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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. welcome to Ten News. Hello I'm Natarsha Belling. undergo life-saving surgery Tonight - asylum seekers of a cover-up. as the Government is accused the facts being made clear As every hour goes on without

we get more and more suspicious going on. that there is some sort of cover-up More sport stars behaving badly. over a drunken brawl. a league player charged

And, ATMs under attack - making off with a teller machine. thieves ram-raid a pub,

First tonight - has angrily denied the Federal Government it's withholding the truth asylum seeker boat explosion. about what caused the fatal be released, suspecting a cover-up. The Opposition is demanding the facts Rudd called the Indonesian President This afternoon, Prime Minister Kevin of un-authorised arrivals. to discuss the rising tide

are no closer to knowing Four days on and Australians carrying 49 Afghans to explode what caused the boat and sink off Ashmore Reef. the facts being made clear As every hour goes on without we get more and more suspicious of cover-up going on. that there is some sort

are keeping tight-lipped All senior ministers investigate the explosion as Northern Territory police

which killed three on board. Two others missing are presumed dead. We are not suppressing information. with half-baked reports The Howard Government would run out and make allegations to be untrue. which subsequently turned out But the Opposition says behind that line. the Government can't keep hiding they've all been interviewed. All the naval personnel are back, they're getting hourly reports. The Government knows the facts - precisely what happened. We need to know are Defence photos of the incident. What are being suppressed

that they be made public, Despite Government orders the police have seized the images until they've been assessed. and won't release them asylum seeker debate The return of the divisive has prompted calls for calm. after Sivex, after Tampa - After the child-overboard scandal, great progress that Australia actually made

this hysteria about border security. in terms of moving away from in the Australian public's mind. There's no reason to put fear Daniela Ritorto, Ten News. to search for evidence Police are continuing that exploded at sea, among the wreckage of the boat

killing three people on board. with more details from Darwin. Max. Max Futcher joins us now of AFP and NT police Tarsh, a contingent to the Ashmore Reef area overnight. is headed back out

from the asylum seekers' boat. They're hoping to find some wreckage upon explosion on Thursday morning. The reports are that it disintegrated some wreckage or debris But they still have to find in this case. that they can use as evidence At this stage remains unknown the cause of the explosion

and is subject, as you'd appreciate,

investigation. to a thorough multijurisdictional Meanwhile, in Perth, have undergone surgery nine of the asylum seekers fractures and deep lacerations. for wounds including deep burns, in to film some of those procedures. Surprisingly, cameras were allowed a C-17 Globemaster landed overnight. Now, in Brisbane, It was carrying asylum seekers from here in Darwin. some of the more serious in Brisbane They've been rushed to the burns unit and will also undergo surgery, hope to interview them as well before police in the coming weeks. will be in hospital for a few weeks The people with the smaller burns

with the more extensive burns, and the people in the intensive care unit, will be in hospital for months. And finally, here in Darwin, to this taskforce, detectives attached

which is codenamed Operation Mentor, the three unharmed asylum seekers hope to interview at Berrimah. who are in the detention centre this afternoon. Tarsh. They hope to interview them caught behaving badly. More footballers have been up-and-comer Masada Iosefa Penrith Panthers outside a Sydney nightspot. has been charged over a brawl

on the mean streets of Sydney's west Samoan-born Masada Iosefa grew up as a Penrith Panthers prodigy, before securing the spotlight landed him in trouble. but last night his tough-boy title the the Mean Fiddler in Penrith. He was arrested outside I don't want to say anything. And I don't want any of my family... It's getting to the stage and alcohol is involved, where they go out getting into trouble. there's too many of them It's alleged Iosefa was out Jennings 21st birthday with friends celebrating fellow team-mate Michael

for being drunk. when they were kicked out

and a fight broke out with bouncers. But they returned Iosefa was arrested, with capsicum spray. his friend was subdued

