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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good morning. I'm Tracey Spicer. Welcome to Ten's morning news, It could take two days to fully extinguish a blaze for firefighters in Sydney's west. which has destroyed a factory are still at the scene. Around 50 crews one of the biggest the city has seen. Authorities describing the fire as battling a massive factory blaze Sydney firefighters have been in the city's south-west overnight. The first fire crews arrived of the emergency call-out... within five minutes SIREN WAILS were already through the factory roof ..but 20m-high flames well alight. two storeys of the building

to bring the blaze under control. 150 firefighters fought gallantly it was an uphill battle. Despite the manpower A very difficult fire. in Sydney for some time. One of the biggest we've had from distant streets, Crews pumping water from the ground and up above. tackling flames

and explosions early on. We had a number of wall collapses

did have to scramble for safety Firefighters on a number of occasions. was quickly established. An exclusion zone evacuated from surrounding areas, 100 residents 30 homes under threat. No-one was hurt in the blaze taking no chances with the smoke. but authorities together with ambulance services We've been monitoring the smoke there's no toxic product. to make sure The factory housed various businesses and graphic design firm. including a car parts company

The building a complete write-off. Unable to save the original building surrounding factories and homes. but appears we will be able to save five hours to contain the blaze. It took crews the subject of an investigation. Its cause Kate Donnison, Ten News. A call in the US this morning pulling out of Iraq for coalition forces to begin by early next year. by Prime Minister John Howard, It's a demand rejected with President George W. Bush who will discuss the way forward later this week.

troops between British Army bases, This river is used to transport as safer than land transport. deemed by the coalition Until now. Four British troops were killed

have been seriously injured and several more near their patrol boat after a bomb detonated outside the southern city of Basra. In Washington from Iraq is gaining momentum the call for a total troop withdrawal from the freshly empowered Democrats. with the strongest push coming Senator Carl Levin the Senate Armed Services Committee. is set to take over should be winding up by May. He believes Operation Iraqi Freedom Our presence there is not open-ended, that is a matter of the fact. from Iraq in four to six months. We need to begin a phased withdrawal with Prime Minister John Howard. It's a view at odds I am simply not going to accept a situation a timetable for withdrawal where you have democratic stability of the country. which is unrelated to the discuss the way forward in Iraq Mr Howard will George W. Bush in Vietnam this week. when he meets President any longer than is necessary We don't want to stay and for heaven's sake of one's country overseas nobody likes having the troops

and exposed to danger. and three more US troops were killed In Baghdad more than 100 Iraqis died when two car bombs exploded. handcuffed and bullet-riddled bodies Police also discovered 75 dumped north of the capital. Jackie Maddock, Ten News. Defence Minister Brendan Nelson in Iraq will also be discussing developments in Washington in a few weeks time. with America's new Defence Secretary

joins me now. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno a radical shift in US policy. Paul, Dr Nelson isn't expecting

Not his rightful start how

government seems pretty convinced

that George Bush will win us over

the Democrats and 10 staff how long

the troops will stay. The Defence the troops will stay. The Defence

Minister believes that George Bush

has no intention of changing the

objective enough then until there

is some sort of democratic

stability, whereas the Democrats

have at various positions, but most

of them could be summed up as a

phased withdrawal forced up it

seems to me better maybe allow

governments it is in the same sort

is in of denial that Donald runs failed

is in four-star Dr Nelson said

yesterday white lead sounds

excessive debt they have had, like

getting rid of Saddam Hussein. But

one of the biggest problems of the

pal immense inner ramp is set

myself the party in nearby mountain

Mrs Hay and there are some real

doubt if whether the police that

have been shamed have any real

intention to disarm the militias

who are causing so many problems.

