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This program is captioned live. brings hope to millions. Tonight, one man's death

many of us are feeling, In the midst of the pain hope will keep us going. we need help and we need hope - to pass on your rate cut. The legal fight to force the banks is potentially massive. The compensation charged over a drunken crash. And more football shame - a player

across the country First - Good Friday services of hope in a time of crisis. have spread messages Congregations looking for inspiration of natural disasters in the tragic aftermath

and a global economic downturn.

prayers were made - As candles were lit, of hope and peace this Easter.

that the way of the Cross Many believe as it ever did, has just as much meaning perhaps even more. is a source of inspiration The death and resurrection of Jesus deadliest natural disaster. after Australia's We have similar fires in California bring us closer to Him. and I always think these acts of God inflicted by economic turmoil Suffering a common theme in church messages. and others who are losing jobs But then, there are young people on our society and I think it's incumbent to reach out to them. many of us are feeling, In the midst of the pain we need help and we need hope. a record number of Melburnians Tough times behind Way of the Cross procession. at this year's

In times of difficulty and distress, dig deeper into their hearts people do find that they need to hope and courage to go on. and find a resource to give them than shows, eggs and bunnies, Easter, of course, was always more more than ever, we need to know it. and this year, in Australia washed the feet of 12 priests In Rome, Pope Benedict Holy Thursday service. as part of a traditional Hermione Kitson, Ten News. a legal challenge The big banks could face over their failure to pass on in full official interest rate cut. this week's find themselves out of work. It comes as more Australians for a growing number of families. Unemployment has overshadowed Easter

a really tough time, A tough time for many Australians, Australians to gather round and I think it's a time for all who have lost their jobs and support those of losing their jobs. or who are in danger appliance group Kleenmaid Queensland-based is the latest victim of the downturn, and putting 150 jobs in doubt. going into voluntary administration in March, With unemployment reaching 5.7% the rise in the number of jobless since the recession in 1991. hasn't been this bad It's a very tough time. Our job is to make sure that, to cushion the effects. we do everything we can to mitigate of a recovery The Government is pinning hopes and stimulus spending. on infrastructure projects like confetti Just throwing money around in the right place hoping it will land

will not work. While the surge in the jobless rate another official interest rate cut, could trigger are looking for some payback mortgage holders over the failure of the big banks this week's reduction in full. to pass on is potentially massive. The compensation is seeking support Lawyer John Mahoney and landmark test case. for a class action in the mortgage contract It is an implied term will pass on, certainly, that the banks

interest rate cuts in full.

a $500,000 fighting fund He's building to help him take on the banks. and wants 300 mortgage holders Murray McCloskey, Ten News.

by a garbage truck. A man has been crushed to death at an intersection just before dawn. The 23-year-old was struck on the road when he was run over. It's believed the man had been lying in NSW in just nine hours. It was the second pedestrian fatality

running breath tests and speed traps Police across the nation have been in a bid to curb the death toll. on Australian roads Four people have been killed so far this holiday period. has been held A special Good Friday vigil for an Australian on death row. their son would be spared Scott Rush's parents prayed with another family tragedy. and also revealed they're dealing

for a young man on death row. A symbol of life for their son, and others like him, As Chris and Lee Rush prayed from friends and strangers. they were overwhelmed by support Last year was.. in Indonesia Scott Rush was sentenced to death drug smuggling operation. for his role in the Bali Nine

capital punishment to be abolished. His parents are fighting for to give anyone for any crime. It's an abhorrent sentence

to reflect on the death of Jesus, They hope while people are pausing facing execution around the world. they'll also think of others and agree he should be punished We cannot excuse Scott's behaviour with his life but to think he should pay is a huge cross to bear. The couple is also dealing with recent brain tumour diagnosis. another son's in the Rush family's local parish, The service was held

anniversary of Scott's imprisonment. just a week before the fifth I think deeply about it palpitations, and it brings on panic attacks and breathing difficulties. is in the hands of his legal team, They know Scott's life and all they can do is pray. ALL SING: 'Amazing Grace' Summer Bourke, Ten News. for Good Friday, While most stores were closed it's been no holiday for fishmongers, stocking up for their Easter feasts. swamped with customers to the Sydney Fish Markets The annual pilgrimage began long before sunrise.

