd, stop and have their photo taken, autographs - that's not going to happen. It's enough to put some locals off the event. I suppose the only thing that really worries me is if there are going to be any problems. And despite assurances from the Prime Minister they would be confined to a bus, there's confirmation three Chinese officials will accompany the torch throughout the entire run. They will perform no security role in relation to the flame at all. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and the Roosters are riled? Yes, fuming, even, over talk they'll be dumping two high-profile players to free up cash. More shortly. Plus, the Bunnies' woes. And speaking of hitting out, Andrew Symonds has done just that in the Indian Premier League as he tries to win over the fans who'd previously hated him. Also, how to rattle an opponent netball-style - what about that peck? The whole kiss-and-tell story shortly. It's certainly been quite a talking point from the new trans-Tasman league. Also, details are coming through of a police investigation into an alleged incident involving Sharks players at a rock concert. Plus, we'll meet the woman driver who's created motor racing history. A man jailed over the deadly attack on the brother of a Sydney comedian -

details next. Also tonight, a refuelling mishap sparks a terrifying explosion. And the major supermarket chain where customer care means serving yourself.

Hi, Mum. Yes, I got the package. The tea set's great when friends come round. (Kids play and chatter indistinctly) The scones...are really popular.

The pink cardie? Fits perfectly. Oh, the Country Ladle? Love the soup. I'm eating it right now. This program is captioned live. One of four men involved in a fatal attack on the brother of comedian George Nassour has been jailed for at least 6.5 years. 29-year-old Michael Ibrahim pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Robin Nassour in the carpark of an apartment more than two years ago. Mr Nassour was stabbed, punched and kicked.

His brother, who appeared in the TV comedy 'Fat Pizza', was wounded. In sentencing, Justice Derek Price labelled the attack "brutal and cowardly". I'm glad it's over. Do you think the sentence was fair?

Yes. Do you think justice has been done? Yes, justice has been done. Two brothers, who also pleaded guilty to manslaughter, are yet to be sentenced. A police officer killed in a car crash had become engaged only the day before. 31-year-old Constable Elise Krejci died when her Holden Commodore collided head-on with another vehicle in the wet near Wollongong. Her partner, Senior Constable Brett Wright, was a passenger and was seriously injured in the smash. Extraordinarily sad day for the police family. We extend our sympathies and our condolences to all concerned

and it just makes us come back to the realisation we're not bulletproof. Wright's three children were also injured, along with the driver of the other vehicle. And police are appealing for witnesses to a fatal stabbing in Sydney's west overnight.

A 54-year-old man suffered wounds to his stomach, thigh and shoulder in the attack at Granville. He was rushed to hospital, but died early this morning. Police have searched the area today and are urging anyone who noticed a group of black African men near Granville railway station or Memorial Avenue to contact Crime Stoppers. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News, email them to: A gas cylinder has exploded at a bus depot in Brisbane, injuring two council workers. The force of the blast ripped a metal roof apart and blew out a car windscreen. People in a motel near the Upper Mount Gravatt bus depot feared the worst after hearing a loud explosion. It was big. It rattled the room and frightened me out of an absolute dead sleep. It was really frightening. I sort of started thinking 9/11-type fear. It woke up our whole apartment block. to go for a wander to see what it was. Two council workers were refuelling ruptured. Propelled by a build-up of pressure, and crashed into a water main. the missile flew through the workshop

If there had been the igniting of the fuel, I don't think there'd be much left of this site or this building. It could have been an absolute disaster. The force of the blast destroyed the bus

and tore sheets of iron from the roof. Kim Tobias had parked her car across the road from the depot. Once I opened the door and closed it the whole back window shattered. One council officer was taken to hospital unable to hear. The other was treated at the scene and sent home. Emergency crews say things could have been so much worse. If the explosion gone off during normal work hours there could have been up to 20 people in the workshop. In the path of what was essentially a very dangerous missile. New technology is set to slash queues at supermarket checkouts. Woolworths is installing hundreds of self-service scanning machines but they do take some getting used to. It's upping the ante on its rivals...

OK, all we do is press the start button. ..with high-tech self-serve checkouts. CHECKOUT BEEPS among the first to be their own checkout chicks. CHECKOUT: Please place item in bagging area. The national roll-out

is supposed to take the frustration out of waiting in the express queue. You coping?

Yes, yes. I am not. While there certainly were teething problems,

most enjoyed their hands-on role. Oh, that was really quick. Very easy, yeah. It's a little fiddly at first. And you have to concentrate when weighing fruit and veg.