Serrate Dr Nelson goes to

Washington in three weeks' time. By

then the American position may well

be clear-out, and one suspects fell

week, with anyone presented the

chips in Iraq, will demand the

following then the leading on this

issue. Later today Estrella you

will find a security package will find a security package week

in any city strengthen ties with

Jakarta. As a human right species

and under the spotlight. Years ago

that he seemed government signed a

it from them similar at agreement

with de regime, which Fowler passed

in 1999 and the East Timor. At that

time they said the biggest regret

operated with the was the way in which spell we co-

operated with the Indonesian

military at the time. Times have

definitely changed. There has been

democratic reform under the current

presidency of Indonesia. Up the democratically any elected

president has made a big step

forward for stab since then we have

had to September and events and the

reality of Islamic extremism.

reality of Islamic extremism. Dr

nothing yesterday admitted that

there was a bad record as he hopes

bedtimes and changing. Up here is

what he said. We trained earlier

the issue with them. It does not

have a particularly after earning

record in the teeming riots forced

up we go three days with the

individuals they train the bath. Australia

Australia must understand that

countries in a region face at

common enemy, and Betty's terrorism,

Islamic extremism. In Waiting were

Daktarin sure we have good counter-

terrorism and hostage recovery

capabilities in Indonesia and other

places, we must work co-operative

co-operatively with a neighbour's.

will Foreign minister Alexander Downer

will find any pattern with

Indonesia. He'll be scrutinised by

a parliamentary committee before it is finally ratified. The New South Wales politician embroiled in a child sex scandal has just quit State Parliament. Ten's State political reporter Paul Mullins joins us. Paul, it's been a long week for Milton Orkopoulos and the NSW Premier, Morris Iemma?

Babb Parliament resumes tomorrow and the government

in air that nothing at all cobblers

will not be there. Nelson Allcott

left is facing something like 30

charges relating to child sex and

drugs for start he has been sacked

from that it had net and the Labour

Party Batty had he sat himself from Palace, Palace, which he did it this

morning. Here is what the Premier

had to say. Cocaine in famille

better one of the reasons that I

was slays his letter I received a

Frankel from the speaker, he

informed me that Mr Allcock was his

resignation was received this

morning forced up my position has

been consistent - he should resign

and force up Cadet resignation not

been forthcoming, I would have

pursued measures to have him as of

parliament to force up Pauline have

been covering state politics for 30

years. Heavies in a scandal like

this before? This is a this before? This is a one-off

false up the biggest scandal until

now was when the prisons minister

at Rex Jackson was fired for

missing a prisoners as LA. New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma is today expected to deflect attention from his ministerial woes by announcing plans for the State's first major dam in 20 years. The dam is earmarked for the Hunter Valley, just north of the region dumped minister Milton Orkopoulos represented. The dam, worth an estimated $342-million,

would supply Newcastle and the Central Coast where water is scarce. Six people have lived to tell the tale of a frightening light plane crash on a West Australian holiday island. Their aircraft broke in half. Just two of the passengers seriously injured. The twin-engine plane had just left Rottnest Island airstrip at 2:30 yesterday afternoon when it suddenly banked and crashed

in the salt flats at the end of the runway. Police and rangers on duty nearby watched in horror. And then there was this big thump, no continuing crash just a thump, and then we heard one of the girls screaming.

Three men and three women were on board. Four of them thrown clear as the aircraft's fuselage broke almost completely in half on impact. All them were in shock, varying degrees of shock but all seemed very happy to be on the planet that's for sure. A man and a woman were trapped in the rear of the plane. Emergency crews fearing the worst as they used hydraulic cutting gear to free the pair.

When you have a look at the aircraft you can see how amazing it is that anybody actually got out and they all managed to walk out once we got them out. Incredibly, their wounds weren't life-threatening. She has head injuries. He suffered deep lacerations to both legs. They were both airlifted to Perth. Devastated family members on hand as they arrived at Jandakot Airport.

The crash site's been sealed off. Air Transport Safety Bureau inspectors will start investigations today. Very fortunate that six people have survived, when you have a look at that aircraft, unbelievable. Nick Way, Ten News. Kylie Minogue fans were given a special treat at her Sydney concert last night - U2 frontman Bono making a unexpected appearance. The pair performed one of Kylie's biggest hits

Night two of the 'Showgirl Homecoming' tour and loyal fans filled the Entertainment Centre full of expectation. But they didn't expect this. U2 frontman Bono a surprise bonus singing the duet 'Kids' with our Kylie. Oh my God, unbelievable, amazing. We saw U2 on Saturday and to see this tonight. I'm losing my voice, it's fantastic. You know, I never liked that song before

but tonight I changed my mind, It was just unbelievable, if you missed a U2 concert Kylie Minogue was awesome 'cause you got it all. There's no doubt about it, the showgirl princess definitely keeps the surprises coming and with 18 more shows around Australia who knows what's in store. Rumour has it Robbie Williams might pop in when he gets to Australia for his tour. Meantime, Kylie is going to U2's concert tonight. Their fans might get a bonus too. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Hollywood is abuzz with rumours a celebrity couple are about to tie the knot, that story when the morning news returns. And the Queen remembers the Commonwealth's fallen war heroes.

