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(generated from captions) done this to me? Stephanie, how could you have in that apartment year after year. I was so alone, cooped up

I love you, Pam. Didn't you ever think about me?

She's lying. Shoot her now!

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I away it to everyone to apologise.

She made a homophobic remark on

She made a homophobic remark on

Twitter. I have a lot of gay

friends. What I said, I did not

mean to hurt people. The man who

led the condemnation of her

behaviour, for me -- Ian Roberts,

believes it is a lesson learnt. I

have been told that she broke down

emotionally. You don't like here

anyone going through that trauma.

anyone going through that trauma.

Unfortunately, having a public

profile. People have to be held

accountable. Previously, Stephanie

Rice has been embarrassed by photos

on Facebook. In spite of being

caught out twice by social

networking blunders, Stephanie Rice

has no plans to give up Twitter or

Facebook. More than anything, I

really wanted to come here today to apologise.

An emotional premier has wiped away

tears string a faltering speech

outside Parliament House. Christine

Icknield struggled as she spoke

about the way she has been welcomed

into the indigenous community. I

see so many aunties and uncles who

have taken American women into their families

their families and have welcomed as

their representative and have

always welcomed as part of their

community. Her speech followed

official recognition of Aboriginal people in the constitution.

The current TV presenter Mike Munro

has been ordered off the roads

after being caught speeding at

twice the limit. She sheriffs for twice the limit. She sheriffs for

are investigating a cause the

are investigating a cause the brick

-- Court breach. The be is not

often a television presenter is camera-shy.

You pay the penalty. It the penalty

is a $300 fine for the host and a

three-month suspension for driving

at 81km/h through what was a 40

zone in the Lane Cove tunnel. He

initially planned to fight the infringement but changed his mind.

You were going to plead not guilty

initially. The to get it right. I

pleaded not guilty. I always was.

Mr Munro's lawyer claimed he had

cruise control on, blaming: The

The RTA says he would have passed

six speed signs, revealing that the

limit had changed. He was ordered

to pay witness costs totalling $214.

While everyone who comes to court

has to use this front entrance, an

investigation is under way into how

a core support volunteers helped Mr

Munro's sneak through the back door.

It was a breach of security

It was a breach of security which It was a breach of security which

was caught on CCTV. He left the was caught on CCTV. He left the

court in a car driven by his wife

who had a mobile phone in his hand.

Sparks have been flying on day one

of the Julia Gillard government.

The opposition has mounted an

attack on its legitimacy, warning

that cracks are already appearing.

The newly installed Prime Minister

and the opposition leader put

politics on hold to fly to the

funeral of Private Tomas Dale, the

20 if Australian digger killed in

action in Afghanistan. The robust

democracy he died four was on

display elsewhere. On day one, we

have seen the first cracks in the

new government. This reaction from

the Independent Tony Windsor when

told that the Treasury would

exclude the mining tax from the

exclude the mining tax from the

promised tax summit. That is the

first time I have heard of that. We

are going to end up with

uncertainty and confusion out of an

illegitimate government. Wayne Swan

was quick to end the confusion,

calling Tony Windsor immediately. I

have had a blunt discussion with

Tony Windsor. The concept was in Tony Windsor. The concept was in

the view. The pressure will proceed

with the 30% super profits tax for

the biggest miners. We will be

seeking their support. Mr Winsor

says he will be happy to be part of

the debate, and support from the

Greens prepared not to insist on

their preference for the original

40% mining tax. I did mathematics

going to succeed. at my school. I can see that is not

going to succeed. Labour coalition

MPs are returning to Canberra for

their first post-election party

room meeting tomorrow. No change is

expected in the leadership line ups

but some big names will have to be

accommodated. Independent Rob

Oakeshott is interested in the

offer from the Prime Minister of offer from the Prime Minister of

the regional development ministry. the regional development ministry.

We are I don't have a discussion in the next couple of days.

the next couple of days.