Masada was fine this morning. He's disappointed. after talking to Masada, I want to say, that he will defend these charges. assault Iosefa was charged with affray, to quit licenced premises. and failing seem to be a recipe for disaster. Friday night games will be announced tomorrow. A decision over his playing future Iosefa will face court next month. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. A newborn baby has been found abandoned on a doorstop in New South Wales. wrapped in a green blanket, Residents found the girl crying, to her umbilical cord. and still attached

at Dubbo Base Hospital. The infant is recovering

Police are searching for her mother. The baby's in a healthy condition. we're looking for the mother, There's no other reason other than her own welfare. Police believe the baby was born before she was found. only two or three hours

a new crackdown The Government is considering on banks which don't pass on interest rate cuts in full.

have revealed draft plans Cabinet sources switch lenders by banning exit fees. to make it easier for customers to calls on bank bosses It comes as the Treasurer to win back the public's trust. to slash their fat-cat pay packets Thieves are declaring war on ATMs with another brazen robbery on the Gold Coast overnight. This time the bandits got away with the whole machine. A terrified hotel cleaner was caught in the middle of the daring dawn raid. He thought a bomb had gone off when thieves drove straight into the bar he was cleaning. Scared - I wanted to run away, anywhere, everywhere. They wrapped chains around the ATM, and ripped it straight out of the floor, before escaping in a white van. Of late there have been a lot of break-ins and ATM robberies and gaming machine robberies. But we weren't expecting to be one of the pubs that got hit.

It's an epidemic that's sweeping the country. ATMs are being targeted in more and more brazen attacks, but the manager says he can't believe the lengths these robbers went to to get their loot. If people want the ATM they'll do whatever it takes to rip it out, but this is fairly extreme. Police say that if the thieves do manage to open the machine, they might be disappointed. It was a busy night here at the pub last night, and they think it might be close to empty. Police are hoping one of the 36 cameras in the hotel will lead them to the thieves. Simon Hooper, Ten News. Queensland's Police Minister has asked for an explanation over damning video from a Gold Coast watchouse. The footage shows a handcuffed man pushed onto the floor, breaking his front teeth and jaw in the fall. He's left alone while police walk over and around him.

On face value, obviously there are some concerns when you view that video. However, the full context of that particular situation is not clear - there was no audio. An internal investigation cleared officers of wrongdoing. A collection of high-powered military weapons has been surrendered in Sydney as part of the State's gun amnesty. The owner's lawyer gave Manly police a locked metal box containing several assault rifles and revolvers. The amnesty ends next month. Queensland's bikie clubs have united to stamp out violence and lobby government plans to outlaw them.

It's a bold move that other clubs interstate are now considering. 17 different clubs riding as one. Shoulder to shoulder, fighting government laws they say threaten their human rights. We used to just sit on our hands and take all of this, but that's the end of that now - we're all going to pull together. It'll be somewhat of a united nations of bikies, senior members discussing grievances to prevent violence on the streets. Positive public relations will also be on the agenda. The Rebels leader says it's about moving away from incidents like the infamous Gold Coast ballroom blitz shoot-out 18 months ago. That was the last one and that's been the end of it since then. The reality is outlaw motorcycle gangs and their activities are spilling over into the streets of Australia. The newly-formed council will meet once a week on neutral territory, most likely a public place, they say, to prove to the local community that they have nothing to fear from Queensland's motorcycle clubs. The laws targeting outlaw motorcycle clubs

are due to come into effect in mid-June. If people obey the law and do the right thing, they will have nothing to fear. Similar bikie councils are now being considered by interstate gangs. NSW has only just started, so I really haven't had any feedback from them. Jesse Grayson, Ten News.

Calls for a State Road Safety Minister to be sacked after notching up 30 traffic violations, that's next. And why the Russian military is feeling deflated as army chiefs look for cheaper ways to replace equipment.

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That's a complete meal for under $5. At just $4.95, it's stunning value for every Australian. A Hungry Jack's Cheeseburger Stunner Deal. VOICEOVER: The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. This program is captioned live. A man has died in Melbourne after being run over by a car. South Australia's Premier is refusing to sack his new Road Safety Minister who's racked up $10,000 in traffic fines. Court documents reveal Tom Koutsantonis has had 32 infringements, including dozens of speeding fines. He's also been caught running red lights and lost his licence. I am a bad example of a bad driver doing bad things in the past, but my attitude has changed.

