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(generated from captions) Tonight - damage control The RTA in speed-camera

with thousands of fines in doubt. in favour of motorists, ever. The most signifcant decision A Sydney father jailed to kill his son's rape victim. for hiring a hit man The new Rugby League drug scandal. sacked for taking cocaine. A Cowboys star

as Hollywood questions his future. And Tom Cruise hits back for weirdness abuse. Tom should be in rehab This program is captioned live. with Ian Ross. VO: This is Seven News

Good evening. considering legal action of its own Sydney's roads authority is last night after our exclusive report on the court ruling

of dollars in speed-camera fines. that could wipe out millions

The RTA claims it's a one-off, but it could open the way to get their money back. for thousands of drivers Lawyers will remember this case

the RTA versus David Baldock. as the most significant decision This is, no doubt,

in favour of motorists ever handed down against the RTA. on the M5 last year, This was Mr Baldock's car speeding, said the RTA.

But a District Court judge has ruled the photos are meaningless that, as evidence,

didn't test the camera's accuracy because the Roads Authority

the day it was taken.

The RTA have never done that and it is painful to think of how many innocent motorists in the local court since 1999, have been convicted

based on photographs, mean absolutely nothing. which a Superior Court has now said of the problems that were logged These documents list just a few

wasn't being tested. in the period the speed camera undergo a rigorous testing regime. Our speed cameras that's in line with the law. They undergo a testing every single day? But are they tested a calibration once a year. Our speed cameras undergo Once a year - the judge says that's the problem against the Government and it could lead to class action of dollars in recovered fines. The preliminary advice from the RTA

it sets a precedent. is that they don't believe The RTA's incompetent. It's as simple as that. and judges just accepted Until now, drivers, lawyers was reliable. that the RTA's photographic evidence innocent until proven guilty, And instead of drivers were essentially guilty

they could prove their innocence. until This ruling could change that. is expected to appeal the decision. The RTA

Former judge Marcus Einfeld has hit back at new allegations

three times that he's dodged speeding fines by blaming other people. and says Mr Einfeld swears he's innocent that will clear his name. he's handed police the evidence on his doorstep today - Mr Einfeld had more bad news

on the front page. his personal legal crisis to make a statement, sir, REPORTER: Is it time

about what's going on? No comment, then? the suggestion took hold. But after days of silence, to announce Later facing the camera with a statement and documents. his lawyers had provided detectives that I was not driving my car This information establishes by a speed camera which was photographed on the day in question. I stand by that. He originally told police by a female friend, it was being driven

even though she died years earlier. in two other traffic offences, in two other traffic offences, Now it's claimed

on this Canberra road, including speeding another person was driving. he'd also stated any inference of wrong doing. I can only say that I reject The Fraud sqaud is investigating draft statements to police, the judge's original which were discovered by this woman. Marie Christos found them at the Balgowlah home rummaging through a bin

Michael Ryan. of Mr Einfeld's solicitor, a special task force, Police have set up will say but neither they nor the judge

whether he's been questioned yet. The Opposition is asking dragging the chain. whether someone is deliberately they've ever been, This is one of the simplest cases but yet Carl Scully has intervened, but nothing at all has happened. We've got to ask why? the police know their job. The Minister says

a $10 billion Army recruitment drive The Prime Minister says against regional insecurity. will help protect Australia

But questions remain will attract enough new soldiers. about how the defence forces

"To Defend Australia" The sign said, what the Prime Minister said and that's exactly this announcement was about.

and, in my opinion, increasing, This country faces ongoing,

and failing states instances of destabilised in our own region. An extra 2,600 soldiers will raise two new battalions -

in Adelaide and near Brisbane - moving from Sydney to Townsville with another, 3 RAR, to face the new challenges. the experiences in East Timor, I have very much in mind

in the Solomons -

about Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu. the worry I continue to have it's a necessary boost. Analysts said of just over 50,000 people - We have a defence force the Melbourne Cricket Ground crowd- that's half and we expect it to do so much. already behind targets, With recruitment

will be difficult. making up the new numbers John Howard has, in fact, in the Army - presided over a decrease

the work rates. the conditions, the pay, from the announcement Mr Howard went straight new ambassador to Australia to welcome America's Robert McCallum, having given him something significant on his first day. to report back to Washington a very big announcement You've come on a day when we've made about the size of our Army. who tried to hire a hit man A Sydney father

to murder his son's rape victim has been jailed for up to 14 years. The judge called it a cruel plot, exposed because the contract killer was actually an undercover detective. Chouki Bouantoun's son wanted to beat a rape charge, so he decided to kill his 16-year-old victim. And Bouantoun agreed to help his son, paying $3,000 deposit to a hit-man,

not knowing he was actually an undercover officer. Judge Robert Sorby said the plan was cruel and barbaric.