The two men who helped deliver

Labour to victory have returned

home to face of their electorate.

Some voters are angry but many

understand that the Independents

were left with a difficult choice.

Having given his country government,

Rob Oakeshott finally had time for

his family. He says he does not

like the attention. But yesterday,

he took 17 minutes

he took 17 minutes to announce

Julia Gillard would be the Prime

Minister but today claimed he had Minister but today claimed he had

not backed a Labour. This was about

trying to find the majority of

parliament when no-one political

party to achieve that. In his party to achieve that. In his

electorate, voters had their say. I

am proud. Do you feel betrayed? A

candidate little. This man was the National

candidate at the election. Will his

decision be enough to get you over

the line next time. It may be

because there will be a significant

part of the electorate who have had

their eyes opened as to their

political affiliations. The

Independents secured $10 billion

for the bush. In Port Macquarie,

$75 million for the hospital, $35

million for a higher we

million for a higher we upgrade and

$20 million for a university. He

has been offered a ministerial

portfolio for regional development.

The position is something to

appeals to him but he will only do

it if he can continue to meet the it if he can continue to meet the

needs of his young family. If we

can make it work, we will give it a

priority. go but if we can't, family is a


Until yesterday's events, Tony

Windsor's return home would have

been routine. There is no doubt

that some in this electorate few

him very differently. His office

has received threats already. I had

not heard that. There has been a

few nasty e-mails. But some good

ones. He has a task ahead,

convincing Conservative voters that convincing Conservative voters that

he made the right choice. Labour

has got us in strife before. Let

the Coalition have a go. Local

polls show majority feels the same

way person recognised the difficult

decision he had to make. He has the

right to differ with any of their

programmes and make his own

decisions. I'd -- I don't think

trust has been betrayed. The

National have done the wrong thing

to him. It is a question that may

play on his mind, how much support

he can count on at the ballot box.

Would you vote for him again?

Probably not. I would have a

Probably not. I would have a beer

from him and I'm sure most people would.

Difficult decision. He has made it.

Now for a look at sport.

Inappropriate behaviour could mean

that the AFL Bad Boy Brendan Fevola

could face the end.

Brisbane Lions have suspended

Brendan Fevola indefinitely. The

chairman and CEO said police were investigating that he

investigating that he exposed

himself to a woman at a Brisbane

Park on Saturday. Respect and

responsibility towards women is

non-negotiable. He has spent less

than a year at the club after a

chequered career in Melbourne. He

had revealed a gambling debt said

their marriage split. Attempts to

reach him for comment have been unsuccessful. Rugby league

Rugby league can boast a bad boy

made good. Outcast for a year, Todd

Carney is the Dally M medallist,

completing a great comeback having

won his battle with alcohol.

At the pub today, they were

toasting their former barman. He

was great. Not so long ago, Todd

Carney and alcohol was a volatile

mix. Irrational. He

mix. Irrational. He did things on mix. Irrational. He did things on

the spur of the moment, without

thinking. He had been sacked by the

Canberra Raiders and kicked out at

the end aryl. His sporting career

on the ropes and his mum at her

wits' end. I asked him last year if

he knew how to use a shovel. He

took a job in a far north

Queensland pulling beers. He played

park football at the weekend. His

new boss told him to make the

new boss told him to make the most

of his second chance. If it goes

pear-shaped, kiss your career

goodbye. The gamble paid off last

night when he won the end aryl's

greatest individual honour in his

comeback season. His proud mum was

his state. He bought her the

address. If a son had put their mum three

three the stuff that I had, that is

my a team. It is a good thing for

people that maybe he made a mistake

but it is not the end of the world.

8 How Bush publican -- a proud

Republican with a moral to the

story. Put him in the pub!

It is a good story. More rugby

league ahead. An impressive win for

the Socceroos and a loss for Stam

says -- Sam Stosur.