This program is captioned live. The family of young car crash survivor Sophie Delezio

is angered by reports this morning that their daughter is facing a new, life-threatening medical condition. The 5-year-old, who almost died when she was struck by a car

at a Sydney pedestrian crossing earlier this year, was reported to have bleeding on the brain by a women's magazine. The family rejects those claims, saying her recovery is going well. Last Thursday, Sophie happily helped open a new, highly specialised operating theatre at Westmead Children's Hospital. The Queensland Medical Board's case against disgraced surgeon Jayant Patel resumes today. The board laid charges against Dr Patel in December last year over his clinical treatment of patients at Bundaberg Hospital and allegations he misled the board about his registration in Queensland. If found guilty, he could be fined $100,000 and face permanent de-registeration both here and overseas. Tens of thousands of litres of water has poured from a burst main damaging a business and home in Melbourne. Part of the road caved in as the water flowed out of the ground and into neighbouring buildings. Authorities have been criticised for not responding quickly enough. 40 minutes ago - they didn't turn up still. And I'm waiting when my house will be flooded fully. I don't know what to do. The water was finally turned off but there's concern the building's foundations may have been permanently damaged. A Vietnam veteran has reacted angrily to Jake Kovco's name being included on Australia's war memorial honour roll.

Barry Billing believes the wall should remember those killed in action. Private Kovco died after being shot in the head with his own handgun in April. His family says it's hurt by Mr Billing's comments, pointing out Private Kovco was serving his country at the time of his death. The Queen has led a Remembrance Sunday ceremony in central London. She was joined by politicians and diggers, honouring people from around the Commonwealth who lost their lives in war. Remembrance Sunday still Britain's official day of remembrance

despite the growing attention which is now paid to Armistice Day. GUNSHOT BIG BEN BONGS At 11:00 a gun on Horse Guards Parade signalled the start of the national two minutes silence. BIG BEN BONGS 'THE LAST POST' The Queen placed her wreath of red poppies against the Cenotaph

in remembrance of the 1,700,000 men and women from the Commonwealth who died in the world wars and perished in conflicts since. A Prime Minister whose time is likely to be remembered for a war to which he committed Britain's forces laid a wreath for the final time. On a balcony above, Prince William. In a few weeks he will be a commissioned officer in the British Army. Then, after the official wreath laying, the parade was turned over to the veterans. And marching with the old soldiers who survived war, some of the families of those men who did not. Towards the end of the march-past a group of war widows, some whose remembrances from a past generation, others whose loss is all too recent, from Iraq or Afghanistan. A reminder on this Remembrance Sunday of the huge sacrifice which young servicemen are still called upon to make. Airports across India have been put on high security alert following a terror warning. Intelligence officials say they uncovered plans to hijack a plane bound for Europe or the US.

As a result, authorities have ordered fresh security checks and extra frisking of passengers. The FBI say they were warned about the hijacking in an anonymous email. Hundreds of protesters in Germany have sabotaged a railway in an attempt to stop a train carrying nuclear waste. Activists suspended themselves above the track and blockaded the route with bits of wood, slowing the train from reaching a storage facility

in the north of the country. Police eventually used water canon to disperse the demonstration and clear the track. Madonna's adoption battle is expected to continue in court today. Legal proceedings had been delayed to give lawyers time to prepare their case. Human rights groups are challenging the adoption because they say Madonna flouted local Malawi laws. The pop icon and film-maker husband Guy Ritchie

have been given temporary custody of one year-old David Banda, but have so far failed to secure full-term adoption. Madonna says she's done nothing wrong. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's wedding has become one of Hollywood's best-kept secrets, but now Italians think they know where the couple will tie the knot. It's believed the actors have booked out a castle on the banks of Lake Como for their big day. Could this be the castle where 'Top Gun' will soon become 'Top Groom'? Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise stays. The word is spreading fast in Bresciano, a medieval town outside of Rome overlooking a volcanic lake. Reports in a Roman newspaper set off a rush of journalists, and the castle, usually open to the public, has been closed until the end of the month. (Speaks Italian) No filming or questions allowed as to why, says this woman, at a ticket office. In town, locals notice unusual police activity