CHECKOUT: Select from displayed items. And what about theft? so most times they push the right keys, Bags are also weighed by the computer so if an extra item is slipped in Big Brother will know. Payment is cash, EFTPOS or card. Now credit card payments are a little bit tricky, you either have to remember your PIN number or you can sign electronically. they can get to recharge their mobile phones - all from the same registers. Woolies says

self-service allows it to double express checkouts at busy stores, but no jobs will be lost. Shoppers will soon be able to DIY at 70 sites across the country. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News.

You've been trawling through

weather information looking for a

little ray of sunshine. There has

anyone seen the sun? It been

missing since 1949. Tomorrow missing since 1949. Tomorrow it comes to your place again. 20

degrees with showers or overwritten.

The rain band has moved to north

and since 9am just five mm in most

suburbs. It's meant to be school

holidays but it looked grey. We've

not seen any blues guy. There will

be showers right through to the weekend. Prince William lands himself in trouble again - next, his latest stunt in a Royal Air Force chopper. about to live a Disney dream with a difference.

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They let's check the traffic now. A

bit of grief up in the north-west?

I've a bird's-eye view of both the

major roads into the north-west.

That's the M two and it's a bit

slow. The alternative is keeping

the road and a room remains very

heavy after an earlier breakdown.

Both traffic Lions are struggling.

Other than that it's been a great

night on our roads. Prince William has landed himself in trouble -

he flew a Royal Air Force helicopter to his girlfriend's house during a training session, forcing the Ministry of Defence into damage control. As if being second in line to the throne isn't impressive enough, Prince William has taken royal romancing to new heights. It's been revealed he showed up at girlfriend Kate Middleton's house in a Chinook helicopter The pilot prince was awarded his RAF wings 10 days ago and he's been busy racking up plenty of flying time ever since. Last week, he was in trouble for picking up brother Harry

and flying to his cousin Peter Phillips's bucks party. But the Ministry of Defence insists it's all above board. I think behind the scenes they're furious. This is a shot in the foot they don't need. Quite honestly, it's not a big deal but they are upset. The Chinooks are usually used as troop carriers in combat zones. It's an unnecessary adverse piece of publicity that they don't need at a time when we're so short of helicopters in Afghanistan. But his superiors say William was only on the ground in his girlfriend's garden for 20 seconds because there was no room to land in a nearby airfield.

In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Pope Benedict has wrapped up his historic visit to the United States with mass at a packed Yankee Stadium. The pontiff also visited Ground Zero,

praying for the families who lost their loved ones in the September 11 attacks. The cheering crowds that have followed Pope Benedict throughout his US tour fell silent for his visit to the place so many hold sacred - Ground Zero. We ask you in your goodness to give eternal light and peace to all who died here. to the 24 survivors, rescue workers and relatives of the dead who met the Pope during the solemn service. Among them, the widow of a firefighter whose remains were never found. I think that it was like a way of having this closure, in the sense that the Pope would come and bless the ground. Just as moving for tens of thousands, the celebration of mass at Yankee Stadium. MAN: Most Holy Father, welcome to New York. (Crowd cheers) I greet all of you with great affection. To be able to see him is so unbelievable. I choke up sometimes when I talk about it. In a final message to the American faithful, Pope Benedict urged the 60,000 at the stadium to renew their commitment to Catholic teachings, even in the face of tough times - a reference to the paedophile abuse scandal that has rocked the Church. Young men and women of America, I urge you, open your hearts to the Lord's call to follow him in the priesthood. Pope Benedict's first papal visit to the US came to an end with thousands wishing him well at New York's JFK Airport. CHEERING In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. A couple of young Aussie singers have serenaded their way onto the world stage. the performance of their lives They're preparing for It's an old tune which will take Eloise Westwood on a new adventure. (Sings) # It's a small world after all... # The 12-year-old from Sydney is one of two members from the Australian Girls Choir hand-picked for a one-off performance at Hong Kong Disney. 50 children from around the world will sing the catchy tune, at the official opening of the fun park's 'It's a Small World' attraction.

Eloise is excited but doesn't know what to expect. Like a surprise about what's all going to happen and, like, what we're going to do. And it's, like, a new attraction, it's going to be, like, a boat ride. about all different cultures from all around the world. And there'll be little statues with things and just like colorful, cultural boatride things. Kimiele D'Mello can't wait for the international sing-along

but it's not just about the music. Also sort of learning about other cultures through other kids, from different parts of the world. And finding out how, like, the similarities and differences between each country. The Small World exhibition - a boatride through a mythical display of children from different cultures - is a signature Disney attraction, created by Walt Disney himself for the original Disneyland

40 years ago.