Still to come: A couple jailed over

the killing of a millionaire swinger.

Also, by keys rounded up over

alleged extortion and drugs.

alleged extortion and drugs.

Recognition for the contribution of our national servicemen.

each with avocado, We just never imagined the stress

MAN: The burgers are better

Yeah. Hi. Look, I've just driven Well, I'm sure

VOICEOVER: At ActewAGL, with boundless energy, a world where we leave things through Greenchoice, supporting an and encouraging paperless bills.

Two six winners have been jailed

for killing a Melbourne millionaire.

His widow listened as a judge

described the choices that led to

his death. Swinger Mario Schembri

has been jailed for nine years, and

his partner Bernadette Denny for

seven, after they admitted bashing

Mr Rockefeller for arriving without

a sex partner. That sort of

behaviour brings risks. People need

to think very carefully. The sex

industry claims tens of thousands

of Australian swing safely every weekend.

Two bikies and another man have been dramatically arrested and charged with extortion near

Newcastle. Police pulled over a car

and wrestled the suspects to the

side of the road. The 48, 44, and

41-year-old men are accused of

demanding money with menace from a

tattoo shop in Port Stephens.

Police also executed search warrants, seizing cannabis and methamphetamines from four

properties. A State Transit

security guard who punched a 16-

year-old boy has been sentenced to two years jail.

43-year-old Christopher Paul

Cottrell was convicted of attacking

the abusive youth on Australia Day

at Rooty Hill train station before

asking his colleagues to lie about

what had happened. Cottrell's

family was stunned by the sentence.

family was stunned by the sentence.

He'll be eligible for parole next year.

Police are planning a new blitz on

violent drunks across the country

this weekend. Officers say they've

been forced to fight back against

the worsening culture of binge drinking.

It was an unprecedented show of

force across Australia and New

Zealand last year designed to send

a message. A police are fed up with

alcohol-fuelled violence. It is

very symbolic. When you see large

numbers of officers across the

country and in New Zealand during

what we are doing. This weekend,

hundreds of police will be on duty

to combat the entrenched culture of

binge drinking in the community.

They can seriously change the way

we as a nation viewed this notion

of the fact that it is OK to be

drunk and the hooligan. It is not.

It costs to the committee more than

$7 billion per year. Police are so

convinced that this is the right

approach that they are already

planning more operations beyond

this weekend. They will be run

across the suburb. Emergency crews

are fed up with be in punching bags

for drunks. This ambulance officer

was allegedly assaulted while

helping a man who was unconscious.

It was a great surprise. He

suddenly turned around and

repeatedly assaulted me. It

disturbs me that there is an

increasing trend of violence

towards ambulance officers. The

operation begins on Friday night at 6pm.

Now for a weather update. It was a

very crisp afternoon.

It yes, it was chilly. 3 degrees

below average. The coldest night in

a month. The conditions brought

widespread frost to Bathurst.

Welcome to the prettiest afternoon

autumn can dish up. We are in Putney.

A wonderful cause on the TV to

celebrate the life of a brilliant

little girl. Try For Hannah, a fun

run and a walk from Putney. I will

tell you about it later.

A new memorial has been dedicated

to the hundreds of thousands of

Australians conscripted into

national military service. Some of

the former men want the birthday

palate brought back.

-- the men. They remember the

sacrifice of national servicemen, Australia's forgotten soldiers.

They deserved the respect of the

nation and gratitude. In Borneo and

Vietnam, the lives of young men

were decided by a conscription

lottery known as the birthday

ballot. 60,000 in the 1960s and

200,000 in the 1950s. Some of them

were back today, remembering the

men who did not come back. They

walked in the footsteps of other

conscripts who edged their name in

Australian history. The obligation

to serve with dignity and loyalty

as they did no matter the

challenges they face at home. The

ceremony was to christen a monument

to the national servicemen at the

Australian War Memorial. Among

those who laid weeks, mothers who

lost sons. Not all the sacrifice lost sons. Not all the sacrifi

was borne by those in uniform. They

saw it as their duty, and despite

the compulsion, they served

honourably and well.

honourably and well. Former

Victorian pre Met Jeff Kennett

caused four the return. It is a new

word that over time has to find the

spirit and soul of national

militaries service. Perhaps a

discussion for another day.