fish of all sorts, salmon. Prawns, oysters, What else have we got guys? Scallops, just a great day all up. and open for business by 3:00am. Stores were stocked Ocean trout, salmon, snapper today at De Costis,

we've got it all for you today. second busiest day, Easter Friday is the markets' after Christmas Eve. Today they're buying more fish, a lot of small fish, they buy new sorts of fish,

which means it's a bit more hectic in the cleaning department. It's fast, dirty work for more than 250 busy staff. They all had their hot cross buns this morning, so they're all happy with that. The bakery queues were just as long. Fish on Good Friday is a religious tradition and a cultural one, and it seems the economic downturn has had little effect on that,

in fact, more people are celebrating Easter at home this year,

which means more people are coming here to find the best prices. Oysters, prawns, flounder and mussels. The best seller over Easter - not surprisingly - is fish. A lot of barramundi, we got a load of barramundi from Far NorthQueensland, We're selling a lot of salmon, a lot of whiting went out this morning and some snapper.

600 tonnes of fresh seafood is expected to change hands here over the weekend. Amelia Adams, Ten News. A look at sport now with Brad McEwen. And another NRL player is in trouble with the law? Sandra, Canberra Raiders forward Trevor Thurling has been stood down by his club after being arrested last night. The 24-year-old has been charged with drink driving after blowing 0.1, following a car accident in Sydney.

He'll face court next month. And fresh allegations have also surfaced in relation to Manly Sea Eagle Brett Stewart. There are reports Stewart was confronted at the team's hotel following a trial match last year by a man accusing him of improper behaviour towards his sister. Police were called but the matter wasn't pursued. Stewart last week pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl after the club's season launch last month. And Greg Norman off to an impressive start at the US Masters. He's level with world number one Tiger Woods. All the highlights from Augusta National shortly. Also ahead - a bad night for Collingwood, and in particular defender Heath Shaw. And the Australian one-day team beaten again.

Still to come - more arrests in a bikie crackdown. Also tonight - a drought-stricken river region prays for an Easter holiday revival. And putting wallabies in the Warrumbungles - conservationists go to extreme lengths to save a species. df This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. Police have arrested an alleged outlaw bikie gang member

after finding bullets in his bedroom. The 21-year-old stood quietly

as officers scoured his home with sniffer dogs. Three 0.45 calibre bullets were found but the man doesn't have a firearms licence.

It's the latest raid as police crack down on feuding bikie gangs in Sydney. Two Melbourne teenagers have been stabbed in an apparent robbery gone wrong. The man who knifed them claims he was defending himself after a group set upon him. We are going with an open mind.

There's a bit of pointing of the finger between the two groups, as it were. The alleged robbery victim claims he grabbed the knife from one of his assailants when they attacked him. One of the alleged robbers remains in hospital. And there's been a delicate rescue operation on the Gold Coast. A surfer had to be winched into a rescue helicopter after being dumped by a wave at South Stradbroke Island. High tide meant the chopper couldn't land on the island.

The 20-year-old suffered a suspected broken pelvis. He's now in a stable condition.

A Perth man is fighting for his life after his car became airborne and crashed into the ocean. Police say the 29-year-old was speeding when his hatchback flew 100m over a ridge. The car landed upside down in the water on one of Perth's northern beaches. All we heard was the bang, and obviously hitting the sign and going through the fence. The man is in a critical condition with head injuries. Businesses on the River Murray are praying for an Easter holiday bonanza. The prolonged drought has slashed profits and they desperately need increased tourist numbers just to survive. Time may heal all wounds

but just look what it's done to this thriving tourist town at the very end of the River Murray. Tourism traders at Goolwa are hoping the Easter rush will help turn the tides, as sandy as they may be, on a poor start to the year. Nearly every day when we're driving taxis

we've got people complaining about what's happening to the river here. We're all praying for rain and we're really looking for a busy weekend. And initial visitor numbers point to just that.

Accommodation is booked out as the old faithful do their bit making sure locals aren't left high and dry. I think it's disgusting. But what can you do about it? We need rain. I think a few people aren't aware, they've rocked up with canoes. I don't know where they're going to paddle around. All the locals are doing it very hard, they need all the support them can get. While the drop's sent some operators to the wall,

others are enjoying record sales. People are coming down to see what's happening with the river and the lack of water. While they're down here they're doing the town over and doing the shops over. While day trippers might be venturing down to see the extent of the devastation, there's one important sector to tourism that's staying away for obvious reasons - the yacht club's reporting boating numbers are down 50% on last season.

Don't just believe what they see on the Channel Ten News.

They can see it for themselves and support the local businesses. They need it. Brett Clappis, Ten News. One of the most popular activities across the country at this time of year is Sydney's Royal Easter Show.

Her of crowd figures are a Her of crowd figures are a

barometer on how tight the family

Budget is?. We are coming to life

from the highest point of the

Easter show. Huge crowds have

turned out as the tough economic

times hissy many families try it to times hissy many families try it to

stay-and offer a good family day at

the Easter show.

After a year of planning, six months of building, and weeks of slicing and sorting tonnes and tonnes of fruit and veggies, judgement day had finally arrived for the district exhibitors. We tried to go for a little bit more colour,

and I think we've got it. While three generations of Reids worked the production line, show veteran Arthur Johns made sure his region's produce looked its finest. Luckily, I'm not a very good sleeper.

I just seem to lay in bed at night when I can't sleep

and think about these things. Big displays mean big competition - for 25 years Beryl Schaffer has lead arch-rivals Southern. She wasn't happy about playing runner-up to Arthur for the fifth year running. Arthur, I've got a message for you - you'd better look out next year, because we'll really be after you. The CWA ladies were moving tonnes too - tonnes of scones. Very busy, yes! Much busier than at home.

But Devonshire wasn't everyone's cup of tea, and on a day of so-called fasting, the piles of deep fried favourites were never-ending. And for some, it wasn't such a Good Friday after all. How's the stomach? Oh, bad. I feel a bit sick.

You shouldn't have had the Dagwood Dog before you got on. Yeah, true.

At the Royal Easter Show, Brett Mason, Ten News. Conservationists have gone to great heights to save an endangered wallaby species. Two dozen brush-tailed rock wallabies were released onto a mountain summit in central New South Wales to boost numbers of the critically endangered species. They were flown to their new home after being raised in a bush sanctuary hundreds of kilometres away.

All have been fitted with radio collars to help scientists monitor their survival. By moving the antenna, you can find out exactly where the animal is. Rock wallaby populations have been slashed by feral predators.

Australia has renewed its travel warning to Fiji

Also - a rare public appearance from the North Korean president shows he is still the Dear Leader. And a green thumb in the White House. Michelle Obama plants a presidential herb garden.

Egg, ham and creamy hollandaise-style sauce with a hash brown and cappuccino - all for just $4.95. It's real breakfast value at Hungry Jack's.

This program is captioned live. The Rudd Government will consider sending more troops to Afghanistan. Our foreign and defence ministers held talks with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defence Secretary Robert Gates in Washington DC. The Americans made no formal request for more of our troops but an increase hasn't been ruled out. We and the Afghans can use all the help we can get. What Australia is prepared to do is clearly up to the Australians. We expect that decision will be made in a matter of weeks. The war in Afghanistan dominated the high-level talks. Australia has renewed its travel warning to Fiji in the wake of more political turmoil in the South Pacific island nation. The President has repealed the country's constitution and appointed himself head of state. He also sacked the nation's judges after they ruled this week his military regime was illegal. New judicial appointment will need to be made for all judges, magistrates and other judicial officers.

The Australian Government today condemned the President's actions. North Korea's Kim Jong-il has made a rare public appearance, just days after his country's controversial rocket launch. The reclusive leader hasn't been seen at a major event since his suspected stroke last year. Still wearing his trademark military suit,

the 67-year-old leader looked old and thin as he entered the country's parliament. But frail as he may be, his appearance signals to the world that he is still very much in charge. That despite suffering a suspected stroke eight months ago,

he has not lost his iron grip over Asia's only communist dynasty. Kim got a standing ovation

as the country's parliament re-elected him Supreme Leader. It's a triumphant return to public life after his failure to attend a milestone parade marking the 60th anniversary of the country's founding.

His absence sparked fears of deteriorating health and a succession crisis in the nuclear-armed nation. But not now. The rogue leader has ignored international condemnation over his nation's recent rocket launch. The ageing leader now stands accused of violating a UN Security Council resolution barring North Korea from missile testing. But some say this week has been a PR win for Kim, back at the helm and once again showing he has the firepower to pose a threat. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. A storm of controversy has erupted over the way US President Barack Obama greeted the King of Saudi Arabia during the recent G20 meeting. New video has emerged showing the US President bowing before King Abdullah in London.

Conservative critics in the US have attacked the gesture, saying Mr Obama belittled the power and independence of the United States. If he is going to bow for this mysogynistic pig why doesn't he bow for the Queen for God's sakes?! She's done a lot more good in this world than him! The White House has denied Mr Obama bowed, saying he had to bend over to shake hands because he's significantly taller than the King. An American captain of a cargo ship is still being held hostage by Somali pirates. The US Navy and the FBI have started negotiations but it could be weeks before the skipper is released. A lifeboat like this one is for now the prison of American cargo ship captain Richard Phillips.

And it could take days, or even weeks, for US navy and FBI negotiators to win his freedom from the pirates keeping him captive off the coast of Somalia. We are obviously looking at our options. But again, foremost in our minds is the safety of the captain. The lifeboat has food and water supplies as well a radio -

some comfort for the captain's family in Vermont who can do little but wait for a breakthrough. They say the 55-year-old knew the risks of sailing through a region

where this year alone 50 ships have been attacked by pirates. He was totally aware. I know they receive training and updates on everything. You know, he always has a story to tell. We just didn't think it would hit home. Captain Phillips' ship, the 'Maersk Alabama', by heavily-armed pirates was taken over as it headed to Kenya with food aid. about 500km off the coast of Somalia way to port under military escort The ship and its crew is now on its keeps watch on the lifeboat. while a US navy warship is our foremost priority. The safe return of the captain

over the past day Everything we've done of a peaceful outcome. has strived to increase the chance Another warship is also on its way. Its role will be coming to the aid to prevent other pirates

Captain Phillips hostage. of those keeping has been safe passage to Somalia. So far, the pirates' chief demand In the US, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. on a horse race - A British woman has won $40,000 thanks to her husband's dying wish. have a flutter on a rank outsider Danny Shea made his wife promise to running in the Grand National - and to everyone's surprise, it won. Cheers, Danny! ALL: Cheers! normally useless at picking winners Danny Shea's family says he was he did at last get it right. but luckily for them

Most punters may have ignored 100-1 outsider Mon Mome but not Danny, alive to place a bet himself even though he knew he would not be at the city's Grand National. from kidney cancer. He died eight months ago them promise to bet on the horse. But gave his loved ones ?150 and made He said I'm going to write some names down and I want you to put a bet on for me.

So we said, "No, don't be silly". that he wanted to do that. We couldn't believe on that betting slip, So he wrote the names down

and he gave us the money and we put it in the box in an envelope in the bedroom you know, and then just forgot about it, had to decide to put the money on. until it started this year and we at last year's Grand National Danny had spotted Mon Mome

when he came 10th. And there was clearly something about the horse he was worth a flutter, which made him believe even from beyond the grave.

it really was. He was absolutely fantastic, it just was not happening. Cause it just wasn't real, So it was a marvellous experience, it really was. And for a lovely lad. here to celebrate it. I just wish Danny could have been couldn't beat the odds, Sadly, Danny Shea

but he knew a horse that could. The result - a ?20,000 win, for the family and friends quite a legacy Danny's spectacular tip. who had followed Nina Nannar, Ten News. getting her hands dirty America's First Lady has been in her new veggie patch.

With help from local school children fruit and vegetable seedlings Michelle Obama planted the first in the White House garden. to feed the first family, The crops will be used as well as guests and staff.

We were in Europe, the First Lady from world leaders - and the number one question I got as about this garden. they were all excited be donated to a local soup kitchen. Some of the vegetables will also scene of his crime - to apologise. A teenage thief has returned to the a doughnut store, The 17-year-old robbed went back to say sorry. but a day later He also returned the money he stole for a hug. and asked the store's attendant When she refused he wrote her a note,

saying he should never have taken the money.

I don't know what to say to this. I'm flabbergasted. for 15 years now I've been in law enforcement and I've never had this happen. and charged with robbery. The teenager was arrested having a punt on Good Friday - Still to come - sacrilegious or a sign of the times? that takes your drink bottle Also - the vending machine

and gives you a reward. Envirobank is actually on the old cash-for-cans program. a modern day twist Elliot's long-awaited short film. And the all-star cast behind Adam charges were dismissed NARRATOR: Luckily his manslaughter "mentally deficient" because he was labelled for killing a mime artist... and unlikely to have a motive ..unlike most people.

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SONG: # I feel better now! # This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - with another player stood down, and more footballing shame this time over a drunken car crash. Canberra will face court next month. Trevor Thurling from the NRL club your interest rate cut. One man's fight to win back is seeking support Lawyer John Mahoney for a class action against the banks. have used Good Friday services And Christian leaders

to spread a message of hope.

inspiration Congregations were seeking of natural disasters in the tragic aftermath and a global economic downturn. The breaking of tradition today the TAB openings its doors with betting agency on a Good Friday. for the very first time social welfare groups are horrified. While punters are happy,

Today is recognised as one of the most holy days on the Christian calendar. But that didn't stop some people from using the day to gamble. the TAB has opened on Good Friday. This year for the first time for a Christian occasion, It's a holiday to have the TAB open today. so I wouldn;t see it as a good idea

Personally I like gambling

gaming centre during the holidays. so it would kind of be fun to have a religious, so I'd encourage it. A lot of people aren't really Doesn't bother me, I have to say. But whilst some punters are happy, are up in arms. groups like the Salvation Army Anzac Day - Good Friday, Christmas Day, are very, very important those holy days in our calendar

for a day of rest have a problem with gambling and for people who may to take a breather.

to open their doors today But while TABs were able were in fact shut throughout the day. many we visited throughout the city there is no local racing. This is no doubt because So certainly opinion is divided on whether this is a good decision for the community and, of course, the economy. A reverse vending machine for bottles and cans is making recycling a whole lot more enticing. Shoppers can get rid of their rubbish sustainably and be rewarded for their effort. It's not your typical vending machine - drink containers go in instead of coming out. The Envirobank is the first recycling vending machine to be installed in an Australian shopping centre. When aluminium cans or plastic drink containers are inserted they are automatically crushed and sorted. The material is sent to two separate bins which reduces the need for the material to then be carted

to a recycling facility for separation.

Consumers then receive a reward for their deposit - a coupon for a prize or in-store discount. Envirobank is actually a modern day twist on the old cash-for-cans program. The average shopping centre produces more than 30 tonnes of waste each week. Management believes the technology will help lift their recycling rates and keep the cleaners happy. It takes up to 3,000 cans before it has to be unloaded,

so it makes their jobs easier,

and I think when things are made easier, people embrace it. One of the biggest problems with recycling is people putting their rubbish in the wrong bin. But the Envirobank has allowed for human error.

It detects non-recyclable material and then rejects it. 300 reverse vending machines will soon be rolled out nationwide. Emily Rice, Ten News. Oscar-winning animator Adam Elliott has just released his long-awaited follow-up to Harvie Krumpet.

The feature film has another Oscar-winner in its cast and is proudly Australian made.

Adam Elliott is not a man who rushes things. So, fans of his Oscar-winning short film 'Harvie Krumpett'

have had plenty of time to save up the price of a movie ticket for his next offering, 'Mary and Max'. NARRATOR: Luckily his manslaughter charges were dismissed because he was labelled "mentally deficient" and unlikely to have a motive for killing a mime artist...

..unlike most people. It's actually been five years from script to screen. That's because our animators - we had six of them - they were shooting five seconds of animation a day. So, good things take time. Based on a true story, it tells of a girl in Melbourne and a man in New York who are lifelong pen pals and it sports an amazing cast. Well, we've got - Phillip Seymour Hoffman is Max,

Toni Collette is Mary, we have Barry Humphries as our narrator, Eric Ban has got a little cameo, Renee Geyer is playing an alcoholic housewife, and Molly Meldrum plays a homeless man. So the stutter increases my word count. So if you say, "My dearest Mary," that's three. If you say my dearest M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Mary - 25. We're getting paid per word. P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P... ..Papadopoulos. Adam's little gold statue is a big help in pulling the big names. I often say the Oscar was like a golden crowbar. So it meant I could open the door, stick my foot in. But it was really Adam's script that got people to say yes.

After he won his Oscar Adam got a stack of offers from Hollywood,

but true to his roots he decided he wanted to make his next movie at home. Every time we meet people from America the say how much they love Australian films. The more we've thought about it the more we realise

that it's really important to be Australian storytellers and the rest of the world are waiting to hear our stories. 'Mary and Max' is now showing around the country. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

The numbers are down this year but that didn't stop thousands of spectators from turning out to watch the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race get under way. The fleet is down from 64 last year to just 48. Brisbane pocket-maxi 'Black Jack' led the pack in tormentingly soft winds. The historic race is 308 nautical miles with the first yacht expected to cross the finish line by noon tomorrow. Brad is back with Sport.

Also - Collingwood's Heath Shaw

to front the AFL tribunal after a bad night out at the MCG. And world number one Tiger Woods with a bit of work to do at the US Masters.

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This program is captioned live. Collingwood's loss to Geelong last night

could prove even more costly than just the 4 points. Defender Heath Shaw was booked on the serious charge of making contact with an umpire as his Magpies slumped to a 27-point defeat. They're protected property and every player knows it. You touched me! That's 50! I'm reporting you for coming in and touching me, OK? Heath Shaw's touch on umpire Michael Vozzo

set to earn him a date with the tribunal. When asked his opinion, Mick Malthouse was clearly cautious of landing the club in any further trouble. I can't talk about reports. You know the rules as well as I do. It's been a hot topic already this season, Earlier this week, Sydney co-captain Brett Kirk was fined after pleading guilty to recklessly making contact with an umpire. While Shaw will find out his fate next week,

team-mate Ben Johnson knows his, a broken fibula ruling him out for around eight weeks. It was a horror night for Collingwood. After a promising start resulted in a 20-point quarter-time lead Geelong turned the tables in a stunning second term. 8 goals to none proving the catalyst for the 27-point win. Chapman, who's been superb gets the goal anyway. Wat an avalanche.

Geelong playing at their absolute best and us at our absolute best, they'll beat us - because they're better than us. The Cats do have one injury concern. Cameron Ling rolled his ankle in the first term before playing on in pain.

He's a pretty tough man, it's hard to keep him down, and I'd say if it was probably a lot of other people in the side they wouldn't have played, and he might struggle to get up next week. Geelong has an 8-day break before its Round 4 clash with the Crows.

Roger Oldridge, Ten News.

Carlton's Nick Stevens will have his first taste of footy in 09' tomorrow night, when he lines up against Essendon at the MCG.

Stevens has been rushed back into the Blues side after sitting out the opening rounds of the season for two separate striking charges. They say a week's a long time in football. But for Carlton's Nick Stevens two weeks has been unbearable. His return to the arena in '09 doesn't get any bigger.

He'll tackle fierce rival Essendon at the G tomorrow night. He's our vice captain so we're looking forward to getting him back into our side. He's pretty huingry to get out there and play - he's missed two weeks where the boys played reasoably well. On the eve of the showdown Bomber Jason Winderlich has revealed he feared his career was over last season after injuring his spine.

For a while I didn't think I'd play again so now I play with a real freedom

that if something happens it happens, if not, then good. West Coast had a light kick ahead of its showdown with the Saints tomorrow. The main battle to take place

between All-Australian ruckmen and former team-mates Michael Gardner and Dean Cox.

It'll be very interesting. Both will look forward to it because they are great competitors.

The match also marking Tyson Stenglein's 200th game. Port Adelaide is looking to reunite its playing group with a win over struggling Melbourne on Sunday. The side divided after players pointed fingers following the last week's loss to West Coast. And Sydney's Barry Hall will undergo I think it's credit of the group that we're not satisfied with mediocrity.

And Sydney's Barry Hall will undergo To NRL - and the Sydney Roosters take on Brisbane tonight at the Sydney Football Stadium. That's where we find Ten Reporter Andrew Blow. Andrew, looks like it'll be a tough one for the hosts?

And therefore moves among will fit

for the roosters do have a bogey

side. It is the Brisbane

side. It is the Brisbane Broncos.

The Roosters have not beaten the

Broncos since 2002. Nothing like a Good Friday stroll along Coogee beach

to calm the nerves. Although it's hard to imagine why the Broncos would have any. They've won their past six against the Roosters in Sydney - but tonight they start afresh. Yeah, it's funny. We don't make too much about games we've won in the past, we just worry about what we've done this week.

The tricolours will be bolstered by the return of forwards Nate Myles and Willie Mason. But they'll need another strong performance from half Mitchell Pearce.

He had Eels opposite number Brett Finch in his sights last week.

This week, it's Peter Wallace, his main rival for the NSW Origin jersey. He's been going really good. And I think he knows his job within the team

and he really needs to focus on that for us to go well. For some, talk of Origin selection is already getting a bit tired. But Scott Prince will have a chance to show his wares against Maroons incumbent Johnathan Thurston tomorrow,

although even his coach says Prince is a long shot. Queensland don't generally change, I can't see them changing. It wouldn't matter what the form was. Like last year, Princey's form was unbelievable. Preston Campbell has travelled with the team and is a chance to play his calf injury not as bad as first thought. Traditionally, Easter is a special time of year for the Bunnies. Some of the boys were talking about the chocolate bunnies earlier. Half of our team is filled with chocolate bunnies. They probably didn't plan on this, though... (BRASS BAND PLAYS)

..a musical accompaniment to training. As a school band practised in one of the function rooms at Redfern Oval the coach was playing hard ball. Why do we give up, why do we give up? Because it's only training? A win against the Bulldogs on Monday could see them keep their place at the top of the ladder. Broncos since 2002. For another

huge game tonight. The Dragons

Plaidy even - dare she was at Parramatta Stadium.

Super 14 - and the Waratahs are gearing up

to get physical against the hulking Bulls at the Sydney Football Stadium tomorrow night. The Tahs have lost their last three games against the South African side, who pride themselves on grinding, brutal rugby up front. This is one of the biggest challenges in the game, the forward battle against the Bulls. The guys are fully aware about how hard it's going to be. The Tahs sit just one place above the fourth placed Bulls on the Super 14 table. After all those years of torment at Augusta,

could this be the year Greg Norman finally wins a green jacket. The Shark certainly started well. He's 2 under, level with Tiger Woods. Aaron Baddeley the best of the Aussies, but not as good as clubhouse leader Chad Campbell. Back at Augusta and back in contention, an opening round 2 under from Greg Norman. On a good day for the veterans one of the men who famously denied him a green jacket, Larry Mize, was back in the sort of form he produced 22 years ago. COMMENTATOR: He shoots 67. That's better than Tiger Woods. Oh!

The world number one left plenty of shots out on the course. There were glimpses of his best - this approach at 9 set up one of four birdies for the round. He finished at 2-under 70. He's done that on day one three times before on each occasion. and he went on to win the tournament

Overall, happy with the way I hit the golf ball today, hit the ball well, a score could have been had out there. The man to catch, big Texan Chad Campbell. He started the day with five straight birdies, his front nine the equal lowest score in Masters history. Just a marvellous round of golf. He'll take a 1-shot lead into the second round.

It's just the first round, so we've got a lot of golf to play. Hot on his heels, former US Open champion Jim Furyk and Hunter Mahan. Oh, read nicely, stroked nicely. Robert Allenby is 1 over - and over the flies. Adam Scott is 1 under the card. The best of the Aussies, Aaron Baddeley - he went around in 4 under. That included six birdies.

And coverage of the US Masters continues on both TEN and ONE tomorrow, the second round live from 6:00am.

South Africa has taken a 2-1 series lead against Australia after winning the third one dayer in Cape Town by 25 runs. Mitchell Johnson's figures of 4/34 not enough to stop the Proteas setting a target that would prove beyond the Aussie batsmen. Mitchell Johnson and Nathan Bracken restricted the Proteas to 2/50 early before A.B. de Villiers...

COMMENTATOR: Pulled away! ..and Jacques Kallis teed off. Brett Geeves eventually ending their 114-run partnership. And didn't they need that, the Australians? De Villiers followed shortly after for 80, but most of the damage had been done - a sixth-wicket stand between Mark Boucher and Albie Morkel propelling the Proteas to an imposing 289. Australia's run chase began nervously.

Direct hit here, could be out. I tell you what - this could be close. Close enough for Brad Haddin to be sent on his way for 15. His captain Ricky Ponting was afforded two lives but unfortunately not a third.... Catch it - got him, it's carried. His wicket triggering a mid-order collapse, their cause not helped by the umpires. Oh, he's grilling him. I thought there was a massive inside edge.

Mike Hussey cannot believe it. The Aussies slumping into 5/114, before Callum Ferguson and James Hopes provided some hope for the visitors. But the lights quickly went out on their run chase Hopefully we're not having an electricity problem. The Aussies falling 26 runs short of their target We've got a squad of players here that need to start playing better if you want to win this series - simple as that. Match 4 is on Monday.

Andrew Brown, Ten News. Coming up on Sports Tonight at 7:00pm on ONE, sprinter Josh Ross talks about his battles away from the track, and his bid for a record third Stawell Gift this weekend. Stay with us. The national weather report is next.

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This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the weather around the nation.

Despite the economic crisis and recent bushfires,

Victorians are again digging deep for a good cause, the Easter Bunny called in to help out

with the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal, raising much-needed funds for sick kids. Every little bit counts, so if they can donate a little we'd be very, very happy. Last year the appeal raised a record $12.4 million, organisers hoping to match that figure today. That's Ten News for this Good Friday. Thanks for your joining us. We'll have updates throughout the evening with our next major bulletin tomorrow at 5:00. From the team - goodnight.

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