Mr Koutsantonis denies he's a hoon driver and has promised never to break traffic laws again. Billions of dollars will be spent upgrading Sydney's electricity system to prevent more crippling blackouts. The Energy Minister says it will cost $18 billion to bring the network up to standard. But the whole State will foot the bill, costing families an extra $100 a year. We have one of the cheapest systems in terms of cost to the consumer, as well as one of the most reliable systems in the world. There'll also be tougher fines for people who damage cables. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been invited by President Barack Obama to a crucial climate change summit in July. Ten News understands President Obama will host the meeting ahead of the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen. But the Government has rejected suggestions that it might be best to dump its planned emission trading scheme in favour of a better model later. We will put this up and the challenge for Malcolm Turnbull will be whether he is as good as his word. Senator Wong will also attend climate talks in the US next week. A sacked priest in Brisbane says he will continue to speak out against injustice within the Catholic church.

Father Peter Kennedy led his last service at St Mary's before leading a mass walkout. 1,000 parishioners followed the controversial priest down the road to his new church, St Mary's in Exile. We've been ousted by ultra-orthodox Catholics and we still maintain we are very much a part of the Catholic Church. The Church sacked Father Kennedy for allowing women to preach and blessing gay couples. An American journalist has been sentenced to eight years in jail for espionage in Iran. Roxana Saberi was arrested for working without press credentials

and later charged with spying for the United States.

She had been living in Iran for six years and working as a freelance reporter. A Belgian ship is the latest to be seized by pirates off the Somali Coast.

The crew are still on board and are being forced to head to Somalia.

Pirates also captured another ship, but Dutch commandoes managed to chase them down. The ageing Russian military has found a cheap alternative to spending millions on new equipment. Inflatable dummies are being used in Russia to fool unmanned spy planes. A tank weighs just 35kg and can be carried into place by two people. Orthodox Christians around the world have been celebrating Easter. Thousands attended traditional midnight ceremonies like this one in Melbourne. Candles were lit as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. The sound of revving engines

An eclectic cast is about to star together in one of the world's most-loved musicals.

Stars from 'Underbelly' and Hi-5 are joining a rugby league favourite and even a couple of politicians in a charity production of Grease. The latest production of the classic musical features a bunch of very talented amateurs side by side with some seasoned professionals. # We go together like # rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong #

They include 'Underbelly' star Simon Westaway and Hi-5 favourites Nathan Foley and Charli Delaney. I think it's a dream come true for me. What little girl didn't run around pretending she was Sandy? The choreography is being done by last year's 'So You Think You Can Dance' finalist Camilla, who has a couple of non-theatrical types to look after as well - Manly Sea Eagles star David Wolfman Williams and Federal MP Bronwyn Bishop as Rydell High's headmistress. They're very generous because they share their tips and help you along to actually learn the words and get it all right. The show is being performed on Sydney's Clontarf Beach, with all the famous costumes - which means Charli has to climb into the tight pants made famous by our Livvy. I don't have to act in that scene - it just happens. And one there's one more connection with the original Sandy and that is that all the proceeds for the show are going to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre. The show opens on 9 May. Angela Bishop, Ten News. All the sports news is next. Stay with us here on Ten. (SWANS SQUAWK) (SHRIEKS) (SMASH!) SONG: # A little bird... (SQUAWKS)

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This program is captioned live. Rugby league first - and the Bulldogs have continued their winning run

by thrashing Parramatta this afternoon. Josh Morris gave the Bulldogs a flying start with a double inside the first 8 minutes. Parra hit back through tries to Jarryd Hayne and Weller Huaraki but the Dogs ran away with it in the second half.

Final score - 48-18.

It's the Eels third loss in a row. The Roosters are gutted tonight following a thrilling golden-point loss

against the Warriors this afternoon. the Roosters capitulated. Leading 16-0 at half-time, Half-back Stacey Jones took over the match, steering his side to the try line

and sending the game into golden point time, which is where he finished off the Roosters. COMMENTATOR: Yes, yes, yes! Stacey Jones has kicked it - the one-pointer from a little general. And they've done it, in a classic from the Ages.