outside the Mayor's office, and the aristocratic owners of the castle asked that the piazza below the main entrance be closed off to traffic on November 18, the date Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are believed to have set to tie the knot. The Mayor insists it's not the first time the piazza has been cleared of traffic. She acknowledges that Tom Cruise is every Italian woman's dream, herself included. So the town can not be caught off-guard. (Speaks Italian) "So many women lust after an international star like Tom Cruise," she says, "and it's also an opportunity for the world "to get to know our town." But this could all be a publicity stunt. True or not, locals are bracing for what could be the largest party they've ever seen. "I'll be staking out the castle from the night before," she says. Her mother even gave her permission to skip school for a day. The rumour mill suggests the wedding will be a 3-day affair, a rehearsal dinner on the 16th, a Catholic wedding the next day, and a final ceremony on November 19.

But, wait, a Catholic wedding?

Not a desire, fares by local priest.

Although a Casey is a Catholic

countries is divorced and a prominent member of Scientology,

asset to the Vatican does not

approve of. approve of. The owners after

powerful thread NN nothing after a

wedding can defend if they did bear

would not say much anyway. Local

media report that anyone involved

in the preparations had to sweat

secrecy will pay and financial penalty. And Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes aren't the only Hollywood couple to wed - Beyonce and partner Jay-Z are reportedly getting married today. They're currently on a Caribbean island where it's believed they're planning to tie the knot. Tabloid reports say they've spent nearly $4 million on the lavish affair. The idyllic island is a popular destination for celebrities and the super rich. Still to come - cashing in your sick leave - the new employee rules, when the morning news returns. And Borat hits Bondi - Ten's Angela Bishop talks exclusively to the bad taste funnyman.

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This program is captioned live. Making headlines - it could take two days for firefighters to extinguish a blaze which has destroyed a factory in Sydney's south-west. No-one was hurt, but around 50 crews are still battling the blaze, one of the biggest the city has seen. United States politicians are divided over a timetable to bring their troops home from Iraq. The Democrats say they'll push for a phased withdrawal to begin in four to six months while Republicans worry that an early withdrawal will spell chaos for the region. And the family of car crash survivor Sophie Delezio is denying reports she's facing a new, life-threatening medical condition. A women's magazine said the 5-year-old, who has survived two near-fatal car accidents, was thought to have bleeding on the brain. Kazakh journalist Borat, the creation of British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen,

has arrived down-under for the Australian premiere of his movie. He'll walk the red carpet at George Street in Sydney at 6 pm. But his first stop was Bondi Beach.

It's the Kazakh journalist's first visit to Australia and he's very keen to lap up as much of our culture as he can. Borat. Angela. Welcome to Australia. Very nice be here, Australia. Oh, yeah, very nice. Hello, gypsy girls. He's here for the Australian premiere of his movie, 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan'. When will the journalists come to interview me? This is me. You are a journalist? Angela from Channel Ten. Journalist like you. Ah, but you are a woman. Yes, they allow that here. They don't allow that in Kazakhstan? We say to let a woman be a journalist is like to let the monkey fly a plane. Very dangerous! Woah! You are very strong! Oh, very nice. You have a nice physique. Very sexy man. Thank you. How much? How much for this one? (All laugh) It will not take me long to finish. Are you married? Are you looking for a wife? I... My wife is dead. High five! She was boring.

She was shot by a hunter who mistook her for a bear.

Yeah, she had much hair on back and arm. I'm very sorry to hear that. How devastating for you. It was nice. I like to find new wife. If there are anybody watching who want come with me to Kazakhstan, I will give you two red shoes that I removed from the corpse of my last wife. But if you cheat on me I will crush you. What do you want? To say hello. How much? I will not make a deal.

I will make a deal with your husband. How much? How much? How much? Not so much. (All laugh) What she do? Why is she holding this? She's taking a picture of you. (All laugh) Oh, very nice. I cannot believe! Here are some nice lifesavers, Bondi lifesavers. Ah, very good. Yes, why they wear yellow shirt? They are sex criminal? (All laugh)

I don't think you're sex criminals, are you? But you help people if they're drowning. Yes. You are here to protect people from shark and, yes, Jew attack? Very good. He's learning quickly about the dangers of the Australian sun... Ah, yes, you will be very burnt. Yes, oh! Ah! OK, OK! Very nice!