Plotting to kill a Crown witness was: The undercover officer was told by Bouantoun's son: In the witness box, Chaouki Bouantoun said he felt sorry for his son's victim

because he has daughters of his own. But Judge Sorby didn't take much notice of that.

He said at no time did Bouantoun tell his son that the plan was foolhardy and wrong. The judge said the offender: Bouantoun was only worried about how to raise the money to fund the murder. Chaoki Bouantoun will be eligible for release in 2013.

The National Rugby League has been hit with a new drug scandal -

a first-grade player testing positive to cocaine. Cowboys' forward Mitchell Sargent has been sacked

after he admitted taking the drug last weekend. He was part of a losing Cowboys side on Saturday night. Then he went out in Townsville and took cocaine.

Now Mitchell Sargent's NRL career looks to be over.

The Cowboys decided this morning

that they would terminate Mitchell's

contract, effective immediatelyly.

The 27-year-old failed an in-house drugs test

at the Cowboys' recovery session on Sunday morning and has since waived the right to have his B sample tested. Unlike NRL-sanctioned drug screening carried out by ASADA officials,

in-house tests don't carry an automatic two-year ban, but the Cowboys have chosen to tear up their Country Origin forward's contract.

We thought that we needed to make an

immediate response and we have a zero tall

zero tolerance of drugs at this club. The NRL has welcomed the Cowboys' tough stance. They say other clubs might have given only a warning.

The fact is that in-house testing sometimes remains just that. We'd like to think we hear of most of them but in-house club testing varies from club to club. More than 600 north Queenslanders

face an anxious wait for HIV test results after their local dentist contracted the virus that causes AIDS. She was the only public dentist

working in the towns of Bowen and Collinsville,

north of Mackay. She also visited several schools. Every patient she saw since December is being tested. I'm so scared, hey - scared like hell. Queensland's Health Department says there is little chance the dentist passed on the virus. An American breakthrough in stem cell technology could change the course of Australian debate about the controversial medical research. It means human embryos may no longer have to be destroyed to produce potentially life-saving cells. Joanna Knott was paralysed from the chest down in a skiing accident at Thredbo 14 years ago. She's been fighting ever since to find a cure. At this stage, every avenue of research has to remain open.

One avenue is therapeutic cloning - creating human embryos, then destroying them to harvest their stem cells. It's currently illegal in Australia. Now American researchers claim they've found a way to get stem cells without destroying the embryo. I think it throws out a challenge to people who've been trying to work up arguments against therapeutic cloning.

People like Tasmanian senator Guy Barnett - an opponent of therapeutic cloning who's welcomed the American discovery. It confirms, in my view, the benefits of stem-cell research which can be gained without destroying a human embryo. Federal politicians are preparing for a conscience vote which could overturn the ban on therapeutic cloning. But the Catholic Church is urging those who want to find a cure to read the fine print. It's risking the child who's born from the embryo,

it's putting the embryo at risk for no good purpose for itself and it doesn't actually benefit us in terms of the research that we want to do. Jilted Hollywood heart-throb Tom Cruise has hit back a day after being dumped by a major studio. Cruise claims he ended the relationship but film industry observers say his days as a leading man may be over.

All of Hollywood is asking: did Tom Cruise jump or was he pushed? Yes! APPLAUSE AND LAUGHTER His couch-hopping, lip-locking behaviour led Paramount Studios to end their 14-year relationship labelling his conduct "unacceptable". Tom should be in rehab for weirdness abuse. It's one thing to do something strange,

it's another to do strange on top of strange on top of strange. But today Cruise claimed he left Paramount first. The truth may lie inbetween. Paramount wanted to do business with Cruise, but on their terms. Cruise was Paramount's top gun... I'm losing control, I'm losing control. I can't control it. ..making billions, responsible for 30% of the studio's revenue. But this year's 'Mission Impossible III'

made $80 million less than the previous episode.

That left Paramount seeing Cruise - and his $50 million pay packet - as risky business.

The success of movies like 'Superman Returns', starring little-known actors, has led to a rethink by Hollywood Studios. One could say the studios are waking up and realising the stars aren't worth that much money. It seems Cruise's career may have self-destructed.

You don't think I'll do it. Ahead in Seven News -

A 12-year-old charged over a high-speed chase in western Sydney. Also, Sydney homeowners threaten to defy a ban on toxic bore water. And the new school lesson - teaching children how to lose. What we really need to teach our kids

is that the world is not fair and it's not just.