Next, the stocks that have surged

following the election result.

Our reporter describes his

experience of savage aftershocks in Christchurch.

New images emerge of an unforgettable crews

VOICEOVER: What should Canberra It's time to have your say

Apia understands us.

This program is captioned live.

We can now go to Vic Lorusso in the

traffic helicopter. A bad accident

at Granville. Thor Hushovd cars

were involved, heading west. They

have blocked two lanes. -- Storm

cars. The vehicles on the break

down lane. Unfortunately, it is a

very heavy runner, stretching as

far back as Croydon. If you are

waiting for family and friends in

the western suburbs, they are

sitting there and will be late home tonight.

Telstra shares jumped sharply today

on confirmation the national

broadband network will go ahead.

The company but the trend as the

market dropped to a 3-day low.

The spokesman for the private

sector wore a big smile to mark a

new beginning. We have to smile. It

is important. The future for

financial markets holds three key

questions from the Julia Gillard

victory. The mining resource run

tax, posture and superannuation

changes. Shares in Telstra have

slumped 14% in the past month but

froze today with the broadband roll

up flagged to begin in the bush. We

are looking at it from the perspective that the long-term

story is great for Telstra but

there is uncertainty in the short-

term. Renewable energy stocks are

the biggest winners with the

greener Parliament likely to pursue

a carbon price. There is a resource

tax firmly on the table. What about

the superannuation form -- reforms?

I don't see them coming through

this Parliament. The Independent

MPs should not pass the mining

towns legislation unless there is a

stronger program of tax reform that

is attached to it. The election

outcome bring some certainty for

local investors, but there are

fears that more changes on mining

tax will scare off foreign

investments who currently own a 40%

of our local share market. They may

decide it is too difficult in the

Australia like they did when the

mining tax was first introduced.

Time is literally money.

Now for the finance report. If

today's data is any guide, interest

rates will not be going up. That

would be nice. The lending figures

show a rise of 1.7% in July which

is a flat take up. It adds to the

case for the RIBA to sit on the

interest rates sidelines. But the

slight rise is a sign of recovery.

Economists expect it to continue.

The final numbers:

US futures market suggests Wall

Street is set to continue last

night losing streak tonight.

Christchurch has been rattled by another powerful aftershock, which

has further damaged buildings at

risk of collapse. Ten reporter Matt

Doran is in Christchurch and felt the effects.

Exhausted emergency crews are again

picking up the pieces in

Christchurch after the city was

rocked by another torrent of

violent aftershocks, the worst

magnitude of 5.1 this morning. It

triggered a wave of damage

throughout the city and may force

the closure of the terminal at the

domestic airport. We were staying

in a newly-built hotel and it was

strong enough to throw me out of

bed. You could see the walls and

the floors shaking. The latest

aftershock was the 10th to hit the

city overnight and is the 140 if

since the earthquake on Saturday. I

could see the floor and ceiling

moving. I thought that it was it. I

scrambled to the office and ran

outside. I was in the bathroom. It

knocked me against the wall. I just

thought, here we go again. Many

families are homeless. The relief

centres are overflowing. People are

too afraid to go asleep with the

aftershocks. There were reports

late today from police that

domestic violence has surged

throughout the city. 50% in the

last few days. The psychological

trauma and stress of the disaster

will begin to take hold.

New video has surfaced of a

terrifying experience for

passengers onboard the Pacific Sun

when the cruise ship hit rough

weather in the South Pacific. A

camera above the bar was rolling as

the P&O ship hit 8-metre waves in

100km/h winds off New Zealand in

2008. Furniture, passengers, poker

machines, and a piano were sent

sliding around as the ship lurched

from side to side. 42 people suffered injuries, ranging from

cuts and bruises to broken limbs.