..but is also keen to teach us about Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan now is a similar place to Australia, particularly since the reforms. Now women are permitted to travel on the inside of bus. Very nice.

Homosexuals no longer have to wear blue hats. Oh, very modern. And the age of consent have been raised to 11 years old. No doubt he'll be able to teach them some of his new Aussie phrases.

I like say Australian things. "G'day, mate!" Yes? "Put another crustacean on the barbecue." Probably have to go now. Lovely to meet you. Yes, thank you. Nice meet you. And I'm pleased that you've spoken to a female journalist. It's good for you. And we will now make sexy time, or...? Ah, my husband mightn't like that. I can arrange a price with him. That's... Well, we'll talk later. Thank you. OK, thank you very much. Very nice to meet you. See you. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Now for a look at the national weather. Ahead, England still looking for some early form on the Ashes tour.

This program is captioned live. Cricket, and play is under way in the England tour match against NSW. Paul Cochrane is there, and the tourists still to find form.

A wonderful day he epic cricket

ground. Up and after all the hype

surrounding this series, in his

master's feet and are actually playing cricket. master's feet and are actually

playing cricket. Up England have

been Ordinaries they are far forced been Ordinaries they are far forced

up they were beaten by the Prime

Minister is 11 on Friday. Up LN5

and 4325 Etienne's of the first day

of bitter or a matter against East

South Wales forced up Phil Jackson

scored his second century in two

days. He could finish in had to

lessons before the first Test in

Brisbane for stab if he plays Beth

could mean the end of could mean the end of Justin Langer

his Test career. He was at Forth FM

yesterday against Queensland. Up he

abetting admen would suggest at

Lang how will be there for the

first test for a start perhaps

today England will turn his arm for

stab their wordplay against friend

of the players they will miss in

the first Test like a press gleeful

stab Stuart Clarke is also fair fighting for

fighting for a Test spot today and

again he is possibly contending

with ease Mitchell Johnson. He took

four wickets against Western

Estrella yesterday said he is

definitely in the mix. Wallaby coach John Connolly may be forced to make changes to the side's back line, whether he was planning them or not. Fly half Mat Rogers has a suspected broken hand following the side's victory over Italy on the weekend. Connolly was expected to make changes

for this weekend's Test against Ireland prior to news of the injury. Despite the win, the coach had been unhappy with the Australia's performance on Saturday, describing it as their worst performance since he began coaching the side this year. A multiple celebration for Australian Champ Car driver Will Power - his first-ever podium finish, in the Mexico Grand Prix, wrapped up the rookie of the year honours.

A spectacular start to the Grand Prix of Mexico, the final Champ Car event for 2006. Once racing resumed, Team Australia began collecting the awards.

Will Power finished with the record of clocking the fastest aggregate lap time around each circuit this season. Wet conditions made for evasive action, Power remaining in control to the chequered flag for his debut on the podium. We've just got stronger and stronger as the year's gone on and to finish up rookie of the year here and also getting a podium is just excellent. Team Australia hopes to re-sign Power for next season. The streets of Beijing hosted the A1 Grand Prix.

Aussie Alan Jones once ruled the world in Formula One, and his young charges are now making their mark in the second season of A1. COMMENTATOR: Team Australia looking for a podium here. They had a podium with Ryan Briscoe driving for them at the start of the season. Karl Reindler keeping his machine in control, race leader Jeroen Bleekemolen from the Netherlands not so fortunate. While some cars limped home, a bunfight for fourth saw Canada knocked out in the last lap.

Italy a runaway winner from Great Britain, with the jubilant Aussies third. I had no idea. Until the last safety car, when I could check on the radio, I had no idea where I was. I could have been 9th or 10th.

It's a surprise to me but everything's gone well in the race. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Justine Henin-Hardenne will finish the year as world tennis number one, after winning her first WTA Championship title. The Belgian star scored a 6-4, 6-3 win over Frenchwoman Amelie Mauresmo, who'd beaten Henin-Hardenne in the finals at the Australian Open and Wimbledon earlier this year.

It's amazing to finish the year number one but most importantly to win the championships. It was a title I'd never had before. While Henin-Hardenne is now on top of the world, Mauresmo will drop from number one to number three. A-League side the Queensland Roar are on the lookout for a new coach after incumbent Miron Bleiberg stepped down last night.

Former Socceroos mentor Frank Farina is the front runner for the job. Bleiberg came under pressure following the Roar's 1-0 loss to Adelaide over the weekend. It's the side's third loss in their last four outings. Meantime, the Newcastle Jets staked a claim for Queensland's spot in the top four

with a 3-1 victory over the Central Coast Mariners. Arsenal has climbed to third on the English Premier League table with a decisive 3-0 victory over Liverpool this morning. The Gunners scored the first of their goals

five minutes before half-time. Two more in the second half sealed it. Liverpool's road woes continuing - their fifth straight away loss. Earlier, Reading bounced back from an early penalty to overcome Tottenham 3-1, snapping a 5-game losing streak.

The Red Bull Air Race flies into Perth this week and pits the world's premier pilots against each other. Recently, Ten reporter Rob Canning was sent up, up and away to examine the intense pressures placed on these athletes. This, here, is the Edge 540. It's agile, aggressive and very, very fast. The series leader uses this, Kirby Chambliss, and in a minute we're going to fire this baby up.

The parachute you get... I release the canopy, you open your straps

and then you just jump out of the plane. Do I get ejected like in 'Top Gun'? No. You have to work a little bit for your adventure.

I don't want to be like Goose. 'DANGER ZONE' PLAYS I don't have a will yet so I leave everything to my brother.

OK, so far, so good - a beautiful day here. I'm flipping the plane around, OK? OK. 1, 2, 3... Woo hoo! OK, here we are with race simulation as we approach the pylons, and we are about to pull some serious Gs. OK, what happens when you pull Gs is

the body finds it very hard to pump oxygen to the brain. Things turn black and white. Pilots in the Red Bull Air Race pull Gs of up to 10. You can go unconscious pulling Gs up to 12. This is extreme, this is intense - through the pylons and Gs, Gs, Gs! It's just extraordinary.

The most crazy, insane experience I've ever had in a physical term. That was just freaky. The day's money matters, including the scheme to let you cash in your sick leave, in Kath Robinson's finance report next.

This program is captioned live. To business and finance news now with Kathryn Robinson. And the Reserve Bank has just released its quarterly statement? Tracey, it has, giving the market a clue as to its next direction on interest rates. For more on the statement I'm joined by David Degaris from NAB Capital. David, has Governor Stevens indicated whether inflation is now contained or should we expect more rate hikes and when?

If statements today if the death

Beth's while underlying inflation

is needed top after a band, they do

expect headline inflation to drop

from now can't, and their economic

forecast suggests they are relaxed about the inflation about the inflation outlook he

cannot suggesting they will cannot suggesting they will

increase rates begin any time seen

false start the message from the

statement is that rates around hard

for a little while later. And there

any and the particular point of

nights in the famous? They

recognise that the team had of the

drought will cast half he three-

drought will cast half he three-

quarters of a defence of economic

growth any euro had forced

growth any euro had forced up by a

target that business investment

growth easing. Eighties needed growth easing. Eighties needed

growth Astle easing 1/2 m. Net

should create less inflation, and

at less inflation should mean a

less pressure on interest rates

forced up La bete matters is still

tight. Yes, they had named

concerned about the economy. Even

there the growth rate has slide there the growth rate has slide

berets concerned there has been

enough growth to increase to create

inflationary pressures. Up some

other business investment

statistics arrogated softer end

borrowing levels are lower as well.

How can the market's reacting?

There was a bitter Cup decrease in

the Australian dollar. There has

been around 18 inches rates each is

market. It looks to be retracing market. It looks to be retracing

thumb if there's ever show moves to

full stop it is what the market

expected a four-star bears

investors who were looking for investors who were looking for

awaited area next year, will they awaited area next year, will they

be pushing before Kath at me? But

does not think any any message

saying he bet the reserve

boundaries contemplating any change

in interest rates any dancing.

Looking into the crystal-ball, we

have employed earnings and waged

days are coming up before the next

inflation at Neath. What are you

expecting? Implement numbers of

very Meyer, has a 4.6. We had seen

a year off and Brecon implement

grins Ms imply men's tees at well

below the economic growth rate of

the economy. It will be some time

before we see any capacity inches

rates, they should stay where they

have for the foreseeable future. We

think ahead 93 p IT be pretty flat,

maybe even lilac this quarter full

stab it will be around three % mark.

investors seemed to have shrugged off Well, last week's interest rate rise over the weekend with steady auction clearance rates

across major residential markets. Sydney's market suffered a slight setback but was in line with figures this time last year. Brisbane's rate jumped to 45% - that's up over 12%.

Adelaide was also strong - than last week. clearance rates 2% higher To equity news now, increased the size of its T3 offering and the Federal Government has from investors. because of strong demand could now raise more than $13 billion The Government's sell-off applications for shares after more than 100,000 were lodged late last week. Finance Minister Nick Minchin says higher than original estimates. demand for T3 shares in nearly 25% The retail offer closed last week to open on Wednesday with the institutional offer on November 20. ahead of the expected listing workers during tough times, Bosses will be able to lay off controversial workplace laws. under new changes to the Government's The Prime Minister says

to concerns of employers, it's a response particularly from small business. But Mr Howard denies ACTU claims is on the bosses' side. the Government If you look at the fine print for both sides, you''ll find there is a bit the legislation. and we'll continue to fine-tune There could be more changes. on WorkChoices tomorrow. The High Court will have its say First it was groceries, then fuel are snaring an even bigger slice now Australia's major retailers

lucrative liquor markets. of Australia's

own 40% of the bottleshop market It's estimated Coles and Woolworths as well as hundreds of hotels. So many brands so few owners. They might be inclined to think by individual businesses the brands are owned and operated of one or two companies but more and more they are brands that dominate the market. Coles and Woolworths Supermarket giants of Australia's liquor market. are taking a hold

of the takeaway liquor market Woolies and Coles have a large part they have a small percentage but in terms of hotels 8,000 hotels in the country. when you consider there are and more about business, But pubs are less about lifestyle

adding gaming prices have doubled. The little guy has been willing to sell. We've seen publicans being paid records amount of money for their assets - assets you couldn't give away 10 years ago. A worrying sign for competitors. The rest of the retail industry is being shut out. Yes, it's a major concern. to compete on price Certainly it's going to be hard but each pub is a very unique place

a point of difference. and we think that gives us Retailer groups want laws relaxed can sell alcohol. so others, like grocers,

of thousands of hoteliers That we don't go from an industry to two hoteliers on the liquor market. who then have an iron grip

on this stretch of road In a little over a kilometre

there are five bottleshops, but one owner - Coles. three different labels wouldn't you. You'd think that was over supply, substantial lessening of competition The ACC says there's been no and no breaches by the supermarkets but it will keep watch. A quick look at the markets now, is slightly weaker today. and the Australian share market and finance. And that's all in business when the morning news returns. The national weather details

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This program is captioned live. Making headlines - firefighters to extinguish a blaze it could take two days for in Sydney's south-west. which has destroyed a factory No-one was hurt, are still battling the blaze, but around 50 crews one of the biggest the city has seen.

United States politicians are divided their troops home from Iraq. over a timetable to bring for a phased withdrawal The Democrats say they'll push to begin in four to six months, while Republicans worry will spell chaos for the region. that an early withdrawal Sophie Delezio is denying reports And the family of car crash survivor a new, life-threatening condition. she's currently facing A women's magazine said

bleeding on the brain. the 5-year-old was thought to have for the rest of the day: Now national weather

Hugh Jackman has revealed with the sex scenes in his new movie, he had difficulties 'The Fountain'. on-screen love interest, The Aussie star's British actress Rachel Weisz, is married to the director. from five feet away, like, You hear this voice take his pants off." "Take his pants off, Rachel, We started laughing. It was just getting too kinky. 'The Fountain' is a love story that spans 1,000 years. It opens in Australia in February next year. That brings you up to date with all the news.

Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer, good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

Last night on Idol our final three singers put their faith in our judges and performed the songs they chose. Here they are again. # All'alba # Vincero! # Who knows what miracles you can achieve # One day our generation # Is gonna rule the nation # We keep awaiting # Waiting on the world to change. # I need your love. # That would soar a thousand feet high # To Sir, with love. # I'll be the greatest fan of your life. #