Police have charged two boys over a high speed pursuit through Sydney's west. Officers chased a stolen ute from Werrington to the M7

at Rooty Hill where the driver allegedly rammed two police cars and sped off. The ute was later found abandoned at Huntingwood - two of its three occupants caught hiding in a nearby factory. A 15-year-old has been charged with car theft and using a weapon to avoid arrest. A 12-year-old was charged with malicious damage. Residents of Sydney's new chemical-contamination zone are threatening to defy a Government ban on using bore water. They say the water is clean enough and at least one expert believes they're probably right. Michael Toohey uses a bore to water his garden, fill his pool, and save the environment. Basically, the only thing we don't do is drink it. Michael lives in the area that is said to be toxic,

but he has tested his water and thinks it is fine. I think they're playing it safe, but to broad-brush a whole suburb like Rosebery and say all the bores are bad, is certainly not a solution. He plans to retest and fight the ban. Meanwhile, he'll happily go for a dip. Absolutely. In fact, I'm thinking of heating it up and doing just that. Health authorities don't recommend it, but... Indeed, if he were to drink his swimming pool, he'd be at much greater risk from the pool chemicals.

The contamination was first discovered at Orica's Banksmeadow site. At least eight more toxic sites have now been identified. Government agencies have known about those other sites for quite some time. But the minister responsible denies he's been slow to warn of the new danger. As soon as the report that concluded an approach on it reached me, I acted.

The notion that there's some background of injured people that Erin Brockovich, or anyone else like her, could discover by systematic, house-to-house interviews is simply wrong. So bores will be tested, but as for people... I'm not a doctor (laughs).

A Bali bomber on death row over the 2002 attacks

helped plan last year's bombings on a computer from his jail cell. Indonesian police have arrested a man who smuggled a laptop and mobile phone to Imam Samudra. He is believed to have been in contact with other Islamic extremists in the months before the October attacks. Samudra and two other Bali bombers had their executions postponed this week. One of Austria's biggest mysteries may have been solved after a girl, missing for 8 years, was found alive.

Now 18, Natascha Kampush told police she escaped from a sealed garage, where she had been held after being abducted on her way to school in 1998. The hunt continues for her kidnapper. UK farmers say their cows are mooing with an accent. Somerset dairy producers believe they've noticed a distinctive twang among their herds.

MOOING A similar theory has been proven in birds, but not cattle, and it's dividing farmers. Yes, I would agree that they have the accents. It could be a lot of bull, actually. Phonics experts say it is possible, but more proof is needed. Having a win-win attitude

is generally regarded as good for adults, but experts worry it's harming children. They say some are cracking under the strain and it's time to offer a new motto like "win some, lose some". 5-year-old Oliver might be Superman now, but life can dish up plenty of Kryptonite - something he'll discover when he starts school next year. It was delicious - thank you so much. It seems too much positive reinforcement

and political correctness are harming our children. The Education Department has now stepped in to help teach kids how to lose. I think it's a fantastic piece of advice for them - back to basic manners. I don't think any of this is rocket science. Today's parents have been told to praise and reward their children for everything. Too many of those kids are having melt-downs at school

when they fail to win. What we really need to teach our kids and it's not just, is that the world is not fair

and they will cope much better when they learn that lesson. Some blame poor role-models... sports stars... ..political stars... ..and just plain stars - You're a jerk. But most of the experts blame the parents and the self-help books they read for this overly positive parenting. Also, women are having children later and often directing most of the energy they used to put into their career into their kids. So, parents are going back to the drawing-board. Do you win all the time? Does Aidan win all the time? No. Does Lachlan win all the time? No. So it's okay for everyone to have turns at winning, isn't it? Yep. Yeah. Time for sport with Matthew White.

Time for sport, the Panters have

been hit by the injury curse. It

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The NRL has applauded the Cowboys for instantly sacking forward Mitchell Sargent

for a positive drugs test. As we heard earlier,

Sargent has tested positive to cocaine - his contract immediately torn up. Problems of a different kind for Penrith. Halfback Craig Gower has revealed he won't play this weekend because of a knee injury. Craig Gower gave coach John Lang the bad news first. I thought I'd be right to play this week, but unfortunately it hasn't scrubbed up too well. The Panthers must beat Newcastle on Saturday night

and then the Bulldogs next week to have any hope of making the finals. That's why it's disappointing. But Craig Trindall comes in. He done a great job for us before and I'm sure he'll do a great job again. The Dogs get Sonny Bill Williams back for their big clash with Manly. It's his knee that was sore. The shirt around his head not for strapping. Don't want to carry it around on my backside, so just tie it on my head. Sonny Bill Williams admits the loss of prop Roy Asotasi

will hit this side hard. He's a world-class player and Joey said he's the number one player in the game at the moment so it's going to be tough. I'm not going to lie. The man they call Shrek, or Ogre, was king of the kids and Mark O'Meley will take it upon himself to teach the Dogs' newcomers this week. It'll be just like when Roy was coming onto the scene. When he was younger. Like when I was younger coming onto the scene.

We had the older blokes just pointing you in the right direction. O'Meley says that's what injured lock Ben Kennedy has done for the Manly pack to move the Sea Eagles into the top three. BK has really stuck a rocket up them

and let them know their capabilities. Damien Oliver will need surgery after his sickening race fall in Victoria yesterday. He was released from hospital today,

but will need a pin inserted in his broken wrist next week. But friends say Oliver will be back in time for the Spring Carnival. We've only talked through text messages.

He said he had a few stitches in his Huckleberry Finn and a sore wrist.

The two-time Melbourne Cup winner after a fall missed last year's Spring Carnival

which broke his vertabrae.

The AFL has announced Sydney could have a second team in the national competition but it won't happen until 2015. The League is planning to have a match played in Sydney every weekend. The Swans are already fighting to protect their brand - they claim signed jerseys, photos and balls are being auctioned on eBay, devaluing official items sold for charity. It's just more the people that are coming in to basically try and make money off the Swans' brand

without really being a supporter or having a legitimate reason. Swans' players will now add the fan's name to each autograph.

You know the old saying bend over

backwards to do anything, it

backwards to do anything, it kind of

works in sport but not in this.

works in sport but not in this. This is in the in the coaching manual.

but Austrian National Champion Veronica Watsek thought it might get her some more distance. It didn't - Watsek came last, but she got full marks for style.

Whatever that style is. A

Whatever that style is. A healthy girl. Might try and do if in the

news tomorrow I might try and do

news tomorrow I might try and do it on the tennis court. Checking finance now. The share market lost ground. BHP Billiton dropped 88c after its share buyback fell short of expectations.

A few more showers and even a thunderstorm on the way for Sydney. Nuala has the weather details after the break.

Good evening. Every one of these gorgeous pooches has been saved from death row. They are now in foster care and will hopefully be adopted into loving families soon, all thanks to this woman, Monika Biernacki, who runs Doggie Rescue. She is one of 2,000 nominations for Australian of the Year in the Local Hero category. If you know someone you would like to nominate

you have until this Monday to do it. Weather-wise cloud set in early this morning with the light drizzle and rain arriving ahead of schedule. Rainfall totals have been light.

2mm in Turramurra before 9am, 1mm at Peakhurst after 9am. The low producing the cloud and patchy rain will move out to sea fairly quickly overnight around the high

will set in early tomorrow continuing the showers and patchy rain

with possible storms. A change will also generate showers over in Perth, clearing from Adelaide and Melbourne, one or two in Hobart. Showers with possible storms in Canberra. On the waters:

Tonight, more patchy rain with the chance of storms. Tomorrow's cool southerly change will continue the showers still with the risk of a storm. Showers should clear on Saturday for a fine and mild day Sunday. But a shower or two looks like returning from Monday If you would like to nominate someone for Australian of the Year go to the Seven News website and follow the links.

Congratulations to Monica and

Congratulations to Monica and all the pooches. That's Seven News to now. Rough justice or fair cop? A motorist videos his own arrest

and now wants action taken against the police officer. You're under arrest. Hello, and welcome to 'Today Tonight'. I'm Naomi Robson.

You can judge for yourself in a moment as to who overstepped the mark - the motorist or the highway patrolman?

who can't read or write, Also, the worker so his boss fleeced him.

Now he's about to lose his home. Plus, the hottest stars on Aussie TV were tallied. after more than 3 million votes But we begin tonight, sent to us by Darcy Dennis, with a video tape for a minor traffic infringement a motorist who was picked up and three children to the football. while he was taking his wife

because, as you'll see, He ended up being arrested, the incident got way out of hand. Mr Dennis says his tape proves was not only in the wrong, the policeman to a desk job. but should be transferred See what you think. and here he comes now. He's an amateur policeman

he is very inexperienced As you can see, and he has no idea what he's doing.

major trouble He's getting himself into in a blue uniform. and virtually he's a kid than what he is worth He is causing more drama and put me on the breathalyser. and now he is going to be a big boy Why? this way. Because they can get more points your mouth over the mouthpiece What I direct you to do is place into the mouthpiece. and provide one continuous blow a breathalyser. I don't have to give you

Yes, you do. Because I'm directing you to. No, I don't.

No, you don't.