Dozens of homes have been destroyed,

and 3,000 people evacuated, because

of bushfires in the US.

of bushfires in the US. Hundreds of

firefighters and 10 aircraft are in

the Colorado foothills, struggling

to control outbreaks fanned by

strong winds.

I pray for rain. It is going to

take higher humidity and calmer

winds and a very large effort.

Authorities believe a car accident

might have sparked the initial blaze.

A team of firefighters has arrived

in the US capital on a cross-

country run to honour the victims

of September 11. The Tour of Duty

firefighters from Australia and the

US set off from Los Angeles last

month on a 7,500km journey which

has touched the hearts of the

American public. We have had grown

men coming up to worse, they have

been crying. Eight guide in the

middle of nowhere it gave us a

crate of water. -- a man. The

firefighters will arrive in New

York this weekend on the ninth

anniversary of the attacks. The

next, the Greens policies few people noticed.

Also, hundreds of Victorian

residents braced for a new flat peak.

Showdown on the sand. The battle

for Bondi 10 years on. They

complained, picketed, threw eggs.

Up This program is captioned live.

A distort Stephanie rise has

apologised for her St Clair against

homosexuals on Twitter. I owe it to

everyone to apologise for what has

happened. A television host has

been banned from driving for the

next three months after pleading

guilty to driving almost double the speed limit.

The knives are out for Prime

Minister Julia Gillard. The

opposition has launched a ferocious

attack on the government's

legitimacy, saying the cracks have

already started to appear.

The Greens are set to push their

political agenda on the new

parliament. Some fear that their

more radical policies could

endanger national security.

With a Lower House seat and soon

the Senate balance of power, the

Greens are sitting pretty. But not

everyone is celebrating. They are

extreme. We will see a lot of

extremist in the parliament. For

conservative groups believe that

many who voted Green were ignorant

of their more radical agenda. The

Greens have not been as up front as

they ought to be about some of their more extreme foreign policy

positions. In particular, a push to

weaken our airlines with the US and

the closure of all foreign military

bases in Australia, which could

harm the national security. It

would stop the Americans from ever

asking for more troop commitments

from Australia. Others are worried

about their policies on free

abortions, decriminalisation of

medicinal cannabis she and

prostitution and a ban on importing zoo animals.

The Greens can promise the world,

but delivery will be difficult.

While the party has aligned with

the government, the three country

independence are unlikely to

support radical policy. Bob Brown

is too smart for that. He has a lot

of vested in making sure this

Parliament sees out its full term.

Achievable policies will be the

focus. We are committed to those

policies that have somewhere to go.

Victims of Victoria's flood crisis

are now facing the spread of

disease. With rain forecast for

much of the state tomorrow,

residence in flood affected towns

are being urged to take as many

precautions as possible. While the

flood event may be over, there are

many public health challenges that

will be with us for weeks and

months. 300 homes have already been

under threat. inundated and hundreds more are

Four it was one of the most

Olympics. controversial events of the Sydney

Beach volleyball at Bondi seemed a

perfect fit but not to the locals.

That is, until our golden girls of

Beautiful Bondi. the sand closed in on victory.

For many it was a most unlikely

setting for an Olympic event.

Indeed, the locals did not want a

bar of beach volleyball on their famous stretch of sand.

We did really feel unwanted for a

while. You know, we thought people

would embrace it a bit more but

they didn't. They complained, they

picketed, they threw eggs.

The euphoria which greeted their

win was far removed from the frosty

reception they originally received.

A lot of the residents didn't want

it there. I think in the end,

though, they were begging for

tickets because it went off and you

could hear it from suburbs around.

It was such a party atmosphere that

everyone wanted tickets. In the

ballot, they tried to give them

away but no one would take them.

