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(generated from captions) Thank you very much. All the best. You will not be getting my vote. You're a scumbag! An absolute disgrace. You're a disgrace, John Howard. You should be ashamed of yourself. I am well. You're looking well.

Oh, come again. You look so young. his new message through - He has just two weeks to get prosperous as perilous, that the times aren't so much is fraught with risk. and a change will never be the same. If you lose, Australia Thank you very much. was back in Lindsay The next day John Howard of federal dollars. with another fistful to announce JOHN HOWARD: I'm here today Government that a re-elected Coalition

of some $5 million will provide a grant to the expansion and upgrading regional sports centre. of the Penrith Valley it has a slim chance of victory The Coalition still claims to believe but only if, in seats like Lindsay, of popular opinion it can defy the steady current nationally for months. that's been flowing against it paint to us privately The scenario that the government is that they could win preferred vote, 52/48. even if they lost the two party in the marginal seats. They'd be able to scrape in is that they're still listening, Now what your voters are telling you is very important for John Howard. and that at this point in the cycle

That's not true of all our voters. listening to John Howard months ago. George Skiadis says he stopped Because I'm not I'm not interested any more. concerned he's run out of time. So as far as you're That's right, yeah. listening to Kevin Rudd. Nicole Willis says she's stopped Three weeks ago you told me

John Howard went. you thought it was time

Yeah. Kevin Rudd was good. That you thought your mind? Have you changed be voting for Kevin Rudd. Yep, definitely. I know that I won't for John Howard. I will be voting to be won by either side. But three other votes are still there a few more rabbits out the hat, I think Kevin Rudd, if he pulls but, yeah, I think I might be persuaded at the moment. I think it's pretty even good candidates at the moment I think both Parties have got which is a pleasant change than ever at the moment. and I'm probably more neutral as fairly genuine kind of men I think they both come across and leading the government. who are interested in the people So I don't know, Jonathan. what the next couple of weeks hold. I guess I'll have to wait and see

CC (Song) # Marina Amphetamine # Marina Gasoline # Marina is on fire # Hum ooh hah #

their marketing campaign Bonds revving up for their new underwear range. I'm Monica Attard. Hello, and welcome to Media Watch. none of the TV networks What's the bet that put that Bonds commercial to air of the song actually meant. had any idea what the words The subtitles are ours. translated Bonds tells us they had the song and were advised it was OK. But then - A few days ago, with one without the lewd slang. Bonds dropped the ad replacing it for Symbion Health Care A bitter corporate takeover battle stories of the past few months. has been one of the big business hostile takeover bid for Symbion. Primary Health Care has made a And all concerned have been vying for shareholders. the sympathy of interested were drawn, As the public relations lines the tough questions Symbion would have been pleased with asked of Dr Ed Bateman, 'The Australian' thought had to be of Primary Health Care. Managing Director Matthew Stevens' by-line. Six questions under really write those questions? But did Matthew Stevens for word in an email sent out Because they appeared almost word hired by Symbion, by Cannings, the PR consultant appeared. the day before that article by Symbion's PR rep Here are the questions sent out 'The Australian' the next day. alongside what appeared in all of stunning similarity. Question after question followed - of questions Cannings sent the same list of Doctor Ed to Fairfax reporters. it thought should be asked They didn't use them. Matthew Stevens, Is it possible 'The Australian's marked off-the-record, having been sent an email getting it? thought he was the only one turned this, from Cannings, We asked 'The Australian' why it into this for its Business pages. this in his paper - In response, Matthew Stevens wrote 'The Australian' is offended Matthew Stevens' coverage by being asked whether Symbion's line. was compromised by running

the PR spinner to the reader. In this case straight from must feel miffed Symbion's corporate rivals reporter is happy to act as a conduit that 'The Australian's business for Symbion's PR message. in a key marginal seat But how will the Labor candidate Australian's political coverage? in New South Wales feel about 'The story is Danielle Ecuyer, The she in Caroline Overington's as an Independent. now running for Wentworth The he is George Newhouse, candidate to ever win the seat hoping to be the first Labor

in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. how the two political opponents Overington's story detailed had until recently been an item.

Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Wentworth is held by Environment But it's tight, showed at the weekend - as a News Limited commissioned poll and Newhouse are each on 50%. two party preferred, Turnbull

from the Independent, It's looking likely that preferences which way Wentworth falls. Danielle Ecuyer could decide political intrigue was irresistible And the heady mix of gossip and for Caroline Overington those preferences would flow. who seemed to know where

writing that in mid-October But why was Caroline Overington News Limited's Glenn Milne wrote - when as recently as this Sunday, writing that More confusingly, two weeks after

planning to do with her preferences. she knew what Danielle Ecuyer was Caroline Overington sent the independent candidate this email. An hour later Ecuyer responded.