The Warriors winning 17-16. Johnathan Thurston bounced back into form today as North Queensland poured more misery on Cronulla's season. For the first time since 2006 the NRL returned to Adelaide and the 8,500 fans were treated to Thurston at his best. Under pressure to retain his place in the Australian side, the Cowboys skipper set up five of his side's six tries. COMMENTATOR: Back on the inside, O'Donnell. Can he power his way over? He has! of the season for the Cowboys. The 34-10 win is just the second favourites St George Illawarra Newcastle upset competition last night as a sub-plot in a match that really served Wendell Sailor and Adam MacDougall. to the enthralling tussle between Manly were too good for Souths. Also last night, But the night's talking point

two of the game's old timers. was the duel between forged in the heat of battle. Theirs is a history and Test rivals. They're Origin opponents and the bragging rights And last night, the points went to the Mad Dog. and Wendell Sailor is... COMMENTATOR: He'll get one back

that I was on the bench I wasn't happy

have gone looking for me but just I thought he might

once or twice. because I went looking for him It must have been sweet. had been in overdrive, Big Dell's motor mouth within two minutes scoring the first try of some magic from Jamie Soward. before finding himself on the end genius by Jamie Soward! COMMENTATOR: Absolute footballing for Mad Dog! And Wendell is still looking Kenny Rogers, 'The Gambler', mate - Hopefully the Dell goes and gets

when you're sitting at the table. you don't celebrate hobbled from the field But when Sailor in the second half, with a hamstring injury and held on to win. Newcastle staged a comeback have gone to the kiosk to get a pie. I though he actually might (LAUGHTER) isn't their saviour. Manly insist Brett Stewart can't hurt the cause. But five tries in two games still characteristically reserved Coach Des Hasler in his appraisal of his star player. today with another solid game. I thought he backed it up again The opposition was less restrained. that other people wouldn't score - And he's so quick he scores tries that's what he does. Andrew Blow, Ten News.

finals hopes are fading The Waratahs Super 14 1-point loss to the Western Force. following a disappointing

soundly beaten by the Lions. In Queensland, the Reds were ever defeat to their Western rivals. While the Tahs suffered their first It was a night came back to haunt the Waratahs. where a number of former players Staniforth for the corner! COMMENTATOR: Shepherd! and Scott Staniforth crossing Wingers Cameron Shepherd

a thrilling 1-point victory. to give the Force for their win However they were made to work hard being controversially disallowed. with two tries Super stuff! we're going to be called back Oh, but again because there was a foot in touch. No, there's a green gap there... a 9-3 lead at half-time Three penalty goals gave the Waratahs on a Josh Valentine grubber before Shepherd swooped for the first try of the match. And Shepherd read it brilliantly! through second rower Will Caldwell. The Waratahs hit straight back Caldwell! Try!

conjure up the winning points, But the home side couldn't their fourth victory of the season. handing the Force Where do we go from here? We got a week off now in South Africa - but then three games

we got to win all three of them. In Brisbane to cash in on a 2-man advantage the Queensland Reds failed in the second half for nine minutes their fourth successive match. to lose The 11-point loss leaves the Reds bottom-three finish. looking at their sixth straight Luke Campbell, Ten News. have scored Shane Warne's Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League the lowest ever total to the Royal Challengers. in their 75-run loss saw the Challengers reach 133, 66 runs from Rahul Dravid with Warne picking up 2 wickets. by Indian spinner Anil Kumble But he was upstaged to roll the Royals for just 58. who claimed figures of 5 for 5 In the other game, led the Mumbai Indians Sachin Tendulkar over the Chennai Super Kings. to a 19-run victory is $50,000 richer Califonia's Greg Long Ride of the Year after taking out the

at the Billabong Big Wave Awards. waters off Cape Town, South Africa, His giant barrel in shark-infested over Australia's Ryan Hipwood. sealed a narrow win was just happy to be named The Gold Coast charger alongside the big wave royalty. Oh, yeah, I'm stoked. to the Triple XL Big Awave awards A year ago if you said I'd be going won the Wipe-out of the Year Aussie Ross Clarke-Jones for this insane effort.

OK, that's all for now but coming up at 7:30 on ONE HD, weekend wrap. we've got Sports Tonight's We'll have Formula 1 racing, Natarsha with the weather details. But up next, Masters tennis and a whole lot more. the NBA playoffs, premier league,

Looking around the nation tomorrow - with all the news. That brings you up to date I'm Natarsha Belling, good evening.

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