Things certainly changed as the

golden girls of the sand powered through over the favoured Brazilians.

COMMENTATOR: They have won the gold


Even a decade later the memories come flooding back.

For Cook, history beckons.

Singing Advance Australia Fair on

top of the podium is something I

want to relive. Going to my fifth

Olympic games, I will be the only

Games. female athlete to go to five summer

Knee injuries brought an end to

Pottharst's career after 22 years

at the top.

Just finished my first book - The

Business of Being an Athlete.

Perhaps you will see me at the next

Olympics as a coach.

Her former team mate wants the

country behind her in London. country behind her in London.

I'm getting older. Everyone is

getting faster and quicker, and I

need the whole of Australia to get

behind me so

A battle for the hearts and minds

in Sydney's west. On the eve of the

finals, rugby league's boss says

that crowds have never been better.

Turning the bad boy headlines into

league's golden moment. Todd

Carney's Rooster redemption.

Plus, Australia goes to the polls

and wins.

L'Oreal Paris unlocks Youth Code, In one month, wrinkle correction New Youth Code - Because you're worth it.

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live.

Samantha Stosur has lost her US

Open quarterfinal to Kim Clijsters.

The three-set match was Kim

Clijsters' 19 it's straight when.

Samantha Stosur it came out

swinging. The Australian was all

over her opponent in the early

stages until Kim Clijsters found

her former to break back and level

the opening set at 4-4. She went on

to take the opening set with a

stunning shot in 32 minutes. In the

second step, Samantha Stosur

attacked to lead it to-love. Kim

Clijsters ran hot and cold, but an

ever ridden ninth game -- game saw

Sam Stosur winning the set. She

scrambled away to a 7-5 win. The

error count soared in the windy

conditions. Even the ball boys were

in danger. Kim Clijsters finished

with a scorcher. An opportunity

lost. To do this three times and

disappointing. not go through, it is very

After a 27-year Waite, Brian Smith After a 27-year Waite, Brian Smith

believes this is his best chance of

winning his first Premiership as a

coach. His team are on a high after coach. His team are on a high after

Todd Carney was crowned the Dally M

Award player of the year.

Brian Smith was like a proud father

with his star player today. I feel

like it is as good a chance as I

have ever had to win a Premiership.

have ever had to win a Premiership.

It is a being called. He has come

close numerous times since his

coaching debut in 1984. His high-

flying Eagles of 2001 it crashed to

the nights. We played a very good

team that day. I am not sure if any

of the teams in this competition of the teams in this competition

are as good as that. This time,

Smith has the end of a's top player

in his corner. The winner of the

2010 Dally M Award is Todd Carney.

I think that if you put your mother

through as much as what I have put

my mother threw in the past, you

would bring her as well. The former

coach knew that the one-time

bounce back. Canberra Raiders bad boy would

bounce back. Sometimes you do

things that you are not so proud of.

The Panthers are confident of a

sell-out against the Raiders.

Crowds in Sydney's west are up. To

see us getting growth in that area

is good for the game and a warning

to the other codes that we dominate

that. out there and we plan to continue

that. He was also on the front foot

about any players involved in

fixing games. In terms of

individuals, life bans are

available. If this type of thing is

proven, that is very much on the cards. cards.

The Socceroos have held on for a

thrilling 2-1 win against Poland.

Brett Holman's Open was cancelled

by a well constructed goal from the

home team. The visitors went ahead

soon after when Richard Garcia was

brought down in the penalty box and

Luke Wilkshire did the rest. He

scores with ease. I cannot remember

him taking a spot kick before.

Poland had a great chance to

equalise when they were awarded a

penalty, but the Australian keeper

was up to the challenge. They gave

a gutsy performance. The only sour

Emerton for dissent. note was a red card to Brett

With his personal life imploding,

Wayne Rooney has answered his

critics the only way he knows how -

scoring first in England's Euro

qualifier against Switzerland. The

goal of the night came from the

Swiss striker. England were

victorious three-once owning a

qualifying campaign. maximum six points for their

Ken Catchpole has been immortalised

in the Sydney Football Stadium.