Its stars are the children of the world. Every land from A to Z, from Asia to Zululand is represented. The girls will take to the stage next Sunday night. Emily Rice, Ten News. The price of oil hits a new record high - details after the break. Also, shaken and stirred - a Bond stuntman loses control on the set of the latest movie. And a Motown legend helps Human Nature celebrate a musical milestone. (All sing 'River Deep Mountain High') MACHINERY WHIRRS AND CLANGS Toyota Yaris. All of Toyota's big ideas in one small car. TOYOTA THEME Um... it's good to know is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 1 - choose a favourite. 2 - choose Fries or a Fruit Bag. 3 - choose a drink. The other one. The other one.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - Canberra's gone into Olympic lockdown in preparation for the torch relay.

Parts of the capital have been barricaded and the official route has been cut back. It's now estimated the security costs for the event have doubled to nearly $2 million. A country hospital is the latest victim of red tape - Bourke Hospital has a brand-new operating theatre gathering dust because it doesn't have a surgeon but, when one offered his services, the government claimed no position was available. And swimmer Nick D'Arcy

has vowed to vigorously defend his assault charge. At his first court appearance today D'Arcy was ordered not to contact other swimmers including glamour swimmer Stephanie Rice. He told reporters he hasn't given up on his Olympic dream. The big question from the weekend's 2020 Summit -

will it actually achieve anything?

We're joined now by Ten's political editor Paul Bongiorno

live from Canberra. Paul, the summit is generally believed to have been worthwhile, but is the PM actually going to implement any of the 100-plus ideas

it came up with?

4th believe he'll implement the big

ideas because they're very close to

his policies. He said he was about

building consensus but the question

is when he'll begin implementing

universal child care for under-

fives and streamlining the fives and streamlining the national

economy. One idea that got a economy. One idea that got a big

cheer it wasn't that new - a

republic. Any chance of a

referendum soon? Labour policy is

to have a plebiscite and we can

expect that at the next election.

The Prime Minister is looking for

grass roots support and if we've

that an opinion poll in the next

election we can expect a referendum soon after. On Ten News tomorrow, Australia's unhealthiest town. It shocked me when I came here a 35-year-old patient here that you would find

that's got two bypass surgeries and is on dialysis and has got diabetes. It's kind of the mean patient that you'd see. With little help from the Federal Government, locals are taking action of their own and building a healthier community. That story tomorrow. To the BankWest finance report, and a good start to the week on the Australian share market. Wesfarmers remains in a trading halt.

Today it announced plans to sell $2.5 billion in new shares to refinance its Coles buy-out. The average price of unleaded fuel in Sydney tonight is $1.42 but we found it as low as $1.36 at Bexley and Croydon Park. It may be sleek and stylish and driven by the most suave man on the planet, but it's not invincible. James Bond's famous Aston Martin ended up at the bottom of a lake after a stunt driver lost control around a bend.

The iconic car was being driven to the set of the latest Bond film in Italy. The driver suffered minor injuries, including a bruised ego. One of the legends of Motown has hit town

to help crooners Human Nature celebrate a milestone. Original Supreme Mary Wilson stopped by to congratulate the band on 1 million sales of its Motown albums. It's amazing what you'll see in a big city. (All sing) # River deep mountain high... # More a case of harbour-deep, building-high, really, as founding member

of the legendary Supremes Mary Wilson

teamed up for a warble with our own Motown masters Human Nature at her Sydney hotel. We crashed Mary's house in Las Vegas. And we said, "Would you sing with us on a final Motown record?" And she agreed to and it just sounds incredible. So there was only just a small amount of stalking involved? Just a little. Mary sings on the group's third Motown album, which is being re-released with its other two records and a DVD for Mother's Day. And the woman who, along with Diana Ross and various other assorted Supremes, has sold more than 10 million albums, rates Human Nature very highly. If you can sing this then this means you are good. As if to prove that, Human Nature has just finished a 50-date tour of Atlantic City and is now eyeing up a tour of Vegas, where the legendary groups once performed - a bunch of Australians taking a Motown show to Vegas being a little like selling ice to the Eskimos. This is a great song called 'River Deep Mountain Hoigh',

hope you like it. (All sing) # Well, I love you baby, baby, baby, baby #

A cold, wet and grey and in perfect

keeping with a mundane. A little

bit of a sunset right now and I bit of a sunset right now and I

don't believe the sun has been out of bed for about a fortnight.

Showers and 20 degrees in your

place tomorrow.

It was a murky old Monday everywhere you looked.

Showers and 20 degrees tomorrow.

Even slow learners starting to get the the picture. Sport now. Tim, some high-profile Sharks players are assisting police. Yes, over an alleged incident at a rock concert - more shortly. Also, what has the Roosters riled? Plus, welcome back to India - Andrew Symonds wins over the Indian fans. COMMENTATOR: Out of here! And a we'll meet the woman driver who's created history the Kournikova of motorsport. after once being tagged WOMAN: At Holden, we have one simple goal - to make cars that go better. For some, 'going better' means being comfortable, using less fuel, feeling safe or just having a choice of colours that aren't different shades of bland. make sure you take a Holden for a test drive. It's simple - Holdens go better. If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt this Anzac long weekend, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Remember - double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences.

This program is captioned live. Four Cronulla Sharks players are helping police with their inquiries after an incident at a concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre overnight. Brett Kearney, Ben Pomeroy, Jacob Selmes and Dustin Cooper were in the mosh pit at the Korn heavy metal concert, when a man was allegedly pushed over. Meanwhile, the Sydney Roosters claim jealous outside influences are trying to destabilise their premiership campaign. The Roosters were today forced to deny speculation they're trying to get rid of Mark O'Meley and Anthony Minichiello.

But they do look set to lose backrower Anthony Tupou to Manly. Mark O'Meley's heard the rumour the Roosters want to offload himself and Anthony Minichiello, but he's been told everything's going to be just fine. When you start to go good

someone's always looking to chip you down and try to break you down. The thing is they're not going to break us down, and the Mini and Ogre thing, they both have contracts with the club and they'll both be staying. I spoke to Nick and Freddy and that and they reassured me that they were rumours and there was nothing behind it, so I was pretty comfortable. The Roosters are still in shock after being overrun by Newcastle and one of the less streamlined members of the NRL.

COMMENTATOR: Danny Wicks is going to score the best try of his career and maybe the try of the season. After a quick dip with his mates today, Wicks wanted to make sure everyone knew just how many Roosters he beat en route to the tryline. I think the Roosters boys were a bit flat and knew they were beaten. Sort of just pulled up a bit lucky, I think. Just had a bit of a scoop and slipped through. South Sydney's winless start to the year

has club legend John Sattler calling Roy Asotasi a reserve grader. You don't like to see your team-mate getting criticised, that's for sure. I know how good a player and good a bloke Roy is and the whole team stands by him, that's for sure. They see the way we're playing at the moment and, you know, we've just got to cop it. All we've got to do is to make sure that we'll be able to prove them wrong at the business end. And Brisbane's Justin Hodges is free to play the Rabbitohs after he decided to take a guilty plea to a lifting tackle. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Swans coach Paul Roos says there's nothing more he can do to snap Adam Goodes out of his form lapse. Goodes was again below his best in Sydney's loss to Geelong on Saturday. Roos concedes the dual Brownlow medallist has been good in patches this season, but he'd like more consistency.

He's 1 of 22, but at some point the player himself has got to dig himself out of a bit of a hole, and we just hope it doesn't take quite as long as it did last year. In any case, Roos insists Goodes belongs in Sydney's best 22. Aussie all-rounder Andrew Symonds has avoided a backlash from Indian fans in his first game for the Deccan Chargers in the Premier League. In last night's other game, the Bangalore Royal Challengers were too good for the Mumbai Indians, while David Hussey outclassed his Aussie team-mates, handing the Kolkata Knight Riders their second straight win. An unusually warm reception for a formidable Aussie duo, because this time they were swinging for India. COMMENTATOR: Well, that is a great shot. That is out of the ground. Adam Gilchrist belted two sixes from just one over before his appetite for the boundary brought him undone on 23.

Short - he's gone over the top but hasn't got enough leverage. There were no monkeys in the crowd for Andrew Symonds, who took a little longer to blast off. Oh, that's out of here! That's gone into orbit. The Deccan Chargers' highest-paid player added 32 runs. His team struck out for 110, a modest total that soon looked competitive when Brendan McCullum, then Ricky Ponting, failed to fire.

The Aussie skipper was out for a duck, while countryman David Hussey dug in. A power outage brought a 20-minute halt to proceedings with the game in the balance. But when light was restored it was nothing but high voltage from Hussey. The Aussie smashed 38 from 43 balls, bringing up the win with a bang. That's huge! That is the game. In this morning's other game Blues all-rounder Dominic Thornely retired hurt after copping a bouncer to the brow. The right-hander was split open and forced to watch on from the sidelines as his team, the Mumbai Indians, lost by five wickets to the Bangalore Royals. Without a doubt, the weekend's most bizarre sporting incident happened in the netball at Vodafone Arena. Before the showdown between Melbourne and Adelaide, Vixens captain Sharelle McMahon planted a kiss on her opponent. COMMENTATOR: Ha, ha. Sharelle McMahon plants a kiss on side of the side of her cheek, that was payback. Yeah, my husband's been OK. He's just had a bit of a chuckle about it as well. He's not jealous? Ha, I don't think he's jealous. He's probably more jealous of the amount of time I spend away with netball than that little incident. Unfortunately, the kiss for good luck didn't work - Adelaide beat the Vixens by a goal. It's been a successful morning for a couple of Australians racing across the globe. On the streets of Long Beach, in California,

Queenslander Will Power won the final Champ Car race with a dominant start-to-finish victory. In Mexico, Marcos Ambrose had his best stock car result. The former dual V8 Supercar champion in the Nascar Nationwide race behind American Kyle Busch. has done her best And American driver Danica Patrick to shatter the image she's motorsport's version of Anna Kournikova

by claiming a breakthrough victory. COMMENTATOR: Boys, move over! The lady is coming through.

Danica Patrick wins at Twin Ring, Motegi. to cheer her on, and with a nearly 6-second lead, 26-year-old Danica Patrick roared across the finish line and into the history books, becoming the first woman ever to win an IndyCar race.

It's been a long time coming. Thank God. With cover-girl looks and a string of losses,

she's been called the Anna Kournikova of IndyCar racing. Kournikova retired from tennis with plenty of photo shoots but not one singles title. The trophy is almost bigger than she is. Some drivers complained Patrick had a weight advantage - a lighter load would mean she'd go faster.

This season, IndyCar officials instituted a car driver weight rule. I just think it's fantastic that a woman actually broke through with a male-dominated sport. And Patrick has proven she can out-drive the men, but says she wants to be known for her skills, not her sex. I think that's the way you have to live your life - drive like it's your last race, drive like you have something to prove, push, push, push.

Australian trainer Anthony Cummings has bought up big at the 2008 Inglis Easter Yearling Sales today. Buying on behalf of stable clients,

Cummings set a new mark for this year's auction. AUCTIONEER: At $2.2 million, last chance. Done! 2-2 buys him. The Encosta de Lago colt is the full brother of Blue Diamond Stakes winner Alinghi. And in Sports Tonight, all the highlights from the final match of Round 6, the Raiders and the Storm.

A hovering over the old part of

town. Yes it's Old Windsor town. Yes it's Old Windsor Road.

But the traffic trying to make that journey to the north-west is

struggling a bit. A

struggling a bit. A car was pall

over just before the M two and that

caused the delay you can see now.

Motorists who heading out could be delayed

delayed home by about 10 minutes

but traffickers Bank coping OK

despite the damp conditions and the school holidays. Stay with us. Tim Bailey has the latest weather details next.

school holidays. A 5th of the Institute for VOICEOVER: Builder does a dodgy job? That's not a big deal. Holden turns 60. Now, THAT'S a big deal. from only $33,990 plus on-road costs.

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Let's check the latest weather now.

We talking about holidays in the

tropics as our way of coping with

the weather. I can't believe you're

talking to me after the disgraceful

weekend I just dished up. Just

showers and 20 degrees is all we

can come up with. The rain band is

moving off but they'll be

moving off but they'll be more

showers tomorrow. 47 mm at

Canterbury. Some storms in the

north-west to. Tomorrow - surprise

surprise - chilly and wet and 21

degrees. Will it break this

weekend? Yes it well, said the

little weatherman. The best part of

the day is the night so that's

baffling business. Sunday a late

shower but plenty of blue sky but

until then plenty of showers. One

thing's for sure - the grass

doesn't need watering.

Loud over the East in unstable

onshore winds is chording causing

showers and storms, heavies over

north-east New South Wales. A low-

pressure system in South West

Western Australia is cut causing

storms. A high will keep skies mostly

mostly clear in Tasmania and

Victoria and South Australia. Heavy

showers are likely in north-eastern

New South Wales tomorrow. These

things are getting paid overtime -

showers across northern New South

Wales, heavy near the coast.

Showers on the rest of the New

South Wales coastline and in south- east

east Queensland and in the tropics.

Sherry, Chile and 20 degrees

tomorrow and the same or way

through to the weekend. Saturday

will be a beauty and after a late

showers and blue sky on Sunday.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

We'll have updates throughout the evening, Sports Tonight along at 10:40. with the Late News with Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

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