Remember, this was a fortnight after Overington had written Danielle Ecuyer planned to direct her preferences away from George Newhouse. Ms Ecuyer tells us she never discussed who she would be preferencing with Caroline Overington. But the email exchange didn't stop there. Caroline Overington then took the remarkable step of getting involved in the political process in one of the most crucial contests in this election. Replying to the Independent's email that it was too early to decide preferences, Overington wrote back.

Caroline Overington certainly doesn't seem ready for the curtain to drop on Malcolm Turnbull's political career. Danielle Ecuyer was stunned by the email. Asked why she suggested Danielle Ecuyer direct her preferences to Malcolm, Caroline Overington told us -

Overington says the email was just a playful exchange. It's one-sided play though because Danielle Ecuyer sees it very differently. Overington's response to that - So what about the words, "Please preference Malcolm"? Overington adds that later, on a bad day for Tony Abbott, she told Danielle Ecuyer that he needed her preferences. But Danielle Ecuyer says Overington was covering herself.

And if Caroline Overington's plan was to tease out a story from the Independent it hasn't worked because asked about how she regards 'The Australian's reporter now, Danielle Ecuyer says - Given an article in today's 'Australian', that wariness is justified. Caroline Overington has rounded on Danielle Ecuyer.

And in suggesting now that Ecuyer might be going to preference George Newhouse, she described preferences given to the ALP candidate as toxic. We asked 'The Australian's Editor-in-Chief how he regards this incident and how his readers might now view Caroline Overington's independence. Well, the colourful Caroline Overington wouldn't be alone at the Oz in supporting Malcolm Turnbull. Back in September, fellow columnist Janet Albrechtsen wrote an apologetic column cutting off her support for John Howard

and declaring a new leader was needed. That led her colleague Dennis Shanahan to write about the Albrechtsen article. That was an unusual insight into Albrechsten's political connections. So Media Watch wrote to ABC board member Albrechtsen asking about her discussions. Ms Albrechsten sent us a brief response, accusing us of bias but didn't answer our questions. Instead, this appeared from - you guessed it - Caroline Overington.

It's nice to have friends at your newspaper who see the world of politics the same way. Listeners of John Laws will be aware that commercial radio in Australia will soon never be the same. The Golden Tonsils is about to pack up his gold microphone and drive off in his Bentley into the sunset of retirement. But after 54 years in the business, he leaves behind a lot of memories. Especially for us. Over the 18 years this program has been on air,

it's devoted a lot of time, care and attention to Lawsie. It was Media Watch which exposed the cash-for-comment scandals which caused Laws and his arch rival Alan Jones so much heartache. As he begins his good-byes, we bring you this - scenes from a monumental career. Hello, world. I'm John Laws. I have never in my life been offered or accepted anything, apart from courtesy and a lunch, perhaps, for playing a record.

HOWARD: Nobody has become such an institution in Australian radio, like you. Well, I'm not a journalist, and I don't ever claim to be a journalist. I just want to be a radio broadcaster

and be as straightforward as I possibly can.

It has been a wonderful career. It's been an extraordinary time. I couldn't ask for me. Goodbye, John. And you.

Media Watch will be back in 2008 with a new host. So it's goodbye for me too. Closed Captions by CSI This program is not subtitled CC

Good evening. The Attorney-General

says there needs to be an inquiry,

before any conclusions can be drawn

about two ASIO officers who were

criticised in court today. The pair

picked up trainee doctor Izhar

ul-Haque on suspicion of terrorism.

ul-Haque on suspicion of terrorism. A court case against the Sydney man

court case against the Sydney man was dropped today. The judge said the

evidence was inadmissible because

evidence was inadmissible because the ASIO officers had committed acts of

false imprisonment and kidnapping. A

memorial service was held in

Melbourne today for the man who

started Crazy John's mobile phone

company. Around 800 people attended

the service for John Ilhan, who died

suddenly last month. He was 42.

suddenly last month. He was 42. Staff members lit candles to commemorate

the man who was known as a generous

charity benefactor and devoted

charity benefactor and devoted family man. And Melbourne could become

Australia's biggest city within 20

years. The Victorian capital's

population is growing at twice the

rate of Sydney's and shows no sign

rate of Sydney's and shows no sign of slowing. Relative housing costs are

thought to be influencing the trend.

Brisbane and the Gold Coast are

attracting settlers in their tens of

thousands. Adelaide is also doing

well, but Perth and Darwin the

fastest growing cities. The chance

fastest growing cities. The chance of a shower or storm in Darwin and

Brisbane. Warm in the southern

cities. Sunny and 24 in Sydney. More

news in 'Lateline' at 10:30.