Current Wallabies were on hand as a

bronze sculpture was unveiled.

Considered one of the greatest

half-backs ever, Catchpole played a

times. 27 Tests and captained Australia 13

Tiger Woods has been chosen by a

Corey Pavin as one of his four

captains pick for the US Ryder Cup

team. Zach Johnson, Stewart Cink

and Rickie Fowler are the other

three wild cards. Peking Tiger

Woods was the major talking point.

I am happy that he is very excited

about playing. He likes to be on

the winning team. The Ryder Cup

begins on 1st October.

The Crusty Demons are back in

Australia promising plenty of new

stunts that will stunner audiences.

This time, it is not just the men

running the show, with Australia's

first female freestyle motocross

rider. I love it. I have always

hung around the boys. It is what I

am used to. Australia's modern-day

Evil Knievel, Robbie Maddison, will

also be on show at the two were in Sydney.

Tomorrow, we will be catching up

with sprint sensation Melissa Breen.

She has been turning heads in her

first photo-shoot with Alpha

magazine. Libby Trickett will be

catching up with her on the road to Delhi.

Later, we will meet the daredevil

Australian who is our only

representative on the spectacular

Red Bull cliff diving circuit.

You may have to be a stunt driver

or driver to get over the M5 tunnel

East. There has been a bad smash

inside the tunnel tonight. Two cars

have been involved. You can see the

exit ramp, which is moving slowly.

One lane is blocked. The traffic

delays go all the way down to

mascot. Unfortunately, there are

still delays on the M4 after a bad

smash at Randwick.

Coming up, information on a

wonderful cause. Also,

Right now Holden dealers

This program is captioned live.

A classic community cause. We have

a beautiful cause on the television

tonight. It is one worth

celebrating. I would like to

introduce you to a wonderful father.

A round of applause for him please.

His partner in life - they call her

a wife! They went through the

unthinkable and lost their little

daughter in March. She was only

seven years old. She had a brain

tumour. She had a personality that

you could never forget. An

incredible human being who is incredible human being who is

watching us as we go to air tonight.

Let us talk about what you have

done in the memory of your daughter.

We have organised a fun run to take

place. We are trying to raise... We

want to get as many people as we

can down here on Sunday morning at

nine o'clock in the morning,

wearing orange - it was her

favourite colour. You can tell that

she is proud tonight, I can feel it.

The story is a good one, because

Dell spent the last three months of

her life at Westmead Children's

Hospital. She loved playgrounds. We

are raising money for the George

Gregan Foundation, who built that

playground that gave Hanna the best

memories of her short life. This

little girl is at Westmead

Children's Hospital at the moment.

How about a round of applause for

her as well? We want everybody

involved in this. It is the Ryde

Rivers Festival. It is on Sunday.

If you can, go to the website that

you can see at the bottom of the screen.

You can see her personality right

there. It was a short life and a

fantastic life, and it will be

celebrated on Sunday to help raise

money to help plenty of children.

What a wonderful family! Now for

the weather. It is a beautiful day.

Tomorrow will be cloudy with a little bit of rain.

The cloud across WA and SA is

bringing a patchy and light rain.

Tomorrow, wild northerly women's'

for the east. -- wins.

I have not met a better group of

people thought about a decade.

Tim Bailey has been having a lot of

fun with them. Thank you. Finally,

it is only spring, but the best of

summer has started with the first

box of NT mangoes auctioned off for

a tasty $30,000. They were donated

by Woolworths, with all the

proceeds going to help prostate

cancer patients. The fruit itself

will also chirrups and children -

it will be sent to the Westmead

Children's Hospital. -- cheer up some children.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING )